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Thank You Letter To My Future Love

Everyone is damaged. You’ll probably learn in many small doses, and a handful of big doses, that I’m very damaged. I have a very hard time trusting people and I let few in.

I can’t say that I had the best role models when it came to love, growing up. Sure, my parents looked happy, but there was always this feeling that something was wrong. It wasn’t until I was in high school when I realized that something was really wrong.

Then it wasn’t until college when I realized something was terribly wrong, and that for most of my life, my parents kind of put on the best damn show.

Because of all of this, I got stuck in this same kind of vicious cycle, where I put on a brave face. I invested so much of myself into toxic relationships because to quote one of my favorite books, “We accept the love we think we deserve.”

I invested myself in relationships where all I felt was insecure and had to be a different person to one up those considered competition. I was stuck in relationships that were unkind, unfaithful, and vicious. (They weren’t even real relationships.)

I just chose to kind of/sort of be loved by random people. I chose to be loved by those who didn’t truly love me. I chose to be loved by those who came around when they had no one to join their pity party. I chose to be used and abused - not physically, but emotionally, and that broke me.

What broke me even more is that I put my brave face on, acting like I wasn’t completely torn apart inside with every bit of me dangling from a string. It took me a long time to mend all of that on my own. It wasn’t easy, and I can’t say that I’m even fully repaired.

Sometimes you can’t fully repair anything, but you can mend them. And though there is a small mark to remind you of what happened - you’re together, you’re making it, and you keep going.

The time I took to mend myself is what led me to you. I let you in because I believed in you and us.

That may sound cliché or melodramatic, but it’s true because like I said before - I let very few people in.

I want to thank you for being patient with me. I know that it can’t be easy for you to be with someone who has a hard time expressing their feelings. It can’t be easy to be with someone who won’t show you their tears because it’s been ingrained in them that tears show weakness. It can’t be easy to be with someone who shuts down in arguments.

I know that it just can’t be easy.

I want to thank you for loving me through all of my flaws. I want to thank you because you broke the cycle. You give me a love that is kind, faithful, and secure. Instead of wanting to be a different person to up the competition - I just want to be a better person. Because there is no competition.

You chose to love me, and I sincerely thank you for that - because now I know that this is love.

taylorswift I didn’t watch the Tokyo show bc I didn’t want spoilers besides outfits and stuff but you look so happy and perfect and flawless!! I was so shocked when I saw everything bc you’ve grown so much as an artist, and I can’t wait to see you in July! My poster is ready, and I’m making my costume. I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH!!! You’ve outdone yourself. You have blossomeddddddd 😊😊😊 I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE UOU MY LOVE!! (My IG is in my bio her btw 🌚🌚🌚)

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I realize this out of the blue but what do you think of Areone in chapter 9? Trabant was pretty much like "I'm gonna die you can do whatever you want maybe a truce *wink wink*" to which Areone says "I'm gonna keep fighting Seliph, my sister and lead the entire Thracian army to death for no reason haha" damn it I think about this too much

lol anon i had to rewrite this like six times because i wasn’t sure how to word it and i still don’t know if it’s worded correctly.

I like Areone a lot. He’s a pretty good indicator of a lot of the second gen, actually, though he very much shows the negative side of it.

The entire theme of FE4′s second gen is blood loyalty and avenging loved ones… the whole Lopt Sect stuff is very much in the background (and honestly why I think the game could have ended with Arvis’s defeat and still been satisfactory), because your main goal throughout the entire game is to kill the guy who killed your dad (and mom, sort of. in a roundabout way).

So even if Trabant was direct and said “HEY USE THIS SPEAR TO END THE WAR SO NO ONE SUFFERS”, I don’t think that Areone would have gone for it. He already probably feels incredibly guilty for tricking his dad into believing that Altenna is dead (which is important because Trabant literally leaves thinking his daughter* died at the hands of his son). And he probably didn’t want to let Altenna go but at the same time realizes that it’s important for her to fight for her blood relatives.

We get Seliph going throughout the game decreeing that pointless conflicts are bad despite marching right up to the current emperor and killing him (admittedly things had gone to shit so there’s justification there, but bear with me), so Areone deciding that he wants to kill his dad’s killers isn’t an odd decision by FE4 standards even if it’s a stupid one.

As for fighting Altenna, she became part of the enemy army as soon as she decided she’d rather chill with the Mansters. He even gives her a chance after he helps her up to decide what she wants to do (even though he takes her initial indecision as being against him). I don’t think they’re necessarily fighting on bad terms but at the same time it’s a lot like Eldigan - he may be friends with them but he’s still gonna fight to the death for his country.

Sacrificing the entire army was pretty much his last struggle, honestly. I like to think that he had it in his head that even if he failed at least his dad’s killers/mortal enemies wouldn’t be able to use the Thracia army resources/troops. Once again it’s not a particularly sound idea, but I don’t think he was thinking with his head at that point.

*Trabant’s relationship with Altenna tends to change in basically every adaptation. In LI it was shown to be incredibly negative and even abusive towards her but there’s other interpretations showing that he probably thought of her as a true daughter (if not very harsh on her). I tend to prefer this to the abusive showings because it fits more with the gruff but not quite as Saturday Morning Cartoon villain!Trabant we see in FE5, but to each their own.


My princess and future queen, Shireen, + love of books + giving the gift of literacy.

The thing that really gets to me is that Austin was Camila’s first boyfriend… He was probably her first kiss… and he disregards everything like it had been nothing and couldn’t mean any less to him… first, he stated that he has never been in love, which I was ready to overlook, afterall they had been ‘officially’ together for a short time… but now this? He’s never been in a real relationship before? I mean… damn, Camila had to put up with so much hate when she decided to come clean about Austin… and now he acts as if he wasn’t even really interested in her, like she meant nothing

I would like to apologize to every Harmonizer/Camren shipper that wanted to rip him a new one when he first showed interest in her. I’m aware that I might have cussed you out in the past for not giving him a chance and would like to formally apologize to each and every one of you. I’m sorry. You had been right. He is an asshole and he didn’t deserve Camila.

How Capricorn Sees the Signs
  • Aries:I want to fight you all the time, but kudos to you for actually being fun to argue with.
  • Taurus:You're pretty chill; I enjoy hanging out with you.
  • Gemini:You've got a lot of energy and such a great personality. Too much time with you can wear me out, though.
  • Cancer:You're so moody and fragile. I feel like I need to take care of you.
  • Leo:Yes you're pretty. I'm more interested in what's inside though. You should show that part more often.
  • Virgo:I like that kind of reserved thoughtful personality you've got going on there. I like having deep discussions with you.
  • Libra:Make up your damn mind.
  • Scorpio:Whoa
  • Sagittarius:You've got so much potential, but you won't commit to anything. You just kinda drift through life.
  • Capricorn:Love you
  • Aquarius:You're cute
  • Pisces:I appreciate your ambition. I just wish you didn't have such a strong need for approval.

A mutual just told me I have the reputation on tumblr as being a pro Sam AND pro Cas blog. Which is awesome, because that’s how I want to be. 

I can’t understand how anyone can hate either one of them. 

Cas made mistakes, learned from them, and became the most human non-human ever. He’s gone from rigid ANGEL OF THE LORD to I doubt, I love, I feel, I am not a hammer. Cas’s character development is stunning. Absolutely stunning. 

Sam made mistakes, many of which were created by things completely out of his control. No character on the show has been stripped of their agency as many times or as violently as Sam Winchester and he gets so much crap for basically being a unwilling bystander in his own life.

And I think you all know damn well how I feel about Dean Winchester. 

Some call themselves Deangirls, Samgirls, or Casgirls. 

I’d like to be known as a Team Free Will girl. 

If Stana is leaving Castle (and I’m not believing that until she actually says “I’m leaving Castle”) then, honestly, I support that. Yes, it will be sad if the show goes on without Kate Beckett but Stana? Stana has so much damn talent. More talent in the tip of her pinkie than there is in half the damn planet. And if she feels she’s taken Kate Beckett as far as she can take her and is ready to move on to something new… I can’t fucking wait to see what she does next because it will undoubtedly be amazing. 

Nothing but love eyeballs for Stana Katic, no matter where she goes from here.

Pairing: Dean x reader

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“You swore, Y/N you promised! You promised you’d be okay… you swore that you were going to come home tonight and make me watch that damn show you love so much. You’re breaking your promise. Come back to me so you can make it up… Please baby please. Don’t do this, fight!just keep fighting baby please. I need you. “ Dean let the sobs overtake his body while he sat in the hospital chair next to your unconscious body. He wanted to block the deafening hospital beeps or the scent of fresh medical care. It reminded him of everything bad that has ever happened, it reminded him that anyone he’s ever loved ended up on some hospital bed.

“Remember the time we finally told each other that we like each other? Sam got so pissed off at us that he left with the impala and made us walk back to the motel. That was the best night of my life. I still remember the horrible jokes you told me” Dean chuckled at the memory, creating a smile through his tears. He viciously wiped them away and began reminiscing in his struggled voice.

“I remember just looking at you, the way you laughed. Your head thrown back with your mouth wide, showing your teeth. I remember how your laugh was similar to a melody. Your smile made me feel powerful enough to take down 20 demons. You’re better than any drug,  Y/N. Just don’t make me go through withdrawal please.” Sam walked into the room with a cup of coffee in his hand. His eyes were bloodshot red, puffy and burning. He tried to get Dean to move but it was pointless. Sam knew Dean wasn’t going to move till you woke up.

“Baby come back to us. I need you to prove me wrong. I told you everyone gets hurt around me and you promised you’ll alway prove me wrong. So come back and kick my ass for doubting you…oh so help me god, I will pull you out myself.”

“Please keep fighting, you run away from that reaper baby. Run towards me. Come back and I promise we’ll get our vacation baby. The one I promised, the sand between our toes and the salty air… I promise.”

“Just follow the road that connects our hearts together baby, I need you to wake up so you can punch me in the face since that is the cheesiest thing i’ve ever said. You’re stronger than Sammy and me combined and if anyone can do it, its you. I aint leaving this spot till I get to see your pretty Y/E/C eyes again.”

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What is your favorite photo of z and val together? And why is it your favorite?

Probably this one (of them together) 

Because it wasn’t needed lol like Val posted the picture of him and Mama Claire hanging out, so we pretty much knew or suspected that they were together and then here comes Mrs. Obvious, confirming that indeed they were together. Like this picture isn’t an “Ooooh were hanging out for sway” or “We were having lunch to talk about sway” paparazzi picture nah this is a picture where Z literally had to be like “Val let me show you my new car” and then they proceeded to get hella close and lean into each other while Mama Claire *or at least that’s who I think it is* took the picture…… like why did you even need to take a picture of them chilling on the car. 

*Plus this picture really shows how much she loves Val because if that was me and he put his damn foot on my new car, we would’ve been fighting lol!*

harry: *goes mia for days*
me: come back 2 me dont do this to your own mother what the fuck
harry: *shows up w a thigh tattoo bun and headband*

Poor Caitlin :’(

you guys she’s walking through the same pain that Cisco and Barry went through ..but some people are judging her and saying that she’s stupid..excuse me ?!!

do you remember Cisco’s reaction when Joe told him about Dr.wells..?!!

do you remember Barry’s reaction when Joe and Iris told him about Dr.wells ?!!

so why judging Caitlin for the god sake..?!! even Barry is having a hard time because he knows that it’s so hard for her to believe this..and if he shows her some evidence she will get hurt so badly ..he’s worried about her ..that’s for sure ..( don’t tell me that THIS scene above is the bridge scene OMFG )

i feel Caitlin’s pain..just as i feel Cisco and Barry ..team flash will walk through a very hard time now..and they need each other ..

i’m 100% that Caitlin will do the same if Barry or Cisco were in Dr.wells’s place because she trusts them all and she loves them all ..they are her family

and for those who think that Caitlin is hiding something and there is something “suspicious” about her just : DON’T 

just because of her future as killer frost this doesn’t mean that she is hiding something or she’s with the bad guys..so yeah 

i can’t wait for this episode..

( this beautiful gif is not mine )

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Why isn't anyone shipping Caitlin and Cisco? I mean they're chemistry is extraordinary, they obviously love and care about each other deeply. And they have like the most consistent relationship in the whole damn show. I mean anytime any one of them is in any type of danger, the other is the one that gets the most affected by it. I feel like a lot of people over look them, smh

I SHIP THEM SO MUCH. I’m in total agreement with you. Killervibe is so sweet and full of mutual support. The story of two friends pulling each other up through share tragedy and moving on together… Only to be torn apart by something else that makes him a superhero and her a supervillain????? Like, HOW COULD YOU NOT.

I’m definitely here for Caitlin/Ronnie, but Caitlin and Cisco’s scenes give me heart palpitations.

The fact that people choose other extracanonical Caitlin ships over the most beautiful and underrated one is beyond me tbh. But what can you do?

Random GoT thoughts...

-Started off tonight rolling my eyes at Arya being the entitled little brat she is (imo)…ended feeling proud as fuck. She’s learning and growing and she still loves her brother so fuckin much (the sword scene damn near killed me).

-Cackling SO loudly at show!Tommen (who is this person though really?!) being the epitome of an adolescent boy that just wants his mom to gtfo while he trolls for bitches. Kid is literally my fifteen year old brother and Cersei is totes acting exactly like moms (who ironically can’t stand Cersei, go figure).

-Speaking of Cersei (first of her name and queen of everything I love), I’m holding a small prayer circle for her. When sis walked them Louboutins through the hood with zero fucks left to give, I knew she’d told Jesus to take the wheel and keep that shit because she was tired of all the things. She literally does not even have the energy to fuck with Margaery anymore, and it’s seriously the saddest thing in the world to watch. I mean, it’s obvious that she’s up to some super shady shit with the Hobo Septon, but it’s like watching a cat tread water after it’s been thrown in a deep ass pool…not nearly as funny as you’d think it would be. Actually, just not funny at all.

-I know Margaery’s supposed to be younger, but she still looks 35 to me, and her x Tommen LEGIT creeps me the fuck out. Also, bragging about how a 12-year-old put the D on you to your girls AND to his mama? Where they do that at sis?

-A big sorry to all the haters in the world (more specifically my mother, love her I do) but Stannis is THE sexiest mufucka in Westeros, hands down. Don’t know why but every time I see his surly ass, I go off.

-Boltons remain dusty ass bitches, and Littlefinger remains King Creep. Since at this point it seems that there will be no rescue boat for baby girl Sansa, I’m gonna need her to act like she’s taking the Cersei Lannister SAT and pass that shit with flying colors by killing Ramsay, reclaim what’s hers, and rule the North like the badass bitch she was born to be. 

-Once more for confirmation: Littlefinger gots ta go.

-That Brienne x Renly anecdote made me tear up something fierce. That Brienne x Pod moment sent me over the edge. Why can’t all the women on this show just run all the things?

-The day I thought would never come, came. I’ve become (very) attracted to Jon Snow. He’s kickin’ ass and takin’ names and he’s a full grown man and shit, handling his b.i. Just unf tbh idgaf lol.

-Unpopular opinion: I’m kind of over Jaqen H’gar.

-That last one was a lie.

-The fact that Lancel is also strangely attractive to me now, is beginning to worry me.

-TYRION. My Lion King. My sad, scruffy, adorable, king. He was also being a little entitled brat in the coach, but it was understandable and cute and I hold Lannisters to different standards because of obvious reasons (also because I can). With that said, it may be my inner Lannistan freaking out, but was anyone else excited that he could understand the High Valyrian being spoken? I know that canonically he, Jaime and Cersei can speak it, but it made me really, really excited to see it on the show too :)

-Final note: What is Jorah doing with his life? The thirst never ceases to amaze me. Also, when was the last time he was in Westeros? Wasn’t it like 20 years ago or some shit? Wouldn’t Tyrion have a been a little kid? Did they have a Westeros weekly tabloid or some shit circulating that I didn’t know about? Because seriously, how the fuck would Jorah know that was Tyrion? Also, how many coins do you think he spent on banging that fake Dany in the brothel, because y’all know it happened…