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Warning: non graphic, light mentioning of shooting and blood, slight and not graphic but if you are uncomfortable do not read the second part.


“Tikki, can you hurry up? We don’t have a lot of time.”

“I’m trying my best, Plagg. She’ll wake up soon. Be quiet or someone will hear us.”

Marinette felt something hot and tiny touching her head, a lukewarm sensation spreading from her temples down her spine and into her limbs, burning at the earlobes of her ears and the ring finger of her left hand. Dull, persistent throbbing started to pound in her right shoulder causing her to frown and groan in pain.

“Shush,” – she felt immediately a light touch against her lips. “Please, quieter, Mari. We mustn’t wake your father up right now,” – she heard an unmistakably familiar voice. Struggling slightly the girl lifted her heavy eyelids and through the blur of darkness stared at two floating creatures before her.

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There's two new grounders one, a male is supposed to have a lot of things in common with Clarke. The other is a female and the actresses trying out for her role had to be comfortable acting out same sex relationships. One of the actresses agent's are on tumblr and have talked about it. So either way these are the two most likely suspects for Clarke's new love interest. (Tho I've also heard Niylah as a contender, I pretty sure it's one of these two new grounder characters)

Clarke could get it on with a blow up doll for all I care, as long as it isn’t Mr. I love my gun, shoots grounders up real nice.


Before I leave for a month long trip to the other side of the globe, here’s a set of photos from Desucon for you! I dug my Wonder Woman from it’s box to finally have couple of new nice photos of it. This was a fairly hasty shoot, and I’d still love to have a location shoot with her some day, but I’m more than happy I have these to better show the costume <3

Wonder Woman (regime) - Injustice: Gods among us
Photography and editing by talented Mialiina cosplay photography

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Hey dude, I really love your photos. I've always wanted to shoot film but idk what camera to get and now that I have the funds I want something with great quality. Any suggestions for starters?

get urself a pentax sp1000

BTS from today’s shoot. I was loving these lines. It’s still makes me giddy that I get to do this for a living.

Please do what you love, life is way to short and we livw in a time like no other. We are so incredibly bless to be part of the second industrial revolution. Keep moving forward. Keep working hard. Keep fighting and moving forward.

📷 @waterandfilm (at The Master’s College)

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Mun: Today it’s a special day: it’s Metana’s birthday.

It’s been 10 years that I creates her and, oh man! She seen a lot of things during 10 years (good and bad).

Here, you can see her old design and form before I change her definitly; she was a “alien” hybrid Star; the little one from the left is the very first design and the right one is the actual design ) around 2009-10).
The inspiration for that it’s from a old school character from SEGA that maybe kids from 90’s will probably knows him: it’s Ristar the Shooting Star.

Read more (if you want to knows a bit about her story, just clic here. I warned you, I’m suck to explain things and english isn’t my first language so… I try my best to not fuck up .w.;;;;)

Happy birthday, my lovely shooting star! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day and hope for a better future and a magical life.
I’m so proud of you.

Lilly: “Happy Birthday, mother!” *hug Metana* >w<
Yume: “Happy Birthday Mo-” *cough* “I mean, Metana.” ._.;

Mun: *cry of happiness* TwT

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((I loved your muse even before but ever since the thing with shooting people at little girl's party I just LOVED him and I am still screaming about that. This was SUCH a rick-ish thing to do, it legit felt like a moment from the canon and liked it a lot. I just like that you GET the mean part of Rick Sanchez, and not just 'caring about family' part, but at the same time your Rick's bad traits aren't "sexy", they are NATURAL. And I love you because you always showed me support + you are fun))

(( Thank you ;–; It’s really hard to make a Rick act like the canon Rick and hearing that I’m doing a good job at it, is awesome, so thank you and I love you too. Pity we don’t talk that often anymore xd ))


Emilia Clarke photographed by Patrick Fraser for Observer Magazine (Oct 2013) Daenerys was a massive role for a young actor to take on, and I know the producers were nervous of the big arc that the character would have to take. Emilia herself would admit she worries about stuff, but it gives her focus and it’s not a destructive worry. I just found her a delight, and eager to learn. - Iain Glen (x)


Tatiana Maslany for The New York Times

Wavy-­haired and theatrically dirty, Maslany spoke in Sarah’s lower-class British accent between takes. (She kept it up until they broke for lunch.) She was warm and self-­assured and modest and frank. She exuded a contagious ease. In our very first conversation, we bonded over the unsung virtues of the adult onesie. “I had one that had the butt-­flap until after high school,” she told me.