i love this show

So episode ten has taught me this:

•Victor has always loved Yuuri.
•Victor knew about Yuuri’s Eros side.
•Yuuri is able to break dance.
•And pole dance.
•And can’t hold his liquor.
Yuuri break danced, danced with Victor, then proceeded to pole dance with Chris, no wonder Victor is always talking about his stamina.
•Yuri!!! On Ice can always, always, get gayer.

Why Yuri!!! On ICE Is So Powerful

The writing and how the characters are portrayed has blown me away this whole time. I already made a long post on marshmallow-obake analyzing Yuuri’s anxiety attack in episode 7 and how it was written and animated perfectly. But really, the show does everything like that. It’s subtle. Most everything is implied. And that’s exactly how real, healthy relationships are.

I’m glad there hasn’t been an outright confession of love between Victor and Yuuri like in most romance manga/anime because it would be cheesy in my opinion. The chemistry is there without having to blurt it out; It’s obvious to me…

We can see the love in their eyes, in their actions, and hidden in what they say about and to one another. That to me makes the characters more real than any other show or book I’ve seen.

And again, their relationship is incredibly healthy and powerful.

And that is why this show, (especially episodes 7 and 10) has made history! ^_^

Is the final of the GPF, Yuuri won gold and everyone is cheering, he is crying and Viktor hugs him. Then, with the cameras around them, and Viktor says ‘you can paid me now’. And Yuuri gets really nervous and ask 'How much?’ and Viktor says 'Just a Yes’. And then he kneel and says 'we already have rings but i need to say it properly. Yuuri Katsuki, would you marry me?’ and of course, crying, Yuuri says 'yes’.

Yuuri on Ice- Wait a darn tooting second

So I just remembered something. You remember when Viktor and Yuuri went to the beach and Viktor was all like, “what do you west me to be, your friend, brother, a father figure, your boyfriend?”

He was confirming for himself!

He came to Japan expecting the suave Yuuri that tangoed him into oblivion, not this shy blushy boy who runs away at flirty touches. Viktor is confused because of the mixed messages he received and needs Yuuri to confirm what the relationship is or what it could be. And Yuuri responds perfectly by saying he wants Viktor to be himself. Yuuri says that it’s his fault, he didn’t want Viktor to see his shortcomings, his insecurities and faults.

This sets Victor’s and Yuuri’s minds at ease. They are able to move on with their relationship at a healthy natural pace!

This anime is so perfect it hurts me

Look, I know I talk shit sometimes, but this season of Skam is really fantastic on a lot of fronts, not least of which is the fact that they manage to convey emotions so well through a fairly typical male teenager. They accurately represent how closed off and un-talkative most guys are, and use a lot of (pretty universal) slang/text and speech styles to get across his constant semi-stoicism.