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Klance week:day six-quote

;(It is raining yes!!! Sorry…anyway I decided to kinda do this more based on an entire song…but mainly two quotes…and cause I love Dodie here is my interpretation of “quote”) Gosh this was getting hard. Keith had been having feelings for Lance for nearly a year now…and he just wanted to tell him! He just wanted with all his heart to tell Lance and hug him and kiss him and have deep conversations and to help him when he is in pain and ahhhh! Why doesn’t Lance have feelings for him back? I mean, he never said he didn’t but to Keith it seemed like he thought of them as just friends…and he was fine with this for now but it killed him! There was always the chance…no…he probably wouldn’t have feelings for him. Lance wouldn’t, not for Keith.

It had taken Keith a while to know that he had feelings for Lance…and when he knew it hit him in the face like a brick. Gosh he loved his hair, how he smelled…everything…that adorable smile he had, how he would sometimes whistle and sing out of nowhere. All of Lance was amazing. He loved how he made Keith feel, he loved it so much. And he think he loved Lance. He loved Lance and he didn’t love him back…great…he could always wish though. And boy did he. He just wanted him to…well fall in love with him. Think of Keith as more than a friend and to feel the same and Keith and his pining really wasn’t helping him…This moment though after all his silence he was going to burst. He had to tell Lance sooner or later…and that was probably going to be that day…that hour…that second-

“Just fall in love with me already.” Keith blurted out, infront of everyone as they had finished training and were now all tired. He said that out loud didn’t he? Crap now what was Lance going to think! My gosh Keith you are so stupid why would you say that in front of everyone! Especially since they had just before were working amazingly together as a team. He had to go…now… “wait, what did you just say?” Asked Lance confused of what was going on exactly. He was tired…and this was sudden and he didn’t think he had heard right. Keith however was out of the room quick of lighting with a bright red face, nearly in tears. Why did he have to be so bloody impulsive all the time? Now he had just ruined ANY chance with Lance and probably their friendship. As he sat down in the trading room Keith thought about why he had said that..and Lance. As a friend Lance evened him out, and. If he were…if he just ruined their friendship with that then it was over. He would be nearly uneven again an due wouldn’t calm down as easy and…he didn’t want to think of it.

Lance snuck in quietly, trying to calm Keith. He wanted to know what Keith said before exactly..and if it was what he thought it was. Keith also seemed distressed so he was going to try and calm him down. Plopping himself down next to Keith Lance quietly asked “um, what did you say just before?” Keith wiped away his tears hastily hiding his face. Lance started to rub his back and it felt so right. He melted in it and his face went bright red again. He needed to say it. So he did. “I asked to fall in love with me already…I…I have feelings for you Lance. And I understand if you don’t but please…I just…I just care a lot and you are the…the one person who understands me through and through. Gosh and I think I love you but I know you don’t feel the same but I just wish you did…” yup. He said all that…and he regretted it as soon as it came out of his mouth. Lance was surprised. However snapping out of it to say something he whispered in slight hesitation “what makes you think that I don’t?” Keith was now the shocked one. Silence fell over the two until they both looked at each other, smiles breaking out onto there faces. “Keith…listen I have had feelings for you for like, a year now…” “same…I just…I didn’t think you felt the same…” Lance smiled softly at Keith and softly exasperated “well I do.” They kissed slowly and it was so sweet. Like fireworks on both sides, they started to laugh into the kiss, a magical moment shared in between the two. One that they would remember for the rest of their lives

‘Oh would you be so kind as to fall in love with me?
You see I’m trying I know you know that I like you But
that’s not enough, so if you would please fall in love-
I think it’s only fair, there’s gotta be some butterflies
somewhere wanna share cause I like you but that’s
not enough, so if you will, please fall in love with me~’
-Would You Be So Kind, Dodie Clarke or doddleoddle

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There’s also Suga’s VA singing “under the Sea” and Eren Yager’s VA (Kaji Yuki) sings “Part of Your World”

There is also a duet between Kamiya (Akashi’s VA) and Someone else that I might post-


I also discovered that the seiyuus that sing in the Disney album all sing “Mickey Mouse March” - so imagine Akashi, Murasakibara, AND Hanamiya singing that; WITH MICKEY MOUSE EARS

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Vin Diesel Sings ‘See You Again’ For Paul Walker At The MTV Movie Awards + Interview

i got overemotional listening to unwinding cable cars by anberlin at past midnight and thinking about space, and then this happened. mildly pretentious ridgephos below the cut.

Ridge tastes of the night sky when Xephos kisses him.

Maybe that’s why he keeps doing it – keeps tangling hands in the demigod’s hair and slotting their mouths together like they were made for it, keeps licking inside Ridge’s mouth and breathing him in with desperate gasps.

He can feel galaxies in his throat when Ridge circles an arm around his waist, sees stars when Ridge nips at his lip. It makes his chest ache with something he can’t quite pin down, some infinite sense of loss and longing that makes him cling tighter and tighter until he thinks maybe he’s trying to crawl inside Ridge’s chest.

The best word for it, probably, is homesickness.

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                                                       >> Y O U   &   I  <<
                                                   go hard at each other
                                                   like   we’re   going   to 
                                                                            W A R.