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Thoughts on RWBY, Chapter 6: “Known By Its Song”

Okay, so this episode was yet another feels fest! I just want to hug Weiss and Yang forever, you guys have no idea how much I absolutely freaking love them! That being said, I’m a little disappointed by the pacing and the exposition, as we really didn’t learn anything particularly new. Just the same old rehashing of events that we’ve been seeing since Volume 4. BUT at least ¾ of RWBY are now back together!

So let’s start with the Qrow stuff. I really enjoyed him this episode. Whoever this guy he’s looking for is (I’m assuming possibly an old student at Beacon or just a friend he met along the road?), he’s obviously bad news right now. I’m sure we’ll be learning more about him as Qrow continues to try to put an army together, but right now, we’re left with many unanswered questions about him and this Heather chick who also seems to have gone missing. Also, that “Daddy…. does he know where Mommy is?” was so sad and I almost teared up at that, my heart! </3

Also, it was nice to see a different side of Qrow in this episode, much more vulnerable, much more Human. He showed true fear, resignation, remorse, and after everything Raven told Weiss and Yang about their pasts, I’m beginning to think that Ozpin is the reason Qrow can be Human, can feel and express these emotions. And while, yeah, what Ozpin did to Qrow and Raven was probably really messed up (I’d like to get a little more information about why and how that happened, but I’m thinking we’ll be figuring that out soon), at the end of the day, Ozpin is the reason Qrow is no longer with the Bandits, the reason Qrow is fighting for good, and is not a crazy murderer. I’m really, honestly so freaking proud of Qrow for breaking away from that, even though Qrow’s life has been hell, and of course he probably still feels like he’s fighting alone sometimes. 

But now that we’re on that, let’s also talk about Raven. So Raven explicitly told Weiss and Yang that she and Qrow only attended Beacon to become murderers, to kill Huntsmen to be more exact. They literally only attended Beacon to further their own agenda of looting and stealing. But apparently Raven doesn’t like that Ozpin saw something in them other than their own criminal agendas, or at least that’s what I got out of all of that, because she did not do a very good job convincing Yang that there were no reasons to trust him. So, yeah, Ozpin has Magic abilities, but we already know that! Ruby and all of JNR already know that! They know that and they don’t care! So why should Weiss and Yang just suddenly start believing that turning the Branwen twins into shapeshifters was such a bad thing? I mean, I’d like to know more about why and how that happened, but like I said above, we’ll probably be learning more about that in time, and it obviously doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal if Qrow is still following Ozpin even after all of that. 

Weiss is the only one who actually seemed to try to see Raven’s side of things, and even then, Weiss isn’t even really completely sure what’s true and what’s not. I think Weiss is going to be focusing more on just helping Yang to get better and sort through her own emotions than worrying about Ozpin right now, at least I think she should focus more on Yang’s emotions right now since Weiss is the only one who has actively experienced the shitstorm that is Yang’s mother, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes. Weiss has been through enough in her life to understand that not everything is cut and dry, black and white, and that sometimes, not all bad things are bad, and not all good things are good. I just really hope we get some more Freezerburn interactions alone, because I just love those two so much and I think if there’s anyone who can understand or at least help Yang with what she’s going through, it’s Weiss. PLEASE DON’T LET THIS BE THE END OF FREEZERBURN, RT!

And last but not least, that reunion! It was so beautiful, so cute, and it was so nice to actually see all three of them being emotional about it. The way Weiss just stood there wiping tears from her eyes, wishing she could be a part of that hug, and the way Ruby and Yang just held their arms open for her, and she just ran into them and they all hugged and cried together, holy crap that was just so sweet and I love them so much and they really are just a family of their own and I can’t wait to see them all catching up together <3

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Consider: every planet they stop on on pidges birthday, hunk and lance manage to convince large groups of aliens to sing to her no matter how confused the aliens are

lance: listen, this is a very important ritual for us

hunk: if you don’t help us sing, she won’t be able to help us defend the galaxy anymore

pidge: guys, stop

lance: [whispering] part of the ritual is that she has to act overly modest like this

pidge: oh my god. keith, help me. tell them the truth.


keith: actually if you don’t sing she’ll die

pidge: KEITH

hunk: [trying not to laugh] yeah sorry guys we didn’t want to freak you out too much, but,


…my husband went out of town for work last month and it was the first time he’s ever been away from home for the night and Randall slept in my bed with me. Not because he was scared, but because he didn’t want me to be scared. He’s a sweet boy. He is a very very sweet boy.

Dating- Jackson Wang

(for @luna208 )

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-so there’s not an exact definition of “perfect boyfriend”.

-but jackson wang somehow found a way to be that exact definition.

-is your number one fan in everything you do.

-loves you unconditionally and supports every decision you make.

-is always busy due to his crazy schedule but tries his hardest to make sure you know that he’s there for you no matter what.

-buys you gifts upon gifts upon gifts.

-is a HUGE fan of cringey couple apparel.

-reluctantly shows you songs that he’s writing for fear of you thinking it’s not good enough.

-you always have to assure him that he’s an incredible song writer and producer.

-your opinion matters the most to him.

-loves it SO much when you wear got7 or #team wang merch.

-his camera roll is filled with nothing but pictures of you and him.

-you bet your ass your his home screen AND lock screen.

-freaks out so badly when he sees you crying for any reason.

-will stop at nothing to make you happy and loved again.

-is really just the best fucking boyfriend in the world and deserves straight up love and support from any person he dates. 


this is my first ever mc76 piece. People who know me know my regular ships but quite some time ago the idea of Jesse crushing hard on Jack infiltrated my mind. n it is just STUCK there :’D

I really dunno why this intruiges me so much, it’s hard to explain. but I just LOVE the idea of a younger McCree (or in this case already bw!mccree) crushing on the golden boy Jack~ It just seems so sweet to me! especially since probably everyone n their mother knows about this. Genji knows it cause they’re roomies n he hears Jesse mumble in his sleep all the time. Gabe knows it cause he knows his team n the way Jesse gets all o//v//o when Jack is around them. Ana knows it cause she has freaking eyes lol  etc etc etc  Jack knows it too n he thinks it’s freaking adorable ~ :’3  

let Jesse dream for a bit guy, let him dream. (aka, yes, the pic above is a dream sequence from Jesse in case this wasn’t clear)

can I just say that as much as I love Pakistan winning, I love the fact that both teams thanked each other, congratulated each other and showed genuine professionalism and showmanship and friendship beyond the political bullshit both teams are forced to endure. Kudos. As buzzed as I am by PK winning, this was a victory for BROWN cricket and I’m so freaking here for it

woop. there he is. there’s my asshole son. can we please talk about that absolute satisfaction on tsukki’s face? can you even imagine how many times he’s seen kageyama and hinata’s quick, hearing them scream and rave about it, hearing others be amazed about it and tsukki just thinks ‘it’s not that great. when will the novelty wear off on these people?’ thinking he just wanna block one just to shut people up about it because it’s becoming so overrated. but of course he can’t do that when he’s on the same team. imagine this boy just waiting for someone else to execute the same attack because he knows he can block it, he’s seen it enough times to be sick of it and he’s run multiple scenarios in his head on how to shut it down. and then the miya twins did it. imagine tsukki just going ‘finally’ and imagine the immense (maybe even dark and a little twisted just look at that face) satisfaction at finally–finally–being able to block that freak quick and proving once and for all that, yeah, it’s amazing, but it’s not that amazing.

Sweet Strawberries

Pairing: You/Reader + Kang Daniel

Genre: Soulmate! AU + College! AU + Fluff + This is half story half bullet list

Concept: Your soulmate has a specific scent and it tends to linger where ever they’ve been. 

Summary: Your department always smelled like sweet strawberries and you had no idea why.

AN: Also idk college works cause I’m just a highschool kid (junior! 2 more years!!) so just roll with it okay?¿¿ Also help cause I did research for this au and got hella confused?? Also tried to make this gender neutral as much as possible! Inspired by @101soulmates

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You never really believed in soul mates, true love or any of that. You honestly thought it was all fiction, something out of a Disney movie. Of course all your friends would gush about their fated one, saying stuff like she had a scent to her or I cant sleep if they can’t or even everything I do with them is just vibrant, which you thought they were all just blinded with love. You just stuck with your studies, you didn’t need a special someone, but it would be nice of course.

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Dance Like Yo Daddy, Drill Team Hawaii

This is the dance I was freaking out about the other night! I love it so so much!

Rebuilt: Arrow 5x22 Review (Missing)

“Missing” was amazing! Emotional and action packed with zinging dialogue. 

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What struck me most was how full circle it was. “Missing” sets up the heroes versus villains battle that will come to fruition in the finale, but it also kicks off the basic question Oliver must ask: What makes a hero? What makes a villain? Those concepts are not always rigid. In fact, the very essence of hero and villain is fluid.

Oh… and did I mention there’s an Olicity reunion scene?

Let’s dig in…

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You know who I’m really proud of? 


He accepts and even SUPPORTS Keith in the role of their new leader. Fucking. Lance. “I’m not sure but I bet it’s Keith’s fault”-Lance. “Whatever, dropout”-Lance. “He’s a hothead; he’s probably gonna shoot first and ask questions later”-Lance. “Hasta la later, Keith”-Lance. “My biggest rival”-Lance. 

This. Do you understand what this means?? It means that Lance shoved all of it aside: his initial dislike for Keith, his competitiveness, his rivalry, his insecurities. He shoved it aside and assessed the position from a neutral point of view and came to the conclusion that Keith has the potential to lead them all. From the later episodes of season 2 to the end of the first episode of season 3 Lance has grown up. More than that, even - he didn’t just realize that Keith has potential as a leader (willingly putting him in a role ABOVE him), he also realized that Keith needed emotional support. 

And. He provided it. 

Just. With this change in attitude Lance has proven so much. He was the very first one to change his role in the team to adapt to the new situation. 


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okay but like what if Mari used to be in one of those japanese girl gangs? She loves her brother and eventually all the other girls get attached to the cute chubby kid that ice skates that Mari is always bringing around (as some point they might even make him an honorary member). So Yuuri has a bunch of scary older sister type people with bright pink motorcycles ready to Kill A Man for him and Viktor only finds out about this when they all team up and threaten to off him if he hurts Yuuri (p1)

(p2) Bonus for Yurio finding out and being both terrified and amazed simultaneously, Minami meeting them and somehow revealing they were the initial chapter of the Yuuri Katsuki fan club to everyone in the vicinity, all 17 of them showing up with Mari to cheer him on at a big competition (World/Four Continents/GPF/whatever else idk) and freaking out the other competitors, Mari dating one of them, etc.


OH MY GOD? I love this so much!!!!

This is absolutely adorable and I love it and I 1000% accept this as my headcanon from now on!

But also, have you considered? Mari is 30, so all her friends and former japanese girl gang members are around her age or older.

So like, more than half of them are probably married by now and have young kids. Which just makes the entire thing even cuter.

Because like, you know that all these kids know Yuuri as “uncle Yuuri”, and they’re all super huge fans of him, and stuff. And the Nishigori triplets are probably the leaders of the Katsuki Yuuri Junior FC.

Looking at them now, you wouldn’t even believe some of them used to be in a girl gang, because these girls grew up into polite, respectable members of society.

But as soon as they get together? It’s like their public personas are shed away, and they become the beautiful, terrifying savages they truly are.

Viktor is terrified of them at first, but then they start showing him childhood photos of Yuuri, and he gets along with them perfectly after that.

And because Minami is a cute lil chicken nugget who adores Yuuri to the ends of the Earth, the girls probably adopt him into their group and he becomes an honourary lil brother and gets the same treatment as Yuuri.


anonymous requested: could you write a Star Trek one-shot with Jim Krik, where you two are in a relationship, but the crew doesn’t know, so you two are always secretly holding hands under the tables, or having sneaky kisses in the hallways, and one day you accidentally say ‘Love you’ to Jim,a dn the whole team teases you guys about it? THANK YOU I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE JIM KIRK AND STAR WARS

Author’s note: A FREAKING STAR TREK REQUEST I AM LIVING! no but really i love jim kirk so much there are NOT ENOUGH kirk / reader fics in this world. Anyway, here it is! I hope you guys like it, and, as always, feedback is much appreciated! there is no summary bc like… the summary is the request.

Warnings: Hickeys, hand holding, adorableness

Jim Kirk x Reader

   The Enterprise’s cafeteria is bustling, and as you talk to Leonard over the table you feel Kirk sneakily intertwine your fingers. This all started about a week ago, when you’d admitted your feelings towards him, and he admitted his towards you. But, Jim wanted to keep the relationship secret, and you agreed - Nyota Uhura, your best friend, would tease the two of you endlessly if she found out, and the rest of the crew didn’t need to know their Captain was dating someone - Spock would say he’s ‘emotionally compromised’. And so, the two of you had resorted to late night private visits, sneaky hallway kisses, and holding hands when no one was looking. Like now. 

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Just need to speak up for Carmilla

I haven’t had the chance yet (because I still haven’t stopped freaking out long enough to sit down and properly write something) to comment on how much I love the movie, but I’ve already read some bad reviews, and while everyone is free to have their opinion and everyone is sure as hell free not to like the movie, I just need to vent, because some of the things I read were pretty damn unfair. 

So this is not in reply to who wrote those things, but it’s more of a message of support to the Carmilla team @carmillaseries.

I don’t mind criticism and bad reviews, but some things said are just unfair considering all the work behind Carmilla.

Is Carmilla Movie more enjoyable if you already were a Creampuff and you followed the webseries? Yes. As a Creampuff, you can appreciate all of it, the internal jokes, the nostalgic details, even the clumsy scenes that remind you of the webseries. 

That being said, I read someone critising the movie for not going into the crazy lesbian ex-girlfriend trope. Are you kidding me? This was a queer fan… Is someone seriously complaining because Carmilla is not using stupid, lame, old tropes? - Personally, I love that the writers decided specifically not to go into that trope and I’m happy of how aware they are of these things.

I also read complaints about the movie being too queer. Kirsch is the only dude and all he cares about is supporting his friends… as if that were a bad thing???? What? How is it a bad thing that the guy is not some entitled white asshole and actually cares about his friends even though they’re not a bunch of entitled white jerks? - I love Kirsch and Matt killed me with the make up, he was smoking hot (yeah, I might be a lesbian, but I’ve got eyes).

[also, about the movie being unrealistically queer… is it though, unrealistic? Is it unrealistic that queer people hang out together? Is it unrealistic that a lesbian couple’s closest friends are mostly queer? ‘Cause I seem to encounter that pretty often in real life, ‘cause like it or not it does happen that queer people try to surround themselves with other queer people. It doesn’t happen all the time sure, but when it doesn’t happen is often because it’s hard to find queer friends… Unrealistic? More realistic than most movies where everybody is white, straight and cis I think.]

Honestly, say what you want about the movie, like it or not, but please don’t complain about how much work they put into actually giving a healthy queer representation and defying stereotypes. 

Also, someone said that the movie revolves too much around the hollstein relationship and complained about the couple being too healthy. Are you kidding me, too healthy? - I love that their relationship has come to be this healthy, I love that the angst is realistic and mature, not childish and only there for itself.

I’m not writing this post to actually engage in a discussion or anything, but I read those things and it upset me. This post is not meant to be an answer to who wrote that stuff, but I’m actually addressing it to the fantastic team behind Carmilla and to the Creampuffs:

Thank you. 

Because what you did with this whole beautiful project matters, and it’s important and it changes things. 

Because it was such a pleasure to see you grow into this project (honestly, I was blown away by the improvements I saw throughout the series and the movie). 

Because Carmilla is SO refreshing and hopeful and healing. 

Because I have ambitions too in changing queer representation and your success is so damn inspiring

Because this movie felt like being enveloped in the warm embrace of a loved one. 

Because we could trust you since the first multiple choice card and you never failed us.

Because watching the movie honestly made me feel strong and powerful and safe

And yes, maybe this movie can’t be fully enjoyed without knowing how it was born, without knowing the true passion you all put into it, but we know and we feel that passion and we absolutely love it. 

Thank you, Carmilla.

And thank you, Creampuffs, because I found so many amazing people in this fandom and it’s made of so many wonderful humans. It’s really great to be a Creampuff ;)

Question: Am I the only person who see Mick Rory as the motherfucking Captain America of DCTV? 

I mean, beside the fact he clearly hates nazis and loves to burn them to crisp, he spent 75 years in stasis at the bottom of the freaking ocean (which is BTW 7 more years than actual Captain America Steve Rogers did in the MCU), and he is haunted by his best friend/partner’s tragic death, who also happens to have a cold-related nickname.

So here we are. Captain Americaliente.