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Just dating Noctis Lucis Caelum things:

  • Hoooooooly shit do you have a good looking boyfriend. The worst thing is he knows it. Noct is so vain. Prince Pretty Boy loves it when he catches you looking at him. He shoots you a smug little smirk and there’s that super annoying cheeky glimmer in his eyes. He doesn’t do it with anyone else. Lots of people look at Noct all the time, either in envy or awe, but he doesn’t care. He only takes notice when you look. Noctis only cares when its your eyes on him.

  • Noctis gets a little bit reckless when you’re around. The guys notice and of course you notice too. It’s sweet in a way because he’s totally trying to show off to you, but it’s so scary! If you witness a fight, there’s some pretty expert warp strikes going on. Sometimes the boys will help Noctis entertain you and the banter makes you laugh and not think about the immediate danger.

  • Since Prompto is Noctis childhood friend, you should probably try to get along with him. That being said, it’s not like it’s hard. The blond is sweet and totally invested in helping you and Noct preserve your relationship and keep you connected. It’s Prompto who sends you random pics and messages when they’re on the road and you have to stay home.
    Thought you might like this photo. Noct looks pretty good in this light, don’t you think? ;)
    He misses you a lot! Not sure if he’s told you, but I can tell.
    We’ll be home soon. Noct needs hugs and kisses asap!

  • It’s not like you don’t get plenty of messages from Noctis himself though.
    Getting up at dawn isn’t fun if you’re not with me.
    Specs cooked your favourite. Here’s a pic so you can be hungry and jealous.
    Missing you. I’ll be home soon.

  • While Noctis can be cool and suave, he has a casual and carefree side that makes for a very sweet contrast. It’s actually very charming and comes with cute side effects like his inability to function when you flirt with him. He just doesn’t know how to take it on the spot. Should he be cool? Because he’s really hard to play it cool when you are being very forward and flirtatious and his thoughts are just slipping away because holy shit you’re flirting with him and his heart is beating really fast what the fuck kind of magic are you using because this isn’t normal??????? ????????? ???????? The guys internally scream when they see this phenomenon one day; he can’t possibly be this hopeless when it comes to romance?!

  • Noctis makes the best nap buddy, hands down. There might have been a few times before the two of you date where you end up napping together from sheer exhaustion and it’s great. There are some times during that period where it was a bit stressful because the both of you were mutually pining for each other. When you guys are dating, naps are wonderfully lazy, indulgent and relaxing. Sometimes you’ll fall asleep with your head on Noct’s chest and he’ll have an arm around you, sometimes Noct will cuddle up to you and bury his face in your shoulder. He’s such a big lazy cat. Nap with your boyfriend lots and lots! 


Made it to Lestallum. Tired, but okay. See? The guys say hi. Call later, but I need a nap right now. Missing you.’

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Happy birthday Zeph!! Here’s your ice family with a cupcake and a selfy shoot (and the tiniest zexal reference) and a misbehaving yurio! Hope you have a good one c:


ShukaBlog 2017.04.28: B.L.T. VOICE GIRLS VOL. 30.

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Ever since I made those announcements
It feels like today has arrived quickly~!!!

I was really looking forward to this release, y’know 😌

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so recently in our skype femslash chat me, @hellobeau @seagrot @frantastically and @roses-ebottles PLUS A BUNCH MORE I CANT REMEMBER created and curated what is possibly the cutest and most wholesome post-game earth c lovechildren AU that has ever existed


rose and kanaya have a daughter named lilith (like the demon), a ferocious human girl who gets a buzzcut in 5th grade and also has inexplicable glowing powers, because why not. vriska and terezi have their accidental trollbaby whose name is “spider” (it fits the troll naming conventions ok……. would their hypothetical child ever have a serious name anyways) affectionately referred to as “spiders” who will eat anything if you dare her to, wears kids glasses goggles because her vision is so bad, and is the most sensitive child alive

such shenanigans ensue as:

- spiders and lilith make a blood pact to become “blood sisters” by stealing a staple from the 3rd grade teacher’s wastebasket
- lilith makes up some bullshit about how ladybugs are red because they taste good and spiders not only believes her but actually eats the fucking thing
- lilith buys a sword at an anime convention when she’s 11
- lilith starts learning to fence and spiders assumes she has taken up beekeeping
- spiders gets grounded for collecting rolly pollys at school
- spiders asks terezi 500 questions at 2 am after she couldn’t sleep and terezi answers all of them but the answers become more and more ludicrous. spiders eventually catches on
- lilith and rose practice “screaming exercises” where they go down to the basement stand on the table and just scream and jump around to let off emotional stress. it works very well, but not as well for kanaya
- lilith takes an immediate shining to the sewing work that kanaya does. kanaya starts teaching her and she’s so thrilled until lilith immediately asks her to make her and spiders cosplay for the next anime convention
- whenever spiders can’t sleep vriska tells her “stories” but she makes them all about herself + tells them in the first person and pretends it really happened to her. spiders spends many years believing these stories until one day she asks terezi about “the time mom fled from two troll cops and one human cop while riding two motorcycles at once” and terezi just takes off her glasses and holds her face in her hands
- davekat has a kid too. they’re around. the first swear spiders ever said was because vriska gave her $5 to say “fuck you karkat” to his face and she actually did. terezi grounded both of them. dave and lilith get along pretty well though
- roxy callie and jade are all like Cool Aunts to lilith (and spiders too by proxy) and teach them all sorts of neat things, like how to shoot a gun and clean out an NES cartridge


truly the adorable nonsensical “your otp has kids” AU femslash fans (read: probably just me) have been waiting for

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If you're still taking prompts, can you do something with Sid being jealous please!? I love your writing it's so cute!!!

Sidney is very aware of the eyes on Geno. Even before they were dating, Geno’s never lacked a pretty thing to hang onto his arm for events, and even when the team goes out to a bar, there’s always someone attractive slinking up to Geno and giggling within minutes. And when Geno does take them home, Sidney had always placed the burning irritation inside him then as annoyance that he’s ditching the team, not as jealousy. But he knows now. He can already see a young woman at the edge of the bar, shooting glances at Geno and hoping to catch his eye. 

Sidney doesn’t get jealous. He can’t. He’s gone through enough media-training to know that if he doesn’t want blurry pictures of himself pasted all over the Internet the next day, he should hold himself back. But then then the woman starts to seem more determined, and she’s beginning to make her way over to the Pens table when Sidney makes a decision.

“Zhenya,” he purrs, right next to Geno’s ear. His Russian is still generally abysmal, but there’s one thing he can pronounce right and it’s the only thing he needs to know. Geno’s laughing abruptly cuts off. He knows this voice, soft and wanting and playful. Sidney squeezes his boyfriend’s knee, once. “Zhenya, I want to go home.”

“Okay,” he says immediately, slinging back his drink. Then to the team, “Bye, guys. Me and Sid go home now.”

There’s catcalls and obnoxious whistles, but Sidney doesn’t miss the disappointed expression on the woman’s face, and he makes it all the way inside the car until he starts climbing onto Geno’s lap and kissing him deeply. 

"Hello, Hungry, I'm Dad."
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: Wait. I just realized.
  • Where are all the fics with Sisko making dad jokes?
  • Suddenly, there is a gaping hole in my life of which I was previously unaware.
  • Tinsnip: ... wow
  • there is an untapped vein
  • i want this quite desperately now.
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: I can't see Miles doing dad jokes; Molly's only getting just old enough to understand them by the end of the series.
  • But Sisko?
  • Jake's in his prime years to realize both how funny and how terrible they are.
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: Julian doing dad jokes.
  • Tinsnip: julian on the receiving end of dad jokes.
  • he'd fall for them every. fucking. time.
  • eventually it's the entire senior staff.
  • "there are going to be over a thousand people on the station tomorrow, doctor..."
  • "really, constable? why?"
  • "they live here."
  • he is so mad at himself every time.
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: Everyone knows he takes things literally unless he's prepared not to.
  • It's shooting fish in a barrel.
  • Tinsnip: heeeee~~~
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: Odo would love dad jokes.
  • Tinsnip: AHAHAH
  • odo = uberdad
  • god, that's a funny image
  • doing them to quark
  • quark just rages
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: Odo and Sisko exchanging approving smirks.
  • Tinsnip: "i'm nervous, constable."
  • "hello, nervous. i'm odo."
  • quark smashes a bottle
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: Jadzia makes dad jokes. And mom jokes. She just likes making whatever jokes she can.
  • Tinsnip: this is canon.
  • Tinsnip: i am pretty sure you should post all this after because i am grinning like :D
  • Cosmic Tuesdays: The only jokes Worf can tell are dad jokes, and longer ones he's long since memorized.
  • Tinsnip: worf would tell such good dad jokes.
  • nobody knows if he's actually joking.
  • "hello, thirsty. i am worf."
  • and everyone is suddenly awkward and looking at each other
What I learned in my first 3gun matches

I’ve done three multi/3gun matches in the past month and I figured I’d kinda write a little about what I learned and somethings I’ll be working on to get better. Being completely new to firearms competitions, no USPA, IDPA…anything… i had no idea what the matches were going to be like. 

The first thing i learned is… its pretty hard. The events are not just shooting, there is running, obstacles, weird rules for certain stages (such as target sequences, firing positions, etc.) and some times you have to carry heavy objects (I’ve already eaten dirt a few times.. not pretty). The point is it can be as intense as you want it to be, but the club I’ve shot with loves to have people come that aren’t potential badasses, so don’t be discouraged if you’re just out to test yourself, have fun or just shoot for the hell of it. I personally am trying to improve enough to actually compete ( I cant play a sport just to play, I want to be good, but that’s just me) 

The second thing I learned was that this is going to cost a lot of money if i really want to take on the sport. Already having a pistol and rifle my first addition to my rig would be a shotgun (ill get more into that later), after watching a few matches before i started to play the game I’d decided to get semi-auto. I bought the shotgun, then a side shell holder, then a jimmy clip for shells on my belt, I needed a good retention pistol mag holster, an AR mag holster… See where Im going with this? (granted you can get by using pockets if you just want to play, but this post isn’t really for those guys). On top of equipment most round counts in clubs are 150 for pistol, 150 rifle, 75 target shells and 10 slugs… you’ll also be shooting steel a bunch, so bi metal ammo and steel core are off limits (this means no tul ammo or red army). So in my area that cost about 150 bucks if I’m buying that ammo new, I personally only train with reloads, I’d rather be super sure about my ammo at a match. So yeah, its a lot of money, though there are ways to keep it cheaper, I’m sure. 

On my equipment.

For my rifle I used one I built. 16 inch barrel, standard BCG, magpul stock, Milspec pistol grip, Vltor rail, SOTA upper, Bushnell drop zone 1x4 223 optic, and an Elftmann tactical 3gun trigger. Besides the rail and trigger its pretty standard. 
Worked fine but I did get some light primer strikes on the Elftmann trigger so I ended up changing it to a CMC trigger, I really like Elft’s triggers but I would rather have them in my MPX than my competition rifle because my CMC is just more dependable in my lil ole opinion. 

My Bushnell optic works well for the $120 i spent on it, though I rarely train with magnified optics so I’ve had a lot to learn about them. I’m more of an irons/red dot kinda chick. The optic does get me through about 500 rounds without the zero getting off, but it needs to be checked before each match in my opinion ( my last match i suffered quite a bit because i thought it was “good to go”). 

My pistol is a Sig P226, though, Ive recently been thinking about changing this platform to a Sig P320 full size RX, (This will put me in the open division instead of the tactical division) or a CZ P-09 for a few reasons, the first being the weight of my 226. The p226 has a metal frame and is considerably heavier than a polymer gun. While this is my favorite pistol in my personal collection, I think ill be getting a polymer CZ P-09… but only because its more available than the Sig P320 RX full size model, plus from what I understand there are more aftermarket parts for the P-09. All that said, my P226 performs pretty well, and its a pretty accurate gun so replacing it isn’t a super big priority right now. 

On to my shotgun: I chose a CZ 712 Semi Auto 12 gauge. For the price of $485-ish I thought it would be a good start for 3 gunning. The only thing I did to this gun was buy an extended magazine tube to increase my guns capacity from 4+1 to 11+1. The magazine tube extends past the end about 7 inches from a 20 inch barrel, its kinda ostentatious if I’m being real here. I did end up cerakoting it bazooka green because I’m a tad did ostentatious myself. 

The shotgun ran through about 600-ish rounds perfectly but now I’m having a few issues with it, maybe once I get it performing well again ill expand on that.

My first match

The match started around 930 with a shooters safety and stage brief, they even had a shorter one right before for new shooters. During the brief they discussed the importances of safety and the “180 rule”. The 180 rule is about the angle of where your muzzle can be pointed at all times. There is a zero tolerance policy with this, so even an accident puts you out for the day. I haven’t found it really difficult to maintain this rule, but I also saw a few people get close and having a range office yell “muzzle,muzzle!”, and i can see how if you’re not paying attention it could be an easy thing to do… which is why they spent 15 minutes talking about how its not only very unsafe and the most common DQ for new shooters. No one from my squad got a DQ that day. 

Some other things that could get you disqualified were flagging anyone, including yourself and dropping a fire arm. There are some other violations like running with your finger in a trigger guard, but I’m not sure if that disqualifies you for the entire event or not. 

My first stage was a rifle/pistol stage. The rules were that you started with an empty magazine in your rifle with the bolt forward and a magazine of 15 rounds holstered, from there you would reload the rifle and chamber it, and engage targets. The first two targets were paper silhouettes that needed to be engaged twice in the “B” zone or once in the “A” zone, after those targets were neutralized there were three steel silhouettes at 120,150, and 200 yards that needed one hit each. Once all of the rifle targets were hit (or you ran out of ammo I guess) you had to ditch the rifle on safe in a full barrel and move on to the pistol targets. First there was a steel target tree were you “send and receive” the round steel from side to side on six targets. The next ones were four sets of two, ten inch steel yellow targets set about 20 yards apart from each other that you would double tap each before moving on/running to the next. End stage. I did ok on that stage besides a few light primer strikes, finishing that stage with 144.85 seconds on the timer, nothing to write home about. 

I posted the rest of the stages from that day on youtube so thats really the only stage I’m going describe in detail. 

Moving on to the problems and more difficult aspects I’ve experienced. 

1. Shot gun reloads are the toughest part for me. Before I bought my CZ i can count the times Ive ever shot a shotgun on two hands, so this part of 3gun has been the most challenging. My goal is to spend the least amount of time reloading a shotgun as possible, the first match I did I had no way to hold shells and was picking them out of my pocket… this took up an insane amount of time and from them on out i made it a priority to get shell holders and practice shot guns a lot more. 

2. Finding a good holster for my pistol is now more of a priority. I’m running a drop leg serpa right now but i might be getting a safari land one after this season. During the first match I ran this serpa on my belt, but i didnt like reaching that far up my body to draw when I’m in a timed event. 

3. Planning out your stage more than just listening to the stage brief really is important. Visualizing your run a few times has helped me, if I dont do this I tend to move ahead of myself and have to repeat a target or literally take a step back. 

4. Failing to check or properly tune my equipment has been the worst of my issues lately. I’m getting far more anal about things that I used to not get upset over, after all, I’ve basically just been a plinker or an ammo waster for about two years now. When something happens on the range like a small equipment problem or a jam, its no big deal when you only get one shot at a stage thats timed… being a little competitive it’s harder to just brush it off and not beat myself up about it. 

Over all I’ve had a fantastic time even when I’m sucking really bad. No one is rude or snobby about me asking lots of annoying noob questions, even if you have a bad run they always say “good job” and its a very good way to spend an afternoon and make new friends. There were 70-something competitors at my first match and roughly 60 each at the others. for the record, I’m playing in mostly “outlaw” matches which are not a part of 3gun nation, but from what I hear the rules are basically the same. 

To anyone thinking about starting up 3gun: be prepared to have a fun time being humbled… and bring sunscreen 

If you need at TL:DR its probably not interesting to you anyway. 

My Status on Each Character after OITNB Season 4
  • Poussey: *cries softly forever*
  • Black Cindy: Your penchant for sadness eating allows me to bond with you on a deep level
  • Soso: Someone give her a hug. Preferably Taystee? Pls? Jesus Christ I'm sO
  • Abdullah: I'm so fuckin here for u and your red hair
  • Nicky: Good u come back but PLS DON'T RELAPSE AGAIN I LOVE YOU
  • Sophia: Where the fuck were you all season fuck you Caputo
  • Red: It was a pretty shit secret but you're the queen so you can get through it
  • Lorna: It's called bisexuality and you need to learn to embrace it sweetheart
  • Maritza: Getting ur backstory was like ascending into heaven
  • Lolly: *never trust Mr Healy should probably be in a manual somewhere
  • Flaca: YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD(this is the same and I stand by it)
  • Alex: Like I'm glad you're alive but...really with Piper again? Back and forth is getting old. mAKE A DECISION AND STICK WITH IT
  • Piper: Um...I'm sorry...next time pls stay in ur lane for ur own safety kiddo

So I’m working on my powers, mixing and matching minion abilities to make shenanigans and what not

I made a meter that’s fueled by Rage
Passion, anger, fear, doubt, rejection, etc

The more Rage, the more points to spend on spells and powers

For each minion gained the maximum increases by 9 for a potential grand total of 126 if fully realized and utterly consumed by Rage

I have some tricks like shooting a bolt of lightning, creating a body double, and other fun stuff

But pretty much the most expensive thing is this. This just draaains the meter. If I’m just chilling, cruising around at 36, I could summon up 4 minions, which isn’t bad at all.
At 36 I could summon 2 objects if they are cursed
At 36 I could summon 1 person if they are in a frenzy, berserker rage, manic, or terrified

I’m just in love with this idea, it’s so great


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Prompt: “That wasn’t very subtle.”

Pairing: Bones x reader

Warnings: Bones’ usual language

Words: 1461

A/N: I actually think this was the first fic I wrote for Star Trek! It was all downhill from here.

You huff as you follow your best friend into the lift to the bridge. “Jim, you and I both know that it’s not going anywhere, so just give up already. I have.”

James Kirk grins at you cockily, and you roll your eyes. “Just give it one more chance, Y/N/N. I bet it will be worth it this time.”

“Fine, one more chance. But this is his opportunity, not yours. He has to be the one to say something, and not because you made him.” Jim hides a laugh, barely, and you smack his shoulder as the doors to the bridge open. “I’m serious!” You lead him onto the bridge, heading towards your command station as he settles into his chair at the center of attention.

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Even More Random Sentence Starters
  • "Coca Cola doesn't deserve to have my love child."
  • "If we're gonna be friends let's be fucking friends!"
  • "Please tell me why I have Tony Stark's face tattooed on my ass."
  • "Why did the Ice Cream Fairy never visit me as a child? I was always on Santa's Nice List, how come I didn't make the Ice Cream Fairy's Nice List?"
  • "We need to talk about me finding out that you're running a Miley Cyrus fanblog. Literally what the fuck."
  • "Friends don't let friends cut their own hair."
  • "If I wanna swear at my God damn brother I'll swear at my God damn brother."
  • "Why does my body hate me?"
  • "Have you accepted Taylor Swift as your Lord and Savior yet?"
  • "Why did you make me watch that? What proverbial Cheerios did I piss in this time?"
  • "Can you tell I don't care or do I need to make it more obvious?"
  • "Who do you think Santa loves more? The Easter Bunny or The Tooth Fairy?"
  • "I'm starting to think that my mother never actually loved me."
  • "We should get matching tattoos."
  • "Okay but doesn't that dog look exactly like Spider Man?"
  • "I'm too pretty for anyone to hate me."
  • "If you were a real friend you'd shoot me in the foot so I won't have to go to this interview tomorrow."
  • "Remember that time you found out that your grandmother is actually your sister?"
  • "Please God just let me slip into a coma so I can get some rest already."
  • "Deadpool wouldn't treat me like this."
  • "It's been May for like a week and I've literally only just noticed."
  • "I can't decide if that's super badass or super wimpy."
  • "It's too early for you to be acting like this much of a fuckboy."
  • "Please can we just stop talking about the time you walked in on me making out with that picture of Mr. Rogers already?"
Mine To Protect | Natasha Romanoff AU|

@nostarielstuff requested: HI! So I’m a slut for soulmate and mob AU’s could you do a Natasha x reader imagine where’s she’s a mob boss and you’re her soulmate she keeps tucked away.
Hi dear! Sorry its taken me so long to post this, but I am also a slut for soulmate AUs and this is amazing! Thanks for the request lovely! I changed it a little bit but I hope you still love it.

Summary: Natasha runs the Russian mob in New York. She is deadly and doesn’t take shit, except when it comes to you, her soulmate. And God forbid anyone insult or make a move on you.

Your soul-mark: A tattoo of your soulmate’s first words to you.

Trigger Warnings: Shooting, death, swearing, unwanted advances, making out (if that’s a warning?)

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“What’s a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?” Twelve words that changed your life. As a child your parents were unsure of the question, thinking that you were going to go down the wrong path or end up in a sleezy part of town. And they weren’t wrong. On the fateful night you ended up in one of the worst bars on the north side of New York, surrounded by drug dealers, bikers, mob members and gangbangers. Nat had her eyes on you from the moment you stepped through the door, smiling softly to her self when you told the bartender who was trying to get you into bed to ‘go fuck himself.’

“What’s a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?” She asked as she situated herself on the bar stool beside you. A small scoff sounded in the back of your throat as you downed the shot of vodka before turning to the woman.

“Having some fun. Care to join?” And with that, Natasha was gone. You could’ve asked her to take on anyone in the world and she would’ve done it for you.

You smiled softly at the memory, brushing your finger against your collarbone, where your soul-mark was.

“Hey there, hot stuff. What are the chances of me flipping this coin and getting head?” A drunken man slurred as he sauntered up to you. You raised an eyebrow at him before rolling your eyes and beginning to walk back to where Natasha watched you.

“Hey, bitch! I’m talking to you.” The man then demanded, grabbing a hold of your forearm and yanking you back to him.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” You snarled at the man pulling your arm from his grasp and beginning to walk away. You didn’t get far before a hand grabbed your ass. As you whirled around, you couldn’t say anything before a gunshot sounded and the man hit the floor, now with a bullet between his eyes.

“Don’t touch my girl.” Natasha’s voice echoed through the now silent bar, as she escorted you outside.

“You didn’t have to do that, Nat. I could’ve handled that myself.” You crossed your arms, staring at your soulmate. 

“I know, Y/N, but you’re mine. Mine to protect, mine to love, mine to touch,” she growled as she grabbed a hold of your waist and began to kiss down your neck, “mine.” And with that she pressed her lips to yours, claiming you as hers. Your lips fit together like puzzle pieces, molding perfectly. Natasha’s teeth scraped against your lower lip before she pulled it into her own mouth, sucking on it and drawing a moan from you.

“Let’s go home before this goes too far in public.” You winked cheekily, grabbing Nat’s hand and pulling her towards the car.

“No more bars or clubs for you. It’s not good for me to kill so many innocent civilians.”

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do you think that madge was eligible for the games? i assume she was but i guess maybe her father could've paid for her to be exempt? idk bc the children of victors aren't exempt, so...

Nope! She wasn’t exempt:

Today her drab school outfit has been replaced by an expensive white dress, and her blonde hair is done up with a pink ribbon. Reaping clothes.

“Pretty dress,” says Gale.

Madge shoots him a look, trying to see if it’s a genuine compliment or if he’s just being ironic. It is a pretty dress, but she would never be wearing it ordinarily. She presses her lips together and then smiles. “Well, if I end up going to the Capitol, I want to look nice, don’t I?”

When you suffer addiction it never truly leaves, 
you can see it all around, everywhere so perfectly,
IN his voice, in her eyes,
 In his tracks and in her lies
Like on Halloween their face they hide covered up by their disguise

You’ll see it in your loved ones, that’s the worst,
To see them gambling with the devil, fuck it hurts,
They’re looking for a good time, a fix whatever it may be,
But I’ve said those same things, and seen the worst of this disease,

I gave up everything for this sickness, why?
Because when i though of death its what made me feel alive,
The tears were blocked, the pounds were lost,
More than just money! my whole life it  cost,

So pretty on the eyes, destructive at the touch,
I’ll never shoot it, what a lie, I fell in love with the rush,
I’m a junkie, a low life and it’s all because I’m sick,
I never thought my life would have ever come to this

I just wanted to be happy, who cares if I get high,
That’s the lie I told myself damn near a thousand times,
Happiness was gone so was the pleasure I once felt,
I needed it to feel alive, that’s when i knew I needed help

But did I get it? Of course not, just another shot,
A couple grams in a single hit? Why not?
Its crazy, almost impossible to believe,
That someone would give up everything and end up the streets,

Drugs, they really are that great,
“ gonna try it once” that’s your first mistake,
Then come the heart breaks, stealing and dishonesty,
 try and convince the  world “I swear there’s nothing wrong with me”

Flicking out the air, as your biting on the tourniquet,
The needle in your vein and you hope that your not missing it,
Woooah, you feel it in your throat, what a rush,
It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever felt, holy fuck

I learned to cook, I learned to sell, Honestly did pretty well,
But I was working for the devil handing tickets out to hell,
Swell, profiting from what tore me apart,
Spreading a disease and breaking families hearts,

Remember these words, please remember what I say,
Because drugs are everywhere and will find you someday,
Drugs tell us lies, but addiction is real,
It’s a scary life to live in which you never truly heal.

Everywhere I go and everything I see,
Is a constant reminder of who I used to be, the life that I led the demons in my head, I  listend to  the words my father once said,
Son you can do whatever you wanna do just do your best,
I wanted to do meth and I became a pro,
Used it every way everyday, still some things I will never want yo let you know,

I lost hope, gave in lost some more, I’m fighting everyday like I’m stuck at war,
Sometimes I get hit but I get back on my feet, it’ll never be over kuz it can’t be beat, it’s apart of me, it’ll always be, until the death of me I’ll suffer all my life probably. There’s nothing wrong with me, God already knows what’s next, I know he’ll lead me to what’ he feels is best

—  Lyrics - “Suffering”

Just a recap for those of you who are new here.

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Nia is Hana’s ex-girlfriend and they both pretty much fell in love with each other badly.  It wasn’t the best relationship.
Nia’s a member of the Capp family [for reals shes in the family tree from TS2] so anyway, her family didn’t approve of Hana or of Nia not following family traditions with basically getting married to someone the family already chose.

Nia fought them but ultimately couldn’t stand up to her father or family. She ended up leaving Hana, because she saw how badly she hurt her by keeping her hidden. She blocked all contact and they haven’t spoken or seen each other in 3 months. [the whole summer]

Break up scene
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Nia is friends with Sophia [In my story she’s called Clara] Bjergsen, Luna Villareal, and the guy she was supposed to marry, Octavius Caesar. 
[Also with Hector Albion. From TS2 he is Consort Capp’s father.] 

She had been writing a lot, and basically locking herself up in her room the entire summer. She didn’t want to see or talk to anyone. 

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Also. Everyone hates Nia xD like I mean everyone whos reading ahead of you guys over here. They just hate her, my poor bby cant get any love. 

lilacillusion  asked:

So let's say Spiderman is officially a part of the Avengers, and it's become widely known in NYC that during battles the rest of the Avengers can get pretty protective of their little spider. What do you think of that? Would any villains take advantage...

I love protective!Avengers so much, holy shit

I also love the idea that it’s really well-known that the Avengers are really protective of Spidey, too. Like the Avengers are in a beat down with someone and they’re struggling and losing their ground, but then someone shoots Spidey out of the air and everyone hears this tiny, breathless scream as he bodily collides with the asphalt. And then everyone goes very still for a long moment.

There are cops ushering civilians to the safety of subway tunnels watching the whole thing. They collectively look at each other, and all go, “Ooooooh, they’ve done it now.” And they’re all snickering and smiling as Avengers seems to have forgotten about their dwindling energy and injuries and start annihilating the previously winning enemy.

Random little things like the Avengers apprehending Spidey’s past enemies, the most brutal kind, like Goblin and Venom who trash and snarl while being arrested, spitting promises and threats at Spidey from across the street. And Falcon steps bodily into their line of sight and Black Widow steps in front of Spidey, like a wall, and the pedestrians watching all start smiling quietly to themselves. Or Spidey jumping out of a burning building and handing off a civilian to a firefighter. Spidey’s muffling a cough and sporting a nasty burn on his shoulder and arm and the firefighter looks at him with raised brows and tells him, “You should get that checked out.”

“I’m fine.”

“Suit yourself, Spidey, but if it was me, I would avoid pissing of the Avengers, that’s all I’m saying. They’re gonna be worried when they see that, un-bandaged.”

Villains would try and take advantage, at first. Maybe they’d grab Peter and hold a knife to his throat and grit their teeth at the Avengers, a threat: “Try it now, see what I do, see me take him from you!” Or maybe when it looks like the Avengers are losing, someone turns to the youngst to kill him off first, to show they mean business. Of course, this goes badly because a) Peter’s a capable badass and can not only twist out of a chokehold, but can throw you just as hard as Cap throws his shield, and b) trying to kill Peter isn’t going to demonstrate your victory. It’s just going to make his teammates very, very mad and full of righteous adrenaline. It’s just going to make them get up and go after you with furious, newfound strength.

Basically: can you fight Peter and win? No. Should you use Peter to threaten/hurt the Avengers? Not if you prefer all of your blood to be inside of your body.