i love this series like no tomorrow


I… really like Overlord… it’s such a good show it’s all I’ve ever wanted out of an anime… I love all of the characters and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite (besides Ainz ofc) but here are some I like a lot!!

A babylarry’s journey through classics

I celebrated my one year directionversary a month ago. I’ve loved being in this fandom and being a larry but I realized something very important: I haven’t read enough of the classic fics. I think I’ve read like three. 

SO! This is my list of classic fics (compiled from several sources and friends) that I’m going to slowly start working my way through. As I read them, I’ll come back and update the post. My plan is to basically work my way down the list so if you want to read along, I’d love the company!

1. Escapade by dolce_piccante

2. The Dead of July by whimsicule 

3. Jump Before We Fall by green_feelings

4. Red Brick Heart by hazmesentir

5. Wild And Unruly by 100percentsassy, gloria_andrews

6. Love Is A Rebellious Bird by 100percentsassy, gloria_andrews

7. Young & Beautiful by Velvetoscar

8. Gods & Monsters by Velvetoscar

9. Butterfly Gun

10. Fading by tothemoonmydear

11. Wear It Like A Crown by zarah5

12. feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream by togetherwecouldbealright

13. Empty Skies by green_feelings

14. Unbelievers by isthatyoularry

15. Relief Next To Me by dolce_piccante

16. Bloodline by banana_louis

17. we are honey and the bee by soleilouis

18. Tea For Two and Two For Tea

This was completely precious. Harry and Louis were just adorable and you rooted for them from the beginning. 7/10 

19. you and me were kings by ithacas

20. Your Best Line Ever by green_feelings

Cute story. Writing distracted me though. 4/10

21. Boys of Summer by sharktoothedfawnskinned

22. Hold My Breath by zarah5

23. Three French Hems by 100percentsassy, gloria_andrews

24. all my love was down in a frozen ground by navigator

25. My English Love Affair by isthatyoularry

26. Counting The Steps Between Us by zarah5

27. Into The Blue by zarah5

28. Dreaming of You by Velvetoscar

29. You’ll Breathe Me In (You Won’t Release) by LoadedGunn

30. Sing When You’re Winning by hazmesentir

31. Battle Cry by Velvetoscar

32. Common by Cori Lannam (corilannam)

33. Tug-of-War by cherrystreet

34. i’m a moon at midnight by loube

Short, sweet, and perfectly encompassing of those new-relationships feels. 7/10

35. Eight Cakes and Two Eulogies (Make a Happy Marriage) by yesllliam

36. Nicotine by KrisStylinson

Bad boy Harry and good boy Louis. Good lord. This one had me swooning and sweating. 6/10

37. May We Stay Lost On Our Way Home by LoadedGunn

38. And Then a Bit by infinitelymint

The story that made me a Larry. I owe everything I do and will do in this fandom to this story. They are the Harry and Louis that inspired me to write. 10/10

39. These Inconvenient Fireworks

The classic of classics. I loved it and I love it more for how much it influenced the fandom’s fics. 8/10

40. Pull Me Under by zarah5

Just gorgeous. I had this fic in my head for days afterwards. 8/10

41. In Vogue by otpwhatever

42. Pretty Boy by harryandlouisandpuppies

43. Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart by mcpofife

44. a grocery list pinned to blue by dangerbearsFandoms:

45. If Tomorrow Never Comes (We Had Last Night) by FallingLikeThis, Rearviewdreamer

46. never shut us down by togetherwecouldbealright

47. like a timebomb ticking by infinitelymint

48. take my hand (and my heart and soul) by bananasandboots

49. Give Me Truths by iwillpaintasongforlou

Definitely one of my favs. Punk Louis… need I say more? 9/10

50. we’ll play hide and seek to turn this around (give me love like never before) by Wankerville (and really, the whole Strawberry Milk series)

One of the most influential fics for me personally. 10/10

51. burn to ash by bethaboo

52. I need home (our tangled bones) by togetherwecouldbealright

53. Hiding Place by alivingfireFandoms:

54. Swim In The Smoke by whoknows

Sexy, sexy, sexy. 5/10

55. So Much We Didn’t Say by whyidontknow1

56. 210 Days by cherrystreet

57. The Last Something That Meant Anything by jaded25Fandoms:

58. the wonderlands by stylinsoncity

Wonderful, beautiful storytelling. 7/10


MP100 Valentines Week: Day 3- Snow

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Yeah. I had no clue on what to draw today. Todays prompt stumped me really bad, despite the fact that Its been snowing outside all day. So, I ended up drawing some ekuserirei fluff. I like just, watching the snow fall. It’s so pretty~

*Bonus/ Prologue*

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During a recent interview on the set of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, series star Caity Lotz revealed that this week’s medically-induced coma for Sara Lance was almost a bigger cliffhanger: producers wanted the audience to see her for the last time with her eyes open, implying that she had died.

That wasn’t going to fly with Lotz.

“I made a big thing because they wanted me to have my eyes open at the end like, ‘Oh my God, Sarah is dead,’” Lotz said. “I was like 'Guys, we’ve done that way too many times.’ So you can sleep well tonight knowing that I’m not dead.”


what do I do when i fast:

read a saga (if you need suggestions, i’m currently reading game of thrones, millennium, miss peregrine’s peculiar children, dragonkeeper, trials of apollo, magnus chase & the gods of asgard…)
buy clothes
go for a walk
drink water af
watch series (i’m hooked up on hannibal, gotham, supernatural, house of cards, the walking dead… i’m also rewatching guilty crown, deadman wonderland & ao no exorcist)
hold my breath as long as i can
play the viola
read some comics (i love the authority, umbrella academy & lumberjeans)
chew gum
smoke like no tomorrow (i know it’s gonna kill me, but i’m already dying, so..)
take a long long long shower
do my nails
listen to music​


It’s Zelink week!!!! This is the first time I’ve ever participated in something like this, and I am very excited. 

I’ve been meaning to do some zelda/zelink fanart anyways. I just love this game series so much. It gets better and better with each new entry. 

Day 1: (re)Awakening 

I’ve actually wanted to do this photo series for a while, the lyrics are to Work Song by Hozier, and I kept picturing BotW Link during the “crawl home to her” lyric, so I thought this was very fitting to the first day of this event. 

See you tomorrow, lovelies!

James - Names (Drabbles Series)

Bucky | Barnes | Buck | Sarge | Jamie | Soldat | Love | James | Epilogue

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Summary: She calls Bucky by many different names. Each one portraying a different emotion, motive behind her words changing and telling with every utterance off her lips.

WC: 900

A/N: It’s done!!!!! The Epilogue is written and will be posting tomorrow. This chapter is lightly smut. Thank you everyone again for the great feedback. I hope you love the rest of it. Now I’m going on vacation…

James was a whispered prayer, used as a secret between lovers in only the most intimate of moments. It was like a symphony that only his ears were meant to hear.

“I am so in love with you James.”

“I take you, James Buchanan Barnes to be my husband.” His full name made his heart skip an extra beat.

The veil of a summer night was fading into the horizon as they laid together, high above the city lights.

The rest of the team was away, for missions and personal reasons. With a tower all to themselves, they made a romantic evening and peacefully enjoyed each other’s company. A five-course meal that she had cooked for only him had led to wine, which led to the two of them laying under a blanket on the balcony. Soft, lazy kisses were exchanged in between long discussions of life and love.

“Hey doll, do you ever think about how, in the midst of 7 billion people, billions of years of planets and the cosmos, and yet somehow we found each other?” he asked, getting lost in the depths of her eyes

“Is it fate or are we just lucky?” she replied

She left a soft kiss on his lips.

“I’ve never been lucky. Ever. Ask Steve.” he responded

“Well, maybe it’s time your luck changed.” she whispered, tucking a piece of his chestnut locks behind his ear

“I think it has.”

“You’re a cheeseball.”

“I know, but I just didn’t think I could ever feel so whole again. But when I’m with you, it’s like the world fades away.” he whispered

She took his flesh hand in hers, taking time to place a kiss on each of his knuckles.

“You’re so brave, opening your heart to me so easily after so much pain.” she said

“Letting you in is the easiest thing I’ve ever done.” he replied

She leaned in and kissed him deeply. He responded by pulling her closer, leaving no space between their bodies. His hands gripped her, racing up and down her curves as if he needed to memorize every inch of her before she disappeared into thin air.

James, please” she begged through hurried breath “Please let me in more. Let me have all of you.”

As their relationship began to blossom, she thought he would need time to warm up to a romantic partner after so many years of pain. She knew he was special and was willing to give him all the time he needed.

She soon learned that was not the case. Their romance was only a few weeks in and it was already fast, strong, and filled with passion. Their connection had become so deep so quickly, it was if she had known him her whole life.

It wasn’t just the emotional side of things that had moved at a rapid pace. Many of their nights since their first date had been filled with heavy makeout sessions with even heavier petting. If he was ready to cross that final line tonight, then so was she.

“You trust me enough for that?” he asked, taken aback by her request

On the other side of things, he thought she would need time to warm up to him. A relationship with him wouldn’t be anything routine and he assumed she’d need time to adjust to dating someone with a past like his. He was also very wrong.

“Absolutely.” she replied

He found her lips again as quickly as he could. He knew he had all the time in the world with her, yet he couldn’t have her fast enough.

She reached up to remove his shirt but he flinched. The broken skin of metal meeting flesh was not a scar he bared often. He feared showing someone so beautiful something so ugly.

James, I want all of you. Even the parts that you want to hide.” she reassured him

He knew she didn’t just mean the arm.

The fabric of both their shirts soon found the concrete of the balcony. He aggressively planted kisses down her shoulder. Long, passionate, wet kisses that pushed her bra straps down her arms as he worked his lips across her body.

Already flushed and out of air, a breathy and quiet “James” escaped her lips. It was a beg and a praise.

He felt his heart jump straight out of his chest at the use of his real name from such a heaven sent voice.

In times when his thoughts were too dark and his soul felt like it would never heal, he remembered that moment, the way his name fell out of her lips. He thought about the rest of that night often too. How she chanted his name as he made love to her for the first time above the city lights. The beautiful sight of her body before him, underneath his own, bearing her soul as each lucid “James” rolled off her lips in waves.

It was a cool summer night just like the time they first made love that she crawled into bed next to him, wrapping him in her arms and pressing sweet kisses to his back.

James, I’m pregnant.” she whispered into his ear

Three simple words that changed his life forever and made him love her more if that was even possible.

For the longest time, James was his favorite name. Until…

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❝ i can shake everything off as i write; my sorrows disappear and my courage is reborn, ❞  - Anne Frank

time for some recommendation time because i have bookmarked some of my favourites during my hiatus to keep me rejuvenated and quenched and wanna share them with ya’ll♡

i really really love and admire these authors and their incredibly divine writings that just pulled my heartstrings and drowned me in my own ocean of tears. you should have a look and when i mean ‘should’ i mean you MUST because they are insanely good (in my opinion). i’m sure there are way more brilliant writers and stories to discover but then again, there are a billion stars in the night sky and we have all the time in the world to pick one and admire it.

▼please and i mean PLEASE don’t throw any hate, shade or give annoying rude requests of updates to writers who put in effort to rekindle the passion for reading and craft our fantasies and imaginations▲

fic rec update: 16 May


six degrees of separation (yoongi scenario)
he didn’t (multi-member series)
❝ you guys don’t frickin know how much i love her fics and if you can handle cliffhangers then you will enjoy her masterpieces but if you don’t - well prepare some tissues❞

arranged love (jungkook series)
hiraeth (jungkook series)
❝ art. alyssa is art. that’s all i can say because she is a fucking masterpiece❞

to earth (yoongi scenario)
listen (taehyung scenario)
punchline (jungkook scenario)
❝ mia’s writing is like getting a glimpse of what heaven seems like because her stories are just exceptionally beautifully written❞

cerise (yoongi scenario)
mischance (jungkook scenario)
accismus (taehyung series)
oodal (namjoon scenario)
the universe of us (taehyung & jungkook scenario)
❝ as you can tell, i’m a mega fan of cat’s writings. like no joke. pls read her stories and love her and bless her for such amazing stories like pls she is a sweet gift from heaven i swear❞

pressure (jimin scenario)
❝ her comical scenarios and plots makes me smile like there is no tomorrow so maybe her amazing writing will do something to you too…its probably black magic…❞

bts college!au
❝ okay she makes me feel so frickin fluffy with her drabbles like i can just EXPLODE with floor. she is crazy and her imagines are so relatable i just had to put her in my recommendation list❞

the taste of love (yoongi scenario)
obliviously obviously obvious (jungkook scenario)
❝ if i could, i would just give you her entire masterlist because i swear, missy’s writings can cure every broken soul. she makes me feel like such a disloyal hoe just because her writings for every member are frickin insanely good❞

noise (jimin scenario)
❝ main culprit for making me cry over angst because of this scenario. she is really good guys pls go check her out if you wanna good cry❞

cinderella (hoseok series)
enchanted (jimin series)
❝ jen is one of the first few writers that got me hooked and stimulated my passion for writing. i’ve talked to her before and she is a genuinely nice person. pls give her love for her incredible writing❞

better than words (taehyung scenario)
the little things (jungkook scenario)
untimely confessions (seokjin scenario)
❝ kristen’s stories are masterpieces and i’m not kidding you like they are so genuine and deep - deeper and the ocean - and that says a LOT❞

prince charming - love is easy - after all (jungkook series)
laws of motions and attractions (taehyung series)
limited edition (jungkook scenario)
❝ if you guys want a taste of extreme fluff and angst, go to kaye’s because her writings *sigh* i don’t even know anymore. she is just one of the most talented writers i have ever known in my entire existence❞

caller number 9 (yoongi series)
salted caramel (hoseok series)
warning labels (hoseok scenario)
felicity (seokjin scenario)
❝ *screaming because thalia is fucking amazing and i love her writings so much* you have no idea how much i admire her writing. its so new and fresh and just something i want to experience and have it screened in a cinema ya know. oh yeah and her edits makes me question my own artistic talent❞

the insanity called love (taehyung scenario)
❝ issy just slays it. she SLAYS it. if she played me she will slay ya'll❞

basically her entire text masterlist
❝ cheesy af and lucy’s texts makes me want to puke butterflies and cry rainfalls. partner in crime but likely to be the one to have to save my ass from the cops because i daydream too much in the midst of schemes❞

first light (jungkook scenario)
the swirling way of stars (jungkook scenario)
blue orchids (jungkook scenario)
❝ ya’ll…you have no idea how much i love mari and her stories. she makes magic with her words and fantasies come to life with her imagination that is just beyond the universe❞

between the lines (jungkook scenario)
❝ i spent months trying to find this amazing blog who has the amazing fic that reminds me of jodi picoult’s Between The Lines. and trust me, its so beautiful i love it soo much it gets mE SO FLUFFY. kim’s stories are beyond amazing and i’m just nOPE NOT TODAY GURL❞

the devil skates on thin ice (yoongi series)
❝ you all have no fucking clue how amazing ivory is. iv’e been through her past personas and she still strikes me with her flamboyant vocab and outstanding storylines❞

paper hearts (jungkook series)

iniquitous (jungkook scenario)
❝ idk about you but tina is underrated and i waNT PEOPLE TO LOVE HER WORKS thank you pls. she is new so she doesn’t have that many fics but i’m so excited for new ones because she is just MMHHMMM❞

rent-a-boyfriend (taehyung scenario)
❝ yo this fic had me and my friends sQUEALING during biology class like i’m so in love with this fic where can i find a boyfriend????? like taehyung???? this fic is enough to stir the butterflies in you ;) ❞

petrichor (yoongi scenario)
❝ so so so s o SOOO good and so reALLL and genuine like it gives me raw feelings and i just SIGHHH

snapstreak (jungkook series)
❝ basically aus + kalice = some crazy cliche fluff shit. though in real life she is an actual ass she is actually really soft for jungkook so thats the only thing i respect of her


there is waaaaaaaaaaay more i assure and i’m pretty sure you guys know waaaaaay more. these are my fav scenarios and authors who have truly inspired me:) pls give them all the respect and love they deserve for their hard work. some of them are on hiatus or either really busy but all we can do is give them support and patience♡ will update the fic soon:))

Promise of More Tomorrows

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Warnings: Aftermath of drunken confessions, embarrassment, blunt Jensen   

Word count: 1300ish

A/N: So I was practically ordered into writing a part two of my one shot Promise Of Tomorrow, since Ana aka @percywinchester27 was the ring leader I forced her to beta this for me!

No hate towards Danneel - this is fiction. I love those two dorks together but for the sake of this, let’s pretend she is happy with someone else.


The sunlight that hit your face felt like a million daggers and your head ached as if it had been trampled on by a wild herd of elephants last night. You groaned in discomfort pulling the cover over your face, trying to hide from the sun and the day.

Then the memories came rushing over you. Memories you wished you could hide from as easily as the sun. Memories of every inappropriate thought you had ever had about Jensen spilling out of your mouth. Memories of him overhearing it and carrying you to bed.

“Fuck!” you mumbled, “I’m never drinking again.” What you really meant was that you were never leaving the room again. At least not until Misha, Jensen and everyone that might have heard you were back in Canada, which was about a month away.

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|| jealous ||

{summary: what happens when your best friend knows about a certain spiderboy’s crush on you?}

a few readers want me to start sinning by doing n-fw peter parker headcanons tomorrow and i just promised another reader to update mafia!bucky’s series on saturday…so before i sin with all of these n-fw and sm-tty posts, let me post this one imagine that features my oc, David Pennington, again [♥]

keep in mind, just because dave is in this story, it has nothing to do with ||love like a comic book|| [♥]

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none, if you don’t include a jealous!peter parker ;) ;) ;)

oc mention: dave pennington; reader’s best friend who has blond hair and blue eyes. for me personally, i picture him as looking kinda like dave strider ((from homestuck)) but you readers can imagine him as appearing like harris-n -sterfield (sorry for the weird formatting on his name, i just don’t want this story to appear in his tags [♥] )

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine**


David Pennington always knew that Peter Parker had a thing for his best friend and sister from another mister, [Full Name], he just had to do something to make that nerd confess to her once and for all.

He absolutely loved [Name] and would do anything to protect her, which was why he wanted that Peter guy together with her. For starters, he wasn’t a total fuckboi, or a pompous and rich asshole like Flash Thompson. Earning the title of being [Name’s] best friend meant that he had to do everything in his power to look after her.

And if he had to set her up with a good boy like Peter Parker by using dirty means, then so be it.

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Speak- A Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: Okay, so I read this request and had something in mind that followed it perfectly. But as I wrote, it kind of morphed into something different and this is what came out. I hope the anon that requested it doesn’t mind too much! Anyways, part three of the Alone Together series will be out tomorrow. Enjoy. 

Request from Anon:  Id like to make a request A remus lupin smut where they’re doing it in the shrieking shack and the other marauders go to find remus and find him there.

Warning: SMUT

Originally posted by lovershub

You’ve been with him for a year. You’ve been with the person you loved most in this entire world for a whole rotation around the sun. You have been blissfully in love with Remus John Lupin for an entire year. Things couldn’t be better.

So, for your anniversary you’d thought you’d surprise him with a scavenger hunt. You wanted him to remember everything you had given him, and him to you. You wanted him to remember how happy you made him, and hopefully he’d know how happy you will be.

The first note was left by his bedside. It was a neatly folded letter that explained exactly what this Saturday would entail for him. He would have to go through the past year with you to find the present– technically his present.

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ETCHED || 04

PAIRING: jung hoseok x y/n

GENRE: angst, soulmate au, gang!bts

SERIES WARNINGS: smoking, alcohol, [ slight ] sexual harassment, crime, vulgar language, gore


A/N: i didn’t expect this chapter to end up like it did but i think it’s pretty good! in other news, i’m seeing fall out boy in concert tomorrow! i’m super excited and my young emo self is quaking. i love you guys endlessly

SUMMARY: just like a story, the world has a plan for everyone. that plan is simple: find your soulmate, and begin your life. y/n never found life that simple, being that the mark never appeared on her wrist. a rare occurrence, and it itself told a tale. her soulmate is one in a few billion, and their bond would be everlasting. the only problem? hoseok is a member of the most wanted gang in the south korea, and he will do anything to have his soulmate by his side.

MASTERLIST || PROLOGUE | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04

Threatening was no longer a word I used to describe Hoseok in regards to whenever he was around me. Nights whenever I felt unsafe or scared, I would find myself walking beside him. He was always near, something I thought out to be fiction when he had said it. I felt myself growing more comfortable around the man who in which I was supposed to feel the opposite around. He spoke gently whenever he was around me, which was more intimidating than the voice he had first approached me with. I frequently wondered about what he knew, and why he changed his tone around me.

Walking beside the man who was deemed my soulmate, I couldn’t help but wonder how he knew so much about me. Even my closest friends did not know the information he probably held onto. I looked down at his shabby converse, not noticing anything irregular about them besides the fact that he should probably get new ones. I wore his jacket for what felt like the millionth time, but in reality it had only been the fifth or so. His jacket always smelled of expensive cologne, not too strong, though; perfect, you could say.

“How was your day?” Hoseok spoke softly, gazing in my direction as he kept his hands in his pockets.

“Uneventful,” I responded. Hoseok nodded, a quiet chuckle escaping his lips that he once used to terrify me with. I looked ahead of me, knowing that the walk today will be much longer than all of them previously. I sometimes wondered how much a car would cost, but often times I reminded myself that my rent was more important. “How was your day? You never speak about yourself, and I would like to know what you’re up to, being that you’re so curious about me.”

Hoseok faced me, his eyebrows furrowed. I saw the expression on his face, and I was basically told without words that I shouldn’t ask that question. I gulped and turned back to my feet, lowering my shoulders. Hoseok didn’t say anything, knowing I got what he wanted to say. I bit my tongue as we walked, feeling the tension between us that I had caused. I regretted ever asking, similarly to how I resented that party ever occurring. Hoseok let out a small sigh, and I knew that he was trying to let his frustrations out without exploding me by using his vulgar words.

“Are my eyes deceiving me? Is that one of the three leaders of BTS with a girl? If I am correct, we killed off his sister and mother, so the only woman he could ever be with would have to be his soulmate!”

Hoseok instantly grabbed my arm with certain strength that I forgot he possessed. My breath hitched as he pulled me behind him, his hand slightly loosening it’s grip, having heard a small squeal of pain escape my lips. I felt my heart speed up as I was unable to move or look around Hoseok. He stood deathly still, and I could see the fear his body owned because of his appearing veins on his revealed arms. My wrist was still covered thanks to his jacket that I wore, but it was easily said that I was Hoseok’s soulmate by the way he handled me. I heard a chuckle belonging to whoever spoke, and I took my free hand and clutched onto the back of Hoseok’s black shirt. The shirt that I once saw as being loose was now tight on him, his muscles showing more than ever. Hoseok’s grip loosened more, his thumb rubbing over the skin of my wrist.

“If you think you’ll ever lay a hand on her, you’re completely fucking wrong,” Hoseok breathed. Shaking his head, I felt his thumb motion up and down towards something. Glancing down, I avoided my tears and noticed the bulge in his back pocket. He was telling me to grab whatever it was, and I felt myself freeze. I knew what the object was, and I hadn’t ever handled one with the purpose of hurting another person. His thumb pressed down on my skin more vigorously as he continued, making sure to distract whoever was on the other side of him. “I’ll be dead before you can do anything to her.”

I slowly lifted my free hand and then grabbed the metal handle of the knife, observing as Hoseok’s body relaxed. I felt myself shaking as I held onto something far too familiar with Hoseok. He released his grip on me completely, holding his hand out. I then placed the knife in his hand, and I’m certain he felt how uneasy I was. I lastly took the hand that once held onto what might possibly take another man’s life, and placed it on Hoseok’s back. He breathed out.

“You’re not that smart.”

A cry of pain escaped me as my body was pulled away from Hoseok’s. My mouth was covered quickly, and I watched as Hoseok faced me with almost inhuman speed that I had never seen before. Rage filled his eyes as the arms around me tightened, miles worse than Hoseok did previously. I saw the face of who had spoken, my vision going blurry due to the tears leaving my eyes. He stood behind Hoseok with a smirk that was far more wicked than Hoseok had ever seemed. I cried out, trying to get out of the person’s grip but failing. Hoseok didn’t glance back, and that’s when gunshots ran out.

The man dropped dead.

“If you hold her that tight to you ever again you’ll be on the ground with blood surrounding you,” Hoseok stated as he walked over to me. The arms immediately left my waist, and the hand was removed from my mouth. Hoseok then wrapped his strong arms around me, gently placing his hand on the top of my head. I clutched onto his shirt as he talked to whoever once held onto me. I felt my body shaking because of more than one reason.

“She’s staying with us tonight,” Hoseok told someone. I heard a familiar voice, and knew it belonged to Namjoon. Hoseok’s hand grazed up and down my back, comforting me the most he could. He was obviously trying to calm me down despite the situation in which he was giving directions to others. “Jungkook, open the car door; Namjoon, tell Jin that we have to stop by Y/N’s place. Tonight is the beginning of a long and tortuous journey that is the cost of finding her. We won’t cower at any person who wants to manipulate me by using her.” I heard a car door open, and then Hoseok pulled back to which his eyes met mine, and I noticed the worry he possessed.

“You’re okay,” Hoseok spoke. “You did exactly what you were instructed to do. This was probably the worst thing to happen in a while, and I’ll make sure you don’t have to contribute in the murder of another next time. This was unplanned, Y/N. We’re lucky that Jungkook and Namjoon were around, because if they weren’t this would have ended much worse. You’re going to stay with us for tonight, but don’t worry because you can have your own r—”

“Hoseok, she didn’t get the sting.”

“The sting? What stin—” Hoseok’s face turned white, and then it hit me as well. Like a ton of bricks, information deemed upon me that Hoseok had gripped onto me too tight. I would never feel the electricity that soulmates share with one another again, because he had tried to protect me. My mind was full of thoughts as Hoseok moved quickly, placing his hand on the small of my back, which had no affect on me, and lead me to the car. I was in utter shock, not knowing how to respond as I sat between a boy I had never met, and a boy who stole what others say is the vital necessity for discovering what your soulmate means to you.


Valentine’s Day Love Languages: Receiving Gifts

You stared at the small box in your hands. It contained a necklace. Not a fancy, expensive one or anything (after all, Jonathan could only do so much), but a nice one nonetheless. It was the fourth gift you had received from him in the last month and while you loved your boyfriend with all of your heart, the box felt heavy in your hands. And it wasn’t because the necklace itself was heavy.

Jonathan Byers was very inexperienced in the realm of dating. Apparently not every girl in the small town of Hawkins was hot for a lanky, shy introvert whose hands were practically glued to his camera. So when you waltzed into his life and eventually into his heart, he wasn’t sure how to take it.

Do most people like holding hands? Is something supposed to happen on movie dates? What about kissing on the first date, was that alright?

As much as these questions plagued Jonathan, he lived in fear of how much embarrassment he thought he’d be plagued by if he asked you any of these. You weren’t necessarily someone who got around, but between the two of you, two official boyfriends and one crush that went nowhere was comparatively far more experienced, even if you never went beyond a simple make-out session with either of them. You therefore found yourself less upset and more amused when you later learned that he turned to Nancy for advice. The end result?

“Well, people like to get gifts,” Nancy shrugged. “I’d say maybe start the first date off with a bouquet or something – nothing major, y’know?” She then quickly added, “It helps if it’s something from the heart, though.”

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Couple of highlights from SDCC Legends panel

We start here: Snart is coming back. He WON’T be the Snart Mick remembers. “Chaos and merriment will ensue” says Phil Klemmer of Snart’s return. They also told us it won’t be past!Snart and it won’t be resurrected!Snart.

Next: Maisie Richardson-Sellers says we should start shipping Nate x Amaya. 

They’re talking serious relationship for Sara rather than a roll in the hay. Not saying who with.

Damien Darhk is coming back, and boy is he PISSED. This sounds like Darhk post-Legion, but before Arrow S4.

We will also get an antagonist from the CW Seed Vixen series. I haven’t looked up the spelling, but the name sounds like Kuala.

Stein and Jax will get a “Freaky Friday” experience. Sounds like a body swap. (I have some ideas about that…)

They’ll be going to the 80s to look into Ray’s childhood, and Mick needs to be kept away from Ray’s mom for some reason!

And speaking of Mick… Dominic Purcell says he’s getting used to being in a family, with people that love him. Sounds to me like he’s forgiven the team for last season’s sins.

That’s all off the top of my head.


Originally posted by tomhollandhollaatme

pairing: female reader x tom holland
warnings: light swearing/literally just fluff
words: 1300+
summary: tom walks in on you uncontrollably crying and he grew up with brothers so he doesn’t exactly know what to doa/n: based off a prompt from pettypromts (idk the link to the actual prompt sry)

Tom wasn’t expecting much when he headed to your place after a day of shooting. He knew you weren’t much of a cook so he definitely wasn’t planning on seeing dinner ready for him, which he was fine with.

The two of you had started spring cleaning two weeks ago and he knew you became stressed when organizing and going through your junk by yourself so he was certain that you weren’t going to touch the mess of crap that was growing in the corner of the apartment. 

He was perfectly content with going home and just seeing you, that’s all he wanted. Nothing more and nothing less. 

So you could imagine his confusion when he unlocked the door with the key you gave him only a few weeks ago and saw you sitting on the couch, crying your eyes out as you were wrapping in the duvet from your bedroom.

Immediately, he rushed to your side, wrapping one of his arms around your shoulder and pulling you tightly into his chest. You didn’t fight his movements, in fact you melted into his body. He didn’t know what was wrong but he was there for you, he always was.

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twin andrews part 4 | jughead x reader

part one:https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/158708863703/twin-andrews-juggie-x-reader-an-im-hoping

part two:https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/158896154168/twin-andrews-part-2-jughead-x-reader

part three:https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/158929430293/twin-andrews-part-three-jughead-x-reader

part five: https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/159487616565/twin-andrews-part-5-jughead-x-reader

a/n: wowie lil nuggets we’ve reached part 4 im having a lil happy dance over here! im so overwhelmed about how much you guys are liking this series so im more than happy to get busy making parts as long as you’ll are loving it so let me know!!🥂👱🏻‍♀️💛🤓💐🌈💚🌻ps: if you’ve missed a part click on the masterlist in my blog ✨

“ugh i hate calculus with my whole heart” i mutter flicking through my text book pooping a few gummy bears in my mouth. it was free period so Betty, Kevin and I decided to try and study for a calculus text tomorrow.

my brother and he’s team mates were also here with veronica and jughead sitting off to the side taking in everyone’s conversation. i catch him glances at me which cause me to smile and fiddle with the ends of his jacket

reggie was going on about his theories on who killed jason and everyone was getting pretty fed up with his antics

“it couldn’t have been a jock-” i groan closing my book “reggie can you just stop! jesus christ” he turns in his seat smirking at me.

“well well well my little vixen what’s gotten into you-” i roll my eyes “im trying to study and i can hear is your idiotic voice so it’d be wonderful if you just shut the hell up!” i smile sweetly the room snickering at my response.

“terribly sorry my lady- please continue working” i curse under my breathe turning my attention away from reggie and toward the brunette leaning against the far table, a smirk drawn on his face, i give him a wink causing his chest to shake as he laughs

my attention is brought back when reggie bellows jugheads name, i move out of the chair and over to reggie, “seriously?” he ignores me and continues to interrogate jughead

“what was it like suicide squad? when you shot jason?” “you didn’t do stuff to the body right? like after?”

i turn to jughead awaiting his response “its call necrophilia reggie, can you spell it?” he replies emotionless. he’s arms folded across his chest

“come here you little punk” reggie launches himself over the couch and rushes up the jughead not before archie jumps in front of him pushing reggie in the chest away from the two

i sigh relived that my brother was protecting him even though they weren’t the best of friends right now

everyone stands “boys” veronica warns touching chuck on the arm, i look at her puzzled at how snug she was being with yet another jock

i push past moose and grab reggie by the shoulder “would you just stop for a minute-?” i spit annoyed at the air head “leave him alone” i warn. he pushes up his selves glancing from me to jughead to my brother and then back to me.

“wait is that jugheads jacket your wearing princess?-” my brother shoves him once more “god just shut up reggie”

“what do you care Andrews?”

he glances quickly to me before back to reggie “nothing just leave him alone”

i smile small at my brother but it’s short lived as reggie speaks “holy crap”

“did you and donny darko kill him together? was it some sort of pervy blood brother thing?”

my brother shoves the raven headed boy, jugheads eyes going wide stepping away from the table and outstretching his arms shielding me from the two. i push past his arms and place a hand on Reggies chest “walk away”

anger flashes in his eyes “no can do princess” and with that he grabs my brother and throws him into the vending machine the glasses smashing, arms around me waist tug me back and i try and fight it until i realise it was jug.

Chuck and Jughead are up trying to pry the two apart as they wrestle on the ground Reggie getting one solid punch to my brothers eye before giving up the fight and letting Chuck drag him up holding him against the wall to stop him from causing further harm.

i move toward him anger moving through me like a tidal wave, “don’t you ever speak to my friends like that ever again- and i swear if you lay another hand on my brother i will make sure you cannot reproduce got it?” i sneer and he wink at me “god i love it when your mad” a flick switches and i punch him right in the eye.

he tries to break free from chuck as i continue to hit him annoyance taking away “you little jerk” i yell being lifted off the ground and dragged out of the room by the beanie wearing brunette

he walks me over to my locker as we see the principle enter the room walking away with the two jocks “i can’t believe him” i mumble slamming my hands against the locker

“hey don’t let him get to you” he places his hand on my shoulder and i exhale loudly “yeah i know- i don’t get how you can deal with it jug- what he said was totally out of hand and im sorry-” he shakes his head “don’t worry about it i seemed to have both andrews in my corner anyway”

i smile down at my feet “did you and archie make up last night?” he shifts on his feet “uh- no no we didn’t we just talked and yeah” i sigh “will you ever?” he shrugs again “i don’t know- i want to tell you it’s just” he clears his throat “it’s fine jug, ive got practice ill see you tonight at the rally?” he nods “yeah”

“(y/n) wait-” i turn and face him “will i be getting my jacket back anytime soon?” he chuckles, my eyes widen i had totally forgotten that i hadn’t returned it to him since he gave it to me last night “my bad” i shrug off the jacket and he shakes his head

“no no- keep it for now- it’ll give me an excuse to see you again-” i blush but continue to remove the jacket “i have practice so ill be in my uniform so it’ll just be in my locker so please take it, the game can be your excuse”

he reluctantly takes it from me and places it in his locker “i don’t think ill ever be able to wear it again, you wore it too well so now it doesn’t look as good on me anymore” he gives me a smug smile “yeah yeah whatever jones, i love that jacket on you-”

“see you tonight” i yell to him as i walk myself toward the girls locker room, great a whole period of my two favourite people; Cheryl Blossom and Veronica Lodge.

after what seemed like the longest hour of my life the bell finally rings ending the period and i give a silent prayer as i now have an excuse to put as much distance as i possible can before i launch myself at veronica for breaking a thousand girl codes.

my head was aching from listen to her trying to tell Betty how she realised she did was wrong but she wasn’t the only one involved and that apparently she was being a ‘good’ friend and ‘protecting’ betty because cheryl would’ve gone in if veronica didn’t.

im almost in the clear until i hear the all to familiar voice calling out my name, i bring my hands to my mouth and scream into them before slapping a smile on my face and turning to face the raven haired girl.

“okay so i understand your mad at me for what happened between me and your brother and I just want to apologise” i pause before i answer trying to think of ways to place it nicely.

“look ronnie i wouldn’t have given a crap if you hooked up with my brother okay he can date and kiss whoever the hell he wants but when you add my girl to the mix that’s where i draw the line, you knew how betty felt- you both did yet not one of you thought to yourself maybe i shouldn’t smash b’s heart to smithereens” i smile sarcastically

“if your goal was to piss me off to the point where i actually can’t stand to be near you then congrats you’ve done that. im annoyed and hungry so quite frankly don’t approach me until ive calmed down because i swear i will take you down and i really don’t want to make an enemy out of you”

i move past her and make my way to my locker to grab a few things before heading home to change and prepare for the rally tonight it’s supposedly forecast to flash flood but for some wack reason they’re making us cheer in the pouring rain. yay school spirit

“hey andrews”

“oh for fuck sakes can’t a girl just be left alone!” i complain turning to see the smug look of Reggie Mantle, black eye and all. “not in the mood Mantle shove along go find another cheerleader to torment.

i begin to walk out of the school reggie still hot on my heels “but your my own and only vixen i swear” i furrow my brows at the boy and ignore him as i begin my journey home

im almost at my house when I realise reggie still trailing behind me “jeez reg what are you walking me home?” i complain trying to pick up my pace “we aren’t in school anymore you can leave me alone and stop acting like an asshole”

“oh c'mon (y/n/n) i thought we were past this” he complains stopping at the gate to my house “guess we aren’t” i say enthusiastically giving a thumbs up for encouragement before slamming the front door and flopping onto the couch.

the front door opens and closes but im too tired and grumpy to move so i stay out sprawled out onto the couch “why is reggie outside our house?” archie asks moving my legs so he could sit down.

i sit up and take the apple from his hand “reggie who?”

“you ready for tonight?” i ask the blonde girl fiddling with my hair as we start the walk toward school

she nods her head and to swinging her blonde pony tail “im actually really excited- my first pep rally as a river vixen” she giggle spinning around in her uniform

“well miss betty cooper you were made to be a cheerleader, us vixens are lucky to have you” i encourage her attempting to calm the nerves i know she has.

“thanks (y/n/n), im so glad your back” i wink at the blonde “so am i- i did really miss you a lot, seems like everyone’s life just sort went on with me” i smile sadly.

we enter the locker room and my good mood seems to have diminished completely “ronnie!” Betty calls to the raven haired girl gesturing her over so we could walk out onto the field together

“looking good ladies” veronica compliments offering me a small smile, i decide to return it “we good?” she questions and i take a second to respond “yeah lodge we’re good”

she smiles placing both hands on our shoulders “now should be go and show some school spirit” her grin wide and preppy cheerleader tone on point “lets go!” i return the enthusiasm throwing up some spirit fingers.

we rush onto the field bouncing on the balls of the feet and get the crowd up and alive, it was pouring down and we were soaked as soon as we stepped foot onto the field. the bleachers filled with umbrellas to shield themselves.

the mayor steps up to the podium and gives a small speech dedicating the rally to the late jason blossom before introducing josie and the pussycats and the river vixens to start their performance

the music starts and we launch into the routine all eyes on us as we swish around our skirts doing a few flips but mostly choreography from one miss blossom. i grab my poms and start catching jughead staring right at me, it throws me off but i mange to get back into the groove a blush covering my face

we finish our routine and coach runs across the stage and introduce the almighty riverdale bulldogs. they break through the banner my brother at the front of the group wearing jasons jersey. i freeze sickness washing over me, i turn instantly to see cheryl turning white before catching my gaze and bolting off the field.

betty & veronica rush off the field following her but i decide against following them and walk toward my brother whom was amongst the crowd talking to one jughead jones

puzzled i jog over smiling brightly as i approach the two “whatcha talking bout” i ask smiling shyly at the brunette, i bump hips with my brother “nice way to spook everyone arch” i tease and he just shakes his head

“so?” i raise my eyes brows glancing between the two awfully chummy “uh arch just apologised and well im going to give him a second chance” jug speaks playing with the back of his neck

i smile to myself jumping up and down before launching myself into jughead, he stumbles but wraps his arms around my waist holding me up before setting me down “thank you” i mumble into his ear before turning and punching my brother playfully in the arm

“about time you big idiot”

“ow!” he exaggerates rubbing his arm “oh stop being a baby” i roll my eyes at him the boy laughing at the sibling banter

“Pop’s?” i ask the two and they nod i start walking and the lag behind “c'mon what are we waiting for!” they laugh and share a glance before jogging to catch up to my long strides

“can i ask yous something” archie asks me as we start our short journey to pop’s “shoot” i tell him adjusting my gym bag on my shoulder before jughead removes it from my slinging it on his own shoulder

“what’s with you two, why have you been wearing jughead’s jackets are yous like a thing or-?” i giggle glancing at the brunette next to me who decides to stay quite

“it was pouring down on the way over from the dance, i was cold so he leant it to me and i wore it to school the next day to return it. is it really that big of a deal?”

he shakes his head “not that it’s really any of your business anyway right jug?” he looks at me wide eyes glancing between his best friend and his little sister “i mean yeah”

i laugh at his nervousness and push open the door to Pop’s spotting B & V already sitting in a both toward the back, i don’t wait for the boys i just continue down and slip in next to veronica

“ladies” i smile at them and betty turns in her seat looking at my brother and he’s best friend, i realise instantly and cuss under my breathe “they don’t have to seat sorry my bad” she shakes her head and speaks out to the boys as they wait for permission to join us”

“you wanna join us?” they both share a smile “only if your treating” jughead comments walking over and sliding in next to me placing his arm along the back of the booth

i watch as my brother does the same sharing a glance of respect with betty then laughing at something veronica said as we all sit cozily in our booth waiting for our food to arrive engrossed in our own little world.

i feel jugheads arm drop slowly resting on my shoulder causing me to wriggle closer to him sharing a smile with the brunette before returning back to the conversation

last nights drama had fizzled away, friendships mended and on their way to being so for now we sit happy and content wonder what tomorrow brings and in this moment i smile this, this was home.


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liizardwiizard  asked:

hi, i just want to ask what zakk tomorrow is exactly? i've tried to google it but havent really found anything. it seems like a pretty interesting thing tho. Thanks

(serious mode for right now)

Zakk Tomorrow is an entirely made up show! A couple of my tumblr mutuals and I started it because of a couple jokes that escalated out of control ( @homebeccer, @ghostfiish, and @aqua-twin were the most involved in the original nonsense). When we first posted on tumblr, it was completely done for fun and parody, but then a whole bunch of people jumped on the bandwagon with us. Now there’s a “fandom” for Zakk Tomorrow on tumblr, complete with fanart, headcanons, theories, discourse, everything. Anyone’s allowed to contribute anything, the one guideline is to act like it’s fan-content for a real show, that aired in 2030, that–for whatever reason–no one can find online.

The more and more “content” we get, the more and more buried the real explanation is. So I’m trying on occasion to post/reblog something like this that fully explains the situation.

It started with me, in skype call, saying the phrase “I tutored Kevin today, then I’m meeting Zach tomorrow and Adam Monday” (literally just…life schedule stuff here.) @homebeccer and @ghostfiish decided “Zach Tomorrow” sounded like the name of some yuppy cartoon protagonist kid who time-travels, so they both decided to (separately) design this “Zach Tomorrow” character.

We then got digging deeper, thinking what else every cliche nicktoon-like show needed. So we coined the female friend and love interest (Alexa Hadron), another male friend (Adam Monday) to complete the trio, and we scrapped “Zach Tomorrow” for “Zakk Tomorrow” because the double-k was way more ridiculous.

We decided the story is that Zakk is your normal, average, everyday 12-year-old™ dealing with normal, average, issues (bullies and homework and friends oh my) in the year 2030* when he discovers this futuristic tech called a “Time Splicer” dumped in a garbage can (that bullies, also, dumped him into). He messes with it, and the gadget sends him far into the future (circa 2230), where he meets Alexa Hadron and her father Professor Hadron, who invented the Time Splicers in the first place. Only problem is Professor Hadron has no idea how to send Zakk BACK, and time travel is super-illegal so they’ve got to keep Zakk’s true nature under wraps. (*Originally we said he traveled forward TO 2030, but that didn’t make a lot of sense if the show aired in 2030. Besides, 14 years forward isn’t very exciting.)

Zakk attempts to integrate into this timeline to avoid detection by the Time Police while Hadron works to find a way to send him back to his own time. While living with the Hadrons, Zakk, Alexa, and Adam get caught up in wacky, weekly time-travel shenanigans. About a season into the show, Professor Hadron vanishes under mysterious circumstances. 

The show was abruptly canceled partway into the third season (writer changes, bad merch sales, yikes) in 2033, which left a huge amount of things unresolved. The show got an anime-style reboot in 2035, (Zakk Tomorrow: the Day After Tomorrow) which is generally either loved or hated by fanbase. 

The story keeps on getting developed, characters keep getting added, all through tumblr-based interaction. Whenever I post new content, I’ll usually phrase it like “Man, my favorite thing about the Zakk Tomorrow series had to be–(explanation of new thing)” or else like “I’ve always had a headcanon that–(new content)”

So, this thing is still growing and evolving entirely around whatever anyone feels like contributing. The canon is entirely up to us, so long as you frame it like a simple, honest fan reminiscing fondly of “all those things you remember about Zakk Tomorrow”

All We Know (Chapter 1)

Summary: After a disastrous date, you hope to never see Bucky Barnes again. But after a horrible accident, you and Bucky are forced to team up to do the unthinkable – raise a child
Warnings: none yet
Word count: 583
A/N: I’M B A C K! Hi! This is a new (drabble) series inspired by the movie ‘Life As We Know It. (I love that movie) and also a similar dream I had. So I hope you enjoy and if you’d like to be tagged, let me know in my asks! :) Btw! If I haven’t answered your asks, it’s because I haven’t checked my inbox in like 66 years, I’ll catch up with that tomorrow!


Originally posted by bovaria

The small, tasteless room of the local attorney’s office seemed to close in on you by the second. The only sounds in the room were the ticking clock on the wall and the clicking of your freshly painted nails drumming on the mahogany desk. You took a deep breath of chemical air, the cleaning lady had been a bit heavy handed with the air freshner this morning. The big batch of oxygen did nothing to calm your racing heart.

Just a week ago, you lost two of your closest friends, Nat and Clint to a car accident. Nobody saw it coming, nobody to blame, except the weather maybe. Suffering through the funeral, you got a call from an unknown number. It belonged to Nat and Clint’s lawyer, Tony Stark. He asked to meet as soon as possible and now here you were, sitting in front of his desk, waiting for someone you least expected – Bucky Barnes. The „you’re perfect for each other“ hot date Nat arranged for you, that turned out to be a damn catastrophe, starting with the guy being almost an hour late, ending up with him asking you to drop him off at a bootycall’s house.

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94# Soft Klance of the Day: Kisses on the lips 
Neither Lance or Keith put that much thought behind kissing each other. They simply do it because they can and they love each other.
Keith quickly loses his shyness about kissing after their first kiss, and he kisses Lance almost immediately if they have been apart for a while, like when he comes back from training or when Lance goes to hang out with Hunk and they only find each other again a couple hours later.
Lance has many reasons to kiss Keith, anytime he sees Keith laughing he feels the need to kiss him, though not always able to do so, also when Keith comforts him and talks about how much he values him, or just because Keith looks weirdly good on a random morning with awful bed hair.