i love this so much this is so important to me the kids love rei and the only thing that matters to me

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I absolutely love Sawamura Eijun too, but what are your reasons for liking him so much? (I guess I just wanna see an Eijun appreciation post😂)

Alright Anon! -rolls up sleeves- You asked for this.

1. Eijun is the type of person who will never ever give up on you no matter how much you mistreat him or how much you’ve screwed up. Be it his old team back in Nagano, or Chris, or even Miyuki or Furuya when they don’t treat him with respect or take their respective mental issues out on him.
He loves his friends so much and he would never ever abandon them. It’s so pure and genuine and they have such an influence on him, but he still loves them, and I think that’s truly beautiful.

2. Eijun doesn’t care about your rank or your personality, if he likes you he likes you and he will accept you no matter what. From annoying Miyuki to insecure Aseda. It doesn’t matter, he’ll just take you under his wing and treat you like you’re meant to be in his life, like your existence is a matter of course.

3. Eijun is the spirit of positivity and optimism. He is strong and resilient, and even if he breaks momentarily he always stands back up again. His optimism has saved more than one person, and people gravitate towards him because of that. I mean, he can light up an entire stadium, and stand against the toughest most intimidating opponents. Not just that but he overcame the YIPS which is a crippling mental injury that has caused more than one pro athlete to retire before time. And not only did he overcome it but he emerged stronger, better equipped and unbreakable!

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J.J. Abrams’ audio commentary for the 3D-Collector’s Edition of Star Wars The Force Awakens: Revised Edition post

So, my copy of the Collectors Edition of TFA was mailed to me on Friday. It’s not actually supposed to come out here until Monday but I had it pre-ordered and thanks to CDON.COM’s early shipment, I got it a little sooner. It’s a 3-disc set that contains the film’s original theatrical release on Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray + there’s an additional third disc for the bonus material. Although most of the bonus features have already been released in some format previously. The set looks like this:

The most interesting new feature on it though is J.J. Abrams’ audio commentary, that I just finished watching and I wanted to share some things the director commented on it. It wasn’t really all that spoilery about things to come. But, there were some very intriguing things, that he said, that could possibly have some significanse to the discussion about the direction of Rey’s and Kylo’s journey. So now, I’m just going to go through the movie again and write down some things, that he had to say about it. Edit. This actually ended up being quite a long post. And by long I mean really long. So be prepared, you have been warned :)

Second Edit. And now this post is about to get even longer :D So, I knew all you lovely Reylo people would love this stuff and thats’s why I posted it :) Believe me, I was a very happy girl on Friday, when I checked my mailbox and realised that I had already received my copy of the movie. I’m lucky to live in Northern Europe, because the boxset comes out here earlier than in most places. I think, that in many places it won’t come out until mid-November.

I’m reposting this thing, because I just realised, that I had accidentally deleted some parts of it, when I was editing it and adding the part about Poe living in the original version of the script. It’s just little something that J.J. was saying about Finn and Poe and Finn and Rey and their bonds as friends.

I also want to add, that this post doesn’t obviously contain Abrams’ entire commentary, because it’s really long. So, I ended up editing it and only posting the best bits. Although, I might later do another post about fun facts and other little things, that J.J. had to say about making this movie. But, rest assured, that I didn’t leave out any important information concerning our main characters. I feel like, I have to make this thing clear, because even though I only tagged it as Reylo, I know, that there are people out there, who don’t like what I’m implying in this post. So, I swear, that I didn’t edit out anything relevant. If J.J. had, for example, been saying that FinnRey is basically canon, I would have included it in my original post. I have nothing against FinnRey. Both are lovely characters and actors. It’s just that I don’t like to watch fluffy romances in fictional movies. I prefer angst, tribulation, redemption, forgiveness and larger-than-life love stories. And so that’s why Reylo is my jam :) But hell, maybe we’re all wrong in our speculations and Rey ends up with BB-8. Doesn’t matter really, it’s all just fun and games ;)

There are some edits in the middle of J.J. comments, but again, they didn’t contain anything all that important. J.J. himself says right at the beginning of the movie, that he “hates doing these kinds of commentaries because while there are a million stories and all sorts of details, as the movie’s playing I want to keep talking about the different moments, moment to moment, but I also have larger, equally boring thoughts, and so I apologise to you as well, in advance, because I just know this is going to be a number of different topics and stories and they might seem jumbled and unrelated and…Welcome to my brain. I can’t turn it off.” So, basically I just edited out some stuff that didn’t really have anything to do with the scenes he was commenting on or were just comments about which camera they used or who was operating it, which shots were reshots done in such and such a place and time etc.

If you choose to not believe me, you are free to get yourself your own copy of this Collector’s Edition and check it up by yourself. So, there’s no point in bitching me about it. Anyway, it’s a great looking boxset with a 3D-image on the cover. You don’t actually need a 3D-television to access the commentary, because it’s on the ordinary Blu-ray disc of the movie. I also have the steelbook Blu-ray version of it, but for whatever reason, I noticed that the image quality is much better on this new Blu-ray disc.

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future fic where everything is happy. because i do what i want.

(Also hey there’s this soumako fic that doesn’t show up on the tags because I fail. Go click it.)

It just felt right, somehow. Iwatobi and Samezuka has forged such a strong friendship in the past year that it was easy to imagine them doing the “Thank You” celebrations together. Makoto and Rin were great captains. Both teams wanted to celebrate that.

And also, Momo just really wanted to party. Nitori can’t stop him no matter what he does. Momo’s energy exceeds normality.

“Sousuke-senpai,” Nitori, ignoring Momotaro’s complaints about the small number of females in the list of attendees, strode over to Sousuke with a determined expression. He really was starting to look and sound like a captain. It was a great look on him. “Can you…” He took one deep breath. “Can you distract Tachibana-san?”

That was… unexpected. But in a way, it really shouldn’t have been. Nitori was artsy and was the brain of the operations. Momo knew how to party, knew how to make ones. Nagisa was in charge of food. Rei was in charge of stopping Nagisa from munching on the food, and also giving beautification advice on the party hall (the order was to do the exact opposite of Rei’s advice).

Haruka was in charge of distracting Rin. No, actually, it was more like they already had plans together even before the party plans were made.

That leaves Sousuke. And Sousuke hates being useless, so of course he agrees.

Wrong move?

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I hit a milestone recently but I have been wanting to make this. Really, I wanted to praise and acknowledge the people who helped make my experience on Mike and in the Stranger Things fandom more fun and enjoyable. My dashboard is a special place, and the sense of community I have been able to feel and see here from others even more so. I have never experienced anything like it before. Thank you all for following my Mike, whether it was only recently or months ago. Thank you for taking the time to message me, to send me memes, and to write with me! My inspiration has never been stronger. Mike’s heart eyes in this banner for El are basically me at all of you. ❤ ❤ ❤

This is going underneath a cut because it gets really long. I recommend all of these blogs!

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