i love this shiw

you guys have no idea how much of an impact kayoko nagato gave me in her centric-episodes in Ojamajo Doremi….like I really wish I can see more of that in children fictional media. The way they portray school stress and panic disorder was so…..relatable in a sense. I remember when I first moved in to the Philippines and in my new school, I got social anxiety to the point that I used to get panic and anxiety attacks, so it really hit me close to home when I saw Nagato walking to school and then running away almost wanting to vomit because of the bad memories she had there.

AND WHEN DOREMI AND THE OTHERS HELPED HER COME BACK TO SCHOOL, I love that they gave her time to get USED to it. I love that she hasn’t completely gotten over it but now thanks to her friends, she can attend school now. Her being taught in the clinic is a small step but damn did that single step change her life for good.

This is what I love about this show. THIS is what I love to see more in media. It showed that mentally ill kids shouldnt be ignored no matter how small the problem is. It shows that people with this similar type of disroder matter and shouldnt be ignored. For her going to school was a struggle but now thanks to support, she can finally GO to school just like how she wanted.