i love this shoot. it's so pretty

i unexpectedly did a shoot in lingerie and i didnt have a matchig set cause i wasnt expecting to do one, but i actually really love the pics i got out of it and they dont look trashy and theyre pretty cool in my opinion.
but the thing is people will probaby slut shame me for it because im in lingirie (even though my bikinis cover less skin lets be real, and apparently thats ok)


Seriously though this does look pretty terrifying and scary.

I can’t fucking believe space bear saved them.

God bless space bear.

I do have to give it to Marco, being a total fucking dork has saved their asses a lot.



Ahh, the ole’ Bubble Buddies strategy.

Nice one.

That looks….. very, very painful.

I can’t believe Star has slain yet another mortal creature.

When will her bloodthirst end.

When you suffer addiction it never truly leaves, 
you can see it all around, everywhere so perfectly,
IN his voice, in her eyes,
 In his tracks and in her lies
Like on Halloween their face they hide covered up by their disguise

You’ll see it in your loved ones, that’s the worst,
To see them gambling with the devil, fuck it hurts,
They’re looking for a good time, a fix whatever it may be,
But I’ve said those same things, and seen the worst of this disease,

I gave up everything for this sickness, why?
Because when i though of death its what made me feel alive,
The tears were blocked, the pounds were lost,
More than just money! my whole life it  cost,

So pretty on the eyes, destructive at the touch,
I’ll never shoot it, what a lie, I fell in love with the rush,
I’m a junkie, a low life and it’s all because I’m sick,
I never thought my life would have ever come to this

I just wanted to be happy, who cares if I get high,
That’s the lie I told myself damn near a thousand times,
Happiness was gone so was the pleasure I once felt,
I needed it to feel alive, that’s when i knew I needed help

But did I get it? Of course not, just another shot,
A couple grams in a single hit? Why not?
Its crazy, almost impossible to believe,
That someone would give up everything and end up the streets,

Drugs, they really are that great,
“ gonna try it once” that’s your first mistake,
Then come the heart breaks, stealing and dishonesty,
 try and convince the  world “I swear there’s nothing wrong with me”

Flicking out the air, as your biting on the tourniquet,
The needle in your vein and you hope that your not missing it,
Woooah, you feel it in your throat, what a rush,
It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever felt, holy fuck

I learned to cook, I learned to sell, Honestly did pretty well,
But I was working for the devil handing tickets out to hell,
Swell, profiting from what tore me apart,
Spreading a disease and breaking families hearts,

Remember these words, please remember what I say,
Because drugs are everywhere and will find you someday,
Drugs tell us lies, but addiction is real,
It’s a scary life to live in which you never truly heal.

Everywhere I go and everything I see,
Is a constant reminder of who I used to be, the life that I led the demons in my head, I  listend to  the words my father once said,
Son you can do whatever you wanna do just do your best,
I wanted to do meth and I became a pro,
Used it every way everyday, still some things I will never want yo let you know,

I lost hope, gave in lost some more, I’m fighting everyday like I’m stuck at war,
Sometimes I get hit but I get back on my feet, it’ll never be over kuz it can’t be beat, it’s apart of me, it’ll always be, until the death of me I’ll suffer all my life probably. There’s nothing wrong with me, God already knows what’s next, I know he’ll lead me to what’ he feels is best

—  Lyrics - “Suffering”

“It’s been such a blessing to get to play this role and especially to do it with Sarah Shahi who is beautiful and talented and wonderful. Yeah and it’s just … not hard to fall in love with her so it’s been a pretty easy part to play.”

“I’m so happy I get to work with this lovely lady. She is so easy to look at. She is so easy, as an actress, to play with. Okay. Alright … That’s not what I meant but alright.”

“To be able to do something like this again with Amy, whom I adore as a person and is so easy on the eyes, so easy to fall in love with her because of how she you know just physically looks.”

You girls are amazing … Don’t ever change. We love you ♥


Did a decently thick 65cc. Still going pretty hard from it. Feels really good,but I cant focus on making music when I do shots which sucks. My brain is just going a million miles. But this reminds me why I love slamming so much! Smoking is nice for sure but I LOVE how long the IV high lasts for.

Intense orgasmic rush followed with hours of euphoric high. and when its gone, theres no comedown. I can eat and sleep. Its weird lol 


Dad and I went to Otakon 2015. It was pretty spectacular! 

Both costumes and swords were handmade by me (Chrom helped to pay for most of it so its ok I couldn’t have done it without him). I’m proud of how these came out. When you really love the character you’re cosplaying, it shows. We are exactly like them, after all. 

I’m Lucina and Chrom is demetrois. Please let me know if you find photos of these costumes so I can reblog them, and if we talked at Otakon shoot me a message let’s be buds! 

I really don’t understand why Janel doesn’t have her own poster or why she isn’t in any of the promo photo shoots? Mona is an integral part of the show and she should be recognised as such? It’s not like she’s a character like Jenna, if you take away Jenna you could still have the show but for the first two seasons mona was legit A? I get if you don’t think she should be considered a liar but she should still be recognised for her contributions and popularity with the fans just like the other girls are


So I got my arm wraps done today and my Rey costume is finished! One down three to go on the big finish off of my current cosplays. I’m surprised at how much I’ve left the same since I first made it for Halloween, only a few things were altered to make it shoot worthy and now I’m pretty happy with it, apart from my saber which is green cos I love green and its the only one I had. Onto Jakku now to get this costume shot, wish I had a little BB-8 to take with me…oh wait, I do!