i love this song so much omggggg

Wings experience omggg

First of all amazing holy shit I have no voice because duhhh

- Jin has blown my mind - worldwide handsome
- they all spoke English so much and it was so cute omg
- from where I was seated jimin looked so small omggggg
- Suga slayeeeeed and his English killed meeeeeeeee
- they must of been so tired from just singing non stop for a hour tho omg
- solo songs were amazing omg
- j hope was fucking incredible . Aussie fans are defs stans
- jungkooks dancing for begin was some Michael Jackson shit he was amazing.
- Namjoon was so proud of the bbmas win.
- I love how they all pronounced Sydney like sid-Di-ne honestly so cute
- it was lit

They didn’t speak to us much until the encore but when they did they went crazy

Honestly was such a amazing concert and I am obsessed with watching the videos I took


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REN OMG BOIIII BTS new comeback has resurrected me from my death and depression and I'm ready tv start loving myself as much I love them😭 I hope you enjoy the album and the godly music video omggggg 💕💕🌹

yeah! The music style is definitely different but not really that surprising? It was understandable that they would delve deeper into the hip/hop edm style. So far I’ve got a few of their songs on a playlist right now! 

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so my mom LOVES Les Mis and it was always playing in my house when I was a kid. Except, being a kid, I didn't understand the plot at all. I thought Valjean died multiple times (instead of Lamarque or Javert), lovely ladies was about maids that were tired of cleaning, Valjean actually lived and married Fantine who also survived, and Grantaire was my favorite character because I liked his name. Also I didn't know I dreamed a dream was a les mis song and thought Susan Boyle wrote it.

Omggggg that is SO amazing! Being French, i’ve always kind of… known about les Miserables? I remember being in primary school and we had an extract of Cosette looking at the doll in the shop window when she was a child at the Thénardiers. Over here, the musical is ironically pretty much… not unheard of but it’s not mainstream at all, while the book is something you can’t avoid!

I remember being 10, and my mother would ask me to set the table and I’d be like: “??? Do I look like Cosette to you?”. Even if you don’t know anything about the book, you still KNOW something about the book SOMEHOW, I dont even know how to explain it