i love this show literally same man

*Genos proceeded the same day to order the largest stuffed animal available online. He didn’t calculate how much of the apartment space it would take up.*

Mini OPM Valentine’s Day comic is done! :y

Saitama & Genos © ONE & Yusuke Murata

Art © Anjelzjelly129

do the 100 viewers not ship braven at all?? like are they watching the same show as i am? 

does the way he looks at raven tell you nothing?

or the way he protects her?

or at the way he snapped at murphy for shooting her?

or how he runs when he sees she’s harmed?

or how he holds her while she cries over watching the man she loved get killed?


or what i mean just look at this holy sex scene

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You know, generally I hate when tv shows/books/whatever have a relationship where a "bad boy" gets changed by some purely good partner bc it's so tired, but something about bonenzo really just tugs at my heartstrings. We literally watched Enzo thaw and become this compassionate loving person that he hadhiding under a century of grief and pain. They were so precious 😭

you know, anon, same. i HATE the whole “woman makes a man a good person” trope coughdecough with every fiber of my being. but the reason why BE (and SE and SC) is so different is bc Enzo was never really bad - he made bad decisions based on some warped perspectives (and not so good motivations: revenge and loneliness). but probably the most important thing, for me, is he a) paid for those bad decisions - he died in s5, he was left all alone in s6, picking Lily over Caroline led to him being kidnapped by the armory/the gang completely abandoning him, threatening Damon/Tyler/Bonnie led to him being knocked out/hand cut off/Damon didn’t trust him a single bit anymore - b) he LEARNED FROM HIS MISTAKES and didn’t redo them all over again (8x14 is honestly such an important Enzo moment and while i hate 7x14, it lead to Enzo realize he fucked up and reminding himself to make better decisions) and c) he never ever pretended he was something he wasn’t (i’m pretty sure he calls himself a monster multiple times in s5 and s6, and definitely in 8x14 he points out his mistakes)

and really, it comes down to this - if someone is your INSPIRATION to be a better person, not your motivation or your sole purpose, then it’s healthy and wonderful and beautiful - because they are inspiring you to make YOURSELF better. the responsibility is still on them to make good decisions, fix their mistakes, and move forward. it’s not on the girl (in this case) to be their moral compass - they just “remind him that he’s already good.”


Okay okay, we’re past the kiss of last episode. Now some of you are a bit pissed that they didn’t mention the kiss and they went on as if it didn’t happen. And some of you even wanted them to acknowledge the fact that they’re in Russia as a same-sex couple, and you got more pissed because they didn’t do that. 

But the thing is, they did.

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can i just say how i love that matt daddario is very aware of his popularity within the fandom and uses that to constantly hype up other cast members and characters? like, in s1 (and arguably right now still) he was one of the most popular cast members (if not the most popular) but he Knows some of the other cast members (ie. isaiah) were going largely unnoticed (same thing w alec vs other characters) and matt has literally done EVERYTHING to share how great his fellow cast members are and how amazing other characters in the show are (specifically the downworlders) and basically just bring attention to the fact that we should appreciate everyone else in the show too

idk man i just love that matt uses his popularity to show fans that everyone is in the cast is just as loveable and amazing as he is. what a good dude


there was just something about you.

Here’s a little rant I need to get off my chest:

If Ross Gellar is not your favorite of the group in Friends, that’s fine. He has never really been mine either. But I despise when people describe him as a “whiny friendzoned” guy in relation to Rachel, because that just does not apply to him. Yes, he loved Rachel in college and pined for her throughout all of season 1 when she did not love him back or even notice he had feelings for her. How is that even a problem? Rachel pined after him through seasons 2, 4, and 5 when he was with other people, and she even told him she loved him despite the fact that he was married. But no one hates on Rachel for it, which just goes to show you that people only hate on Ross for it because he’s a man. I hate that people have to create a problem for everything. 

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how is molly empowering? lol

I’m glad you asked! (I’m also glad to ignore that condescending ‘lol’) 

Molly Hooper wears lipstick. Molly Hooper does cute things to her hair. She wears pretty dresses and loves kittens and has a blog full of the color pink. Molly Hooper is also a doctor. She spends her days elbows deep in dead bodies and tells morbid jokes about it. Molly Hooper single-handedly helped Sherlock Holmes fake his own death. 

Molly is fiercely loyal to the people around her and cares about others so much but she is no fool; she expects the best of those around her (or else she’s going to slap some sense into them). She’s compassionate and kind and puts others first. She is completely unapologetic about the things and people that interest her and in conclusion: I don’t know what isn’t empowering about a female character that is unafraid to be who she is and who she is is proof that female characters can be girly and intelligent and in love with a man and accomplished in their careers all at the same time. Molly Hooper is literally the human embodiment of that inspirational tumblr quote “let her be everything because she is everything” and if Moffat doesn’t want to do right by her I will gladly take her because to be quite fucking honest she is too good for Sherlock and this entire show.

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HOLY SHIT ok so I followed you a few weeks back & today ur writing blog ('gingerlattes'? idk? I'm assuming that's u) popped up on my suggested & I scrolled thru & noticed smthg WEIRD. 3 yrs ago I write an X-Files fanfic about a road trip titled "Of Broken Lines & Liminal Spaces" & I only ever showed it to friends. but oh MAN nothing shook me more than seeing that one of your pieces was titled "of broken white lines & liminal spaces" literally almost tHE EXACT SAME THING???? what's going on

WHAT that’s wild??? i almost called an xf fic that before turning it into the prose poem…..are we the same person wtf

Why you need to shut up about “Whitewashing” in Doctor Strange.

Because you don’t read the damn comics. I’ve been seeing all this debate from people, and one thing is abundantly clear: the people complaining have never read a doctor Strange comic before.

Doctor Strange was created in the 60 in bad taste with tons of racist tropes and stereotypes. While I enjoy going back to read these comics I always take it with a grain of salt that these offensive ideas were a part of a misguided time, and I need to appreciate the art past the inclusion of those outdated ideas. Same with Huck Finn or literally anything old because white people have ruined everything. Do you really want Marvel to adapt “Superior white man finds old mystic Asian man and shows all the monks they’re not as good as him”? No. You don’t. You’d be bitching about that.

And in either case, here’s the main point THE ANCIENT ONE DOES ABOUT FUCK ALL IN THE STRANGE MYTHOS. Yes the Ancient One taught Strange, but he appeared in like 4 issues, sat on a pillow, explained magic, handed him a lovely cape, and died. Then he stopped existing for decades. This is not some long richly storied character or some iconic character. No one is making Green Hornet with a white Kato. The Ancient One is NOT a big deal.

So to all the people who are looking for things to be angry about rather then reacting to decisions appropriately how about you look at Luis from Ant-Man. That’s a goofy cholo voiced felon idiot who drives a van that plays la cucaracha, and he is the ONLY Hispanic character in the MCU films. Where were all you racially conscious people when that shit happened?

It’s not just about more representation. It’s about the right representation.


I think that in the whole Ross turmoil issues, Demelza’s turmoil was overlooked. Yes she was a different Demelza from the books, but I disagree with comments about her being whiny, for me she wasn’t whiny. I saw her as a woman who was deeply in love with her husband, but who had a fear constantly niggling at her, a fear he didn’t love her enough, she was second. That fear has been ever present, right from the cornflower scene in episode 3 of series 1. At times the fear would abate, but gradually throughout series 2 that fear became more real. Leading up to the moment, Demelza was scared of loosing Ross, and fear and being scared translate in many ways and that is what we saw, she hit out at him, but at the same time tried to be a support, during the smuggling, finding food etc. She never stopped loving him, but was cross with herself for loving him so deeply, when he betrayed her. I saw a Demelza who had no idea what to do, the rug had literally pulled out from under her, her options were limited. What she realised and knew was that her self worth was greater than being with a man who thought her second best. That shows huge strength of character and she learnt about herself in that process. There are many women today who would and do stay in a relationship where they are second best. may not have articulated myself well, but I didn’t see Demelza as whiny and Eleanor portrayed all that brilliantly and was superb.

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I absolutely loved that part in the movie where Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett were shown through the broken mirror, it's like that shot tells many stories about their lives and how they've become themselves. The movie has a lot of brilliant camera shots i think the movie is kind of underrated.

I 1,000% agree with you there. I honestly think the Sweeney Todd movie is such a cinematic masterpiece. Like, Tim Burton always has pretty neat aesthetics, but the cinematography for Sweeney Todd is just…iconic. I definitely love the close up shots like the broken mirror and the reflection in the razor and in Epiphany when we see Sweeney’s reflection in that puddle of water; all those shots are so intimate and important since Sweeney doesn’t have many lines so this is the only way we sort of get into his head.

But also while we’re on the topic of camera shots, can I just say- the wide shots in the film are so incredible too! Because this movie does what the stage version can’t do- it connects the main characters to their environment and allows for a bigger picture. The stage version is very good at keeping the drama high and having the audience invested, because we basically get to live in Mrs.Lovett’s pie shop for a good majority of the show. But the movie really lets the audience explore Sweeney’s version of London, and it’s just this entire universe that’s so unique. When Sweeney talks about the world being “filled with people who are filled with shit,” we actually get to see the crowds of people and the polluted London streets and so it really gives some credibility to Sweeney’s philosophy. 

One of my absolute favorite shots in the entire film is when Sweeney says “At last, my arm is complete again” and the camera zooms out of the shop and we see all of London. It just really emphasizes how small Sweeney is, which I think is important. This is just one person who thinks he’s making a change by killing these innocent people but like..he’s just one fish in a very big pond, and when he dies, no one will remember him. He’s not some big anti-hero out to teach society a lesson. He’s one man, with a self-destructive thirst for revenge. And same with Mrs.Lovett. Worst Pies may be a show-stopping number but I absolutely love how Tim put in the sequence in right before that song where we literally get to travel through the streets of London and see how immensely huge and depressingly disgusting it is. Mrs.Lovett’s failing shop is just one of many. She’s nothing special, and I actually like that they decided to shoot it that way.

Long story short: I’m really fucking invested in this movie

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top 5 supergirl and the flash characters?

The flash 

  • Barry Allen (bc i’ve loved him the longest)
  • Iris West(literally my life has no meaning w/o her aka me and barry are the same)
  • Cisco (cheeky lil pup)
  • Wally West (cutiepiesugarpiehoneybun) 
  • Joe West bc i love my dad 


  • Kara(bc she’s the title character and the show should be about her, hello cw) 
  • James (underapperciated but man is he built like a gawd.) 
  • Alex (reminds me of my big sis. which makes me chuckle cause i kinda called her being gay like my sis) 
  • Cat
  • J’onn Jonzz 

its sad supergirl ended after james and kara ot together in s1 cause i would’ve added its new character too. 

I was tagged by @themusicalbox (I know I just did few days ago but the answers here have already changed :p) And It’s your first time tagging,right XD Thanks a lot

Name: Chrisite

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Fav Music Artist: same as last I answered :) just as you see I love Tony, Keith and Alex most in this squad (talking about prog)

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Last Movie Watched: an amazing movie called La Traversée de Paris

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When Did You Create Your Blog: 2014

What Kind Of Stuff Do You Post: all those aesthetic stuff, prog and my bad arts.

Other Blogs: this is my fanfic blog

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Valentine's Day with Hoseok

So now we will be continuing the Valentine’s Day, I’m sorry to everyone that was waiting for this post yesterday but I just needed a day to rest but without further ado, here is our angel, our hope, Jung Hoseok aka J-hope aka Hobi

  • Let’s just jump straight in
  • Hobi is an affectionate lover
  • This kid lo v e s affection
  • There’s a video of him just about whining at kookie to play with his hair so he could sleep if that doesn’t scream precious and needs to be protected, idk what does
  • I also think that’s just really fucking cute that he likes his hair to be played with bc like who’s gonna complain about that
  • Have you seen his hair that shit looks soft as fuck
  • Like can’t you just imagine sitting there, minding your own business and then suddenly you have a whiny hobi complaining about how you left the bed and now it’s cold and too big
  • If you’re willing to give in to the actual five year old he turns into when he’s sleepy, then you two get to go back to bed and cuddle the rest of the morning
  • But honestly, even if you’re like nah I gotta stay out here he’s just gonna curl up next to you and put his head on your shoulder or your lap or your stomach
  • And of course demand that his hair is played with
  • Like literal demand
  • If you don’t you get a super whiny super pouty hobi
  • And while that shit is fucking adorable x300, it does mean he gets really mopey and is just cuddling your puppy instead
  • And mopey!hobi isn’t good we need happy!hobi so you give in eventually and just toy with his hair
  • Honestly though it’s a reward for you too both of you enjoy it
  • He’d let you do literally anything to his hair
  • There was that one video where the 95line (ft. Jin in the background being a casual model and a wild Yoongi also pops in) are dancing around to Big Bang and the dude gave hobi a cat ear hairstyle
  • Side note in those moments, cat boy!hobi was real and it was glorious
  • But back to the point, hobi gave no shits and danced around with the hairstyle and even was like showing it off
  • You could braid it, you could give him pigtails (which btw I n e ed to see pigtail!hobi) you could style it however your lil heart desired
  • Valentine’s Day mornings are v v different from Valentine’s Day nights
  • Mornings are calm and relaxed and neither of you are rushing around
  • It’s all about holding each other close and whispering lil I love yous
  • It’s all whispering too neither of you speak too loudly
  • Like hobi can be loud as fuck, there’s a literal compilation of him screaming (same) but he can also be really soft and gentle
  • When he does logs, he uses that more gentle, lowkey voice and it’s honestly so nice
  • And he can be really really sweet
  • Like he’s an emotional man and I mean that in the best way possible bc he has so much love and respect for the people around him
  • Like the time his family sent him some video clips of them saying hey and he burst into tears
  • That moment was so raw and pure and just it showed an entirely different side to hobi
  • So don’t doubt hobi, he can be super fucking romantic but he also adds in his playful touch
  • But not too much where it feels like he isn’t taking it seriously bc he takes your relationship v v seriously
  • And while he does spoil you with love and attention and the occasional present all throughout the year, he still loves to celebrate Valentine’s Day bc it’s a day he can take off and just put all of his focus onto you
  • Bc you’re his favorite person, you’re his lil bub he doesn’t care if you’re taller or shorter you’re lil in his eyes
  • Valentine’s Day nights are like the complete opposite of the morning though
  • It’s all about running around the town and having fun and just being together and getting out of the house
  • It doesn’t matter what you two do, it’s always always always fun bc you have hobi with you
  • Hobi could make watching paint dry exciting so you don’t have to worry about being bored when he’s around
  • He gets you a million gifts but they’re all small
  • Each one means something different
  • Like sure he may get you a key chain but there’s a meaning behind it, it’s something that makes it more than just a key chain
  • Each gift is so tailored to you and your relationship that it’s almost mind blowing tbh
  • Bc even though they’re not huge and grand, they’re still so so important
  • He loves watching you open them bc he likes seeing your face light up when you realize the meaning it has
  • A happy you means a happy hobi

Okay, so I feel people whose intro to the Quentin/Eliot dynamic is the show and who loved their meeting scene should totally be exposed to its adorable version in the book.

Fifty feet away a tall, skinny teenager was leaning against a tree, smoking a cigarette, and watching him.

He looked about Quentin’s age.  He wore a button-down shirt with a sharp collar and very thing, very pale pink stripes.  He didn’t look at Quentin, just dragged on his cigarette and exhaled into the summer air.  The heat didn’t seem to bother him.  

“Hey,” Quentin called.

Now he looked over.  He raised his chin at Quentin, once, but didn’t answer.

Quentin walked over, as nonchalantly as he could.  He really didn’t want to look like somebody who had no idea what was going on.  Even without his coat on he was sweating like a bastard.  He felt like an over-dressed English explorer trying to impress a skeptical tropical native.  But there was something he had to ask.

“Is this–?” Quentin cleared his throat.  “So is this Fillory?”  He squinted against the bright sun.

The young man looked at Quentin very seriously.  He took another long drag on his cigarette, then he shook his head slowly, blowing out the smoke.

“Nope,” he said.  “Upstate New York.”

He didn’t laugh.  Quentin would appreciate that later.

(Grossman pgs. 16-18)

Because it’s the same vibe, but I think I’m so in love with the fact that Eliot literally doesn’t even think its odd that some dude shows up, asking if it’s Fillory.

San Fransokyo Flat. [Tadashi Hamada.]

Part One.   Part Two.   Part Three.   Part Four.   Part Five.   Part Six.   Part Seven.  Part Eight.   Part Nine.

“So you talked to Jack about all of it?” Tadashi asked, setting down a cup of tea in front of you. You nodded and tugged some of your hair away from your face as you looked up at the Hamada with big, innocent eyes. He smiled at you, giving his famous crooked grin as he sat down a bowl of sugar, knowing fully well that you disliked your tea without adding an inhuman amount of the sweetener. Tadashi turned his back to you so he could start pouring himself a cup of tea. The clinks of glass filled the air, accompanied by his question of, “What did he have to say?”

Sighing, you began stirring in sugar to sweeten your drink as you uttered, almost weakly, “He knew you loved me.” Tadashi stopped pouring his tea and listened to your words, his shoulders slumping forward. “He knew, Tadashi.” Your voice grew a bit louder to assure that he heard you.

“I don’t make it that obvious, do I?” He asked with a small chuckle as he finished pouring himself a cup. It was apparent as he turned around and caught your eyes that you weren’t in a joking mood. Tadashi swallowed, walking his way to the table a bit more seriously. Sitting down across from you, his long legs stretched in front of his body, pressing against yours in a soft way. You shook your head no and gazed at the attractive man in front of you. “I tried to keep it to myself, but (Name)… It was so hard… Seeing you love someone else who wasn’t me that I just…” Tadashi’s voice cracked with emotions as he finished his sentence.

“He said the same thing you told me,” Your eyes dropped to the amber tea at his words. “‘Look at the way he looks at you.’” You took a sip of the warm drink, it buzzing down your throat. “Which, I think is something all guys say to feel better and so they don’t submit to showing literal emotion because that wouldn’t be manly.” You chuckled softly, looking at his nose scrunch with disagreement.

“You’ve never seen Hiro cry when I kick his butt at Mario Kart.” Tadashi laughed and picked up his cup, taking a small drink. “I’m not afraid of showing emotion. I show plenty of that, like when I stubbed my toe on the coffee table last week.” You laughed as the memory came flooding back, Tadashi’s twisted face screaming at the inanimate oak. You calmed down your laughter, catching his beautiful eyes as he finished his words, “I just pay more attention to the eyes of people. Don’t they say that the eyes are the gateways to the soul?”

“Yeah, but are the gateway to the heart?” You looked into his brown eyes and bit your bottom lip as his expression told you, ‘are we really getting that philosophical?’ Shrugging your shoulders, you put your elbows on the table, burying your face in your hands. “I’m just afraid that after going through with all of this, breaking it off with Jack, did I make the right choice?” His thick eyebrows furrowed, “What if it’s just another false indication of feelings like we had when we were in high school…?”

“It’s a risk we’re both taking,” Tadashi said softly, looking at your hiding face. Leaning across the table, he laid his torso down and grabbed at your hands, forcing them away from your features so he could look you dead in the eye, his mouth pressing a wet kiss to your nose. “You’re worth the risk… Am I worth it?”

You nodded and pressed your lips to his nose in return. “You’re worth it.”