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Naoki Urasawa, MONSTER, and the whole Dark ≠ Interesting thing

Ugh I was feeling all gross learning about what’s going up with Hydra Cap and all as well as the general attitude in media that inherently “good” characters are “Boring” and the fact that so many people feel the need to add darkness or violence or cruelty to make things “interesting” and that got me thinking about the work of manga artist Naoki Urasawa, specifically his most famous series, Monster.

For those who don’t know about Monster, it’s an extremely suspenseful and well-written crime/drama/thriller manga series (as well as an anime which is a pretty faithful adaption, but I haven’t watched it) , and the whole plot centers around not just one, but several serial killers, as well as addressing child abuse, racism/neo-nazism, as well as corruption in the government, medical industry, and other various institutions. Knowing all of that, it’s easy to see how Monster could easily become an extremely grimdark, cynical, violent narrative regurgitating the popular “edgy” theme of how “life sucks and then you die,” as so many modern narratives seem to have bought into.

But it’s not like that, not at all. The thing about Monster, as well as the rest of Naoki Urasawa’s work, is that while it does not shy away from the reality of cruelty in the world, it also addresses the opposite. Throughout Monster, we see people act with incredible kindness and gentleness, even in the midst of extreme situations. There’s an appreciation for the beauty in the world, for the little, often overlooked details of life that make it worth carrying on. There’s the strange, makeshift familial relationships that people form to help each other through loss and grief. And people are not static; people can change, for the worse, of course, but also for the better, people work to redeem themselves and others, and the inherent worth of every person, despite the overwhelming sense of guilt and past wrongs, is emphasized over and over and over again. The narrative does not justify wrongdoings, not in the least, but does a very good job of showing that while humans are capable of horrific things, they are also capable of extreme love, encouragement, and transformation.

And get this: It has ALL of the above, and is STILL an INCREDIBLY gripping, suspenseful, eXTREMELY fascinating story with high stakes and great twists and tons of character development without resorting to cheap, sensationalized voyeuristic deaths or glorifying violence in the “good guys” name. And of course when I say the characters are good, I don’t mean they’re perfect–they make mistakes, they’re flawed as heck, they’re limited by their personalities and experiences, but they are HUMAN, and they are also GOOD.

And the way the world is, I think we need more characters and stories like that out there.

(Haha all these panel ‘caps are all pretty boring but thats because literally everything else is spoileriffic so if anyone WANTS to read it, I’d rather you go in fresh!! If anyone needs like, trigger warnings or anything for it just hmu and I’ll try to letyou know)

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I just don't understand why Hufflepuff never won the house cup. Sure, they are not those kind of people who love competitions too much, but hard work is really important if you want to achieve something. Maybe they didn't care too much and didn't put enough effort in it? I just find it weird that it's all about Gryffindor vs Slytherin. Hufflepuff is the best house from many aspects (I'm a Gryffindor), they possess all the qualities to won that damn cup. :D

Because at its core Harry Potter is a childrens series, particularly the first few books, and so some things get simplified

I can guarantee that 80% of kids under 12 will say they’d want to be in gryffindor and 15% would say slytherin because they’re #rebels. It makes sense and I was exactly the same! Until Goblet of Fire, we hardly get to see the ravenclaws or hufflepuffs and as a kid you tend to root for the protagonists and want to emulate them. I wanted to be a gryffindor until I was about 12 because that’s where all my favourite characters were and the only house we really got to know 

So imagine you’ve got all these kids rooting for Harry and then at the end, hufflepuff wins the house cup and ravenclaw wins the quidditch cup. To all those children, who the books are aimed at, it would be incredibly anticlimactic and a bit of a let down

JK Rowling is an incredible story teller and knows her audience. Yeah it’s unrealistic that hufflepuff and ravenclaw didn’t win the house cup for at least 14 years, but it’s a story about a wizarding school I don’t think realism is the biggest priority here

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I think one of the things I love about you is how unapologetic you are about loving stuff, but also you're kinda sneaky and strategic about it- love a character/series nobody's heard about? draw so much and so well people look 'em up. love a character who most people don't understand or have a biased opinion of? draw balanced narratives allowing for empathy about 'em. love an obscure ship? dRAW

now this just looks like I killed you before you managed to spill the final secret of getting people on board with obscure ships what am I going to tell the cops

There are few interractions of Isabel and Esteban in the series, but you can tell they are pretty fond of each other. They are also the only family members that show a greater interest in books. So, here’s Isabel spending some time with her (now much) older cousin, who assists her in finding some books for her latest inventions. There have been more scientific discoveries and the library most likely has more books than it did 41 years ago, so Esteban can have some quality time with her, helping her catch up.

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Hi, I'm kinda new to bts world (was a casual listener) and I don't really understand the series and the others ;_; Can you tell me where I can find something like guide/summary or something like that.... Thank you so much for your time ❤️

hello!! i apologize for my delayed reply, i wanted to make sure i had time to read and compile some solid information/links for you ^^ 

bts have officially completed three series so far, with the fourth (love yourself) quickly approaching us: 

  1. school trilogy (2 cool 4 skool, o!rul8,2?, skool luv affair) dealt with themes students face, like the pressures from parents/society to do well and succeed in life 
  2. hyyh trilogy aka 화양연화 or 花樣年華 or the most beautiful moment in life (pt. 1, pt. 2,  young forever) touched on youth and coming of age
  3. wings was centered around a novel, demian by herman hesse, and addressed themes of temptation with short films in addition to the music (you never walk alone was a repackage album with 5 additional songs, including spring day and not today)
  4. love yourself is still unclear, but includes a storytelling aspect with short dramas featuring writers/artists/actors

(드림텔러) DreamTeller on youtube does some really well-thought out explanations and breakdowns of some bts videos, eng subs are included:

here are a few other supplementary reading materials that might improve your understanding: 

again, a lot of these are theories! everything is open-ended so there are several interpretations, and it’s one of the things i really appreciate about bts’ work! it may seem confusing at first, but the more you expose yourself to it, you will appreciate the beauty and depth of the stories bangtan is sharing with us :’) i am sure you will be able to find more guides than the ones i provided above with some searching, but i hope these provide a good starting place for you! once again, welcome~ 

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a yandere BL CD? Yandere Heaven BLack volume 4 is released on Halloween day! This will apparently be the final volume in the series.

(l-r) Featuring Nakazawa Masatomo as Tsuge Tasuku, Murase Ayumu as Kashii Hibiki, Okitsu Kazuyuki as Azuma Natsuru.

Yanderes, the student council, Halloween - what could possibly go wrong!


I’d like to title these: Man, I hope TWRP Understands How Much I Love Them Through These Because it Took Me Goshdarn For-FREAKING-Ever to Finish These: A Series of Paintings and Suffering

WELP, it’s been about half a year since I started these boys, I’m so glad I finally finished them! Remind me to never do traditional ever again. I ended up going to digital for some final touches and lighting anyways lol.

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Nowadays whenever I check the fairy tail tag all I see is negativity or people bashing on something like ships, characters or the plot in general. So it makes me really happy when I see blogs like yours and others that spread positivity about this great manga! It reminds me that there are others who love this series as much as I do. Just wanted to thank you for keeping this fandom enjoyable and to spread a little bit of positivity!Your efforts are appreciated don't forget that! Have a great day!

Thank you so much. I understand what you mean. I mean, It really sucks to go into a tag of something you like and only see hate. I don’t check the fairy tail tag for that reason. 

PSA to all my followers. DONT TAG HATE. It’s perfectly okay to post your opinions about something, but for a lot of people, seeing hate about things you like feels really bad. So please, please, don’t tag your hate.

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The only thing is, Rick DOESNT stick to canon completely. He gives it s modern twist. He also could have changed the oath in the beginning to "all romance" if he wanted it to clearly be that way in the beginning. For example, he talks about Patroclus and Achilles as if they were a couple, which most experts don't do.

I do understand where you are coming from with jo and emmie, though

The thing is though, I’m sure the thought never even crossed Rick’s mind when writing the Hunters for the first time. I think all of us can agree that since writing the first series, Rick has grown so much as an author in terms of listening to his fans, and representing them in ways not many children’s authors can. The fact that we’re even discussing this is a huge step forward, and I love him for it.

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#the second greatest series of nuwho#the first is s9 obviously#but s8 was bloody terrific Amen to that. I've seen so much hate for series 8 and I just don't understand it

I don’t get it either. I’ve seen the blame be put on Clara more than anything else about it and how it was too focused on her (thats when the fandom started calling it “Clara Who” I think, as if she was the only companion who had ever had a season focused on her, because people love to conveniently forget that Rose had two entire seasons solely focused on her.

I’ve also seen people complaining that Twelve was too rude or un-caring for them to like it (which, you know, if people actually read or saw the interviews, they’d see that he was meant to be more alien-like and guarded in a way because of his 900 years on Trenzalore.) 

Honestly, series 8 was so amazing because of the character study it had on Clara and the Doctor (and even Danny.) Yes, their flaws were put into focus and magnified, but that is a good thing. 

You’d think that it’d get people to stop complaining about how “Mary Sue” or too perfect Clara was (even though she wasn’t,) but I guess showing her flaws made them just as unhappy. Clara can’t win with this fandom and its so unbelievably frustrating.  

Series 8, like series 9, was beautifully crafted and had wonderful themes and stories that the show had never touched on before. It was chilling, magical, and filled with so many layers to look into. It was the second book in the trilogy of Clara’s arc into becoming her own Doctor. It was the story of the Doctor figuring out who he was after 900 years of loss and pain on Trenzalore and his 1,000+ years of existence, as well as dealing with a life that he was sure he would never have. Missy was a wonderful addition to the series and Moffat’s decision to bring the Master back as a woman brought a breath of fresh air to the show (as well as casting Peter Capaldi as an older Doctor, compared to the previous NuWho Doctors.) 

I’ve said so much more than I intended, but I love series 8 so much. It made me love the show in a way I never did before and made me actually want to get involved in the fandom. It means so much to me and has a special place in my heart. I’ll shut up now.

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i'd love to see a post on amy pond full-fleshed out if that's something you'd be willing to write? because i think karen was so talented but so much about amy was just told to us and not shown. there's so much still we don't know/understand about her.

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but here’s some Amy. I wrote this out ages ago, but over a series of several random rambly posts, so I thought I’d compile/edit/give them to you here. This about Amy, a bit about Rory and the Doctor, and a lot about River Song.

Someone tell me a bedtime story, someone sing me a lullaby about Amy Pond burning the universe down, searching for her stolen child.

Amy is allowed to be fierce and violent and furious in every timeline but the true one: she is the hardened military officer putting the eyepatch calmly back on Madam Kovarian and leaving her to die in pain; the wearied Girl Who Waited, trapped and furious and refusing to lay down and die.

She is established as a woman with potential for such violence and power in every other world; but in this one, in the timeline that stays, that matters, Amy lets the Doctor drop her and Rory off to play house while he goes and searches for Melody alone.


No. Let Amy rage. Let her conquer, a loyal centurion at her side. She would be glorious.

Let’s tell the story of season six and seven under the assumption that Amy and Rory Pond aren’t the sort who sit at home while someone else searches for their stolen child. Let’s tell it like River is an actual subplot and an actual person, not a flash-bang grenade.

So what happens, if Amy and Rory demand to follow the Doctor into chaos and war after their child? He drops them, just as before, at the house with the nice car, the door painted TARDIS blue.

But this time there’s screaming, not tearful farewells. “I will not get you killed, too!” “This is my child!” cries Amy, “You have no right!” And Rory: “I’ve died before. At least this time it’ll mean something.”

But he leaves them, leaves them anyway, leaves them no choice. This is the Doctor. This is what he does when he loves people, and he loves Amelia Pond.

We can still have the corn maze that shouts DOCTOR to the skies, his rapid landing to make sure they’re not in trouble. We still get young Mels and her reckless gun, charging through the cornfield with Rory and Amy, and commandeering the TARDIS. But this time it’s with Amy raging at her friend’s shoulder, desperate to be part of this fight. This is her child, her search, and she will find Melody Pond or she will burn the universe trying.

(Or even have the TARDIS drag him back to Earth without his consent here. She knows Melody Pond. The TARDIS is going to teach her how to fly one day. I’d love to see the TARDIS thinking of her as family).

“We are finding my baby. Either you’re with us, or we’ll see how well a centurion can fly a TARDIS.”

The Doctor surrenders. He lapses proud and terrified for his Ponds, suspicious of their friend who refuses to back off. He makes her leave the gun, but he can’t manage to get Mels to leave her friends to fight this one alone.

Having a desperate, driving main plot, this furious breathless search, wouldn’t stop us from having DW’s classic one-shot episodes. They land accidentally in that house with the faith monster, spend the same episode trying to escape—just more lives are on the line than just theirs this time. They have someone they need to go save. (I love that one, by the way: Amy’s faith in the Doctor as the literal thing that’s killing her).

Or they’re following up a lead at that fancy spa planet, tracking down some rich benefactor of the Eyepatch Lady. But Amy gets separated, gets stuck in the wrong time stream, and we get The Girl Who Waited.

Or they land on some planet, get the info they need to keep tracking Eyepatch Lady, but something seems wrong. The Doctor wants to investigate, against Amy’s impatient protests. “My baby is alone and scared. We are not going to let her go so you can satisfy your curiosity!”

“Amy, I want to save your child. You know that. But there are children here, too. Remember? You told me once that I was old, and sad, and I’d never let a child cry alone. We will find your Melody. But help me save these children first.”

Except, during all these stories, we have Mels, too, now, this brash, beautiful girl. She’s maybe a bit too violent, maybe has a bit of a bright-eyed death wish. She’s spittingly combative with the Doctor, deeply loyal to Amy, regards Rory with a vast and amused affection.

When the Doctor takes Amy aside, asks her softly to help save these children, too, Mels is staring, staring, glaring. Because she needs to hate this man whose blood she is destined to have on her hands. He’s making it difficult.

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I ship itAndrew Minyard & Neil Josten (All for the Game Series by Nora Sakavic)

“Ninety percent of the time the very sight of you makes me want to commit murder. I think about carving the skin from your body and hanging it out as a warning to every other fool who thinks he can stand in my way.“

"What about the other ten?”  

“ I wonder why is it that kaiba’s pain and mourning and obvious care for Atem is mischaracterization. is it really that hard to believe that he really is in pain after losing an important person to him? its surprising to me, this is lash out when it comes to pain, atem IS important to him but people rather say it is mischaracterization instead of seen it as a person whos pretty much human and is mourning even if its in a pretty extreme way “


I love you.

I love you so much.

(There’s a lot of persons who still think that Kaiba doesn’t care for Atem. I find it rather hard to believe even in the original series, but the care in this movie is undeniable. It’s understandable that people don’t like it because of that, even if I don’t understand why they think that way. Of course, Prideshipping isn’t canon, but they are obviously great friends in their own screwed up ways.)

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I agree so completely about the HP movies. I know movies are almost never as good as the books they're based on anyway, but the HP ones are such an extreme example. What about Hermione and Ron's characterizations in the movies do you hate? I always love Hermione, but I loved Ron so much more in the books than the movies and have trouble explaining why. And I totally understand how people who only saw the movies and never read the books don't ship Romione or even see much affection there.

I mean, if you want bad adaptation, I don’t think there’s ever been a worse adaptation in history than Game of Thrones and the series A Song of Ice and Fire it’s supposed to be adapting. But yeah the HP movies do suck.

I hate how they obviously didn’t care for Ron’s characterization all throughout the series. Ron is a very good friend to Harry. The movies would like to make you believe that Hermione and Harry have this emotional closeness when they really don’t. He’s much closer to Ron − every time Ron and Harry are fighting, things are very awkward with just Harry and Hermione.

There’s even a scene in the movies where Hermione asks Harry like should we just live in this forest together forever? And in the book equivalent of that scene, she’s crying and Harry feels awkward and upset and they just don’t wanna talk to each other and it’s the worst. Pretty big difference, huh?

They have no respect for Ron. Ron is so much more than just a funny bloke. Ron is smart (he got almost the same results as Harry for his OWLs, just Harry had a better grade in DADA), and most of all, he’s knowledgeable. He’s a pureblood! He knows all about magic and the wizarding world and everything. In the movies, every time Ron was supposed to have a tidbit of info on the magical world, they gave the line to Hermione. And that’s just not how it is in the books. Hermione is very knowledgeable from her books, but Ron has practical knowledge of the reality of the lives of wizards. That’s one of his strengths. 

They gave all his best lines to Hermione. I mean, I understand wanting to portray a good female rolemodel for all the little girls watching Harry Potter, but really, it 1) makes Ron looks dumber, which he definitely isn’t 2) makes Hermione seem unrelatable. Movie Hermione simply doesn’t have any flaws. In the books, Hermione is great but she’s also a bit stuck in her ways, she’s bossy, she’s not good with handling emotions (which seriously the books make her this relationship guru or something, and bring closeness between her and Harry that way, and that’s just not what Hermione is). She has flaws. She’s a human being. Movie Hermione is a superhero. 


‘Cause It’s Not the Pebble, It’s the Penguin series by stylinbum

Let Me Be the One

Louis and Harry are penguins. I apologize for nothing.

We’re On Fire Now

Louis and Harry are penguins and soon-to-be parents.