i love this show damn MUCH

I’m waiting for the Booktubers and CC stans to try and stan Shadowhunters when Season 2 premieres. I’m sure they’re going to be like, “omg! I love the show.” “I loved this show form the beginning!” “I love Clary’s hair so much!” “Oh my god Malec is so amazing. They had a wonderful build up, and wasn’t instalove!”

Ya’ll damn well know that I’m going to be shading left and right. These are the same people that literally laughed at the show, even past it’s rocky couple of first episodes, started the Clary & Alec shipping, slut shamed Izzy, called Malec instalove, said that Izzy being super smart and the best forensic scientist in New York was weird, laughed at Alec’s reaction to being outed during the memory demon scene, called Magnus a predator and creepy, and called Malec on the show a disgrace to the book counterpart.

I just can’t wait to see them start trying to get int the good graces of the actors/actresses that they literally made fun of in a parody. I hope they don’t get any fucking fan visit. Give that opportunity to the real fans that supported the show, and weren’t fucking rude, homophobic, sexist, and racist.

On Mindful Education and Dealing with Stress and Depression

To start off, this episode was deep and I simply don’t have the time to go through how beautifully this episode was put together. But I will try my hardest with what I can. 

Garnet is a god damn blessing to us all. I love her guidance and support without feeling that she is to overbearing. Now to start the analyzing. 

Connie is so sweet that something she does on accident affects her so greatly that she cannot hold it together in a her fusion. This shows me that she is a kind hearted and wonderful person but it also worries me. If she can barely handle hurting someone on accident, how is she expected to poof/kill potentially dangerous gems. Steven has had much more experience with harming others on purpose and it is beginning to chip away at his bubbly demeanor and I don’t think Connie will be able to handle that kind of pressure without having a personality crisis first. 

Stevonnie is a strong fusion who simply hasn’t had the time to build up a duo mentality and I hope that in episodes to come they will begin to regroup when something threatens to tear them apart as apposed to letting fear consume them and break their fusion. 

Steven needs help and I don’t think it could have been better explained than in his fusion with Connie. He tries so hard and is very good at covering up when his is in pain or upset and I think he does this to try and protect those around him but it is costing him greatly. He has poofed/hurt many gems and he has Roses’ heart in that he believes every person he hurt could have been helped when in some cases that just isn’t possible. I think Steven needs to take a break from fighting for bit and go be a kid. He is a child who never acts like one because everyone demands so much of him but we all know that a break is not likely to happen. I hope that in the future both Steven and Connie feel comfortable talking with the gems when it gets to be to much and they don’t feel the need to hide what they are truly feeling. 

Steven is beginning to display serious signs of PTSD and I hope that also gets addressed in future episodes. He feels bad about everything he’s done and I think right now he needs to talk with someone before this builds up inside of him and becomes a mess that will start to take permanent affect on him. 

I’m relieved to see Pearl embracing Stevonnie and encouraging them to use their fusion as a skill in battle rather than having them fight alone and Garnet being their support system is huge. She knows what they’re going through because she is the only other gem to form out of friendship and love and not in the heat of battle. 

Overall this episode was important and the topics it discussed it did so gracefully and with kindness. It is okay to be upset and pain demands to be felt. You cannot hide it away and it isn’t healthy to do so. 

Let me know if you would like me to write a review after every episode and I hope you enjoy!

It’s the fusion mermaid brigade!!
based on @asheface ‘s mermaid design!

I love their colors so much! Ashley’s original version is here! and it is 👌🏻👌🏻👌 hahahahah their pearl string is to die for, so damn cute!

Now there are only two left and you know very well who those two are so I’m saving them for tomorrow with the poster with all of them together! I am so damn happy with everyone’s response that I feel I could explode! the point was to make you happy and share this with everyone to show that we do have amazing people in this fandom too! we should celebrate that too! this show is about love!

I get it okay I get why Harry is obsessed with Coldplay and Chris Martin after seeing Coldplay tonight. They put on a FANTASTIC show but seriously Chris flails around the stage like Harry will in twenty years, like Harry does RIGHT NOW, and Chris is so dramatic I stg he literallY LAID ON STAGE in confetti and sang fix you like this was a damn cabaret club (SOUND FAMILIAR WELL IT SHOULD IF YOU KNOW HARRYS DRAMATIC ASS) and the whole band is wearing rainbows and there are rainbow lights and rainbow confetti streams and THERE IS SO MUCH BAND LOVE AND FAN LOVE OH MY GOD CHRIS MARTIN AND HARRY STYLES ARE SO SIMILAR I CANT BELIEVE IT

April Ludgate or Character Development Done Right

Damn, is she talking about April again? Yes, yes I am. What can I say? We all have our faves. She’s my personal all time favorite character, and not just because she’s the perfect representation I need as a mentally ill young woman in search of herself. Another and maybe even more important reason why I love her so much is because her character evolves so much throughout the whole show and is an inspiration to me, as someone who was roughly her age when I watched.

What is good character development? Ideally, we want to see a character evolve and become a better version of themselves in a way that feels earned. No action should feel forced against the character’s nature, but there should come a point where you realize that the character from the first episode (chapter, film, etc.) never would have been able to act in such a way, and now is. Basically, it should feel organic, a narrative born out of the character themselves and that fits them perfectly.

In comes April Ludgate.

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Imagine Woozi getting embarrassed when he finds out that you were binge-watching his predebut videos.

Can we talk about how Morgana’s nightmares were always and only of Arthur dying? That these nightmares from which she always woke up afraid for Arthur’s life were the first signs suggesting that she had magic? And that the events that led up to Arthur being in mortal danger in her nightmares always came true? Is this not enough to indicate how close she felt towards him, how strongly she was bound always to him that she could glimpse how he might die just in time to save him? And better yet, she could foresee the perils that laid in wait for him way before Merlin, the sorcerer destined to guide Arthur into Camelot’s Golden Age, could! 

Why did the writers have to drop this? They held the beginnings of a great, fascinating relationship and they threw it away! And they would not have had to even keep Morgana good, if a darker Morgana was what they always wanted. All they had to do was continue showing how tormented Morgana was by seeing the same visions of Arthur dying each and every night when she fell asleep that she begged Gaius and Merlin for an explanation, which they denied her. Then when Morgause left her the bracelet, and she woke up after the first good night’s sleep in god only knows how long, they would show how relieved Morgana felt at first, as she thought that was the first night I didn’t have to see him die.  But then the realization of what that meant would inevitably sink in, and she would recognize that while she finally had one good night’s sleep without any nightmares, she also lost the opportunity to see how Arthur might die in time to stop it from happening. And she would know then that her ignorance of how Arthur was to die was worse than seeing him die every night in her nightmares. And so she would forsake the bracelet and a good night’s sleep for Arthur’s sake, although even with her foreknowledge, she would always be filled with dread, since how was she to explain to him, to anyone, the gravity of what she saw as it so closely resembled the unforgivable crime of magic? And worse yet what would he think of her if he did know, he who carried out his father’s unjust law? Would he be disgusted? Would he name her traitor? Could he? When all she ever did had always and only been for him? And so, unable to tell Arthur and having been denied by Merlin, she would be left all alone.  Alone with a secret fear that would easily turn to vengeance. Vengeance against the man who would have had her burned at the stake if he only knew the secret that she had magic. Magic that she used only out of unconditional love for his son. 

Okay but so far we know Barry puts 510% into this date, flowers that spell Iris and a heart, a romantic walk to a gazebo lit with fairy lights, etc. So, I plead with you, imagine this: Barry, who could speed through the set up of this date (and any others), refusing to use his speed when prepping for his dates with Iris because he //finally// gets to woo her and he wants to take his damn time doing so. Barry wants to cherish every damn moment he takes setting up this date because he finally gets to show Iris how much he loves her.

Netflix - John Laurens X reader

(I loved writing this so much omg)

TW: Alchohol and High School Musical

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It was almost two AM and you were still watching that damn show. Ever since you saw it in your recommendations on Netflix, you were hooked. Day and Night, the show had practically consumed you and you were on the last episode!

You dreaded the feeling of it ending, but the curiosity and excitement of what happens engulfed you as you pressed play. The all too familiar opening theme began to play and you sunk into your living room sofa.

Knock Knock Knock

You looked up from the bright T.V. and towards your front door where the knocking had sounded. Maybe it was just the wind’ you taught and turned back to the T.V., hoping if you ignored it, you could continue to watch your show

Knock Knock Knock

You let out a groan and grabbed the remote, pausing the episode and peeling yourself off of the sofa. You dragged your feet to the door and opened it hesitantly

“WE’RE BREAKING FREE~” Your best friend and long time crush, John Laurens, sang loudly as the door was opened on him. His hand gripped an empty bottle of tequila while he wore a goofy and loveable grin on his face

“John, what the fu-” You tried to say but immediately his index finger flew to your lips, keeping them shut.

“SHSHshhshssshshhhh” He laughed to himself as you raised an eyebrow at him “let’s watch High School Musical,” He said plainly. You breathed in, trying to collect in your mind how to respond to such a proposal

“John,” You took his hand off your mouth and pulled him inside “It’s almost two AM, you better have a damn good reason for being here”

“Can’t I watch one of my favorite Disney Channel original movies with a pretty girl?” He asked, giving you puppy eyes. You felt your heart beat through your chest ‘Did he just call you pretty?’ you questioned in your mind.

“Pretty please with a cherry on top?” He begged, taking your hand in his and setting the bottle on the floor by his feet. You tried to find a rational reason on why you should kick him out, but none came to mind

“Fine…” You gave in and his gorgeous brown eyes lit up

“Yes!” He ran over to your couch and jumped on it, taking the remote and exiting out of the episode you oh so wanted to finish tonight.

You sighed and sat down next to him as he found the movie, pressing play and flashed you that same loveable and goofy grin from before.

An hour into the movie and you couldn’t be happier. John had been so enthusiastic during the entire movie, drunkenly singing to all of the songs, even the female parts, where he hilariously sang squeaky and high.

“Hey Y/N?” He said, looking away from the T.V. and at you. You met his eyes, getting lost in the sparkling, chocolate, beauty of them. You felt him grab your hands and hold them tightly.

“I love you” The words left his lips and your eyes widened.

“John, you’re drunk” You looked away from him, trying to overcome your heart’s desires with reason and logic

“No, I sobered up a long time ago.” You looked back at him “I love you more than anything in the world. Your smile, your laugh, your intelligence, your beauty and grace and everything about you gets me so high and frustrated that I could never be the man you need and-”

You cut him off by leaning forward and pressed your lips to his. You felt fireworks go off in your head as his lips danced on yours. One of his hands cupped your cheek and the other went around your waist, holding you close

When you finally pulled away, you felt the warmth he had brought you disappear. You were still incredibly close to his face, just inches apart when he said,

“Be the Gabriella to my Troy” 

You know what I want from s3?
Not Emrey
Not Braudrey
Not Brostavo
Not Noah with some new girl.
Why? Because.

I want every one of the characters to have time to mourn. I want them to experience sadness in a way that they have never gotten to. I want to see breakdowns and tears and screaming fits all because they finally realized just how much they’ve lost. I don’t want to see cover-up relationships and love and all that bullshit that every other God damn TV show geared towards teenagers has because life doesn’t work that way. I want to see friends turning to one another and crying in their arms. I want platonic love and rebuilding trust. I want to see friends supporting one another no matter what the cost. I want late night talks about how they miss Riley and Zoey and Will and Jake and everyone else. I want to see giant group sleepovers where they watch crappy horror films and yell at the screen and tell survivor girl not to run that way because that’s where the killer is. I want laughter and good times to build on top of the bad ones so they may grow on better soil. I don’t want romantic interactions. I want honest to god friendships being rebuilt and cherished.
I want a light at the end of what felt like an endless tunnel.

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you know kevin is a stelena shipper even on twitter. he was watching 6x22 and he was tweeting elena's quotes. he tweeted once for Matt x Elena, Tyler x Elena, then he TWEETED THREE QUOTES FOR STELENA JDKHKSJFH "Just be happy" "You changed everything from me" "I'll see ya, Elena" then he tweeted once for delena, "how about that dance?" lmao

Kevin loves and appreciates Stelena so much that I actually don’t give a crap what happens on the show anymore. We know that Stelena is the true endgame, and we have the purest, deepest, most beautiful quotes to prove it, and the passion of the actors in every damn scene. Seriously, I remember this one ask the amazing @zalrb got about how people talk about Stelena versus how they talk about DE and the difference was incredible, the DE quotes were so shallow and so childish, I’m still laughing. xD

Westallen fans can celebrate this upcoming date, but it occurred to me today that in reality, Iris is in so much trouble.

Barry has been so in love with her for so long, he is going to constantly surprise her. She’ll never catch up. And trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

I mean, he’s going to out romance at every turn. He’s going to show up one day with some flowers and is a perfect gift to celebrate the day they met, and she is going to be like “…oh, damn it, again? I don’t even have a card!”

Know how I know that?


… Gotta grab a card on my way home. Sigh.

Alright it’s time for my to voice my opinion

Okay I’m going to talk about this whole shipping war over Amedot Vs Lapidot

Now you may think that because this is a lapidot blog I don’t support Amedot but you’d be so wrong!

I didn’t start watching Steven universe until about 2 months ago, I caught up just in time for the nuke that hit us this summer

And by the end of “the cluster” arc I was an Amedot shipper! Yeah I was totally into it too

I probably reblogged stuff on my personal account as well but damn I reblog so much I wouldn’t dare look and see TBH

Point being, Steven Universe is literally a show about Love and how Love is Love no matter what. Garnet believes fusion should be between loved ones not for no reason, hence why she got mad at Pearl over the Sardonyx thing

Now the reason why I personally started shipping Lapidot was 1 the memes and 2 the fanart. It was just everywhere and it just made me so happy! I kept reading stories and comics about these two and it was just perfect!

Amethyst and peridot did have a connection but the interactions in “Too Far” wasn’t nesisarally love for Amethyst but respect. Peridot was learning how to live on earth. Amethyst has always been on earth. That’s where that goes and it is now a BROTP for me

Now if you look at Lapis and Peridot together you can tell they have a connection different than what Amethyst and Peridot had. And yes this was written in by a lovely person working for the show, it’s their job to have input on things like that.

Lapis has always been trapped and even at the end of Barn Mates she still felt “trapped” she’s trapped at the barn with peridot who she didn’t like because of something she had done in the past. Because of Peridot, Lapis was around Jasper and that whole thing happened. Peridot has learned that was not okay, she knows it was technically her fault. And she try’s to make it better. “We try not to use the j work around here.” Or grabbing lapis when Amethyst looks like Jasper and asks if they want to be prisoners too. Now Amethyst clearly didn’t see what was wrong with her doing that, and she shouldn’t since she isn’t around lapis very often. But peridot knew it could have triggered lapis.

And I think the best proof is at the end of the kindergarten kid when peridots bubble goes “home.” It could have just appeared at the barn but it didn’t, it went to Lapis. Lapis is peridots home. Both of them have said in the past “this doesn’t feel like home.” But in beta “this is our home away from homeworld.”

But when it comes down to it, Steven Universe is a kids show! No one needs to get mad over shipping wars. This isn’t iCarly is it. (They actually made an episode dedicated to the ship war if you weren’t a fan of the show…)

If you ship Amedot, Great
If you ship Lapidot, Cool
If you ship All 3 of them, awesome

You can like what you like, no one can Tell you you can’t and you shouldn’t tell someone that they can’t ship their ship.

On a sidenote, there is a really good Fanfiction called NightLight by DonutDemon30. It’s a really really really good human au, and I highly recommend it. And it’s not even a ship I would consider, and that would be Lapis and Pearl.

As for Lapidot fans, Dement09 has an amazing non-linear human Au that’s perfect and I just love it so so much

Oh and if you enjoy Cosplay, check out Gem Glow Productions on youtube, they have really good cosplays and hilarious videos :3

Okay I have no idea what I just typed all but goodnight everyone

What I loved most about Cruella is that, let’s face it, there was no real reason for her to be on the show. Her entire purpose was to say one liners, crack jokes, look fabulous… oh, and turns out not every villain is “made” evil. Yeah, that was it.

But I didn’t care! I loved Cruella so damn much. She was sassy, evil and I’ve got another mummy kink coz of her… And I’m really gonna miss her <3

So I’ve decided

I’m probably going to finally catch up on the last few episodes of the most recent season of Once Upon a Time

and by “catch up” I mean that I’m going to fast-forward through the majority of the episodes and only watch Rumplestilskin and Belle scenes because I’m Robert Carlyle trash.

I know Amy can get irritating being fickle in her support of Ste, but she’s just trying to be a protective mother. I really love that Amy is back. I feel like people who missed her earlier storylines with Ste are missing out on some important character developments that help flesh out their relationship a lot and really make Amy a lot more sympathetic a character. They have so much history. I’m so excited for them to have more scenes together, whether they are getting along or not.

Also, everyone should track down early Ste storylines on YouTube. It’s amazing how it all fits together and makes a lot of his later decisions make a lot of sense. He’s always been the hothead, reactionary, emotional, stubborn, passionate, self-destructive, well-meaning mess we all know and love. He’s always been passionate about being a father. But it did get pretty dang dark between him and Amy so it makes sense that the trust between them is fragile.