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Russell T Davies on Steven Moffat

We do not know how lucky we are.

When asked to consider Steven’s finest moments, I was overwhelmed by images. Heores and villains. Battles and beauty. Monsters and children. Then I realised that I’d only got as far as 20 minutes into The Empty Child -round about the joke about Marxism and West End musicals - and had to sit down for a cup of tea.

I think, as fans, we can focus on the detail - Mondasian Cybermen! - at the risk of missing the bigger picture. That picture being, in Steven’s case, that we’ve just seen one of the greatest sci-fi body-horror thriller action-adventure romances (plus comedy) of our entire lives, beamed on to our TVs for less than 10p, written by a world-class master of his craft who’s now so in command of his talent, he’s riffing on ephemera from 1966 and turning it into gold, whisky, sex, whatever turns you on best. We truly do not know how lucky we are to have a man of this calibre writing our favourite show.

Since leaving Doctor Who, I’m approached, now and then, by strangers who remember my withered husk from Doctor Who Confidential. There’s a glint in their eye as they say, “What d’you think of it now?” An awful lot of those people are dying for me to trash it. I think, genuinely, they’re trying to achieve an intimacy. I think, nastily, they want me to say something bad so they can take it online and have some strange sort of fun. And when I say, “I love it!” they often think I’m lying.

I love it. I love every episode the man’s written. I love the other episodes he’s rewritten and I think few people know how many that is. I love the detail, I love the scale, I love the people, I love the jokes. I love the fact that Steven himself is quite down on The Beast Below. The whole of the UK on a spaceship? The whole of the UK is a spaceship? I’d retire there and then, complete. Nope, for him, it just wasn’t good enough.

I love the man, in truth, I love his mind, I love his standards, I love his rigour, his darkness, his kindness, his ambition, his love of TV. I love the man who wrote the very last line of Coupling, which shows what a lovely human being he is.

I love his women. Consider, in bad fiction, which is most fiction, how women’s roles, which have suffered so many years of neglect that they can be summarised as ‘women’s roles’, fall into the same old categories. They are reduced to the Mother, the Wife, the Daughter, the Bride. Agents of sex and childbirth, nothing more.

But then look at what Steven does with those categories. The Bride stands tall at her reception - literally in her wedding dress - and summons the Doctor back itno existence with an Old Maid’s rhyme. When the Bride has a Daughter, it’s a vital part of a galaxy-spanning revenge. The Daughter then becomes the Wife, a woman of such swagger and joy and tenderness, the Time Lord finally falls in love. We’re not done yet. A lesser category pops up, the Dominatrix, complete with eye-patch, but don’t worry, the Bride who’s the Mother of the Daughter who’s the Wife kills her stone dead! Then a lesbian travels the universe and everyone adores her. And nestling at the heart of the show is Doctor Who’s very own problem category, the Companion, a title inherently subordinate to the Man. Until Clara comes along! Companion to every single moment in the Doctor’s life. A woman so strong that in her first appearance, and her last, Death itself cannot stop her. A decade before Wonder Woman, Steven started weaving his own vast female mythology across the stars, in a funny old children’s show on Saturday teatimes.

I could mansplain all day, but the other thing I love in Steven’s writing is the complexity. I’ve heard some tiny, distant rumours that some people might have a problem with that. But I think it’s the very thing that will ensure Doctor Who’s logevity. You see, in the old days, us older fans fell in love with this show because it was porous. It had gaps. It was cheap, it was rushed, it was lovely and brave and unapologetic, using three walls in Lime Grove to create an entire Dalek invasion of Earth. All those gaps allowed us in. We imagined the offstage armies. We embraced the wobbles and bumps. If Sutekh had a secret hand on his cushion, we hooted, or invented a reason why (Clara!). But we either imagined it better, or saw how good it was underneath. Which is exactly like falling in love.

Now, the modern show has a lot more money. You can see those armies centre-stage. Gallifrey is so gorgeous, it has a spare city. Cyber-fleets can explode behind Rory’s head as a throwaway joke. And sometimes, a lossy show allows the mind the slide off. But Steven has created a brand-new porous surface. He invites us into the plots. He gives us stories which vault and somersault and double-back and trick and trap and treat. It’s not so much porous, it’s more like a great big spinning double helix and we’re clinging on, spinning for our lives, and yelling with joy. Yes, it’s complicated, but that’s wonderful. It will keep people thinking about the show forever.

Okay, my favourite moment? It’s my favourite joke. A Good Man Goes to War. Rory approaches River Song in the Storm Cage, and she says she’s been on a date with the Doctor, to the frost fair in 1814. “He got Stevie Wonder to sing for me underneath London Bridge.” And for a second, there’s that lovely shiver as you anticipae the punchline. “Don’t tell him.”

That’s a small momnt from a man who’s created empires. But a favourite joke is a beautiful thing. I just looked up the line and it turns out, I’ve long since paraphrased it, but that’s even better - like I said, Steven makes us part of the text, and now I own it! The point is, I think of that line every few days. Literally, a couple of times a week, every week. Every now and then, when I’m washing up or watching TV, or walking into town, or whatever, it pops into my head. “Don’t tell him.” And I laugh. I laugh, every single time. It’s been making me laugh for six years and it will make me laugh for the rest of my life. Very few people can write a line capable of that.

We have been so lucky.

The Mother Dearest Theory

I almost named this theory “Return of the Mother of all Theories” but I thought “The Mother Dearest Theory” would probably be more fitting considering what this is going to be about. If you haven’t caught on by now with the name, let me fill you in… This theory is going to outline why I think Mary Drake is possibly the new A.D. 

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW “But Rachel, what about Melissa/Twin/Any other possible character?” Simply because… There are too many things that point to Mary that I just can’t ignore anymore, and in true PLL fashion there is possibly Hitchcock involved. From the very beginning when Mary was introduced, she rubbed me the wrong way, something about the way she talks and carries herself screams psychopath to me (and trust me… I’ve spent most of my life researching them.) What she says doesn’t necessarily coincide with what she does, and things have been gradually building up to the point I can’t ignore the signs anymore.

 So, let’s start at the beginning so to speak… I’m going to talk about the twins from the Halloween story. We all know how it goes, one twin gets jealous of what the other twin had and then one twin stabs the other. Mary stabbed Jessica, Mary went to Radley, Mary met Pastor Ted and had Charlotte, Mary pretended to be Jessica, Mary got pregnant with Spencer by pretending to be Jessica with Peter (which is the huge secret Jessica and Peter had that they had a deal with), and Mary is batshit fucking crazy.

 Also let me ask this question, did we all just up and fucking forget this happened? 

How the hell did we forget that Mary dressed up as her dead sister to scare Alison (AND PUT HER IN THE HOSPITAL) and for that matter… How in the bloody hell did Mary know what Jessica was buried in if she wasn’t there burying herself. And for that matter, it would mean she ways the one who not only buried her- but she was there when Alison was buried as well. If you remember in season 5 when Alison came back to rosewood and Jessica’s body was found, Alison got a video of her mother being buried with a text attached saying “I buried her the same way I watched her bury you.”

 To be fairly truthful whether Mary stabbed Jessica doesn’t matter, the facts are that Mary spent a lot of time in Radley where (like I’ve outlined multiple times in other theories and it actually comes into play later…) Mary assumes Jessica’s identity which confirms not only that she was the mother Bethany was talking about and the “is it like mother like daughter?” Was referring to Mary and Charlotte and not Jessica and Alison, which is confirmed by the flashback of Jessica screaming at Alison that Cece was at Radley calling herself Alison. 

 Now to my favorite part… The Hitchcock aspect. Does everyone remember that scene where Hanna was being tortured in the barn and she hallucinates that’s Spencer is there stroking her hair and singing a song? (The same song and scene that they recreated with Mary and Spencer in the 7x10) 

Yeah that’s not a coincidence, look at Mary’s history… She assumes Jessica’s identity, she assumes Charlottes identity as A.D., she’s now assuming Spencer’s identity. Yes, my friends… PLL is pulling a reverse Psycho where Mother assumes the role of Norman instead of the other way around. Think about it, what’s the FIRST thing she does? Buy the lost woods, just as Norman Bates did with his mother and the bates motel. And just as Norman Bates assumed the identity of his mother, Mary seems to take the personality of her daughters on- becoming A.D. As Charlotte was A, and now becoming more caring, calm, and subdued like Spencer… Also people have been passing around this photo:

 I’d like you to notice something, look at the make-up and body language of both the scene where Spencer’s with Hanna and this scene compared to Mary’s tea cup scene… That ISN’T Spencer in there… That’s Mary. Confirmed by the fact Andrea was wearing the EXACT dress she was wearing.

Also, since we know for sure Mary and Archer we’re working together (and that she was helping torture Alison) guess who the only other person was who knew about the barn? Yep. Mary. And what just happened last episode? Hanna getting locked in like she was back in the barn, considering Archer is dead… There’s really only one other person who knew. Mary. 

Mary seems to have a pattern of assuming the identities of people she’s close with, so naturally that next step would be Spencer. Mary showed up before Charlotte died and A.D. Was introduced just as Charlotte appeared once Mona lost the game as A after season 2. 

Mary bought the Lost Woods where Hanna was kidnapped and tortured. And for that very matter how in the living fresh hell did she get that money in the first place? Mary was known to be working with Archer and we know for a fact whoever A.D. Is not only worked with Archer but knows the girls killed him. 

 We know for a fact that Mary was involved with everything because she LITERALLY SAYS TORTURING ALISON IS WHAT CHARLOTTE WOULD HAVE WANTED. Just like some antagonist I know of who seems to be targeting the girls because they think they had something to do with Charlotte’s death. 

We also know Jessica had some sore of heart condition and trouble getting to sleep (as per her prescriptions) that I don’t know… Would probably coincide with a devastating childhood trauma involving her twin sister? Which would only make Mary hate Jessica even MORE causing her to assume Jessica’s identity. “But she was in Radley!” Doesn’t it seem odd to anyone how the twin story was put in chronological order to where oddly a Radley sanitarium car shows up at the house the exact DAY the twin story is told? 

 This would also mean Charlotte, Mary, and Bethany were all in Radley at the same time and if that doesn’t scream trouble incoming I don’t know what does. This also brings me to the obvious blatant lie that Mary and Charlotte didn’t know each other. She literally called herself Cece Drake. The same last name. And Mary says with quite confidence “You’re the only man my daughter truly ever loved” 

Side-note, whoever is revealed as Jessica’s killer could’ve possibly made the mistake of thinking they were killing Mary instead of Jessica, in which case you’d think it would throw the theory off course- but it actually doesn’t. It could’ve been Charlotte and she lied about it, it could’ve been someone who thought Jessica was Mary by mistake, it could’ve been Mary herself. But the signs point to Mary as being her killer, or at least being there as Jessica was being buried per her clothes a la zombie Jessica in 6x20. 

Now as per why… Simple answer, Mary wants everything that she feels was taken from her. She wants the life that she feels was taken from her. She wants revenge for the daughter she lost. She wants revenge on the families who had what she always wanted. 

 As for Charlotte’s killer (If she’s dead at all…) I will tell you that you’d do well to watch Mona. Or even possibly someone who appears to be Mona. They’re going to bring in Melissa and Wren to make it appear as though they have something to do with it, revealing things that we’ve wondered about them for a long time… 

And Melissa’s luggage bag handle may have been missing but I would like to remind you… Who paid off the mechanic and drove the huge truck that nearly ran over Emily to get it back?

 I hope the theory was well worth the wait, it was good to get back in the theory game again. 

Don’t worry, we all go a little mad sometimes.

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i've been puzzled by Critical Role for such a long time like i know it's a bunch of people playing D&D but how does it WORK??? and how can you binge it?? i checked an episode at random and it wAS 4 HOURS LONG HOW ???

Oh man, I honestly had these same exact questions/concerns before I started watching. It literally took me 8 months to finally decide to give the show a try and I just cannot express how glad I am I did. It seems so massive and overwhelming, but I’m gonna legit answer these questions and only hijack your ask to gush about the show a little to tempt you in

how does it WORK???
I knew veryyyy little about the mechanics of D&D going in. I’d never played any tabletop RPG (though I’d been interested in trying one for a long time), and pretty much my understanding was the really general ‘it’s whatever you can imagine/you do whatever you want to do and you roll dice to see if you’re successful’ etc., and the Community episodes where they play D&D. I was not quite sure how this was going to logistically be something you watch long term (as a non-participant) nor if I was going to be interested in/connect with characters that I can’t really seeI’m a pretty visual person. The idea of D&D made sense to me logically before I watched Critical Role, but I didn’t really get it until I started watching. So, tbh the best way to understand how it works is to give it a shot. (If you’re like me you won’t understand everything immediately—you pick it up as you go, and what you don’t understand of the mechanics really doesn’t matter because you can still understand the story they’re telling.)

Logistically speaking, everyone is visible on screen at the same time: 7-8 players on one half of the screen, and the Dungeon Master (DM), Matt, on the other side. Matt basically describes where the characters are (physically and narratively), and presents them with a catalyst (e.g., a character asking them for help, a villain attacking, etc.) that starts the action and the players decide how to respond. Really, the three core aspects in my opinion are 1) collaborative storytelling, 2) improvisational theatre, and 3) logic puzzles.

and how can you binge it?? 
Oh man. I mean this literally: I was watching/listening to Critical Role every single chance I got. I devoured it. Minimum of three episodes a day, and forcing myself to go to sleep and leave it. There are a lot of reasons I could binge it:

  • The storytelling. It’s so damn good. One of the most narratively rewarding stories I’ve watched or read in years. The world-building is fantastic and has no loose ends (while feeling MASSIVE and open and real). The plot is interesting, well-planned, and character-driven; everything feels meaningful in one way or another. The NPCs Matt introduces are all rich and compelling and unique. And—something I value immensely in story that I rarely get—there are consequences. Honest-to-god consequences for everything, and it always feels appropriate for the action, and well-timed (things don’t always bite you immediately! But also sometimes they do!). 
  • The players. They make such ridiculous, amazing choices that keep the story unpredictable but realistic. All of them have stellar comedic timing, but can also make me cry at the drop of a hat. They care so deeply about the characters and invest everything into the game/their interactions, and it just feels rewarding to invest my time in them and their world. Not a single issue connecting to the characters—they sell them 100%, but they do feel separate from the actors in a good way. 
  • Found family. The chemistry of this group is amazing—it’s a group of real life best friends and it feels like it, constantly—and it comes through in both the players’ relationships and the characters’. It’s just fun, and warm, and comforting to see people (real and fictional) who care as much about each other as these guys do. It’s just a good time. I see my friends in them, and I see friends I would like to have. 
  • You can have it on in the background. Logistically speaking, this is how you can binge it. While it can be something you sit and watch—trust me—it’s also essentially a filmed podcast, so you have have it in the background, or listen to it without video like I did while I was doing my dumb data entry job. (Bless my boss for letting me listen to stuff.) And, as much as the completist in me hates to say this, it’s likely you’ll tune out occasionally; the long fights can become number-crunching heavy/repetitive, and they do have some circuitous conversations when they’re planning what to do. 
  • You’ll wanna go into the tag. If you don’t care about spoilers this won’t mean as much to you, but I was dying to dip into tumblr to find fanart and headcanons and gifs and stuff, but I didn’t want to spoil myself. So there was that kind of urgent push for me to catch up AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!!! so I could go looking. Plus, because there is a new episode every single week, there’s none of that pesky urge to put off watching something until a hiatus, you know?

i checked an episode at random and it wAS 4 HOURS LONG HOW ???
And sometimes more than that! They do SO MUCH STUFF each week (plot and character development and fighting and relationship progression and they don’t rush ANYTHING), they have to make so many decisions, and they just burn through those 3+ hours. (And they usually end up stepping in it somehow and having to make a detour to clean up their own mess, lbr.) Honestly, these episodes look fucking long, and they are, really. But the time stamps are a bit off at a quick glance; about the first half of the series has inflated run times—fans started sending in gifts they would open at the end, they did Q&As, they had subscriber milestone awards, etc.—so some of that is skip-able. It’s fun, but definitely stuff you can go back and watch once you’re caught up and out of content. There are also a few one-shot episodes here and there that you can also skip until you catch up. (Definitely worth watching though, later!)

So, it is a little less than it looks like. But truthfully, it just goes by really fast. You get sucked in. The action goes fast. You’re dying to see what happens next. The biggest issue I had with this series was starting it, so honestly for anyone interested in this series I recommend just watching the first episode. Don’t worry about reading up on what happened before they started streaming the show, don’t worry about knowing who the characters are, or what it’s going to look like. It won’t make full sense until you just dive in. (That being said, if you want a reference theargentumlupine’s primer is fantastic and was very comforting to have going in.) It seems unthinkable when you’re looking at 2384975987295 hours of canon, but as early as episode ~40 I started worrying about being out of episodes  ❤

here are some really quick sketches from the latest episode of rvb. I just had to celebrate the return of Grif (even though I'm a couple days late)…. man I really loved that episode so much… it had two of my favorite boys! I was so happy!!!!! And man…. Grif it was so nice to see him again! but he sure has had a bad time… Poor guy has finally snapped… someone help him! He deserves better than abandonment and all his self-hatred…

Anyway, I wanted to draw some of my favorite Grif scenes? lines? All I know is I want oodles of noodles and toaster strudels on a shirt right now. Also, the part where Grif feels really bad for failing Caboose and Church makes my heart happy and sad at the same time. I love that he cares so much about Caboose’s feelings and apparently he also feels responsible for Church even though he literally couldn’t have done anything about it…He just feels so responsible for all of his friends even though he doesn't want to show how much he cares (he cares probably more than any of the reds and blues). And man, without any inhibitions Grif is so cute and sweet! He is like Caboose levels of sweet when he says what he really thinks! I love that so much! I loved pretty much everything about this episode I’m so happy!


Summary: Peter Parker falls for lab partner!reader when he notices her drawing a bird during class and turns to his pal Spider-Man to follow her to a cafe where she loves to draw and he loves to admire her

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: literally 1 curse word, all of it is just fluff

A/N: i didn’t proofread as usual so sorry if it’s complete shit and i apologize that literally every single one of my stories has ended the exact same i’m an awful writer sjksjsksjsjk btw when will Tom finally show us his new hair he’s making me so nervous uGH

Words: 2347 (srry if it drags on and is super boring)

It was a normal 3rd period in chemistry class as the teacher droned on about the names of certain elements of the periodic table.

Peter’s boredom level had surpassed extreme as his eyelids began to droop closed. He had been losing excessive amounts of sleep having to stay out until the late hours of night saving lives and stopping robberies. He was slowly starting to grow used to his sleep schedule though, sometimes too tired to slip off his Spider-Man suit when he snuck in through his window at three in the morning.

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My thoughts about episode 7x25

This episode. Oh, my God, this episode.

I searched “emotional roller coaster” on the Merriam Webster dictionary and this whole episode was there. 

Amazing, painful, heartbreaking, heartwarming. It leaves you full of fear and yet full of hope.

It’s an episode that literally oozes love out of every frame.

I will start talking about Steve and Danny, because I have so many things to say about them…

I loved how Steve shows up in Danny’s office as soon as he arrives, like he was impatiently waiting to show him his gift. How sweet can this man be? Same goes for Danny, so protective of Steve, constantly worrying about him, constantly checking – silently or explicitly – how he is. This scene is loaded with hints that foreshadow what will come later in the episode, it’s like Danny can’t help but feel something is wrong, and we start feeling the same way: the acting, the way the episode is built make you feel that way and it gets stronger and stronger minute by minute, and it’s so gut wrenching.

Plus, the way Danny and Steve act around Charlie is adorable. The way they look like a married couple, obviously, but – even more than that, if possible – the way they protect him, talking in code about Rachel and Stan’s divorce, because this little guy has been through so much already… To think they both were there the day Charlie was born, looking at him through the glass, loving him already even if they didn’t know yet he was Danny’s child… it makes me emotional.

And what about that scene in the car, when Steve starts talking about Rachel, out of nowhere, as if it’s something he can’t help thinking about… he’s worried, maybe even angry. He’s bitter, he’s jealous, most of all he’s still the man who, back in season one, told Danny: ““I don’t want you to get hurt. Okay? I just want you to be happy, Danny. That’s all”. 

Steve tries to joke – he tries so hard, how painful is that? – and says “if you ain’t got nothing nice and positive to say, keep your hole shut … unless you’re “talking” to your ex-wife”. He knows that Danny, out of his good heart – too good sometimes – is trying to put under the rug all the bad things Rachel did to him, but … they’re just under the rug, they’re still there, they can’t be ignored, or he’s going to suffer again, to be manipulated and walked over, again!

And so Steve says it, honestly… “I don’t think this thing with you and Rachel is a healthy thing”. It’s not healthy, he says. I think it’s a very meaningful choice of words. Both Steve and Danny have been dealing with toxic relationships that sucked the joy out of their lives and I hope with all my heart they’re done with those relationships for good. Please, let these guys be finally, truly happy, please let them heal each other’s heart with the love they have for each other. They deserve that.

What about Steve telling Danny “I know that I’m out of my mind, but I also know that you’re in love with your ex-wife […] you got a shot to make things right”? First of all, Rachel was the one who put Danny through hell with her constant threats of taking Grace away from him and not letting him see her and then lying to him for three years about Charlie, so it’s really not up to Danny to make things right, he didn’t do anything wrong, he was a victim! 

And I think that what we have here it’s Steve voicing his worst fears in the hope that Danny will prove him wrong. And I so hope Danny will prove him wrong. I believe he will prove him wrong. He already told Steve “you’re out of your mind” for thinking he might be still in love with Rachel and I think he was being honest, I think he’s just being civil and kind with her, he’s tired of fighting, he doesn’t want that for himself and most of all he doesn’t want that for his kids. I hope I’m not wrong.

Then Danny sees Steve taking some pills and his alarm bells start ringing, but his focus shifts on trying to talk Steve out of risking his life pulling probably the most dangerous stunt he has every pulled.

And just moments before Steve jumps, risking his life, the writers start working a whole new kind of magic, in my opinion, giving us some of the most subtle and yet most romantic and emotional moments I’ve ever seen.

How? The chef’s hat. Yes, the chef’s hat. I really believe they masterfully wrote some of the best, most touching declarations of love ever to be heard, just playing with words around that chef’s hat.

Even if he’s trying to pretend he’s not scared of the consequences of that jump, Steve knows that it could go horribly wrong. He didn’t want Danny to open the gift when he wasn’t there and now, thinking that jump could kill him, he needs to tell Danny those words before it could be too late.

Chef’s hat”, he says. Meaning: there‘s nothing I care about more than you, more than your happiness and your dreams, because I love you. 

And Danny understands what Steve means, he promises him he will be there when he’ll open his restaurant (when they’ll open their restaurant?) and, later, he says: “thank you for the hat, seriously”. Meaning: thank you for loving me the way you love me. And Steve closes his eyes for a moment and then says “You’re welcome, seriously”. Don’t tell me that wasn’t a “I’m in love with you”, because it was. I’m so sure it was.

And I obviously loved that adorable scene with them walking away together, holding each other, talking about Steve’s feelings and how the last thing on Earth Danny wants to do is hurt Steve’s feelings. The way these two guys cherish and love each other is so beautiful and it warms my heart.

And then… oh my God, my poor heart bled seeing Steve so tired, so pale, so scared… call me crazy, call me stupid, but I worry about him even if I know he’s just a fictional character… it makes me cry to see how he tries to minimize, how he tried to keep things for himself, to hide his health issues.. but he couldn’t hide from Danny, because Danny wouldn’t let him. 

Life made Steve believe that he was undeserving of love, that there always was someone or something more important than him, someone or something that made people walk away from him, and now that he needs love more than ever, now that he needs someone next to him more than ever, he tries to hide it… but Danny won’t let him. 

It broke my heart to see the look in Danny’s eyes, to see him so lost at the mere thought of Steve being sick. I so hope, with all my heart, there will soon be… I don’t know, another doctor’s opinion, something that will take this terrible sword hanging over their heads away from them. 

One thing I’m sure of is that Steve and Danny will be together through all of this, and together they can face and overcome everything. Danny will show Steve how deserving of love, how important he is, how much he needs him and can’t even imagine a life without him. More than ever, Steve needs to be loved, to feel indispensable for someone, and Danny will be there reminding that he is, every step of the way.

I talked a lot about Steve and Danny, for obvious reasons, but there was so much else to be loved in this episode.

Abby and Chin, their sizzling chemistry and their growing love for each other.

The party to celebrate Jerry getting his badge… it was so endearing to see him so happy because these people love him. He was so lonely when we met him back in season 4 and now he really has a big family.

That super sweet scene with Kono and Sara at the market, Sara being absolutely adorable and Kono buying a pregnancy test… a moment that sheds an even more meaningful light to many other moments in the episode… her scene with Moani, that chilling, heartbreaking moment where she found that doll in the girls’ room, the talk she has with Lou about being a parent … I loved, so much, what she told Lou: “I could feel them in that room. Their pain and trauma. The fear they went to bed with every night”, because it was my same feeling watching that scene. She wants to make the world a better, safer place for these girls and thinking she might be pregnant makes that purpose even stronger, even more urgent. And I know she will succeed, she’s a force of nature, so compassionate, so strong, so brave. I hope we will get to see her fighting this horrible crime, but I also hope she will be back in Hawaii soon. Maybe, and hopefully, the two things aren’t incompatible. Her Ohana - and we - needs her.

As I wrote when I started with this review, this episode leaves you full of fear and yet full of hope. I will hold on to that hope that makes me believe that these people will get the happiness they deserve. Steve will be fine. Kono will succeed in making the world that better place she desperately needs right now. And true love will conquer all, because today, more than ever before, I’m sure that Steve and Danny share the purest and truest love of all.

Thank you for this episode and for all the emotions!

I don’t believe that the same woman who refused to accept death and went marching into the Underworld for her man would go out on the town in an effort to forget Killian. You know, her True Love who didn’t come home the night before and she hasn’t seen for maybe fourteen hours. 

Like I get thinking the worst after a fight - been there, sister. And I also get that this is preying on Emma’s worst fear about being left behind. But the show literally just highlighted Killian’s fear of losing all the people he loves because of the man he used to be, and Emma told him they’re beyond all that. That they’re stronger than that. Isn’t this sort of just retracing old ground? 

Give me Emma stomping over to the Jolly Roger and tearing that place apart looking for Killian. Give me her calling his phone. But don’t tell me she’s going out to dinner with her .:*Girls*:. to try and move on.

*Genos proceeded the same day to order the largest stuffed animal available online. He didn’t calculate how much of the apartment space it would take up.*

Mini OPM Valentine’s Day comic is done! :y

Saitama & Genos © ONE & Yusuke Murata

Art © Anjelzjelly129

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Your gross

When *you’re sending hate and forget to turn on anon for one of the messages  😂 ^^^

Like, lol. This is ridiculous, Tigs. Come on now. 

Backstory: For the people who are seeing this who aren’t familiar with my relationship with this darling girl, we “talked” for awhile, and eventually stopped when she tried to manipulate and guilt trip me. Like, I’d been busy, and we hadn’t even really spoken all that much to begin with. But yeah. Like, I stopped talking to her after that whole fiasco. I saw that I was dodging a bullet, and I left. Like, No. I’m not dating an abuser. Newsflash, emotional abuse, manipulation, guilt tripping your partners when they have done nothing wrong IS ABUSE. 

So, I left. Like, I saw the warning signs, and I was out. She messaged me again a few weeks later with some bullshit apology like, “I’m sorry I came off as manipulative (not I’m sorry I was manipulative). I’m trying to improve. All I can do is ask that you stick around and help me to improve… I thought that’s what mommies did… I’m sorry if I was mistaken…”

LIKE??? COME ON! THAT IS SUCH BULLSHIT. That right there is manipulation. You’re saying I’m not a mommy if I don’t take you back and put up with your shit. NO. NO. NO. The door. Bye. Shoo. 

AND NOW, YOU’RE SENDING ME HATE ON TUMBLR! LIKE, YOU ARE A CLASSIC ABUSER. LIKE, TEXTBOOK DEFINITION. I WAS SOOOO RIGHT ABOUT YOU. All you’ve done is show me your true colors. I mean, I knew what you were already, but this definitely validates it. 

Let’s take this from the top, shall we?

1. “Super friendly my ass.” Read the rest of that line. My description literally says, “Super friendly! But also NOT having any of your shit!” Which is exactly how I am. You tried to manipulate and use me, and I told you to fuck off. I would gladly do it again. 

2. “You need jesus”  😂 😂 😂

3. “ Polyamorus relationships are gross, you can’t love 2 people at the same time..” Lmao, okay? That’s like, your opinion man? I’m pretty sure I’ve loved more than one person my entire life. Like, oh I don’t know, my family, friends, teachers, romantic partners? Other important people in my life? And at this very moment, I have two romantic partners who I love. Whatever though, I don’t need to validate this to you. You’re a child. An immature child who needs to have the internet taken away from her before she makes an even bigger fool out of herself. (She’s not really a child. She’s a grown woman, but she acts like a child, obviously. Not as in an age regression way, as in a throwing a tantrum and sending hate because someone doesn’t want her way. I have to state this because trolls.)

4. “ All these poor people that follow you are being mislead” Nah, fam. I’m exactly who I say I am. I was good to you until you showed your true colors. Then, I told you to fuck off. Because literally, fuck you. You’re a textbook abuser, and I’m not playing these games with you. Not interested. Fuck off. I’m not nice to people who aren’t nice to me. I’ve never pretended otherwise. Lmao. 

5. “Your gross” LMAO, YOU ARE SO DUMB. LIKE WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUUUUUUUCK. FUCKING CHRIST. I’M WHEEZING. LIKE, I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING  😂 😂 😂 Who the fuck, messes up sending anon hate? The level of incompetence. I can’t. I can’t  😂 😂 😂 AND THEN ALL THE TYPOS. Bless you’re little heart. Thank you for this gem. Seriously. Thank you. Anytime I’m feeling down, I will have this to laugh at. 

P.S. *You’re gross. 

6. “Who do you think you are? Giving people advice when your terrible at being a caregiver” Lmao. First off, I was never your CG. We were just getting to know each other. I don’t even know your real name, ffs. I’ve only had two official littles, and I received no complaints from either. I’m an excellent caregiver. As a matter of fact, they still come to me when they want to regress, and I let them. Because I care for them, and I like being around them. I don’t like being around, arrogant, rude, abusive assholes who try to manipulate and make me feel like shit about myself WHEN I’D JUST MET THEM. Like, legit, get a life. No, get some help. You need help. 

7.  “ Why are you such a bitch? You don’t deserve to be a mommy, you are not good to littles” I’m a bitch because you’re a cunt. Fuck outta here. I’m good to people who are good to me. Be they littles, caregivers, coworkers, professors, store clerks, whatever! I am not good to assholes. 

YOU do not get to treat me any kind of way and have me stick around. You don’t get to be abusive and then harass me and face no consequences. Next time you feel like sending one of your “exs” (it’s in quotes because we never even fucking dated) anon hate, I hope this memory stops you. 

I hope you feel ashamed. I hope you’re embarrassed. Because you should be. Get your shit together. Leave people who aren’t interested in you alone. Get some therapy and work on your abusive tendencies. Or don’t and continue being an asshole. It makes no difference to me.; I’m never going to speak to you again, lmao. 

Best wishes, Tiggy dear. Now kindly fuck off. 

do the 100 viewers not ship braven at all?? like are they watching the same show as i am? 

does the way he looks at raven tell you nothing?

or the way he protects her?

or at the way he snapped at murphy for shooting her?

or how he runs when he sees she’s harmed?

or how he holds her while she cries over watching the man she loved get killed?


or what i mean just look at this holy sex scene

So I just finished all three seasons of the Borgias? In like a day? Cause it’s not the best show but I now think I most definitively have a thing for siblings who love each other? And the show executes it so naturally by the time you realize how on-board the ship you are you’re already in the middle of the fucking ocean. And the parallels! Oh the parallels to Jon and Sansa, from forehead kisses to Cesare’s desire to protect Lucrezia and going all angry kitten and fighting every man around her and oh lord I need people in my life who watch the same shows that I do. Because is it just me or does Jon even look exactly like Cesare? And Littlefinger and Davos are literally everyone in the Borgias who realizes how much Cesare loves Lucrezia?

So there’s this dude who I occasionally play Warframe with and he’s in his fifties. Well he’s a huge Star Trek “fan” and while we were playing earlier he watched the Star Trek Discovery trailer for the first time and literally the first words he said after watching it was “why the fuck are they trying to be all politically correct with a black woman and Asian woman together??” Like the dude also said that star trek shouldn’t have political and social issues in the show. Like????? Did we watch the same thing???? This man literally grew up watching all the Star Trek series on TV and he says he loves it, but like how the hell do you miss the entire point of Star Trek? I’m just so confused. I just don’t understand people like this. Ugh. You sir are not a fan of Trek.

garbonzobear  asked:

Just wanted to say I feel the exact same way about kacchako as you do but felt bad venting T w T they literally only have that one significant interaction and even that was just acknowledging her strength its not that deep and there's nothing else so far after SO long just....why is it a thing they just don't interact man

I love the Bakugou and Uraraka fight, I love how it showed how clever and how much of a badass Uraraka can be, and I love the respect Bakugou has for her. However, the fight isn’t about how Uraraka and Bakugou can push each other to be better heroes. It’s meant to show how Uraraka, on her own, can be a great hero, and she just so happens to earn the respect of Bakugou by proving herself. There is no further development of their relationship in the manga because the fight wasn’t meant to establish an important relationship between these two characters.

I can see why fans would ship Bakugou and Uraraka. They have an interesting dynamic. However, I think people are misinterpreting the fight as something it’s not. As I mentioned before, it’s not meant to establish the great chemistry between Uraraka and Bakugou, and if the fight was supposed to do that, then what was the point? Their relationship doesn’t pay off in later chapters, and it has been over 100 chapters since the fight. The fight is meant to develop Uraraka as a hero. For instance, the fight teaches Uraraka her limitations. She takes what she learns from the fight and learns hand-to-hand combat with Gunhead. She then uses that same hand-to-hand combat to take down Toga.

I don’t think Kacchako is an abusive ship like some people are saying. It’s an okay ship. I just think the ship is overhyped, and it gets especially annoying when people use it to undermine all the development Uraraka has with other characters, Midoriya in particular.

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Can I just say that All Might is a beautiful sunshine man that I'll probably never get enough of? Like, it kinda sounds weird, but I really wish to be like him, personality wise. And just whenever he appears i can't help but smile. He's so good and amazing and I love him. (I'm probably too deep in this whole show lol but it's so great)

I absolutely dapsolutely agree!!!
I can’t wait to have time to draw him, aw man

Also, that doesn’t sound weird to me at all lmao
I mean, you’re talking to the guy who’s life genuinely improved in literally every way bc he wanted to, and more importantly TRIED to be more like Papyrus, because he was so positive and made me smile every time!

It’s the same thing and I’m SO HAPPY to see another character that gives me the that kind of vibe, the sheer pure good force that comes out of these two is indescribable.

Just today i finished a huge custom self-insert design commission for someone who also feels the same way about All Might!
I queued it on my art blog, it’ll post in about 7 hours. It’s one of my favourite commissions I ever got to work on, because it came from a place that I am very familiar with and have a very fond outlook on. <’:

Also I don’t think you can be ‘too deep’ into something that makes you happy.
As long as your passion doesn’t turn into aggression and you don’t hurt anyone, you can never be too much into a show/music/game that lifts your spirits.

There’s no shame in bein happy yo

Here’s a little rant I need to get off my chest:

If Ross Gellar is not your favorite of the group in Friends, that’s fine. He has never really been mine either. But I despise when people describe him as a “whiny friendzoned” guy in relation to Rachel, because that just does not apply to him. Yes, he loved Rachel in college and pined for her throughout all of season 1 when she did not love him back or even notice he had feelings for her. How is that even a problem? Rachel pined after him through seasons 2, 4, and 5 when he was with other people, and she even told him she loved him despite the fact that he was married. But no one hates on Rachel for it, which just goes to show you that people only hate on Ross for it because he’s a man. I hate that people have to create a problem for everything. 

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how is molly empowering? lol

I’m glad you asked! (I’m also glad to ignore that condescending ‘lol’) 

Molly Hooper wears lipstick. Molly Hooper does cute things to her hair. She wears pretty dresses and loves kittens and has a blog full of the color pink. Molly Hooper is also a doctor. She spends her days elbows deep in dead bodies and tells morbid jokes about it. Molly Hooper single-handedly helped Sherlock Holmes fake his own death. 

Molly is fiercely loyal to the people around her and cares about others so much but she is no fool; she expects the best of those around her (or else she’s going to slap some sense into them). She’s compassionate and kind and puts others first. She is completely unapologetic about the things and people that interest her and in conclusion: I don’t know what isn’t empowering about a female character that is unafraid to be who she is and who she is is proof that female characters can be girly and intelligent and in love with a man and accomplished in their careers all at the same time. Molly Hooper is literally the human embodiment of that inspirational tumblr quote “let her be everything because she is everything” and if Moffat doesn’t want to do right by her I will gladly take her because to be quite fucking honest she is too good for Sherlock and this entire show.

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I absolutely loved that part in the movie where Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett were shown through the broken mirror, it's like that shot tells many stories about their lives and how they've become themselves. The movie has a lot of brilliant camera shots i think the movie is kind of underrated.

I 1,000% agree with you there. I honestly think the Sweeney Todd movie is such a cinematic masterpiece. Like, Tim Burton always has pretty neat aesthetics, but the cinematography for Sweeney Todd is just…iconic. I definitely love the close up shots like the broken mirror and the reflection in the razor and in Epiphany when we see Sweeney’s reflection in that puddle of water; all those shots are so intimate and important since Sweeney doesn’t have many lines so this is the only way we sort of get into his head.

But also while we’re on the topic of camera shots, can I just say- the wide shots in the film are so incredible too! Because this movie does what the stage version can’t do- it connects the main characters to their environment and allows for a bigger picture. The stage version is very good at keeping the drama high and having the audience invested, because we basically get to live in Mrs.Lovett’s pie shop for a good majority of the show. But the movie really lets the audience explore Sweeney’s version of London, and it’s just this entire universe that’s so unique. When Sweeney talks about the world being “filled with people who are filled with shit,” we actually get to see the crowds of people and the polluted London streets and so it really gives some credibility to Sweeney’s philosophy. 

One of my absolute favorite shots in the entire film is when Sweeney says “At last, my arm is complete again” and the camera zooms out of the shop and we see all of London. It just really emphasizes how small Sweeney is, which I think is important. This is just one person who thinks he’s making a change by killing these innocent people but like..he’s just one fish in a very big pond, and when he dies, no one will remember him. He’s not some big anti-hero out to teach society a lesson. He’s one man, with a self-destructive thirst for revenge. And same with Mrs.Lovett. Worst Pies may be a show-stopping number but I absolutely love how Tim put in the sequence in right before that song where we literally get to travel through the streets of London and see how immensely huge and depressingly disgusting it is. Mrs.Lovett’s failing shop is just one of many. She’s nothing special, and I actually like that they decided to shoot it that way.

Long story short: I’m really fucking invested in this movie

Why you need to shut up about “Whitewashing” in Doctor Strange.

Because you don’t read the damn comics. I’ve been seeing all this debate from people, and one thing is abundantly clear: the people complaining have never read a doctor Strange comic before.

Doctor Strange was created in the 60 in bad taste with tons of racist tropes and stereotypes. While I enjoy going back to read these comics I always take it with a grain of salt that these offensive ideas were a part of a misguided time, and I need to appreciate the art past the inclusion of those outdated ideas. Same with Huck Finn or literally anything old because white people have ruined everything. Do you really want Marvel to adapt “Superior white man finds old mystic Asian man and shows all the monks they’re not as good as him”? No. You don’t. You’d be bitching about that.

And in either case, here’s the main point THE ANCIENT ONE DOES ABOUT FUCK ALL IN THE STRANGE MYTHOS. Yes the Ancient One taught Strange, but he appeared in like 4 issues, sat on a pillow, explained magic, handed him a lovely cape, and died. Then he stopped existing for decades. This is not some long richly storied character or some iconic character. No one is making Green Hornet with a white Kato. The Ancient One is NOT a big deal.

So to all the people who are looking for things to be angry about rather then reacting to decisions appropriately how about you look at Luis from Ant-Man. That’s a goofy cholo voiced felon idiot who drives a van that plays la cucaracha, and he is the ONLY Hispanic character in the MCU films. Where were all you racially conscious people when that shit happened?

It’s not just about more representation. It’s about the right representation.