i love this song too much it's kinda annoying but

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unpopular opinion: Liam is so fucking annoying, like he tries so hard to stay relevant and he just comes off as fame hungry. Things like him saying he doesn't like Harry's music for the controversy, putting 1D in his lyrics for headlines, mentioning Haylor in an interview, and even just more generally his ad libs/falsetto when singing are too much (like Christina Aguilera levels of too much). I don't know, he just seems fake and 100% trying too hard.

Oh shit!

To be honest, I’ve been a little put off by a few things he’s said recently.  Like…what’s the point of saying that you don’t like Harry’s music?  He just seems to be talking…A LOT.  Maybe I’m just used to Harry saying as little as possible, so when Liam talks it seems like he goes on forever.  The whole 1D lyric is so……….cheap?  IDK.  You can do better than that, Lima.  I know you can.