i love this so fkn much


Amazing Smaylor prank trivia! (+ Return of The Bloody Kleenex Heart) (x)


I’m in-love with the way Hyungwon looks at and strokes his fans hair 

im still fkn crying. i can barely put it into words how important this is to me even beyond just my otp being canon. the fact that this gay relationship, this HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL gay relationship is so popular and so REAL is making me feel too much. like i’m just feeling so overwhelmed rn and i’m not coherent. i love this show. it’s making me feel better. god bless

rhysand is my favorite book character hands down because he’s so respectful of everyone, gives importance to everyone, loves so greatly, literally wants everyone to be happy, and he’s fkn gorgeous I want to thank sarah j maas for creating such a wonderful character that I can’t get enough of she made my life so much better by introducing rhysand to it :))

Loud yelling and even louder screaming!!!! I have the bestest best friend in the entire world!!!!!!!! @seejay-through-life made this for me as a Christmas present and I fkn love it!! He even got it signed by Cecil and @dylanmarron at the live show earlier this year. Honestly this makes me super emotional I’m so happy 😍😍😍 (original art by @shiningarmorgraphics)