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What do you think about Brian Michael Bendis?

I like a lot of his work - his creator-owned stuff is great, I love his run on Ultimate Spiderman, and even some of his newer Marvel stuff like All-New X-Men - but I think he’s got some flaws as a writer that become much more visible when he writes a team book or an event. 

The first flaw that bothers me is that Bendis has a tendency to escalate the stakes way too fast and too high, rather than giving the status quo a chance to breathe and have its potentials explored. One of these days, I want to write some essays about Comics in Parallel, where I explore two series on the same topic or theme - which was inspired by reading Powers and Gotham Central at the same time. And the thing I really noticed is that Bendis went to Roland Emmerich-levels of city, world, and status quo destruction so quickly that there was nowhere to go from there.

The second flaw that bothers me - and it’s related to the first - is that Bendis is much better at innovative setups than carefully-constructed payoffs. Take All-New X-Men for example: bringing the Original Five from the 60s into the present to confront their adult selves is a great idea, but as the series went on, it became very clear that Bendis hadn’t thought of some big questions when he started. Like, what was the bad thing the X-Men were brought from the past to prevent? Did they actually prevent it? Could they go back, and if not, why? 

And you see much the same phenomenon with a lot of Bendis’ events - Secret Wars, House of M, Secret Invasion, Siege, Age of Ultron - which all start with a high-concept idea (what if Nick Fury got us into a quasi-Iraq? What if mutants ruled the world? What if Skrulls were among us? What if super-villains ruled the world) but lose the plot rather quickly and have unintended negative consequences for the status quo of the line or various books in the line. 

So while I like much of Bendis’ work, he’s also one of the main reasons why I stopped reading Marvel for a decade. 

the fact that harry’s doing so few interviews….soothes my soul. like as much as i love hearing him talk and Cannot wait to hear him talk more about his writing and his actual music it just calms me to know that this is probably the way he wanted it?? and that he and his team aren’t putting him in a position where he’s going to feel overwhelmed or burnt out for going too hard too fast. it’s like he’s really letting his music do the talking and not his personal life or anything else. it’s really all about the art and idk what i am trying to say other than harry’s already a legend and an icon and i rly cannot express how proud i am of him !

  • Maui: the ocean says you're a nerd
  • Moana: I'm not surprised

Here it is: I LOVED that episode. It’s one of my fav so far. If there’s anyone to be mad at, it’s the marketing team, not the writers or producers.

I don’t think they disrespected Malec by not showing the sex scene. The Jace/Seelie scene was totally in character for Jace and although it could have been shorter, it shows how he copes with pain and everything he is dealing this. 

What would showing the Malec scene have added? Softness? We’ve had that. We’ve seen them growing closer. We had the gift scene. The kiss on the balcony. The Magnus/Maia scene (which is everything I needed in life) and the Alec/Izzy scene (which is also everything I needed in life). I don’t need to see more than that.

Also, if you really think about it, all the “sex” scenes (if you can call it that ‘cause, come on, this is not HBO) were random hookups (Meliorn/Izzy, Simon/Maureen, Jace/Seelie lady) that can’t even compete with the development and care we had for Malec. The sex was just that: random, casual. And the fact that they showed how Malec grew to the point of taking that next step was enough for me. I don't need to see more than that, than them actually getting there together and not casually or randomly like sex has been in the rest of the show so far.

And I loved that last Malec scene. Magnus was worried about losing Alec if they were going too fast. Alec reassured him he wouldn’t. That WAS communication and yes, it could have been longer, but it was clearly consensual to me (“not that I’m complaining”).

The only one I blame for this whole fiasco is the marking team who gives away way too much and gives us high expectations and doesn’t leave any room for surprise.

There. I said it.

okay so i am a nerd and love the nasa comparison for IPRE and know way too much about nasa recruiting methods, so i’m here to tell y’all that one of the most important things that they do for recruiting long term missions is making sure that an entire team is compatible personality wise and will often make their final decisions on how they interact with each other and anyway i’m looking for whatever fuck that looked at taako and lup and then barry and said it’d be fine


this is my first ever mc76 piece. People who know me know my regular ships but quite some time ago the idea of Jesse crushing hard on Jack infiltrated my mind. n it is just STUCK there :’D

I really dunno why this intruiges me so much, it’s hard to explain. but I just LOVE the idea of a younger McCree (or in this case already bw!mccree) crushing on the golden boy Jack~ It just seems so sweet to me! especially since probably everyone n their mother knows about this. Genji knows it cause they’re roomies n he hears Jesse mumble in his sleep all the time. Gabe knows it cause he knows his team n the way Jesse gets all o//v//o when Jack is around them. Ana knows it cause she has freaking eyes lol  etc etc etc  Jack knows it too n he thinks it’s freaking adorable ~ :’3  

let Jesse dream for a bit guy, let him dream. (aka, yes, the pic above is a dream sequence from Jesse in case this wasn’t clear)


I present to you two very similar beans who deserve better, being 184529367% done with their friends’ talking, in a very similar fashion

Dean Winchester 12.07 / Tony Stark CA:CW

Poldark returns: Aidan Turner on nudity, being single and why he's a technophobe

As the famously ripped and glowering Cornish copper miner, Aidan Turner has put the sex back  into Sunday nights. Over a large vodka, he talks about getting  naked, those pecs and playing Poldark
Just before I am due to interview Aidan Turner, his PR sends me an email to let me know that he has grown a beard – presumably in case I fail to recognise the actor fully clothed or not wearing a tricorn hat.
Poor old Turner is so defined by that scything scene that he likes to grow his beard when not committed to playing Ross Poldark – which doesn’t happen very often, given the BBC has just commissioned a fourth series and Turner says they are all tied in for five.
‘I’m not a big fan of shaving,’ he explains to me when I finally find him – fully clothed in a bomber jacket, T-shirt and jeans, minus tricorn, hiding in the corner of a dimly lit hotel bar in Mayfair. ‘It sucks. What’s the point? What is the point?’ I mention something about it being uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of a man with a beard.

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Bad Day

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Summary: you are Barry’s girlfriend and you had a terrible day at work, so you decided to go for a walk around the city. Barry was concerned about you because he thought you were kidnapped

This day was definitely terrible, first thing: your boss almost fired you because you made a mistake at your job, second thing: you lost you cellphone and your boyfriend didn’t know that and third thing: when you left your work it started to raining and you didn’t have a umbrella and couldn’t wait to the rain stop, you had to go to home, but instead you decided to go for a walk.

Your Boyfriend, Barry Allen, was waiting for you at home, you were late, so he called you without knowing that you lost your cellphone “Hey, it’s (y/n), leave a messenger”  “Babe, its me, where are you? You were supposed to be home by now, I’m worried, call me. I love you” he left a voicemall

He waited but you didn’t called he back then he called you again but still didn’t get an answer from you “Hey, it’s (y/n), leave a messenger" "Honey, I’m really worried, please call me back”

5 minutes later

“Hey, it’s (y/n), leave a messenger" "I’m not kidding (y/n), call me back or I will run around the city looking for you

7 minutes later

"Hey, it’s (y/n), leave a messenger”  “Alright, that’s enough” he turn off the call and sent a messenger to the team flash 

“everyone, meet me at the lab, we have a code red”

At the S.T.A.R Labs

“I thought that ‘code red’ was only for super important matters, like somebody is about to going to die” Cisco said looking at Barry

“(y/n) is missing” Barry said with a very serious face

“What?” Everyone asked in shock

“What do you mean?” Caitlin asked “she isn’t at work?”

"She was already supposed to be at home” Barry answerd

“Maybe she’s doing extra shift” Iris replied

“She would tell me” Barry said “I called her thousand times but she didn’t answer”

“Okay, everyone, let’s keep the calm,right? we gonna find her” said H.R. 

“Say this to Barry, it looks like he is getting a heartache” said Wally

“I will look for her around the city” Barry said already with his suit

“No Bar, I think you should go home, wait for her there, I’ll go to CCPD, I’ll report her missing” said Joe already making his way to the police

“Barry, your cellphone is ringing” said Iris point to Barry’s cellphone on the desk “its a call from your home" 

Barry hurried up to answer


“Bar? Where are you?

”(y/n)?“ He said in shock "where are you?”

“I just got Home. Is everything okay?”

“Why didn’t you answered my calls?”

“I lost my cellphone, I forgot to tell you, i’m sorry”

“Omg, I can’t believe babe” he said putting his hand at his face “I’m going home, wait for me” he turn off

“It looks like she wasn’t kidnapped” he said looking to the team

“What do you mean?“ Cisco said

"It was her, she said she just got home” Barry said

“You scared all of us for nothing? I’m a little pissed off right now” Cisco replied

“Sorry about that guys. i’m going home to see what happened” said Barry already running of the building

At home

“Babe?” Barry screamed

“I’m in the kitchen” you answered

He entered in the kitchen and made his way over you

“God, I love you so much” he said hugging you

“I love you too speedo” you replied

“Where were you? Are you okay? Did anyone hurt you?” He asked Putting his hands at your face

“I’m fine my love, nobody hurt me, I just had a bad day at work and went out for a walk to clean my mind, I’m sorry for didn’t advised you

"Just don’t do that anymore, you scared a hell out of me”


“I just- I-I don’t know what to do without you.You are my life” he said pushing your face next to his

“I love you so much” you said

“I love you too” he said kissing you

Home, part eleven

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst

A/N: One last part left - epilogue 

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?   Part 1  Part 2 Part 3   Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

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I can’t believe that I heard that masterpiece. Seriously it’s so beautiful, so mature. I’m so proud of him.


Meet me in the halfway is so beautiful and the sound is so weird, like alternative rock with an epic sound. Distortion and cool stuff. It’s very clear the Pink Floyd influence.

Two ghosts almost made me cry, I would cried if it wasn’t because I was on public with 30 persons in a quiet room. It’s like a ballad, so sweet and deep. Sometimes Harry’s voice is heartbreaking, and the lyrics are beautiful. It’s so explicit, like almost obvious that it’s about Louis and all the stuff they went through a couple years ago, and talks about that they are not allowed to be together in public and act like they used to act. It broke my heart.

Only angel has a beautiful intro and then WOW. Another great rock n roll song. Classic sound and the band is brilliant as always.

Kiwi is one of my faves, pure rock n roll again. The lyrics are so weird, I can’t remember exactly but I was like “wtf are you talking about? I don’t care but this sounds sick”. I imagined him dancing and screaming at the shows and I would sell my soul to see him singing that song live. Also I pictured Keef with his solo. The Stones vibezzz are everywhere. The beat, the drums OMG the drummer is pure talent, I love that woman.

Speaking of woman, Woman again another rock song. So cool. You can hear a bit on the Snapchat filter and it’s so catchy. Really good.

And last but not less, From the dining table. The last song, and the last beat of my fucking heart. It’s so sad, really sad for an ending, like SERIOUSLY HAROLD? Such a bad choice or a great choice if you want to end with MY LIFE. Again, his voice is heartbreaking and I almost cried (again). I would advice you to be prepared to cry and try to not kill yourself with that song. Very sad but also very beautiful and emotional.


So my veredict is that I cannot tell how proud of him I am. Because seriously, I met him when he was only a child, with his dimple and his curls. And now I feel like he’s a man. A beautiful man, a talented man. That band sounds amazing, they clearly know about music. The album is like The Dark Side of Harry Styles, in a good way. It shows his influences, his music taste, his capacity to sing and play instruments and to write such a cool lyrics. He’s brilliant. And I’m so proud of being his fan since he was a kid and support him then and now. Watching him grow up and grow up with him, because I’m getting older too, I’m changing too, and I have him in my life. I am part of all of this, and so are you. All of us. We are a team, like Louis says.

So I hope you all enjoy and love this record as much as I do now, because you can hear and feel how pure this boy is, and how much he loves to sing and play music.

I’m really proud of you, Harold.


#thankyoubones week: day 7 → 6 james aubrey x food scenes

Aubrey!!!! The one true forensic foodologist, heh. Can you all believe that we’ve only had 3 seasons with this adorable dork, but it feels like it’s been a lifetime now??? I mean, we’ve all come to know and love his quirks (food obsessions and all), and I don’t think many of us expected to love this cinammon roll this much?? Which is amazing, honestly. He’s been such a perfect addition to the show, and has formed friendships with everyone, and is truly part of the team now. It made me sad to hear that he would (possibly) be leaving the team soon for a promotion in LA, but he deserves the world really ❤️  It makes me wish that we had more time with him, much more than the wonderful 3 seasons that he’s been around. So thanks Aubrey, thanks for being one of the best guys out there, with a heart of gold and an appetite to beat. May you succeed in life, and always find your way back home, to the Jeffersonian family, because, well, there’s more than one kind of family.

An Open Letter to my Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I pray that your patience with me will be as much as the love you’ll have for me. I’ll be the most challenging person you’ve come in contact with, but I promise you I’ll be worth it. I have so much I need to work on for myself and my only hope is that you’ll be supporting me in any way you think we will benefit as a team. I promise to love you and everything about you, I promise to be your number one supporter and cheerleader. I pray that as I work on myself, you’ll be working on yourself so that we can be the ultimate team God would want us to be. I’ll admit I’m very self conscious and stuck in this “being way too passive” phase. But I’m working on it for me, for us and our future family. My promise to you is that I’ll work hard now, working and getting a degree that’ll lead into a career so that we maybe able to take care of and provide for our future kids. I can’t wait to meet you and start our journey together. But until then, just know I pray about your well being and that we will have the patience and strength to endure each other and all other trials we shall face. I pray that we’ll have that fairy tale love and happily ever after when the time is right, and we’ve become who we are meant to be to meet each other I pray you’ll walk in my life soon, so that we may start our journey together, but for now. I love you,

  • your future wife

“Your mental health comes first,” I told my best friend who decided to drop out of school because his mental illness became too much to handle.

“Your mental health comes first,” I told another one of my best friends who was making the debate between playing for an elite volleyball team or only focusing on schoolwork.

“Your mental health comes first,” I told my mom who was placing way too much stress on herself in caring for both me and her own life.

“Your mental health comes first,” I tell everyone who is struggling and does not know which way to turn.

But when did I stop telling myself? When did it start becoming okay for me to look in the mirror and cry about how much I hate myself and not tell anyone about the emptiness I feel inside when I lay in bed at night? When did I allow my mental illness to swallow my brain whole and make me become a shadowed, lifeless vessel? When did it start becoming okay for me to hide my true feelings behind these words and keep every trail of speech hidden behind a friendly laugh and sweet smile? When did I stop telling myself that my mental health comes first?

And when will I start again?

—  5.1.17 / by the end of this month I will convince myself that my mental health comes first
Away From Prying Eyes

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where the team goes to the beach for a day, The reader shows up in a bikini and Reid’s IQ is slashed in half XD LOL. They end up doing a little kissing in the water. @coveofmemories


“I spend way too much time with you people,” Rossi said from the back of the car. On one of their rare days off, the team decided to take a trip to the beach, with kids in tow. They spent nearly every waking hour together, but that’s what happened when you were as close as the members of the BAU. Much more than co-workers, and even more than friends; they were family. 

“That’s because you love us,” Y/N replied, slipping on her sunglasses as the sun shone in her eyes. “Don’t deny it.” She could practically hear Rossi smirk. This little day at the beach was so necessary. The cases had been hell lately. Since Hotch, Rossi, Y/N, Emily, and Morgan lived near each other, the four of them, plus Jack, drove together, while JJ, Will, Henry, Garcia and Spencer took a separate car. “I can’t wait to sit on the beach, read and maybe occasionally take a dip in the water.”

“I know,” Emily sighed, leaning her head on Y/N’s shoulder. “Yay! We’re here.” After they parked, they flooded out of the car just as the rest of them pulled into the parking lot. Reaching down for the hem of her cover up, Y/N pulled it over her head, leaving her in a strappy, yet tasteful, purple bikini. “Boom, Y/N,” she laughed. “You look bangin’.”

“Thank you, babe. You don’t look so bad yourself,” she winked. Hotch, Jack, Rossi and Morgan went to grab a spot while everyone else got their things out of the cars. As Spencer climbed out of the car, he nearly tripped over his own two feet, too busy staring at Y/N. He’d always had a thing for her, but he was so intimidated by everything about her that he’d never said anything. Y/N didn’t notice his near-face plant, but Emily and JJ definitely did, both mouthing to him to go for it. For a while, they’d been telling him to go for it, because both knew she liked him too.

As the rest of the team walked to their spot, Y/N and Spencer were left to bring up the rear. “Looking good, 187,” she said with a smile, Spencer unable to decipher the look in her eyes through her sunglasses. A shy smile adorned his face as he mustered up the courage to say something nice back, maybe about how she was the most beautiful woman in the world to him, but unfortunately he couldn’t come up with anything that smooth. 

Instead, “You look beautiful” came out, very shakily at that. And he nearly tripped in the sand, almost falling right in the middle of JJ, Will and Henry’s big blanket. 

“You gonna come play volleyball?” Morgan asked as Hotch walked over to the net. Morgan, Hotch, Garcia and Emily wanted to play. Rossi was going to fall asleep on the beach with his hat over his head. JJ and Will were going to go in the water with Henry and Jack, and Spencer and Y/N both wanted to read a book and have everyone else leave them alone. Reading was such a commodity lately with all the cases they’d had. 

“Spence and I are gonna read,” Y/N called back, turning her head to the side and smiling at Spencer. Morgan called back that it was their loss, but Y/N didn’t care, and from what she could see, Spencer was too distracted by her breasts to do much else. After nearly getting pelted in the head with the volleyball on more than one occasion, both Y/N and Spencer were able to relax, getting lost in their books while the rest of the world moved around them. 

“Done already?” she asked JJ, as she, Will and Henry came back from the water. Somehow it had been nearly two hours. “You wanna go in the water for a little while?” she asked, turning toward Spencer.

“S-sure,” he said shyly, following her and trying his very best to not leer at her butt like a creeper. As she dipped into the water, she turned around and shivered, getting much closer to him than he had expected. “You okay?”

“Yea,” she smiled, dipping her body lower and lower until her shoulders were under the water. “Just a little chilly.” Looking around to make sure no one was looking or within earshot, she turned into him again and pressed her lips to his as the wave blocked them from view. “I’ve always liked you, Spence. And I think you like me too.” 

“I do,” he said softly. Although no one could hear them, he still felt the need to keep it down. “I never expected you to like me…you’re so beautiful.” Under the water, he reached for her hands, entangling their fingers as another wave came toward them. Each wave brought another chance for them to kiss while blocked from view. It became a fun game. How hot or sweet could it get before they had to separate so as to not be seen. “Come here,” he said, placing his hand on the small of her back and bringing her close. Her eyes locked on his, the need greater than before. So when the wave come toward them, he placed his hand gently around the side of her neck and pressed his lips firmly to hers before slipping his tongue into her mouth. She moaned into him. The wave had passed, so they could be seen, but neither seemed to care.

A loud whistle could be heard from the beach. “Ow! Ow!” JJ screamed. “Finally!” Some heckling came from the crowd, mainly Rossi and Morgan, but she never pulled her lips from his - his taste to perfect a mixture of sweet and salty to pull away. Instead, she wrapped her one hand around his back and lifted the other in the air, middle finger held high. This is what they’d been waiting for. That perfect moment. And it was here, so everyone else would have to suck it up or look away.

“We definitely have to do some more of this later,” she said when she finally pulled away.

“Away from prying eyes,” he smiled.



  • 10/20 Favorite friendships.

Luffy and Usopp: BEST FRIENDS. This one it’s my favorite of all. They are all friends and they all have different relationship as friends, but this one honestly I love this. Like it might be because both are the same age and enjoy the same things, but they are always having fun and being excited for the same things, they understand their stupidness. And like, it works since Luffy is a reckless guy and Usopp is coward so the scenes between these two are really funny. The fight they had because of Merry in water 7 broke my heart because Luffy didn’t want to do it, he had to as a captain. Like I cried a lot with them but I was really happy how they fixed everything. And even if they make joke and stuff, Usopp respects him a lot too. And protects his dream as well. HE DOESN’T ALLOW ANYONE TO LAUGH OF LUFFY’S DREAM.

Zoro and Luffy: this friendship it’s loyalty more than anything. They are all loyal to Luffy as captain and friend but Zoro definitely wins this award. I love this one just like I love the first one. Luffy’s personality works well with every member I have to say. Zoro is a lazy guy and a really serious man as well. And he respects Luffy more than anything, even if he acts like a kid, he recognizes him as his captain more than anything. And he protects his dream more than his own and that’s honestly beautiful. He was wiling to give up about his dream if he can protects his like like COME ON THIS FRIENDSHIP ITS GOALS. And Luffy as well, he trusts Zoro so much. Like I really love when Luffy is like: if Zoro says he will, then he will. I’ll leave it to him. He loves his vice-captain so much.

Zoro and Sanji: it’s actually a rivalry for not a real reason actually. Since little garden they established this rivalry because they couldn’t decide which of them brought the biggest animal to cook. This one it’s specially for comedy and I love it too. Like they fight for the tiniest thing but when it comes to help and works as teammates, they can relay on each other to accomplish that goal. Even if they fight a lot, I’d say it’s a good friendship between these two. I really loved how back in Foxy’s arc, Sanji asked him to be friends for 10 minutes and unite so they can win the game and Zoro was agree. When it comes to seriousness they have pretty much the same thoughts as well. And their nicknames are actually funny as well; ero-cook and marimo~ // Even if they can’t admit it they actually care for each other, they wouldn’t be the same with their partner of fights.

Nami and Luffy: Well, even if I secretly ship them as a couple, even if I don’t make a big deal for it since One piece it’s pretty awesome without romance and I would hate to see ships wars because of this, I’m going to focus on them like that; Luffy treats all his friends the same, of course he takes care of girls in his crew, I’m not saying they are weak but I bet he understands sometimes they need to be protected I guess. Nami’s personality it’s of the girl that doesn’t understand Luffy’s stupidness and it’s always hitting him for the ideas he jumps with. Even if she doesn’t posses haki lol. But never mind, this friendship/relationship have been developing through the series just like the others. At the beginning Nami didn’t trust any of them, but Luffy did since he met her. Luffy was the first one Nami asked for help after 8 years. I believe he became someone in her life with who she feels safe and protected from that moment. She’s the navigator and he’s the captain, she’s a part of as I call it, the coward group and it’s always arguing with a Luffy about the islands they should go, so at first she was always trying to persuade Luffy and avoid danger and the and Luffy would always win. But I feel like she doesn’t feel scare at all anymore. She respects him as captain even if she acts/looks like the actual captain sometimes and Luffy doesn’t seem mad at all about this, and what about him? Well, he decided she was going to be his navigator even after she betrayed them… even if Johnny told then she killed Usopp. He didn’t believe so..

Chopper and Usopp: as I mentioned with Luffy, they are around the same age and enjoy the same things like Franky’s creations. Chopper cares a lot for all his friends, but he spends most of his time with Usopp and is always believing what he says. I really like this friendship. Back in Water 7 when Luffy won against Usopp, he went down to take care of Usopp in tears even if he didn’t have to, that was honestly really touching for me because chopper really cares about his being. And well, they are really funny together!

Robin - Franky - Brook: I haven’t related them in special relationship YET. If you read above, I have focused in the firsts arcs and I was used to see all of them together. At least Robin, I really like her relationship with Usopp. He’s always scaring the shit of him and that’s really funny and she’s like the crew mom and chopper’s moma, she’s really cute with him. Brook and Franky joined the crew and fit perfectly with them. They create a really good friendship atmosphere. Franky Is really funny as well with Usopp and Chopper. And Brook can have a good time with all of them too, specially with Sanji from my perspective, pervs.

Nami - Usopp and Chopper: this is a really funny group. The coward group. Whenever they are together you know it will be fun. Just remember thriller back arc. I laughed a lot with them. Like they are cowards but when they have to fight, they fight. Normally it’s really funny when they are together so I really like them!

Sanji - Zoro - Luffy: The monster trio. Do I have to write much reasons about this one? They are the strongest of straw hats crew and I really love how Sanji and Zoro are always taking away the enemies when the boss is coming. I really love the way they act around each other too, they are really funny too because Luffy is the one who jumps with stupid ideas and he would get hurt in s comic way from both rivals. This team works really well when it comes to fight. I really love seeing them together. And the fact that they can beat anyone but the three of them lose against Nami by herself lol.

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i always thought the "there's no flash without iris" message was so toxic, because while i would hate iris dying and the team basically becoming all males, our lives must go on after we lose someone, i understand it's a dramatic superhero show but more so, more impressionable people watching, she's irreplaceable like any human, but not indispensable, no one is. i'm glad in the end the future team got back together and barry understands they all can move on and there IS a flash without iris

This isn’t another one of those ‘Barry and Iris are toxic because they love each other too much’ things, is it? 

To be completely honest I don’t think the “no Flash without Iris West’ message is toxic at all because it goes way beyond them being so obsessively in love with each other that they can’t live without one another. There is no Flash without Iris because she was the one that believed in him when no one else did. There is no Flash without Iris because it’s her voice and her voice alone that can save him and bring him home. There is no Flash without Iris because when he feels himself spiraling out of control and getting too close to losing his humanity she is the one that reminds him this his humanity is what makes him a hero. There is no Flash without Iris because when his childhood was suddenly filled with terror, violence, death, and darkness she was the light that guided him out. She has been his constant since they were children and he has loved her deeply and completely for it. That’s not toxic. It’s overwhelming, yes, but that type of all-encompassing love usually is. 

Team Flash could certainly ‘function’ without Iris but they’d never be the same because Barry would never be the same, those are just facts. Who Barry Allen is as a person and as a hero are so tightly interwoven with his love for Iris that they’re indistinguishable. You can’t have one without the other because without it what’s left is an incomplete person.

Dating would include – Assassin's Creed Syndicate

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Jacob Frye 

  • Well, the two of you usually can be found in the fight club 
  • Eventually you patch up Jacob after his last fight 
  • Or Evie has to take care of both of you 
  • It really depends on your mood 
  • “Yes, Evie. That guy deserved every punch." 
  • But to be honest you two are always up to cause mischief 
  •  ”[Y/N], Jacob, what have you done this time?!“ 
  • "We did nothing! … Oh, that. Yeah, we did that." 
  • Giving each other nicknames … all the time 
  • "Love” - “Angel” - “Dear” - “Could you two stop?!" 
  • Jacob is a big fan of public display of affection 
  • The people need to know you are his better half 
  • … and he would be lost without your kisses 
  • Seriously every kind of kiss 
  • "I want all of them, love." 
  • After a hard mission he needs you wrapped up in his arms 
  • Jacob’s mixed scent of smoke, beer and himself lures you in 
  • "Why do I smell beer on you, Jacob?" 
  • … "I think Evie calls me!" 
  • He makes sure you keep up your training 
  • Driven by his fear to lose you forever 
  • Even if he knows you can handle yourself just fine 
  • Him not being able to take his eyes off of you when you plan your mission 
  • The satisfied smirk on your lips makes his knees weak 
  • "Stop drooling, brother dearest." 
  • Randomly he wraps you up in his arms to get his daily dose of cuddles 
  • The two of you get comfortable on his favourite but little settee 
  • Resting your head on his chest, while his arms hold you close 
  • The closer the better 
  • His steady breathing making you sleepy 
  • "God, you are adorable, love." 
  • The two of you are barely fighting 
  • And if you do, it will be solved in the fight club later 
  • "I’m not going to hit you!" 
  • "Good, then it is going to be easier for me!" 
  • Don’t worry neither of you gets harmed, because you end up in a heated kiss 
  • "I don’t think you know how much you mean to me, [Y/N]." 
  • Evie approves your relationship without a doubt 
  • You are good for Jacob and vice versa 
  • And foremost you make each other happy 
  • Jacob could never think of someone else taking your place 
  • You are the only one he will ever love the way he does right now 
  • And occasionally the Assassin tells you his feelings in an unknown serious tone 
  • "I truly love you with every fibre of my body, love. You accept every flaw I have. You adore every insecurity I have -" 
  • "Shut up and kiss me, Jacob." 
  • Your wish is his command 

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Evie Frye

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i loved this episode so much…………

the fucking!!! pirate battle!!! everything was so good!!! tary basically disintegrating the fish guy and flying backwards from the impact!!! m'boy percy failing horribly in the funniest way!! keyleth sinking a fucking ship!

we got the big dramatic scene of percy rushing into a sinking ship to search for survivors and then trying to save him with the rest of team two and half humans’ help

percy and vex cuddling and talking in the crow’s nest while percy sketches and percy getting distracted just from being close to the person he loves :^) and vex getting distracted too because they’re both so caught up with each other’s company

and then obviously percy and vex’s first on-screen serious talk since getting together and confirmation that percy heard her but kept quiet because he didn’t want to embarrass her or pressure her. and then vex telling percy he can tell her about his fears if he wants, and percy getting to finally get some really dark, serious things off his chest while vex patiently listens to him. percy acknowledging that he’s scared and still in a weird place, but he believes in something - he believes in vex.

and just. the gentleness and understanding that acts as the foundation of their relationship, even when they’re being silly.

and!!! water ashari!!!! answers about vilya!!!!!!!! L O R E