i love this song sosososo much

Seventeen took a very interesting path in this album. New concept, new mood, new looks, and even challenging edm style. Wow. A heartbreaking edm song. Wow. Im super impressed by seventeen artistic aspects. They really love challenging and push the boundaries. Giving it all they got without being afraid of failure. Super determined people. I look forward to see them sosososo much. I feels like they took alot of time in this album. It will be a big turn. But we will support you til the end 💖

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why do u like ryan?? besides obvious reasons like he sings/looks good

omg like .. honestly i just admire him sosososo much as a writer and poet i think that’s one of the biggest factors tbh. i love when i read or listen to someone’s writing and i can feel it resonate so deep within me and i just can’t stop thinking abt it and it feels like i’ve been punched in the stomach but like in a good way - that’s how i feel abt ryan’s songwriting and LJ writing, it just gets to me in such a profound way that i really can’t put into words. i can’t recall the amount of times his songs have gotten me thru really terrible times. and while i wish he hadn’t gone through rough shit himself, its another reason why i love him bc he gives me hope. he had to deal with a lot of shit but he didn’t give up and he made beautiful art out of the pain and that’s when i think about when i just feel like giving up. and i know everyone paints him as like an evil heartbreaker or w/e but thru his interactions with fans and interviews and instagram/tweets/etc i just get the sense that he is a genuinely kind and humble soul and i love that about him. he is just my biggest inspiration and not to sound corny but he’s been there for me when i didn’t have anyone to turn to. even tho this sounds stupid bc he literally has 0 idea who i am nor will he ever but i owe him so much and he’s such an important & integral part of my life. sorry i really went off lol

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Champagne by U-know Yunho, it's been stuck in my head, it's such a bop ♡

YESYESYESYES i lov jung yunho and tvxq ??? so sos sosososo much???? and Champagne! Such! A! Bop! You are 374% right!!! I’m! w o W  

anyway i love this song a lot and the music video is hilarious. I always love to see was idols can do outside their group setting and wow do tvxq impress i recommend yunhos japanese solo album U KNOW Y to literally everybody and especially the masterpiece that is Bang! 

I love the rap part when everything slows down and yes? yes. yes

Send me your favourite song so i can listen to it! (and love it with you)