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Dear Future Wife…#721

I love you. I love you in the most random moments.

When you reenact a Pooh bear gif being hungry. When you dance silly and also do it again so I can record it on my phone. When you make my coffee perfectly on Saturday mornings. When you sing made up jingles to the tune of “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” When you sleepily snuggle against me. When you dramatically hold my hand and place it on your own head so I play with your hair. When you dramatically sigh when I beat you at thumb wrestling when I hold your hand. When you tell me to shut up when I was right about something. When you take a hand written letter out of your pocket and show me the folded-like-a-middle-school-note treasure. When I cry reading that letter.

I love you when we make out. I love you when we make up after a disagreement. I love you when we miss each other when we’re not together. I love when you send me cute selfies. I love you when you roll your eyes when I say something dirty sitting next to you in the car. I love you. I love you. I love you.

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So, weird question, but... Have you ever looked at Crota and went: "Damn. Son has a cute crown on his head"? Because I have been there, and I wondered if you would ever write stuff about Guardians and Crota? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Not Crota specifically but I did have more than a little fondness for Alak-Hul, the Darkblade, and would squeal a little every time I got that strike. I love the story of that mission, the rad music in the Sunless Cell and the way it’s so dark down there that the bullets make a light show. You drop down down and Eris breathes, “Alak-Hul, he is hunting you.” He is?? Shut UP give him my number. 

I’ve kept my eye out for new Hive to love but the new Ultra Knight in the Witches Ritual public event on Titan just doesn’t cut it for me. He seems so weary and barely makes an effort to chase you down and kill you. Come on big guy, I can’t be doing all the flirtin’. 

Oof, that was a tangent. I miss you, Darkblade. Anywho, I haven’t written any Hive/Guardian stuff – yet. Maybe when we get the next Hive-focused DLC and if they give us an enemy who gives me frissons like the Big Boy I will be tempted. 

Meanwhile if you’re after some M/F Hive/OC sexytimes this hot hottie fic may be what you’re looking for! (Nsfw warning.) Indulging in the Unknown by the lovely @adal44t-kb-o. There are also many Fallen/OC scenes and the story is 👌👌👌

okay but i love love LOVE how elaborate and high key jake asking charles to be his best man is and adore how it was way more high key that the actual proposal itself - it just shows how well that jake knows the most important people in his life???? and i love that?????

he knows that charles will love and cherish that big celebration for years to come (and that charles desperately needs the validation, as we see him obsessively worrying over whether jake might choose someone else) - just like he knew that the proposal needed to be just them, just this sacred, special, vulnerable and beautiful moment he could share with amy.

jake peralta is the kind of guy that works and plans tirelessly to do things that make his best friends and the love of his life happy - and that only makes me love him even more.

One of my favorite things about the mileven reunion is that everyone in the room shuts up and stands back because they all just know how much this means to the both of them. Like the world is literally about to end and yet they give mike and el their moment because they know how important it is for them.


I was watching Joker Game again and now I can’t stop imagining these two as superspies. Dressed in white shirts and suspenders. 

So Toppdogg’s Hansol has come out as Asexual and i just want to say how proud of him i am!   It’s so terrifying and incredibly scary to come out and im so glad that he is comfortable enough with himself to tell his fans & the public he is asexual, I wish nothing but love and support for him from international fans and korean fans.   I hope him coming out shuts up homophobes who act like all idols are straight and also encourages other idols to come out as whatever they identify as and shows them that being who they are is ok!

Every Argument About “Buffy” On The Internet, From 1998 Until Now
Joss Whedon: Inventer Of Feminism Or Literal Hitler?
  • Joss Whedon invented feminism. Before Joss Whedon, every female character on television was crushed to death under the weight of her male co-stars’ heavier paychecks in the second-season finale.
  • Every female character Joss Whedon ever wrote was forcibly impregnated by a demon and brutally murdered, because Joss Whedon hates lesbians.
  • But Warren And The Trio Were –

Joss Whedon Doesn’t Understand What Bisexuality Is

  • Willow Identifies As Gay And You Are Robbing Her Of Self-Determination Because She Doesn’t Have A “Gold Star”
  • I’d Feel More Comfortable With Willow’s Lesbianism If It Weren’t Sometimes Equated With Drug Addiction, Literal Vampirism, And Megalomania
  • But She Was Clearly In Love With Oz
  • Who Are You To Say What Love Is
  • Dark Willow Was Pretty Hot, Though
  • Yeah, Dark Willow Was Super Hot
  • I’d Watch Dark Willow And Doppelgangland-Era Willow Hook Up If It Weren’t A Patriarchal Fantasy

Spuffy Is Problematic

  • Bangel Is A Child’s Delusion Of What Love Is
  • Spuffy Is Literally Assault
  • Okay But He Felt Really Bad About It And Didn’t Have A Soul

Waif-Fu And Thermodynamics: You Can’t Violate The Law Of Conservation Of Momentum

Season Six Felt Like Watching My Friends Get Murdered In Slow Motion Right In Front Of Me

  • It Was Worth It For Once More, With Feeling, Though
  • No, It Wasn’t
  • Doublemeat Palace Cancels Out Once More, With Feeling
  • Doublemeat Palace Cancels Out My Childhood

Xander Is The Only Character Who Retains Their Humanity On The Entire Show

  • Xander Is A Greater Monster Than Angelus And Invented “Nice Guy” Syndrome

Buffy Started To Falter After Angel Premiered

  • No, Buffy Started To Falter After Firefly Premiered
  • No, Buffy Has Never Faltered And Is Still On The Air
  • Buffy Started To Falter When Angel/Faith/Buffy Came Back
  • Buffy Was Better When It Was A Movie With Kristy Swanson

What If Evil?

  • Dark Willow Straight-Up Flayed a Dude!
  • Extremism In the Pursuit of Love Is No Vice
  • If a Dude Had Flayed Willow, Would We Be Cheering?

Everyone Was Too Hard On Dawn For Being A Regular Human Being

  • Don’t You Dare Try To Retroactively Justify Dawn

Oz vs. Tara

  • Oz Was Boring; Tara Was Too Good For This Sinful Earth
  • Tara Was Boring; Oz Was The Greatest Love Interest In Television History; Remember That Animal Crackers Monologue
  • What About Kenned–

Jenny Calendar And Race-Bending

Is It Important That Buffy Is Decidedly Not Book Smart?

  • Not Everyone Is Book Smart, That Is Elitist
  • Buffy is the Lady Channing Tatum of being Body Smart and That Is Sufficient
  • It Is a Tremendous Problem and Girls Should Not Watch This Show Or They Will Not Take College Seriously

I Shouldn’t Have To Watch Angel In Order To Appreciate Cordelia’s Growth As A Character

Shaming: Everyone Is Shamed

  • “Beer Bad” Is Slut-Shaming
  • “Beer Bad” Is Substance-Shaming and Preachy
  • “Beer Bad” Is Just a Terrible Episode
  • Angel Losing His Soul After He Has Sex With Buffy is Slut-Shaming


  • Was It Irish Sometimes, Or Was That Just Me?
  • Her Accent is Perfect, and Not To Be Questioned

Activating All Potential Slayers Was An Act Of Patriarchal Violence

  • Slaying Is Empowering
  • No, Slayers Were Literally Created When A Woman Of Color Was Forcibly Invaded By A Demonic Essence
  • Oh, Right
  • But Then They Get To Beat Up Everybody
  • Dark Willow Straight-Up Flayed a Dude

In case ya’ll don’t already know, I feel obligated to tell you that Anya has to literally stand on a box to effectively kiss Dmitry in the Anastasia Broadway musical and it’s honestly too adorable for words.

Musicals By Their Best Insults
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Phantom of the Opera:</b> "Carlotta must be taught to act, not her normal trick of strutting round the stage. Our Don Juan must lose some weight- it's not healthy in a man of Piangi's age. And my managers must learn that their place is in an office, not the arts."<p/><b>Les Misérables:</b> "Master of the house? Isn't worth my spit! Comforter, philosopher and lifelong shit! Cunning little brain, regular Voltaire. Thinks he's quite a lover but there's not much there What a cruel trick of nature landed me with such a louse God knows how I've lasted living with this bastard in the house!"<p/><b>Wicked:</b> "I hope you're happy. I hope you're happy, too. I hope you're proud how you would grovel in submission to feed your own ambition!"<p/><b>Hamilton:</b> "Sittin’ there useless as two shits. Hey, turn around, bend over, I’ll show you where my shoe fits!" & "SIT DOWN JOHN YOU FAT MOTHERFUCKER!<p/><b>Heathers:</b> (<i>this entire musical is an insult</i>) "Freak! Slut! Burnout! Bug-eyes! Poser! Lard-ass!" & "SHUT UP HEATHER!"<p/><b>Love Never Dies:</b> (<i>this entire musical is an insult to humanity</i>) "Look at you, deep in debt. Stinking drunk, pitiful [...] Look at you, foul as sin. Hideous, horrible." & "Beauty sometimes goes unseen. We can't all be like Christine."<p/><b>Grease:</b> "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee. Lousy with virginity. Won't go to bed 'til I'm legally wed. I can't; I'm Sandra Dee"<p/></p>

dating peter parker would include:

  • the two of you being best friends before peter finally got the guts to ask you out
  • the whole ordeal was full of blushing and stutters and stumbles over his words until you got the gist of what he was trying to say and straight up kissed him instead to save him from further embarrassment 
  • “ugh, finally. that was painful to watch”
  • “thanks, ned”
  • you knowing about spiderman like the day after the spider incident
  • and being totally in awe and just as excited as he was
  • supporting all his decisions fully even if there’s a part of you that worries incessantly for your boyfriend
  • but you trust him so when he promises that he’ll be back for you later in the night, you believe him
  • your family loving him as your best friend, but even more so now the two of you are dating and happy
  • aunt may loving you too and vice versa
  • even after she caught you and peter making out on his bed that one time
  • okay maybe she’s caught you more than just one time
  • him teaching you hand to hand combat to protect yourself, just in case 
  • him telling you all about his part in the fight between the avengers in germany
  • “-and then i swooped in and i stole captain america’s shield and everyone was like ‘whaaat’ and it was awesome and then there was this guy with a metal arm and i met black widow and hawkeye and everyone! oH and there was this tiny dude too but then all of a sudden he became a huge dude and he knocked me half way across the airport and it hurt like hell but it was so awesome! holy shit, you should’ve seen me, (y/n); it was awesome!”
  • you listening to him ramble excitedly in adoration
  • him climbing through your open window at night and whilst he just wants to go to sleep next to you and cuddle, you always insist that you have to patch him up
  • cuddling
  • so !! much !! cuddling !!
  • peter’s favourite thing being your cuddles, especially after a long day or a fight
  • “cuddle me?”
  • you never disappoint
  • it doesn’t matter where the two of you would be
  • whether it’s at school or out shopping or studying
  • you’ll stop whatever you’re doing and instantly snuggle into his arms at his request
  • him being so so so protective of you
  • therefore, him always, always walking you home just in case something happens
  • because it would destroy him if something did and he could’ve prevented it
  • you hearing liz allan talking about her crush on spiderman
  • you getting jealous because you know that peter is way out of your league and he could totally have her if he wanted
  • peter noticing your change in demeanour and immediately bringing you close to him 
  • “spiderman’s all yours, i promise”
  • him not necessarily wanting to admit that he loves it when you run your fingers through his hair, but you both know that he does
  • having star wars marathons over and over and over and you enduring it because the franchise makes peter happy
  • “you’re such a nerd, i love it; don’t ever change”
  • forehead kisses
  • nose kisses
  • neck kisses
  • shoulder kisses
  • kisses kisses kisses
  • you wearing his sweaters all the time but he doesn’t mind
  • “you look adorable”
  • pillow fights
  • you defending him whenever flash makes a comment and peter actually has to hold you back sometimes
  • losing your virginities to one another
  • both of you always zooming in on each other’s faces on snapchat when one of you isn’t paying attention
  • and then giggling about it as the other pouts childishly
  • cute dates in strange places that peter has found on his friendly neighbourhood spiderman escapades
  • going to homecoming together and peter being speechless as you walk down the stairs in your dress
  • “i…uh… w-wow…”
  • him eventually introducing you to tony stark because he wants to show you off
  • “so this is the (y/n) that you never shut up about?”
  • him taking discrete photos of you and setting them as his lock screen because he thinks you look beautiful 24/7
  • his favourites are of you when you’re wearing his shirt and sweatpants, your hair up in a messy ponytail, no makeup, and the brightest smile on your face as you laugh at one of his shitty jokes
  • him finding himself falling more in love with you whenever you say something smart, or help him through a tough situation with a bad guy when he can’t figure it out himself
  • or when you do or say basically anything
  • study dates which usually end in your chemistry homework discarded and forgotten on the floor and his lips on yours
  • “hey (y/n/n), guess what?”
  • “what, spidey?”
  • “you gotta guess”
  • “hmm, you’re annoying?”
  • “wrong”
  • “actually, i’m right”
  • “actually, i love you”

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Do you ever think about how fucking deep the actual plot/setting of Flapjack is I mean it’s a show about an old man named K'Nuckles who is an alcoholic poverty-stricken homeless disabled man who’s helping a whale raise an orphan child who was the soul survivor in a ship wreck years ago, and that child is also extremely poverty stricken but still see’s everything that is beautiful in the world and loves everyone and won’t ever give up on anything and always believes in the good of people despite being the butt-end of literally every single joke made by the upper and middle classes and loves his family with all his heart even though he gets made fun of on the daily for having a family of freaks while they’re all living in an old run down shipping harbor community in the mid 1800s where it’s canon that most of the characters don’t even know how to read like for real if you don’t think that’s heavy as fuck I don’t wanna hear it 

Guys My Age (1)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2554

Warnings: Lap dancing. ANGST.

Summary: You’re playing truth or dare with the Avengers when Nat asks you when the last time you got laid was  and Sam dares you to pick a song that perfectly grasps why you haven’t had sex in so long.

A/N: Thanks for the anon who recommended this song. I thank the heavens I found it because it’s so fucking relevant. I can’t seem to write smut without just a tinsy bit of a plot. But here you go.

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  • 12 year old me, watching the SU pilot: Hmmm...it's kind of dull...not really as good as MLP...but it has pretty ladies, and the setup is interesting. I might watch it if it becomes a real cartoon.
  • 12 year old me, watching Gem Glow: Oh, they changed the designs? It looks nice. Pearl is kind of creepy, though...I think I like this show.
  • 13 year old me, watching Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem: They're ALIENS?! I LOVE aliens!!! This show keeps getting better and better!!!
  • 14 year old me, watching Steven Bomb 1: GARNET'S A FUSION?! RUBY AND SAPPHIRE?!?! JASPER?!??!?! MALACHITE?!?!?!? I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH
  • 14 year old me, watching Steven Bombs 2 and 3: SARDONYX IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! RUBY AND SAPPHIRE??! LAPIS!?!??!?! THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD...
  • 14 year old me, watching Steven Bomb 4: HOLY SHIT YELLOW DIAMOND?!?!?!?!? RUBY AND SAPPHIRE BACKSTORY?!??! STEVEN'S BIRTHDAY>!??!? I LOVE PERIDOT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
  • 15 year old me, watching In Too Deep and Steven Nuke: I!!! LOVE!!!!! THIS!!!!!!!! SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 15 year old me, watching Steven Bomb 5: BLUE DIAMOND?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! MORE GEMS????!?!?! FAMETHYST AND HOLLY BLUE?!?!??!?!? NICE THIS IS GOOD CONTENT
  • 16 year old me, watching the rest of SU Season 4: I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW

arthur: shut up merlin

things harry has said on tour so far that have made me feel some type of way:

“You are the best friends anyone could ask for… thank you so much.”

“I’m gonna need more from you. I’m pretty into you right now, and I’m about to tell you I’m having your baby. Maybe we’ll skip Kiwi tonight. No? Shall we start again?”

“You were good, but you need to be better.”

“I’m forever yours.”

“Thank you for popping my cherry, as it were.”

“I’m falling in love with you to this song.”

“Who’s ready to dance with me? Are you ready to sing with me? I wanna see what you got.”

“If you’re gonna do it as loudly as this, you’re gonna get it as many times as you want.”

“I want you to do whatever makes you happiest. You can be whoever you want to be in this room.”

“I could not feel more honoured to stand in front of a group of strong women every night and sing for you.”

“Sois belle et tais toi.” (Be pretty and shut up.)

“The girls said earlier, it takes so much courage to come to shows these days. So thank you for being here. You have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you so much.”

“I’m loving you with every piece of me.”

ok so obviously we know eddie loves to lay on richie’s chest but have you ever considered:

  • richie crawling into bed and pushing eddie’s shoulder until he rolls onto his back and richie can wrap himself around eddie like an octopus
  • limbs EVERYWHERE
  • one leg hooked up over eddie’s hips, his arm draped over eddie’s stomach, his nose buried in eddie’s neck
  • richie being the little spoon
  • turning away from eddie and reaching behind himself to grab eddie’s arm and tug it over his own body
  • curling his fingers around eddie’s wrist so the smaller boy doesn’t move
  • pushing his entire back into eddie’s front when it’s cold
  • richie crashing through eddie’s window at 2am, his eye swollen shut and his lip busted
  • “can i sleep over? dad’s drunk again.”
  • eddie rearranging his pillows so he can sit up and richie can hide his face in eddie’s lap
  • richie wrapping his arms around eddie’s midsection and crying into his shirt
  • eddie petting richie’s hair and back until he calms down
  • “it’s okay, i love you, im never going anywhere.”
  • just
  • someone showing richie tozier unlimited affection bc he never gets enough
  • cuddle slut richie tozier