i love this show so so much

I guess what hooked me up were your eyes. It’s always the eyes for me. Im always looking for something in them. Something to let me know that you feel the way I feel about you. But they show me no such signs of the love I crave from you. It breaks my heart to know you probably will never know how much I love you. And how much it hurts to love you in silence and maybe that’s because that’s how I choose to love you. Although you’d always be my entire world and you’ll be the only thing I’d ever need to breathe but I won’t show it, simply because you probably could do so much better. I’ll always feel that I don’t deserve you. But I love you so much it hurts, up to the point that i’ve never loved anyone, even myself. But if you could just look into my eyes and see the love I have for you then maybe, just maybe you’d see that I’ve loved you to pieces and I’ll never stop and maybe you’d choose me over everyone else and make me the happiest person as I will try my best to make you one as well. I’d give up anything for you because you’ll always be worth it.
—  movingforward33 

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can you describe N, Kihyun, Jeonghan, and Jin (mayne suho if thats okay) as PTA moms, please? i love love love this concept so much, it's so funny 😂

hakyeon: expensive wine taste, best fashion - owns a pantsuit for every day of the week. doesn’t really know why she still shows up to the pta meetings all her kids have graduated but she loves to sit in talk with the other moms,,,it’s her fill of Drama

kihyun: doesn’t give a shit about the wine, comes straight from work, keeps his nails well sharpened. gets into fights with teachers who try to give the kids lower grades because kihyun is sure his kids are THE BEST he doesn’t care of changkyun can’t do long division. “let me speak to the principal” kinda mom. banned from chaperoning field trips 

jeonghan: cheap wine is fine but prefers white over red, has the best hair and kihyun secretly hates it. complains the most about the kids because there are so many of them when will they all just grOW UP and jin is like you should love your kids and jeonghan is like i do love my kids. i love dino for example 

jin: drinks wine depending on what he’s had for lunch, voted the prettiest by other moms, probably looks like he has the best handle on his kids but he doesn’t. tries to offer advice to other moms but what he really wants is for someone to take jungkook away and raise him because teenagers are,,,,,,,,,,horrible

suho: cheap wine for the win (and for the saving of money), most expensive jewelry, “this was a gift from kr- i can’t even say his name jESUS”. cries at every meeting. misses the kids who left and refuse to answer any of his texts or calls. begs jeonghan to get minghao to call luhan so suho can know if he’s ok and taking his meds 

Trending 27th: Favorite Ship

I can’t even begin to say how heartwarming and perfect I think these two are.
Wander Over Yonder focuses primarily on Wander and Hater’s relationship and the steady growth of Hater as a person due to Wander’s positive influence on his life.

The two become obsessed with one another.
Hater just wants to be loved, Wander wants to love.
They fill out one another’s flaws and short-comings.

Frankly I don’t see why these two couldn’t fall in love, they’re already on the path to being close friends. They’d live such a happy life together alongside a perpetually groaning Sylvia and Peepers. Wander sure as heck seems to be pretty sweet on Hater based upon their interactions in the show. Hater’s entire deterioration as an evil villain is due to Wander’s positive effect on him. So much so that Hater was able to save the universe he once tried to rule.

Additionally, this relationship means a lot to me in terms of rationalizing my own gay-ness and the fact that these two were what made me find the love of my life, @lizardagenda

As well as so, so many amazing friends.
Shipping is sometimes stigmatized as being gross and stupid but I firmly believe it can be a fun, healthy way of exploring not only art and characters but yourself as well.

These guys will always mean a lot to me

Team Titcurtains - from “I’m going to fuck the living shit out of him” to respectably-dressed pirate spy couple. ❤

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see when i watched golion i thought the opposite, especially after shiro disappeared. i think they're leading up to the original paladin / lion pairings with black paladin keith, blue paladin allura, and red paladin lance! and of course in the og series, everyone piloted everyone's lions. allura pilots black, keith pilots green. i think pidge was the only one to never pilot a different lion actually.

Oh see, that’s what that post was about! I was basically saying Lance might actually have just been piloting Blue until Allura steps in to do it. I’m really seeing a good chance of Blue Paladin Allura.

As for Black Paladin Keith and Red Paladin Lance, I think the hardest thing for me to reconcile is how different Keith and Akira and Lance and Isamu are lmao. But then, the writers did say that they wanted to try to start their Keith off in a different place, so I’m interested in seeing where they go with it if they do stick with the classic Black Paladin Keith storyline. 

(But I mean in GoLion Allura inherits the Lion that Shiro used to pilot so hm……….)

And I literally love the lion swapping in this series, I really hope that we get to see some of it in Legendary Defender!!

“When you work with a guy like Michael Jackson who when he was late, he was supposed to be in the studio at twelve and he showed up about quarter to one. He felt so terrible  for being late he apologized the whole session. The next day he sent a big giant basket because we’re talking about movies and how much I love movies. So he sent me this giant basket….Oh my goodness, it probably had 100 DVDs. It had popcorn, candy, all kinds of books and movie trivia, all kinds of stuff. Again the card said, ‘I’m very sorry for not respecting your time.”….I would say Mike, what time do you want to start tomorrow? He said, ‘Cory, you’re the boss. You tell me what time. If you want me here seven in the morning, I will be here at seven in the morning.’ He said, ‘You are the boss. Whatever you tell me.’” Cory Rooney

Sunrise on Another World

For Platonic VLD Week! First prompt: Moonlight/Sunlight


Words: 1017
Characters: Hunk and Shay
Summary: Hunk wants to show Shay everything, and after the war, he finally gets the chance.

“I just want to show you everything,” he told her. “When the war is over… There’s so much to see. You think seeing the sky is great… Wow. There’s a lot more. I want to show you everything.”

Shay smiled, her face shining like the sky she loved so dearly, and Hunk smiled back.

It was a long war. A trying war. A draining war. Hunk saw things he’d never imagined, did things he never wanted to do, and lost more than he had ever known he had. But they won, in the end. Zarkon was defeated, the Galra Empire was broken, and local peoples were starting to figure out what freedom meant. Then, and only then, did Hunk get to keep his promise.

He landed on the Balmera in the yellow lion tired and worn, but triumphant. Rejuvenated, just to step foot on the rocky crust of the homeliest place he’d found in the universe, outside his true home. Shay ran to meet him, beaming like a thousand thousand stars, and he smiled back.

She stumbled to a halt and stood facing him, staring, her face falling not to dismay, but to solemnity at the least. He tried to smile harder, to reassure her, but she reached for him. Slow at first, cautious. As if he might refuse. Hunk stood still, gave her a nod. She could do what she liked with him. Shay touched the new scar that crossed his cheek, trailing from his eye to his chin.

“Does it pain you?” she asked, so soft, so gentle. As ever, Shay was the softest person Hunk had ever known, never mind the toughness of her skin, the solidity of her spine.

He smiled and shook his head. “Not at all. It’s a…a badge of honor, Shiro says. A point of pride. But never mind that. Can you come with me? Can I show you?”

Her smile returned, slow and broad and soft, soft, soft. “Yes, please. I must needs say farewell to my family, first, but then… Yes. I want to see everything there is to see.”

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*claps* glasses. Yes. And correct me if I'm wrong? But like, wasn't there a silly anime that had these guys all wear glasses and one wanted to be populat with em or something???


okay here’s the thing: 

my type is very specific and doesn’t just stop at glasses like… idk the guys in the glasses anime are too… pretty… so I was never interested in the first place… because I’m not really into it…

I just had to look up Meganebu! and I feel like I’m actually thinking of something else??? but idk 


but now I’m lookin at gifs for it and… it might be… something i’m interested in… we’ll see…

but like if you wanna know for real… like… in terms of anime… just anime? I was really into Shinichi from Parasyte

Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

ya know, before he lost the glasses and his sweety-boy personality (which is when the show got bad, imo) plus of course the production value went way down after episode 1 like this show just disappointed me all around i cannot believe


(i still haven’t seen past ep3 rip me)


Originally posted by morinascontract

Stein is p good too he’s such a perfect dorky dad-type

Originally posted by megafuch5

I guess Shinra is bae too tbh but not really personality-wise? I’m more into sweety-boy types but Celty and Shinra are #GOALS

Originally posted by desertstalker

actually can’t even really put a pin on it bc ANY glasses boy in an anime will pique my interest but if we’re talkin like… absolute perfect man, 100% my type and everything I’d look for in a guy (and pretty close to my bf??)… definitely Rei…

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uhh I feel like there are more but I can’t… think of them… if we’re just talking anime…

I give up. I’ve searched through three fanfiction archives and there are NO good Snily fanfics (except for Obscura Nox Animae by Heatherlly). 
Can anybody recommend (or finally write) me a fic (or preferably hundreds of fics) in which: 

- Severus is not a sex-obsessed bastard that fucks every woman on his way without loving her. Sorry, but there is no canon hint that he ever had sex and him being a virgin is SO much better as it shows how deeply he loves Lily.
- Severus doesn’t Lily in the end to either death or James
- Severus isn’t actually evil
- Severus doesn’t smoke or swear all the time (I’ve got no problem with swearing, it’s just out of character and part of Snape’s charm is his almost antique way of talking.) 
- they are not just in bed in a PWP one-shot

So does anyone knows a fic like that and would do me the honour of recommending it to me?

Okay can we just appreciate that Star vs the forces of evil is avoiding each and every toxic relationship cliche there is?

Like, it would have been so easy to make somebody in this situation the ‘antagonist’ but instead they are showing that all of them genuinly care about eachother and just want the others to be happy.

Like they constantly show that the characters, despite their flaws, care about eachother deeply and constantly call them out if they do behave badly (Tom is a good example here).

Like listen, Disney has been doing so much with this show, they care so deeply about showing their audience that stuff like this doesn’t always have to be toxic and really want to show that love has a lot more layers then the superficial ones you normally see adressed in shows.

It’s the very first time I see a love triangle done right on tv and it makes me so happy that they are teaching young children all of this.

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why do you hate keith so much? or dislike him idk

i like keith (a lot!!) i just don’t like how shiro favorites him. (i also just…don’t want him to be the black paladin. but i don’t want pidge to be the black paladin either, and i like her.) tbh i don’t have anything against keith i just wish the show (and shiro’s attention…lmao) were less centered around him

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So. It's probably weird that I'm old and a super hard core fan of this show. I love Jared/Sam so much I could just cry. I feel like I'm living a sad pathetic life. Only these guys and this place help me. I have anxiety/depression. I'm over 40. I've been single for 15 years. I don't belong anywhere and have no friends. I just want to know I belong somewhere. So yeah just crawling in a hole & becoming anon so I don't embarrass myself. But thanks for bringing me so much Sam & helping me feel loved

(((((Hugs my dear anon!)))))  Believe us there is nothing weird about being old and a super fan, I mean have you seen sports fans?  We, and I mean everybody, needs fictional characters and their stories to help make sense of a confusing and chaotic world.  And when you have depression it’s even harder because it’s your own body trying to kick your ass.   One of the many reasons why I love Sam so much is because even with all the crap he’s had to go through, he still has the courage to do  the right thing and find simple joy in everyday life.  People have told us that sometimes Sam is their only reason for getting up in the morning because they knew Sam would. 

Please talk to us anytime, by anon or private message, we will always respect your privacy. 

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So even after all this time, I have yet to watch season 2 of Agent Carter. I hear a lot of, umm, complaints about it and it kind of makes me want to just pretend it exists and read my steggy fanfic lol could you maybe give me the bullet points of the season that could summarize why it was so terrible? I don't have much free time so I'd rather not waste it on something I'll be sorely disappointed with.

Bullet points, okay, I’ll try my best!

  • moving the show to another city
  • the change of tone
  • Peggy was written out of character
  • two phoned in love triangles
  • no Angie / wasted Angie cameo
  • it’s like Steve had never existed
  • Jarvis the bumbling comic relief
  • way too few female characters
  • way too little female interaction / the season BARELY passed the Bechdel test
  • a female character was treated as a hurdle to overcome and then never seen again
  • we have no idea what happened to Dottie at the end
  • WAY too many fedoras
  • only one black character who even turned on the heroine and went nowhere
  • the issue of racism was barely touched
  • a generic and bad backstory for Peggy that focused too much on how men influenced her life instead of focussing on how she grew as a person, and that forgot that CA:TFA existed
  • the heroine is forced into a relationship with a pretty white Nice Guy who has no problem with slut-shaming and fat-shaming, who treated her badly in the past and keeps treating her badly in the present
  • a man not taking no for an answer being portrayed as romantic (IT’S NOT!!! IT’S CREEPY!!!)
  • ended on a cliffhanger we’ll probably never get a solution for
  • wasted potential (we expected more from Peggy’s backstory, we would have loved to see Peggy founding S.H.I.E.L.D., we would have loved to see more of the Howlies, we would have loved to see Peggy kicking more ass)
  • wasted screentime (we could have gotten character development instead of love triangles, Jarvis running after a flamingo or a musical number about who Peggy should bone)
  • too much focus on the male characters (e.g. we only get to see how Jarvis handles Ana’s injury but we never see how Ana copes with it)
  • at the very end, it wasn’t even Peggy who saved the day!!!

Fuck the second season! No wonder the show got cancelled!

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You're one of my fav writers. Your stories are always so beautiful. And I really appreciate the fact that you don't let ur bitterness for canon ian transcend too much to ur writing, like i've seen it a lot of fics. It's refreshing and i love u

Originally posted by myfavesstuff

Hello friend, thank you so much! This really means the world to me. It’s incredibly sweet of you to stop by and let me know how you feel ❤

For me, it’s very important to differentiate between whatever bitterness I feel towards the decisions of the show, and how I feel about Ian’s choices as a character. I feel like he’s such a fascinating character to me because he’s very private and unwilling to show his cards, which means that as a viewer I’m given a lot of room to interpret his actions and exercise my emphatic brain-muscles to imagine what he’s going through. So, at least for me, the times he doesn’t work on the show is when the internal logic of the script and narrative doesn’t work. The breakup in season 5 doesn’t work because there’s no connection between it and the five seasons preceding it, for example. I have no bitterness towards Ian for breaking up with Mickey, I think he’s well within his rights to do that considering everything going on with him, but it’s written in a really dismissive and illogical way, and the scene only makes sense when you look at the show as a production, rather than as a narrative. A character had to be written out, so they wrote him out. This makes me very bitter, but I refuse to blame Ian for it.

The same thing more or less stands when it comes to Caleb and Trevor. I can’t watch season 6 and 7, largely because my main interest in the show was Ian (and subsequently Mickey) and every scene he has with Caleb and Trevor make me CRINGE. When I think about his storylines logically, I honestly don’t mind the fact that Ian ends up in bad relationships with manipulative dickheads (one of the cheating variety and one plain) because it fits into a logical narrative where he’s hurting from losing someone he really truly loves and with whom he once imagined spending his life. He doesn’t like being alone and he’s always kinda been okay with his partners being dickheads. Fine. I’d rather he waste some time with insignificant place-holders than honestly trying to move on and earnestly fall in love with someone new (especially when they’re DICKHEADS with no proper characterization or last names, like wtf). 

What makes me bitter is the general feeling that the writers and producers of the show genuinely don’t give a fuck about Ian, that they continuously forget about him when they put “all” the Gallaghers in a room, that they think they don’t have to do any logical or emotional groundwork for his choices when it comes to his health or his relationships. Are we supposed to think he had feelings for Caleb and Trevor? I still don’t know! What does ‘this isn’t me anymore’ mean? I have no flurking clue.

I’m bitter about the show, but I’ll never be bitter about Ian. He deserves to fuck up and get better and make choices for himself just as much as anyone. I just wish the writers and producers of the show gave enough of a shit about him to allow him some kind of emotional continuity or, you know. Screen time.

Sorry about the long rant you didn’t ask for! :D I’ve been thinking extra hard about Ian while writing this thing, and it’s been a while since I embarrassed myself vented publicly about this stuff. ❤

Dream Fights #1

So recently I’ve been on Instagram and I have been inspired by this page called “Fight Culture”.


This page is simply just putting fictional characters from movies, comics, video games, and television shows, and making them fight each other! 

And I love that page so much, that I decided to create these dream fights of my own! 

So my first dream fight was suggested by my brother, @elijah-dawg-one! Check him out please! 

So what fight did he suggest?! 




Yep. I am going there! 

Some of you might say that this is an unfair fight.

But to me, this is going to be an insane and epic fight!!! 


Lets get right into it! 

So before I get to the statistics, and who will win and why, I am going to give you a story on how these characters meet! 

So Star obviously wields a wand, a magic wand that are obviously really powerful. 

So my story involves Star and Marco just goofing off, and Star uses her wand to open a portal to a random dimension. Just her and Marco going on a trip just for fun, I mean they have encountered so many creatures, so they got pretty used to it. They enter the dimension and are quickly shocked that they are not in a world full of monsters, but in a world full of animals. Anthropormorphic animals, that walk and talk like humans. They wanna know where they are, they stumble across the ZPD and see Nick and Judy. Everyone in the police station immediately panic! Not knowing who these creatures are! Nick and Judy quickly see Star’s wand and they point their guns at Star, telling her to drop the mysterious object. She drops it and the wand hit the floor so hard, the wand’s powers come out, and accidentally shoot Nick in his shoulder. This is where the fight begins!! 


Star has a magical wand which can cast magical spells. Star can basically think of anything she wants to do and casts what she wants towards anything and anyone! 

She also has the ability to fly, so she has a huge advantage. 

Marco has great skill in hand to hand combat.


Star’s wand can not work if she is feeling a negative emotion. So if she’s sad while fighting, she cannot use her wand. 

Marco only has karate skills, nothing else. 


Both of them run really fast. 

Judy has a great sense of hearing.

Nick has really good eye sight when he is in the dark.

Judy can easily jump very high and can kick and punch really hard.

Both of them are police officers who know a lot about being an officer.

Nick is street smart, so he knows a lot of places, and knows a lot of people, like the mafia. 


Judy has ears that are very sensitive, if Star or Marco create a loud nose, she can probably not hear very well. 

While Nick is considered to be a police officer, he does not know much as of right now, about hand to hand combat. 

So who do I think will win?

To me, it’s easy.


Why is that?!

Well Nick and Judy are animals, they can run fast! They can tranquilize Star and Marco. They can also use their animal instincts like sense of hearing from Judy and Nick can use his eye sights in the dark to find Marco and Judy if they are hiding. Star may have a wand, but Judy and Nick have their instincts and freaking guns! 

So tell me, who do you think will win? Star and Marco? Or Nick and Judy?

That is my take. 

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What did you guys do once Jeremy arrived? How surprised/excited was he to be spending the day with you?

It was so cute when he saw us, first his eyes started tearing up then he gave us both, at the same time, a long hug! He really was surprised, he knew we were in SF but he didn’t even think it was possible that he’d see us. It’s kinda funny that he tears up so easily, because that’s so like us. I guess we are all criers!

We walked around Union Square to show him one of the spots we love so much, then got in the car and went to Coit Tower, Lombard St (the crookedest road in the world) stuff like that to show him more of the city. We ended up taking him to lunch, pier 39, fisherman’s wharf, so pretty much touristy stuff. Before we left we parked at the Golden Gate Bridge and walked over part of it. It was an awesome day for sure! We also bought him a cool SF sweatshirt that he seems to love (yes he wore it to school today)

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For the "send me a tv series and I’ll tell you" prompt : Steven Universe

  • my all-time ultimate fave character:


She’s been my favourite since Warp Tour.  The fact that she just appeared and literally the first thing she did was turn her hand into a touch screen - I mean, how cool is that?!  I absolutely loved her design so much as well and I still miss the limb enhancers an awful lot, if I’m honest.

I’ve never been able to relate to a character on the same level as I relate to Peridot.  It’s literally uncanny at times (even family members who watch the show have commented on how similar we are lol). 

I just love her so much, she’s the best and I want her to be happy.

  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do:

There’s never really been a character that I’ve actively disliked.  I had concerns about Yellow Diamond potentially ending up being a bit of a “one dimensional” villain at first (I didn’t “dislike” her but worried that it might end up that way) - but the latest Steven Bomb completely obliterated this concern.  And now I like Yellow Diamond a lot.

  • a character I used to like but now don’t:

There isn’t one, to be honest!  There are some that I don’t like quite as much as I used to, but none that I fully dislike.

  • a character I’m indifferent about:

I guess I could take or leave some of the human characters, but I do mostly like them.

  • a character who deserved better:


Like, I’m not even joking here, I was so sad when she corrupted.  I know she’s no angel but she didn’t deserve that fate, it was cruel.  It won’t last forever though, I’m sure (I actually think she’ll be the first corrupted Gem that Steven heals…)

Shout-out to Lapis as well.  I know things are really looking up for her now and she’s found happiness at long last, but really… her past was so messed-up.  Holy shit, being trapped in a mirror for millenia to then be imprisoned again - that’s actually horrendous.

  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into:

A//me/dot, for sure.  I’ve only ever seen them as friends - and would never even have considered it being a ship if it wasn’t for seeing people posting about it online.

  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over:

Lapidot has literally been my OTP since like July/August 2015, if that counts.

I don’t just mean “OTP for this specific show”… I mean literally my favourite pairing of all time ;_;  Just make it canon already, please!  I love them so much, they’re perfect for each other and they bring me so much happiness.  Oh my god you have no idea how much I love this ship (…well, I guess maybe my blog might give you some idea lol).

If I wasn’t already shipping it before they interacted (thanks to the fandom), Barn Mates would have honestly made me ship it.

  • a cute, low-key ship:

It’s getting progressively less low-key by the day, in all honesty (thanks to some of my mutuals, you know who you are) but: Pearlmethyst!  I’m not as passionate about this one as I am Lapidot, and I don’t get in-depth about it or anything like that on here, but I do like it a lot :3   

  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it:

Probably Garnidot.  I mean, it’s not “unpopular” in the sense that people dislike it or anything, but it’s just that not that many people seem to ship it.

  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened:

Anything involving Steven with one of the Gems…

  • my favourite storyline/moment:

Omg this is a bit of a hard question. 

Lapis’ introduction to the show is the thing that made it go from “this is a cute show” to “omg I love this so much”.  It suddenly made the show’s world that much bigger, and Lapis herself became my favourite character at that point (she’s a very close second to Peri nowadays).

The end of season 1 - specifically The Return/Jailbreak - needs a mention.  That was sooo intense, honestly.  And “Stronger Than You” is still my favourite song in the show.

Honourary mention to Friend Ship - the epsiode that made me love Peridot even more than I did already, and also the episode that made me say “…well, now I know which character I want to cosplay as next!”

I enjoyed Peridot’s redemption, on the whole - but particularly when she called Yellow Diamond a “clod” lol, what a moment!!

Barn Mates is obviously a big one for me.  After almost a year of shipping Lapidot, we got some sweet on-screen interaction that basically confirmed that the ship might actually become a thing!  I just love seeing these two together, so I’m also gonna throw Beta, Gem Harvest and The New Crystal Gems out there.  Seeing their relationship grow and develop has honestly been an absolute joy - and so, if I did have to choose only one storyline/moment from the show as my #1, it’d probably have to be “the Lapidot story” :’)

  • a storyline that never should have been written:

…I don’t want to answer this for fear of being hounded for saying it.

I think some of you could hazard a guess as to what it is, though.

  • my first thoughts on the show:

“Oh hey, this is a cute show!  I think I could get into it…”

  • my thoughts now:

Literally my favourite TV show of all time.