i love this show damn MUCH

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Jesus, that was a really good chapter. I loved every part of it and hope you keep making them as good as that one! I actually teared up at the last one there, especially seeing some of the stuff other people said. You need to write a book! Damn!

Eeeeeeee thanks so much!!! I’m glad you read all of it and enjoyed it!!! :D this chapter was an emotional journey for me and I hope you’ll love the ones to come too!!

Hahaha I do want to create TV shows! Close enough to book writing, I suppose :D

‘Tis my duty to keep it up! :V



advice to the signs
  • aries:baby, it's okay to let go. you don't always have to be so damn hard. you're only human, it's okay to not have it together all the time. we'll still love you.
  • taurus:stop being so damn paranoid. your friends are your friends. no one thinks you're annoying. they love you, and everything is going to be okay.
  • gemini:sweetheart, i know you mean well. but not everyone does. you love them, but you sure have a funny way of showing it.
  • cancer:you spend so much time trying to sew everyone up, you hardly even realize you're tearing at the seams before it's too late. invest in a mirror. kind of like on an airplane, put your mask on before assisting others.
  • leo:everyone deserves a second chance. let people redeem themselves, everyone has their bad days.
  • virgo:no one ever got to the top and stayed there by climbing on top of other people. we're all fighting for the same thing, you don't have to do this alone.
  • libra:if you keep going back to what hurt you, you're no longer a victim, you're a volunteer. the definition of insanity is doing something the exact same way and expecting different results. baby girl, you're worth so much more than drunken promises at 3am that are never fulfilled.
  • scorpio:depression isn't a house guest, it's a trespasser. stop feeding it, kick it the hell out, it's not welcome here.
  • sagittarius:change is good. but too much of anything is a bad thing. do you even recognize yourself anymore?
  • capricorn:it's not you against the world. maybe if you let someone in every now and then, you wouldn't feel so god damn lonely.
  • aquarius:people aren't replaceable. drugs only delay the pain. let yourself miss them, it wouldn't hurt so bad if it didn't mean so much.
  • pisces:life isn't this hard darling, I promise you, you're gonna get through it. you always do.

I swear whenever I see garnet say that she loves Steven, I literally melt. Like it’s too much for me, she sounds so sincere even though it’s just voice-acting. In m opinion I’ve always thought that Garnet cared the most about Steven for some reason. I literally rewound this part at least fifty times