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Fairy Tail - Last Chapter ((Spoilers))

Dear everyone who has followed this blog,

I have just read the last chapter of Fairy Tail. Four years ago, I scrolled through my phone, looking for new shows to watch. I seen an interesting show named Fairy Tail, and decided to watch it. I never knew I was going to become this attached to an anime. This may be a cheesy post, but honestly, I don’t care. Fairy Tail was something that I looked forward to reading every week, and helped me through a lot of bad stuff, it was something that could make me feel happy and laugh when I was down. I love Fairy Tail so much. It might seem extra cheesy to love a manga this much, but after so many years, you get attached, you know? My OTP was Nalu. My all time favourite OTP that my friends hated me for because I would never stop talking about them. I shipped all of the “Big Four” ships, infact, and the last chapter was particularly amazing for me because, in a way, they all became canon in my eyes. Now, when I say I was sobbing after leading the last chapter, I was properly bawling my eyes out. I just couldn’t believe something so important to me had finished. But it was happy crying, too, because we had such a happy ending out of it.

But don’t worry, everyone! I believe that this fandom will keep on going and continue the adventure of Fairy Tail. Because, heck, I’m not going to stop anytime soon! I’m going to keep this blog going for as long as I can. Infact, this year or next year, I’m actually thinking of getting a tattoo dedicated to Fairy Tail. I don’t care what others think - this anime/manga meant a lot to me, and I know there’s plenty of others that feel the same way.

So, for everyone following this blog, and to Hiro Mashima especially,

Thank you.


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Hii. I'm new to tumblr and kinda new to your stuff, but I love the look of it. The art style and the content is great! I was wondering where I could find the God 'n' Gabe books? Can I get them/read them online? Idk where you're from (I'm guessing America since it seems you go to cons, I could be wrong), and I'm from England, do would it be harder maybe? Idk. Plz answer, I'd love to check out your work better.


i have an entire tag for all of the God’n’Gabe content i have available. you can also check out The Swaingels!

i am from the states, but when i do have books up in the shop, i will ship internationally. currently the only book whose contents are only available online is the third God’n’Gabe. i’ll probably be gradually releasing that as the summer carries on

ANYWAY here’s a full page of tags that i use that you can utilize to go through things a bit easier.

Anonymous said:

I’ve been COMPLETELY out of the fandom and the show since last year, but I still love seeing you and your art on my dash. I’m so happy for you, that you’ve been able to have so many relationships with the guys, and that people are buying and appreciating your art, etc… ~I’m happy, hope you’re happy too…~ You deserve it.

aw geez, thank you so much. it means a lot to me knowing that there’re quite a few who’ve fallen out but still find some joy in what i make. this is ultra sweet of you to say

Anonymous said:

How does making this your job work? You must be making a decent amount of money if you can make a living off it. You don’t get in trouble for selling comics and figures and stuff using the SPN world? Like I kind of understand commissions. Artists being paid for labor in producing something that happens to be part of a licenced work, but you’re specifically selling stuff based on their work. Has anyone part of the SPN crew ever said anything about it? Or are they backing you?

ah nah anon, i’m really not making too hot of a living off of it. i saved up for about 10 years so that when i felt i was ready to pursue a risky decision, such as Art Career, i’d have some fallback. what i saved has kept me going. i promise, i don’t come home and am like

also, i am heavily heavily, if at all related to the world, parodying the SPN world. there’s a whole copyright section for that! i don’t even use the words supernatural, dean, castiel, sam, etc–in my work. no anti-possession symbols, nada. i have permission from r2m and the band to use likenesses. (no band names tho! i did clear that up.) and like i said, if you’re in the biz, you know i’m not raking in the dollar bills from it.

SPN crew is backing me in the sweetest way, and i’ve had great experiences talking to those who stop by during the west coast cons. (1 crew member came by, quietly looked over everything, and then came back with a whole group of people who work on the show. literally brought them back to compliment it and show the others. i was BAMBOOZLED)

so yeah! it’s all good, my dude. i get having anxieties about that, as i’ve seen artists shut down just online for getting too big. you just have to not be scared to present the content you’re creating, discuss terms, and understand what is and isn’t cool with the network and those involved.

I’ve been listening to this song called “Echo“ by Crusher-P a lot recently, and I ended up drawing this black and white piece in a similar style. I thought the multiple arms in the design for the video looked awesome, and I really wanted to incorporate that into this piece! I loved how a lot of other PVs explained their existence as extensions or branches of oneself in charge of keeping balance in the dreamscape and the inner psyche. Anyway, I hope you like my spin on it! (In truth I drew a bunch of different poses for the arms, maybe I’ll show them later if anyone wants!)

Please go watch the original version of ”Echo” by Crusher-P, if you haven’t already!!! There are lots of good remixes and fan versions of the song as well!!

Oh Jeremy...

*sigh* what Jeremy Jordan just did at SDCC was so disheartening. I felt a little crushed when I watched it for myself and saw how much he shouted “they’re only friends!” Like, how dare you? The show has been receiving ratings and love by people who ship two characters. Who are you sir, to invalidate that? My heart broke a little when Melissa cracked up too though. Very disappointing. God only knows what he/they have said about ships in private.

Head up Supercorp fandom, keep doing what you do and spread love.

Don’t go on the attack with hate, you are better than that.

You guys have created a massive ship, and that is something special x

Fireworks - Drabble


Prompt (Request): Hi, I was wondering if maybe you could write a fic where the reader wants to watch fireworks with Bucky but hes afraid that it’ll trigger him, but doesn’t want to disappoint you.

A/N: Requests are open.


“I bet it’s going to be beautiful!” you gushed as you sat on the blanket. You heard there was going to be a fireworks show in the park, which you loved. So Bucky decided to accompany you. Result: a blanket spread on the ground for you and Bucky to sit and one thrown over the two of you, while waiting for the show to start. You had found a deserted place with a clear view throw the trees to the sky. You could barely wait for it. Bucky, on the other hand, was terrified.

He didn’t take explosions lightly. He was afraid that the noise, the lights, something would trigger him.

But he didn’t want to disappoint you. That’s why he was sitting behind you, his arms around your frame as he tried to think of anything but how tense he was.

“It will,” he said and kissed your temple.

“Bucky, it’ll be alright,” you clutched his arms. “I know you can do this.”

You snuggled closer to him and he rested his chin on your shoulder as it started.

By the time the last firework vanished, he was calm, at ease and smiling.

You turned on your seat to peck his cheek. Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier James Buchanan Barnes

“I knew you could do it.”

He smiled at you. “Not without you.”


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I have…mixed feelings. Truthfully, I’m glad someone wanted to ask me about the show, otherwise I’m not sure I’d have the courage to talk about it. I have a lot of negative feelings towards the show and what it’s done to the fandom as a whole. However, I don’t want to anger anybody who loves Gotham; feel free to disregard my opinions and take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

I’ve only watched a little bit of Gotham outside of Jonathan’s episodes in season one, and I wasn’t very impressed even back then. I shouldn’t have to drink to enjoy something like this, the show is full of too many issues. I’m sure everyone who loves Gotham already knows how flawed it is, and I’m not here to drill that into your heads.

When it comes to the use of the New52 origin for Scarecrow in the show, I’m somewhat indifferent. It was the current cannon origin at the time, and unfortunately still is. It makes sense that they’d go for that version, despite it not being as recognizable and well known. The problem is that he’s been literally forgotten for two seasons, and (as far as I know) there’s been no subtle hints or status updates since then and now. He’s just back all of a sudden??

That means that they’ll have to explain his transformation somehow, through flashbacks probably. I honestly don’t know how they plan to write it properly without butchering key aspects of his character. He’s still a child and in no origin was he officially “The Scarecrow“ until after his dismissal at Gotham University. This is skipping ALL of that, and I shouldn’t have to explain why that’s a big mistake. (and I agree with you anon, even if you consider his father’s research, it makes no sense for him to have such extensive knowledge of psychology without becoming a professor/doctor first)

As for is design? I’m not too impressed. I might change my mind once we get a better look at him though. The mask looks way too similar to the one seen on the Nolan films, and I never liked that version too much. Why does everyone shy away from giving him a hat? It’s one of his most iconic features to his costume! The cloak/cape thing sort of reminds me of the design in Arkham Knight, so I could see why some would make that connection too. Perhaps I’m being too negative, but I adore this character beyond words. I don’t want to see him ruined and forgotten after two episodes again.

But legit yo, syfy just announced they’re renewing wynonna earp too. Like I’m not saying it’s not connected, but damn son. That’s cold. It’s like basically going over the dead body and being like “Hey, disenfranchised lgbt viewers, guess who has a variety of lgbt ships, sci-fi, action, OUR OWN SHOW ABOUT KRYPTON, and this lovely cast! Come over and watch us instead.


Honestly I’m nervous about YJ coming back. I loved it at the time but Season 2 clearly had too many characters to grapple with and if S3 is only adding to the cast, it’s going to be a mess. And time and distance from the show has basically reminded me that it wasn’t perfect, and the fandom was fucking wild. I don’t want to go back to the Traught vs Spitfire vs Chalant ship wars (raise your hand if you’re prepared for the Traci 13 bashing by the BluePulse shippers), I don’t want Kaldur bashing to come back, I don’t want love triangles to be a thing again (if Steph is in a love triangle with Tim and Cassie, y’all will have to get the shovels because I’ll be dead) and I don’t want more last-minute surprise hookups. (What was Kaldur and Raquel’s kiss in the s1 finale anyways?) 

The fact that we’re getting two new white girls is, although I’m fascinated by the possibility of Artemis getting to be a mentor and I”m thrilled my main girl is back, is also discouraging. At least Traci 13 is Asian (mixed race according to the wiki) but I’m still side-eying Steph’s inclusion over Cass, especially considering Steph’s canon role as an outsider, while Cass was slated to lead an Outsiders-esque team at one point. Not to mention I’m terrified that they’ll draw on Miller’s Batgirl run for Steph’s characterization. But that’s a whole other point. 

But anyways. I’ll be watching. But if the fandom goes wild if Wally is confirmed to be Really Most Sincerely Dead I’m gonna blacklist this shit sixteen ways to Tuesday. 


Look, I get it. Some people don’t wanna watch Once Upon a Time anymore, they are hurt, they are upset, some people are mad. But please, PLEASE, DO NOT USE MY EDITS TO HATE ON THE SHOW. EVER!!! I obviously LOVE OUAT, and even though I’m also hurt that Jennifer is not going to be a regular on the show anymore I refuse to hate on something that makes me so absolutely happy, something that gave me some of my greatest friends. I don’t make edits to upset people, I make them because I love creating stuff and making people smile in the process, so when you use something that took a lot of work to HATE on my favorite show IT HURTS ME! It really does… I’m not talking about tags, even though I read them all, I’m talking about someone who took my edit, posted it in an anti post knowing fully well that I could see that. I’m sorry for the people who do not deserve to read this, but I had to say it, because it really made me feel awful. I’m just so tired of all this negativity all the time… 

Game of Thrones Thoughts

To all the other fans on Tumlbr, this is for you as well. Look. I love this show. I barely finished the books so far and I’m going to keep reading it till the day I die. So yeah. Can’t watch first episode of season 7 due to slow internet and I don’t have television. But I’ll find a way. I’m just really shocked by the sheer amount of fandoms and shipper fandoms out there. But I do love reading your content. But I’m starting to understand now. I hope that whatever happens at the end of this season, we can accept it. Whatever the arc and the direction that the creators have, we have to respect. George R. R. Martin somehow knows the endgame and I will be there to see and read it till the end. I trust him. Even if he’s killed off many characters, I trust him. I have my own wishes and dreams for the story, but I’m slowly realizing that this isn’t completely my vision. And as I revisit some old scenes from the past seasons, I’m starting to see that I’ve been taking these characters as they are. The way they’ve been structured as people, well, they’re not ideal at all. Even the seemingly traditional “heroes”, make mistakes. And I think that’s just amazing. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like I care about everyone, even if they’re not the favorites. I care about the popular characters as well. I feel that way because at the end of the day, this is about understanding. Empathy. I’ve been learning to be realistic when it comes to viewing a character, and not have my expectations cloud my judgment of them. That’s why I get upset when other people bash other characters for their imperfections. Their mistakes. Just because in real life, we view things doesn’t differently, doesn’t mean we get to judge a character for going the other way around. We can’t forget the stakes. The time period and setting. And also, I personally can’t stand it when people hate on a character just because the character is annoying. I’m not saying we can’t have opinions, I’m saying, don’t be so terrible to others who don’t feel the same way you do. Let’s just live in harmony and honor the greatness and the epicness that is Game of Thrones.

Shout outs to these blogs for posting interesting and cool content: @blue-roses-in-a-wall-of-ice @angels-are-robots @mhysaofdragons @jonerysnetwork @oadara and many more. Thanks!

An open letter to supergirl

I used to love this show. I was so happy to see a strong female hero that I could connect with, she made me feel stronger too. I used to watch the new episode in the mornings before school and I’d think about it and how it created such a beautiful universe with a kick ass cast and great characters. Then the first season ended.

I was on the edge of my seat for the whole hiatus. Karolson was not a ship I was particularly interested in but it was amazing to see a cannon, healthy interracial couple in tv. I was eager to find out who the new ‘kryptonian’ was, I thought it may be them bringing one of my childhood favourites (superboy) into the show. I was stunned by the quality of season one.

Season two was disappointing to say the least. They ditched the interracial representation they had been building up all season one, they stopped giving us Danvers sisters moments. That had been one of my favourite parts of s1. The fact that they showed close siblings that always cared for each other no matter if they fought or lost sight of what their relationship was, it reminded me of me and my brother and I loved it. Then there was the whole mess with Mon-el. I hated how he just sauntered in and stole the show from supergirl. Kara was pushed to the side so they could develop this new guy. I wouldn’t of cared if he had been a decent character if they had made a few episodes just about him, but no. They made the whole season about Mon-el and how he was the secret, slave owning prince of daxam. He made me feel like the show wasn’t for me anymore, like it was a show for grown men and just grown men. Not girls, not kids or teens, not even adult women. Just grown men. It was like a whole other show and I hated it.

I thought the writers understood this but no. They announced that Mon-el would be back for another season. They made fun of supercorp, one of very few things I enjoyed about season two. They are probably just going to sideline Kara again and make the second season on the Mon-el show and I’m just fucking sick of it. I miss my supergirl. The show that made me feel confident with myself. The show that inspired me. The show that I loved and praised. MY supergirl.

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I would love a big brother AU so much it is one of my favorite shows (I watch the US one)

it’d be fun but it’d be SO much work. it’d depend a LOT on audience interaction which would go down with every chapter (it’s just how chaptered fics go, fellow authors get me) and then there’s the choice of whether to have other housemates as youtubers or original characters, it’d be a lot of effort to create fourteen original characters (there’s always sixteen housemates in the uk version, which it would be based on bc i’m english and it’s the version i watch religiously) and then if they were youtubers then come the eviction polls people would just vote out the yters they didn’t like, because they’d have all these preconceptions despite how much i’d beg people to forget them and base their opinions purely on the story and not irl



I love this so much, seriously. I love that the Fujiwaras notice how Natsume is so eager to please and so afraid of dsappointing  them or asking too much of them. They know how tense and scared he is and they realize it’s the result of being abuse and trauma at the hands of previous guardians.

So when he forgets to call home and tell them he’s going to a festival?)hat’s a sign he’s starting to feel safe, that’s he’s starting to trust them. He isn’t so terrified of disappointing them that he can’t relax. He isn’t repeating their every instruction in his head over and over because he’s terrified they’ll throw him out on the street or hate him if he doesn’t do absolutely everything right. He knows he’s allowed to mess up, he knows they’ll still love him if he does.

 And Shigure recognizes that and sees how great it is. Because Natsume should be allowed to make mistakes and know that his family will love him anyway. That’s what family is supposed to be. You can make mistakes, you can disappoint each other, you can make each other angry, but at the end of the day you have to know that you will be loved and your family has your back and wants what’s best for you, especially your parents. And so, if Natsume is selfish and inconsiderate occasionally because he knows he’ll be loved and supported anyway, that means they’ve developed the trust and love needed to become a true family.

And Natsume really did genuinely just forget. This isn’t like when he snuck out because there was curse on him and he was worried for them like last time, it genuinely just slipped his mind to call them because he was so into hanging out with his friends, which means yes, he really is beginning to trust them and realizing he doesn’t have to worry about them throwing him out.   And I think it’s telling that the Fujiwaras can tell when Natsume is sneaking out or acting out because something is wrong and he’s panicking and worrying about them.and when he’s just being an irresponsible kid who forgot to check in today. They didn’t see the big sneakout as a milestone because they know Natsume was not trusting them there and was worried about going home- but they realize that this is different. And it’s great that they pay enough attention to him to know him that well

(It does make me wonder WHY Touko and Shigure think Natsume snuck out. They realize Natsume sees things other people don’t see sometimes, as revealed in a later episode, but I don’t think they would ever think “oh a demon put a curse on him”. So I wonder if Touko thought he was testing to see if she would notice or care, or that he was struggling with some emotional thing he didn’t want them to see)

Anyway, basically I just really love this sentiment and it’s so sweet and true. You should never be terrified of your family. Having a family is about being able to mess up.I’m so glad Natsume is with people who recognize that, and who unconditionally love him and want him to feel safe, even if it means having to deal with him frustrating them sometimes.

writer-w-magic  asked:

Pass the happy!! I love you and you are my fave and my literal sun so im still cryin abt the hpbd mssg so list like 50 things that make you happy and pass it in to 5-10 other ppl who make u happy!! Ly!!!!!!!! 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹

Bitch i love you too how dare you make me cry fkejfkekfjeofoe fuck you ( but i love u), ok here we go lol:

50 things that make me happy

1. A sunny sky with no clouds
2. The feeling of someone touching my hair
3. The feeling of my skin tingling when it’s cold
4. Being neck deep in warm water
5. The feeling after I shave
6. The feeling of hugging someone tall
7. Late night talks with the people I love the most
8. Seeing the people I love succeding
9. Seeing the people I love having a  good time and smiling
10. My dog
11. Watching my favourite shows
12. Walking around the city when no one is around
13. Getting asked for help with something
14. Being praised for something I worked hard for
15. Working hard on something I love doing
16. Looking at the finished project of my hard work
17. My bed
18. Blankets and pillows
19. Staring out of windows
20. Rain
21. The smell of rain
22. Walking in the rain
23. Eating
24. Potatoes (istg any potato dish can make me happy)
25. Onions (jfc i love eating onions dont judge me)
26. Drawing
27. Writing
28. Reading
29. Good night and good moring messages from the ppl I love
30.  My family
31. My sister being extra as fuck
32. Kpop
33. Kdrama
34. BTS
36. Eating nutella and peanut butter with a spoon
37. Snow
38. Being inside a warm house when its cold outside
39. Christmas food
40. Presents
41. Makeup
42. Going traveling outside the country
43. Long rides in the bus or car (idk)
44. …Masturbating (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( what a twist lol)
45. Collecting albums
46. Doing fanart (its the same as drawing but ok)
47. Getting drunk with my squad
48. Having deep conversations with my squad
49. Talking about the weirdest shit with someone who doesn’t mind
50. Genuine friends

Idk who to tag or who to pass it too except @writer-w-magic (my wife) and @r3dhawk (bish ily a lot, love urself, ur amazing )
And anyone else that wants to do this ( i hope a lot of u will bc its a nice when u write all these things down :) )


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)

You were my first friend

i just finished hxh for the first time
is there a way to keep on living

Guys listen.  Go watch Dark Matter.  It’s a scifi show (you can find the first two seasons on Netflix) about a ship full of people who have lost their memories and then deal with the shit that happens after they wake up, all the while learning to love one another and getting close and becoming friends and.  Listen it’s the perfect use of the found family trope LIKE IT’S DONE SO WELL and the character development IS AMAZING and everyone is SO PRETTY AND I’M GAY FOR THE ANDROID I’M GAY FOR THE ANDROID PLEASE WATCH IT


Little chatterbox Seung Jae