i love this town though

I do love you. I still love you.
I will never tell you that, though. There’s no use. Our time is over. Telling myself this is most difficult when I see you. When you speak to me. When I see you at that bar neither of us
gave up since our break up or the corner gas station. I hate how small this town is. I love you though.

You’re still so sweet to me. You say hello, with that smile that could melt thin air. Your eyes still look at me the same. Or is it that I only still choose to look at them the same? My heart beats out of my chest, if you looked hard enough you’d see it. You say hello, then we have a short conversation. But my heart knows no boundaries. My words are homesick and miss you being their home. I love you and my heart can’t keep secrets. So when we say goodbye, there’s nothing more my heart wants than to grab your hand and tell you I love you. I miss my lips on your forehead before you’d leave. Remember that?

I can’t say I love you. But I can’t say goodbye.
So instead I cope with this by using any other three word phrase. See you later, take care now, until next time. It’s saying it, without saying it. Those three words, each word replacing the ones I wish I could still use. I’m getting better at it. I’m getting better at loving you from afar.

You looked beautiful tonight,
You were never one to wear white. You’d always wear black. At least with me. You’ve curled your hair in a way I’ve never seen before. A bit more messy, good messy. You looked so alive. I’m glad we’re both still in this small town I hate, running into each other every now and then. Because you make me feel alive too.

“Until next time.”
—  Those Three Words // a.m.g.

☁ Unova region - the ‘cloud’ region ☁

Festive memories.

I’m a Hamrun girl. Well I have been for the past 30 months or so. And I love it. I love living in a town which is always busy and bustling. I love it, even though it could use a strong dose of love and attention, for there are still many portions of the town which give you a good glimpse of how magnificent it was when it was at its peak, when it was literally an extension to the capital city. 

Perhaps the festa in August, is the best time to view Hamrun in all its glory. Some people use subtle decorations, other go all out. Honestly, I can’t complain, during the festa, everything seems different and a little magical. 

Il-Hamrun, Malta


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I Suppose He Should Be Good With Knives By Now

Here’s my five cents on the Captain Swan kiss/lift

….I’m not upset that there was no proposal/engagement/whatever… why? Because these two have been through so much in the past season (and previous seasons) they need a breather

Think about it… there was Neverland… (where there was the whole “Get Henry and get the hell outta there” plot)

The Season Four kerfuffle (….i’m just calling it the kerfuffle…)

The Dark Swan/Dark Hook arc ( aka where shit really hit the fan)

And now they FINALLY get a chance to breathe, Emma says “I love you” without a very immediate threat (…though… with Mr. Hyde in town… *sighs*…)

All I’m trying to say is - I’m glad they got a sweet, nice, calm, natural kiss to end this season of angst… because God knows, this entire bloody season has been enough of the angst!

All I’m praying for next season in relation to these two (and they are NOT the only reason why I watch the show - before any stupid haters start…) is a nice, sweet, casual relationship… probably not gonna get that but I’m praying..  

A wedding would be nice but for now.. I’m just happy they’re happy <3

I surprised one of my best friends with flying to California to meet them for their birthday yesterday. She’s always been a fan of dolphins, right? I’m talking flat out obsessed with those adorable creatures. The only natural thing was to not only surprise her with my appearance but also take her to a dolphin sanctuary where you could meet them face to face and swim. Things went well, but… what the fuck do I get in return for this present? A love bite from my new dolphin friend right on my leg. At least she found the love bite hilarious and laughed her ass off. I’m back in town, though, so if anyone needs me I’ll be hiding at my house nursing my wound and wondering what the hell I did to deserve this betrayal. 

In about 17 hours, the season 5 finale of Once Upon Time airs. I am so proud of everyone I work with and blown away by the amazing acting done by my cast mates. I’ve really enjoyed my break, but I start Sun Dogs sooner than I like to think….

I’d really love to get my feet wet with a project in town though…Anyone need an up and coming director, producer or an actor willing to put her all into a role?


Pudding could have just let the guy take Luffy and Chopper into custody but she casually lets them live by saying they were dismantlers she hired.  Because I know it will be mentioned, I’m not saying that Luffy and Chopper were in any real threat if they were taken into custody.  Pudding’s actions in my book doesn’t complicate the situation and “stalls” Big Mom from finding out they’re in town. This reminds me of the time Bonney saved Zoro’s ass by pretending she was his sister and faking his death.

She’s also such a sweetheart so I just want to take her and put her in my pocket forever.  But then again she could be a horrible person, we don’t know yet.  The people of the town love her though and I think it’s genuine.  Everyone knows that she’s getting married and Luffy’s about to rock their world because this marriage cannot happen.