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I’ve seen a lot of rumors, theories, etc regarding Mystic Messenger’s future lately without any concrete evidence. So… I reached out to Cheritz again!

I fully didn’t expect a response but they were kind enough to send me an e-mail.

So here’s what we know based on this e-mail!

1. There is no Unknown or V route planned but they will take consideration with their development team. I think this is an excellent opportunity to show Cheritz how much we, as fans, would want this! (Note: I’m not suggesting pressuring Cheritz or anything! Just showing some positive love for the characters would be more than enough.)

2. Mystic Messenger is not ending. They are planning on serving contents to us in the future.

Please pass along this thread. Reblog it, etc. We need to let the fandom know Mystic Messenger isn’t going anywhere!

(Sorry for post vanishing. I wanted to provide proof I didn’t fake an email by showing you all the email I sent them)


I just want to say how I’m so fucking proud of RWBY and to be a fan of this incredible series. I look at how far it’s come and it literally brings me to tears. One thing I haven’t seen other fans talk about is how much relentless, mean spirited hate this series has endured to the point where other fan bases have attacked it. I’ve always loved RWBY it has its flaws just as everything does but it’s incredibly unique and dares to be different and for that it deserves to be praised and will always be precious to me. I see how it’s grown so much and can’t wait to see how it continues to amaze us all.

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I grew up with hockey like any other sport, casually and only really knowing/caring about my home team & only interacting with my fellow home team fans, but now I'm seeing there's like this whole tumblr fandom to the nhl and I was wondering what are like the reputations of the teams??? And obvi everyone has their own biases based on their faves but I was just curious (bc I love hearing about all of the reputations and drama and gossip that is 100% alive in the sports world)

um okay i really love this ask but i’m also Nervous to answer it bc obviously my views are gonna be based on my teams and tbh i don’t a ton about some of the teams. so let me just preface this by saying that i don’t intend to shit on anyone’s team. pls don’t come yell at me. i love y’all. i’m gonna put this under a read more bc it’s gonna be long af. this isn’t so much drama as it is just a primer on the teams bc i’m not looking to start drama. 

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What if Kuron is basically like the VLD version of Ryou Shirogane?

Oh yes I was always sort of hoping that’s how it would be!! :, D We don’t know very much about Shiro’s background and he literally never mentions his family or wanting to go home. If the team is able to free Kuron from galra control, I really like the idea of him staying on the team and being like the brother Shiro never had. There are a lot of neat fan arts going around based on this idea actually and I love them!! 

And I mean, Ryou and Shiro looked so similar that the dub literally made them both Sven. So, having “Ryou” be a clone in this series is kind of like a compromise between them both being separate characters and yet the same person at once. So yeah I really hope that’s what happens. 

Super Villain au

And to complete the Lost Hero trio, I give you, Jason:

Jason Grace:
- Age: 24
- Publicly known as: Tempest
- Power: Ability to fly, control over weather (winds and storms) and is able to manipulate electricity.
- Area most targeted: California (San Francisco) - Crimes: Inconclusive evidence for anything other than extreme terrorism.
- When convicted: 2015
- Sentence: Currently serving a life sentence in Belle Reve Prison.
- Relationships: Deceased Mother (actress Beryl Grace), distant Father (estranged businessman Jupiter Olympus), sister ran away when Grace was young (Thalia Grace, lieutenant of the Hunt*), known to be in a relationship with Siren.
- Description: White, light, blond hair, above average height, bright (electric) blue eyes. Usually seen sporting expensive clothing (suits).
- Extra notes: Grace’s unusual upbringing may have caused some of his obvious mental issues.
Grace inherited his Father’s business empire and consequently gained a high social status.
He has most of California wrapped around his finger- most are to afraid to do otherwise.
Grace’s relationship with Siren is one to be feared, keep separate at all costs.
Ensure Grace is kept in a non conductive environment.

*I’m thinking of making the Hunters a superhero team like the Avengers, what do you think? I already know that Team Statue™ are going to be the good guys (see Piper’s profile).

I love Jason so much, why am I doing this to him? I think I sort of based him on the Joker but I don’t think that Jason/Piper is like Joker/Harley, that will come up soon (whispers: percabeth). I don’t know anymore but I’m blaming the inner fan girl. I can’t wait to finish these profile things so I actually have something to write about!

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you're mutuals as school students?

Heh Heh I’m gonna let them figure this shit out themselves

This probably what you weren’t expecting Anon soorryyyyy BUT I HAD LOTS OF FUN WITH THIS HEH HEH

Plus one of them is like a joke, but based off of my friend irl cuz like we’re mutuals on here too. (Hi Anthony @ Anthony) 



They Don’t Eat Breakfast Club: @lai-gvanlin @perkwoojin @defdaniksgf @ilyjs @sejunbabe @hyeongseobbie @baejln @bae-jin-young @nieltrash @ching-a-langlang @wannabl @laiguanlin @dearestguanlin @wannasseu@panwinkxjinhwi @pinksausageduo @alliwannado-w1 @daidoushoui @wannaoneioi (Hi we haven’t talked yet, but Hi I LITERALLY JUST BASED YOURS ON WHAT I’VE SEEN SORRY, IF YOU’RE OFFENDED PLS LET ME KNOW OMFG TT ^ TT I’LL DELETE IT) Probably not the best way to make friends :’)

1♡ The hoe. Jk. She knows everyone. Gives out so much love it’s suffocating. Everyone loves her. Nice. Outgoing. Voted for “most spirited.” Senior. Held back for a year b/c she just “lOveS hIGh ScHOoL”  Visits the school all the time after she graduates, mainly because she’s attached to this one underclassmen.

2♡ Sweet heart. On the dance team. (probably secretly in choir) Fan girl # 2 

3♡ Her inner circle is wild af. The crazy kids, but they’re also the fun cool kids. She hangs with them all the time. 

4♡ Part of the poetry club. Takes creative writing for all 4 years. Wins contests and sponsorship’s b/c of their writing is just that great. 

5♡ Gorgeous rich girl, but she’s super nice af. Minds her own business. The hot banging senior that everyone wants. Girls can’t even be mad at her BECAUSE SHE JUST SUPER NICE. Ppl think she’s the “cool kid” but she’s super lowkey

6♡ Hears their name all the time but no one knows what they look like. The “mysterious student” idk sits in the back of the class. 

7♡   Loud freshmen, BUT LITERALLY IS CONSIDERED TO BE EVERYONE’S CHILD. Wild. Parties every weekend.


9♡ Not a freshmen but everyone think she is. Dabs to everything. You think she’s super sweet but she the one that savage af. Dates every Seniors, b/c she a heeaarrtt breeaakkerrr and a player GET IT jfk. Dances and sings. On the Dance team. 

10♡ Stressed from freshmen year to graduation day. Graduates early. Takes college classes while she’s a sophomore. Cries b/c she didn’t even want to graduate early. Mom says all her guy friends are her boyfriend, eventually starts saying her girl friend are her actual girlfriends.

11♡ Quiet, but will speak up at times. Sweet af. No one bothers her. Fan girls over her seniors. Fan girl #1 AESTHETICS. Part of the Photography club.

12♡ Dabs when no one is watching. President of DBC (Dabbing for a Better Cause)

13♡ No one knows but she’s Vice President of DBC. In the shadows. Late to class. 

14♡ Does art, but she’s low key about it. Art class is her second home. bfjaofbjda Quiet. 

15♡ Immature Senior. Probably the druggy. Wild and uncontrollable. Probably thinks about s3X all the time. 

16♡ That friend/student that is obsessed about her friend’s relationship (in a good way) Hype woman about their relationship. Cries more about their break up more than the couples. Runs a fan blog about them. 

17♡ Drives their friends everywhere. Likes pretending their life is in their hands. “NoOn-NiM We”Re GOnNA dIE” Obsessed with Boba drinks so you’ll always see them snapchatting about it. Ppl get confused about their sexuality, but pulls ppl in left to right. Gammmeee. Dresses nice.

18♡ Goes to every concert send them to her poor friends who can’t go. Doesn’t know what sleep is. Nice senior. idk probably a science nerd lover. Tutors everyone.

19♡ Love animals. Got her spirit animal wrong. Send animal pics in group chats instead of her selfie when her friends asked her to send them her selfies for their group project. Everyone thinks she’s highkey evil. 

20♡ The clumsy freshmen. Probably almost gets herself killed because of it. Her pets even attacks her at times. But she’s a good person & friend. Decent student. Everyone needs to protect her tbvh.


On May 7, 2015, it was announced that Phineas and Ferb was on its last season. Naturally, its fans were devastated. In order to come together and celebrate the show that was so much a part of our lives, the F-Games were created. Phineas and Ferb is forever.


-Send an ask or a message to @PERRYBEARWAKS  and let me know you would like to play in the F-Games! Please send your ask or your message BY JUNE 11! The F-Games will begin shortly after!

If you participated in Trick or Ferb, the F-Games are a little different because you will be competing in teams with other Tumblr users rather than individually! Since you will be sorted into a team, you will need to sign up before the teams are assigned on June 12! You MUST sign up by the end of the day on JUNE 11!


- You must be signed up by JUNE 11 to play on a team!

-From Tuesday, June 13 to Monday, June 26, four questions of PnF trivia will be posted daily at 12 AM, Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00). The four types of questions are Songs, Characters, Episodes, and Lines. You may answer one question of your choosing per day to earn points for your team. The amount of points you earn for a correct answer is determined by how hard the question is (5 points for easy, 10 points for medium, 15 points for hard, 20 points for very hard).

-Answer the question by sending PERRYBEARWAKS an ask or a message with the answer! If you are the fastest to answer a certain question, you will earn an additional point for your team!

-At the end of the competition, all of your team members’ points will be counted and added together! May the best team win!


-Currently, there are four teams: Team Phineas, Team Ferb, Team Perry, and Team Doofenshmirtz. Depending on how many people sign up, there may be more teams or less teams to ensure everyone has enough people so no one has an unfair advantage! You will be put into teams randomly!

-Since the sorting is random, returning players may not be in the same F-Games team they were in last year.

-IF YOU DO NOT SIGN UP BY JUNE 11, you will NOT be sorted into a team, but you can still play! You can answer questions for fun, and I’ll keep track of your personal points! You won’t be restricted by the rules of the game- you may go back and forth between questions of the day, answer all the daily questions at once, change your icon to a picture of an emu and claim you’re a member of Team Emu- just remember my inbox gets super clogged during this time so keeping everything on one ask or message per day (if you choose to answer all four categories in one day) is appreciated!


-A shiny picture of a trophy relating to your team, fun, and hopefully the nice, happy feeling of doing something fun with your fellow PnF fans! (Winning Team gets an extra surprise ^^)

-Teams also get awards at the end of the game based on achievements and playing style. The awards will stay with the team even as the members change over the years. Fame is fleeting, but the internet is forever.


-Be nice to other teams! We’re all here to celebrate the show that means so much to all of us, so show some love!

-I don’t bite! Please don’t be afraid to ask me anything if you’re confused or if you’re stressed out about something on here and don’t know what to do! I won’t get mad if you need to ask about how to do anything, I promise ^^ I’ll help you best I can!

-EVERYONE IS WELCOME! You don’t have to be following me to play! It may make it easier, of course, since you’ll be able to see the posts the instant they pop up, but if you have a system that works, go for it! I just want everyone to have a good time ^^

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You literally pulled the thoughts out of my head and put them into words with Keith's emotions and I really think it should be brought to attention -🍣

Honestly, just getting people to realize that Keith isn’t simply a moody, emo robot, but instead a complex individual with a hell of a lot of layers of emotional depth is the Goal™. I do this for myself, and I do this for all the fans that feel similarly to me (like you) that also desperately want to see this boy loved. Keith isn’t a selfish, unfeeling monster? He has emotions? He actually has feelings about the things that has happened to him? He has reasons for what he does that are based on far more than looking out for his own self-interest? Did anyone else see how he wasn’t willing to upset any member of them by making them give up their Lions? I feel like he cares about the team so much, and that seems canon when he was trying to better himself for them and willing to sacrifice his life for them?

To be really honest?

Keith could probably stand to be a little more selfish, because this boy needs to start viewing himself as someone worthy of nice things/people.

(I need to find that one post that points out how bare Keith’s room is compared to Pidge’s, because I lost it before I could reblog it. Spoiler that the post points out that Keith doesn’t have any personal items besides his knife and the clothing on his back in his room. As if my heart didn’t regularly break for him already. Please link me if you know it. I am just masochistic enough to really want it on my blog.)

Thank you so much for this ask, I appreciated it!

based on @creamycomet​ ‘s Bokumachi fanfic Reconciliation Chapter 11

When I was thinking what to draw for this fic this is the first thing popped into my head.  Where Yashiro is obviously disturbed by the couple (especially Kenya. 

i love this fic so much but Yashiro is so scary right now I need Kenya (つД∩)

earth calling team sawaya

Pretty much my open love letter for the Ace Combat team.
Always a fan of the crazy air battle scenarios in the series, so I wanted to paint my own take on the boss fights. this case, I pretty much went out of my comfort zone and gave mechanical design a shot.

The airborne fortress/UAV looking bomber is based on a combination of B-2, HO-IX, predator/reaper UAV, various moths, birds and aquatic animals.

The fighter design is based on J-20, F-35, F-16, and F-22. Except these guys don’t use any internal missile bay because they operate on the rule of cool. WHO NEEDS STEALTH WHEN YOU CAN BE COOL WITH AMRAAMS HANGING DOWN THE WINGS LIKE A PREDATOR’S CLAWS >=D

Anyway, there we go, glad to have some time to paint something for myself again =)

My Lazer Team experience...

I think something that I will always remember from the Lazer Team showing is everyone talking during the credits, pointing out names and people all laughing, and then we see Monty’s name, and everyone around gets a little quiet, respectfully. And while that’s a little sad to think about, in my mind, something good really came from that moment of silence.

I think to me that really stuck out because I’m a pretty lone Rooster Teeth fan. All my interactions with fans are strictly online (except with my roommate and best friend). It really hit me that the Rooster Teeth Community is like a third family to me, filled with people who have the same feelings and experiences as me.

And I finally got to feel what that was like without a computer screen. Without moving my fingers to chat, but my mouth to talk. I loved everything about Lazer Team the movie, but more so, I loved what opportunity Lazer Team gave people in the community who base fellow fan interaction on a computer screen. There’s just something so validating about being in a room full of people that all have the same view as you:

“Rooster Teeth has done so much to pass my expectations of online content producers by their skill, talent, and quality… I want to see them continue this success…”

That’s what I loved about Lazer Team.

I can’t begin to describe how happy this makes me. Jurassic World has truly revived the love for this franchise. After growing up with Jurassic Park  it feels insane to see the fan base more active than ever after over 20 years. Team Jurassic has some of the best fans out there, thank you all so much~



On being back home: “It couldn’t be better. I’m happy to be exactly where I want to be, where I feel loved, respected, where I feel I can genuinely bring joy to people. They keep saying, “thank you for coming”… no, thank you for taking me back. It’s been such an unforgettable experience, I could have never imagined it. I always dreamed of coming back, but it wasn’t until I was really back that I realized just how much I’d missed it.”

On English football: “I think the english were the first who realized just how important marketing is in football, and global branding, and they figured out how to make people from all over the world follow football on a daily basis, which is significant because of how fickle and ever changing this sport is. They realized how important it was so they started capitalizing from it. I think that’s what gave all those clubs such magnitude. I remember going to Asia with Liverpool and being so blown away by the fact there were over fifty or sixty thousand people at the stadium during a training session. Football doesn’t begin or end in spain, there’s so much more happening elsewhere, so many great clubs from all over the world, and playing abroad made me appreciate that a lot and start seeing things differently.”

On playing in England again: Now? No way. I’m where I’m meant to be.

Interviewer: But I’m speaking in a general sense… emotionally, if you will. Would you play there again? Was the experience a positive one?

“There are two sides of it. On one hand… take Gerrard for instance, who’s leaving Liverpool this season…”

Interviewer: Did you speak to him?

“Yes. I also was there during his charity match and it was so sad for all of us who know what he represents and what he means for Liverpool, for both the city and the club, and the way he feels towards them… it must be an incredibly hard time for him. He feared the day would come, and it finally did. So, the whole experience made me think, “I would have loved to play for Atlético my entire life, and be that kind of player for Atlético”. I think a lot of people see me that way still, even though I left and I came back, it doesn’t matter to them, but sometimes I think, “what if I had been there all along?”. But it wasn’t meant to be, the circumstances didn’t allow it, On the other hand, if I’d done that, I wouldn’t have had the experience of playing in England, which is one of the most wonderful things that have happened to me.”

On Xavi leaving Barcelona: “Those of us who have been lucky enough to play alongside Xavi, and to have witnessed the moment Luis Aragonés handed him control of the national team, the new style of play and the new generation of players… we feel honored that we got to experience so many things by his side, the good and bad. We’ve been together since the 2004 Euros, where he didn’t even play, he didn’t even get a chance to make his debut. Then there was the 2006 World Cup, where things slowly started to improve, but not enough. Ever since, it was Xavi who lead the way. I feel so incredibly lucky to have scored two goals in two finals, both assisted by him. I will be able to tell that story someday.”

On his heroes: “Football heroes? I’ve been very lucky to have played alongside many great players, but the ones who have left the biggest mark in me are… Xavi might be one of them, Iniesta too, we’ve been playing together since we were fifteen years old, we’ve been through so much together. But above all, there’s Gerrard. He was a turning point for me. There is a before and after Gerrard. He made me see things differently, he made me realize that I could go further, I could be better, I could reach more goals… just by being with him. And when I wasn’t with him, I missed him a lot.”

On the type of team Atlético are now: “It’s the real Atlético de Madrid, the one I’ve known my whole life. Those who were familiar with the club before it started going through all those issues, the relegation, the intervention, etc., know what I’m talking about. Atleti are champions, who always fight, never give up. That’s Atleti, and that’s what I’ve found upon my return. After so many years of difficulties during my first stint, I only got to experience the good times from the outside, but now I can finally do it as one of them.”

On the role the fans play: “When I was younger I tried to shut it all down, I was very easily distracted so that was my only choice. But as I grew older I learned how to take in the fans’ energy and make it a part of me during games, and it nurtured me and made me better. I let myself be filled by their love and support. That’s why I love playing home games so much, and I’ve been very lucky to have great fan bases everywhere I’ve played. Loyal and optimistic like Atlético’s and Liverpool’s for example. They make you better. Atlético and Liverpool are similar in many ways, specially when it comes to the relationship between fans and players. Whether you win or lose, it doesn’t matter much, it’s all about the joy and pride you get when you see your team play. It was really important for me to find that kinda of club when I first left Madrid. As soon as I got there, it felt like home. I left Atlético solely because I wanted to win and I wasn’t able to do it here the first time around. That was it, that’s why I left home. Titles. Everything else, I already had it.”

On playing against Liverpool and Atlético with Chelsea: “That’s where it gets hard. It’s all down to professionally in the end, I think. You need to learn how to disassociate yourself from all of it, for a moment. Going back to Anfield was extremely hard, because of the fans’ reaction to my departure. It was very hard for me to come to terms with it. With Atleti, it’s always been the opposite. They always made sure they got to sing my song, greet me in any way they could, even as a rival. In that sense, the two situations were very different. One was very hard for me to deal with and the other one made it all easier. But the circumstances were different. I completely understand why the fans took it to heart. What they were told, what they read… it warranted that reaction. There were contaminated by the media and by many people in Liverpool who are experts when it comes to that sort of thing, and they were made to believe that I was the only one to blame, the only one responsible for what had happened, with little regards for the truth in order to free themselves from the fans’ wrath. Someday I’ll go deeper into it, I won’t think it’s worth it to dwell in it too much at the moment.”

On his parents’ upbringing: “I’m the youngest in my family. I was lucky like that… when my parents were too busy, my sister always put her homework on hold and offered herself to take me to training. I never felt the pressure of having to compensate all they did for me. I remember something my mother told me time and time again: “If you ever feel like any of this isn’t worth it, then don’t even bother. We can go back to the local team and be as happy as ever”. If I had ever felt like giving up, like it wasn’t making me happy anymore, I would’ve simply go back home. Football was never my greatest ambition, I never thought I was meant to be a footballer like so many kids do, like they don’t see themselves as anything else but footballers from such a young age. I only ever did it because I had fun doing it.”

On retiring at Atlético (many years from now): “I would love to close the cycle here. I’m a big believer in cycles. I started here, I was made here, which I’m incredibly proud of, and now that I’ve come back home, there would be nothing better than being able to say goodbye to football in front of my people.”

On the music he listens to: “I’m a big rock and roll fan. Always. I love the Foo Fighters, and now I’m going through an Incubus phase, I love them. And also of course the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Rock and roll no matter what.”

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Why is gravity falls so interesting? Ive only watched one episode :(

holy shit let me tell you

1. the main characters have been developed to perfection. their relationships are so fucking real it’s hard not to get pulled in. dipper and mabel have such a great relationship, i love that they’re not pitted against each other like siblings are in a lot of shows, they’re genuine best friends and you can see that. and even though stan’s a shady con man you can see that he really loves them too and they’ve done nothing but get closer over the summer. even the more side characters like soos and wendy and pacifica and robbie get a good amount of development and they feel so realistic.

2. the lore is fucking phenomenal. it really helps if you’re into conspiracy theories and paranormal stuff to begin with. but every bit of foreshadowing is so subtle and perfect. alex hirsch managed to flat out show us a HUGE pivotal plot twist in the first season with a huge chunk of the fandom not even believing it/noticing until it was revealed. everything is hinted at and if you’re not looking for it it’ll go right over your head.

3. i fucking love the comedy. like this week’s episode was so dramatic and heart wrenching but it still had a good handful of moments that made me laugh out loud. fucking bill could have been this serious and scary bad guy but instead he’s a fucking riot and i laugh in every episode that’s he’s stirring up shit, and he still manages to be scary and ominous at the same time. same with gideon to a lesser extent, hell even the extremely minor villains that only appear 1 or 2 episodes. 

4. the art design is fan-fucking-tastic. just look at some of the backgrounds from episodes and you’ll know what i mean. the animation too, even if they jsut spend a couple seconds every episode to do a bit of stellar animation. just by looking at the style you wouldn’t guess that it’s anything special but holy shit it’s gorgeous

5. this show is alex hirsch’s baby. he based the story on his own childhood with his twin sister and grandfather. he’s super involved in the fans and promoting the episodes. he even voices a good handful of the characters, including grunkle stan. the team behind it puts so much fucking love in to this and it really shows. 

im serious, watch it from the beginning and dont stop. it’s so good and it looks like it’s only getting better.


Why Do You Love StarKid?
                             >I love StarKid, because, this thing that started out in 2009 with a bunch of college kids has created this big fan base of amazing people. And from that fan base, I have made so many friends that I hope to keep forever. And StarKid gives me a place to go when I am sad, or happy. It’s like having a second place to call home.

Helllllloooooooooo! I wanted to thank all of you so so so so much for helping me reach 500 followers! I love and cherish each one of you dearly. 

As it is the best time of the year (playoffs yeah baby) I thought I would do a special playoff edition follow forever!! (enjoy my picture edit I spent a whole 2 minutes on it)

If you aren’t following these insanely wonderful people I suggest you do it IMMEDIATELY. 

The baest bae of all the bae’s kreiofthetiger my internet friend that I actually talk to in real life. Liz is a total GEM and her love for Chris Kreider rivals mine. If you aren’t following her you aren’t doing anything right. I love her more than life, and not just because she’s sending me mac and cheese ;) 

I have to give lennonyoung her own section too! Marie is a total sweetheart and my first friend I ever made on tumblr. We always have the best conversations and she is just an amazing person. GO GO GO FOLLOW HER. 

One last shout out to my irl best friends bowsochiwowwow and captainmcdonut. Don’t let their awesome URLs fool you, I came up with them.

There is a lot a lot a lot of people on here that I absolutely adore…if I forgot anyone so have my permission to yell at me until I add you :) 

Rangers:(my loves wow there’s a lot of you) 

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Honorary Rangers fans (Bruins ily bbys)(I don’t care if you aren’t an honorary ranger fan i’m including you anyway): 

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Pens: (I really dislike all you at the moment but not to worry I will love you again once the series is over :) )

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I don’t really know of any Sens, Islander, Caps, Wings, Lightning, Preds, Wild, Ducks, Jets, or Blue’s fans that follow me! If you are and I missed you please let me know!! My follower base is pretty much the above teams! If you are a fan of any of the teams not mentioned I would love to have more hockey teams to love :)

Thank you again for 500 followers! Sorry this is so long…I love you all!