i love this style :)

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could you do nurseychow in flower crowns? 💖

can I EVER! Here’s a li’l somethin’ somethin’ from my sketchbook

My notes on the meanings of the flowers used are below the cut!

(Every time I get a prompt, an angel gets its wings)

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I love this dork. I want him and his brother to be safe and happy.

Which conflicts with my want for Bendy and Boris to be safe and happy.

Oh boy. This should be fun.

Cuphead belongs to studio MDHR
Bendy and Boris: the Quest for the Ink Machine!Cuphead belongs to @thebbros

@haikyuudoods pretty setter inoue takayuki seems like the sort of guy whose smile can say a lot of things. “are you sure you shouldnt be resting right now?” “is it wise to push yourself when youre already exhausted?” 

Binetsu Kara Mystery - Touhou Style
Binetsu Kara Mystery - Touhou Style

Instead of working on my Optimal Control project for one of my graduate courses, I made this song. One of my favorite songs from μ’s and any other Love Live! song actually. Still a wip since i haven’t finished the whole song and kinna just looped it. May or may not finish it, since I have school, work and stuff.