i love this song and this video especially

Things I need on the IT DVD:




-TONS OF BLOOPERS (cause you know this cast was laughing at themselves more than acting)



-CHOSEN JACOBS (Mike) MUSIC VIDEO FOR HIS SONG LOSERS with The Losers Club starring in it



Add what you think should be there too and I will update!

What I really love about Hayley Kiyoko

Is that she isn’t coy about any of this. She isn’t flirting with implications in lyrics or subtle hints or anything.
She released “Girls Like Girls” and it wasn’t a secret gay anthem. It was open and obvious. Her music videos are obviously about wlw. She doesn’t shy away from it at all. And yes it’s becoming more accepting in society and in media for wlw, but there’s still this air of “we’re not gonna define it. It’s open to interpretation.” Especially in mainstream-type music, there’s not a lot of just very plain “this song is gay and that’s that.”
But Hayley does exactly that. I don’t know I just really love it. Young girls are searching for media that they can connect with and she is giving it to them. She’s giving them their romantic music videos, their sexy pop songs, their self-acceptance anthems for when they’ve had enough. And it’s amazing.

NU’EST Ballad/ Slower songs that need to be appreciated!

Making this because I’m seeing a lot of people say they don’t like slower songs/ballads in regards to nu’est comeback and I don’t understand why (but respect your opinion), as I think some of NU’ESTs best composed songs and best lyrics are in their slow emotional songs. I don’t think nu’est will comeback with a slow song, but heres a list to try and make the ballad haters into lovers, as 50% of NU’ESTs discography is slower songs! All their ballads hit you hard and aren’t boring at all with their own distinct beats

I’m Sorry


NU’ESTs first ever slower song. Despite being an eternal meme because of the er . . “interesting” outfits, the beat of the song is actually really good. I still hate the bit of autotune they used on Minhyun’s voice (even as a 16 yr old kid he didn’t need it) but it’s still a nu’classic and doesn’t feel outdated after 5 years.

 Love You More


For most ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’s this song might bring back painful memories, because it’s the song they performed after JR’s infamous letter to the members in Japan, where he cried, causing all the members to cry (even Baekho got a teary eyed) and poured his heart out- he said the members endured it all because they had each other, and how he thought he failed as leader. Minhyun cried so much he couldn’t sing. Even now I struggle to listen to this beautiful song because of the memories.

Baekho’s high note gives me chills. The song lyrics can both me interpreted as a tragic love story or a plea to leaving fans to stay.

Love without Love


They performed this one on a song for you and SLAYED. All four vocalists shine but Minhyun’s high note is especially impressive.

I’m Bad

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Warning: Try not to get distracted by how ridiculously good looking the boys look in this MV. This song was released as a 3rd anniversary special single, the only thing released in Korea in 2015 (fuk u pledis). Baekho was recovering from the removal of nodules in his throat so this is the only time the group promoted as 4 members (well you know, until the whole Wanna One and NU’EST W thing).

The lyrics are about treating your lover badly and feeling guilty, but it sounds really relaxing. THE CHORUS IS SO CATCHY, I especially love the way Aron sings it, with Baekho’s absence, he also does the high note and it’s amazing- Aron really proved he was a vocalist here. Also Minhyun’s face will make you cry. PLEASE LOVE THIS SONG IT’S SO UNDERRATED 



This isn’t really a ballad but whatever. THEIR BEST JAPANESE TITLE TRACK, now lemme tell you kids this song is THE SONG. The umbrella dance is on point, but the song like damnnnn.

The beat/violin at the end you will never forget, the chorus makes my heart beat fast. Baekho kills the vocal game. It gets INTENSE at the end, with the violin getting rapid paced with the combo of Minhyun and Baekho vocal harmonisation…. also Ren is shirtless.

Ame Nochi Eien


From the ‘Bridge the world’ Japanese album, another song with the theme of rain lmao. This is honestly one the best Nu’est songs ever made. Although Baekho and Minhyun sing 60% of the song, Minhyun’s voice on the chorus is soft and delicate, which goes so well with Baekho’s powerful vocal, with the high-note of the end being the most impressive he’s ever done.

One Kiss

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A fan favourite that got re-discovered after Produce 101 and killed the charts? wow I LOVE A REVERSAL STORY. JR’s rap got super famous online during pd101, NU’EST W performed it very nervously (but did amazing) in their mini concert v live, and the most memorable moment with this song was when loves sang it back to them at their recent fan meeting <3

Daybreak (JR + Minhyun)


This one is actually known, it has a beautiful aesthetic stunning marvellous MV. Following the concept of the Canvas album, you are meant to listen to this song in the morning and it fits perfectly. Super relaxing and beautiful, “From the moon to the stars” is one of my fave Minhyun lines now ICONIC

Thank You

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One of many songs given to loves as a thank you gift. This one is special is because Minhyun wrote it for loves- it also rose on the charts after Produce 101, as Baekho posted the lyrics to the song after the final, tagging all the members. So fans made it rise to say Thank You to the members for working so hard on Produce 101, and as a goodbye memento to Minhyun who would promote in Wanna One for 1.5 years. Equal line distribution and all members shine. 

 Hello (2017 ver.)

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Just like “If you” the 2017 version oF Hello was dedicated to Minhyun. I don’t consider a ballad but this version really is. NU’ESTs most famous song. THE SONG OF ALL SONGS. THE MOST EMOTIONAL. THE MOST BITTERSWEET. Nu’est performed this ver. on V-live, I was shocked because I didn’t expect all the members to like.. breakdown and start crying while they performed it. This song is NU’ESTs anthem, a representation of their iconic reversal, never done before in a boygroup. It was the most emotional thing they ever recorded. I expect a 2019 ver. when Minhyun gets back.

And thats it! Please don’t assume a song is boring just because it’s a ballad! Yes NU’ESTs recent rnb electro high like Look and Overcome are unique, powerful and high energy. But slower deep emotional songs where their talents also seriously shine need to be appreciated as well.

ain’t it fun.mp4

(To clarify on the song choice… I kinda imagine the lyrics as Ford’s more negative thoughts towards himself- especially as Weirdmageddon happens, since he fully believes it’s all his fault. I chose this song mainly because I saw a lot of parallels between some of the lyrics and Ford’s experiences- especially some of the mistakes he made. And also, it’s hella catchy and has a good beat. That’s all. No hate on Ford, you all should know by now that I love the man XD) 

dear taylor,
hi, my name is alaina (or ali) and i love you so much. my birthday is in exactly 7 days and i’ll be turning 15!! i will definitely be blasting your song “fifteen” ALL day long. i’m so glad you’re back. i missed you so much because you’ve been such a huge part of my life since i was 3 or 4 years old. so i basically discovered you back in 2006. “teardrops on my guitar” was playing on the radio and my mom goes “hey drew, this girl says your name in her song!” and i got SO excited. my brother was just a baby so he was excited but probably didn’t process the fact that you were saying his name. the next day, my mom yelled up to me, “alaina! that girl taylor swift is on TV! come look!” and i remember seeing you on GMA. they were showing a clip of you in the “teardrops on my guitar” music video. i remember feeling a sense of pride, kinda like “YES THATS MY GIRL!!!” little did i know, that girl named taylor swift would become my idol who i would look up to. taylor, you have made such a positive impact on my life. you have taught me so many important lessons, such as, loving people for who they truly are. your songs have been there for me when others weren’t. you have no idea how much we have in common. i love to write. especially writing songs. music and singing are my passion. ever since i discovered you and claimed you as my idol, my dream has been to be just like you, to be a successful singer/songwriter. you have taught me to be fearless in everything i do. you have made me stronger. you’ve shaped me into the person that i am today. you make me endlessly happy. i cannot thank you enough. so, thank you for being such a great idol. i love you so so so much. thank you for everything.
xoxo, alaina @taylorswift

r e s t   i n   p e a c e  //  chester bennington

this has got to be one of the hardest hits with a celebrity death i have ever dealt with. my childhood and teenage hero, my idol. we all knew you dealt with a lot growing up, and you portrayed the pain so well with your lyrics. the lyrics meant so much to us all who where going through the same pain, letting us express and realise our pain and also realising we are not alone in this world.

i remember my hybrid theory album was played so much my parents even knew the album off by heart. i would listen to that album so much, especially when i was moving around and dealing with bullying in school. meteora was definitely the album that helped me transition from country to country and helped me get through a good amount of high school. minutes to midnight helped me let out my anger and pain during the middle part of high school, when bullying was at its roughest.

i do admit, i warred off linkin park after minutes to midnight, but the album ‘a thousand suns’ was such a great album and i still listened the crap out of it, especially during my times in mental hospital. and we get to ‘one more light’ which was such a beautifully yet painful album to listen to, but really made me appreciate your music and growth, i even expressed my love and respect for you guys on the heavy mv and is now one of the top comments on the video. 

the many years of being an intense lp fan were so great. moderator for the official chester fourm, being part of the lpu, constantly on the lp official chatroom, all the linkinparktv videos and exclusive songs. it was truly a brilliant time. i’m not even going to lie that i have stopped doing all of that now, but it never stopped my love and support for you guys, even if it was more quiet compared to how it used to be from me.

hearing about your passing and suicide really hit home. it hit me hard. i never got to hear your voice live. i never got to meet you in person to thank you for being part of a band that helped me grow into the stronger human i am today, but, i hope you do realise how much of an impact you had on so many of us.

i really, really, really wished we were able to help you battle this demon that took you away from the world. depression is never a joke. behind all your dad jokes and smiles, there was a deep sadness hidden away from the world. i wish you were still here with us.

thank you so much for blessing us with your vocals, your talent, your music and your life. thank you so much. i love you so much. thank you forever. #ripchester

Jimin: *edits and posts a video of their trip to Japan*

Antis: he did this all by himself

Antis: Jungkook clearly doesn’t care about it

Jungkook: *films Jimin during the entire trip, especially him laughing*

Jungkook: *edits a beautiful video of their time in Japan*

Jungkook: *uses a romantic af song in the background*

Jungkook: bitCH YOU THOUGHT

Dating Chanyeol Would Include

• Dating Chanyeol would be crazy.

• he would be so nervous to ask you out. But he’ll keep on pretending that he isn’t.

• when you say yes he will be the happiest man alive

• expect phone calls at 1 am

• non stop teasing

• being the loudest couple

• getting cockblocked from the other members

• him surprising you randomly with gifts just to see your smile

• you always teasing him on how cute his ears make him look

• him randomly taking you out claiming it as a date

• traveling to random places

• couple clothes and shoes

• cute couple selcas (selfies)

• playing pranks on the other members

• being in his v live videos

• doing couple challenges

• him posting pictures of you on his instagram

• good night and morning texts

• lots of cuddles

• rough sex

• trying new food

• you reading him to sleep with your favorite books

• him singing you to sleep

• going to arcades a lot

• laughing over random things

• causing the members to get annoyed

• lots of inside jokes

• both of you taking weird pictures of each other

• him coming back to apologize when you two get into an argument

• him making you feel better about yourself

• cute little kisses in public mostly hand holding though

• but really passionate ones at home when no one’s around

• listening to music together

• him making songs about you

• there would not be any second when he isn’t saying a corny joke or pickup line

• “hey babe are you from Tennessee?”

• “not again Chanyeol”

• he loves making you smile especially when you listen to his songs

• he’ll be a major fanboy of yours

• you two will go on random shopping sprees

• probably even start playing hide and seek inside the store

• he would adopt a puppy for both of you

• video game nights with him

• he would make breakfast for you

• you stealing his t shirt

• him saying “i love you” to you every time he gets a chance

• he would show you off to everyone

• he’ll get whiny when you don’t pay attention to him

• sometimes even become a bit possessive but he knows how to keep his cool

• midnight walks

• stupid nickname

• he’ll ask you random questions

• “will you still love me if I’m bald?”

• you two roasting everyone

• he’s high key whipped

• he would do anything for you

• daddy kink

• he would show you off to everyone

• small karaoke dates

• sending cute snapchat filters

• him just listening to you about your day

• overall Chanyeol would be the most cutest and kindest boyfriend he’ll love you more than anything. He’ll cherish you and give you the love you deserve.

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BTS reaction to you singing when you concentrate

requested by anon


Jin would enjoy your humming. He would like to hear your soft singing whenever you were working on something. To him it would feel very domestic.

“Ah, I love your singing. It’s so peaceful!”

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Yoongi normally wouldn’t mind your singing. He would even find it to be inspirational at times…. except for when he’s working and you are in the room, too. 


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Namjoon wouldn’t mind it too much. He would actually like to get inspired by your melodies, since you don’t think about them too hard when you sing.

“WAH! I just had an amazing idea for a song! Thanks, babe!”

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Hoseok wouldn’t really notice your humming until you aren’t home for a few days. He would notice how much he misses it then. He would also sway along a lot without realizing it.

“I never realized how much you sing and hum. I really miss it. The house is too quiet without you.”

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Jimin would find your singing and humming very cute. Especially when you do it without noticing. He would have a secret folder full of videos of you singing while lost in thoughts on his phone.

“When we are on tour and I miss you too much I listen to them.”

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Tae would love the singing. Similar to Jin, it would feel very domestic to him. He would also love to sing along if he recognizes the song and turn it into a dramatic duet that leaves the two of you giggling.

“A whole new woooooooorld!”

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Kookie would find it mildly irritating, but he wouldn’t want to say anything since it helps you thinking.


“Something wrong Kookie?”

“Noooooo, me? I’m fineeee.”

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-Admin Krümmel

My favorite title song from Seventeen, has to be Very Nice. I feel like the boys had so much fun making the video (especially Seungkwan during the confetti scene haha) and when they did the live, I loved when they said ‘woah’! The choreography was a very fun to look at. I especially love the high notes that they hit. Heck I can’t even hit it haha. I would like Seventeen to make more songs like that.

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Please please I'm always looking for more music, especially gay music

OKAY here are some of my faves. All the songs below have zero male love interests. Not all the songs are explicitly gay, but the ones that aren’t still give off huge gay vibes in my opinion.

Bolded songs are explicitly about wlw, italicized songs have sapphic music videos. * Starred songs are by sapphic artists (that I know of!)

  1. Whatever You Like (Cover) - Anya Marina
  2. Crazy - Au Revoir Simone
  3. Girls - Beatrice Eli *
  4. Picture This - Blondie *
  5. Night Go Slow - Catey Shaw
  6. Cast Away - Coeur De Pirate *
  7. One - Dani Shay *
  8. Lowkey - DEV
  9. I Don’t Do Boys - Elektra
  10. Delilah - Florence + the Machine
  11. Can’t Help Falling in Love - Hayley Reinhart
  12. Pretty Girl - Hayley Kiyoko *
  13. Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko *
  14. Cliff’s Edge - Hayley Kiyoko * (seriously, just listen to Hayley. everything she does is gay)
  15. Dontcha - The Internet
  16. Hey There Deliliah (cover) - Jasmine Thompson
  17. She - Jen Foster *
  18. Can’t Feel My Face (cover) - Kina Grannis
  19. Suddenly I see - KT Tunstall
  20. Hey Girl - Lady Gaga *
  21. Riptide (Cover) - Misterwives
  22. Take Me To Church (cover) - Neon Jungle
  23. What’s It Gonna Be? - Shura
  24. There She Goes - Sixpence None the Richer
  25. Bestie - Sizzy Rocket
  26. All The Things She Said - tATu
  27. Boyfriend - Tegan and Sara *
  28. Recessional - Vienna Teng *


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Is it just me but Jimin's serendipity trailer gives me his Scorpio mars/venus vibes especially the song's lyrics: "You are I, I am you." And the whole "Just let me love you" on repeat! But the innocent/lighthearted-ish aesthetics of the video maintains his Libra sun and Gemini moon feel. Idk what I'm saying, maybe I'm just over-thinking this bc I've been reading your blog too much haha ❤

i totally agree! the way he confessed his complete devotion to her in such poetic, soft ways. the whole concept of your mind, soul, and body being connected with your lover is a very scorpio venus kinda thing

and my new kink: jimin confirming astrology

About Stefán Karl Stefánsson(Robbie Rotten)

Just read an article about our beloved actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson who played Robbie Rotten from Lazy town and how his cancer has gotten worse. The chances of him growing older is unfortunatly much lower now and I felt like sharing this to you guys because I didn’t see much posts about this on tumblr. You can read the article here:https://www.google.se/amp/www.wetheunicorns.com/news/robbie-rotten-cancer-final-stages/amp/ I would also like to say that ‘we are number one’ meme were probably one of my favourite memes because it saved a life… or atleast for a while. And the fact that Stefán loved those memes and also even sang that song for us with the original crew behind him on a video really proves how much he cares about his fans. I have never met Stefán in person, but I bet that he would be one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Please spread this information to others and support him, especially now in these hard times. I’m not sure if there are any donations you can go to to try to help him further, but if any of you guys know please reblog with the link so others can find it easily. Let’s pray and hope for the best for Stefán and always remember that HE will always be number one to us.

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Sunday was a difficult day for some reason. My son loves Just Dance Videos and came to my room after he should have been asleep. In addition to wanting lavender oil for a mosquito bite, he began singing a song to me to see if I knew it.

Appropriately, the phrase he kept singing…“Everyone needs someone to lean on…” https://youtu.be/YqeW9_5kURI

Especially in the aftermath of the hurricanes and tragedy in Las Vegas as well as personal challenges we all experience, remembering it is ok to lean on others as well as a privilege to be a support.

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Do you know of any good gay songs?

oh boy do i

i’m also gonna link to the music tag which has a bunch of recs

here’s a list tho

anything by hayley kiyoko

anything by teagan and sara (especially their newest album it’s GAY)

catey shaw - night go slow (catey shaw is bi and has quite a few gay-feeling songs so check her out)

lowell - lgbt | a good all around gay song abt being lgbpq

beatrice eli - girls | i love this song but it does have some references to sex/nsfw lyrics so be aware of that

zolita - holy | this music video is actually my aesthetic tbh (the actual songs starts at 1:46)

metro station - she likes girls | i just really love this song bc it’s sung from the perspective of a guy who thinks his girlfriend/girl he likes likes another girl and he’s just like “go get a gf i support u 100%” without being gross and fetishizing and it’s p cute

mary lambert - she keeps me warm and jessie’s girl | remember that one part in same love? turns out the girl who did that has an adorable full version of it and the voice of an ANGEL i love her so much

studio killers - jenny | tfw u accidentally fall in love w ur bff 

gia - only a girl | if ur just figuring out u might not like boys like u do girls here’s a song about it

dodie clark - she and a permanent hug from you ft tessa violet | i’m actually in love w dodie clark???? the first one is abt liking an unattainable girl and the second is about going on a date and w tessa + dodie singing it sounds like it’s between two girls

ally hills - coming out the song, how to know if a girl is a lesbian, in love with a straight girl, and space | the first three r kinda silly and playful and the last one is more serious abt a breakup 

also i have a spotify playlist full of gay songs!!! 

Can I just say I’m so proud and happy for ten ????? I don’t wanna sound like a typical ten stan saying “oh my god about time ” or “finally ” but like I’m actually so proud I know everyone in the NCT fandom has waited a year for Tens return I don’t really know why ? But I’m assuming they wanted ten to get better on his Korean , I understand that Not gonna lie I was mad for waiting a year just to ten get back like he’s getting a solo.. in SM station .. like um wow ? This boy probably worked his ass off day and night studying not only that making lyrics and creating choreography for this song ? Like that’s impressive the video too from what I saw was so pleasing ! It suited ten’s personality so well ! And especially his voice !! Like it’s so soft he’s worked hard on his singing too it’s so fucking great to see him happy and I hope he feels proud for his work because I know we’re all proud of ten …


By Daria Cohen

Please support her by visiting her youtube channel!

I don’t know how I found this video, but I just fell in love with it as soon as I finished watching it!! 

The animation appealed to all the things that I loved years ago: Voltaire’s beautiful voice and songs, vampires, seduction of the innocent, tall and monstrous characters, and that walk…. 

The animation is smooth and is in sync with the music. The song is catchy and his voice is sure to enthrall you!