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Is it weird if my dysphoria is kind of... Inconsistent, for the lack of a better word? Like I dislike dresses, but wearing skirts is okay (As long as I have shorts under it) and most make up kills me inside, but lipstick and nail polish are nice??? It confuses me

Yup!!! This is actually super duper normal for enby people especially, but even Binary trans people. Some things are bound to bother you more than others. Like me! I can’t s t a n d wearing dresses or skirts, I love to be masculine presenting, but I don’t get dysphoria when people call me a girl! If someone said I looked girly it would probably make me veryyyy dysphoric though.
Dysphoria is a personal experience, and nobody can tell you what the right way to have dysphoria is love!
~ chris

Here’s some little things I thought about while in target ok (this is purely based off of Jughead in the show Riverdale so these are non-asexual but if u want an asexual one let me know !!!!!)


-Jughead isn’t a super PDA person but you’re literally the equivalent of a baby Koala so he sucks it up and holds your hand in the hallways and let’s you cuddle up to him in a booth at Pop’s

-ok but when u guys are alone Jughead is super affectionate like he’s got himself wrapped around you

- you guys get in disagreements and get a lil hot headed with each other but u guys never ever fight

-except for that one time when Jughead got in to this mode where he literally shut everyone out and only focused on his novel and u had to set that boy straight

-now every time he gets too immersed or you want his attention, all u gotta do is reach over and hover a finger over the screen (“don’t touch it you’ll leave fingerprints”) and he gets the message

- Pop’s every day after school

-you’re literally the most loyal customers

- although when you guys go an an actual date every once in a while, you’ll go bowling or check out a new restaurant or something

- You buy Jughead stuff all the time like clothes and stuff even though he has his own job because sometimes he shows up to school and he’s got holes in his shirt and it irritates you so much

-when you found out Jughead was living in the drive in because of his situation with his father, you went to Archie’s dad and told him, and told him (word by word) “you are part of the reason he doesn’t have a home now, so you better open up your doors for him or I swear to god-”

-and Fred stopped you right there and told you he would

-you would have had him come live with you but your dad wasn’t a huge fan of the idea

-your mom loves him though

-literally loves him to death

-so he’s over at your house all the time

-and Jughead obviously isn’t a big sexual person, like normal “sexy” stuff doesn’t turn him on, like short skirts and crop tops or any of that

-but g o d

-you are like, an actual angel to him

-he could literally stare at you for hours and hours

-one time he spent the night and left one of his shirts and when he came over one morning you hadn’t gotten ready for school yet and you answered the door and

-you were wearing his shirt

-just his shirt

-his palms literally started sweating, like he literally wanted to slam the door shut and take u right against the wall and that was definitely a new feeling for him

-he respects you so much, he literally has so much respect for you

-before you guys got together, you had fallen for the game that the jocks played and after Chuck Clayton had humiliated you publicly when he pretended to ask you to formal you had been put in the playbook as “the freak”

-When Jughead found out he literally decked Chuck Clayton

-literally punched him in the jaw so hard Chuck stumbled and almost fell

-and Jughead ended up walking away with a bloody nose and a busted lip

-and you cleaned him up and yelled at him and told him it wasn’t worth it and he said  “of course you’re worth it, you’re always worth it”

-and that was the night u guys got together

-you and Jughead never like think about having sex or doing that kind of stuff because neither of you are really huge on it and you guys just aren’t really sexual people

-your first time is like a hint of awkwardness but just like super natural and stuff and it’s rlly intimate and loving and he holds you all night after

-and he wakes up the next morning and you’ve got his shirt on again

-and the next morning you ride him in the shirt

-Jughead literally supports you with anything, he’s honestly your number one fan

-when you tried out for the river vixens he was there

-when you sang in the talent show he was there

-when you did your first musical gig he was there

-and same with him, like you’re always proofreading his articles for the blue and gold for him and being his helping hand, almost like his test rat for his articles and novel and such

-and he’s got a whole folder full of poems and little journal entries and shit he’s written about you

-he will never admit it though

-you guys are so in love and it’s great bc the both of you would never cheat on each other and lie to each other and you guys just have a really healthy and strong relationship that nothing and nobody could get between


Prompt: You knew walking home alone was a mistake. Now you’re cornered and there’s no escape, or is there?

Pairing: Mike x Reader

Warnings: Troy and James.

A/N: So i’ve started watching Stranger Things again since season two comes out within a week, and I am literally so excited. And watching it again made me realize how much I love Mike Wheeler, so because of that, this happened. Oh! This also takes place before Will’s disappearance.


You were a quiet kid. You didn’t really like to put yourself out there, mainly because of your fear of judgement. You did have friends though, and honestly you wouldn’t trade them for anything. Dustin, Lucas, Will and Mike were the best friends you’d ever had, and it didn’t even matter to you that they were all boys. All the girls your age judged you for your different tastes.

You weren’t one for skirts or dresses, you didn’t really like the things girls your age liked. You’d rather spend your evening playing Dungeons and Dragons than chatting up whatever the girls your age did. That is why you spent most of your time with Mike, Dustin, Will and Lucas. It’s also why you got teased relentlessly.

It’s also how you found yourself cornered by James and Troy, your very own annual bullies, after school.

You’d known walking home alone was a mistake, but you hadn’t wanted to bother the boys because you distinctly remembered them saying they weren’t going to meet up after school. And you didn’t want to be a hassle. But now you seriously regretted that decision as the two boys before you stepped threateningly closer.

You felt extremely small in that moment, back pressed up against the schools wall in panic as the leered at you. 

“Oh look, it’s the freak.” Troy spat, narrowing his eyes dangerously at you as you remained silent. You were quiet, which meant you weren’t really good at standing up for yourself. While the girls in your grade teased you for being too boy like, James and Troy went after you because you were an easy target. If caught alone they could spit whatever insult they’d want at you, shove you to the ground, hit you and you wouldn’t do anything.

“Where’s the whole freak show, huh?” James asked, only further making it sink in that you were alone. “Seems you’re all alone, Y/N. No ones coming to help you.”

Yet again you said nothing, only closed your eyes in shame and tried to push back the tears that threatened to spill. You looked around yourself for any chance of escape or maybe a teacher that would walk by, but it was after school; the teacher’s only break from kids and every student rushed home the second the bell rang. And not only that, but they had you completed cornered; with the both of them there’s no way you’d be able to run away fast enough.

“You do know you’re weird right?” James asked yet another question, as Troy picked up his hand to flick you harshly in the forward. 

“Do you even know how to speak?” Troy spat, and the two of them step even closer to you. You felt your breath grow frantic, and you felt panic welling within you as they closed in on you. “Hey!” Troy suddenly raised his voice, making you jump as he pushed your head harshly into the wall behind you. “Stop ignoring me. Where’s frog-face? You two are always together.”

“D-Don’t call Mike that.” You whispered, hating when they insulted your friends. It stung when they called you a name or pushed you around, but you hated when they spoke ill of your friends; especially Mike. Those boys had never done anything to deserve such cruel treatment. “Y-You’re just j-jealous.”

Troy laughed as if you’d said the most odd thing in the world as James elbowed him in enjoyment. You didn’t regret defending your friend but you knew you’d pay for that comment.

“So. She can speak.”

Troy raised his hand, smacking it into your shoulder harshly making you groan out slightly in pain. “You got a crush on Mike?” He asked, pressing his hand further into your shoulder as James shot out his foot to kick at your feet. Suddenly you were tumbling to the ground, your butt hitting the concrete beneath you harshly. “Aweh, freaks got a little crush of frog-face.”

You hugged yourself as they harshly kicked at you, closing your eyes tightly in terror. Every kick stung and every insult felt like you’d been shot.

Then you felt someone in front of you, and opening your eyes you saw Troy. Taking a single digit, he placed it against your forehead and pushed on it. “Well listen, you freak, Mike ain’t coming. I bet he hates you as much as everyone else does.”

James laughed obnoxiously, “definitely!” And then he paused, as if shocked by your stricken expression; “oh, you don’t know…? You don’t know that the entire school, including your idiot friends, hate you?”

You bit your lip, feeling your eyes shine with unshed tears as they laughed loudly into your face. You’re sure it would’ve continued, but both James and Troy’s laughter stopped abruptly when a voice called out; “you sure about that?”

Your eyes snapped open in shock, and looking past both Troy and James you found Mike.

“Looks like we were wrong, James.” Troy spoke up, straightening and stepping away from you to take a step near Mike. “Frog-face really does care.”

“Seems they’re made for each other.”

“Just leave her alone, Troy.” Mike sighed, tilting his head in annoyance. “Y/N’s done nothing to you.”

“She’s fun to tease.” Troy shrugged, “the freak doesn’t know how to speak.”

Mike only rolled his eyes and suddenly he was walking forward; you sat up straighter yourself, unsure of what he was going to do. He ended up trying to walk right between Troy and James but they both grabbed ahold of him, effectively stopping him. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Y/N, get up!” Mike called, looking at you as he struggled against the grip holding him back. “Just go, i’ve got this.” You felt your heart spike, your hands falling beside you as you found yourself unsure of what to do. Though before you could make a decision, Mike surprisingly lifted his right arm, bashing his elbow directly into James’s chin and knocking him back.

There was a split second of shock before Troy recovered and shoved Mike back harshly. You flinched when James came back and kicked at Mike’s feet, making him fall to the ground harshly and smack the back of his head against the concrete. Your eyes widened in surprise as he groaned out in pain, and your gaze immediately flew to the others boys as they laughed, as if knocking a boy to the ground was something to be proud of and moved forward to do something more.

Looking beside you in panic, you grabbed the nearest thing to you, which happened to be a rock and flung it towards the two boys. It smacked Troy in the back of the head, and he stumbled back in surprise. “What the fuck!” You wasted no time in scrambling up, using their surprise to your advantage and aggressively shoving past them.

“Mike!” You called, grabbing his hand. “We gotta go, come on!” You yanked him up from the ground, running away from the two advancing on you. “Your bike?”

“This way!”

It didn’t take long for the two of you to reach Mike’s bike, and right when he jumped on, you situated yourself behind him. Glancing behind you as Mike begun peddling, you smirked slightly as Troy and James stopped in defeat and wrapped your arms around Mike’s waist for support. Though Mike didn’t stop peddling until you reached his house, and you two didn’t breathe out in relief until you were in his basement. 

Panting slightly, you turned to look at Mike. “You okay?” You asked softly, making your way over to him. Mike stared at you with wonder as you made your way behind him, and pushed his hair out of the way to glance at where he’d hit it his head. Reaching forward, you touched the wound as Mike hissed in pain and frowned at the blood that latched onto your fingers. “You’re bleeding.”

“It’s okay.” Mike shrugged, turning around to smile at you; that same sweet smile that you loved and grasped the same hand in support. Mike paused but you watched his eyes stay focused on your forehead, and you flushed in embarrassment. “Is something…?”

“No.” Mike instantly denied. “No it’s not that-” Reaching his own hand forward, he brushed a strand of hair away that had fallen into your face in the midst of everything and his fingertips softly touched the red mark Troy had placed on your forehead. “What were you doing alone? Why didn’t you tell anyone that you needed a walk home?”

You looked away in shame; “I didn’t wanna be a bother.”

Mike’s face fell in surprise and he frowned. “You could never be a bother Y/N… Never to me-… or anyone! Anyone! We don’t mind and it’s okay if you need help or- or anything! And you’re not a freak at all-” You interrupted the boys nervous ramble by leaning forward and pressing a gentle kiss against his cheek. He paused in shock, staring at you with wide eyes as you leaned back with red cheeks.

“Thank you Mike.”

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would you ever think of making other heathers related cc? like the blazers or the skirts??

Uh sure. Gotta confess though that I never watched the Heathers movie (and neither a video of a performance, soo uh would need to do some research for that. Or I’d need someone like you sending me some links ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ).

But I’d definitely love to make some. c:

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In Sierra’s last few Instagram posts, she’s wearing knee length shorts, jeans and short shorts!! I’m glad she’s going back to her old style now and I really hope she convinces Joy to throw on a pair of jeans or something!

I’d love that, if she was able to do that! I am utterly confused with Sierra though! We have seen her 2+ years in nothing but skirts and dresses and now suddenly, she is wearing shorts and pants, left right and center… What happened? Did she talk to Jeremy and Jinger and suddenly changed her mind?

IKR? She was in Texas helping hurricane victims, but is the climate very different to Arkansas there? I hope it is a step in the right direction, she even let her girls wear pants and shorts now. If she were to teach them that it is not their sole purpose in life to become the next baby factory, I’d be so happy! (Annie)

Okay, I think I’m rocking and rolling with this one.

Decided to take the “Rose” idea and run with it, so, her colour scheme is based around that. Also decided against bracelets because while they work thematically with her being a cute girl who wants to fall in love, they’d be a bit of a pest while wielding a hammer. Kept the yellow, though, because it’s a nice splash of a different colour. 
As I said in the last post, she’s got a skort for maximum movement and minimum up-skirts. 
Gloves changed to have some hammer grip. 
Kept her spines facing downwards, because spines that go back look too much like she’s a thrill-seeker, which just sorta makes her into “girl Sonic”. Also, having downwards facing spines makes sense from a hedgehog pov, as it means she’s more friendly than Shadow, who’s always got his spines up. 
Cowlick is more like her classic form, to roll with the “rose” idea again. 

Her playstyle would be similar to her appearance in 06 (but obviously with her high-jump making sense, and hammer having a bigger hitbox/ being vaguely useful). 
The idea behind an ShTH sequal would be to still have branching story-lines, but to include Amy and Eclipse as the Heroic and Dark paths (respectively) rather than making the game about Shadow’s choices, because by this point, he’s fairly grounded in his identity. 
The game would start with the player as Shadow, and as soon as he goes onto a heroic path, he meets Amy, and from there out, the player traverses the game as Amy (unless they go back to the neutral path).
Amy has two endings: Pure Hero, and Mostly Hero. 
Her goal is to both defeat Eggman, and somehow pacify Eclipse and his Dark Arms. 

My EAH persona, Gregoria Grincheaux, daughter of the Grinch. >.> 

I might tweak her costume a little bit though because as much as I love gold, there seems to be too much right now. v.v her skirt is snowy mountain tops, her necklace is Max’s antlers, her hairclip is supposed to be the x-ray of her daddy’s itty-bitty heart, and then her earrings are icicles I guess. xD;

She hangs out with Cerise but everyone assumes she ought to be friends with Raven and Kitty and Lizzie because of her legacy of course.


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If Cass had a Discowing suit or the Red-White Azrael costume Jean Paul had, what would it be like (Pretty much an awful yet good looking costume)

Man, I’m so attached to her Batgirl costume that its hard to come up with a new one. Hm, I figure it’d use the blue, yellow and grey color scheme from Bruce’s old costume. Yellow boots with blue laces that go up to her upper thigh, a blue cowl + cape that stops at her lower back. Her cowl is still stitched shut though. Blue and yellow gloves. Finally, to top it all off, a ruffled blue skirt over the pants of her costume.

Fashion disaster? Yes. Iconic? Also yes. (Also if anyone draws this I’ll love you forever)

Before We Go-Part 1

Summary: You end up stranded in Minneapolis after you miss your bus, night quickly going to hell. There you end up dependent on the kindness of a stranger

Characters: Dean, Reader

Pairings: None yet

Word Count: 2200

Warnings: Language, panic, that’s it

A/N: Hope you enjoy! I watched a movie by the same name that was on Netflix and I absolutely loved it. Even though parts are going to be very, very similar, I am changing quite a bit of it up after this part.


“Shit, shit, shit, shit.” You sprint, well more like stumble, down the marble stairs in your heels and D&G suit and skirt. Dammit, why did you have to be running late? You had to get home, you had made a mistake, this wasn’t you. If you hadn’t been so damn angry…The last bus left the station at 9:25PM, it was 9:24PM and everything had gone so incredibly wrong. The only thing you had left was this damn bus ticket and your cell phone.

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I’ve been drawing a lot of steven universe related stuff lately even though i didn’t finish all or shared it :’D anyway i wanted to draw something else instead so here we are with my little pumpkin witch to fit the current halloween theme :D i loved the idea of a pumkin skirt so i kind of went with it and tried a few new things but i don’t think its too noticeable xD

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"That cheer routine was stellar--I'm serious!" Joey waved his spatula in time with his words, like it would prove his point. He turned back to the stove to flip a pancake he'd been cooking, all decked out in pj's, glasses missing. Mina was sporting pj's as well (or rather, wearing one of Jo's shirts) since she'd stayed the night. It was routine by now--meeting after games, going out partying and spending the night afterwards. "I wanted to ask though-- That player, number 14, are you datin' him?"

       cheerleading was her passion – while some people might find it a childish thing to love at her age, she couldn’t stop herself from loving every single thing about it and be proud. and oh, how she loved when he went to the games to see her… of course she had show off in the pretty little skirt they wore and being the center of the routine; it was exciting, adrenaline rushing through her veins when she felt his eyes on her. but coming to his apartment after the game was even better – especially since she got to wear one of his shirts; while minako knew she looked good in the cheerleader uniform, this was just as good as that.

         sitting in one of the kitchen stools, she leaned forward to look at him, a bright smile on her lips when she heard the compliment. “ ahh, wasn’t it? we’ve been working very hard and it paid off! though lindsay could use some improvement… ” or maybe she was being a little too strict but the important thing was that it had all worked out for the best. blinking, her smile faded a little with the question. “ number fourteen? you mean josh? no, we aren’t. ” why was he asking that all of a sudden? of course there were rumours and he flirted with her in a rather obvious way but she was with joey, wasn’t she? that should answer his question. while at first she was confused, the smile started to show again when she realized he could be jealous, an almost teasing tone in her voice. “ mm, why do you ask~?


Santa Claus Is Coming Tonight

I meant to have this little Christmas present for my followers done for Christmas Eve, but it didn’t happen. It’s still Christmas, though! So Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy! Love you guys! [Inspired by this lovely cardboard Dean post :D (x) ]

You walk into the bedroom and you can’t stop the giggle that bubbles forth at the sight before you. Dean is propped up against the headboard of the bed, a Santa hat on his head, very velour-looking boxers in red with white trim, and the red and white Christmas tree skirt around his shoulders - nothing else. He has his trademark sexy, sassy smirk on his face as he looks up at you, his long, bare legs stretched out in front of him.

“Why are you wearing the tree skirt?” you ask, laughing.

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Do you have any good pick up lines for cryptids? Err...I mean cryptid-themed pick up lines. I'm totally not cruising for cryptids.

Hey, you look a bit like Bigfoot… I mean, you know what big feet mean ;D

Are you the Flatwoods Monster? Because you look great in that skirt ;D Though I’d like to take it off and see your lizard form ;D

Are you Nessie? Because I’ve spent centuries searching for you ;D

I hope you’re a beast in bed… but not a beast of Gévaudan because I don’t want to be decapitated. ;D

Are you a Wendigo? Because I’d love to Wendi-go to your bed. ;D

Santa Claus Is Coming Tonight

I meant to have this little Christmas present for my followers done for Christmas Eve, but it didn’t happen. It’s still Christmas, though! So Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy! Love you guys! [Inspired by this lovely cardboard Dean post :D (x) ]

You walk into the bedroom and you can’t stop the giggle that bubbles forth at the sight before you. Dean is propped up against the headboard of the bed, a Santa hat on his head, very velour-looking boxers in red with white trim, and the red and white Christmas tree skirt around his shoulders - nothing else. He has his trademark sexy, sassy smirk on his face as he looks up at you, his long, bare legs stretched out in front of him.

“Why are you wearing the tree skirt?” you ask, laughing.

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On Crop Tops

Everybody has a least favorite part of their body, and mine just happens to be my stomach.

I’m a relatively confident person, one who has overcome years of disordered eating, heavy dieting, and self-hatred. After applying enough mental analgesic (selfies! body confidence movements! Dove commercials!) to my wounds over the years, I can now say things like “I love myself!” and take selfies and even get insulted on the internet without taking steps backwards.

Still, I won’t wear crop tops, and I’ve never worn a bikini.

What my body ACTUALLY looks like doesn’t really matter in this specific instance, or how heavy I am or am not. Sometimes it does, because the way we treat and handle fat people who are happy with themselves (or not happy, or just existing) is completely different than the way we handle those who are thinner. But in the world of self-confidence, and self-care, It doesn’t matter if you’re thin or overweight or skinny or downright fat when it comes to how deep the idea of a ‘perfect body’ can run in your blood, and how alienated you can feel when you do not have it, and how deeply insecure it can make you, and just how much it can affect your good time. It doesn’t matter what you look like when you feel like you look less than good. I got better at it, but I’m not there yet.

Years of ‘getting better’ is kind of a ridiculous concept, just in the way I mean that I spent years simply just trying to, at the very least, accept the body I was born in and have only one of, but here we are. I had to spend years working on liking myself. That is bonkers–to work on yourself enough to get to the point where you can put on an outfit and smile and just feel nice that you are alive in the figure you are in. It’s CRAZY minimal, but it is still a struggle. And it’s a struggle enough for me that even though I am happy most of the time, and feel beautiful, and can admit that now—I’m still afraid to go outside in a crop top. Is it because I feel you should only wear a crop top if you have a six-pack? Nope. I don’t go out in a crop top because I have not yet overcome the fact that my stomach isn’t flat, and am still not confident enough to accept it, even though i want to. I’m still not over it all.

So. Now we get to Oprah Mag, and the crop top debacle. What it does is reiterate the fact that if (and only if) I look exactly how I already know the world wants me to look, than I can wear a crop top, too. It restricts me in the way I already restrict myself. And it makes me feel correct in my choice. And it keeps that negative thought in my head even though a) I wear dark lipstick even though I hear it’s not feminine and b) I wear short shorts even though I have stretch marks and c) I wear high-waisted skirts even though there was another article on how ugly THAT is and d) I leave the house in outfits I love even though I’m not perfect looking, for fuck’s sake. 

But it’s not them that stops me. It’s not news to open up a magazine or step out into the world, finding rules on how to dress if you don’t fit an ideal. I stop me from ignoring those rules and enjoying my own life.

And then I see the backlash, and I see beautiful chubby women, and beautiful skinny women, and women with stomachs much bigger and much smaller than mine, and I am reminded of another thing: bodies, and how different they are, and how inoffensive they are, and how regular they can be. And I am reminded that we think more about how we look than somebody else does, and I am reminded how many women can have fun in crop tops, and another thing. Me not wearing a crop top isn’t a world problem, it is only a me problem. At this point, I wear outfits I only feel 100% confident in, and I’m not sure if that’s even a bad thing. I feel more beautiful in a tank top and my favorite black shorts, and that’s who I am for now. We can’t be perfect body-positive role models, and I am no exception. But still, I remember:

I can wear a crop top, too. If (and ONLY if), I feel confident enough to do just that. 

It’s okay if you don’t, but don’t forget to put something on that makes you feel damn good. Just think of that alone when you’re getting dressed in the morning.


Elsa Cosplay! I’m in love with these photos! Super sparkly and my train looks like a waterfall on the steps! :D Plus the overall cosplay looks a lot more aquamarine then I planned. I was almost positive it would’ve been light blue but yay, in photos it looks pretty accurate. :) Not sure if the gradient is really noticeable on the skirt though, but either way I think it turned out pretty good!

SacAnime Summer 2014
Cosplayer: Me!
Photo credit: Arielle Ludwig


♡ O O T D ♡

Dress - Daisy Fuentes (Thrifted)

Grey Skirt - Xhiliration (Thrifted)

Underskirt - Chaundry (Thrifted)

Shoes - Faded Glory (Wal-Mart)

Necklace - Love Sick (Hot Topic)

A cool day today, I probably could of gotten away with wearing a sweater. I’m staying home today, maybe cuddle up in a blanket and watch some movies. The weather is kinda gloomy it’s not helping my mood. I had to show off my succulent I named Violet though. I think it’s beautiful.