i love this song lots

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What you think about Back To You?

I really really like it! Just as much as I expected. I personally think its strength lies in the beat, in the melody; it’s so different and original, it gets quickly addictive! It catches your attention and when it comes up on the radio you immediately remember it, which it’s essential for the success and popularity of a song! I also find that making it a collaboration was the smartest idea ever and Bebe was a very good choice, as her voice and Louis’ voice fit perfectly together. I think the outcome is super interesting. It works well and I have no doubt it’ll chart amazingly!

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playlist: celestial

hiding out- sucre

atlas: life- sleeping at last

mylo xyloto- coldplay

au revoir- onerepublic

new constellations- ryn weaver (I repeated this on so many other playlists but I just love her and this song is fitting for a lot of them ok)

no more pls!

Halloween 2016


Fall Out Boy Creations Challenge  |  s0fthearts
Theme: Favorite Song

B o y c o t t   l o v e
Detox just to retox


  Living on Anaesthetic. No one seems get it.

…and kneeling on the floor of a dingy hotel room in Baltimore, MD, staring at the wrecked remains of what Neil used to be, Andrew knew there was no going back from this,

he was lost, he was lost, he was found

                        Happy Birthday Syeda!! @wasninski (4.30)

  • someone: hey how are you?
  • what she says: oh hey i'm good
  • what she really means: i just spent 3 hours in the dark of my room listening to goner on repeat and honestly i felt so alive yet so dead because as i listened i felt all of tyler's pain being pushed on my chest but then as it ended each time i felt a weight lifted off and honestly i hope tyler has that same feeling every night and that he's not suffering because i love him so much and he doesn't deserve the pain he says he's in