i love this sweater idk


TAKE THEM!! Ive done a lot of art and havent uploaded ANY of it so here. **Hands you a stack of art**

Altertale! Judge — Altertale by @friisans
Snazzy Code — Code!Sans by @c0de-sans
Ninjatore’s Error!Sans — Error by @loverofpiggies​ at @askerrorsans​ played by @ninjatore​ 
And CPAU! Judge – seriously judge…what are you doing…you arent even really a sans…why are you there? —CPAU by @loverofpiggies

okay this song is sad but i can’t stop giggling at this part bcs hob is so cute kjsadhsjk like he’s wearing his favourite colour and his sweater is so big and he looked smol and even the stripe of his socks match the colour of his green sweater jhdjk idk i love it 💛

neil wearing a loose sweater around the apartment (and i’m talking loose enough to slip off his shoulder and expose his collarbone) long enough to reach his thighs and that is simultaneously one of andrew’s most and least favorite of neil’s clothes

“We should hang a left, we haven’t turned left in a while,” his deep, scratchy voice came from next to her, a cloud of warm air appearing before his scruffy face. She paused at the center of the fork in the corn maze, double-taking both options. Her hands cupped around a lukewarm styrofoam cup of hot chocolate, she began to stride right despite his wishes. He switched his gaze from his desired path to the scene of her sweater-clad body walking away from him and trudged after.
“I saw light coming from this way!” She hollered from in front of him. He grasped his own cup of hot chocolate with one hand and shoved his free hand into the depths of his jeans’ pocket.
“You better be right or we’ll end up like that guy,” he said in frustration, nodding at a properly over-stuffed scare crow at the end of their hall of corn stalks.
“Ah come on, don’t tell me you’re scared…” She chuckled, chunking her cup into a conveniently placed trash can and taking off in a sprint. He halted and admired her running figure in a sleepy stupor before tossing his own cup and reluctantly jogging after her, cautiously eyeing the scarecrow as he passed.
He followed her around the next left turn and slowed his pace, realizing she’d disappeared.
“Of course,” he mumbled under his breath, spinning in a small circle in attempt to find her. He tugged the ends of his jacket around his hands and shoved them under his arms. Jumping at a tiny, poorly hidden giggle in the corn before him, he scoffed and jogged toward the source.
“Dude, seriously, this is how every scary movie starts. If a kid comes out here with a rake or something, you’re on your own,” he announced, anxiety clouding his brain.
He spun at the sound of something dropping behind him, only to find a freshly thrown rock on the path. Sighing, he turned back around to find her smug face aimed up toward his, hands innocently behind her back and giggling.
“Gotcha,” she said smoothly, placing her hands in his and softly pecking his lips. Unconvinced of her sudden appearance, he pressed a finger into her side, causing her to jolt and giggle away from his touch.
“Just making sure you’re not like, evil or dead or anything,” he said between tickles, her body contorting in a cute fit of guffaws. He finally grabbed her hips and pulled her body flush with his, pausing to meet her eyes before pressing his lips to hers, clouds of condensed warm air rising above their connected bodies.

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