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Musk Ox

The musk ox (Ovibos moschatus) is an Arctic mammal of the family Bovidae, noted for its thick coat and for the strong odor emitted during the seasonal rut by males, from which its name derives. This musky odor is used to attract females during mating season. Its Inuktitut name “umingmak” translates to “the bearded one”. Muskoxen primarily live in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland, with small introduced populations in Sweden, Siberia, Norway, and Alaska. 

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A short little comic idea I’ve had for a while. Didn’t want to draw it until now because I wanted it to ‘look nice’, but now I threw out the’ look nice’ part and just drew it. This is how I felt about the Undertale fandom.

I had played the game but was slightly scared to dig deeper into the fandom to find out what all new designs meant. I didn’t fall into the ‘AU world’ until I saw loverofpiggies Error sans. I swam even deeper into the AU fandom when I found comyet Ink Sans and I’ve only continued to love every new AU and drawing I see and come across.

Thank you for making me love Undertale, this is the best fandom I’ve ever been in and I plan to stay for a loooong time.

@loverofpiggies @comyet @corefrisk @askspacesans @danny-trash @renrink @kuttiesstuff @miya-sheep @tratserenoyreve @yoralim @ttoba @undertaleau

(Now that my tagging wants to work, I tag everyone who helped me absolutely love the Undertale AU universe. The blogs that I found first and made me understand the fandom more. Everyone deserves all the love, everyone in this whole fandom. Hugs for everyone, you are an amazing person every single one of you. I love you tagged people for making me love Undertale. And I love you other people who aren’t tagged because you are who you are.)

combining two different character tropes is my kink

Goth Surfer (”Dude. I want to die. But on this gnarly wave first”)

Rogue Herder (what’s he stealing? Other people’s sheep? I love it)

Berserker Valley Girl (you insult her bff & she sees red, carries a giant ax in her purse)

Bad Gym Teacher Priest (”I want to see some HUSTLE in that prayer”)

Gay Jock Cleric or/and Necromancer (resurrects his teammates for the Big Game; loves his bf, a zombie angel)

Genki Girl Monster-Beast (a huge werewolf throwing a peace sign into the camera)

Hawaiin Shirt Dad Biker Gang Leader (no leather, just Hawaiian shirt and dad jokes about taking out rival leaders)

Character cliches aren’t boring, creators just need to combine them in new ways

I’m a big fan of the sort of Bucky who (a) makes a lot of food, and (b) uses the deathglare to push said food onto people he cares about.