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Okay so like I 100% respect ur opinions and everything, but I just don't see how Harry and Dan would work, y'know? I dunno mate. They just don't seem right for each other in my opinion.

you are blind to true love.. listen…. they would go to fashion shows together.. drink fancy champagne in penthouses…… dan would roll his eyes but still watch harry play fifa… harry would tell dan about being a baker.. sweet treats every sleepy morning….. dan likes harry’s muscles but also his tum.. dan loves tattoos………. both are sexually ambiguous.. pretentious.. lovely…… love is real

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5, 11, 19, 24, 31, 33 for nessian bc these two destroy me on a daily basis as do your headcanons for them lmao

OMG NO-ONE EVER ASKS ME FOR NESSIAN STUFF THANK YOU. i love moriel and elucien i doooo but it’s exciting to shake things up, I hope you enjoy these OKAY LET’S GO. 

5. Who usually has nightmares?

Oooooh right off the mark with the angst/hurt/comfort. Hmm. I think Nesta’s are possibly more frequent? And they usually don’t wake her up, Cassian has to watch her thrashing in her sleep for a little while before he manages to rouse her. And if they do wake her up she never screams or bolts out of bed or really shows any sign of it outwardly? It’s all very very contained and kept within herself?

 But sometimes Cassian wakes up and she’s not there and he knows exactly what’s happened. He takes the blanket off of the bed and pads into the bathroom where he inevitably finds her curled up on the cold stone floor trying to calm herself down. He sits down beside her and wraps the blanket around her shoulders then he sits a little apart from her. He doesn’t touch her or speak or do anything to disturb her peace until she shuffles closer to him and puts her head on his shoulder. Then he wraps his wing around her and tucks her in close. 

Sometimes she cries. Sometimes she talks to him about it. Sometimes she asks him to talk to her. Sometimes she just sits in silence and lets him hold her and be with her and that helps. Cassian lets her dictate everything, he doesn’t try and push her into talking or touching him or any of it. He just sits and is there for her. When she’s ready she takes his hand and leads him back into the bedroom and they curl up to sleep together. Some nights she can’t face that and instead she takes his hand and leads him out onto the balcony. Then he scoops her up into his arms and they fly for a while until she falls asleep against him. 

Cassian’s nightmares are much less frequent but they’re far more violent and intense. Sometimes it’s his wings being shredded all over again. Sometimes it’s worse and it’s him being too slow, or not acting at all, and instead he’s watching Azriel die right in front of him while he does nothing. Sometimes it’s people he’s slaughtered on the battlefield - in some cases hundreds of years ago - that return to haunt him. But no matter what it is he lives every one of them. He feels every bit of them all over again as though he was there. 

Nesta hates them. She hates what they do to him, how sick they can make him, how much they hurt him and how that pain is one that she can’t easily take away. When he wakes up it usually takes him a moment to realise where he is and sometimes he tries to get away from Nesta when she tries to comfort him, still trapped in the dream. The times he does that ruin her even though she knows it’s not rational. But she helps him a lot. She’s very, very calm and very grounded, her voice is cool and soft and low and it helps to anchor him. 

She rubs his back and holds him and reminds him that he’s okay, he’s safe now, he’s here with her, those things are all in the past. They can’t hurt him anymore. She won’t let them. She says this so fiercely that it never fails to draw a little smile out of him and then he’s kissing her forehead and she’s pressing their brows together and he’s okay again. 

Some nights he needs to just get away. and get away now. That used to destroy her. When he would just lurch away from the bed with his head in his hands and launch himself into the air and away from his pain, from his past, from his memories…but also from her. She understands him more the longer they’re together and a lot of the time he takes her with him but…She knows when he needs space and she gives it to him. She makes sure she’s waiting for him when he comes home and she has a glass of water and a blanket ready for him and there’s a fire burning in the hearth so that he never has to come back to darkness. 

once he crawls back into bed with her she wraps her arms around him and cuddles him so tightly and doesn’t let him go. She watches over him all night and only once he’s been asleep peacefully for a long time does she let herself fall asleep again too. 


11. Who likes horror movies/ Who likes romance movies?

Hmm…I kind of want to be Difficult and say that…neither of them really like either??? Nesta doesn’t like horror movies because…they’re predictable and dull for the most part and she doesn’t have any time for them. Cass doesn’t much like them because they make him jump. And then he has to spend a month insisting that it did not make me jump, Nes, you’re imagining things. Nesta just -_- over romance movies and Cass is too busy teasing her for her repeated huffing and eye rolling to actually watch the thing. 

Nesta is a total Nerd I think she likes sci-fi things and fantasy things but her favourites are documentaries. She’ll just curl up in one of Cassian’s oversized sweaters and sit and stare at them for hours and hours and hours. Cassian likes them too and they sit and snuggle and watch them together. Right i have no idea why like there is no justification to this but I can see Cass having a guilty pleasure thing for like old westerns as well as old black and white movies? He doesn’t let this known to many people and he doesn’t indulge in them very often but..he is fond. 

19. Who loves to call the other one cute names?

Ahem, “Nesta ‘Sweetheart’ Archeron” - Courtesy of Captain Pet Name himself. Cassian. The answer is Cassian. (I feel like if Nesta is calling you a ‘cute’ name…you have fucked up. Like big time. And you’re probably in public with her. and she needs a way to alert you to the fact that you have fucked up big time and that your death is fast approaching but in a way that is socially acceptable? And so she just like, ‘that’s nice, dear’ and Cassian just WELL I have somewhere very important to be. the other side of the country. actually no, no another country entirely, I have to put an ocean between myself and what’s coming to me) 

24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener?

Oooooh interesting. I actually think this is pretty mutual when it comes to important stuff? If one of them has something they need to tell the other then they take on the appropriate role? Cassian is actually a really good listener like he’s a great person to tell your problems to he will just absorb them all and listen so intently and you know that he cares so much about whatever it is? Like he never makes a problem feel small or stupid or insignificant? If it’s important to Nesta then it’s important to him. Nesta is a very good listener too, she’s more intense than Cassian and sometimes people wonder how much she’s taking in because she doesn’t react that much? But the wheels are turning in her head and she’s already coming up with a half a dozen plans and suggestions and ideas for what to do. She just doesn’t emote as much as Cassian does when he listens? 

When it comes to just casual every day stuff though Cassian is definitely a prattler and Nesta is quieter? If they’re just doing stuff around the house Cassian will chatter away while Nesta nods absently. It always looks like she’s not actually listening to him and is absorbed in her work but…She’s taking in every word her mate says to her. 

31. Who is more affectionate?

Cassian is much more kind of ‘typically’ affectionate? In that he’s much more sort of emotionally/verbally/outwardly affectionate in that squishy loving kind of way? He gives her lots and lots of kisses and makes her beautiful breakfasts in bed and lavishes love and praise on her at all hours of the day and night and he will do anything in his power just to tease a little smile out of her (he lives for her smiles and her laughter is like the fountain of youth to him (I KNOW HE’S ALREADY IMMORTAL, SHUT IT AND ACCEPT MY CHEESY METAPHOR)) 

Nesta…It’s kind of like the talking/listening thing again? Nesta’s is..much quieter, much more reserved, much more subtle and much harder to see? It’s the way she always knows exactly what time he’s going to be home and makes sure there’s a cup of tea sitting waiting for him on the table beside his favourite armchair (even if she’s upstairs pretending that it’s not a big deal) And in the way she’ll lift his book off of him and carefully mark his page when he falls asleep reading because she knows it takes him forever to find his place again. Or the way she can see through his big smiles and false laughter if someone says something that’s upset him and how she’ll look after him afterwards - a soft touch, her hand slipping into his, a gentle squeeze, she’s there, she loves him, she understands. It’s little kisses in public that she uses to surprise him when she knows he needs them or how she’ll go out of her way to find information on this one incredibly obscure topic that’s important to him and then brush it off like it was easy. 

So I think they’re both..equally affectionate it just manifests itself in extremely different ways. But these two were made to love and be loved with every single piece of themselves. And they give and expect nothing less in their partner.

34. Who would wear “if lost return to…” t-shirt/ Who would wear “I am…” t-shirt?  

See you’d think because Nesta’s technically more serious and practical and put together that Cassian would be returned to her? But nope. Nesta gets the ‘if lost’ t-shirt and Cassian gets the ‘I am’ t-shirt because he is both the commander and the mother hen in this relationship (and Nesta has a tendency to wander - like she just vaguely starts ambling because oh look, a rare book stall…oh! they have interesting paints over there I should get some for Feyre, oh flower arrangements- wait where is Cassian? so she gets lost more and is therefore in need of returning) 

ask me for ship headcanons and I’ll answer!

Try Not To (Josh Dun)

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Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader
Words: 570+

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Can y’all just shut up about the wrongness of the fitness vid and picture this: 

- Tony and that video tape.

- Tony appearing in the video as Steve’s reluctant partner (”Come on, Tony I need your help to show the youths how to do crunches correctly”) and Tony’s there in his tank top!

- Tony watching that video before going to sleep, it becoming the only thing that can put him to sleep when Steve’s not around.

- Tony watching the vid and trying to do the exercises, but failing, so Steve volunteers to personally train him. They fall in love among the mats.

- Tony constantly pestering Steve to make a more adult version of the video, shirtless!! For science!

- Steve catching Tony watching the video several times and thinking he’s doing it because he wants to make fun of him, when actually Tony’s watching it because he finds this bossy teacher-like Cap hot. They make out!

- Steve using his teacher!voice to make Tony do things! Sexy things!

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Lance pretends he hates watching those cheesy children’s shows with his kids but he secretly loves them and always looks forward to watching them with his kiddos before going to work.

“Come on, time to get the bus” you tell you daughter who’s in her father’s lap watching tv. 

Lance looks up at you “I’ll drive her, the gymnasts can wait”  

He just really wants to see how this episode of Pokemon ends. 

Daddy Wednesday™


20yrs ago, the show that would forever shape me began. I was 11 going on 12 & Buffy was everything.
As I entered my teen years, Buffy taught me how to be confident & self assured & that it was also ok to fail. I learned to beat bullies & mean girls with sharp wit, using my own confidence in myself & my abilities as a weapon.
I’ll never forget my best friend getting on the bus after the 1st episode aired & me asking “omg did you watch Buffy?”
And I’ll never forget watching later seasons with my dad, who fell in love with the show just as much as I did. Nor will I forget the bond it gave me & one of my uncles. I was gifted his collection of Russian Buffy stamps after he died recently.
There’s millions of ways that Buffy has touched my life over the last 20yrs & I am forever grateful to Joss Whedon & Sarah Michelle Gellar for it.

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Lol with all the news about solo harry, I almost forget about dunkirk, that's less than 4 months away now! Really when you step back and think about everything Harry's got going on, it's so amazing. This is going to be a life changing year 🙌

Ahh, I can’t wait to find out what they’ll show at the CinemaCon tonight!! I’ve been thinking about it all day… what if we get new footage of Harry 👀 

H017 is a blessing, Harry will be everywhere showcasing his many talents and the world will fall in love with him…. while I (all of us!) watch it happen like a proud mama :’)

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He sounded resigned to it is what it is. All his previous olitz gushing has gotten nowhere and if he has been told to stop with the olitz love then this half assed tg is what you get. We know he loves kw and adores working with her and would jump at the chance to do so so thats what im hanging onto . Oh and watching seasons 1&2 again and thinking where did that show go 😳

I am with you on the comparison. 1&2 is a totally different show! And yes, it seems like Tony completely moved on from Olitz because nothing is happening here. And he was probably told to stop gushing

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rid15 grimlock/bumblebee for the ask meme please? (hope you're inspired soon! ❤)

vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell 

I was actually really upset about RiD2015 until I heard good things about GrimxBee and decided to start watching it based on that. I always love the big puppy with hella strength and smol stern SO dynamic that Transformers series in general always does so well, and that’s one thing the show definitely got right. It’s really a chill, feel-good ship; and I think it’s super cute the way Grim is the shamelessly happy-go-lucky compliment to Bee’s feigned seriousness and approval seeking character.

Look at Grim, so proud at himself for being a good teammate to small yellow boyfriend °˖✧ (´▽`)

I am enjoying the spoilers right now but I think when the season finally airs I hope to not see them as much. I really loved the feeling of not knowing what was going to happen when watching last season, I think it definitely heightens the fan experience with this show so hopefully the spoilers lessen a bit when the first clip drops


I’m Bre/16/USA

I’ve submitted before but no one cared to stay, shame.

Anywho, a few things that make me well, me are my interests.

I watch a lot of netflix cos I have no life, some shows I love are The Secret Circle, Bob’s Burgers, Friends, and The Fosters.

I have wayyyy too many favorite movies to list but I do have a love for horror themed movies.But then I could go fro watching horror movies to watching disney movies so you never really know with me.

Music; I listen to different types of music, from 5 seconds of summer to Blackbear and a lot more tbh.

I love people who i dunno, actually text back? or who will text me first once in a while. AND WHO WILL WANNA SKYPE COS I LOVE DOING THAT IM SO EXCITED ALREADY. If you don’t that’s cool too. If you know how to carry a convo thats a plus yo.

I’d really love to talk to people, any sexuality, religion, and races okay with me(: Ages 16-18 are pretty cool people.


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Gimme some E/C and dating headcanons

(modern verse, bolded my favorite one)

  • They sometimes text each other using only emojis to have a conversation
  • I’ve said this before, but they definitely do that annoying “you’re cute” “no you’re cute” “no, YOU’RE cute” until one of them says they’ll fight the other and then they start kissing, much to everyone’s disgust.
  • They enjoy ghost hunting and like to go to haunted locations for vacation.
  • Erik loves the Discovery channel while Christine prefers Animal Planet. They switch watching each other’s favorite shows because they love spending time with each other :3
  • Christine asked him out. He was flustered as hell, and after about 30 seconds of “Um, I, uh”s, he says yes and Christine kisses him because they’ve been friends for such a long time and she can’t wait to be with him like this.
  • Erik used to believe in waiting until marriage but that went out the window the first time he saw Christine strip out of the clothes she’d been wearing all day.
  • Erik has a garden that he and Christine started together. His petunias are his livelihood.


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top three characters: Neyla & “Tennessee Kid” Cooper from the Sly Cooper series, and Justin from Secret of NIMH atm
top three ships: uuuuuuuhhhhh Sly/Neyla, Neyla/Carmelita, and uh Neyla/Ratchet uwu
books i’m currently reading: i read rn as much as i watch TV rn so the most recent ones rn are Going Vintage, Rematch, Ghostgirl, aaand Freaks !!

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I just have to say that Designation Miracle is personally responsible for me retrying Kuroko no Basket and the reason I even heard of and started watching Big Windup. I came for the original Haikyuu fic, but got curious enough to read the rest of the series and fell in love with Midorima and Takao and everyone else. Thank you very much for that. Also I have now read your series like four times going on five, because I love it so much. (part 1)

Thank you so much, friend! I am always so, so happy that people are willing to check out other shows because of my fic, largely because I want everyone to watch all the sports anime ever! And Kuroko no Basuke and Oofuri are both some of my absolute favs (along with Haikyuu) so yay!! And I am very glad you enjoy rereading the series!!

Also, thanks for your question/suggestion! I LOVE Mob Psycho 100, it is rapidly becoming one of my favorite series of all time. And because I am absolute crossover trash, I also completely adore Kageyama and Mob as cousins.

At first I was thinking, “although I probably wouldn’t ever write that into Designation: Miracle” and then I was realizing, “oh ha, well, actually, the current arc I am working on with ‘Filthy Halls’ would actually make it incredibly easy to include that particular crossover.”

And. Dang it. I really like that idea more than I should.

(I mean, it would make a really interesting plot point in that theoretical Haikyuu sequel that I keep flinging theoretical plot points at).


ANYWAY. I’m not sure if that is something that would ever appear in Designation: Miracle, but would you like a random tumblr short that is just some other random crossover where they are cousins? Because that would be super fun to write. I can’t tell if I’m more interested in secretly!psychic Kageyama Tobio because it runs in the family, or if he’s just the incredibly athletic older cousin that Mob looks up to but he has no powers of his own.

Thanks again, friend!!

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this is kind of late, but for PAX East, i couldn’t go sadly since that’s across the country, i decided to watch @therealjacksepticeye ‘s panel. i love every second of it. Jack was as sweet and kind as he is when he does the “one on one” videos when he talks about stuff to us. anyways, this doesn’t exactly show how much love Jack has created in his community and how much he’s given to us without knowing. he’s just surrounded by it. i’m glad to be apart of this community even though i don’t participate in it much. it’s still beautiful.

thank you Jack for being a wonderful human being and creating such a beautiful community. keep up the great work!

I never really thought that friend break-ups were a thing. Yeah I’ve heard people say ‘we used to be friends’ or ‘we don’t talk anymore’ but I’ve never actually pondered the ending of a friendship.

I’ve witnessed girls going through breakups, and they always talk about the same things. The way one person stops showing interest,
how they talk less, fight about stupid things, stop feeling the spark. I’ve never felt that before. Never watched a person gradually lose interest in me, text me less, stop wanting to spend every second with me.

Never until now. And god, it f*cking hurts.

Who would have thought my first heartbreak would come from my longest standing friendship? But that’s the way life works, isn’t it? You watch the one good thing you have slowly slip away until you aren’t even sure why but suddenly it’s almost out of your grasp and there’s nothing you can do but wait.

So you feel yourself waiting. Waiting for the texts to stop all together, waiting for the hangouts to become a thing of the past. Waiting for that final blow. But nothing could hurt more than the realisation that there will be no 'final blow’. Because it’s already over. And you’re not exactly sure when, or how, but you know if you stop trying now then everything will cease.

And who can you blame but yourself? And do you know what the worst part is? You can’t even be mad at the other person, because what have they done except lose interest in you? It sucks when all you want is to be by their side, to call them and text them and see them everyday, but they’re done with you. And how can you be any more than you are now, I guess you’ll just never be enough.

So you’re left mourning the end of a friendship, without even truly understanding what’s been lost.

And now your heart is f**king broken but who would even understand because are friend break-ups even a f*cking thing?

Hey, reblog/like if anyone out there has watched a boot but is still dying to see the show live, it just doesn’t work out financially, geographically, or timewise (it’s already off Broadway/tour). I’m trying to make a fucking point.