i love this sherlock so much

what if they are only trying to tell us that sherlock is done and there won’t be a season 5 only to come back 2 years later with tv screens around the world flashing black and two words written across saying “miss me?”

Not So Bad (Gaston Imagine)

Request: Is it possible that you could write a Gaston x reader where he’s desperately in love with you, but you hate him, and then you slowly fall in love with him? Thanks so much!- @sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt

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You sat beside Belle as she read her book to you. “And they lived happily ever after.” She finished before looking at you with a smile.

“Thanks for reading to me Bell-”

“(Y/N)” A voice yelled, causing you to look up. Gaston was heading your way with flowers and a huge smile on his face

“Well I would love to stay and chat but I must get going.” You waved bye to Belle and took off as you heard her laugh.

“Excuse me! Sorry! Oops!” You push through people as you fast as you can.

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Unpopular opinion about shipping

I like shipping coz it’s fun but tbh I’m kinda getting tired off the over emphasis on shipping in the fandom, like oh no johnlock isn’t canon and immediately it’s “I’m out of this fandom the story sucks lolol”

I appreciate the characters as individuals more than the ship, y'know? The depth of Sherlock’s character, his complexity, vulnerabilities, his growth, his heart – all this isn’t immediately worthless just coz John doesn’t kiss him. Like he still loves John so much and he wears his heart on his sleeve for John but poor sod is pining and his feelings aren’t reciprocated back, that doesn’t mean he’s worthless. Why the hell must Sherlock’s brilliance be dependent on John kissing him back? So John doesn’t love him back, that sucks, yeah, but that doesn’t mean Sherlock’s character and story arc sucks.

Same goes for other ships. When Sherlock does something nice to Molly, it’s immediately perceived as though the only possible reason is because he loves Molly. It gives the implication aa if Sherlock is a selfish heartless jackass who only bothers to put in effort if he’s in love with someone?? I guess what bothers me most is when people take away his character and reduce it down to “it’s because he wants to shag him/her and that’s the only reason why”. Like going by this logic, does that mean Sherlock wants to shag Sarah in tbb because he saved her? Does that mean he wants to shag Mrs Hudson since he saved her in asib? No ofc not, he saved them because he cares. That’s the point. Not everything is about ships. And it annoys me so much when I see metas that does this— take away all of his character and give all the credit to the ship.

Someone asked me...

You’re on your own a lot. I’ve noticed you don’t hang out much with the others. Introverted, huh? Don’t you get bored? What do you do with all your free time?”


*flashes fake smile/giggle* Oh nothing much. 


What free time are you talking about? 

There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do everything I want to.

There’s studying on one hand. 

On the other I have to maintain this human body, and there are so many things to learn, music to enjoy, books to read, nonfiction, fiction, fan-fiction, fantasy worlds waiting for me, shows and movies to watch(and re-watch), memes to laugh at, Wikipedia articles and all their references to go through, tumblr, the entire length breadth height depth of the internet to explore, my own mind to discover and develop, so much science I don’t know about….and this is just scratching the surface. 

Why would I want to hang out when I could be doing so much more with my time? 

Unless…you want to hang out and speculate about season 5 *if you know what i’m talking about* …in that case…when and where?  

lovelylovely13  asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could do a fanfic where Jack Stillman asks MC to stay with him forever? Like a I-want-us-to-be-together? Thank you so much! Love your blog!

Hi! @ lovelylovely13

I have your request done, but I kinda took it to a different setting.  Hope that’s alright!   ❤❤

School had long since let out at 221B Academy.  MC stood where the note had asked her to go.  The note was from someone who said they were a big fan and needed to talk to her, honestly it made her nervous.  Anxiety washed over in repeated waves, growing in intensity the less people she saw and heard.  The note asked if she would wait there for such a long time.  It all seemed very over the top.  She wondered who could’ve left the message for her to find.  

She double checked, it had her name on it, and it wasn’t exactly in any handwriting she recognized.  Carefully she folded it shut and placed it back in her pocket.  The location was still in the courtyard, however the exact location that she was to wait at didn’t seem to have a good view of the gate or the main areas where students would hang out.  The sun starting to get lower, with the changing of the seasons they were seeing less and less daytime, and while normally she loved the way it cast a warm glow on her surroundings during her walk home this time there was a weird tension to it. Perhaps, though, it was just her nerves.

“Okay, I think the coast is clear.”  MC jumped at the strange voice as a tall boy stepped out of the bushes nearby, his red eyes darting all around.  His pale brown almost blond hair tied back looking neat compared to the leaves and sticks that clung to his school uniform. Jack Stillman. She gave a sigh of relief; at least it wasn’t someone she didn’t know.  

“Jack!”  She smiled at him, reaching into her pocket, “is this from you?”  Jack reached out, grabbing her arm, a large mischievous grin.

“Yep, but let’s not talk about this here, come on.”  He tugged on her, dragging her through the bushes and rushed to the side of the building.  The way his hold on her directed which way she went, when she went, and when she stopped was not perfect.  It was hurting her arm to be jostled in such a manner.  Every time she opened her mouth to complain he spun on her with a demanding hush.  

Eventually she found them on the roof.  Jack peered around every corner twice before he seemed to be satisfied. MC gasped to catch her breath, “Jack?”

“Sorry about that MC, I just didn’t want us to be disturbed by the rest of your fanclub.”


He waved her question away, “don’t even worry about it.  Now it’s just the two of us.”  Jack gave her a wicked smile as he approached her.  The setting sun making his eyes seem to glow red as MC backed away with each step.  He kept coming, keeping the same distance from her until her back hit a wall and she gasped in surprise.  

Suddenly his strides were longer and the gap was closed in moments. MC felt her heart pounding in her throat.  Jack had never made her feel like this before, was she excited to be alone with him too?  

“MC…” his voice was low.  She glanced up at him, jumping only a little when he placed in hands on either side of her, giving her nowhere to go.  The smile that had been there on Jack faded into something softer, almost like a frown.  “I don’t want you to be scared of me, but I need to you know… I like you.  It hurts to be away from you… sorry that didn’t come out right.”  Jack sighed, closing his eyes.

MC watched his jaw tense as he seemed to find the right words, her eyes wide wondering what he could be trying to get at.  “Jack?  I like being around you too, our friendship means the world to be and-“ she tried to find a way to help him get the words, find the words, he must have been wanting to express how much their time together these last few weeks had meant to him. They had been working on a project of designing the set for the latest school play together.

“No MC.  No.” His hand darted from the wall to her chin, holding her still as he lowered his face to be inches from hers. He stared intently at her, “I want us to be together.  I want to be your boyfriend.”

Let us go then you and I when the evening is spread out against the sky like a patient etherized upon the table.

Like I can just hear Sherlock saying that to John and John being like lol okay edgelord but secretly being like 😪 he’s so romantic with me he loves me so much 😪😪😪


So if at times I seem overprotective of the system that we’ve built, if I worry that the resentments of others might disrupt it, I have good reason.

#what elementary did with it’s 100th episode was a testament to the kind of show is #to the kind of show #the kind of holmes adaptation - it has tried to be from the start #what they chose to do with their milestone episode is the epitome of all the ways it stands in stark contrast to any other adaptation #any other show not just any other sherlock adaptation but any other crime procedural would have pulled out the big guns #and dealt their lead/s a huge case and packed it full of guest stars or notable minor characters #for sherlock stories specifically no one could begrudge you for assuming moriarty would play a key role #but that has never been what drives elementary #the 100th episode offered all it’s emotional significance to what has always been the core of the show #that sherlock is better because of the people he surrounds himself with #that there is no true reward in playing the lone genius cut off from society/humanity #and his partnership with joan is the finest exemplar of that #yes the bit with marcus in the opening was nice #and gregson’s little speech at the end pulled at my heart strings #both because of it narrative significance and the subtext of it being written for the cast and crew’s dedication to the show bts #but it always comes back to this #one holmes #one watson #the single fact that elementary is fundamentally about sherlock valuing human connections and interpersonal relationships #over solving the puzzle #will forever set it apart from any other sherlock adaptation #and that might be a criticism for some #but it will forever be one of the key reasons that i cherish and adore it


can we just take a moment and think about what would’ve happened if Bryan Fuller wrote Sherlock.










(look how fricking excited he is omg)





just let this man write season 5, he’ll fix everything

Sherlock in TLD

i still don’t understand sherlock in tld

how is it possible that he looks like such a gross mess but somehow i STILL found him so gorgeous?!

i don’t even like scruffy facial hair and i LOVE sherlock’s bouncy curls and dapper posh clean cut look, not the greasy mess in tld

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and yet!! AND YET!!!


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