i love this so much because louis laugh

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I actually think the boys will be asked not to comment on Liam publicly or not so over the top, because as much as we'd be laughing at how shady. If bg doesn't end I think the it could turn into they love Liam more than Louis though we know it's not true. I think it would be too obvious

I actually said to someone earlier that I think them saying something about Liam would make the fakeness of babygate even more obvious than it already is to people actually paying attention and using their brains, so it won’t surprise me at all if they stay quiet for that reason.

Omg I can’t believe it has been 5 years already… I can’t thank you guys enough for staying with us, making us laugh when things got hard, cheering us up and making us smile. Thank you for beeing here for us and making us feel better even when you were thousands of miles away… I love you guys so much… I have been a fan for over 4 years now and I hope to meet you soon. Even when there were downs in this time it was totally worth it because nobody can make us smile and feel happier than you guys…

no offense but louis missing niall 2 months into the break and being too proud to call and say anything so he just packs his bags and show up at niall’s house “for a quick visit” and niall wraps him in the warmest softest hug and louis just melts into it because he missed this so much and they spend the next few days watching football drinking pints and playing fifa and its been 3 weeks and louis still hasnt gone home and niall makes breakfast for two now and one morning louis laughs insecurely “how about that quick visit? i bet ive overstayed my welcome havent i mate?” and niall just looks at him smiling and says “not really” before going to finish louis’ pancakes and louis feels relief flood through his whole body and a huge smile appears on his face and he just loves niall so much and now its 6 months into the break and niall brings home a doncaster rovers jersey “thought ya might want this for yer room”  and louis never thought ireland would be his home but he just cant seem to leave

I want to wish the happiest of birthdays to Louis. I hope you’re as happy as possible, I hope you’re surrounded by those who you love and I hope you laugh a lot. We’re so proud of you and you deserve so much happiness. Thank you for being who you are, for making others happy, for being the light in their lives when they need it, thank you for being such an inspiration and for making people feel loved. Thank you for the way you treat sick kids, I know it means so much to those that don’t get to meet you as well, what you do is incredible. Thank you for the positive messages that you send out, thank you for your music. We love u, happy birthday ✨🌟✨


Yesterday  I watched the twitcam of Louis and Harry and a moment Louis shows his phone to Harry and say “ me too” with such a soft voice, and Harry smiled like an idito and made a small laugh. Imagine a fan tweet  " I love harry “ and Louis show the tweet to Harry beacause he love Harry too


Harry come in the Louis’s room  when the twitcam so we can think that Louis called Harry and ask him for coming in his room for the twitcam

but a later in the twitcam, we can see Harry take his phone that is plugged in, but before that, we don’t see him connecting his phone

So Harry was in the Louis’s room befor the twitcam and spent much time in because he  left his phone in the room

Imagine Louis finding something super super funny on Youtube and he’s laughing for like ages and showing Niall who is also laughing but not as much as Louis and Harry is looking over at him with this ultra fond love sick smile but he can’t come over because he’s in make up and Lou reprimands him gently to keep his eyes shut so she can get this shadow right and Harry does close his eyes a little bit but not really because he’s still watching Louis laughing and Lou knows from years of dealing with these two that this is the best she’s going to get from Harry right now. Finally Louis, all bright sunshine comes over, eyes still glued to the video and says “Hazza, baby, look at this.” And Lou automatically adjusts so she’s on Harry’s other side and Louis can crowd into Harry’s Larry arm side to show him and Harry is so fucking eager to see what Louis was watching and all it is is two bunnies in mugs side by side rubbing noses and it’s not that funny but Harry laughs SUPER hard anyway and Louis goes in and rubs his nose against Harry’s and says “I’m the left bunny, you’re the right bunny.”