i love this style more than i love most people

I’ve just realised that, unless I missed it, the word ‘love’ does not appear once in the lyrics of ‘Harry Styles’. Most of the love songs Harry wrote for 1D and others before this album always struck me as a little disingenuous, like Harry was playacting the role of someone desperately in love. That’s why his album felt so much more interesting to me, lyrically, than anything he’d written before. I’d never once felt drawn to scrutinise a 1D lyric. I know many people have and do, but they never hit me in the feels. ‘Harry Styles’ does,

To most of us, kpop is more than just music, pretty people and an impeccable sense of style. For me, it’s a life saver. I can’t tell you how many times a song has calmed me down, or a video cheered me up while depressed, or a person’s smile has made me smile. It gave me a purpose, a passion, when I had none, when I couldn’t even be bothered to eat my favorite foods. It was an effortless thing to love and care about when I couldn’t love or care about myself. So the next person that laughs at me for liking kpop, I’m gonna shove all the depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, panic attacks, paranoia attacks and everything else I suffered without this bit of joy in my life.

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I'm screaming because I saw that you have Thomas and Angelica fics. They are so amazing. I thought I was the only one who shipped them. I know you're requests are closed but I was wondering if you could give me some headcanons?


some previous ones were here!

  • okay, so you put the two most intelligent people together and what to you get
    • a power couple that’s right
    • you have lafayette to thank! he finally got thomas to ask angelica
      • laf: “mon ami, it’s clear that you love her”
      • thomas. embarrassed: “shUT UP LAF” 
  • thomas and angelica like to cook for each other! a lot!
    • he knows more than just mac n cheese. 
      • he knows a couple of french recipes + some southern style meals!
      • angelica,,, loves it so much
    • angelica doesn’t cook a whole lot
      • there’s a few dishes that she’s really good at
      • she’s a better baker
      • when thomas is really stressed, she makes him sweets
      • thomas is a sucker for cupcakes
      • angelica learned how to make peach cobbler + thomas almost cried bc it was just as good as his mom’s
  • thomas plays the violin + piano!
    • angelica likes it when he actually sits down at the piano and plays
      • he doesn’t always have time too
    • angelica sings when he does
    • thomas smiles so wide when she sits beside him on the bench and hums along to the melody
    • she knows a little bit of piano because eliza taught her a few songs so she’ll do the occasional duet with thomas
    • if angelica asks nicely enough, thomas will play a song for her on his violin
      • he has written her a song. it was beautiful.
  • thomas gets along with peggy the most out of all the sisters
    • their friendship is really cute
    • having alexander as a brother in law is about as awful as you’d expect it to be
  • thomas’ siblings love angelica
    • his mother was harder to convince
  • angelica (when she’s really tired) will face plant onto the bed
    • thomas is always concerned
    • he fits himself around her though and she always curls up around him
  • he knows she’s really tired/upset when she doesn’t talk as much
    • thomas: “how was your day?” angelica, throwing her bag on the floor: “fiNE”
      • if she’s downright exhausted, she’ll start crying
      • thomas makes her sleep
  • thomas (when he’s really tired) will cling onto angelica
    • she’s always like “thomas, go to bed” 
    • he doesn’t…at least not without her
    • angelica knows he’s tired when he starts making no sense
      • his sentences get all jumbled and he kind of slurs his words
      • her eloquent boyfriend is loooooong gone + needs sleep
  • if thomas gets sick, angelica makes him stay at home
    • if he refuses, she glares at him
    • he quickly shuts up + gives in
      • he likes it when she takes care of him
      • thomas, high on medicine: “we’re like those couples … in those movies”
      • angelica, laughing: “yeah, except we’re not married” 
      • thomas, probably: “oh my god we’re not married yet?”
  • when angelica is sick, she tries to do everything
    • she talks faster, moves faster
    • and thomas is like “babe, you gotta rest” 
    • she gives in when she realizes how out of it she is
    • that and thomas picks her up and swoops her away from her piles of work
  • they’re really good at reading each other’s body language!
    • they can look at each other from across the room and know what the other is thinking
    • it comes in handy when they’re both networking + need to get out of a conversation
  • they go to a lot of parties together. big fancy galas.
    • when angelica sees thomas in a suit she is weak
    • when angelica’s all dressed up, thomas is like “how did i get so lucky oh my gosh”
    • they (obviously) look good together
      • they like to coordinate
    • they throw some of the best parties too. 

that’s all i can think of right now! i’ll continue the list though, haha!

27 Dresses (Bughead Edition) Part 2

Thank you to all those who have been so supportive. I love this fandom.

Jughead flipped through Betty’s planner several times and came to the conclusion that not only was she a busy woman, but she had a story worth telling. Betty Cooper had been to 7 weddings that year! I mean who does that?Jughead had decided that he was going to pitch his idea to have a story about Betty and her love for weddings on the front page of the Commitments portion of the paper to his boss. He hoped that this story might help him move on to writing more serious stories about murders and solving mysteries. Maybe he could finally get himself out of his own personal taffeta hell. 

Meanwhile, Betty arrived to work the next day hoping she would find her planner. Kevin arrived to work with some evidence of what he worn to the wedding.He had a rather eventful night and wondered where Betty had snuck off to. 

“Betty Cooper, did you finally meet someone that could take your mind off of a certain red headed boss of ours?”, said Kevin.

“I don’t know what you are talking about”, said Betty.

“Oh come on, everyone except Archie knows that you are crazy about him”, proclaimed Kevin.

“IT’S TRUE!”, shouted Cheryl from her desk. 

Betty rolled her eyes as she made her way to her desk and was surprised not too long before she had to go home with flowers that had been delivered to her without a note. Betty had hoped that the flowers might be from Archie. She had served as his personal assistant for a while now. Archie was in charge of an outdoor sports magazine. Betty had originally wanted to write about other topics, but Archie managed to convince her to work for him. Kevin spent a lot of his time admiring the pictures of the men in the magazine, while Betty just admired Archie. The work day ended and Kevin and Betty parted ways because Betty had to go pick Veronica up from the airport. Betty would see him later for Josie’s engagement party later anyways. 

Veronica was staying with Betty for a few weeks while she was taking some time off from modeling. Veronica had just finished doing some work in Milan. As usual, she had packed a lot more of her stuff than most people, which Betty was left to stumble into her apartment with. Veronica walked around and started looking at Alice and Hal’s wedding photos. Betty loved everything about their wedding, from the dress to the location. Veronica was more interested in a glamorous wedding, while Betty had her heart on the same location and style as her parents. 

“Betty what is up with all of these newspapers clippings by Forsythe Pendleton Jones III on the counter?”, asked Veronica.

“I mean what kind of name is that?”

“Ronnie, you know I love weddings and that includes stories about them”, said Betty.

“Speaking of things involving weddings, I am going to my coworker’s engagement party if you want to go”, offered Betty.

“I might go meet some of my model friends, but I’ll try to make it over there”, replied Veronica.

Betty would soon realize that inviting Veronica might not have been the best idea…

Betty arrived at Josie’s engagement party and was talking to Kevin when Archie approached them. 

“Hey Betty, I was wondering if you were okay with what I left on your desk this morning because I haven’t done anything like that before”, said Archie.

“Of course Arch”,said Betty.

Archie excused himself and Kevin’s jaw dropped.

“Betty, those flowers had to be from him so you better strut over to him and finally tell him how you feel!”, exclaimed Kevin!

Betty decides that she is going to be confident and express her feelings, but something stops her. Archie’s eyes are focused on someone and it isn’t Betty. Veronica has just arrived and is walking towards them with the confidence that Betty has just lost. 

“Hi, I’m Veronica and you are?”

“Oh you are Betty’s sister!” 

“I am her boss, Archie Andrews”, he smiled. 

“Your sister is a lifesaver! She always helps me, heck she is even picking up my dry cleaning after I left the slip on her desk this morning”, said Archie.

Betty was hoping for flowers and ended up with dry cleaning.Of course the universe couldn’t be that kind. Archie offered to buy Ronnie a drink and the two of them walked away. Betty is at the point where she just wants to crawl under a rock, but the familiar voice of a brooding writer stops her.

“Did you like the flowers that I had delivered this morning?”, asked Jughead.

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you can't be a haylor and a jaylor at the same time

first of all, I can be whatever the fuck I want to.

said that, well, i love taylor swift and i love harry styles. I think they are both amazing people and amazing artists and for me, both together would be the most iconic thing of all the times.

but I also love taylor much more than I love my fantasies and she’s my sister and I want her to have endless happiness. Harry had his chance and he blows up. Now is Joe’s time and aparently he’s doing a good job making my girl feel loved. So if Taylor is with someone that makes her feel loved and happy and safe and supported, I’ll be 100% there for them.

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so you like stendyle and stendy but you don't like style? im confused doesn't that seem kinda. homophobic

I’m really sorry if it’s ever come off that way. I don’t dislike Style and I do love some of their gayer moments; among my favourites are Stan snapping Kyle out of his cult fazes in Super Best Friends and The Biggest Douche In The Universe, Kyle wanting Stan to not do the dangerous skiing course in Asspen, Stan setting out to cheer Kyle up about his looks in The List, and of course the ‘Kyle, I love you’ moment I turned into a 6 ½ hour video. I just like Wendy as a character a little more than Kyle, and don’t like how much people ignore or even dislike her (and Stan’s infatuation with her) in the fandom, so I like Stendy a little more than Style.

It has nothing to do with it being a gay ship; after all, I headcanon Wendy as genderfluid and Stan as a demiboy, and Lapidot is one of my OTPs. As long as people don’t hate on Wendy because they ship Style, I think it’s all good.

In all honesty, this kind of thing is just why I like Stendyle the most of the three: that way Stan gets to be with both the people he loves and Kyle and Wendy get to love each other for how much they have in common.

as if it needed saying when a solid half of my blog is dedicated to her: i love @cruelety / @battlesore​ a lot? she’s one of the most creative people i’ve ever met and her oc’s always get me so emotionally invested that she has made me cry more than once ( to be fair: not that hard. i’m a baby. ). i love plotting + writing with her because she’s so fucking talented and her writing always manages to wake my muse the fuck up even when i feel like i have none. her style and her ability to make me an emo hoe through her replies are both fantastic as hell. personality wise she’s fuckin hilarious? and an absolute joy to talk to. not to be heterosexual but i would absolutely die for her and / or let her beat me up.

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What makes you like Hayato vs Gun and vice versa? They seem like opposites in terms of people.

They are very different which I guess can be odd since most people have a type they bias. Gun is more shy reserved in interviews and loud and crazy onstage. Hayato is loud and crazy in interviews and more shy than his other members on stage(but still amazing imo). Hayato’s appearance is partly due to age is more younger and soft. Gun while pretty is still older and more refined. I get the best of both worlds loving both. I love Gun’s careful attitude and intellectual abilities as well as how sweet and adorable he can be when he lets loose. His dance style and his progression into the man he is makes me love him even more. Hayato is still young but I see someone I can relate to and admire. He is outgoing and sociable but still true to himself. He is harsh on himself but just enough to keep him grounded and to improve. He makes me happy when I watch him dance cause he is always loving it himself. So while they are very different when it comes down to it they are both people I admire a lot and hope to live up to be like.

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I saw your post earlier, and I only hate that I could not submit this sooner. Your art is lovely, the way you do such soft, yet precise lines is amazing, and I find it to be more appealing than most styles. That, and your faces are always so well drawn and expressive. As far as reblogs go, I feel like a lot of people will just scroll past even the best artists and be like: "Oh, that's pretty." I personally only ask people to support artists, because I, too, am guilty of scrolling, like a butt.

(2) I also forgot to mention how lovely you color, and how well you shade. :D Not because they’re afterthoughts or anything, but because it was really important to say that some people are jerks (like myself) and just scroll past things. I think that’s why I started caring more about my follower count, and not about the reblogs. As much as those would brighten any artist’s day

AA thank you so much<33 it really means a lot to me<3

and yeah, i think we are all guilty of that, and it’s not like im mad at anyone for doing it. Sometimes I’ll see some amazing FMA art, except I’ve never seen FMA, so i just dont reblog it, etc.

But idk, I guess when ur really self-conscious and you know your art has a lot of flaws regardless of what people say, its easier to take the small things into account too and its BLEH

but thank u<33

Looking to follow more blogs.

So reblog if you:

  • Are pagan (and have been practicing for 10+ years, preferably)
  • Post hippie, earth loving stuffs
  • Post nature pictures and the like
  • Post stuff on gardening/sustainability
  • Boho fashion
  • Self improvement/self love
  • Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, chakras, well being
  • Herbal medicine
  • Bees/Beekeeping/Honeybees/CCD
  • Sherlock fandom 
  • Arthuriana (King Arthur, Arthurian Romances, etc)
  • And I would love to follow people who write formal poetry!!!!

and I will check your blog out and more than likely follow.

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What I want to know is why do some people think Mika would be this ultra smooth, huge flirt? We've never seen him flirt with anyone and tbh he always looses his cool in front of Yuu and honestly that's why I fell in love with him. He can keep his head in certain situations but the second it comes to being with the one he loves he starts acting like who he truly is inside and that's beautiful. (also that HC about Mika sitting on Yuu's lap while feeding is *____________*)

I agree! I mean, yeah, he teases Yuu but, as I see it, he’s the least chill person in the whole manga. Yuu appears and he’s not the “cool” and reserved vampire he’s with everyone, Yuu touches him and he blushes…

Both of them have their dom/sub moments, you could say. Neither is all smooth around the other. Actually, if anything, they are so natural and full of emotions when they’re together, that they can blush and say the sappiest of lines, I swear…

(The pictures above are not from the same scene)

Neither of them is a “flirt master”(although writing them like that in fanfics is perfectly okay and I love it, I mean, AUs are AUs and they could be different if they weren’t in the situation they are in canon). The issue is: why tell other people “your ship is ooc”? Everyone see the ship their own way.

MikaYuu=/=YuuMika. The one you like as “the dominant one” defines how you see the couple. No, it’s not the same, and it’s not about bed positions, it’s about the couple’s dynamics. Some people like it more when Mika carries Yuu bridal style, teases him and makes him blush, but other people like it more when Yuu brings Mika closer to him, tells him he wants to protect him, etc. Other people like both cases or don’t mind either way (me, for example). This is not a yaoi manga so there’s not a “top” and a “bottom”. They’re equals, you can like one more than the other but that’s it, a preference.

And yes, I love it when Mika goes all soft(compared to his usual self) and blushes around Yuu. I love the way he only shows his true self around the person he cares about the most. I think it’s endearing and proves how much Yuu means to him.