i love this song and this video especially

  • What she says: I’m fine
  • What she means: Hayley Kiyoko has written multiple songs about loving girls that, unlike the work of other artists I've grown up listening to, don’t rely on fetishising them for the purpose of men in order to appeal to a general audience. She has also featured a trans woman in her recent video, who has a cute and happy ending. It makes me so happy that young girls will grow up hearing these songs, especially from a former Disney star, and hopefully know that they are not wrong or just there to please men. That they can think that girls are pretty and want to be with them and that this is okay. Young trans girls will see that they can have happy endings, that they can meet people who care about them. That they can form positive relationships. I hope this continues with other celebrities. I hope more girls are growing up and loving who they love. I hope they’re loving themselves. They deserve that. They should always deserve that.
What I really love about Hayley Kiyoko

Is that she isn’t coy about any of this. She isn’t flirting with implications in lyrics or subtle hints or anything.
She released “Girls Like Girls” and it wasn’t a secret gay anthem. It was open and obvious. Her music videos are obviously about wlw. She doesn’t shy away from it at all. And yes it’s becoming more accepting in society and in media for wlw, but there’s still this air of “we’re not gonna define it. It’s open to interpretation.” Especially in mainstream-type music, there’s not a lot of just very plain “this song is gay and that’s that.”
But Hayley does exactly that. I don’t know I just really love it. Young girls are searching for media that they can connect with and she is giving it to them. She’s giving them their romantic music videos, their sexy pop songs, their self-acceptance anthems for when they’ve had enough. And it’s amazing.

RFA and their favorite kpop groups

i have been wanting to do this for so long i know its been done but just hear me out because these are all facts

Yoosung: OH MY GIRL

  • favorite song: Liar Liar
  • he knows the entire dance i know he does
  • cries everyday over how cute his girls are
  • “queens of kpop”
  • bias is YooA

Zen: EXO

  • favorite song: Call Me Baby (who doesnt love the classics)
  • knows so many dances but especially Call Me Baby and Growl
  • also, he died over EXO-CBX 
  • owns all three album versions
  • bias is Baekhyun

Jaehee: BTS

  • favorite song: I Need U
  • has been a fan since FOREVER
  • she has consumed every and all BTS content available
  • the only sane ARMY
  • bias is the adorable Jungkook
  • when the wings videos were coming out she shared her conspiracy theories with MC

Jumin: Mamamoo

  • favorite song: Words Don’t Come Easy
  • loves them becasue they are the QUEENS of slow jams
  • bias is Solar because those velvety pipes
  • finds how hyper and silly they are to be amusing
  • he’ll never tell anyone but he also loves Um Oh Ah Yeah

707: Red Velvet

  • favorite song: Russian Roulette
  • their most recent comeback was his longest yeah boy EVER
  • he loves Russian Roulette so much
  • “my girls came back with a BOP”
  • learned the dance
  • bias is Wendy


  • favorite song: 1 of 1
  • he has loved SHINee since they first debuted
  • bias is Minho
  • he loves watching SHINee on SNL
  • he was so shook by their 2016 comeback
  • listens to 1 of 1 religiously
  • justice for Ring Ding Dong

Saeran: VIXX

  • favorite song: Voodoo Doll
  • he also loves that M/V so much
  • bias is Ravi (he tends to bias rappers)
  • will always dance to chained up
  • makes jokes about VIXX worshiping the devil

“'Hey Rachel’ was an especially cathartic song to write, reopening old wounds after nearly ten years. Writing the song demanded being painfully honest with both myself and my sister, neither of which I was particularly comfortable doing. I had to relive past feelings of fear, sorrow, anger, pain, and, most of all, regret. The song is an apology I’m relieved and proud to have finally said.
The video was written and directed by Joshua Halling, who also spearheaded the video for Pretty Little Distance. I love his interpretation of the song - reimagining mine and Rachel’s story with an empowering, inspirational feel with a happy ending in hindsight. It’s such a beautiful and powerful music video, and I’m ecstatic to finally be sharing it.“ - Patty
Pick up the new album ‘okay.’ at smarturl.it/okayasitis.

672: Fifteen

By @autopistaaningunaparte: Hi!! Congratulations for your milestone!! You rock, girl! 🎉🎊🎉🎊 Can I still send my request? If so, my number is 672 and the sentence is “I figured I could tell my side of the story and people could either choose to believe me or not.” Thank you so much in advance! PS: i’m super hooked on Avenging Angel 😳😍♥️ xoxo

Word Count: 976

A/N: T-Swizzle! God, I love her. I love how she can tell stories with her songs, especially her older stuff. Her music video for You Belong With Me is seriously one of my favorite music videos ever. And her new stuff has this deep level of maturity and I just absolutely love how you can literally see how she grows up through her albums. But it’s really difficult to write something off of one of her songs (especially this one) because the song itself is a story.

Song 672: Fifteen by Taylor Swift

“I swear, it wasn’t me!” You leaned across the cold metal table, the handcuffs around your wrists jangling. “I haven’t killed anyone.”

The police officer leaned back in his chair and raised an unbelieving eyebrow. “Well we find it mighty suspicious that you just happened to be in the same towns when two murders with the same MO happened, years apart. Tell me, Miss Y/L/N, were you planning on killing another high school history teacher, or did you just kill your history teacher because you hated her class?”

“I never killed anyone. Please, you gotta believe me.”

“Then why did you come here today? Just turned yourself in to offer information? In my line of work, that’s a clue in itself.”

This was going nowhere. You should have known better. “I figured I could tell my side of the story and people could either choose to believe me or not. But I guess you’ve already made up your mind, so what’s the point?”

“Giving up already?”

Fire burned behind your eyes as you fixed a determined glare on him. “On you? Yes. But I didn’t kill anyone when I was fifteen, and I haven’t killed anyone now that I’m twenty-six. I know I’ll be able to convince someone else of my innocence, but obviously not the officer with a personal grudge against the girl who turned him down at the bar last week.”

Your jab at his lack of professionalism obviously hit close to home. “That is not what this is about—“

The door to the interrogation room opened and a tall man in a suit stepped in. He flashed his FBI badge as a second man entered behind him. “I’m Agent Shriver and this is my partner, Agent Hansen. We’ll take it from here.”

The officer stood up and grumbled, but handed the floor over to Agent Shriver and Agent—Dean Winchester?

Your mouth dried up when the second man turned and locked eyes with yours. It had been eleven years, but you would never be able to forget those beautiful green eyes. His head tilted minutely for a moment, but you could tell when he placed you in his memory. He stood up straight, electrified.

“Miss Y/L/N, we have a few questions about—“

“Get me out of here or I’ll blow your cover,” you whispered so that no one in the observation room behind the two way glass could hear.

That gave the first man pause—Sam, you guessed. Dean just sat down heavily in one of the chairs and kept his eyes on you. “Y/N, look, I promise I can explain everything.”

“Not in here. Use that fake FBI badge to get me out of here. Then you can explain.”

Sam and Dean shared a look of silent communication for a moment before turning back to you. After a few minutes of fake interrogation to make it look believable, Dean uncuffed you and the three of you managed to make it out of the police station.

As soon as the three of you were in the fresh air outside of the police station, Sam spoke up. “You two know each other?”

“My freshman year of high school you guys moved to my town,” you explained, trying to be as concise as possible. “Dean and I… we had a thing. Then, the day after Mrs. Harold was killed, Dean didn’t show up and he never came back.”

He’d broken your heart. Dean Winchester had been your first love, and one day he just disappeared. Though you supposed that you should be grateful for that. If he had stayed, you might have stayed with him and Dean Winchester hadn’t been a good influence on you. Fifteen years old and just trying to fit into the big new high school… you were easily manipulated and ended up skipping more classes than you went to just because Dean flashed you that bad boy smile.

“You ever notice how after Mrs. Harold was dead, no one else started showing up dead?” Dean gave you a little bow before he unlocked his classic car. “You’re welcome for that.”

“And now you’re impersonating federal agents. I think I’ll walk home.”

“Wait, Y/N.” Dean grabbed your arm to stop you from walking away. “I promised you an explanation.”

“Yeah, you also promised me that you would never break my heart, but you broke that promise eleven years ago. I loved you, Dean. Well, as much as you can love someone when you’re that young. And then you were gone.”

He opened his mouth, probably to explain some more, but you weren’t done.

“Which I’m fine with now. It was for the best. I didn’t know who I was back then, and I was becoming who you wanted me to be. Not who I wanted to be. And I know who I am now. I know what my dreams are. I’m finally the person I want to be.”

“I don’t want to change that,” Dean said, holding his hands up. “But I do want to explain. Give me that much, at least?”

Eleven years. You’d changed a lot since you last saw him. Maybe he had too. And you’d come to the station today to explain your side of the story. The least you could do was give Dean the same courtesy you’d been denied by the officer. A glance at Sam cemented your decision. He was watching the exchange between you and his brother very interestedly. There was definitely more to this story.

“Alright. But you’re buying me lunch because they had me in that station for hours and I’m starving.”

“Deal.” A hesitant grin covered his face, and he opened the back door of his car for you, just like the gentleman he never was in high school.

Eleven years had changed him, and you were hoping it was for the better.

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Connor McDavid #17

Requested by Anon:  could you do a connor mcdavid imagine based off of the song 7 by catfish & the bottlemen? thanks!! love your writing btw!

*Thank you so so much!! I love Catfish & The Bottlemen and I love this song! I hope you don’t mind but I based this story off of this video. Enjoy! :)

Also, when I was writing this, I realized that this story can be the prologue of this original Connor drabble. I am seriously recommending that you read it after this one (especially for the new readers)! :) Thank you!! Again, it’s THIS LINK. :)*

Word count: 1, 356

Originally posted by wonthetrade

You really should stop biting your nails. It’s a bad habit and you know it. It’s also a nervous tick and you’ve never been more nervous in your life than when your grade eight teacher made you sing in front of the whole school – you were not a good singer.

Oh gosh, that was the worst. Good thing Connor was there to genuinely cheer you on. When everyone started to laugh at you, he stood, clapping, and in his uniquely Connor way shouted, “bravo, bravisimo!”

Even then, when Connor McDavid thinks you’re worth a clap and a cheer, everyone listened. At fourteen years old, everyone already respected Connor. Not only because he was the best hockey player in his age division but because he was someone everyone just sorta looked up to.

There was no doubt in your mind that he would be drafted first overall.

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  • the epitome of romantic
  • will probably bring you flowers out of nowhere
  • lunch dates are your favorite bc food + bin the greatest combination wow
  • backhugs for days omg
  • he’s fond of kissing your cheek while he hugs you from behind
  • his smile would just melt your heart into a puddle and like this happens often because you always catch him smiling at you omgakjfha
  • “bin why are you looking at me like that”
  • “i just think you look really beautiful today, i mean, you always look beautiful but, today especially.”
  • he tries to cook for you even though he has a little trouble doing so
  • this boy just wants to see you happy
  • you always compliment him on his dancing and singing and he blushes every time and it makes him 10000000x cuter
  • “bin-ah”
  • “what”
  • “i love yoooouuuuu”
  • you’d take so many selfies with him and like all of them turn out sillier than expected
  • you’d share earphones and you’d always end up singing along to the song you were listening to
  • and myungjun would take a video of you two and sanha would probably be screaming beside him about how cute they two of you are 
  • you honestly love it when he wears glasses
  • and then you’d steal them from him and then wear it afterwards
  • “that’s okay, they look better on you, anyway”
Colors. Part 1

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader; Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: Pepper Pots

Words: 1580

Warning: age difference (of you consider it a warning)

Tags: none

Request: requested by anonymous:

“HIIIIII. I’m such big fan of your imagines especially Tony’s, I love them, you have so much talent! I was wondering if I could request something… so I hope it is not too creepy haha but could you do an imagine based on the video-not necessarily the song-“Colors” by Halsey? With Peter Parker being Tony’s son or something and Peter thinks you’re falling for him but you are actually in love with Tony and age differences and stuff, you know just kind of the video’s story, pretty please? Thanks ILY”

Notes: since I want to develop it perfectly, I’ll do a multiple parts imagine out of this one, so tell me if you want to be tagged.

Originally posted by theunofficialthomasholland


You just couldn’t believe this was happening to you, especially when you hadn’t even finished high school yet. You were in your last year and that exactly was the reason why you needed to be completely focused on your studies. But that had been an impossible task for you since the first time you went to your best friend’s, Peter Parker, house.

It was well-known by everybody that his father was the billionaire Tony Stark so when he first invited you over, you felt nervous. You were going to meet Iron Man, you knew he was a genius, just like Peter, and you didn’t want to look like a stupid little girl in front of him.

What you never expected was for you to find the man so attractive. You wish you knew what it was: maybe his young-styled hair, his dark deep eyes, his intelligence, sarcasm. You had no idea what it was about, but since the moment you met him you fell for him. And it was wrong. So you didn’t tell anyone. He was a married man, you loved Pepper, and his son was your best friend. Plus, the age difference was huge. There was no way to make it happen. Not in a million years. But still, you couldn’t help but admire him from the distance.

“I’m so glad you wanted to come over, (Y/N)”, Peter told you the moment you stepped through the door.

“Yeah…I wanted to spend more time with you”, you said looking at Peter. “I feel like we’ve barely seen each other with all these assignments and stuff”, you added trying to sound confident.

“You’re right. I’m sorry I’ve been so distant”, he said as you two walked to the stairs to go to his room. “But my parents, especially my mum, are putting too much pressure on me to get into a good college”, he sighed.

“You don’t need the pressure. I’m sure you will end up in Harvard or something like that”, you laughed.

“They actually want me to go to Oxford”, he sighed.

“Oxford? Like… British Oxford?” You asked shocked. That was way too far away.

“Is there any other Oxford?” Peter laughed.

You were about to say some sarcastic comment back but the words got caught in your throat the moment you got to the top of the stairs and so Mr. Stark coming out of Pepper’s office. You gulped and tried to act normal but he immediately smiled when he saw you.

“(Y/N)!” He said. Before you could say anything else, he hugged you, taking your breath away, for a second before letting you go. “Is she staying for dinner?” Tony smiled looking at Peter. “I can’t wait to show her what I’m doing with Falcon’s suit”, he winked at you.

“Would you stay?” Peter smiled at you. Forcing yourself to look away from the man in front of you, you turned your head to your friend and nodded. “Great! I think Nana is making lasagne”, he said.

“Sounds delicious”, you smiled weakly.

“I’ll be in the lab if you kids need something and Pepper is in her office. But she’s kind of moody so… I wouldn’t disturb her for a while”, Tony said frowning a little.

“What did you tell her now?” Peter asked crossing his arms.

“Nothing! I think she’s on those days” he explained. “It can’t be so hard and painful for god’s sake”, Stark mumbled.

“Believe me, Mr. Stark, they are”, you chuckled a little.

He smiled at you, making you blush slightly, before going downstairs. It still took you a while to react and follow Peter to his room. He closed the door as you took a seat on his bed.

“Are you ok?” Peter asked sitting on the chair in front of his desk. “You seem a bit off suddenly”, he added.

“Oh yes, don’t worry. I’m fine, just… I was thinking about you going to England”, you lied. You knew you and Peter would be ok even if he was on the other side of the ocean. You were thinking about his forbidden father.

Peter got up just to seat next to you with a sigh. He took your hand which made you frown a little and look at him.

“It’s not like I want to be that far from you either, to be honest”, he admitted looking down at your hand. “I want to go to the university here in New York with you while you go to Juilliard”, you smiled a little.

You’ve been dreaming to get into Juilliard and become an actress since you were little. And Peter had been your only support when it came to that. Your parents thought it was stupid, that you wouldn’t make it, that you would never find a job or would work at Starbucks in Times Square until you were 40. But Peter knew you would make it, he had seen your school plays and your high school plays. He thought you were the most talented girl he had ever seen and was always there to encourage you when you had a breakdown.

“But my parents are obsessed with me going abroad”, Peter added. “Which it’s stupid since my own father got expelled from college”, he rolled his eyes.

“I wish you could stay”, you told Peter. And that was true. As much as you knew you two would be ok, you would still miss your best friend.

You looked at him with a sigh at the same time he looked at you. Somehow you saw something in his eyes changing, a sudden determination appeared and before you realised what was going on, his lips were on top of yours, kissing you passionately but slowly, enjoying the moment. And you kissed him back. As surprised as you were, you just couldn’t help it and placed your free hand on his neck.

Peter’s lips were insecure at the beginning but still they were sweet and gentle. His breath was fresh and you never thought this geek you had as best friend would be such a good kisser.

“Sorry…” he mumbled when he pulled away.                    

“Why?” You asked opening your eyes.

“I…don’t know”, he chuckled looking at you as well. His cheeks were red but his smiled was the most genuine you had ever seen. “I’ve…I’ve had this crush on you for a while, if I’m honest with you, and if I’m going to leave I had to do that. Or try it at least”, he sighed.

Biting your lip, you looked down at your hands, feeling worse than ever. There was nothing in this world that you wanted more than feeling the same way as Peter did. But you just couldn’t, and you couldn’t say you were in love with his father either. You didn’t have many options. With a sigh you looked at him and smiled as well.

“I’m glad you did it. Really”, you nodded squeezing his hand gently.

“Are you?” He smiled widely and you nodded.

Biting his lip for a moment, he leaned in and kissed you again. And once again, you kissed him back. This was wrong, you knew you could hurt him but maybe Peter could help you to get over his father and you could end up feeling the way he did as well. That would fix this entire situation for once and for all.

Peter and you spent the rest of the afternoon laying on his bed, cuddled up, while you were watching your favourite TV series of all times: Friends. At least once per year you saw the whole series and this time Peter had decided to join you, claiming he had never watch all the seasons.

When it was dinner time, FRIDAY told the two of you that the table was set and dinner was ready. So you turned off Peter’s laptop and went downstairs. You didn’t know where were you two standing at the moment but the way he held your hand the whole time gave you and his parents a clue.

“Well, well, well…what is this about?” Tony smirked the moment you both stepped in the dining room.

Peter laughed as he took a seat and you did the same next to him, trying not to look at Tony. You knew it was impossible, but you wish he felt jealousy somehow, but why would he?

“I’m so happy for you two”, Pepper stated once you all started eating. “You make a great couple and I know Peter liked you for a time”, she added with a wink.

“Mum!” Peter exclaimed making you laugh.

“I’m glad he took the step”, you said kissing Peter’s kiss softly.

“(Y/N), why don’t you join us next Saturday? We are going to play tennis, we can make it double now” Tony suggested. You gulped and looked at Peter. “We can spend the whole day together and you can stay over since we would be leaving early in the morning”, he explained.

“But no sharing rooms. It’s too soon for that”, Pots added making you chuckle.

“But…” Tony was about to protest when he saw his wife’s look. “Not until marriage, kids”, he said seriously which made you laugh even more.

“I would love to, thank you”, you accepted.

Peter squeezed your hand under the table and gave you his brightest smile. You knew you were the worst person ever. All you could hope for was to develop the same feelings Peter had towards you.

to me amber is such an inspirational person. i just cant explain it differently, i’m so proud to be her fan and support her through messages and buying her albums and songs and all that stuff, because i want this person to feel happy because she makes me happy. i get happy when i watch her ranting monkey videos, especially when she covers such heavy subjects. i might not always send feedback, or comment how i loved the video, but her videos always touch me in some way and i am so grateful to her



I love Jae so much you have no idea

One day I was going through youtube watching day6 fancams when I stumbled across this video. I honestly love this song so much, but watching this performance, especially of Jae, I could feel so much of his passion even through the screen. It’s almost as if he’s showing me, “this is what it means to love what you do, and why every one of us is doing music.” I’m not going to lie, being a musician is hard sometimes. That feeling of being obligated to practice everyday, and feeling unaccomplished until I’ve practiced that day, is hard to deal with sometimes. And all the endless hours of rehearsal. But it’s all because we love what we do. We have to, or else there’s no point to any of that work. The way he just seems to have so much fun performing reminded me what it meant to love music. Honestly though, I don’t feel this way every day. Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation, and for me I only get moments of satisfaction once in a while. Watching Jae though, and hearing him talk about music, makes me want to be like that. I want to be like that so badly. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do music for a living, but I want to be like that, having fun doing what I love.

Originally posted by iday6

Anyway he just inspires me a lot, both as a musician and as a person (because who doesn’t want to have those hashtagging skills?). He seems like such an introspective person who thinks a lot about life, and has sophisticated music tastes. Because of his recommendation, I’m now hooked on Michl’s music (it’s so amazing it almost seems like a whole new world since I don’t listen to this type of music). Even though he probably seems like an outgoing and carefree person in general, I think he’s also actually really intelligent and has lots of thoughts.

Originally posted by the-day6

I really want to ask him the reasons behind his motivations and his thoughts about music. You’ll promise me to that lunch date one day, right, Jae?

Colors. Part 3

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader; Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: Pepper Pots

Words: 1479

Warning: age difference (if you consider it a warning)

Tags: @raversam @wonderstarstruck @arkhamsnight @fuck-my-addiction

Request: requested by anonymous:

“HIIIIII. I’m such big fan of your imagines especially Tony’s, I love them, you have so much talent! I was wondering if I could request something… so I hope it is not too creepy haha but could you do an imagine based on the video-not necessarily the song-“Colors” by Halsey? With Peter Parker being Tony’s son or something and Peter thinks you’re falling for him but you are actually in love with Tony and age differences and stuff, you know just kind of the video’s story, pretty please? Thanks ILY”

Notes: none

Originally posted by dailytomholland

PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 4

Next day you had to witness how Pepper yelled at Peter when she found the two of you sleeping together. You were dressed since you hadn’t done anything because for both of you it felt like it was too soon, but still Pepper freaked out. Tony was just there giving you the thumbs up behind his wife’s back which made you smile a little.

“Mrs Stark…” You intervened as you saw Peter’s face. “I’m sorry, it was my fault. I had a nightmare in the middle of the night, I texted Peter and he came to my room. He was trying to make me go back to sleep and he was the one falling asleep. I just didn’t have the heart to wake him up I’m sorry”, you explained innocently. Pepper looked at you and then at Peter who smiled a little.

“Is that true?” She asked narrowing her eyes. Peter nodded silently so she sighed. “Ok, fine…but that’s the last time this happens, understood?”

“Yes mum”, Peter mumbled with a sigh.

His mum narrowed her eyes and then went to the kitchen where Nana was finishing making breakfast. Tony approached the two of you while he laughed a little.

“Well done, kiddo” he winked at you. “Nightmare…good one”, he laughed shaking his head.

“What?” You frowned.

“C’mon… you’re talking to me. I know you didn’t have any nightmare”, Tony smirked. You bite your lip but ended up smiling and shrugged. “I like this girl, son. I like her very much”, he said patting your shoulder before heading to the kitchen.

He liked you. You knew he didn’t mean it like you wanted him to. But he still liked you and that made you smile like an idiot. But you forced yourself to control it and looked at Peter who was looking at you smiling as well.

“You’re such a liar”, he said moving closer to you.

“Hey, I just saved your ass, so you’re welcome”, you smirked.

“Thank you”, he laughed before leaning in to kiss you. “Are you hungry?” He asked.

“Starving”, you replied.

Once you all had breakfast, you helped Nana to clean up the kitchen. She kept on telling you that you didn’t have to but it was the least you could do. When you were finished you hurried upstairs to your room to get changed. You weren’t too sure about what to wear but you had seen female tennis player so you took a white skirt and a white sleeveless t-shirt. When you were lacing up your trainers, Peter came in with a racket in his hand.

“You should be a tennis player”, he said looking at your outfit.

“Is that your head talking or your…?” You said raising an eyebrow.

“C’mon!” He laughed. “Can I say how awesome my girlfriend looks?” He smiled taking some hair out of your forehead.

“I guess you can”, you smiled before pecking his lips.

“I figured you didn’t have a racket so here you have”, he commented as he offered the one he had in his hand.

“What about you?” You asked unsure.

“I have some more”, he chuckled. “I’ve been playing since I was little so”, he added with a shrug.

“Thank you then”, you said taking the item from his hand. “I think I’m going to be a huge disaster”, you shook your head embarrassed.

“Don’t worry. It’s not a serious game, even when my mum can take it too seriously sometimes”, he told you.

“That makes me feel much better”, you said sarcastic. He laughed and hugged you before kissing your head.

“Let’s go. I think they’re waiting”, Peter said.

You nodded and quickly pulled your hair into a ponytail. Then you took the spot bag you had taken from your house and threw some clean clothes in to change afterwards. You asked Peter if you would need anything else but he said no so you two left the room and went straight to the garage where Pepper and Tony where already in the white Range Rover.

The drive to the club where they played tennis wasn’t too long. You though it would be out of the city or something like that but it was in Manhattan so it didn’t take you long. Tony parked in the parking lot and you all went in. You had never been there so you were taken back by all the luxury around you. It was obvious that everyone in there had all the money they needed and more. They all were the kind of people to pay a pizza with $100 and wouldn’t ask for the change.

You followed Peter the whole time and luckily he didn’t let go of your hand. You were sure you would get lost if he did.

“Since we have booked just one tennis court, why don’t Peter and I play first while you stretch?” Tony suggested.  

“Sounds good to me”, you nodded looking at Pepper who nodded as well with a smile.

The two of you sat on a bench next to the court and you took out the phone to take some pics and maybe record some videos.

“I like to watch them play first so I can see their weakness. Then, the both of them go crazy when I win”, she whispered to you.

“Good strategy”, you chuckled.

You had always admired Pepper. She was such an incredible woman. She was successful, smart, sassy, kind…and, sadly for you, perfect for Tony. No one could deny it. It was in every magazine, in every newspaper and every one you ever met would say they were perfect for each other. And there you were… falling for the billionaire who already had the perfect wife by his side.

With a sigh you turned on the camera on your phone and started taking photos of Peter and Tony. Then you also started recording some videos while they played and took some selfies of Pepper and me.

“C’mon, our turn!” Pepper smiled.

Just like you imagined, you were a disaster. You weren’t playing sets, just points, and in less than 5 minutes you were losing by ten points and you could hear Peter and Tony laughing their asses out seated on the bench.

“Oh shut up!” You exclaimed turning to them.

Of course, you shouldn’t have done that. Pepper was focused on the ball so she didn’t see that you weren’t paying attention and she hit the ball with all her strength. The ball flew to you and hit you on the head.

“Damn!” Tony exclaimed.

You felt the part of the head where the ball hit you completely numb and at the beginning you thought it was nothing but soon you saw blurry and you fell on the ground unconscious.

When you opened your eyes again you were on a couch in a quiet room you didn’t recognise. Looking around, you saw Tony talking to a man, Pepper on the phone and Peter next to you, death serious and looking down.

“How long have I been out?” You mumbled. He looked up and it surprised you that he didn’t move or anything. You just saw a tiny sign of relief in his eyes. But that was all.

“Thirty minutes”, he said. “My father carried you here and is talking to a doctor. My mum is talking to your mum”, he explained. You nodded and sighed closing your eyes for a moment. “How are you feeling?”

“A bit dizzy, but alright I guess”, you replied opening your eyes and looking at him. It was still weird that he didn’t even move towards you. “Are you alright?” You asked.

“Yes”, he immediately said looking down.

“Don’t lie to me. I know you, Peter…what’s wrong?” You asked again. It was then when you saw that he had your phone in his hand. “Is that my phone?” You frowned. He nodded and looked at you.

“You received a text from Mary Jane. It was interesting”, he said staring at you.

Slowly, you sat up. Mary Jane was the only person in the world who knew about your feelings towards Tony Stark and, judging by Peter’s look, somehow you knew he was aware of those now as well.

“What did she say?” You mumbled.

“Here…read it yourself. Maybe you can explain”, he said giving your phone back to you.

Gulping, you took your phone and unlocked it. Then you opened the iMessage app and opened your conversation with MJ, reading her last message as your heart raced against your chest:

“(Y/N) you know this is wrong. You can’t be with Peter while you’re in love with his own father. You know you will hurt him. The best you can do is stay away from him before you regret it even more”.

“Interesting, right? Care to develop?” Peter said coldly when you finished reading and looked at him.

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any unrequited love hc for jelix? maybe from both sides? but unknown? ends well? idk i love you.

i love you too anon!!!!

and yes omg i love this idea bc Suffering 

jack to felix:

-he’d be the more emotional of the two, constantly thinking about it, using his job as a distraction bc he hates thinking about it. 

-he’s beat himself up over it a lot, especially while he lies in bed, staring up at the ceiling 

-”get over yourself and get over him”

-would go through little spells of depression where he thinks about it more than normal, and just makes it worse by listening to songs that remind him of felix, and watch fe’s videos

-he’s started a million letters and text messages, and never sent a single one

-always making up excuses to cut their skype calls short 

felix to jack:

-would get more angry at himself than anything. punches walls, gets frustrated at the smallest things

-loses a lot of sleep over it

-isn’t as good at hiding it in his day to day life, cant use his job to distract himself that much, so lack of videos ensues

-eats his feelings

-has also started so many text messages that havent been sent

There were days when it looked like love,
especially if you turned down the volume.
But even if you didn’t.

Bus rides asleep on each other’s
shoulders, sharing an ear-bud
plugged into a song
as if sharing a secret.

Afternoons where we stayed in
our pajamas and played video games
after he bought us twin bodega sandwiches
and remembered mine without the meat.

And while I look back
on the memories with equal, if not more
repulsion, I know that I wasn’t an idiot
to stay. That my heart invented
its own verb which meant To Love
The Dog Who Licks The Scar It Gave You.

On a dirty bar couch on Valentine’s Day
he said I would fight with you every morning
if it meant I could kiss you at night and at the time
it didn’t sound like the Codependent National Anthem
or a vending machine where you put in fury
and get out passion

or even like the things I read now
in pamphlets—the ones I thrust upon other women
like my own righteous gospel—

it sounded like the sweetest thing
he’d ever said to me. A poem
I could fold real small and carry
around in my locket, not noticing, for months
how it also kind of

—  Megan Falley, “The Balance”
snk characters + how they behave when they're drunk

(I hope this hasn’t been done before!)

Eren: he’s like the quiet drunk?? He gets like super silent once he’s got a couple of beers down the road and gets a slight slur in his voice. Once everyone’s leaving though he’ll get up and fall right onto his fucking face

Armin: he becomes strangely confident when he’s drunk like he’ll at least hug everyone once and scream, “Excuse me, I have a BOYFRIEND!” at everyone who tries to flirt with him

Mikasa: ohh she gets like reaalllyy romantic and cheesy (but not flirty tho) like she’ll grab the karaoke mic and never let it go and sing only cliché love songs and all

Connie: he’s 10x crazier (surpriiise). He’s so exuberant when he’s drunk people usually don’t let him drink so much, especially with sasha around


Jean: he’s the sexual drunk lmaooo like he’ll call eren a bitch and then five minutes later he’ll be stripping and giving him a lap dance

Marco: okay I have this weird weird image of him sitting in the corner with a really creepy grin on his face. That’s it.

Annie: omg she’s totally the flirt like you can probably find her flirting w a dog if she gets too drunk lmao

Historia: she’s the one who passes out w half a shot and complains about hangover the next morning honestly so she usually doesn’t drink strong stuff

Ymir: omg this girl doesn’t crack with a gallon of beer down her throat like she usually sits next to an emotional drunk, listens to all their shit, remembers every single fucking thing the next morning and constantly embarrasses them

Bertholdt: okay he’s the designated driver lol so he’s generally in the corner drinking orange juice, which he doesn’t really mind and gets a laugh at all his friends acting crazy

Reiner: he’s the emotional drunk okay fight me on this

Colors. Part 2

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader; Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: Pepper Pots

Words: 1724

Warning: age difference (of you consider it a warning)

Tags: @raversam @wonderstarstruck @arkhamsnight

Request: requested by anonymous:

“HIIIIII. I’m such big fan of your imagines especially Tony’s, I love them, you have so much talent! I was wondering if I could request something… so I hope it is not too creepy haha but could you do an imagine based on the video-not necessarily the song-“Colors” by Halsey? With Peter Parker being Tony’s son or something and Peter thinks you’re falling for him but you are actually in love with Tony and age differences and stuff, you know just kind of the video’s story, pretty please? Thanks ILY”

Notes: none

Originally posted by fakesheep-luna

PART 1 / PART 3 / PART 4

That night Peter convinced his father to let him drive one of his cars so he could take you home since you lived in an apartment in Queens and the subway wasn’t really safe at that time of the night. Both, Tony and Pepper, hugged you goodbye which made your heart race as you felt Tony so close to you, and at the same time it made you want to cry. Why did you have to feel this way?

You and Peter spent the whole drive talking about school and the people in it. You two were together in almost every single class, except History. He was your partner in Biology and also helped you in Maths since you were a complete disaster. Actually, you didn’t know how you would have managed to pass the class if it wasn’t for him.

“Thanks for the ride, Pete”, you smiled when he stopped out of your apartment.

“No problem”, he replied stopping the engine and turning in his seat to look at you. “So…” he chuckled nervously.

You knew what he wanted to talk about and it obviously made you feel awful. He was your best friend, he liked you and you were kind of using him to get over his dad. How could you do this to him? Every single part of you was screaming to tell him the truth, to spare him from the pain you would probably cause him, but you had never seen his eyes so bright and his smile so happy. Would you really have the courage to break his heart?

“Where are we standing?” He finally asked. Biting your lip you shrugged. “I know… we are best friends, and if this goes wrong it can be the end of our friendship as well but I know we can make it work”, he spoke looking straight at you. “We make a good team and I think we can make a great couple…if you want to”

You gulped and reached for his hand. Now it was your time to make the decision, knowing the consequences it might had. But you knew how selfish you were and you knew you could fall for Peter. It may take you a while but it was possible…right? Taking a deep breath, you leaned in, closing the gap between you two and kissing him slowly. You felt his hand on your cheek as he kissed you back and the smile appearing in the middle of the kiss.

“Is that enough?” You smiled a little.

“It will never be enough but it will do it for tonight”, he replied making you chuckle. “See you tomorrow?” You nodded with a smile and he pecked your lips.

With a sigh you took your bag from between your legs and got out of the car. Peter turned on the engine but didn’t leave until you were into the building. The house was dark and silent so you assumed your mother was already asleep. You lived with her since your parents got divorced five years ago and your father lived in Chicago. You used to visit once a month but that was all. Silently, you went to your room where you found your cat, Arya, sleeping on your bed. With a small smile you changed into your pyjamas and got into the bed with a sigh. How would all this go?

The rest of the week went by pretty fast. Your classmates weren’t surprised when they saw you and Peter holding hands down the aisle, since it was something everyone could see coming. But for you it was strange and you couldn’t help but feel guilty. Somehow, you managed to go through the rest of the week without thinking about Tony and focusing on his son who was your boyfriend now: Peter.

“So will you stay over tonight?” Peter asked leaning against the lockers while you took your Algebra book.

“Sure! I already talked to my mum and she’s ok with it”, you said as you put your History book back in the locker.

“Awesome”, he smiled widely. “Just one question…have you ever played tennis before?” He smirked. You laughed out loud and closed the locker. It wasn’t a secret that you weren’t into sports.

“Not much. A couple of times I think”, you shrugged. “But how hard can it be?” You asked with a smile as you two started walking to the class.

“Usually not much, but my father can get so competitive and make it harder” Peter explained.

“I see…well, he kind of likes me so he will go easy on me”, you winked at him. He laughed and nodded wrapping an arm around your shoulder and placing a kiss on your head.

You two walked into the class. As always, you wanted to seat at the back but Peter dragged you to the second row where he took a seat and signalled you to seat next to him.

“You’re such a nerd”, you laughed shaking your hand as you took a seat with a sigh.

He stuck his tongue out at you just when the teacher came in. Taking a deep breath, you opened the book of one of the subjects you hated the most. You tried to stay focus but it was just too boring and, actually, Peter was the one making you come back down to Earth in multiple occasions during that hour.

Luckily, it was the last one so once the bell rang you were all free to go home and enjoy the weekend. You were in a hurry since you were already a bit late to take the subway so you kissed Peter goodbye and told him you would call him as soon as you got home to tell him when you would be going to his house later that day.

You told Peter you would be at his house around 8 p.m. since you wanted to take some time to do some homework. But you couldn’t get yourself to do anything since you were starting to get nervous. You were about to spend the day with the Starks. With Peter, your boyfriend, his father, the man you had feelings for, and her mother. Maybe you could just take it as an acting exercise, like you were performing on a stage. That maybe would make it easier, or that’s what you wanted to believe.

By the time you got to the Starks residence you thought you had never been more nervous. Not even when you had to perform in front of a whole theatre a couple of years ago.

“Hey there”, Peter said when he opened the door. With a smile he kissed you softly before letting you in and closing the door.

Immediately, you looked around for his father and a part of you was happy when you didn’t see him. That would give you some times to prepare yourself.

“My father told me to take you to his lab, he said he wanted to show you Falcon’s new suit since he couldn’t show it to you the other day”, Peter told you. Oh crap. Goodbye to your preparation. “So give me your bag and I will take it upstairs, you know where the lab is, right?” He asked and you nodded with a small smile.

He took the bag from your hands and pecked your cheeks before hurrying upstairs. So you had to face him all alone. Great. Taking a deep breath you walked downstairs to Tony’s lab and knocked on the door.

“(Y/N)! So great you’re here, c’mon in”, he said unlocking the door. When you stepped in he hugged you quickly and guided you through the lab to the table where he was working.

“Wow…” you said admiring the new suit.

“You like it? Look, I had added some tiny guns on the wings so he doesn’t have to depend on Red Wing the whole time. And this…makes the wings invisible”, he explained you.

“Wow, Mr Stark, sounds…amazing”, you smiled and looked at him. “But what’s the point on making the wings invisible if Sam will still be seen?” You asked.

He stared at you and narrowed his eyes before placing a hand over his chin. You bite your lip since he had never looked at you for so long and it was making you truly nervous. With a gulp, you forced yourself to look away but you still felt his eyes on you.

“You’re right”, he finally mumbled and looked at the suit. “You’re completely right. It’s pointless…” he added.

“I think it’s a great idea, though, but… It would be better if there was a way of making all of him invisible”, you shrugged.

“You’re brilliant!” He exclaimed hugging you all of sudden, even picking you up from the floor. “Of course! You’re completely right and I have a great idea. That bird man will love this”, he said running to the other side of the lab.

You took that time to stabilize your breathing and your heart beat. Luckily for you, Peter walked in the lab just then which gave you a distraction. With a sigh you hugged him and snuggled your face in his chest as he hugged you back.

“You ok?” He asked against your hair.

“Yes, just a bit tired from today”, you said with a sigh.

“Then let’s go. We can have a hot chocolate and go to sleep. My dad won’t even notice you’re gone right now”

You turned around and saw Tony completely focused on his work. You had to admit that Peter’s words hurt you a bit but it was true. With a sigh you followed Peter out of the laboratory and went to the kitchen. He told you to sit down while he made the chocolates for both of you.

“My mother has insisted on us sleeping in different rooms but she still told me to put your things in the one that’s in front of mine so…” he took a seat next to you and gave you one of the mugs. “We can wait until they’re asleep and I sneak into your room”, he smiled.

“Sounds good to me”, you smiled at him. Sleeping next to him would definitely help you to take your head off some things.

“Awesome”, he said with a huge smile on his face.

anonymous asked:

I saw you do matches and I wanted to give it a try. Some info about myself: i'm super introverted but I do like hanging out in small groups. I'm lazy but I do like going for walks or bike rides. I...have a history of depression and self esteem issues and I have off days. I love to read horror/fantasy, anime and video games. I identify as demi, so physical intimacy won't be right away. My humor is dry and sarcastic. Love animals, especially dogs. Hope it wasn't too much or little! Thank you!

* Ho’snap, it’s my first ever match~.  Thanks for sending it in, and I hope I’m doing this right!  I always wanted to try ‘em.  

I think Swapfell Papyrus would be a good match for you.  He’s not a fan of crowds or big groups, so you don’t have to worry about him dragging you anywhere, though he’d definitely be up for a bike ride.  Heck, he’d even be up for one of those bicycles built for two–though he might slack and you’d end up pedaling him around.  He’s spent plenty of time reading in his room, so he’d be able to recommend a book, and thanks to Undyne, he’s familiar with anime–and you have the same sense of humor!  He’s also the reason the Annoying Dog ends up around his house; he keeps leaving bone attacks around so he can pet it.  

Your dates with SF!Paps would involve lounging around his house, watching anime or playing games.  He’ll slip an arm around you and the two of you can wrap up in a blanket and just enjoy being together.  Surprisingly, he’s also a good cook when he’s motivated, so if his brother’s not around, prepare to be treated to dinner.   

Since he’s used to being told what to do, he’s not going to dare touch you without permission, and it’ll take him a while to even get to the arm-around-your-shoulders stage.  As his feelings grow, however, he’s going to become fiercely protective of you and worry about you when you’re not around him.  He’s going to make sure you know exactly how great you are and how much he cares about you because those are things that he always wanted to hear himself–from his brother–so he wants to make sure you see yourself through his eyes.  Speaking of, his brother will be the biggest obstacle in your relationship because Blackberry is bound to be jealous of Papyrus’s divided attention, but Paps is going to do his best to keep everyone happy.  

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Not to be pushy or anything! But are you planing on doing any more songs? I hope I'm not bothering you I'm just curious. I love your voice!

Yes! Definitely! I’m working on two right now! The first would already be done, but I’m making a video with lots of pictures for it, so it’s taking longer than expected (especially since I’m about to go out of the country for a short while). But when I get back I’ll try blasting through it. And if the video takes too long, I’ll work on the other song with the simpler video instead haha


My two ultimate Biases! I Love these men and I’m so glad I discovered Got7 because just by watching them or listening to a song puts me in a happy mood! Now Jinson/Markson/Markjinson they really make me happy especially when I watch videos of their moments! So grateful for all of the Got7 men though really they help to keep me positive!💋💖💋💖💋💖😊🌟🙌🇺🇸🇰🇷🇨🇳🇷🇺

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