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u know what. i love aizawa. i really do. he’s all about logic and rationality and lives his life by those rules. but he’s also hands down one of the kindest characters in the comic, even if he doesn’t show it like all might does. he wants all of his students to do their best and defends them with his life. he leaps face first into an entire herd of enemies to protect his kids, even when that’s the WORST possible team up for his quirk and skills. he sacrificed some of his quirk stability to help save the kids. he was positively delighted when he got to tell his students that everyone was going to the camp. he roasted a random hero for daring to insult one of his kids. his best friend is an Incredibly Loud Extrovert, and he lets the Loud Man constantly talk him into all sorts of things from his hero name to commenting on the ua games. his favorite thing in the world is cats. he lets the principle hide in his scarf and pop out for Dramatic Effects. (like he must be SO EASY to talk into random bs.) he is willing to change his first impressions of and help Izuku. he says that he wants to help Momo gain back her confidence but that he can’t because he’s focused on defeating her, then turns around and lets her win and gain back that confidence after he JUST SAID he wouldn’t. he’s such a good teacher and he cares so much abt his kids. i love aizawa. good dad. 10/10. 

i was just looking over the screencaps i used earlier and

okay this is just is so endearing to me, the fact he points out it’s cool too like he didn’t have to say that or add in he thought it was cool, but he did and it says so much about him. i laugh fondly right now because i just cannot help but be reminded of these moments: 



Like a river flows surely to the sea, darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be.
“Perhaps one day, we will meet again as characters in a different story. Maybe we’ll share a lifetime then”


Tfw I remember why I don’t go into honey related tags. I’m screaming lmao buying honey does not support bees. It only supports bee keepers. If you actually wanted to help your uwu sky babies, you’d help them in non-exploitive ways like planting bee friendly flowers for one.

Side note: You are really playing yourself if you actually think you’re helping bees by buying honey bc fuzzy wuzzy bees and honey bees are not the only bees that are endangered. So it’s odd to me that you love bees sooooo much and yet only support commercial honey and/or beekeepers that farm honey bees. Interesting really.

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thoughts on the video? i liked it v much they were rlly cute and giggly

omg i loved it???? for much the same reason that i loved the fireboy and watergirl livestream or games like keep talking and nobody explodes and the crash bandicoot stormy ascent level. it’s just always so fun watching them push through super stressful gaming and to watch them do so together. i love seeing how they communicate and always try to diffuse tension through humor. i loved how yet again they tried to play to each others’ strengths and phil didnt mind leaning on dan for help when he needed it and dan didnt try to make phil feel bad for dying so soon on so many of their attempts. and the bants in general were just absurd and in keeping with pretty much everything theyve been saying lately and so many of their tweets (sun daddy? butt blowing?? come in my lady door?) by being completely appalling and innuendo-laden. they were just ridiculous in general and i was laughing out loud at so many points during this. jst some noteworthy moments ..

  • ‘i’ll be on ass patrol’ 
  • ‘lemon me up’
  • ‘that is an angry yammy dingdong’
  • ‘he seeded on my face’ 
  • ‘just get him on the tip’
  • phil wondering if the yam sucked a worm up through its butt 
  • that bit where phil was speculating that the apple shoved its ‘core’ into the pig and how they somehow turned that sexual? 
  • dan saying he wants to do the pig’s voice and phil just roasting him by saying ‘it does like you’ hahahaha
  • all the commentary about being alone if the other person died
  • phil saying ‘look after me’ in that kinda fake but also kinda earnest voice and sliding in that personal detail about how dan always unintentionally leaves him behind if theyre like in the train station or wherever bc he just assumes phil is following him. cute :( 
  • whipping out the old ‘danny’ and ‘philly’ nicknames
  • that bit where phil was like ‘remember who i was remember the guy i was remember everything i did’ after he died and it was probably slightly too real so they had to layer on cheesy sad music over it hahaahhaha

…… theyre disgusting lmao. but horrible humor aside aahahaha this was just such a fun video and i dont think i even realized how much i missed watching a proper gaming viddy… it’s been 17 days since the last actual video which was a sims, and 29 days since the sonic vid which i would class as the last video with actual gameplay (even though battle cats i guess could count but even that was 3 weeks ago). given the dapg upload rate we’ve gotten used to this year of roughly 2 videos per week, thats genuinely quite a bit of time between videos (and though the livestreams have been wonderful and an easy way for them to tide us over between vids, and i love them dearly, they’re not quite the same feel as a formal video). so i think watching them fully immersed in something like this and having that top notch banter and whatnot was Extra Fun bc of how long it’s actually been since a classic dapg vid and i enjoyed it so so much

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tbh.....i see damien as wonderful boyfriend/husband material, he's so kind and he cares a lot,,,, i just love him so much and i'm in so much pain help me

i feel like damien would make a great sugar daddy tbh

Lifeline (2/?)

Jamie & Claire | AU | Claire doesn’t have a husband to return to. Jamie doesn’t have a price on his head. Seems like smooth sailing … right? (AO3)

I’d almost forgotten about this story … sorry !! But since there was no new episode yesterday, I decided to get my shit together and give you chapter two (yes, I know this is a poor substitute for THE reunion episode, but this is all I have!) Also thank you all so much for the lovely comments on chapter one!

Aaand a special shoutout to @bonnie-wee-swordsman who helped me with this chapter, she’s a lifesaver !! (or, at least a ficsaver) (It took some restraint though not to add “cue jaws theme” in the fic based on Bonnie’s comments …)

Also tagging @mibasiamille 😘

I. An Escape

II. The First Misstep

There can be danger in the lack of a purpose. When you no longer have something to give your life meaning, it’s awfully easy to throw caution to the wind and embark on a dangerous—and often foolish—journey.

Some people thrive in danger; they are hardwired to seek it out. For those people, the real danger is being idle, for boredom eats away at their very soul. They need a purpose like they need air to breathe, or food to eat.

Frank had said once he feared I loved my patients more than I loved him. He had said it half-jokingly, but he had been right.

I had always had a drive, though I had not always known towards what. But I kept moving forward, knowing I could never be content standing still. I had the tendency to seek out those dangerous environments other people would rather avoid, but I liked to think I didn’t have the fatal foolishness that some did. If I did, I would quite possibly find out soon.

On our way to Castle Leoch, Jamie regaled me with stories. He had told me about his uncles and Clan MacKenzie, after I’d shown quite a bit of enthusiasm for learning more about the place and its inhabitants. In truth, I had been to the castle once before—or would come there once more?—but at that time, it had been merely a ruin, inhabited by no one.

Foolish or not for putting myself in this situation, here I was, and I did think trying to learn something of the place to which I was headed was a good idea. Information would allow me to prepare, and preparation I definitely needed in order to lie effectively about my origin, for no one could know where I truly came from. Such was life for one with the misfortune of being cursed with a face of glass.

Jamie’s tales provided more than information, though. They were entertainment. He certainly had a gift for storytelling, and I enjoyed listening to him. Though his tales had initially unsettled me a bit, they were further confirmation that I truly was in the past—the eighteenth century—something I had realised when I happened upon Captain Randall, but still naïvely hoped to be a dream.

I hadn’t realised it then, but when Jamie asked me to come with him, I had made a decision to stay—for now, at least—in this time. There was little left for me where I came from, save that perilous boredom.

“I have to ask, Sassenach,” Jamie said, suddenly. “Why is it ye were lost in the forest in the first place? It seems unsafe for a lady such as yourself to travel alone, you could easily be—well, you know what could happen.”

I did. My unfortunate encounter with Captain Randall was not one I’d soon forget. It was only luck that had allowed me to get away unscathed. Luck in the form of a dashing rescuer, Jamie Fraser.

I tried to come up with a good explanation as to why I had wandered astray in the forest, but I had none. How could I tell him how I’d ended up here when I barely understood it myself?

I twirled the golden ring on my finger. I had told him I was widowed, mostly because I suspected the term divorced would be frowned upon, considering the times—even in my time, it wasn’t exactly something women would boast about.

I knew I had to tell Jamie something, even if I didn’t think he would force me to reveal something I didn’t wish to. He seemed to be a kind man, a gentle man, maybe even a loving man. He hadn’t talked extensively about his home, but he had mentioned a sister and of her, he’d talked very fondly. Family, it seemed, he valued greatly.

I took a deep breath.

“It’s a long story,” I began slowly, mentally berating myself for the, at best, clichéd opener; at worst, seeming attempt to stall or avoid answering altogether. “I’m afraid I can’t tell you why, but … I ran away.” That was partly true. With an ever-revealing face like mine, it was always better to stick closer to the truth than to outright lie.

That’s what I thought, at least, until Jamie, genuinely worried, said, “Are ye in danger? Are ye being chased by someone who wishes to do ye harm?”

His worry both warmed my heart and troubled me. Had he cared less, he would’ve asked fewer questions. It was unlikely that he’d be satisfied until he knew I wasn’t in any danger.

“No,” I said, with as much conviction as I could muster, “I promise, no one’s looking for me.”

I couldn’t see his face as we were on horseback, him sitting behind me, but I could imagine the look of concern that refused to leave his face.

“Did you know him?” I asked, eager to change the subject. “Captain Randall, that is.” I had seen how he’d looked at the captain when they fought, something that suggested there was more to his fury than seeing a stranger about to take a woman by force.

“Aye. I ken him.”

I glanced back, startled by the brevity. His gaze was fixed somewhere far off, his posture stiff. Whatever he was looking at, I couldn’t say, but then I thought neither could he. He seemed lost in thought, reliving a memory.

I was undeniably curious and wanted to ask how their paths had crossed before, what Randall had done to make this man hate him so. I didn’t ask, though. Whatever it was, if Jamie’s expression was anything to go by, it was not a pleasant topic of conversation.

While I understood that he might not wish to speak of something that seemed to pain him, I found myself a bit surprised seeing as he’d been so unusually, yet pleasantly, forthcoming with information about himself during our ride.

He had told me a number of things about himself. He had told me that, not too long ago, he had been an outlaw, and only recently had he been pardoned.

He’d said the price on his head had prevented him from returning to Lallybroch, as his ancestral home was called, and that was why he stayed at Leoch. What he hadn’t told me was why he, now a free man, chose to remain there, instead of returning home.

When we arrived at the castle, a woman rushed out to greet—or rather, scold Jamie. She eyed Jamie with disapproval and me with suspicion.

“What do ye mean by disappearing like that, lad? Gone all night! People have been askin’ for ye, not to mention—”

“Mrs Fitz,” said Jamie, as he helped me dismount. “This is—”

“And what do we have here?” asked Mrs Fitz. She surveyed me from top to toe. Her eyes lingered on my once-white dress with particular curiosity and not a little disfavour.

“Claire Beauchamp,” said Jamie. “I brought her here for protection.”

“Is that so?” Her face softened, the initial suspicion towards me subsiding.

“Aye. Would ye make sure she has some proper clothes? I should speak to my uncle.”

“Aye, and then there are other people who’d like to speak to ye as well, as I’m sure ye ken. I wouldna advise ye to wait too long.”

“Wait!” As Jamie was about to walk away, I reached out a hand, putting it gently on his arm, prompting him to stay. “Your wound. Unless you want it to get infected, you should let me clean and dress it properly.”

Having earned Jamie’s trust in my medical abilities after helping him with his shoulder the day before, he agreed without objection.

Mrs Fitz kindly showed us to a room where I could tend to my patient. The room was dark and cold, and the many shelves that adorned the stone walls were crammed with jars that clearly hadn’t been touched in a while; they were covered with dust.

Upon entering, I had turned my questioning gaze to Mrs Fitz, who explained, “’Tis the surgery. It hasena been used in some time, no since Davie Beaton passed.”

The temperature problem was soon remedied by a fire, and Mrs Fitz left us alone.

I hadn’t been prepared for the sight of Jamie’s bare back when he removed his shirt so I could tend to his shoulder. Scars covered the expanse of his back.

“The Redcoats,” Jamie explained. “They flogged me twice in the space of a week. They’d have done it twice the same day, I expect, were they no afraid of killing me. There’s no joy in flogging a dead man.”

“I shouldn’t think anyone would do such a thing for joy.”

“If Randall was not precisely joyous, he was at least very pleased with himself.”

I understood, then. Or, at least I thought I did. His hatred towards Captain Randall, the painful memory he hadn’t wished to speak about. This was it.

Much to my surprise, Jamie did speak of it now though. His earlier reluctance to do so had apparently dissolved. I wondered why. Was it something I’d done to prove myself more trustworthy? Was it that I’d now seen the scars, so I might as well know the story behind them? Perhaps he worried I would misjudge him for his scars if I didn’t know the full story.

He recounted the event whilst I dressed his wound. This was a far less cheerful tale than those he had shared with me on horseback, but his storytelling was vivid as ever.

I met his eyes, trying to show him the same sympathy and understanding he had shown me the day before. Since the moment we met, Jamie had been nothing but kind to me. He had shown more compassion than any man I’d ever met.

I stroked his arm to comfort him, and his lips curved upwards in reply. He looked younger when he smiled; there was something boyish about it. I realised that he must, in fact, be younger. That thought hadn’t occurred to me when he’d acted as my rescuer and protector. While I appreciated his heroic side, what drew me in was the vulnerability he had shown me, sharing his scars.

Hand still lingering on his arm, I leaned in slowly, my eyes not leaving his. I could feel his breath hot against my lips. An inch, and I would touch his lips—

He pulled back.

I didn’t quite know what to feel. Confusion hit me first, followed by shock that was soon replaced by embarrassment.

My eyes sought his, to ask for an explanation, or see if I had misinterpreted the situation, but he turned his head away, hiding his expression.

Mrs Fitz could not have returned at a better time. She helped me escape, as she was to fulfil Jamie’s request that I be given proper attire.

Before our departure she reminded Jamie once more to seek out his uncle Colum.

I followed her to a guest bedroom where she helped me change into a more appropriate dress, and sometime thereafter came a dark-haired man by the name of Murtagh to inform me that The MacKenzie wished to speak to me.

Mrs Fitz gave me an encouraging smile before I departed.

My escort, by contrast, didn’t speak another word to me, let alone smile.

Jamie had told me about Colum MacKenzie, Chief of Clan MacKenzie, but not in great detail. He had had more to say about his other uncle, Dougal, the war chief. Despite our awkward encounter, I found myself wishing Jamie was there by my side as I entered the tower room where the MacKenzie was waiting.

My silent escort was still waiting for me when I exited, but he wasn’t alone. Jamie was with him.

I couldn’t help but smile in relief at the sight.

“What did he say?” Jamie asked at once, excitement in his tone.

“You ask as though you don’t already know! You talked to him about me,” I said, crossing my arms, “you told him I was a healer.”

“Aye, I had to say something so he’d let ye stay, didn’t I? He was verra suspicious at first when I said I’d brought a Sassenach here.”

“I’d say he was still verra suspicious when we spoke,” I said in a poor imitation of his accent. Colum had been suspicious, but he had let me stay nonetheless, thanks to Jamie. He had gifted me the late Davie Beaton’s surgery, in return for my serving as the castle’s new healer, for the duration of my visit.

“He did invite me to the hall tonight, though,” I continued, “there is to be a Welsh singer apparently—”

“JAMIE FRASER!” The voice came from somewhere farther down the stairs. Rapid footsteps that likely belonged to the voice echoed loudly as they neared.

Jamie, having tensed up at the high-pitched shriek, looked over at Murtagh, wordlessly asking for counsel.

Murtagh raised his eyebrows so as to say, “What did I tell you?” making me wonder just what Murtagh had told Jamie and why.

The footsteps reached the top of the stairs and facing us was now a young, round-faced girl with her arms crossed over her chest. Her pale eyes narrowed as they noticed me.

“Jamie Fraser!” she repeated. It was less of a shriek this time, but no less angry. “Where have ye been!?”

Jamie opened his mouth to explain, but the girl cut him off.

“And who is that!?” Her voice was venomous as she jerked her head rudely at me.

“Ah … this is Claire Beauchamp,” he said, “she’s a guest of the MacKenzie and the new healer of the castle.” Evidently explaining me was easier than explaining his whereabouts since yesterday afternoon.

The girl was still waiting for further explanation. Jamie sighed and said, “I was out riding.”

“RIDING!? Ye mean to say ye’ve been out riding all night?”

“Laoghaire, perhaps we can have this conversation in private?”

The girl—Laoghaire—muttered something, then turned and started walking down the stairs, Jamie following her.

“Who was that?” I asked Murtagh after they had left.

“That was his wife.”

falling in love with Richie Tozier: Part 4 (when they’re teenagers/adults)

oh wtf guys i went full on fucking angst in this one jfc wt f

two more parts after this one, i reckon!

  • you remember that summer of terror and clowns and blood and forming a group of friends that you’ll love to death, and you know you’re both thankful for it and horrified by it
  • because, times like this, you don’t know why the fuck the sight of a clown freaks you out so much
  • you’re all at the graduation fair that’s held on the football field, and you and the Loser’s are standing there, ice creams in hand, and watching in horror as a fucking clown juggles in front of the Ferris wheel
  • ‘that sight fucking anyone else up as much as it’s fucking me up?’ Richie pipes up
  • you all hum and nod in agreement
  • so, in unison, you all turn away wander about the grounds, where graduated seniors are tipsy and excited to be, finally, leaving High School
  • you’re all eighteen, and you’re all adults. finally
  • Richie’s arm is thrown over your shoulders and he’s talking to Mike. Eddie is at your other side, finally the same height as you and daintily licking at his strawberry ice-cream. Bill and Ben walk in front of you all, heads ducked together as they talk lowly
  • none of you have said anything yet. nothing about how this is going to be your last summer together. it’s June now, and you have July and August together before you all go your separate ways
  • Eddie is going to Columbia. Bill is going to Stanford. Stan is going to Brown. Mike is going to stay in Derry. you asked him if this was what he really wanted, and he had shrugged and said it was what he needed to do
  • someone needed to hold the fort
  • someone needed to be here. just in case
  • you and Richie had decided together that you would stay together, because how the fuck could you not be with him? you were going to Duke to study medicine for years and years, and he was going to Cali University
  • you would be on other sides of the country
  • you 
  • you were so fucking scared
  • scared that you would forget
  • scared that he would
  • scared that everyone would
  • you think everyone had the same fear, but no one said anything about it
  • the summer moves too fast
  • you go on road trips in Bill and your cars
  • you sit under the stars with your friends, you family, and you drink and laugh and talk about childhood memories
  • Richie gives you a necklace with a firefly on it, and you wear it every day
  • you’ll always wear it. that way you won’t forget
  • because Bev did
  • and the Bev forgetting was something that should never have happened
  • you talk with Mike as much as you can, because your parents are moving to Washington at the end of summer and you know there are so few things tying you to your childhood hometown
  • ‘quit looking so fucking sad, doll. christ’
  • you look at Richie, your heart tugging and your eyes wet. ‘you’ve got to promise me you won’t forget. you’ve gotta promise me you’ll call every day’
  • he stares at you, glasses magnifying those big brown eyes and a suddenly serious look tugging at his face. ‘don’t say shit like that. you sound like Eddie’
  • you shove his shoulder and pull him closer to you. you’re lounging in the back of your car near the Quarry and it’s midnight and it’s only three weeks until you’ll all be going your separate ways
  • he does what Richie does, and plants a voice on and starts reciting a bunch of jokes you’ve heard a billion times before, but make you laugh all the same
  • he tells you he loves you
  • you tell him you love him
  • you talk about California, and how you’ll book a ticket to come and see him in October
  • he nods and says he’ll book one for a weekend in November 
  • you don’t plan past that
  • the weeks go by quick, and you go to the Aladdin with the Losers. you go the park, to the Quarry (you even swim in it, for old times sake, but Richie is far more fucking touchy than he was when he was thirteen and Bill has to stutter out more than once for him to stop grabbing your butt underneath the water), and you drive around the outskirts of Derry
  • you find yourself looking at that silver scar on your palm more often in those last weeks
  • you even see Greta hanging around her dad’s pharmacy, but the girl doesn’t bother looking your way
  • she hasn’t done so in years
  • you remember a time of bullying
  • you remember Henry Bowers, and it takes you a moment to remember how he died and how more often than not you would be telling Mike he did what he had to do
  • the day before you go to college, you all gather in Bill’s basement and watch a film and you lean against Richie and Eddie sits at your feet and suddenly it’s over
  • and you’re all saying goodbye
  • because you and Bill are leaving tomorrow, then Stan, then Richie, then Eddie
  • you’re a fucking wreck, and it’s more than embarrassing. you all stand in Bill’s front garden, and you’re all fucking snotty and teary when you hug Bill first. ‘I’ll see you around Big Bill. Try and and stay in touch, okay?’
  • Then you hug Stan, who’s stiff and tight jawed and he practically has a heart attack when you wet the front of his woollen jumper. ‘Shit. sorry, dude’
  •  you practically lift Eddie of the ground when you hug him as Bill goes around saying his own goodbyes around you. ‘Columbia isn’t that far away, Ed’s’.
  • he winces. ‘not you, too. Jesus fucking Christ. don’t call me fucking Ed’s, (y/n)’ and Richie laughs from behind you, whilst you wipe away your wet cheeks and pat Eddie’s shoulder
  • ‘sorry, dude’
  • Mike is next, and he tells you to quit it as you blubber and announce that, ‘shit. this is so embarrassing. I love you, Mike’ 
  • Bill is hugging Stan, long and hard
  • you wrap your arms around Mike and he’s so tall and so solid, and you wish more than anything that you could take him with you. ‘I’m going to miss you so much. I’ll call, okay?’
  • and you fucking pray you’ll remember to do so
  • you all nod when you’re done, and you back into Richie’s arm and sniffle and laugh and nod and Bill backs into his house and you all walk your separate ways, and Richie holds you all the tighter
  • ‘I haven’t seen you cry this hard since your cat died’
  • ‘I’m sad, you douche’
  • ‘…I know, doll’
  • that makes you cry all the harder, so Richie freaks out and flaps his hands at you and tells you to stop already
  • your mom and dad are out for the night, insisting you and Richie can have the house to yourselves, and Richie proclaims that your parents are so fucking cool, no wonder they were leaving this shitty ass town behind
  • they did’t belong in Derry, where the shittiest of shit parents lived
  • you don’t reply, instead you take him by the hand and drag him upstairs and help him remove each article of clothing (from his salmon pink, patterned shirt, to his baggy blue jeans and chucks) and you, for the first time, experience what making love feels like because suddenly he’s everywhere and everything and you swear to fuck he actually cries
  • ‘we won’t forget each other,’ you say into Richie’s chest, you hair a mess and your cheeks wet with new tears. ‘we can’t. I love you all too much. I love you too much’
  • and Richie replies, voice so oddly small, ‘Bev and Ben loved us, too’ and you nod and sniffle and snort
  • ‘I’m such a fucking wimp what the fuck’
  • you lay wrapped in each other, skin to skin, and he’s there the next morning as you and your parents pack up the car and go on your way
  • and you kiss his cheeks and his glasses and touch his hair
  • and you tell him you love him
  • and you give him the bracelet you wear on your wrist (it’s a twist of fabric you and Eddie made years ago)
  • and you call him annoying as hell when he snorts at it
  • and you drive away from Derry, with Richie in the mirror and your parents shushing you as your sob and you drive away
  • from memories
  • from the Losers
  • and you feel like a weight his twisting and lifting
  • and you wonder if this is how Ben and Bev felt
  • you move into your dorm and place picture around it, pictures of the Quarry and of them and of him
  • but you start to forget
  • it’s slow at first
  • you never call Bill or Stan
  • you call Mike maybe three times in September
  • and Eddie once
  • you call Richie every day, and he tells you of Cali and it’s heat and how far away it is from his parents
  • you call him every three days the second week
  • then four
  • you forget to ask him questions you know you should know the answers to
  • one time you call him and he stutters on your name after his dorm-mate gives him the phone
  • you visit him in October, and both of you hug and kiss and you talk on the walk to his dorm, and both of you forget Bill’s fucking name
  • and what the fuck was that creepy house called where Eddie broke his arm? how did he break it again?
  • and, shit, was Stan Jewish? ‘Of course he fucking was,’ Richie laughs, but it’s half empty and worried. ‘Shit’
  • you spend two days in Cali, and it’s hot and exciting and so different from your new home. it’s so very Richie that you want to cry, because he has found his home (and you half wish you had come here with him, because this place is wild and free)
  • you say goodbye in front of the airport, with his mouth on yours and his glasses knocking your nose, and he suggests that he might get contacts and you smack his arm and tell him that if he ever fucking does that, you’ll kill him
  • he laughs and puts on a voice and kisses your nose
  • and that’s…that’s the last time you see him for years
  • he’s smiling and wiping his cheek when you turn around
  • and you know
  • you both know
  • that you’re forgetting
  • because neither of you mentioned him coming to you next month
  • because it’s so fucking hard remembering when you’re so far away
  • (and why didn’t he come to your college, and why did you go to his, and why have you forgotten the boy who was your best friend in Derry, the one you left behind, and why does the firefly necklace feel so heavy against your chest, and why does the scar on your hand seem to be getting fainter, and why do the pictures feel like they’re fading?)
  • you don’t know whether it’s magic or a fucking horrible summer that you still don’t understand, but come Christmas you’re in Washington and your parents don’t ask about your boyfriend
  • and
  • and you’ve forgotten you even fucking have one (had one)
  • and you feel so empty
  • and you don’t know that on the other side of the country, Richie Tozier is doing everything he can to fill that weird fucking void he has in his chest and grunts in confusion when his dorm mates ask about the girl who came to visit
  • so he drinks and smokes and sleeps with a few senior girls and even one dude
  • and you don’t touch anyone
  • ever
  • for years
  • because you’re busy with school and you work until you cry, because nothing can replace him
  • and you become lonely
  • and you have so few friends (and it’s like a time, you think, when you surrounded yourself with people who were never really your friends)
  • you wear the firefly necklace and you don’t know why
  • or who gave it to you
  • or why the sound of childish laughter in the street makes you think of a time where you felt alive and happy and surrounded by those you loved more than anything 
  • and you’re in the West Coast and you’re thirty-one (you’re done with schooling and you’re a fucking doctor and you got a job in LA at a fucking good hospital and your dad…your dad is gone but your mum is alive) and you hear a voice on the radio and its boisterous and loud and doing some weird fucking accent (the British Guy, you think)
  • and you can’t breathe 
  • so you shut off your car and pull over and listen and listen and listen to his voice (it’s deeper, you think. deeper than you remember)
  • who?
  • who is it? what do you remember?
  • but you remember a boy with glasses who had your heart, and a boy with an inhaler who was braver than he knew, and a boy who would stutter but spoke the best, a boy who was your best friend and kinder than anyone, and a boy who was so neat and level-headed and good, a boy who knew facts and loved…and loved the girl with red hair who you aspired to be like, but who left too soon
  • it makes your heart break and your breath quicken, and you cry for twenty minutes before vowing to never listen to that station again because what the fuck
  • and, suddenly, you’re forty and a surgeon and living in LA (you’re so close, so fucking close to him but you don’t even know it)
  • and a man is calling you
  • and his voice is home and happiness
  • and his name
  • his name is Mike
  • and he says, ‘it’s back, (Y/N). everyone’s coming. are you?’.
  • and you remember

i have this headcanon that sol would constantly like lie about his “pedigree” in shadowclan like he went up to blackstar and was like “oh you want me on your side, you definitely want me helping you out~~~” and blackstar was like “????/ why”

“ummm im about a splash of norwegian forest cat on my moms side, half bengal cat on my fathers, i have pedigrees higher than some apprentices on catnip, i’ve got a record with twolegs that goes so far back-”

“i just asked how you’d be valuable to me as an ally what the hell are you going on about”

Dating Mingyu Would Include


- being friends for years before he actually admits that he has feelings for you

- but when he finally confesses he never shuts up about how much he loves you

- would cook for you all the time

- especially👏🏻 ramen 👏🏻

- but not only does he cook it he feeds you too

- “mingyu I’m an adult I can feed myself”

- “oh really? so does that mean you can cook for yourself too?”

- “nO you’re right pls continue”

- would encourage you in everything you do

- is always so proud of you

- v proud to be your boyfriend and makes sure EVERYONE knows it

- trusts you with everything

- always asking for your opinion on things

- cute little lunch dates together

- always texting each other memes

- sends you a good morning text every day

- being the parents of seventeen (mingyu is obviously mom)

- all of seventeen loves you and treats you like family

- dates w/ seventeen because they love you ~almost~ as much as mingyu does

- and if you’re dating mingyu then you also get wonwoo they’re kind of a package deal

- ^ but hey who’s complaining ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- mingyu walks too fast bc of his long ass legs and you’re always running to keep up

- “slow down you asshole I have short legs”

- v affectionate !

- always telling you that you’re beautiful

- cuddles !!

- lots of back hugs

- always holding your hand

- lots and lots of forehead kisses

- ^^ I can see jihoon rolling his eyes from here

- but he can’t help but to admit that you’re adorable together <3


guys i just had this mini headcanon where like after the current arc and everything is somehow okay and kaneki is fine and everyone is alive, hinami decides to make coffee for everyone to lift everyone’s mood up and ayato sees her making coffee and he decides to help her gather everyone. the first thing he thinks of is how naki had loved hinami’s coffee so much that he even went to offer it to yamori and instinctively, ayato’s like “hey naki–” and he kinda stops talking there and falls completely silent with his eyes wide because he suddenly remembers that naki isn’t there anymore. 

mutantgurls  asked:

Hey. Everybody gonna hate me 4 this, but was big they do Take his eyes, bit the team replace with these robots ones. While they do help lance feel like he lost a part of home

Lance steps out of his shower gingerly, habit making him tense up in anticipation of pain despite the healing pod sweeping away all evidence of his time at the druids’ hands.

Well, not all evidence.

A heavy curtain of fog covers the mirror from the heat of his shower. Too much time spent under the spray trying to scrub away the feel of Galra instruments, needles in his skin, druid claws…  Lance shivers. Even through the layer of mist, he can pick out two dots of blue light in his smothered reflection.

Lance wraps a towel around his waist shakily, the fluffy material clenched between trembling fingers. This is better, better than the horrifying blackness. The not-knowing, the un-seeing. The team did the best they could replacing what the druids stole. He should be grateful.

Steeling himself, Lance swipes a palm across the mirror to clear away the fog over his reflection’s face. The sharp glow still takes him by surprise. He wonders if he’ll ever get used to the digital neon staring out from his otherwise familiar face. Will he eventually forget what his reflection used to look like back on Earth? He certainly doesn’t have any pictures from home to compare…

The homesickness is familiar in a way his reflection no longer is. He has no photos of home, of his family. All Lance has are memories, and one in particular floats to mind as he stares into his artificial optics. His abuela smiling up at him as his father digs around for the camera after dinner.

“Oh Lance. You really do have your mother’s eyes.”

Prompts. #1.

This prompts are mine so please don’t take them! Send me a number, the character (in my masterlist) and I’ll write something! :)

1. “Why do you keep hiding things from me?”

2. “I gave up on everything for you but you still have eyes for her/him!”

3. “I feel like I don’t love you anymore.”

4. “Mess with her/him again and I’ll rip your throat out.”

5. “Sometimes I just wish I never met you, I would not have to deal with this!”

6. “What is your problem?!”

7. “Stop looking at me like that, It’s creepy.”

8. “I loved you, I loved you so much yet it wasn’t enough for you.”

9. “Keep fighting.”

10. “Let me help you!” “You’ve already done too much!”

11. “I’m tired of fighting!”

12. “I still love him/her.”

13. “You look so gorgeous tonight.”

14. “You know what? I was there, crying my heart out, because of you!”

15. “Kiss me.”

16. “I’m broken.”

17. “What do you want me to say, huh? I’m sorry? Yes, I am sorry, but does it really matter for you?!”

18. “We’re having a baby!”

19. “Please, please don’t leave me!”

20. “You’ll always find your way back home, (name), I’ll wait for you.”

Sometimes a family is just a fam being okay with their bounty hunter fun Aunt but the moment Aunt leaves for Canada:

- cop Mom goes protective detective mode

- fun Dad encourages you to do you, but okay maybe we gotta look at this shifty thing

- Doctor Aunt would like to remind you SHE ISN’T THAT KIND OF A DOCTOR but you can probs do some damage control with things you find in a hotel

- cop Uncle would like to vacation, finally, thank you very much but sure fun Aunt needs my help - I AM ON VACATION THAT’S WHY I DON’T HAVE A GUN

- and the family’s kid wants to join you through your whips and knives bag, but cop Mom won’t let you so she’s giving you Ms. Alien to protect you.


(ps maybe they can invite mildly handsome hired killer Uncle for the ride)


So, while I loved having @cowbellchaos​ and @asksonicblitz​ over in FL to hang and chill… I really couldn’t do much with them since THIS was what I kept staring at.

A CHASE over draft amount… and an empty PAYPAL.

                   Thing’s have not been good on me guys.

  • I’ve lost my job
  • I haven’t found work
  • I’ve no funds for paying bills and the like
  • I AM CURRENTLY SEEKING A DOCTOR FOR MY MENTAL HEALTH (Since the place I was looking into, can’t help me without a job [even though they supposedly help people that don’t have incomes…wtf?])
  • AND NOW I HAVE NO CAR TO TAKE ME TO INTERVIEWS (The one who bought my car needs to pay me still… though… I’m not expecting much since they don’t even pay other people they owe cash to…)

So I’m literally up shit creek with no paddle. That’s why I’m going Emergency Commissions.


Of course we would have liked to see the DVD already subbed, since there are so many fans out there of this series who do not speak and understand Japanese. Nevertheless, the play was already beautiful watch, no matter if you didn’t understand the language.

But to make it even more perfect and accessible for everyone, a team was assembled to sub this huge project.

So who isThe Inu Subbing Team anyway?


Several weeks of hard labor paid off and we are happy to present you the subbed version of the play ^^

I would really like to thank @fast-moon, and @animaniacal for their help ^^

Information about the stream can be found here [x]

No money is made from this English subbed version.

It is made by fans for all other fans over the world who enjoy and love this series so much.

InuYasha ©2000 Rumiko Takahashi/Shogakukan - Yomiuri TV - Sunrise

anonymous asked:

everyone always says to follow your dreams ... but at the same time I have to make sure to go after money to be able to survive ... do you have any advice on how to do both? (btw, you seem like a really nice person and you are always so helpful, thank you for that <3)

Thank you, I try to be cause it’s fun!! It’s super sweet of you too! ^__^

Well, this one’s a bit tricky because it’s more about who you are as a person, and what most of the time, what degree/career we choose has a bit of a compromise somewhere or another. If everyone loved their job 100% and found it super easy to do, well, no one would really pay people all that much to do things. For example, jobs which require a lot of hard labour are physically straining on the body, so they get paid more or else no one would do it when they could get a comfier job in something like retail instead. There’s a trade off a lot of the time. 

There’s no denying that there’s a particular set of jobs which people would fancy doing if the average pay was better. Not talking about the people who hit it big and make it famous, or the better paid people in the industry e.g. artists, actors/actresses, photographers, designers, teachers, fashion designers, etc. 

University is about improving your chances of comfortable living. It in itself is a compromise; you’re giving away 5 years of your life and investing a lot of finances too depending on what country you’re living in, for a better income than you would get without a university most of the time, with the exception of the few entrepreneurs which are able to innovate so uniquely they build multi-million dollar corporations. They’re the exception though and not the rule, as many start ups would like to believe. 

You only live once, quite literally, so it depends on what’s important to you. Why are we living if we’re not meant to find contentedness and/or happiness? Following your dreams is a good thing. So is choosing something slightly less “ideal” (and is it really your “dream”? I discuss below) so that you can live a comfortable life. Some people are married to their career, and others simply find their career a means to an end. Other people find enjoyment in their career and/but have something more important to them, things like family, prestige, honour, comfort, material goods, etc. 

You can’t live without money, you also don’t need too much of it. If you don’t have money, you feel stressed constantly, relationships are strained as well. You can’t really provide for people and children who may depend on you, and not literally in a dependent-type relationship, but emotionally as well, your person is taken up by worries. If you’re too stressed, people important to you lose out as well. On the other hand, people who make around $75K are as happy as people who make millions a year. The more money you make, the more responsibility you have, so millionaires also have stress. There’s also the argument that if you have too much of a good thing you can’t really appreciate it as much. 

In any case, if you’re the type of person who becomes unhappy and unfulfilled if you can’t work your dream job, then go for it. Even if you don’t make it big, you’ll be the type of person who didn’t regret spending all that time and money investing in your career. 

If you’re the type who is happy enough doing something that you’re pretty good at and are comfortable with the added bonus of good pay, go for it. You’d be the type to not miss chasing a dream with its associated risks and opportunity costs. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t particularly mind what job you do as long as you have money for the important things in your life, then go for it. You’d be the type to care more about providing for a family then being 100% satisfied at work for a simple example. 

Those aren’t even close to all the situations possible. A lot of times people might not really know themselves that well and for one reason or another decide to go for something that isn’t really going to make them happy. Most often in popular media it’s the person who chooses becoming some businessperson and then bam, one day they slam their resignation form on the bosses’ table and walk out and chase their dreams belatedly. Sometimes people choose to chase after their dream job from the outset, or you get the person who decides to choose a more traditionally stable job from the beginning. 

You know, people often think the latter is a compromise, but don’t you feel like that’s a particularly Westernised concept? Compromise in the context of a career I mean. Not that I know anything about social studies, but compromise is important in life, and the skill should be valued. If you don’t compromise, you can never be happy. You want a house and nice car but you also want to blow millions on designer handbags, have a stress free life, 20 hour work week, go out to Tetsuya’s or some other high end restaurant every week, and a perfect family with a few dogs too? Most people can’t have everything. And in between these two media stereotypes is everyone else. There are all these shades in between, because humans, people, have a multitude of reasons why they want to pursue one recourse and not another, and I don’t think making a choice between the two (i.e. money or dreams), or literally choosing a course that is something in between the two (because there are a lot of well paying jobs you can get that are pretty enjoyable :D) should warrant negative judgement from others. 

So after the philosophical discourse, for some advice to balance between both, I think it’s important to understand that people’s dreams, or what people perceive to be their dreams rather, is usually formed by a pretty shallow understanding of what the job entails. When you work hard at something you become good at it. When you become good at something you enjoy doing it more. When you enjoy doing something, there is a good chance you will become passionate about it and it will become your dream. A lot of times, having an open mind and not rejecting from the start what you’re going to study means you’re going to find it interesting. 

Personally, that’s how I’ve somehow come to approach all my studies during high school which then led to an interest in science and eventually resulting in me choosing my current degree. To be honest, I kind of think it’s a difficult situation senior year students face. There are so many occupations out there, and how many do we actually know of, like literally understand what the day to day job entails? When you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, there’s like a list of twenty jobs they list “I wanna be a doctor, lawyer, police officer, fire fighter, nurse, etc.” Gosh I even met a hairstylist-in-training my age who didn’t know what an optometrist was when I was in my first year. 

So you can totally balance both if you choose something remotely interesting and work hard at it. It’s very hard to hate something that you’re good at, particularly if it matches your personal values as well. For example, I really like helping people, so a health science was great for that. Optometry was kinda cool, but I was impartial to most health sciences, I felt like the optometrist career at the end suited me more because it was community-based. The more I studied optometry the more passionate I became about it. So I’m effectively making it my dream in that aspect, though I kind of like everything and anything so it doesn’t particularly feel like I’ve ever really had a “dream” just because 1. that word is raised on a pedestal and has the “best thing of my life” emotional baggage/connotations and 2. I would study almost anything if education was free (both literal fees and opportunity cost). 

Anyway, that was super fun to talk about! I don’t claim to know everything mind y’all, I just like discussing things so don’t witch hunt me :) I hope that helped you come to terms with whatever decisions that you decide to make, and helps you to understand the decisions that others make as well! 

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* Sleepover time! *:・゚✧*・゚✧

A Halloween To Remember

Written for: Aim to Misbehave Challenge / Seasons of Love – Fall Challenge

Prompts: “So, would you like to lecture me on the wickedness of my ways?” / Halloween Party

Pairing: Destiel x Reader, Dean x Reader x Cas

Words: 4505

Warnings: SMUT, Mild Angst, Polyamory, Language, AU

A/N: So lately I’ve found myself in a poly hole and I had two challenges with Destiel x Reader. I made them work together and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you enjoy! All errors are my own, gifs/photos found through google, and as always thank you so much for reading!

Summary: With the help of your friend Charlie you dress up hoping to entice the objects of your affection at their annual Halloween party. Despite your reservations, you hope tonight ends with more treat than trick.


   If it hadn’t been for Charlie forcing you up the path to the house you would have never gotten out of the car. You admitted to yourself that you did look great. Charlie had done your make-up with finesse and the whole costume made you feel sexy. It wasn’t something you were accustomed to but you did feel like you looked good. You only hoped it was good enough to tempt the objects of your desire. But as soon as you had pulled up to their home your nerves got the best of you making you feel ridiculous for even entertaining the notion of coming clean about your feelings.

  “Just let me go home, Charlie,” you pleaded as she practically forced you up the sidewalk to the front door of the large home that was festively decorated for Halloween.

  “After the magic, I created with your costume! Hell no!” she pushed as you huffed. “You need to tell them Y/N!”

  “This whole thing is crazy Charlie! It’s your job to talk me out of this not push me into it,” you demanded as she rang the doorbell.

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