i love this song and this is perfect for them ok

When I am Old

@curliesallovertheplace requested: Hiya! Lately I’ve been obsessed with the song ‘When I’m old’ by Lawson and I think it would make a cute fluffy Dean aesthetic or Sam, or Cas… I love them all! Go where your muse leads you! Love ya 

The song gave me Cas feels I hope that is ok. And thanks a billion to the amazing @bkwrm523 for this drabble. Go follow her y’all!

“Cas,” you got your angel’s attention with laughter in your voice.  "This is perfect.“

The two of you had the bunker to yourselves for the night; Sam and Dean were out on a case for a few days.  Castiel had arranged a candlelit dinner of your favorite (ordered out, as the angel still hadn’t mastered cooking) for just the two of you.  A blush heated up your cheeks as Castiel looked at you and smiled, a world of love in his eyes.

"I’m glad, honeybee.”  Castiel replied.  "You deserve… so much more than I can give you.“

"Cas.”  You got his attention again, this time your voice a gentle admonishment.  You reached across the table and took his hand.  "You’re all I want.  You make me happy.  Okay?“  Castiel smiled at you and blushed, ducking his head shyly before he murmured his assent.  

You took another bite of food, savoring the taste.  The sound of a chair made you open your eyes again, to see Castiel standing and moving towards you.

"Cas?”  You asked, wondering at his behavior.

“I have been told this is customary.”  Castiel explained, clearing up nothing.  He fidgeted, standing next to you, looking away and gathering himself before speaking.  "Y/n, the time we’ve spent together has been… incredible.  Unreal.  I never thought I would be this happy before.  I love your smile, your laugh, everything about you.  And I don’t want it to end.“  

You cocked your head at the angel, wondering where on earth he was going with this as he paused for breath.  Then, Castiel kneeled next to you, and your breath caught, and all you could see was his blue, blue eyes.

"Y/n, will you marry me?”

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‘Kiss Me’ Fic - Zen

(Based on the ‘kiss me’ HC by @mysticmessengersreact)

You can find that >here<

Looking at him made your heart ache. Never before in your life had you experienced a crush like this. Every little thing he did caused your heart to jump. When he flashed his perfect smile at you, you were pretty sure your heart stopped. Right now you were sat in the car with Zen, singing along to cheesy songs. Most of them were his own songs. Every now and then he would shoot a glance your way, catching you staring at him with a smirk on your lips. There had been so many times you wanted to make a move, confess your attraction, but Jaehee’s words always stopped you. She always told you about how a scandal or relationship would hurt his reputation. You knew his fan girls wouldn’t be happy if he had a girl in his life. But for the first time since your crush had started to develop you weren’t thinking of that. Instead you were thinking of how amazing it would be to just press your lips against his. Throughout the day at the mall you had imagined being with him, how different would it be trying on stupid clothes and annoying other people with your goofiness if he was more than just a friend. You were so lost in thought about how your life would be with him by your side you didn’t even realise he had pulled up outside your home. Clearing his throat he turned to look at you, “looks like we’re here now.” You smiled in response and he got out to walk round and opening your door. “Thank you,” you managed to get out as he took your hand and escorted you out of the car. He was such a gentleman. Usually guys that were as attractive and talented as him were narcissistic and unkind. Although Zen was undoubtedly narcissistic, he had a genuine heart of gold. He was a diamond in a pile of rocks. As you walked side by side to your front door he continued telling you about his new role. He had started telling you about it in the car when his song came on and you both got lost in singing it together. Although you would never be as good as him at singing, you didn’t care, it was nice to just have those carefree moments with him. As you reached your door he finished what he was saying. “Yeah so hopefully it’ll go really well. It’s been a while since I had an opportunity as good as this one…” he trailed off, examining the curiosity on your face. The way he looked at you took your breath away. If you had any self control left, it was gone now. “Kiss me,” you whispered just loud enough for him to hear. His eyes widened in shock, and instantly your body filled with regret. How could you be so stupid? Why would he ever want to kiss you. A smile crept across his face. “If that’s what my lady wants,” he muttered, getting closer and closer to your face by the second. Before you knew it his lips crashed into yours. It was hard and gentle at the same time. All those moments you had wanted to throw yourself at him had built up to this. Wrapping your arms around his neck you pulled him in closer. Despite the passion between you, it was clear he wouldn’t go any further due to his gentlemanly nature. 

This was as good as you would get. For now.

the assistant - knj

genre: flangst ??
length: 1.4k
summary: it was like love at first sight for them - for him at least.

lmao ok so like it’s been so long since i posted something and i just felt like posting something that’s kind of like love at first sight and this is literally what i ended up with.

Originally posted by chimneytaels

cooped up in his small room, he wasted his time blasting songs that distracted him from everything. the laptop on his desk sat surrounded by pages and pages of written songs that he deemed weren’t perfect enough.

his eyes, that were red and puffy from the usual sobbing he did when he replayed a memory of her in his head, skimmed the words he messily had written on the wrinkled paper. before even reaching the last few words, he had balled the paper up in a ball and threw it behind him. his face, which was paler than usual reflected back from the laptop screen.

“bitch.” the word left his dry lips before he knew it. his brain thinking back to his past lover who had broken all his walls and then left him like this as she moved on to a man she met in the bars.

he lifted himself up, the papers and the pens on his lap falling down on the ground. he trudged towards the kitchen. he poured himself a cup of cold water and as he raised the cup to his lips, a sour smile broke on his face.

guess promises are meant to be broken after all.

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10 songs 10 mutuals

(Thank youu @w00nkiee ! <3 and i’m sorry this is super super late!!)

1. CLC - Depression
2. EXO - White Noise
3. NCT 127 - Wake Up
4. BTS (Jungkook) - Begin
5. Baauer - Temple ft. M.I.A. & G Dragon
6. Pentagon - Lukewarm
7. B.A.P - Blind
8. Monsta X - Interstellar
9. Red Velvet - Automatic
10. Mino - Body

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my perspective on Dirty Laundry cause I can't get over the lyrics

the whole song just??? the lyrics are really nice???? ok the message I get from it is that
“she” has a lot of excess emotional baggage from the past that she still has hanging off of her (her closets such a mess filled up with all the skeletons she’s kept / dirty laundry is piling in her room) but “he” knows to accept it(who am I to tell you that you need to change) and learns to love it (dirty laundry looks good on you) and that she doesn’t need to cover up her past (she’s perfect enough without ever dressing up)
at the same time he knows that some things will stay left hidden (she’s got her secrets, yeah I’ve got mine too)
he’d rather focus on them together than keep looking at the past (don’t care about what you did, only care about what we do) but at the same time sometimes he slips up and he admits it (here’s some honesty sometimes i trip on your history)



ok i know it’s only been like a day but i feel like we collectively are not talking enough about the new tegan and sara video!!!

it’s for their new song “BWU” (’be with you’) which is one of their first to have explicitly gay lyrics despite them having been out lesbians since the nineties and it’s a really unbearably sweet gay love song about rejecting the institution of marriage!! as if that wasn’t great enough, the video, directed by clea duvall (from but i’m a cheerleader!!!!), features two adorable “proposals” with tegan and sara’s first on screen lesbian love interests (total babes ginger gonzaga and frankie shaw (who plays shayla on mr. robot!!!)) and the result is just completely sweet and funny and gay and perfect. in summation this video is not only super #important wlw representation from a criminally slept-on band but it’s also incredibly cute and the song is a bop so do yourself a favour and check this out!!!


OK, I’m really not Okay

This song makes me so emotional for some reason (even when just listening to it without understanding) and watching the stage and performance is so incredible and precious and artistic and perfect and every single one of them shines and oh my god the choreo and did you just saw Jin? and I know I’m rambling but I’m just feeling so many things and I’m actually crying because this is fucking perfection and I love it and I love them.



Literally this song is perfect for them and the episode. 

Maya Hart/ Lucaya - “We’ll Rule the World” [Girl Meets Rules]

Synopsis: (AU?) In which Maya Hart rules Mayaville with the help of Lucas the Good. As Cory said that “actions have consequences”, she has to serve her penalty in the end, but its only a matter of time before she can rise to her position once again..


I can’t believe how many of you like watching my videos and reading my opinions on Lucaya plots and fanfic recommendations! Thankyou so much for your support! <33 

**(As a reminder, I am always here if any of you need to talk or need someone’s advice :) I treat all of you like a family!)

Why I listen to Taylor

I think that in today’s society emotions are oversimplified. Whenever someone asks how another person is feeling they always reply that they are happy, sad, angry, or tired. It’s always a cut dry answer and never a true explanation for how they are feeling. So when you meet someone and start to really care for them it’s no surprise that the emotions involved with that person are not as simple as the ones we have become so accustomed to saying. No relationship is perfect and sometimes it’s hard to look at it from someone else’s perspective. So when you’re asked why you love someone and what you are doing with them it becomes a chore to just simply communicate your feelings because love doesn’t fit into one spectrum of emotions. And that’s where Taylor comes in. You listen to these songs and analyze the lyrics and you realize that it’s ok that love is not always sunny and beautiful. You realize that loving him is blue like you’ve never known but also loving him is Red. And sometimes you know you’re in a relationship that is going nowhere but you still cherish the time that you spend with the other person. And time spent with them is way better than time spent without them. And even though you can admit this to yourself you can never say it to another person because you understand how that sounds to say it out loud. So instead you stay together and just keep wondering when you will be Out of the Woods. Other times you just keep hoping that this person will see that they are manipulating your love and destroying you as a human being but you stay with them anyways until you finally have the courage to take their matches before fire can catch you. Listening to Taylor Swift is like receiving clarity for all of the answers your mind has been searching to find. Her words provide both solace and compassion for experiences you can’t share with others because you know no one will understand why you endured that heartache. Taylor understands that love is sometimes screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain but it can also give you the courage to Speak Now even if it’s just in your Wildest Dreams. Listening to Taylor is a voice that tells her emotions through the experiences she’s encountered because she knows that love is never just happy, sad, angry, or tired. And that’s ok.

Ain't That a Kick in The Head (Cover)
  • Ain't That a Kick in The Head (Cover)
  • Al (butchstunnelsnake)

here’s a cover of one of my fave songs in NV for reaching 1200 followers. also for all the support and love I’ve been getting on this post. I couldn’t thank you guys enough but I’ll thank y’all again. THANKS <3

(the picture is my SoSu Ghost btw and i can totally see them dressed all suave and singing jazz songs at the Third Rail cus self-inserting hehe)

the low notes aren’t perfect but im trying here. also my previous cover, someone asked for an mp3 download. i could get a download link for this one too if you guys want.

Blog Rates!

Hey guys, I’m going on a road trip next week and I sorta need some new music lmao I just listen to things I downloaded in seventh grade. So to solve this problem, I’ll be doing blog rates!

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p.s. I haven’t forgotten about moodboards btw, I’ll be doing them in the car to entertain myself, sorry to keep you guys waiting .-.


ok..let me tell something… b.a.p not ALWAYS sang about social issues( even if this concept is the one they do the best) or badass things all the time, like…they also have a lot of romantic/breakup songs since debut, This is why I call b.a.p a versatile group…but a lot of people got stuck in warrior-power-no mercy-one shot-badman concepts and  forget they also have crash-stop it-1004-rain sound-shady lady-secret love,etc. B.A.P doing this type of music is nothing new…why people are so surprised or pressed about this.

Like i said before, this album is not my kind of album….but i hope they can gain the recognition,love and popularity that they deserve… Let them try….let them enjoy this comeback….even is not my type of music and stuff….i will enjoy this comeback…and support them no matter what…plus they seem pretty excited and happy with this album, they are telling us a lot that have a big expectations of this album…and tbh..im curious bc this is something different and i love how b.a.p always bring something new with each comeback..with B.A.P you will never know what expect,but we really know always what expect of b.a.p and is GOOD MUSIC no matter the concept strong,cute,funny,badass,etc…..look what happened with 1004, everybody had doubts about that song but is one of the most loved songs of b.a.p (between fans and non fans). 

give this mini album and this concept a chance like me…bc i was one of this that had doubts about the whole concept….but now i dont want to think to much and i just want to see them back, enjoy their comeback, enjoy their music, see them happy and see them slay….



ok so i’m really bored and ships were fun last time i did them so i’m going to do some again but this time with blogrates too!

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no notes and i’m going to cry


I LOVED the performances!!! They reminded everybody why they are the Kings of K-pop!!! 
Everything was perfect: the stages!! (it’s amazing watch them perform 5 incredible songs; I was hoping the last one would be a new one, but it’s ok; Fantastic Baby is the official anthem, it’ll never be too much ^^ Plus, GD said they’re working hard on the new album, so let’s wait a little more, I bet it’ll worth, BB always worth the waiting
*_* )

The speeches, OMG, unforgettable moments!! Seungri’s “everything” LOL

TOP’s speech… I wasn’t expecting he’d talk so much, what a pleasant surprise! But the thing is: I watched the videos without the translations, and seeing their faces during TOP’s speech, their emotional expressions, I got so sad because I thought he was saying goodbye, straight like that!! I almost cried!! 
Even after seeing the translations, the speech was really moving T_T 
And when Seungri remembered that Taeyang hasn’t speak yet and let him did a speech at the end,.. so cute

The VIP’s chanting “BigBang BigBang” after they accepted the “Artist of the Year”… so beautiful… and then calling for an encore at the end, like it was a BigBang concert ^_^ (well, it was a BB concert XD)… awesome!!! 

It’s so epic, BIGBANG are in another level, indeed. 

Congratulations, Kings!! Slaying until whenever!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Why are you guys judging b.a.p’s concept when we don’t even know about the concept….!! Just bc the matokis? Ok…..and what if is just the cover(like one shot,badman,fs,power,warrior,etc). Like…they always used the matoki….is part of them….they never left the alien concept…is just the showed in a different way…! Did no mercy is the same as one shot?…or one shot is the same as badman? And badman is the same as 1004? Nooo…like…stop complaining…they just gave us the name of the song or album….and for the thing I see the concept seems dark and strong(and I love and I can’t wait for that)….but come on….stop complaining and support the boys no matter what.