i love this show go watch it

U know I know u know Harrys plotting ….he’s chaotic good remember when he was looking at fans fight their way to the front backstage on the little tv ……..he loves it…when he drove past the crowd who were trying to get tix to the garage show at 8am……CASH ONLY…HE LOVES TO WATCH US LOSE IT …I hate his asS

Spn season 13 episode 10

I love Claire. She’s so good. But she can be a little rude to Jody. I felt bad for Jody. They were really good. All the girls did great. Patience shot a gun for the first time and Alex has a job. I feel bad for Claire but at least she came to her senses at the end of the episode. My friend said that she thinks this season might be like another Leviathan season. I agree. But I’m excited. Poor Kaia but I don’t think that’s the last time that we will see her. Also, I love the Sam and Dean scene when they’re cooking the lizard. That was hilarious. It’s just like dean to go back and get it. I would’ve gone back for food too. If wayward sisters becomes a side show I’d totally watch it! What did you guys think about the new episode

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I was re-watching Olicity scenes during hiatus and at the end of 2x07 (one of the eps that got me loving Olicity in the first place, btw), Oliver tells Dig and Felicity that he needed to go home to his family. Fast forward 4 years, that family is now his son and his wife, the woman who was standing right in front of him as he said the words in the first place. It made me picture Oliver and Felicity going home together after missions, unwinding with William, asking about each others' day, (cont.)

(cont.) family dinners, homework, video games, playful banter galore, etc. Just a full blast of family domesticity and two people who are now fully partners in life, love family, and crime-fighting. Such things brighten my soul.

I feel you there, anon! As most of you probably already know, 2x07 is when I started watching live and also when Olicity reached OTP status for me so I can safely say that while I HOPED to get to this place one day, I wasn’t sure we would or what it would be like and I can also say that it’s so much better than I thought it might be. 

I love my married fools! 

๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿข ๐“†๐“Š๐‘’๐“ˆ๐“‰๐’พ๐‘œ๐“ƒ๐“ˆ ๐“‰๐’ถ๐‘” ♥

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1. nickname: Smol

2. gender: female

3. star sign: Virgo

4. height: 150 cm/ 4 11

5. time: 3:42 pm 

6. birthday: August 31st

7. favourite band(s) (not kpop): Pink Floyd, Coldplay, SUM41, Simple Plan

8. favourite solo artist: Troye, Sunmi, Hyuna, Lady Gaga (my mom), Lee Hi, GD, Jessi, Beyonce, Jeon JiYoon

9. song stuck in my head: The cell block tango IDK WHY 

10. last movie watched: The Grinch I think lmao

11. last show watched: Grey’s Anatomy

12. when did i create my blog: January 2016

13. what do i post: nice question lmao idk

14. last thing i googled: cm to feet

15. do you have other blogs: yep, my personal one

16. do you get asks:yep♥

17. why did you choose your url: Becaaaause uhhhhh I mean… U know Harley Quinn right??? The shirt she wears??? k bye (Jeon is my bitch)

18. following: 1′201

19. followers: 4′269 I CRY OMG I LOVE U

20. favourite colour(s): purple, black, red

21. average hours of sleep: 5 (sorry mom)

22. lucky number: 3 I think

23. instruments: nope

24. what am i wearing: my,,,Pikachu,,,,onesie,,,

25. how many blankets i sleep with: one

26. dream job: vet

27. dream trip: C A N A D A

28. favourite food: *Jin’s voice* P-I-Z-Z-A

29. nationality: Italian

30. favourite song now: Serendipity- Jimin

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Monthly PMA - January

My name’s Sasha, I’m 18 and from England, I’ve been in the community for around 2 years now and this year I hope to go to a convention and see more shows. I found Jack through Mark but didn’t really watch him until he started his Undertale play through and he soon became my favourite Youtuber and Undertale is now one of my favourite games.

I’ve never been in the JSE community much but I loved seeing all the stuff about Anti, all the theories, stories and art kept me intrigued and after seeing all of support the community have for one another always made me proud to see even though I was never really apart of it 

“JSE Community: Joined due for Undertale and Anti, stayed because of the Community.”

wonstal  asked:

hey!! i’m new into the seventeen fandom since their last cb (i love all the songs from the album, and i listened a lot from the others albums too), and honestly they’re amazing๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป so can you recommend me some good svt blogs ?? my bias are scoups and mingyu but i love all the members ofc and i have an other question lmao, can you recommend me some good variety show please ? ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ btw, your blog is great โœจ

hello there! if you like cheol and mingyu then i highly recommend these blogs @seunghaengsol @verngyu @gyuofficial . as for blogs that post about seventeen in general, you can refer to the previous ask that i have replied to .

Seventeen Project, One Fine Day (13 Castaway Boys & Japan) & Weekly Idol (2016 & 2017) are great variety shows that you could watch. but if you want to get to know them better then i’d recommend Going Seventeen (on youtube), Star Show 360, and their vids on VLive! :)

also, thanks for liking my blog and welcome to the fandom, dear!! ♡

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I mean I was only asking for one maybe two but if you wanted to put down a whole list I'm sure it could help more than just me and would be great and I appreciate your very being thanks lovely!

ya kno what fuck it go big or go home here it is


  • one tree hill (9 seasons)
  • my so called life (1 season i fucking love this show)
  • kath and kim (4 seasons)
  • buffy the vampire slayer (7 seasons)
  • house (8 seasons)
  • freaks and geeks (1 season)
  • daria (5 seasons)
  • joey (2 seasons people thought this show was shit but i loved it)
  • the oc (4 seasons)
  • veronica mars (3 seasons A+)
  • please like me (4 seasons)
  • charmed (8 seasons)
  • greek (4 seasons)
  • sabrina the teenage witch (7 seasons)
  • just shoot me (7 seasons)
  • dawson’s creek (6 seasons that nostalgia tho)
  • hart of dixie (4 seasons)
  • the nanny (6 seasons)
  • eyewitness (1 season)
  • weeds (8 seasons)
  • parks and recreation (7 seasons one of those shows where you have to get through the first season to get to the good stuff)
  • saved by the bell (4 seasons i also enjoyed the college years spin off which is 1 season)
  • zoey 101 (4 seasons)
  • house of lies (5 seasons)
  • white collar (6 seasons)
  • community (6 seasons)
  • the mindy project (6 seasons)
  • drop dead diva (6 seasons)
  • two guys, a girl and a pizza place (4 seasons and a young ryan reynolds)
  • happy endings (3 seasons)
  • party of five (6 seasons)
  • whose line is it anyway U.S (8 seasons the drew carey seasons)
  • the new adventures of old christine (5 seasons)
  • new girl (5 seasons at this point in time)
  • the middle (currently on it’s 9th and final season)
  • ugly betty (4 seasons)
  • naturally sadie (3 seasons)
  • felicity (4 seasons)
  • the weekenders (4 seasons)
  • boy meets world (7 seasons)
  • girl meets world (3 seasons)
  • kim possible (4 seasons)
  • victorious (4 seasons)
  • will and grace (currently on it’s 9th season, season 8 aired in 2006)
  • grey’s anatomy (currently on it’s 14th season)
  • the simpsons (currently on it’s 29th season honestly after season 20 there’s only a few decent episodes)
  • bobs burgers (currently on it’s 8th season)
  • law and order svu (currently on it’s 19th season DUN DUN)
  • degrassi the next generation (14 seasons)
  • degrassi next class (actually wasn’t bad waiting for it’s 5th season to air)
  • mock the week (16 seasons assuming it will go onto it’s 17th)
  • criminal minds (currently on it’s 13th season)
  • roseanne (ended with 9 seasons but it’s reboot is airing in march this year)
  • the good place (currently in it’s 2nd season)
  • lucifer (currently in it’s 3rd season)
  • BROOKLYN NINE NINE (currently in it’s 5th season)
  • the goldbergs (currently in it’s 5th season)
  • man with a plan (currently in it’s 2nd season)
  • speechless (currently in it’s 2nd season)
  • grown-ish (a few episodes into it’s 1st season)
  • unbreakable kimmy scmidt (waiting for the 4th season to air)

(that is not every single show i’ve watched or am watching but it’s something)

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newsies asks 6, 11, and 19


6. Ever saw the show? If so, did you go to the stage door?

-oh geez friend I wish

11. Favorite song?

-either Seize The Day or Watch What Happens (Reprise)

19. Why do you love Newsies?

-first, because it’s full of cute boys dancing fantastically and who doesn’t love that lol and plus the music is amazing thank you Alan Menken

-but also, I love the idea of a bunch of kids standing up for what they believe in and making a difference in the world they live in.  The musical sends such a good message to everyone that watches it

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What is Skam about and should I watch it?

yes! it’s a norwegian teen drama about a group of kids in high school but it deals with super relevant topics and it deals with them it a pretty realistic way, i loved it. every season focuses on a different character (from what i’ve gathered) and i only watched season 3 for Isak’s storyline but i fell in love with the show and characters so much that i’m going to go back and watch all the seasons. there’s only 4 and the episodes are pretty short so it’s an easy and fast watch. :) i definitely think you should check it out.

allisonswan  asked:

My family has stopped asking for recs bc I just go LUCIFER although I have gotten 1 friend to watch it so success

Hahaha. I’m so annoying with this show. I’ve gotten 5 people so far to watch the show, one of them my therapist, true story.

My favorite though, is going “I love Lucifer” or when my mom tells me “I’m going to Lucy’s” (A friend of hers) I’m like “Lucifer’s?” and she’s like “THAT’S THE DEVIL, STOP IT”.
I think she lowkey believes I’m a satanist and I’m ok with it. 

waffles-yo  asked:

4, 6, 28, 65, 91? ๐Ÿ’œ

Hehehe thanks love!

4. What is your zodiac sign?

I’m a Capricorn! 

6. What’s your lucky number?

38 <3

28. What type of music do you like?

Honestly? Anything! If I like it, I like it :D I’ve been in a Pop/Country kick lately.

65. Best dramatic movie you’ve seen?

Oh this is hard… I don’t really watch a lot of movies so maybe I can go with a TV Show? Which is hands down The Handmaids Tale

91. Do you like your own name?

I actually do! I love that my mom dropped the H in “Sara” as well hehe

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Nickname(s): It’s mostly Boo but my Mum does call me chook/chicken sometimes

Gender: Female

Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5ft 5 roughly

Time: 7:45 am

Birthday: 5th of January 

Favourite Bands: Sleeping at Last, idk I don’t listen to many bands atm?

Favourite Solo Artists: Alessia Cara, Julia Michaels, Dodie, Ed Sheeran + more

Song stuck in my head: Faith - but this cover of it

Last movie I watched: Dark Shadows (it was not the best but I love it)

Last show I watched: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

When did I create this blog: This one has been sitting dead but I rebirthed it yesterday? My old blog I archived has been around since like 2016?

What do I post: The Street Legacy and 100 Day CAS Challenge

What did I last google: Parking near Princesss Theatre (I’m going to see Book of Mormon next week!!)

Other blogs: Just my old blog I moved over from that I don’t use anymore

Do I get asks: Not really! But I love getting them and answering them!

Why did I choose this URL: My nickname is Boo and this is a simblr so it just sort of worked?

Following: 259!

Followers: 34!

Average hours of sleep: Like 8-10 hours a night

Lucky number: 5

Instrument: None, I leant violin in primary school but I haven’t touched one in like 10 years?

What am I wearing: Sport shorts and a singlet (it’s hot as balls in Australia atm)

Dream job: Anything with animals like a vet nurse or maybe zoo keeper? 

Favourite Food: I could pretty much always go with scrambled eggs and bacon

Last book I read: Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes is what I’m currently reading. The last book I finished was rereading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

3 favorite fandoms: Harry Potter, Doctor Who and could you consider RuPaul’s Drag Race to have a fandom? 

I tag; @imaginarycowplant // @cwplnts // @midpoosimmer // @simlydarling // @ghostbouquet and whoever else wants to do it 

You were my first friend

i just finished hxh for the first time
is there a way to keep on living

- They took him once… It won’t happen again.


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)


Little chatterbox Seung Jae


Todd, you’re not making any sense.


There’s nothing childish about caring.