i love this team way too much :(((

plance/pidgance is a lot like tokka aND I LOVE IT

two goofballs? check

taller goofball that makes jokes and teases the smaller goofball? check

both really smart in their own ways and come together as a team wonderfully? check

life/laughter of the team party? check!

weird shenanigans only best friends turned lovers get into? check!!

don’t have to crush your heart with too much angst and in turn get a good laugh and a cute squeal over the cuteness of this cute ship? CHECK!!!

this ship is so wholesome i love it

I will never tire of remembering things I love about Leverage but my fave are these:

  1. Parker and Sophie’s dynamic : It honestly floored me how there was never a stereotypical or negative dynamic between these two. They were always supportive of each other, tried to understand each other, and honestly were a healthy friendship. Finding that without it being made into something outlier or strange is rare sometimes in shows, at least with this consistency.
  2. Alec Hardison and his importance to the team : Even though it was Nate who formed the team, it was Hardison who brought them together with a proper place to be, not just once. He is cool but also emotional when needs come, allowed to be nervous, allowed to have hobbies and be so much more than a ‘typical’ geek, especially a black man playing a tech whiz, could be stereotyped as. Alec is the one who buys a pub and brews his own beer, gets excited over lasers in cooking, complains about things people would do in certain situations like insane stakeouts. He isn’t a crusader, isn’t representative of any mission, and isn’t an ideal. A human character and a great one at it.
  3. Sophie Devereaux and identity issues: Right from the start we are told that Sophie has identity twists. She is not who she shows in terms of her official name or identity. But this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t show her character to her group. She is open about her fears and love but is allowed her secrets. When Nate asks for her name she says he has to earn it, which is such a wonderful moment because it shows the balance in their dynamics. Her name matters to her and her group respects it. Even when he proposes, Nate doesn’t use her real name because that is a secret but he is proposing to her and that is all that matters to both of them. It showed people and secrets and the importance of respecting those.
  4. Parker and romance + intimacy : Again, this is shown right from the first episode. While Eliot and Nate are baffled by her in the beginning, and even Sophie is, the show never once makes us think that Parker is 'abnormal’ for having intimacy or emotional issues. Instead it shows the others learning to communicate with her and building their own ways to connect with her while her growing to understand their communicative styles too. Especially when Hardison and Parker show prospects of dating, Hardison is shown to learn her thought process and he is happy to learn but it’s not seen as something absurd. Parker learns about Hardison’s likes too and they share their likes by being interested and genuinely liking in each other’s company. Parker is an orphan who has been through abusive foster homes and never once does the group call her out badly on it or make her feel uncomfortable for it.
  5. Nate’s alcoholism : The very first shot of the show is Nate getting a drink while a guy comes to offer him a job and manipulates him emotionally using his son’s death. Talk about a brilliant opening setting, because this is his entire history set within the first 5 minutes. Nate is an alcoholic and has deep trauma from his son’s death along with a lot of impulsive guilt inspired reactions. He is the leader of this group of cons. He is called out every single time he screws up but not mockingly about his past but more in frustration about his lack of taking help. There is an entire episode where a con is planned in a rehab centre and it backfires because Nate is shown to have a breakdown when he is withheld from alcohol. His issues are highlighted and he doesn’t get into a serious romantic relationship without understanding that he should work on them. Alcohol is not glorified here and being an alcoholic is not shown as mysterious or hot. He goes to frickin jail because he fails to get things under control and the show doesn’t shy out from that.
  6. Eliot and Cooking: How many times do you find this trope where a Manly Man™ guy loves cooking but still doesn’t get shown to be compromised from his role as a Hitter? Eliot is a guy who hits but he does not have anger issues. He does not seek violence. He does not like guns. He loves cooking and is serious about it. He is the guy who had issues with being a team in the first episode and he is also the guy who would do anything to protect his team. He’s the nurturer of this team who feeds them and is loyal to the core. His cooking has a past too and that rocks because he learnt it from someone he was supposed to target. It is his calming mechanism. This is a Hitter who would make a beautiful dish because he likes it and still beat someone if they hurt others. It’s not one or the other, it’s both.
  7. Maggie, Tara, and every woman who played a supporting cast: Maggie is the ex-wife of Nate who is NEVER shown to be jealous or weird around Sophie. She doesn’t get back together with Nate or regret things but she also deeply cares for him. She is successful, has her own principles, and also helps this group con for revenge when she wanted to. Tara is a Grifter who is brought in when Sophie takes a break. She is thought to be a replacement and everybody hates her at first because they miss Sophie but they grow to respect and like her for WHO SHE IS and not for how she fills Sophie’s role. It’s not a replacement, as they realize. It’s a change and she brings her own dynamic with it. There are so many more like Ana who helped Parker when she had a broken leg, every single female client they had, Peggy who became Parker’s first friend outside the group and was starkly different. This show never made every woman the same because *gasp* they are not.
  8. From hurt the bad to help the good: Usually this concept remains of hurting bad people and Leverage does do that. But the team grows and their motto shifts too. They grow from hurting bad people to helping the good and both go hand in hand for them. It’s not just about removing the problem but also about finding the solution for them.
  9. It’s Personal: The group has one of the best team dynamics I have ever seen and it’s not just because they work well together. It’s also because they work with and for each other too. Each person has had personal cases on the show and even when the team thinks twice on certain things, they respect that personal aspect. The show portrayed the idea of 'I might not think the same way you do or make the same choices but I understand why you make them and I respect you’ with beautiful ideas. Be it Parker with Luka and the orphans in Russia or Eliot and the horse job; the team gives each other the benefit of doubt and trust when needed.
  10. Platonic relationships: I cannot tell you how much I love the platonic relationships of this show. Be it the parents-wards bond of Nate+Sophie and the others or the Eliot-Hardison-Parker dynamic which I know many people see as Ot3 (highly possible); every platonic bond is valuable and no single character is graced higher.
  11. Plot: Last but not the least, the plot. It came a full circle. The show finished its plots and had continuity of arcs. They started because Nate pushed them to find compensation for the past and the show ended with Nate pushing them to find their resource for the future. Every single character came a full circle by the end and we see growth in them.

I honestly wish we had more episodes of this show but I am really happy that we got what we did. To Leverage - the show that told that good is not who you are but what you do and choose.

l o v e - tom holland

summary: tom and y/n are so in love. from the way he looks at her to being the only one he truly adores. love was made for them. this is the ups and downs of being in love with tom holland.

notes: gif not mine based off the song by nat king cole. this was supposed to be something cute and small i wrote in an evening but here we are a week later with the longest fic i’ve ever written. please leave me your thoughts, i worked really hard on this!!

word count: 3542

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Countdown to Xingtober: Week 5 - Fav Yixing Friendship(s) - ChanXing

“There’s also another member I am thankful for and that is Lay hyung. Lay hyung really thinks a lot about the team. He has many solo activities scheduled in China, but is continuously thinking about EXO. He is an active team member. Everyone else thinks the same way, but we all want to tell Lay hyung that we are thankful. While I have confidence that I won’t lose to anyone in having greed to progress in work, I may lose to Lay hyung. He works hard to the extent where you really want to say ‘you should take a break’.” - Chanyeol about Lay

bonus: chanyeol reacting to lay’s lose control mv (lol!)

Headcanon that before long drives to away games the Foxes make a playlist for each trip as a team.

  • Everyone has to go to Renee and she gives them her phone and lets them add songs to the playlist
  • When Neil doesn’t add any, she tracks him down to see which he wants on there
  • He picks just enough to make it look like he put some effort in so he can be left alone, but he doesn’t know much music
  • His choices are just a few songs that he doesn’t feel that strongly about, but he knows their names because he’s heard them a few times on the radio and he doesn’t hate them, so that’s good enough for him
  • On the run, it was just what they could catch on the radio and lots of the time they were driving where they couldn’t catch any signal but obscure country stations
  • Now Neil hates country music because of it
  • He couldn’t change the station to something else while he was driving because his mom wouldn’t let them stray from the one she had found (no matter how staticky it got) in case they couldn’t find one again while she was awake
  • And when it was her turn to sleep while he drove, he had to keep the radio off
  • On the bus, they put the whole playlist on shuffle while they drive
  • There’s no skipping allowed or else it would be total chaos and there would definitely be spite skipping
  • Which is why they all suffer through “This is the New Shit” blaring through the speakers at 5:30 in the morning because Andrew put it on the playlist
  • Also, they guess and make bets on who put what songs on when it’s a tough call
  • But sometimes it’s an easy call
  • Like, okay Kevin, we all know you’re the one who put “We Will Rock You” and “Tubthumping” and “All I Do is Win” on there
  • Tbh he may as well have put a whole sports rock album on there
  • Neil is so confused when Nicky’s singing along to the French lines in “Bad Romance” because Nicky doesn’t speak French????
  • And Nicky bursts into laughter when Neil asks about it and explains that’s the only French he speaks and he doesn’t even know what it means, he just knows all the Lady Gaga lyrics
  • Nicky also puts “Get’cha Head in the Game” on there and he definitely sings at Kevin when it comes on
  • And Andrew put “Basketball” on there just to annoy Kevin
  • When the song comes on, it keeps repeating “They’re playing basketball. We love that basketball.” while Kevin gets more and more visibly angry and Andrew almost smiles

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me and @olibavee were talkin bout that new official pic again and i needed to explain a mental image i had and she
improved it IMMENSELY


I present to you two very similar beans who deserve better, being 184529367% done with their friends’ talking, in a very similar fashion

Dean Winchester 12.07 / Tony Stark CA:CW

  • Maui: the ocean says you're a nerd
  • Moana: I'm not surprised

the fact that harry’s doing so few interviews….soothes my soul. like as much as i love hearing him talk and Cannot wait to hear him talk more about his writing and his actual music it just calms me to know that this is probably the way he wanted it?? and that he and his team aren’t putting him in a position where he’s going to feel overwhelmed or burnt out for going too hard too fast. it’s like he’s really letting his music do the talking and not his personal life or anything else. it’s really all about the art and idk what i am trying to say other than harry’s already a legend and an icon and i rly cannot express how proud i am of him !

Here it is: I LOVED that episode. It’s one of my fav so far. If there’s anyone to be mad at, it’s the marketing team, not the writers or producers.

I don’t think they disrespected Malec by not showing the sex scene. The Jace/Seelie scene was totally in character for Jace and although it could have been shorter, it shows how he copes with pain and everything he is dealing this. 

What would showing the Malec scene have added? Softness? We’ve had that. We’ve seen them growing closer. We had the gift scene. The kiss on the balcony. The Magnus/Maia scene (which is everything I needed in life) and the Alec/Izzy scene (which is also everything I needed in life). I don’t need to see more than that.

Also, if you really think about it, all the “sex” scenes (if you can call it that ‘cause, come on, this is not HBO) were random hookups (Meliorn/Izzy, Simon/Maureen, Jace/Seelie lady) that can’t even compete with the development and care we had for Malec. The sex was just that: random, casual. And the fact that they showed how Malec grew to the point of taking that next step was enough for me. I don't need to see more than that, than them actually getting there together and not casually or randomly like sex has been in the rest of the show so far.

And I loved that last Malec scene. Magnus was worried about losing Alec if they were going too fast. Alec reassured him he wouldn’t. That WAS communication and yes, it could have been longer, but it was clearly consensual to me (“not that I’m complaining”).

The only one I blame for this whole fiasco is the marking team who gives away way too much and gives us high expectations and doesn’t leave any room for surprise.

There. I said it.

Bill x Reader - Jealousy.

Request: “Bill gets jealous.”

Another request fulfilled! I have the day off tomorrow so I will be sitting down and smashing out what’s left in my inbox as well as Chapter III to my fan fiction. All of my work is stored under the ‘Writing’ link on my blog, if you read anything I write, please support me by giving it a like or a reblog, or even shooting me a message. It is always so appreciated and motivates me to do more. I hope you enjoy this little bit of jealous Bill.

Happy reading! 

After moving away from where I’m from for my career choices, and now permanently because of my boyfriend Bill, it was a rarity that I saw those that I grew up with. I didn’t have a great deal of friends during my childhood and teenage years, but I had a select few best friends who stuck with me through everything, and that thankfully I am still in touch with to this day. It had been some time since I had seen these friends, and knowing very well that it would be a while until mine and Bill’s busy schedules would allow me to return home to visit; when I found out that one of these friends were coming to town, I jumped on the opportunity to meet with them.

I sat on the ground in front of our huge floor to ceiling mirror in our master bedroom, putting the finishing touches on my makeup and chatting away to Bill about my week and all of the things I had on. I had met Bill two years ago at an event, for at the time Hemlock Grove, where I was supervising the publicity team interviewing him. Towards the end of the night, after everyone had slowly made their way home, Bill and I remained, sharing way too many drinks and confiding in each other about a bit more than people who had just met each other probably should. We had an amazing connection, and we’ve ended up here, very much in love and eternally appreciative of that night.

Bill stared at me in the mirror, observing me fuss over my appearance, changing things and becoming frustrated, all in anticipation to meet up with my good friend Tommy who he knows I’ve known for a very long time, longer than I’ve known him. It was always obvious that Bill got defensive when I would meet up with old friends, especially when they were male. It didn’t bother me; he was never over the top about it but instead only sulked. I think if anything, I thought it was cute and I appreciated that he cared enough for it to bother him slightly. Regardless, he had absolutely nothing to worry about, although even then he still seemed off as I finished getting ready and preparing myself to leave.

“Have fun baby,” He said, smiling softly at me, dishonestly, but smiling nonetheless. I took his face in my hands, bringing him down to my height to kiss him softly, smiling at him, knowing what he was feeling and wishing he would relax. “I will, have a good night baby, I won’t be long. I’ll see you when I get home?” “I’ll see you when you get home.” And with that he waved me off, as I climbed in to my car and drove down our long driveway en route to my destination.

I had been out way longer than I had originally planned, but it had been such a good night and so nice to see someone I saw almost every day for years, for the first time in far too long. I made my way home safely, not having had enough to drink to have to catch a taxi, thankfully. I unlocked the front door, hearing the faint noise of the TV in our bedroom and heading straight up the stairs, excited to get out of this outfit and in to bed with my favourite person in the world. “Hi baby, I’m sorry I’m so late.” I smiled, taking in a very sleepy and unhappy looking Bill, who was eyeing me off in return. “What took you so long?” He asked angrily, folding his arms. “I thought you would be back way earlier, honestly Y/N I really don’t like the idea of you out all night with some guy, getting wasted at a bar.” Well fuck, he’s coming straight for me, I thought to myself, shocked at his lack of self control when it came to what he had to say to me. “Um.. hang on, are you seriously angry at me right now?” My defences went up as I stood at the end of our super king sized bed, arms crossed and brow furrowed. “Yes, I am angry at you. Did you just fail to notice all of my missed calls, you could have at least let me know where you were or that you were okay!” He was borderline yelling now, but being he was propped up against more fluffy pillows than necessary, with his shirt off, his hair messy and his eyes heavy with exhaustion, it was hard to engage in an argument when he looked so damn cute. Truth be told I knew his intentions weren’t bad, and I was thankful that I had a boyfriend who cared if I stayed out all night with a guy he didn’t know, because I think I’d be more concerned if he wasn’t angry at me right now.

I sighed, smiling at him while he frowned further in return, becoming even grumpier at the sight of my growing grin and fond eyes, taking him in and feeling my heart swell. “Baby.. are you jealous?” I teased, kicking off my heels and unzipping my dress, walking slowly towards his side of the bed. I stared down at him, in nothing but my lacy crimson red underwear set, as he looked back at me, trying his hardest to stand his ground and not become distracted by the sight of me. “Y/N, I’m serious, something could have been wrong and I wouldn’t have know-“ I cut him off by pulling the blankets off of his body, finding him in only his boxers, swinging my leg over to straddle him and leaning down on to the palms of my hands that I had placed either side of his head.

“Do you want to know what I think?” I asked, smirking. “I think that you’re jealous because I got all dolled up and spent my whole night at a bar with a male that I have been friends with for a long time. We could have been doing anything,” I pecked his lips, “We could have been sitting around talking.” I kissed his neck, “I could have been dancing all night with him,” I kissed his cheek, moving closer to his ear, “I could have been fucking him in the toilets.” I took his ear lobe between my teeth, sucking gently before he flipped me over, pinning me to the bed, clenching his jaw in anger and giving me the dirtiest look he could manage. “What the fuck are you playing at?” “You’re sexy when you’re angry,” I smirked, sliding my bra straps off of my shoulders, leaning up to unclip my bra and flinging it across the room. He gulped, taking in my bear chest, eyes averting quickly back to mine as I felt him become excited by the situation, his face not once giving away what was happening in his boxers. “How dare you come home and taunt me like that, fuck you and fuck your friend.” He held my shoulders tighter, I reached up and secured my hands behind his neck before yanking him towards me and bringing his ear closer to my lips, for extra reassurance that he’d hear me clearly. “He’s. Gay.” I laughed, letting him go as he sat upright, still on top of me, looking down at me with flushed cheeks and rubbing his hands over his face in embarrassment. I continued to giggle beneath him as he groaned, realising how stupid he sounded. I flipped us back over, pressing myself firmly against him, making it very clear how I wanted him to make it up to me.

“What do you say we kiss and make up?” I raised an eye brow at him, Bill flipping us once again, separating my legs with his hips and maintaining flush contact where I wanted it most, kissing me urgently and rocking his hips against mine. 

“Please, allow me to apologise.”


this is my first ever mc76 piece. People who know me know my regular ships but quite some time ago the idea of Jesse crushing hard on Jack infiltrated my mind. n it is just STUCK there :’D

I really dunno why this intruiges me so much, it’s hard to explain. but I just LOVE the idea of a younger McCree (or in this case already bw!mccree) crushing on the golden boy Jack~ It just seems so sweet to me! especially since probably everyone n their mother knows about this. Genji knows it cause they’re roomies n he hears Jesse mumble in his sleep all the time. Gabe knows it cause he knows his team n the way Jesse gets all o//v//o when Jack is around them. Ana knows it cause she has freaking eyes lol  etc etc etc  Jack knows it too n he thinks it’s freaking adorable ~ :’3  

let Jesse dream for a bit guy, let him dream. (aka, yes, the pic above is a dream sequence from Jesse in case this wasn’t clear)



I will now take the time to GUSH about it and explain the second image for those who are curious~ ;)

3….. 2…. 1…. *takes deep breath*

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I love that Taako calls Lup ‘Lulu’ as much as the next person, but guys, pals, friends, Lup ain’t the only one on the team who’s name begins with Lu. So I propose this.

Lup is known as 'Lu Senior’, while Lucretia becomes 'Lil’ Lu’. At first it’s jokingly, a jest to how she’s the youngest on the team. It’s a 'How you doing Lil’ Lu?’ From Magnus as he ruffles her hair on the way to breakfast. It’s a 'I dunno Taako, that fantasy DVD might be a bit too scary for Lil’ Lu’ from Merle.

But it grows on her. Back on their home world she always had the pressure of being the maturest among her peers, being the smartest being the most responsible, being the one always held on a pedestal. And she learned to put a wall up against it. But with the IPRE crew she feels like she finally gets to be a kid again, in a way.

But then Fisher happens, and suddenly she’s not Lil’ Lu anymore. She’s Madam Director now, and that wall goes back up. She has to be strong, has to be confident, has to be unemotional. She has to lead the Bureau. And she’s scared.

And then her boys return. And its so odd to see them treating her like this. They shouldn’t be taking orders from her, and treating her like she was their superior. She was their friend. She was supposed to be trying not to laugh when Magnus tells her something dumb to write down, or helping Taako choose an outfit, or smiling when Merle does a mini dance recital to cheer her up when she misses home. She wasn’t supposed to be this distant from them.

And then then Story and Song happens and Lup is back and Taako greets her as Lulu and she won’t lie, that kind of stings. Lup hasn’t changed, she’s been frozen in time, she’s still their Lu, but Lucretia isn’t.

And then the battle is over. They’ve done it. They’ve beaten the Hunger. And Lup slings one arm over Lucretia’s shoulder and says with a grin, 'Good job Lil’ Lu’. And Lucretia just. Breaks. Her concept of herself is so distorted. She was constantly praised for being mature as a kid, but then she spends 100 years living at the same age, followed by her sacrifice in Wonderland, and the time she spent managing the bureau. She’s physically about 50, mentally 130, but emotionally? She’s gota be around 20. She’s still a kid. And it’s nice to just be able to have her friends acknowledge that again.

gildara-art  asked:

Could I place an everyone-loves-Bitty prompt where, after they come out to the team, Jack asks the Haus to give Bitty the occasional hug and kiss for him since he can't be around to do it as much as he'd like? I'm guessing Shitty would find a way to get in on it too. I just love the idea of Bitty getting sanctioned casual hugs and kisses from literally everyone they know 💕

“Jack! Wow, you don’t call often?”

“Sorry about that,” Jack tells Chowder.

“I didn’t meant to make you feel guilty. How is everything going? How is Providence?”

“Yeah, fine. Really good.” Jack passes over the questions and makes a note to start calling Chowder more often. “I’ve actually got a request if that’s alright?”

“Yes. Of course. Anything. Well, not anything, but you know, if I can help, then yes.”

Jack smiles at Chowder’s eternal effervescence. “I want you to do something for Bitty while I’m not around.”


“Can you make sure he’s getting hugs? He’s pretty physical guy but he’s not great at initiating.”

“That’s so sweet. Of course I can do that.”

“And could you let Dex and Nursey know too?”

“I’m on it, Captain.”

“Thanks, Chowder. Oh and hey,” Jack says before hanging up. “You can probably just call me ‘Jack’ now.”

“On it, Jack.”

Jack hangs up feeling confident that Bitty’s about to get a whole lot of love and affection from the team.


Bitty is watching Netflix on the green couch (with a thick blanket between him and the actual couch), when Chowder interrupts.

“Ooh! Can I join?”

“Of course.” Bitty smiles and pats the spot next to him.

“Swasome.” Chowder vaults over the back of the couch and lands half on top of Bitty but doesn’t bother moving. Bitty doesn’t mind.

The get through half an episode when Nursey and Dex get back from their trip to the library.

“Whatcha watching?” Nursey asks. “Something good?”

“Don’t fucking care,” Dex grumbles, dumping his stuff randomly near the bottom of the stairs and fitting himself beside Chowder. “I need to rest my brain.”

Nursey adds his stuff to Dex’s pile and wrestles a pillow from behind Dex, throwing it at Bitty’s feet and sitting on it. He leans back against Bitty’s legs and sighs out.

Dex stretches his arm out along the back of the couch and rubs the back of Bitty’s head before dropping his hand so it rests against his neck. Dex must really be exhausted to be touching Bitty so freely, but Bitty likes the warmth and the weight. It reminds him of Jack, who’s fond of doing the same. Maybe that’s where Dex picked it up from?

He slumps further into the couch cushions with Nursey against his legs, Chowder against his side, and Dex’s hand on the back of his neck, feeling quite loved.

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okay so i am a nerd and love the nasa comparison for IPRE and know way too much about nasa recruiting methods, so i’m here to tell y’all that one of the most important things that they do for recruiting long term missions is making sure that an entire team is compatible personality wise and will often make their final decisions on how they interact with each other and anyway i’m looking for whatever fuck that looked at taako and lup and then barry and said it’d be fine

anonymous asked:

Is no one going to mention that those 'cool things' Zarkon did with the black bayard was pretty much kick Keith's butt and wreck up the Red Lion? Keith, come on buddy. Which team are you rooting for??? ;)

okay buT LIKE. THAT’S WHY IT WAS SO FUNNY TO ME. even though he got completely wrecked up he STILL concedes and accepts that okay, yes “it was cool” he thought it was really cool. i just.. .this guy. i love him so amsodhsua much. 

and what’s funnier is that in 2x01 he just…..

Serious. Very Serious. Just like: 

but. then. 

WE HAD A TOUGH BATTLE LMFAO.  HIS FACE. his eyebrow quirks up when he says it and the way he says it too like. 

HE KNOWS. LOOK AT THIS FACE I CANNOT DEAL WITH HIM RIGHT NOW OH M Y GOD. And the best part is i bet red wouldn’t either they both in this sense are probably stubborn enough to say they had a tough battle and okay maybe bit off a little more than they could chew but it’s fine. LOL. 

a tough battle. okay keith. if that’s what you want to call it. he definitely held his own impressively well for the amount of time considering it was zarkon but come on keith. you were about to get annihilated he did it because shiro was in trouble, and because the black lion was compromised. but it was a poor judgement and by the end point he was aware he may not have made it out look at that expression:

bUT ANYWAY we’re not talking about that nothing to see here hahhaah :’)))) . back to this whole “cool stuff”. THE FACT HE SAYS IT’S COOL.

when it was used to kick his own butt. just this whole thing…. is brilliant. he is so endearing. 

Being Part Of The BAU Would Include

Originally posted by tvseriesobsessed

  • Early morning wake up calls. 
  • Putting your all into cases. 
  • Working closely with the police in the place where you’re working the case. 
  • Helping out together the profile of the UnSub. 
  • Interviewing suspects. 
  • Consoling families who have lost someone. 
  • Hating working cases where children are involved. 
  • Those are the hardest. 
  • Chasing down criminals. 
  • Occasionally having to kick down doors and tackle suspects. 
  • Sometimes having to shoot the criminals. 
  • Drinking way too much coffee in order to keep yourself awake. 
  • If it’s been a particularly hard case, you and the team find comfort in each other. 
  • Listening to Spencer’s facts. 
  • You learn a lot from him. 
  • You can’t help but chuckle every single time someone asks him if he’s a genius. 
  • “What are you, a genius or something?” 
  • “I don’t believe that intelligence can be accurately quantified, but I do have an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and I can read 20,000 words per minute. So, yes, I’m a genius.” 
  • Loving Penelope’s one liners. 
  • Especially when she answers the phone. 
  • “You’ve reached Penelope Garcia in the FBI’s office of Supreme Genius.” 
  • “Please tell us you have something for us, Pen.” 
  • “Oh, Sweetness, you know I do.” 
  • Derek and Luke never fail to make you smile or laugh, even when you don’t want to. 
  • JJ, Emily, Penelope, Alex, Tara, Kate, and Elle always make you smile. 
  • Aaron, David, and Stephen are the ones you go to for advice. 
  • Just like the rest of the team, you find it hard when a member of the team leaves. 
  • Being like an aunt/uncle to JJ and Will’s, Hotch’s, and Derek’s children. 
  • Joining the rest of the team for a drink or a meal after cases or for birthdays. 
  • Sharing jokes and stories. 
  • You’re all always there for each other. 
  • You’re a family.


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~ All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you ~

To all people who have told me I’m ugly, that I should take my life so people don’t have to see my ugly face, that I will end up alone because no one could ever wanna spend their whole life looking at my face, you are the reason I’ve told myself I’m ugly every time I’ve looked into a mirror the last 5 years. One of the first things Taylor told me was that I look like a model. So who cares about you guys thinking I’m ugly, because my biggest role model thinks I’m tall and beautiful.

To all the people out there telling me Taylor is pathetic and that liking her makes me pathetic, Taylor is not only the best singer-songwriter out there, she’s also the greatest human being. And what is pathetic about that? What’s pathetic about being so damn good to people? She’s the nicest person ever, and so is her parents! Thank you so much for our long talk Andrea and Scott. Speaking with you guys felt like speaking with family.

The fact that Taylor wanted ME to hear the album before she put it out, the fact that Taylor Swift and her team have stalked ME for a year, the fact that Taylor Swift loves ME and thinks I’m a wonderful human being. What can I say? I love you so much more than words can describe. You and your music have always been there for me, when people haven’t. I fell in love with you for your music, but I stayed because of your personality. That you invited me to your house and played the best album you’ve done so far for me a month before the world gets to hear it, I don’t think you know how much that actually means to me.

Taylor, you taught me that it’s a beautiful thing to be different and that I’m not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know me. And that’s two of the main reasons I’m still here today. I thought about taking my life way too many times growing up, but I didn’t. And I really wanna thank you for that. Thank you for being my best friend when I was all alone. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being the sweetest person ever. I love you so much @taylorswift . Just wanted to let you know….

And a big thank you to Taylor’s amazing team @taylornation . I love you so much! You guys really changed my life, thank you for that ❤