i love this sigma!!


I SWEAR to JESUS i am never drawing barred wings again. Never. I refuse

anyway ! True Nephil Carolina w/ Peregrine Falcon wings. she was the one that inspired the whole project and boy doesn’t that make her feel good about herself

fun fact: this armor design was actually Tex’s but I felt like it matched Carolina better. tex, instead, will receive a cleavage window

in case u were wondering these are my fave ze characters in a general order………….

TOP TIER: akane, aoi, phi

I FUCKING LOVE THEM TIER: junpei, light, sean, carlos, sigma

STILL LOVE THEM TIER: clover, hazuki, seven, kyle

NICE/NEUTRAL TIER: alice, quark, luna, diana

NAH TIER: mira, eric

FUCK NO TIER: hongou, kubota, nijisaki, musashidou, dio


anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite makeup brushes?

I really love all the Smith Cosmetics brushes I have: 112, 230, 232, 253!
Zoeva makes amazing brushes: 142 & basically all of the eyeshadow brushes. (I think I have most of them)
MAC: 217! I mean everyone needs that brush. I particularly love the 168 as well. 
Sigma: I love the foundation brushes. I’ve had mine for years an use them every day. 
Real Techniques: Setting Brush & 203.