i love this song this man this performance!!!!

Yuzuru’s exhibition performances (my favorite)

My previous post about his competitive performances: http://chibura.tumblr.com/post/154859420700/yuzurus-best-competitive-performances-my

Yuzuru is very versatile. He can perform to USUK pop, rock, lyrical, classical, jazz, Broadway, Japanese traditional music… and still makes it works. Below are some of his performances in ice shows and galas that I like.

1) Hana wa saku (Flowers Will Bloom):
NHK produced the song “Hana wa Saku” (Flowers Will Bloom) to build public support for the “March 11 2011 disaster” recovery efforts. The disaster happened in Yuzuru’s hometown and it affected him and so many people. Yuzuru performed to this song with so emotionally and got a standing ovation for it: https://youtu.be/sGdx9EaMXqA

2) Change
This performance shows the cool and energetic side of Yuzuru. The song was performed by his favorite rock band. Yuzuru is actually a young man who loves rock and fast/strong music. He loves dancing and making cool movements. This is the childlike and energetic side of Yuzuru: https://youtu.be/x_QJo3ItJFI

3) Hana ni nare (Become a Flower):
This amazing song also has a connection to the “March 11, 2011 disaster”. This performance shows the naturally delicate and elegant side of Yuzuru. He is like a fairy in this performance: https://youtu.be/QRqGb3zH9xU

4) Swan
It was the legendary coach Ms. Tatiana Tarasova who suggested Yuzuru the song “Notte Stellata (The Swan)” by Il Volo and sent a CD to him. She sent him a CD with this song as a present. Yuzuru accepted this request and had David Wilson to choreograph for him. For this performance, Yuzuru wants to express “the feeling of embracing everything gently and moving forward”: https://youtu.be/Hm_s-nBSORE

5) Hello I love you
This exhibition program was choreographed by Kurt Browning, 4 time World Champion, the legendary Canadian who adores Yuzuru a lot. He really loves the cool and manly side of Yuzuru. Kurt said he loved choreographing for Yuzuru as Yuzuru hit exactly the music notes and the choreographic movements he’d like Yuzuru to do. This is a very manly Yuzuru: https://youtu.be/zhFL_HBNDwE

6) Story
This was the exhibition Yuzuru did when he won his first GPF title in 2013. Everything bigger started from this competition. This was the beginning of the journey. The British commentators said “he was destined for great things”: https://youtu.be/27y8IgCcsBY

7) Time traveler
This song was originally written in Japanese. The singer later rewrote it in English so Yuzuru can skate to it in international galas. Please notice that Yuzuru never skates to Japanese lyrics outside of Japan. He looks really like a prince here in this performance. He did 4T and 3A in this ice show in a very small rink. Usually, skaters do not do such difficult jumps in ice shows. But Yuzuru is Yuzuru after all, he always likes showing off: https://youtu.be/E3th5CFvoOY

8) Requiem of Heaven and Earth
This exhibition performance Yuzuru did at the gala of World Championship 2016 at Boston. The music was also dedicated to the Earthquake victims. Yuzuru was badly injured at this point. His left foot was swollen badly and he was forced to rest from training for the whole summer. No ice show, no practice, no skating, no jump at all for several months. When he resumed his training again, it was incredibly hard as he had to relearn technique from the single jumps. This is a very emotional skate: https://youtu.be/9Fvzo6DkbMo

9) Somebody to love
This is Yuzuru at age 16 when he won his first GP title - Rostelecom Cup in Russia 2011. This Yuzuru was an energetic kid and the pressure did not get to him at this point: https://youtu.be/NhXJkoXiBp4

10) Sometimes skaters reuse their competitive programs as exhibition programs. For example, Yuzuru reused a part of his Romeo and Juliet 1.0 free skate at World Championship 2014 gala. This performance did not a supernova like what happened in Nice in 2012 but it was nostalgic and beautiful nevertheless: https://youtu.be/DEHbk60QzjM

11) Yuzuru skated to White Legend short program at Sochi Olympic Gala after winning the gold. This music is actually an arrangement of Swan Lake, maybe that’s why he thought Russian audience would appreciate it. It was also the first program Yuzuru performed after the big earthquake so it has much meaning to him: https://youtu.be/_8TLD10Rzug

12) Parisienne Walkway at World Team Trophy 2015 gala. This was the ending of a crazy season in which Yuzuru had to suffer a back injury before Finlandia which resulted in a withdrawal, a collision at CoC 2014, surgery right after National, bad ankle injury right before World Championship. It was like a promise that he would reborn and become stronger: https://youtu.be/hZFROWbQyIY

Photos were collected over the years so I do not know the source, sorry.

Ps: some videos run on desktop interface only. If you’re using mobile, please switch to laptop or desktop. 


It’s been 3 hours, and I think this’ll finally upload itself. I love this song, I love this episode, and man…This is my AMV legacy. Shout out to the volunteers at my school who helped make this possible. We need to team up to do a performance at the Fine Arts’ Festival~!

((Otabek can be my Disney prince any day. Hot damn. I fell in love with that boy when I pieced his performance into this. I need to do an AMV just for him))

Like I’m seriously so pissed. I’ve watched about a hundred episodes of Running Man and loved basically every single one of them. And not once throughout that whole time was I bored by any one of the cast members. They put their fucking heart and soul into competing and just being over all funny and enjoyable. Jihyo’s even said before that she woudl stay until the end, and Jungkook? He risked his health to perform for the fans and with his show mates…like that is so fucking low to drop them. 

Not to mention its the stupidest decision. The cast members are NOT the reason the shows ratings are dropping. If anything the original cast members are the reason you are keeping fans. They are the main reason a lot of people have loyalty to the show in the first fucking place because they love the people in it. Those fans of Jihyo and Jongkook are going to abandon the show with you dropping them. 

Then the ratings will drop further because not only did you ruin the casting of the show, you also ruined the group dynamic of the show. Nothing will seem genuine if you add new cast members, and nothing will be the same by removing them.

The new producers are idiots is all I have to say and I hate to say it but I don’t think Running Man will recover from this mistake. I love this show so much, and I wanted to see all these different groups appear on it in the future but I can’t support the newer episodes if the producers thought doing this was okay or right or smart on any level. 

Honestly fuck SBS.

Hearing @taylorswift transition from This Is What You Came For which she wrote with the guy who “would’ve been the one if he was a better man” a song about being confident in love and happy to Better Man, a soulful damn you heartbreak anthem where “the bravest thing she ever did was run” has me like a crumpled up piece of paper lying here. 

Taylor I am so proud of you for performing these songs tonight. I have faith my own demons will mend. Thank you so much. You’ve saved my life again tonight 
Taylor. I ❤️ you 



Himchan’s amazing narration and his deep, yet soothing voice…

So freakin’ emotional I Remember, where Yongguk cried and Daehyun’s so emotinal singing that I’ve shed not only one tear…

Voice mail and, apart from amazing Dae, Youngjae’s soft voice and his Goodbye in the end…

Jongup’s sharp a precise dancing and Zelo’s minimalistic and relaxed dance and their great coopeation… like man! Give them some dance collab xD

And amazing performance of Rain sound… this song is so amazing and live was even better…

Really I think this is one of their best performances and concert ever <3

Here is rough translation of Himchan’s monologue (it’s first and second part together)… I found it here some time ago…

It was the day when the rain was pouring down
On that rainy day, we met up
I sat in the corner at that café
I was looking for you to come during the rain
You arrived about ten minutes late, you were completely wet from the rain.
While scratching your soaked wet hair, you said,
“What am I to you? I don’t know if me being here is important.”
I didn’t understand what you said
I looked at you, but you didn’t look at me
You said: “Let’s end this.”
Those words… “let’s end this”
Was the last of your voice I’ve heard

The dream I see: is a rainy day
That day, that place, I see you come running
I rush to you in the dream
Though I want to catch you, I don’t
I fell short of you, the you in the dream
In the rain, hitting my shoulder
It’s cold, the rain is falling
Like that day, I sent you off, but I didn’t say farewell
Like that day three years ago

With all the songs that I sing
I cry to forget about you
With all of my actions
I struggle to forget about you
I forget the unique rhythm of your voice
I forget the musical note of your smile
I forget about you that way
My memories of you are fading that way
Three years, to forget you
It wasn’t enough time, the rain falls without a doubt

Your last word, your last appearance
Is like sand in my chest, it’s gritty
I don’t understand
Even now, the sounds afflict me
Whether it’s your voice or the sound of the rain
This song that I sing now
Even now, whether I’m leaving
Or the sound of rain

[2017 BTOB TIME] 160121 Setlist


2. 기도 I’ll be your man

3. Thriller

4. 심장어택 Heart Attack

5. 뛰뛰빵빵 Beep Beep

6. 너나 잘 살아  You Live Well (First ever performance)

7. Killing Me

8. Eunkwang (Rap Stage) - Forever

9. Changsub - 넌 내게 반했어 You’re falling in to me

10. Ilhoon (Self-composed song) - Fancy Shoes

11. BTOB-BLUE - 내 곁에 서 있어줘 Stand by me

12. Rap Line feat Changsub - 불장난 Playing with fire

13. 괜찮아요 It’s Okay

14. 두번째고백 Second Confession

15. Minhyuk (Dance Stage) - Boyfriend + Weight in gold

16. Peniel - Body Roll

17. Hyunsik (Self-composed song) - Swimming

18. 나 빼고 다 늑대 All wolves except me 

19. 북치고 장구치고 One Man Show

20. 예지앞사 I love you forever

21. 취해 Drunk

22. 놀러와 Come to play


23. Yes I Am

24. Shake It 

i love how ruki was so unsatisfied with this part of guren during the 2009, listened to it 3 times  and decided to change it.


now in the new version he brought it back to how it was originally 

do u get this  ? every time he performed this song he probably thought “damn fuck shit shit i should have kept it as is i dont like it”

he has been wanting to change that part for 8 years

and now he did 

*slow clap*

anonymous asked:

Jen! Did you know Ed sang give me love??? PLEASE can you post a video of it, I havent heard him sing that in so long!

Hi there! You mean at the Sydney Opera House, right? I haven’t seen a full video of it, but you can watch a brief clip of the very end of Give Me Love right [here].

Lucky for us, Ash, Kip, and Luttsy played the full audio of Ed’s performance of Give Me Love on their radio show, which also has a podcast. You can listen to the podcast [here] and skip forward to about 12:25 for the whole song. 

Man, this song gives me life! I had missed it when Ed stopped performing it during the Multiply tour and kind of didn’t expect to hear him do it live again, so the fact that he did it the other night absolutely warms my heart. Because whenever he sings it, I feel like it’s for me. You know? That’s my song! It’s just kind of funny because… like, when people ask me about my tattoo, I’m kinda just like, ‘Oh, that’s my favorite song,’ and that’s it, but when I hear Ed sing it live, I’m like YESSSSS, THIS THIS THIS, YES THIS IS WHY I HAVE IT ON MY BODY I JUST WANT TO ROLL ALL AROUND IN IT AND SOAK IT UP AND EAT IT! (Is that… weird…?) I listened to it at work and just started belting out my part of the gospel choir - I tend to do the higher part if I’m not actually there - and my boss came in my office and I just looked up at him and kept going OHHHHHH-WOAHHH OHHH-WOAH and he looked at me like O.O because I don’t tend to talk much at work and I was sitting there wailing at my desk like a tomcat. 

And you know what? I love the way Ed sounds in this version when he splits the audience in half. His voice is so calm. I’m used to hearing him do this a lot more energetically, like a kid running around on a playground asking you to come play with him, but here he does it more like a teacher telling you what the class is about to do. It’s sexy. 

“Does anyone remember the split thing? You are split down the middle. This is the lower harmony. This is the higher harmony. Whatever I give you to sing, you sing it as loud as you can, and you will be my gospel choir tonight.”

Um. Yes sir.

Live performances

I don’t know if you agree with me, but anyone who can perform live exceptionally well makes me weak AF! I’ve already posted up my favourite live performance of all time (Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon), but here are a few more that blow me away everytime.

Pearl Jam are my youth and angsty teenage years. I have been lucky enough to see them twice in concert and it was immense. Eddie Vedder is officially the only man who I could ever love, because he is BEAUTIFUL and has one of the best voices on the planet. If you’ve never seen their MTV Unplugged concert, here’s a link - I highly recommend it

I am in love with Johanna and Klara Söderberg. Their voices and songs are pure heaven. FIRST AIDER FOR LIFE….seriously, if you ever get a chance to see them live DO IT! This is them performing their song ‘Emmylou’ to Emmylou Harris and it is bloody wonderful. **FUN FACT** This was the first dance at mine and @weasal‘s wedding, because our names are in the song and we fucking love First Aid Kit

I was watching Glastonbury highlights a few years ago and this beautiful, statuesque woman appeared on the screen….then she started singing. The song hadn’t even finished before I’d bought her album. Fatoumata Diawara is a fascinating person to read about, and her music carries a message of female empowerment, which is pretty taboo in her native Mali. Go check out her other music (the video works even though it looks like it doesn’t, I promise!)

Aretha Franklin singing a Carole King song to Carole King, whilst Obama looks on and cries…..nuff fucking said…..AMAZING

Finishing with a slightly more obscure video of a very young Gabrielle Aplin. The first time I heard this I pretty much froze and was glued to the screen. When it finished I hit repeat…..about 15 times in a row. Goosebump inducing doesn’t even do it justice


Kalafina 27 Week Challenge

Week 4: Favorite song from Seventh Heaven

Seventh heaven is literally heaven and I also love every single track on this album. And as stated on my first impression post, oblivious and sprinter were one of the reasons why I started following Kalafina. And apparently, these were also my fave theme songs from Kara no Kyoukai, for they’re such a perfect fit for dat epic anime!

I always felt like I’m in heaven whenever I hear oblivious (studio or live)! Wakei’s blending is absolutely amazing and its live performances were consistently wonderful and jaw-dropping af! XD

And yes, you guys already know where did my username came from lol XD
I quite like Maya’s voice but I didn’t like the studio version of sprinter tbh. But I fckng love its live versions, especially the acoustic version which invariably makes me cry huhu.T_T
Oh man, every sprinter live is so emotional, full of hope, happiness and love, and always astounding! So I’ll forever love these songs!


“Main duniya bharr ki tarifien tere sajde main laayaa hoon” I hope you read this! Took quite some time to write. :)

1. He has an amazing voice. This isn’t really debatable, but if you’re going to argue with me on it, go back and listen to Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon.

2. “Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy.” - Pitch Perfect! He makes US feel amazing.

3. His acoustic performances are beyond compare. They make every song beautiful (referring to Acoustically Me!)

4. He’s like really, really, really good looking. He’s so pretty, it hurts.

5. He cares about all his #Armaanians (all 125K on Instagram, 39K on Twitter, 1M on Facebook)

6. He’s inspiration for coining the acronym LYTTE. (Love You Till The End)

7. He’s crazily talented at playing the guitar too. (Who doesn’t love a guy who can play the guitar?!)

8. He’s basically an angel sent from God to make this world a better place by #Armaanising people through his angelic voice.

9. His smile. :) how can someone not adore his cheek to cheek smile?! 😻

10. He dances so well. He even has beat in his feet. 💃

11. His hair. Its always as perfect as his voice. ❤

12. Through divine power, his eyes alone are able to spell bind another human. 😍😏

13. Even though he has abs (which are so distracting btw😍) he has a REALLY REALLY REALLY FAT HEART.

14. He’s so close to his familia(including Handsome duhh) and doesn’t shy away from showing his love publicly.

15. “You are what you are as a direct result of what you do” - Armaan Malik. He continues to spread the message that no dream is too big and anything is possible if you stay dedicated.

16. ALL HIS MUSIC COLLABORATIONS with various artists. He knows how to switch up his style to bring us new music. 💕 (Still waiting for a collab with Ed Sheeran - it’ll happen, I know)

17. Daily hearing Wajah Tum Ho has good effects on the listeners health. Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing - listening to Wajah Tum ho is definitely one.

18. ADRENALINE RUSH. Its the feeling you get only from listening to a Prince AM song. Its addictive.

19. His voice basically feels like a warmmmmmmmmm hug.

20. GET READY TO GET REJUVENATED IN 4MINS OR LESS. You listen to his songs, get transformed to another place and when you stop, its like you have a new soul.


22. Beautiful face + cutest & sweetest personality. 👌

23. Selfies. He loves them. We love him. I love that I have an endless supply of perfect pictures I can drool over all day. 💅

24. He’s caring, loving and the most humblest person ever. 💞

25. His pudgy lips☺☺

26. He gives advice to his Armaanians whn we tweet him for it which is really sweet!

27. You’ll never have to take drugs because his voice is intoxicating enough. #NaturalHigh 🚬

28. REASON NUMBER TWENTY EIGHT: You can listen to his cover of #JeenaJeena and just pretend he’s singing to you! Guilty pleasures. 😽

29. He may act all bad boy-ish on the outside but on the inside he is probably the most sweetest person you’ll know. 💞😭

30. He cares about his #Armaanians

31. His style is immaculate. HE LOOKS GOOD IN EVERYTHING, LITERALLY.

32. Love Armaan and you’ll always have a reason to feel proud. He has so many trophies, I’ve lost count. Super proud of Chukki :’)

33. Everyone loves a nice person. Acc to Urban Dictionary, a nice person is one who is kind and caring BASICALLY ARMAAN. 😏

34. Those ARMS. 💪 they were made for two things; holding his guitar and holding me in a close lovers embrace (ok maybe not the second reason but.. Yeah)

35. He posts a picture biting his lip and life is over.

36. He’s achieved so much. I think he’s the first singer in India to sing so many songs at such a young age.

37. He was the cutest little baby. 💋💋

38. His deeeeeeeep & inspirational thoughts.

39. He’ll make you love old songs, you hardly heard before. 👵 (Chand Chupa Baadal Main)

40. Because his presence of Indian Idol Jr. Made us wanna cry! He’s so cute and adorable with little children😇

41. The way he sings “lejaunga saaanse churaake” makes us fall on the nearest object or ground to recover from sudden loss of breath. He makes us breathless yet feel alive.
42. He never gets/got bogged down by the haters. When ppl told him not to sing and he believed in himself.

43. DUBSMASH PRINCE ALERT. His dubsmash videos have a way to make anyone’s day. Your day will go from 0 to 100 real quick. 💨💯

44. He’s basically a triple threat; not only can he sing and dance but he is also blessed with ridiculously good looks.

45. He’s so modest. Maybe he doesn’t own a mirror or something but for some mind-boggling reason he doesn’t think he’s all that and a bag of chips like we do.

46. He gets excited easily. Remember when ‘Team Armaan Malik’ happened for the first time. Awwwwwww.

47. The way he looks in his superman tank. TOO MANY FEELS.

48. “The one good thing about good music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain” - Bob Marley. Not only does his song give us no pain but its also the best painkiller.

49. He loves food and we love him for it. He can also cook himself!

50. The feeling we get when we see something so cute and cuddly that we want to squeeze and cuddle it actually has a name. It’s called “cute aggression”. He definitely gives us that.

51. His stage presence. He puts everything into each song and it shows how passionate he is about his singing.

52. He is an animal lover. He has love for animals and speaks up for them. 💕

53. The way he loves Amaal sooooooo much. So much so that his award winning speeches are all for him. :’)

54. He’s so polite in all his interviews and he speaks very sweetly.

55. His laugh in his interviews. It just makes my day. His laugh makes me laugh even when nothing is funny. 😂😂

56. He has his own website; armaanmalik.me

57. The first picture in “Official Photoshoots” in the Gallery segment of his website.

58. He probably smells really good. 💞

59. He truly shows us “sab kya kahein kyun ho parwah koi, bekar baatein main sunta nahin” He always encourages us do what we feel.

60. He’s a Prince. 👑 He’s Prince Charming. 💞🙈

61. He makes me so happy and soooooo hyper. I was a completely normal person before becoming an Armaanian and now there aren’t enough o’s to be added at the end of so to describe how hyper I am.

62. Not only does he sing extremely well, he also writes songs and his lyrics are so relatable and full of emotion. THEY MAKE SENSE ALWAYS.

63. He’s intellectual:)

64. Your mom probably loves him too and your dad too.

65. His enthusiasm for his work. Armaan is always excited to perform on stage or do interviews. I love how dedicated he is to his work. #Inspirational 🙌

66. And also he loves what he does and everybody else loves what he does cause he’s Armaan Malik and he is literally perfection

@armaanmalik22 bas itna hai tumse kehna.. ❤

I need feminism because Taylor Swift gets hate for singing songs that she wrote about her life experiences while no one bashed Robin Thicke for singing about rape.

I need feminism because Selena Gomez can’t even go a minute without being known as Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend.

I need feminism because Kesha can’t perform at an awards show because Dr.Luke raped her and she didn’t win her trial.

I need feminism because Sam Smith gets hate for loving a man.

I need feminism because woman who have been naked, shirtless, or anything like that have gotten nothing but slut shamed while men get comments such as “HOT! I want to see more!”

I need feminism because people call me a terrorist just because I’m a Muslim. I don’t even wear a hijab. It’s because I’m not white. It’s because I’m POC.

I need feminism because my best friend got detention for wearing a tank top to school while a boy didn’t get called on for wearing a tank top as well.

I need feminism because I can’t walk the streets without being afraid that something will happen to me.

I need feminism because we need equality and fairness in the world no matter what our gender, race, religion, or sexuality is.

Okay, but if you haven’t been to Okieriete Onaodowan’s website, you’re really missing out. It’s theincredibleoak.com and it is great. They’re not a lot of content, but what’s there is great. There are videos of him singing and playing piano, a photo gallery, his resume, and performances of his own original poetry. And it’s just got cool facts about him. He had police training. He’s skilled with a bo staff. He can juggle.

And the songs he sings are awesome. He sings “If I Didn’t Believe in You” from The Last Five Years, “White Blank Page” by Mumford and Sons, and “Belief” by Gavin DeGraw (the last one made me cry because he loves that song so much and you can tell when he sings it). His voice is so beautiful and calming. I don’t know, man. It’s just so great and it’s worth it if you have some time to kill. Oak is just so great and kind and good.