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Okay Y/N, I think you’ve had too much to drink, let’s just get you some water”

Dean tried to get you to sit back down on the chair, but you were already on your way to the bar to try and get another shot of tequila.

“No, Dean, I need more”

You were slurring all your words, and dragging out more which made you seem like a child.

But then again Dean always said you acted like a child when you were drunk.

“Y/N please-”

“No Dean” you cut him off “just because I’m in love with you, doesn’t mean I always listen to you”

Did you just say what you thought you said?

“Okay Y/N, I know you don’t mean it cause you’re drunk, but I really wish you did. And since you’re not going to remember this conversation, I love you too.”

Carli Lloyd

Carli Lloyd orders a coffee, black. It’s what she’s always gotten, except for one time in 2015, when she ordered three caramel brulé lattés with extra whip, sprinkles, and a shot of every syrup available. She’s awarded Starbucks Customer of the Year for the second year in a row. She drops her drink on the way out, but Jill Ellis buys her a new one.

I Have Eyes. Sherlock Holmes.

Request: 1) Could I have a story where Sherlock does everything he can to turn the reader on without her knowing it? Like he’ll walk past her and rub her boobs. Or will make sure she falls on top of him and “accidentally” rubs herself on his thigh. And then it gets to be too much and they fuck it out.; and 2)  Hey there Lu! Happy Sunday! I have a Sherlock request because I can’t get enough of that man. Could you do one where the reader loves being deducted by Sherlock when she’s horny? She gets way more turned on by him simply stating the facts of her arousal than talking dirty could ever do. Thank you love!; and 3) I have glasses and was hoping you could add on the Reader having glasses in one of your smutty one-shots?

Triggers: Smut. Teasing. Deduction.

Word Count:  1439

Enjoy ;D

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Eyes (One-shot)

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Genre: Fluff; Canon

Description: Kyungsoo kind of has a thing for your eyes.

A/N: Here’s the cleaned up (but still sub-par) version of my old drunk fic. I’ll probably delete it off my primary account now. Some good old Soo love for ya.

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Dear Y/N

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I needed to write this letter because there’s way too much on my mind and I am terrified that if I try to verbalise it something is going to go wrong or I’m going to miscommunicate what I really need to tell you. Since I’ve got no other choice, writing this letter to you is the only option I have. Here goes nothing;

The first time I laid my eyes on you, I knew there was something special about you. The way you presented yourself, you were bubbly and charismatic, you also have this quiet and soothing side to you. Who am I kidding, you’re perfect. You’re beautiful and elegant, cheeky and funny. At first, I presumed that I had I had just found the best friend anyone could ask for. But before I knew it I started getting nervous whenever you were around. Then every time you smiled I smiled. Whenever you were happy, I felt happy because I knew you were happy. Before I knew it I had fallen in love with you and Baby that terrifies me.

In the past, my relationships have not been positive. I’ve been lied too and cheated on. They wanted to be with the guy Roman Reigns, not the Roman Reigns out of the ring. All I want was an easy life and someone to share my life with. Someone who enjoys to go out and enjoy the time we have together. Yet, at the same time doesn’t mind relaxed evenings in. My past relationships didn’t enjoy the real me so they lied and cheated to get the lifestyle and the luxuries they thought came with dating a WWE Superstar.

Do not think for a single second that I’m trying to taint you with the same brush. I am scared that I am too damaged to be a great boyfriend to you. Who would want someone who’s damaged goods and that has trust issues? But I want to be your boyfriend, if you’ll have me?

I know it’s not going to be easy but I promise baby I will make it worth it,

Roman x

Please send us more requests for Love Letters, simply state the WWE Superstar (Male only for the time being) or commentator and the type of letter you want us to include. 

Fangs Vs. Claws

Prompt: “Hi can you write a oneshot ? You’re Stiles’s childhood best friend and Derek find out you’re a vampire (like, somehow you “die” and come back to life, thanks vampire powers!), but he fall in love with you anyways ? Thank you very much !”

Word Count: 735

Requested by anon

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If I Could Fly//1//I Catch A Glimpse Of Heaven

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A/N: I know that it has been way too long since I haveposted any writing on here and for that I apologize. I have a growing collection of henry writing I will post to try and keep the activity up and because I love him so much and he constatly inspires me. This is smut so please be warned. love you all .xx


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you say something you think will scare him away

he doesn’t feel the same way

he doesn’t feel the same way: part two

you’re overweight

you’re black


first time

you try to walk away


bad boys

one shots:

irresistible: harry thought his game is what won you over

i think i love you: zayn is perfect and y/n has an epiphany

baby come back: harry and y/n’s on and off thing is getting tiring

road trip: liam has too much pride to admit he’s lost 

compromises: niall and y/n like different things

drunken care: louis’ girl is wasted

half a heart: harry royally messed up now they have to pick up the pieces

leap of faith: y/n doesn’t have time for nonsense and liam is bold

enough: harry’s heart is hurt

say it again: y/n may have messed up the best thing she had going for her

sunrise sunset: harry and hayden are soulmates but she’s absolutely terrified


in which @harrystylesgotmefuckedup​ drives harry insane…

in which harry wants a cuddle…

in which harry has patience and y/n has the flu…

in which harry is y/n’s silver lining… 

in which harry gets it wrong… 

in which harry isn’t paying attention…

in which harry pays too much attention…

in which y/n is allergic to flowers and harry is curious…

in which harry and y/n get off on the wrong foot…

in which y/n is pregnant and hormonal…

in which harry is afraid of commitment…

in which y/n can’t get enough of harry…

in which harry and y/n are members at the same gym…


“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

“You work for me. You are my slave.”

“Flea markets don’t carry fleas, you know?”

“This is girl talk, so leave.”

“I’m late.”

“You’re seriously like a man-child.”

“Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

“Did you just hiss at me?”

I like cars, too.

@jcapluver  here ya go! I hope it doesn’t suck too much aha

It was their second day. They were still pretty new, hands barely brushing when they walked down the sidewalk, shy smiles shot each others way; it was refreshing.

“So, you like cars?” Arizona quipped. She took a lick of her ice cream, the scoff that came from Callie causing her brows to raise. “What?”

Callie took a bite of her banana split and licked her lips, Arizona unable to help but look at the pink tongue the swiped ever so deliciously over plump lips.

“Do I like cars.” Callie repeated. “I love cars.”

Arizona nodded and took another lick. She searched her mind for a reasonable response, one that let her know she was interested but didn’t give off that she knew absolutely nothing about them. Well, except that some were cute of course. “I like cars, too.”

“Oh really?”

“Yep. Love ‘em.”

Arizona could feel Callie’s doubting eyes on her so she continued. “I love, um, BMWs. Ooh, punch buggies are cute. What’s your favorite?”

Callie thought for a moment before a smile took over her face. “1968 Mustang GT390 fastback.”

“That’s interesting.”

 Callie took another bite of her ice cream. “You have no idea what that is do you.”

“Nope.” they both laughed, Callie balancing her ice cream in one hand while searching for the vehicle on her phone in the other. “Look.”

Arizona studied the car then glanced at Callie. The smile on the brunette’s face was giddy enough to make her smile. “Isn’t it badass?”

“Oh yeah. And with you in it? Hot.”  

Putting her phone away, Callie raised a brow and stopped walking once they arrived at a bench. “Well, maybe some day you’ll get to see  me in it.”

Arizona pulled up to a random storage unit, her—hopefully girlfriend soon—was working on an old car, hips swaying to the beat of a song. The music was blaring, so Arizona wasn’t too surprised that when she slammed the door shut Callie ceased to turn around.

“If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it…”

“Ahem.” she cleared her throat, Callie spinning around with a wrench in her hand.

It took everything in Arizona not to take Callie right there, her cut off short shirts and tank top that clung to her dark skin made her mouth water. “Calliope, hi.”  


Arizona looked around and saw the various tools lying around. “Are you sure that now is a good time? You seem kind of busy-“

“Hold this.” Callie shoved the wrench in her hand, Arizona having no time to object. “Come here,” Callie bent over the car, her ass just barely showing from the shorts. “You see this?”

Arizona barely heard the question, Callie’s legs much more interesting than whatever Callie was trying to show her at the moment.


“Hmm?” her eyes were still glued on the luscious body parts. She could just picture herself running her hands up and down the slightly greased up legs.

“Are you even listening to me?”

Blue orbs barely moved an inch. “Uh huh.”

Callie rolled her and and walked around the car, bending into the front seat and slamming her hand on the steering wheel until the car wailed.

“Callie what the hell!” Arizona covered her eyes, lust leaving her body as the disruptive sound cleared all her dirty thoughts.

Callie took Arizona’s hand and guided it to a black belt that was under the hood of the car. “Pull it!” she shouted over the monotone screeching.

Arizona tugged hard and the car was finally silent. “Was that really necessary?”

Callie slammed the hood down and took in her baby. “No. But at least you know what to do if your horn is faulty.”

She looked at the annoyed expression on Arizona’s face and laughed. “Come on. Let me clean up a bit and then we can go.”

“Actually,” Arizona took Callie’s hips in her hands kissed her. “Why don’t you teach me a little more about cars first?”

“I don’t know.” Callie’s breath was heavy, her heart racing at how close her and Arizona suddenly were. “You don’t seem that interested in cars…”  

Pulling her by the loops of her shorts, Arizona bringing their lips together while Callie’s hands couldn’t help but grip Arizona’s ass.

“I’m pretty interested now.” she giggled. “You and cars? Hot.”

Callie laughed and started to close the garage door so they could have more privacy. Kisses and hands continued to roam and explore generously. “Moron.

Man Face Monday - Always Handsome Edition

Yeah, I started with an image this week because I loved how it came out. How gorgeous is this dude? Gulp. 

The Green Arrow is pretty tasty too. I love shots like this that have so much texture with the leather hood and the mask and the beard.

I. just. want. to. touch. things. 

We can call this “Arty Dude with Bow”. By the way, have we figured why his hair got so short last week? It wasn’t quite Al-Saheem short, but I kept noticing it. Anyway, here’s Oliver with tough-guy-shooting face. 

I made a gif! It’s basic and kind of pensive. Good to use when feeling think-y.  Plus the batting of the eye lashes is kind of sweet. 

I hope you like this big one. I think it inspires feels.

Now, let’s end on a cute puppy face - the one Oliver deploys when making heart eyes with Felicity and dealing with emotional teenage girls. It works. 

Well, that wraps things up for this week. I hope that Man Face Monday brightens your day and sets you on a course of pretty for the week that inspires you and smooths away the rough edges of the day. 

Not sure if there will be a Man Face Monday next week. I might be recovering from seeing The Face in person on my trip to HVFF Atlanta, particularly if the salmon ladder is deployed. Not saying it’s gonna, but there was some rumbling over the weekend and my bunny ears are definitely crossed. 

I hope that you are smiling and sighing and happy. my dears. Have a great week!

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Two favorite men

Word count: 724

Pairing: Dean X OC

Warnings: Pure fluff

A/N: This is for a beautiful and wonderful lady, @charliebradbury1104. Happy birthday Elizabeth! I love you so much and your lovely boy too. I hope you like this, sweetheart! Thank you for being an amazing friend and I hope your day is really special!

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“I don’t think he remembers, Sam,” you said, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Of course he does Lizzy,” Sam winked at you and you smiled in spite of yourself. You loved it when Sam called you that because it was his way of showing affection, to let you know that you were a part of his family.

“He went to bed early last night and didn’t even wish me when we woke up at 4,” you sighed.

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If Walls Could Talk

Part 3: Chinese. Ice Cream. Shots.

Summary: Sober thoughts are drunk actions. 

Word Count: 2195

Pairing: Jensen x Nicole

Warnings: Drinking.

A/N: This is my entry for my own YouAU Challenge! It will be five parts total, and I’m having way too much fun writing this. Yet, here we are. Enjoy!


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Charles Xavier- “You’re only nineteen.”

@mm277me requested: Okey I want a request about Charles Xavier in x-men apocalyps. Where the reader is 19 and in love with her professor Charles, and he is too? But he is afraid of the age difference and say some harsh things to her, then he finds her crying and admits his real feelings?

Hey! Sorry, we’ve been a bit quiet lately as a whole but we’re finally getting on top of these requests! There’s still quite a few more to go but they are on their way. Also, I really struggled trying to remember a scene from Apocalypse for this imagine to take place in but it gave it a shot.

~Much love, Ive

You bounced on your heels feeling a little awkward. You had to do this. You were just going to walk into his office and tell him how you felt. You lifted a hand to knock on the door, hesitating slightly. Deciding that it was the best thing to do you let your fist give the door two light knocks.

“Come in.” Came Charles’ voice from the other side of the door. You stepped in the office and was greeted with that bright smile of his, he seemed to only do for you. “Oh, Y/N. Everything okay?”

“Yes, I um… I just wanted to talk to you.” You felt yourself chickening out of telling him.

“You can tell me anything.” He urged, offering you a seat. You didn’t take it.

“I’m in love with you.” You blurted out, figuring if you didn’t come straight out with it you’d never say it. For a split second you were sure you saw a smile spread across his face but it disappeared just as quickly.

“Y/N, you’re not in love with me.” He said sternly.

“I think I know how I feel-“ He cut you off.

“No, you’re only nineteen. You’re so young. You don’t love me you love the idea of me, if even.” He lost every little bit of softness about him.

“You… you don’t know how I feel.” You desperately tried to get him to listen to you.

“Y/N, you’re a student. This isn’t appropriate.” He was so close to yelling.

“I’m technically an adult. You’re not even my teacher, you don’t teach any of my classes!” You had no choice but to defend the way you felt.

“Y/N, it doesn’t matter how you feel becasue nothing can happen between us. Do you understand that? You’re a student.” He wheeled himself backwards in his chair. “Yet out of my office.” You turned and walked out of there keeping calm until the minute the door closed.

You pelted down the corridor with tears in your eyes. Blinking them back wasn’t working and the tears streaked down your face. You didn’t know what you thought. You were almost convinced the feelings were reciprocated. He was closer to you than all the other students, if that was really what you were to him. He also was physically closer to you, he didn’t seem to have any idea of personal boundaries when it came to you. The way he smiled at you was unlike anything else. How did he not have some feelings for you? How could he have said those things to you? As you ran down the corridor you could’ve sworn you saw Raven head towards his office but you decided you must have been mistaken. I made my way into my room and cried for much longer than I should have.

There was a knock at my door.

“Just a second.” I called in my shaky voice as I tried to hide any sign that I had been crying. The person on the other side of the door didn’t listen. I heard my door creak open and Charles looked straight at me. “What?”

“Y/N, I’ve just spoken with Raven.” He closed his eyes for a second, so you did see her down the corridor, “Look, there’s some stuff come up. Nothing you need to concern yourself with just yet but it does demand my attention.”

“Where are you going with this?” You blinked back the tears that were forming in your eyes again.

“After what you said to me in my office today, I couldn’t leave thinking that I’d hurt you.”The way he looked at you sent shivers down your spine, “I do love you, Y/N. I couldn’t leave without you knowing that.”

“But… but what did you say all that horrible stuff?” You stammered.

“Because I didn’t want to ruin your life. I’m in a wheelchair for crying out loud.” He laughed a little but there was a seriousness to his voice.

“You couldn’t ruin my life.” You stared right back at him. The tension between the two of you was building, you could feel it and you were positive Charles could feel it too. “You wouldn’t be mad if I kissed you right now, would you?” He didn’t respond with words but with a kiss, “I could leave knowing I never did that.”

“Come back soon and we can make this work.” You said going back in for another kiss.

Between Mustafar and Utapau.

More daily Obikin sketches. This time a lot more sketchy and light colored - I guess that’s also why I didn’t like yesterday’s picture that much ~ it was far too heavy for me. So that’s why this is a whole lot softer! The idea is that I really really love the in-between shots in ROTS of Anakins starfighter on his arrival on Mustafar and Obi-wans starfighter approaching Utapau. Also I’m always a sucker for the idea of the strong connection between two force-user and Obi-wan feeling Anakin’s fall across the universe in a way. Additionally - I put Goodbye old friend and Arriving on Utapau into the title, because that theme is always heavily Anakin/Obi-wan coded for me.

I found his jumper3||Dan Howell

First Part, Second Part

A/N: Here is part 3. I decided to continue this series since so many of you sent me lovely messages. Thank you so much for that I appreciate every single one of you.


I woke up earlier than I normally would. Somehow I had too much to think about and Dan followed me into my dreams. My bare feet skipped over the wooden floor as I made my way to the kitchen. Charlotte’s room was still empty. That meant that she had found a substitute for Dan at the party yesterday. Sun was flowing through the windows in the living room. The bright light made dust grains visible that danced thought the air. I couldn’t forget Dan’s nightly visit but seeing him asleep on my couch made me jump in surprise anyway. Maybe I thought that he would have left already or it was just hard to believe that after all this time he’d come here and actually apologize. His little snores were the evidence for the fact that last night didn’t just happen in my dreams. The fact that we had no curtains in the living room didn’t seem to bother him. He was still sound asleep. Even when I started to make myself breakfast and rummaged through the cupboards in the kitchen he didn’t wake up. His upper arm was put over his eyes so they were shielded from the sun. I decided to not disturb his sleep since he looked so god damn peaceful. Never tickle a sleeping dragon they say.

Even Dan’s giant body couldn’t take up all the space on the couch so I sat down next to him and continued reading a book that I was already half way through. At about midday the front door opened and revealed Charlotte who looked like she hadn’t slept in five days. She was still wearing yesterday’s outfit but somehow it didn’t look as pretty anymore. Charlotte closed the door behind her with a little bit too much force. The loud sound caused Dan to snap out of his dream.

Just as my room mate entered the living room he sat up straight and rubbed his eyes with a drawn out yawn.

“Morning” I said. My word was addressed to both, Charlotte and Dan. Both reacted with total confusion. Dan looked around like a lost puppy. He carefully examined the blanket I had put over him last night then his eyes landed on me. I couldn’t really tell what was going on in his mind at that moment. The look he gave me was filled with embarrassment, gratefulness and something else but I couldn’t quite figure what it was.

Meanwhile Charlotte froze in the middle of the room. Her mouth hung open and she stared between me and Dan whose hair was a complete mess. I put my book down on the coffee table.

“How was the party?” I casually asked Charlotte, trying to hide the fact that Mister Super Popular had slept on my couch.

Her eyes formed into slits when she turned her head towards me.

“What is he doing here?” she asked, her voice was a dangerous growl.

I quickly eyed Dan. What was I supposed to say? His eyes hid a little twinkle that meant nothing good. Just as I was about to tell her a stupid lie he interrupted me.

“We just fucked. Edwards couldn’t resist.” Dan lied with a cocky smile plastered all over his face.

I shot him a death glare and noticed in the corner of my eye that Charlotte was shooting me a death glare as well. Somehow her eyes had become even thinner slits and steam was basically coming out of her nostrils and ears.

“I should go now.” Dan said standing up. He stretched, causing his t-shirt to rise up and reveal a little bit of his stomach. “I’ll hopefully see you at another party of mine.” he said with a smile as he walked past Charlotte. She was too angry and startled to smile back. He was nearly out of the door when he turned around again.  

“Oh and Edwards, thanks for the fuck. I’d love to do that again.” he grinned and before I could yell at him in anger the door had fallen into it’s lock and he was gone.

“You hooked up with Dan?!” Charlotte snarled as soon as he had left. “You knew I wanted to get with him!” she shouted with her hands on her hips.

“I can’t believe you would stab me in the back like that. You are dead, Edwards.” Charlotte threatened. I silently cursed Dan in my head. He always manages to make my life miserable.

“Nothing happened between us!” I yelled back, throwing my hands up in defence.

Charlotte’s flushed cheeks and her with hatred filled eyes revealed that she wasn’t having any of it.

‘Time to dig yourself a grave’ I though to myself as soon as she stormed away into her room.

When I walked to class after that weekend I noticed a few of Charlotte’s friends glare at me. Some even started to whisper when I walked past them. 'I don’t understand why Dan would even fuck her. He must have been pretty drunk. She is such a bitch for doing that to Charlotte. ’

Wow thanks, that didn’t hurt at all. Shout out to Dan for ruining my chance of living a happy life and having friends here. When he apologized I thought there was still a good part of Dan left, hidden behind his fuckboy behaviour. For the blink of on eye I thought he was still the same guy he was back then before Sophomore Year. I guess I was wrong. And that realization hurt more than all of those dumb comments that were said behind my back. It hurt more then seeing him again for the first time after a year at the party. It hurt more than hearing him say sorry. But it didn’t hurt more than what happened in high school. Although I was now sure he wouldn’t change and my hate for him wasn’t going to fade there was still one question left.  

Why did he say 'I wish we could go back to the times when you didn’t hate me’ when all of his actions made me hate him?

Nothing in Between, Part 1

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1.1K

Warnings: No, not really. Just a bit angst and mentions of alcohol.

Requested: Yes! 

A/N: So, at first I thought that I’ll do a one-shot with just very strict plot, but then I realized that I really love the request and want to put time and energy to write it. So you got a new (and my first) series, you’re welcome!

!! I also thought that it would be fun to use some slang words from the 1940’s so I did that and put the meaning of each word to the brackets (like this).

!! Texts in italics are throwbacks, except for the lyrics at the beginning, since they are quotations from Tommy Dorsey’s song I’ll never smile again.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

I’ll never love again, I’m so in love with you”, I hummed quietly while pulling a beautiful, red dress over my head and unzipped it, excitement fluttering on my chest. “I’ll never thrill again, to somebody new-“

I felt bright smile taking over my face as I heard a knock coming from the door. It was the night of our third anniversary and I couldn’t feel more happy –I knew that I could never be as happy as I was with James Buchanan Barnes, as corny and naïve as it sounds. I pulled the door open, planning to smash my lips against his, but as soon as I saw him I forgot every single one of my previous thoughts. As soon as I saw his tear and pain filled eyes, I froze. He laid his eyes to his feet, tears starting to roll down his cheeks rapid as a waterfall.

“No”, I whispered, shaking my head, my own tears blurring my vision as I stepped slightly back. “James-“

“I’m sorry”, he whispered, his voice shaking hard before he rushed to me, wrapping his arms around me, burying his face into the crook of my neck. “I’m so so sorry Y/N.”

I was unable to say anything; unable to think or do anything but watch as my tears painted his dusty green Army’s uniform even darker.

August 19th 1938, New York
“Why on earth are they playing music like this on such of a beautiful and happy day?” I let out a laughter, as I sat to one of the chairs next to the dance hall’s bar counter.

“Perhaps everyone’s day haven’t been as good as yours, Miss”, I heard a soft voice chuckling next to me. I turned my head and raised my eyebrow, as I saw a young, handsome man with dark brown hair and black, well-fitting suit, his long fingers caressing his sharp jawline.

“I suppose you are right, Mr., but music this sad is not making those days any better at least”, I notified, smiling politely, before turning back to the bar. “Jimmy darling, can I have a Martini with two olives, please?”

“Good point”, the brunet man hummed, taking a sip from his drink. “May I ask, what kind of music they should rather be playing, if sad is not what you prefer?”

“Well I do love Frank Sinatra, yet his songs are fairly sad as well. Something happy, I guess”, I laughed softly, after thanking Jimmy, the bartender for my order. “Oh I know! Have you seen the new film? With the three women? Buck Privates was one’s name I suppose. Anyhow, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of company B”, I answered, smirking playfully, leaning to the bar counter. “It’s my jam.”

“After that gobbledygook (long speech) I can’t even remember what I asked”, he chuckled, winking his eye. “But I have to admit, I truly like your taste of music Miss-“

“Y/L/N”, I smirked, playing with the olives of my drink.

The man laughed, rolling his eyes. “Do we really have to be that formal?”

“Yes”, I chuckled, glancing at him. “You haven’t tell me your name so why would you get the precedence to get to know mine?”

“Well I really do like you”, he raised his eyebrows, deep smirk on his face, as he fondled his bottom lip with the edge of his glass. “Is that reason heavy enough, Miss Y/L/N?”

“Hmm”, I hummed, shaking my head slightly. “No, not really.”

He sighed, trying clearly his best to hide his smile yet failed clearly, as a wide smirk took over his features. Kicking his eyebrow with a laugh, he offered me his hand to shake. “I suppose you won. I’m James, -James Buchanan Barnes.”

“Of course I did”, I winked, smiling then softly. “It is really nice to meet you, James.”

I didn’t know how long we had stayed there, tangled to each other, the repressed sobs escaping our lips as he pulled slightly away from me. I saw his beautiful, brown eyes dyed in redness, tears glinting at the corners of them like millions of melted stars. Laying my hand carefully to his cheek, I wiped the stars away, before pulling him into a deep kiss. For a moment I forgot that he was leaving. I forgot I was going to lose him and all I felt was love fluttering on my chest, my heart beating like a drum as it pumped the warmness –the happiness and love to fill every inch of my body. I felt his heart beating in the same beat, his other hand fondling my neck with soft touches, as his other tangled to my hair, pushing me even closer to him. I smiled against his lips, making him chuckle softly as he pulled further from me, laying his forehead against mine.

“I’m going to be okay”, he whispered, his hand stroking my cheek and jaw carefully. “I’m going to England, the war is not even so bad in there. I –I’ll be back until you even get to miss me, dizzy doll. I’ll be back.”

I took a deep breath, soft smile rising to my lips as he called me with that silly nickname.

August 19th 1938, New York
“You do realize that if you are not going to tell me your name-“, James chuckled, leaning a bit closer to me, with a glint on his dark eyes. “I have to contrive you a nickname?”

“Oh hit me with your best shot, baby”, I cooed, rising my glass of Martini –my third one to be fully honest.

He laughed brightly, tinkling our glasses together. “Okay, let’s see”, he frowned slightly, pinching his bottom lip between his teeth as he stared at me with an inquiring expression on his face. “I’m really good at this-“

“Oh yeah, I can see that”, I winked mockingly. “What about granny since I’m presumably growing old since you are taking so long?”

“Aren’t you such an eager beaver (enthusiastic helper)”, he laughed. “I think I’m going to call you that.”

“Don’t you dare”, I glared at him, but couldn’t hid my smile as I squinted my eyes. “Or do you think that I look like a beaver?”

“I would say more like a doll. Your eyes are so big they are making me feel dizzy”, he laughed, playful smirk on his handsome face.

I let out a bright laughter. “Well thank you, I supp-“

His eyes started to twinkle brightly, as he snapped his fingers. “Dizzy doll”, he called out, while wide smile took over his face.

I frowned, tilting my head slightly. “I beg your pardon?”

“It’s your name henceforth”, he informed, looking proud of himself. “Dizzy doll –because you look like a doll and you make me feel dizzy.”

I laughed, wiping off the tears of the corners my eyes, made by all the laughing. “Dizzy doll it is then.”

A/N part 2: Yay thank you so much for reading this, I hope you really liked it! So, I’m planning on writing around five parts to this series and well –I can probably spoil you that it is considering years from the 1940’s to the present, with lots of angst but also lots and lots of fluff and adorable flashbacks, which I love to write. Thank you xx

Part 2

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With Every Sip is heart breaking but also so beautifully written, I'm kind of in awe.

“I miss Under The Circumstances and Best Friends :/”

“What’s the fic called where Lauren lives in some fancy building and is like an architect and camila is homeless and stays close by and lauren secretly gives her money via the front desk lady and lauren designs something for dinah who is also camilas friend” - Don’t Forget To Breathe

“What was that one shot where lauren loves drake’s music way too much and camila and her are in love but they break up?”

“CAN SOMEONE PLS HELP MEE ok im looking for a fic that i read years ago but i cant remember it’s name ughhh, so camren was on a plane crash and they were trapped in this island and theres this cute moment when Camila sings green eyes by coldplay to Lauren bc L was really sick bc she was bitten by a snake or something pls im going crazy i think its on hiatus im not sure :/ ty”

“Hey I wonder what’s the name of a fic Where Lauren is in love with Camila and she they go to Paris and Lauren helps Camila in sex I can’t remember the name” Better than he can”

“does anyone know that fic where i camila and lauren are on a date at this like abandoned house but before they go inside camila tells lauren to stay put and she kisses her in complete darkness and says she read somewhere that said there are neurons in your brain that let you find someone’s lips in the dark” If they only knew

“What was the remake of Love Can Surprise called? I’ve been trying to find it.”

I'm pregnant. // pt.3

a/n: hi loves! part 3 is finally here, yay! i hope you guys like it, i don’t know how i feel about it yet :( if you want me to i’ll continue this Little Daddy!luke series, just let me know! much love to you xx

It was another restless night for you, your baby’s kicking keeping you up. You were tossing and turning, tears threatening to spill any second, your body and mind way too exhausted. Minutes felt like hours, the night seemed to be endless, and Luke was the only thing you could think about. Just when your body finally settled down and your eyes stayed close, you realised that your once warm sheets were no longer warm, but damp. A sigh left your lips as you sat up and turned on your lights, adrenaline filling your veins as soon as you realised that you didn’t accidentally pee yourself, your water broke. Before you could even think about what you should do, you already dialled Luke’s number, silently praying for him to pick up.


His voice was filled with sleep, making you feel bad for waking him up.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay? Is the baby okay?”

“My water, uh, it broke. Could you maybe drive me to the hospital? I don’t want to drive myself.”

Your voice was nothing but a whisper, almost inaudible. You were scared he’d say no, over the past few months you’ve nothing but mean to him. After the two of you bumped into each other at the grocery store, he called you multiple times, begging you to let him help you, but you turned him down every single time.

“Of course, send me your address and I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

A small smile found it’s way onto your lips as you breathed out a gentle ‘thank you’.


“Deep breaths (Y/N), deep breaths.”

You gripped Luke’s hand a little tighter, another contraction taking over your body. A groan left your mouth, the pain almost unbearable.

“No pushing just yet, hold on a little longer.”

You nodded your head silently, a single tear rolling down your cheek. You wanted this to be over, you wanted to finally hold your baby in your arms, but you knew you still had a long way to go.

“You’re doing so well, baby.”

His voice was soft, a small smile playing on his lips, his hand gently squeezing yours. It felt so natural to have Luke around, it felt so natural to hear the pet name slip out of his mouth. In that moment you couldn’t help but wonder what it would’ve been like to go through this pregnancy with him. To have him watch your belly grow, stroking and kissing it every so often. To actually have him talk to his unborn baby, instead of you playing one of his songs so the baby would get used to his voice. To have him drive you to McDonalds at 3 a.m. because you wanted nothing more than a BigMac. To have him reassure you, that you can actually do this, you are able to raise a child.


The midwife’s voice brought you back to reality, another unbearable contraction hitting your body. You did as you were told, one big squeeze, two deep breaths, another big squeeze. You were giving it your all, hoping it would be over soon.

“You got this baby, I’m so proud of you. Keep going.”

His soft lips touched your forehead, the gentle gesture sending chills down your spine. You nodded your head, taking another deep breath, preparing yourself for the next push.

“It hurts so bad, Lu.”

Another tear left it’s wet trail on your cheek, Luke gently kissing it away.

“I know sweetheart, I know. Just a few more pushes, you got this.”

“I can see the head, we need you to push as hard as you can okay? Once the head and the shoulders are out you’re pretty much finished.”

You breathed out a rather quick ‘okay’, before pushing as hard as you could, squeezing Luke’s hand whilst doing so.

“One last push! One last push, (Y/N)!”

Your eyes found Luke’s, a big smile on his face as he nodded his head, reassuring you that you got this.

After one last push, your baby’s sobs took over the room, a small body resting in your doctors hands.

“Mister Hemmings, would you like to cut the umbilical cord?”

Luke nodded happily, his hand slipping out of yours to grab the scissors. Once he cut it, your baby was finally pressed against your chest, her screaming slowly dying down.

“You did amazing! I’m going to leave the three of you alone now for a bit, a nurse will come and pick your little girl up for some check-up’s later on.”

The doctor smiled at you, before leaving the room, giving you time to bond with your new born baby.

Luke was in awe, he’d never seen something as beautiful as his daughter. Her little face was squished up against your bare chest, her small little hand holding his finger, her little lips slightly parted.

“I want to name her Sydney, if that’s okay with you.”

Luke’s eyes found yours.

“Of course, but why Sydney?”

“We met in Sydney, we fell in love in Sydney, it all started there and this little blessing wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for that city.”

Luke agreed, his lips pressing against your temple.

“I’m so proud of you, (Y/N), thank you for blessing me with this angel.”

You smiled at him, your eyes slowly closing.

“Can you hold her for a while, I want to sleep.”

Luke nodded, his large hands carefully lifting her fragile body, wrapping the little blanket tighter around her. Once she was settled in his strong arms, he took a seat in the chair next to your bed.

Just before you drifted off to sleep, you heard him mumble something that made your heart flutter.

“I love you and mommy so much, princess, you’re my family and I’ll always protect you, no matter what.”

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Can you do your last ask about the boys getting overprotective about something their S/O made, but for Matt and Mello too? :) please and thanks, i love your blog 😍

Mello sauntered towards the mafia headquarters exit, whistling as he adjusted his sleeve absent mindedly. Rod Ross observed him carefully, a smug smile slowly creeping along his face.
“Lookin’ good kid.”
Mello shot him a disgusted look, not bothering to retaliate beyond that.
“You headin’ out? Those gloves really suit you by the way. Ya knit them yourself?” He chuckled. Much to his amusement, this seemed to catch Mello’s full attention.
“No. Y/n made them. Gotta problem with that?”
“No no. No problem. Maybe you wanna grab a scarf too? A little wooly hat to keep your ears warm? Or are y/n’s talents limited to pretty little gloves?”
Suddenly Mello was right in front of Rod’s face, his eyes narrowed in fury. His hands gripped him by the collar, pulling him close so they were bumping noses.
“How about you back off. Have you forgotten how I handle people who get in my way? Or rather in your case, on my nerves? I won’t hesitate to beat you senseless, while wearing the gift my wonderful partner gave me. Understand?”

“Hey Matt, I made us matching bracelets, look!” You exclaimed, offering a red and green beaded bracelet out towards his face and dangling it precariously in front of his eyes as you also shoved your wrist in his face, showing off your own black and green one.
He raised an eyebrow, taking it from you gingerly.
“You don’t usually do stuff like this”
“I know, but I got bored and I thought you might like it”
He studied it in the palm of his hand, frowning a little at the crooked beading and tight band that he could tell might just cut off the circulation in his arm.
“It’s okay if you don’t like it, you don’t have to-”
“No. I love it. We’re wearing these forever. You’ll have to pry it off my wrist when I’m dead if you want it back, sorry.” his voice was so assured and insistent you found yourself laughing.
“I thought you might not like it, I was afraid you’d laugh at me”
He smiled, pecking the tip of your nose.
“You’re adorable. I treasure everything you give me babe, I’d never laugh at you.”