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One thing you like about each BTS member? It could be physical features or personality anything

Physical Features:
Seokjin: Shoulders/Back.
Yoongi: Jawline.
Hoseok: Dimples.
Namjoon: Body Proportions.
Jimin: Eyes/Lips.
Taehyung: Brows/T-Zone.
Jungkook: Eyes/Thighs.
OT7: Smiles

Seokjin: I love how his old man (아재), dorky personality contradicts the “cold” handsome image Big Hit “gave” him. I love that he eats what he likes and started Eat Jin to show fans that BTS (and him) were eating well. I love that he loves himself and isn’t afraid to say he is handsome and throw hand kisses.
Yoongi: I love that he is “tsundere” (he used this to describe himself). He can seem cold, but he is actually super kind and caring. I love how he pours out his soul into his music (especially with his lyrics in Agust D). I love how he can be sitting down seriously for one second then jump up dancing, playing with members, doing aegyo in another second.
Hoseok: I love his ability to be cute for the fans even though the members (and he himself) say that he is actually quite serious. He really pours his heart into being a better artist and always strives to improve. I love that he watches fans reaction videos and such and reads mentions after BTS releases things. 
Namjoon: I love how he is so eloquent when he talks? Whenever he gives ending ments or when he writes on the fancafe, I feel so captivated and inspired by his words. He is always supporting all of the members (if you watch his WINGS v app, MV reaction, and Music Core reactions) and is a great leader.
Jimin: I love his hard-working personality and how caring he is. He is always the first to comfort members whether this is in public or behind the scenes (ex. checking their chairs during 하루만 promotions to make sure they were safe, hugging Taehyung and Jungkook during Muster, etc.) He always is caring for people whether it is BTS, fans, or even strangers (ex. guiding a Vietnamese actress to stage at AAA).
Taehyung: I love his love for rapping and Cypher. If he wasn’t in BTS, I bet he would be their fan. Although he is extremely good looking, he doesn’t mind being “ugly” and real with fans. He purposely makes “ugly” faces and even took the “ugly” photos for his birthday so the members could upload them on Twitter. 
Jungkook: I love how he is introverted. In my opinion, there are not a lot of idols who are introverted. Although he is introverted, he was able to break out of his shell as he got more comfortable with the camera and ARMYs and being in the spotlight. He is so talented in whatever he does, but he can also be dorky which I love.
OT7: Love and appreciation for fans and those who support them as well as each other. Modesty and respect for everyone. They call us their universe, they say we complete them, they say not to worry about them and feel sorry towards them because we give them so much more love than they give us (in their opinion). 

- Kylie