i love this so much that i had to gif

‘the adrenaline of a post-rejection is a myriad of emotions, beautifully threaded in a thoughtless, cluttered yet undeniably honest way that travels and crushes us, breaks down our walls brick-by-brick, shatters us apart over and over again like roaring tides but slowly yet surely, it will pick us up again and guide us and heal us and surely, love, surely; they will rise far more beautifully then that of the time they fell.’

- the unconventional beauty of a broken heart, thoughts from jupiter 

“And in that moment I knew I was head over heels for him.”

get to know me meme - [1/∞] favourite characters → Molly Hooper (Sherlock)

“She was played to utter perfection by Loo Brealey and instantly Mark and I were sitting at the monitors going: ‘We’ve gotta get her back!’ And she’s really, hugely developed as a character. She’s never a massive presence in the episode, but because of Loo’s wonderful performance she’s really cut through, and she’s a real audience favourite.” - Steven Moffat [x]

I’ve been doing a lot of animation recently, so I decided to attempt something for @thearcanagame because I am IN LOVE with julian the game.

I wanted to do it in the same pose and all so it looked… more legit I guess?? I don’t know, but I had fun making it!

Please go download this app, It’s SO good. The art is AMAZING?? and the characters and writing and story are amazing so far as well!!! (Also, The backgrounds in it are #GOALS they make me want to practice scenery and stuff. I normally HATE drawing those ;v;)

The gif isn’t loading on Mobile for me. So if you’re having that issue as well, Sorry!