i love this show damn MUCH

I love Bring It so much because they show actual healthy competition and no one is pushing the teammates to compete with each other for the captain spot. they know they have to earn it, not wait for someone to be injured or leave for school. And they show the girls aspiring to do things like SUNJAI WANTS TO BE A PEDIATRICIAN???? YES GIRL GO BE A DAMN PEDIATRICIAN!!! And Camryn is so talented, I’m so close to crying watching her every week. And Kayla wants to continue dancing even though she won’t be a part of the dancing dolls anymore. And Coach D never belittles these girls, she knows how to be tough on them without insulting them. Ugh this is such a good show.


Letting the tie go, he would have let his hands flop to his sides if Tendo hadn’t caught one of them. Giving him what he hoped was a reassuring squeeze, he listened with the same patience he’d somehow always managed to show this stubborn, bitter man. Maybe he loved him too damn much.
“I will be fending you away from the bar at the first sign of you even looking at it,” he insisted, rolling his eyes. “If I have to burn it down you won’t be touching a drop.” Sighing, he resisted the urge to mess up the tie on purpose. “If you’re worried about introducing this vagrant Irish traveller to your old workmates, you can just say it,” he joked, probably tastelessly. “We’re going because you’ve been making progress. You can do this. And whether it’s a good idea or not, I’m going to be there to stop you weaselling out of it or emptying the bar. Even if you just show your face it’ll be a step forward. Okay?”

“Or we could burn it down. That’s an idea.” Knowing that he was being abrasively bitter and unable to stop it, Tendo’s fingers tightened around Jonathan’s hand a little convulsively. “It’s not that. You know it’s not that.” The former commander’s shoulders slumped and he shook his head. “I know… yeah. I do know. Maybe—maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s a step forward. Maybe. I just don’t know how I’m gonna face some of them after all this time.”

Letting go of Jonathan’s hand, Tendo met his partner’s eyes and his gaze softened, the sting leaving his voice. Jonathan was right, of course. This time of year was never easy, but the ten year mark heralded bigger events, more press, more commercialization, more talk of lost comrades and friends. It wasn’t avoidable. Neither was the invitation from the PPDC to attend reunion/memorial to all surviving members—not after Jonathan had found the invitation, that was. “It’s just been a very long time. I know that some of them have suffered the same things I have, I know that they’ll forgive me my distance. I feel… guilty. Ashamed of myself.” Tendo passed a hand over his face. “Forgive me. I am trying.”

I wanna talk about this scene for a second. Not for for the “shippy” vs “not-shippy” debate (people are welcome to see what they like in the dynamic) but because of one line in this scene that stuck out at me. Not the “I am better with you Watson” line, though that is important to the development and growth of Sherlock and his relationship to Joan, whatever you may interpret that to mean. I want to talk about this line:

"This is an important decision and I encourage you to discuss it with others. Explain what you have been to me and what I believe that you can be to me. A partner."

This brought tears to my eyes. Until that moment I never realized that I needed to see this on television; a man asking a women that she seek out opinions other than his. This is a man (a Sherlock Holmes even!) admitting that what is best for him might not be best for a woman in his life. This was a man realizing that his perspective might be skewed by proximity. That he is not the ultimate authority to those around them.

For a Sherlock Holmes character this is nothing short of astounding, but even simply as a lead male character in a mainstream network show this is nearly unprecedented. It’s such a simple thing really, a TV character admitting that he might not be the ultimate authority in the life of the woman that he cares for, but the fact that it startled me with such intense emotion means that this simple admission is not something that we get to see in our media. I honestly can’t think of another single example, feel free to illuminate me.

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I swear whenever I see garnet say that she loves Steven, I literally melt. Like it’s too much for me, she sounds so sincere even though it’s just voice-acting. In m opinion I’ve always thought that Garnet cared the most about Steven for some reason. I literally rewound this part at least fifty times


sg1 dynamics: sam & daniel

sometimes i forget you’re not military.