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I haven’t done one of these in a while.  I figured it was time.

I was trying to fall asleep last night, thinking like I usually do.  Of course I was thinking about the next chapter of ‘Met by Accident’.  I was thinking about a new series I’m writing with several readers called ‘Bound to Please’, which the first chapter will be up tomorrow.  Then I got to thinking about writing.

My writing to be exact.

I thought about how much it has changed over the past year.  How the different fandoms respond to the various subjects and animes/mangas I’ve written about.  How different YOI readers were from other fandoms.  How ‘Met by Accident’ took off like a rocket.  It still stuns me.

But then I thought what it would be like to be in your shoes, as the reader.  What is it like reading ‘Met by Accident’ or one of my other fics?  Why do they touch everyone so much?  How can someone say it’s their favorite fic, that I’m their favorite author? Honestly, I can’t.  It’s too much to wrap my mind around.  I sit in front of my laptop, hoping you’ll like what I write.  I read the comments you leave me with a grin on my face and wonder in my heart, disbelieving the words some of you leave me.  I do a double-take when I check my email in the morning after I’ve posted an update, bewildered at how many of you have reached out in six hours or so.  It’s unreal.  It truly is.  

So where am I going with this?  I want to say thank you.  You do not know what it means for you guys to follow me, to continue with this journey.  Yes, I wrote MbA and will continue to do so until it’s finished; but I couldn’t have done it without you. You’ve made my life since January 13 such a joy.  I have never been happier in my life…seriously.  

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. And I mean 100% of it.



MP100 Valentines Week: Day 3- Snow

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Yeah. I had no clue on what to draw today. Todays prompt stumped me really bad, despite the fact that Its been snowing outside all day. So, I ended up drawing some ekuserirei fluff. I like just, watching the snow fall. It’s so pretty~

*Bonus/ Prologue*

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I… really like Overlord… it’s such a good show it’s all I’ve ever wanted out of an anime… I love all of the characters and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite (besides Ainz ofc) but here are some I like a lot!!


Narkik Weekend - Day #2  Narkik // Inukag 

From @narqueen amazing analysis: “One of the major themes of the series is the conflict of fragmented identity; this is embodied the best between inuyasha versus naraku - inuyasha, who struggles internally with the desire to be a half demon and his humanity & love for kagome, compared to naraku, who struggles physically (by constantly shape-shifting his body) to shed himself of his humanity & his love for kikyou. this literary archetype is called the shadow - a formidable opponent who mirrors the darker psyche of the hero; a character to both compare & contrast with the hero.

in fact, inukag and narkik are one another’s “shadows” - the relationships themselves are nearly-perfect contrasting mirrors of one another.”

Little Avenger - 6

Pairing: peter x reader

Summary: peter and you liked each other and it was the best feeling in the world. Your happiness however was short lived. How were you going to break the news to the over protective avengers?

Author’s Note: it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!! Okay this one’s got naughty peter and protective avengers. And it’s the final part of the series. Thank you all for liking it! I didn’t know it would get so much love. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing

Word Count: 2245

Part 1,2,3,4,5

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Peter shuffled in his bed trying to find a comfortable position. He was exhausted but he couldn’t sleep, he had so much going through his head at that time. What would you say tomorrow morning? Were you telling the truth when you said you liked him? or was it the alcohol in your system speaking?

He took in a deep breath and stared at the ceiling. He pulled up his covers and then kicked them aside again. He never had such feelings for someone. He did have crushes but with you… it was so different, something so deep and new, something so lovely. You were unique and beautiful. You were harsh but so tender. His smile dropped when he realized something. How much would it hurt to lose you when you turned him down? he puffed his chest, turned to his side and strutted his eyes.

The next morning, he woke up before the alarm and sighed as he sat up on his bed. He hadn’t felt such anxiety and stress before. Love did hurt. He took a shower, dressed up in his best clothes and entered the kitchen. Aunt May greeted him with a bright smile but he couldn’t return it. there was so much on his mind.

‘what is it, peter? You look so blue.’ A crease of tension formed on her forehead.

‘nothing.’ He gave her a tight smile and ate his cereal.

‘I know it when you lie. Stop bottling it up, speak up.’ She stood in front of him.

‘I am very stressed. I-I am afraid I might fail in this, uhm, thing I have to do today. I don’t know what I would do if I lose this thing I am trying to get.’ He said while keeping his gaze fixed on the bowl.

‘peter parker, you are a winner. You shouldn’t be afraid of losing, whatever is it you are trying to get, will be yours if you want it with all your heart.’ She smiled at him. the corners of his mouth twitched in a smile and he stood up.

‘thanks, aunt may.’ He hugged her. ‘I needed this.’ He said before leaving.

He was walking in the facility taking in sharp breaths and thinking a thousand thoughts. He rubbed his face and groaned internally. This was so hard.Peter stood there for a while before his phone buzzed. He took it out and was both delighted and dismayed to see your message.

‘gym area. Right now. We need to talk. Don’t keep me waiting.’ The message read.

He felt a wave of anxiety again, you never texted without using emojis nor by being dead serious. He took in a deep breath and headed to the gym area He walked fast paced, but his footsteps felt heavy, his heart was pounding, his jaw was clenched and so were his fists.

He was about to enter the gym before he was grabbed and pinned against a wall in some dark corner. With wide eyes, he looked at the face of his attacker. He felt a mixture of emotion on seeing your brightly smiling face. Your face had a dewy glow, your lips rosy, your hair down and your beautiful eyes had a glint he couldn’t read. You looked as beautiful as morning flower, blossoming in its full glory. He tensed again when he realised it all could be taken from him at that very moment.

‘top of the morning to you, sugar.’ You smiled and winked. He didn’t speak anything just stood there staring. ‘okay, so it’s the only place there isn’t any camera and where they won’t look for us.’ You ran your eyes behind you too look if anyone was approaching. ‘so let’s get straight to the point. I like you.’ you smiled.

 He let go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding. A great relief washed over him as he heard those words. He grinned like an idiot and cupped your face. ‘what?’ he asked.

‘I like you, a lot.’ You wrapped your arms around him. he couldn’t hold back and kissed you. you smiled into the kiss before moving your lips in sync.

‘cherry?’ he quirked one brow when he pulled back and you nodded. ‘I love it.’ he said before kissing you again. You pulled back but he didn’t let go of you. he felt the need to hold you close.

‘it was my first kiss.’ A blush crept to your cheeks.

‘really?’ he furrowed his brows. ‘you seemed like you had a lot of practice. I mean you were so good.’ He said.

‘I am come with many surprises, sugar.’ You grinned.

‘stop that.’ He mumbled.

‘what?’ you asked in an adorable manner.

‘calling me sugar. It makes me wanna do,’ he tightened his grip and jerked you forwards. ‘things to you.’ he said and you chuckled. ‘that’s why I like you so much, you are unique in so many ways.’ He brushed some stray hair locks out of your face. you couldn’t stop smiling but you realised something and it faded away.

‘Pete?’ you asked and he hummed in response. ‘how are we going to hide it from them?’ you asked with wide eyes.

‘Bucky and Natasha.’ He said.

  ‘tony.’ You said.

‘oh no.’ you said in unison.

‘we’ll figure something out, let’s go out somewhere, somewhere they won’t find us.’ You offered.

‘that’s my girl.’ He smiled and held your hand.

‘uh-uh, PDA, sweetheart. It’s the key.’ You retrieved your hand.

You were loving each other’s company. Being friends was great but being a couple was something else. It was difficult to steal kisses when you were around the avengers but it was one adventure you both loved. You had even made a few games based on how many kisses or hugs one could steal, the loser had to do whatever the winner wanted.

Peter was waiting for you and Bucky to stop fighting so that he could go out with you. tony entered the common area and sighed witnessing what he was seeing. Steve was trying to separate you both while you refused to give Bucky his phone.

‘you won’t text her!’ you tumbled down the couch and ran away from Bucky. ‘she isn’t good enough.’ You shouted.

‘that’s none of your business! And I am not going out with her again!’ he tackled you to the ground.

  ‘Bucky get off her!! you are going to crush her!’ Steve shouted and pulled him away.

Tony and peter were watching it all. Tony turned away but noticed something and stopped. He moved closer to peter and noticed a side of his lip had a bright red mark.

‘why the hell do you have a bite mark on you lip!?’ tony questioned and peter struggled with an explanation.

The three of you stopped fighting and moved to their side. You slid the phone in your jacket’s false pocket and Bucky shot you a glare.

‘what’s the matter?’ Steve asked.

‘peter has a girlfriend he never told us about!’ tony said.

‘so what? It’s his personal life.’ You tried to change the topic.

‘well, you are his mentor, what do you expect?’ Bucky said. ‘I am proud of you. you are not as wild as the kids these days.’ Bucky kept an arm around your shoulder. Only if he knew….

 ‘I don’t owe you any explanation, I am leaving.’ Peter said and stomped out of the room.

You were sparing with Natasha; it had been two rounds and you both were even at this point. She didn’t tell you but she was proud of how much you had learned from her. You punched her in the side which she dodged with ease.

‘concentrate, chip.’ She warned.

‘can you stop calling me weird nicknames?’ you complained.

‘shut up and focus, red!’ Bucky shouted as he entered the gym with Steve.

You groaned and kicked Natasha in the shin. She fell and you got her in a choke, she tapped and you let go of her.

‘good work.’ She smiled and you grinned. you tilted your head in the other direction as you were getting up but she grabbed your arm.

‘is that a..’ she moved the neck of your t-shirt downwards. ‘IS THAT A HICKEY?!’ she said out loud and Bucky looked at you with wide eyes.

‘what!?’ both Steve and Bucky said in unison. They both paced towards you.

‘what hickey?!’ Bucky examined your neck. You slapped his hand away.

‘for god’s sake!’ you said and he moved backwards. ‘you too!’ you said to Natasha.

  ‘how – who gave it to you?!’ Bucky asked getting angrier every minute.

  ‘no one! I hit myself with the case of my sword.’ You lied perfectly.

‘wait a minute,’ Natasha said and looked down trying to remember something ‘you are dating peter?!’ she exclaimed.

‘no!’ you got up.

‘so it was a onetime thing!?!’ Bucky said furiously.

 ‘no! there is nothing like that!’ you tried to explain them.

‘I am going to find stark.’ Steve the only calm one said.

‘I am going to get peter.’ Natasha and Bucky said in unison.

You were running around the base until you found peter in Tony’s lab.

‘holy shit!’ you cursed and ran to get peter.

‘hey! Babe,’ peter got up as he saw you.

‘peter, just run!’ you said trying to push him out of a window.

‘the hell you going, punk?!’ Bucky entered the room with Natasha. Natasha didn’t look that angry but Bucky was blowing off steam.

‘no!’ you put up a protective shield over you both.

‘the hell did I tell you about fooling around with her?!’ Bucky said.

‘who told-‘ you nudged him in the ribs.

‘they already know, dumbass! Shut up!’ you said. ‘okay, I know you guys are angry- ‘you said calmly.

‘(y/n)! peter! What am I hearing!?’ tony entered the room.

‘oh god,’ you whined. ‘everyone calm the fuck down! and let’s talk about it in the common room, okay?!’ you said.

‘fine by me.’ Tony said.

‘come on, Barnes.’ Natasha kept a hand Bucky’s shoulder and led him out.

Everyone was sat in the common room. everyone had varying expressions on their faces. Thor, wand and Pietro were happy, Bruce, Clint, Sam and vision didn’t care much and were okay with it. Steve, Bucky, Natasha and tony were however angry. You both were standing with each other’s supporting parties.

‘its all your fault.’ Bucky turned to tony. ‘you let your ‘kid arachnid’ go to that party alone with my (y/n)!’

  ‘my fault! I am the one who should be worried about my spider son! (y/n) calls you two,’ he pointed at Natasha and Bucky. ‘her family, what if she can’t control her powers, when they’re-‘

‘don’t say it!’ Steve interrupted. ‘and stop fighting! It’s no one’s fault.’ He sighed and leaned against the table.

‘I won’t allow them to date.’ Natasha said. ‘(y/n,)’ she turned to you. ‘It’s not safe.’

  ‘the kid shoots webbings out of his arms for fuck’s sake!’ Bucky pointed at him. ‘who could know it better than me, I was stuck in that shit once.’

‘that was at the airport and he was only doing what was right!’ tony shot back. ‘and she’s deadly too,’ he looked at him and then at you. ‘no offence, (y/n). I love you and all but, like tin man, I’ve had a bad experience with you too. You once almost strangled me thinking I was some invader.’

‘I said I was sorry!’ you shot back.

‘would you guys relax,’ Wanda stood up. ‘I have heard peter’s thoughts and I can assure you he’s good for her. And (y/n)? she could use her powers and change your minds in a matter of seconds.’

‘let them have some normalcy, they are out there saving the world at such young age. If they find comfort in each other, then what’s wrong?’ Sam said.

‘I second this.’ Bruce said and Clint nodded in agreement.

‘Nat?’ Clint looked at her. ‘let the kids be.’ He said.

‘fine.’ She sighed. ‘but I know where you live.’ She pointed at peter.

‘tony,’ Steve faced him.

‘alright capsicle,’ he sat down. ‘I never really had much problem, to be honest.’ He leaned back. ‘maybe I was hungry and sleep deprived so overreacted.’ He muttered.

‘Bucky?’ you turned to face him. ‘trust me? He makes me too happy. He makes feel normal and I feel like I belong. Do I have to give you this ‘dad I love him’ shit? Can’t you just see?’ you half smiled.

‘you win, red.’ He ruffled your hair. ‘if you are happy, so am I.’ shrugged. He turned to peter and hardened his expression again. ‘take good care of her. Hurt her and I’ll kill you.’

‘yes, sir.’ Peter smiled. you hugged him and kissed his cheek.

‘before you go any further, let’s set some ground rules.’ Steve said.

‘yeah, that’s important.’ Bruce said.

  ‘keep the PDA at minimal.’ Bucky said.

‘no cute nicknames around me.’ Tony added. ‘

you could’ve said a plain no.’ peter said.

‘are you being-‘Natasha was interrupted mid- sentence by you.

‘let me just clear it all up, we didn’t ‘do it’ and we made out multiple times. One time with my shirt off but that doesn’t matter. Okay, bye!’ you said everything way to quick before running off with peter.

‘did she say ‘shirt off’?’ Bucky asked and Steve nodded. ‘I’m going to beat him up.’ He set off to find you.

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Halfway there, just two more prints and I’m done with this series! They should be done tomorrow (and thankfully done for AX phew) but I hope you like these! I tried a little bit of a different technique with my usual lineless style to make sure all the characters popped out so hopefully it’s not too jarring or different

Hwarang :: Ban Ryu x reader :: Part 3

Part 3! Sorry for the wait! Starting from today I will work on a fic for our lovely King! (Don’t worry I will also update this fic since so many of you have enjoyed reading this series!) So please look forward to that as well! Thank you for reading and I sincerely hope that you enjoy this chapter! Sorry for any inaccuracies that doesn’t match up to the real plot of the story. :)

Ps. Please tell me if I’m the only person that cackles like no tomorrow when Ban Ryu is in the shower. Like his little messy bun got my rolling. It’s so funny and cute LOLOL.

Part 1 Part 2

My head hurts.

I roll over in my mattress groaning in pain, my head really hurts. Pressing my cold hands against my forehead I sigh at the little relief provided. What even happened yesterday night? Forcing my heavy eyes open just a crack the blinding light made them shut immediately. “God…” I hiss under my breath while turning over onto my side. I scrunch up my face at the unfamiliar material enveloping me, it felt so smooth almost as if I was wrapped up in silk. I rub at the material between my thumb and index finger…wait this is silk. I shot up from bed to look down at expensive material that draped around my body. “What happened yesterday?!?” I whine untying the robe quickly, “I wouldn’t do that, you are naked under.” I freeze in my actions holding the fabric closed around my chest, “You jerk what happened?” He sighs, “So early in the morning and you are already picking a fight that you can’t possibly win.” It’s too early to deal with his attitude I thought visibly rolling my eyes at him, “I suggest you change and give back my clothes before the others wake up,” he indifferently says before getting up himself. I raise my brows standing up as well, “Wait your clothes? T-This silk…” “Is mine, so hurry and change before you dirty it. God knows you can never repay me back for it if you get it stained.” I open and close my mouth in confusion and ultimately at a loss of words, how many drinks did I have yesterday? After quickly changing I bundle up the expensive silk robe and whipped it at Ban Ryu’s face, “Whoops, sorry my hand slipped.”

With a smug grin I turned to open the sliding door, but someone beat me to it from the other side. “WAKE UP YOU LAZY RATS!” A large man yelled directly at my face causing me to stumble backwards in shock while wiping away his spit that splattered all over my face. I quickly dodge out of the way and into the hallway as I watch from a distance as my roommates got aggressively man handled out of bed. I let out a snicker at Soo Ho’s high-pitched scream paired with excessive arm flailing when he thought that they were under attack. Once everyone was cramped in the hallway I bite my lip, daring to look up at Ban Ryu, before I could reflect on what happened yesterday night we were herded like cows into the practice grounds. Squinting at the bright sun it took awhile before my eyes could focus on a very angry Wi Hwa standing in front of us. The elder clears his throat before lecturing us with a booming voice, “Going out to Okta and returning late and tired the next day, fighting among each other when you are supposed to be working as a team! I have had enough of your behaviour! From today onwards no one leaves the grounds without permission. And if I catch any one of you failing to follow that rule you will be kicked out of Hwarang, understood? Dismissed!”


Today’s schedule was fully packed with back-to-back physical training and house chores. The morning wasn’t too bad as simple tasks like laundry and cleaning was done, however the dull throb in the back of my head made simple tasks like that hard to focus on. It was funny to watch the amount of difficulty that was expressed among the majority of the Hwarang from just doing simple housework. Never in my life have I heard so much whining coming from grown men.

After all the chores were done the real training began. Placed in front of me were nine cups of alcohol, very strong alcohol, I thought as I smelt its pungent aroma. The orders were to drink all nine cups and to practice sword fighting while under influence. The logic behind it was to “Prepare us for any situation” although it really seemed like an excuse to see us embarrass ourselves or get seriously injured. With shaking hands I reach for the first cup, here it goes, I thought knocking it back into my throat. I instantly gagged at the strong substance, it burned exponentially compared to the ones I drank yesterday. Wait, drank yesterday? The alcohol triggered my thoughts from the previous night that I couldn’t for the life of me remember what happened. While sipping on the fifth cup I recalled my coziness with Ban Ryu, oh my goodness…I cuddled with… “JERK FACE!!!” I splutter causing all the liquid to spray out of my mouth and onto the lucky person in front of me. With the cup still in hand I look up with widened eyes to only meet with the said man’s stoic face. Loud drunken laughter was erupted among the men who witnessed me accidently insulting Ban Ryu in front of all the Hwarang and elders and to top it off, spitting on him for good measure after it. It was a mess. A huge pulsing vein was prominent on his forehead, I swear I could hear its throbbing as I stared at him. He squeezes his eyes shut while the corner of his lips twitch in annoyance. “Please don’t kill me!” I scream throwing my ceramic cup at him out of fear. Before the cup could hit the floor and shatter he roughly grabs the front of my hanbok, pulling me towards him. “You will pay for this,” he lowly growls before letting go and turning back to finish his drinks, never failing to slam down each cup with increasing force. “I’m dead…” I chant chugging down the last few cups before collapsing onto the floor, “I’m dead.”

I started crying on the floor before sword fighting was even started. A seemingly sober Ji Dwi slips a sheathed sword into my hands and I hug the object close to my body before resuming to crying and rocking back and forth. I don’t know how long I stayed like that but fighting already started among the Hwarang. There was only one rule, no unsheathing your sword, other than that you can basically smash your opponent’s face in with the dull object. No matter how much I enjoyed sword fighting the alcohol didn’t allow me to move, with a swimming vision and heavy eyes I continued to snooze until some brave or very dumb person tries to attack me in my sleep. My nap didn’t last very long to my dismay, being awoken by someone kicking my feet. With closed eyes I roll onto my side and mumble a quick, “go away” but it wasn’t very effective. Wi Hwa pulls me up by the back of my hanbok and practically throws me into the war zone, aka the field filled with drunkards waving their swords in the air before tripping over their own two feet and wiping themselves out. I whine, extremely upset from being woken up for this mess. Using my sword as a walking stick I made my way across the chaotic field, hoping to find a further place to sleep away from Wi Hwa’s hawk like vision. Luckily majority of the Hwarang ignored me walking in the middle of their fights, even though I was extremely tipsy I could probably beat their heads in still. I found a shaded spot not too far and I continued to make my way towards it, only stopping when a dull object smacked into my chest with a hollow thud noise. “Whoa,” I stumble backwards, finally getting my footing steady I follow the sword back to its welder, the notorious grumpy man. “You have a price to pay,” he states with a straight face and I nod up at him, “Okay, I’ll beat you up as payment.” Despite Ban Ryu’s roll eye he lets out a soft chuckle and taps his sword under my chin teasingly, “I’ve seen you hold your alcohol I highly doubt you can.” I pout childishly, even though I’m tipsy I can still be stubborn as ever, I’m not going to be shoved around by him today. Gripping the sword in my left hand I lunge towards the tall jerk before faking a swing and catching the sword with my right hand. I grin catching him off guard before delivering a hard blow into his ribs with the blunt of my sheathed sword, “Tadahh!”

What I didn’t expect next was the hard throb I felt in my cheekbone as Ban Ryu accidently threw a fist into my face as he fell forwards from my attack. “Oof,” I yelp falling along with him. His heavy weight pins me beneath him as I struggle to push him off. I could feel the heightened emotions I got from the alcohol as I struggled to keep my tears in. I sniffle holding my throbbing cheek, “You were nicer yesterday.” He looks deeply into my eyes, I couldn’t tell what he was feeling at the moment. “You were drunk out of your mind yesterday. I had to watch over you like some baby because I promised to help you keep your secret.” I nod at his words and it made perfect sense, I didn’t realize I spoke what I thought in my head, “I thought you liked me…” Oh I said it out loud. I look up to see his reaction but it wasn’t what I expected, “Yesterday didn’t mean anything, nor will my help come without a price.” He says flatly before getting me up and retrieving his sword. I didn’t bother to get up as I lay there thinking about his confession, I really didn’t expect that or maybe that wasn’t something I wanted to hear. I nod at nothing in particular before closing my eyes trying my hardest to keep the stinging hot tears at bay. “Don’t cry you baby,” I quietly scold myself while clenching my eyes and jaw.

I don’t know how much time has passed but the sun was setting by the time everyone started to sober up from the hectic drunk sword fighting “training”. From the ground I didn’t realize that Ah Ro and her friend, Soo Yeon entered the Hwarang home. I guess practice got a little too rough with some of the other members that they needed medical attention. I really hope the elders would learn from this and don’t plan anymore of these ridiculous training practices ever again. A familiar warm hand was placed on top of my forehead causing my eyes to flutter open, “Hey Ah Ro.” She looks down at me with a pout, “Don’t ‘hey’ me! Can’t you try a little bit harder to not get hurt!” I shrug at her lecturing before touching my tender cheek causing me to flinch, “Ow he got me good.” Ah Ro tut and clicks her tongue a few times before she pulls me up onto my feet. I cry out in pain from my added headache as she quickly pulls me along, each step causing a throb to shoot up to my brain. “We need to put some ointment on that now before it swells up more,” she explains seating me beside her medical kit. I nod in agreement as she rummages through her kit while I observe the other Hwarang. It seems like most of them sobered up and were walking around aching, or they were knocked out on the ground sound asleep like a giant baby. “Okay stay still,” Ah Ro orders leaning in to apply some really pungent smelling ointment. Before I could comply I spot Ban Ryu with Soo Yeon, Soo Ho’s younger sister. What really irritated me was that he was smiling sweetly at her, no attitude or sarcasm included. He really did mean it when he said he didn’t have any feelings towards me, how naïve of me. Clenching my fist and jaw I couldn’t stay still, I was angry. Maybe I was so upset that the only way I could cope with it was to turn it into anger, at least I wouldn’t cry and embarrass myself further more. Before the ointment could be spread on my face I got up and headed back to my room despite Ah Ro shouting for me to come back.

“Dumb, idiot, stupid…” I chant through clenched teeth. I’m so mad, I thought throwing a punch into the wooden frame of Ban Ryu and Soo Ho’s shared bunk bed. I kept on throwing punches at the poor innocent wood with increasing strength until the skin on my knuckles split open. Taking a deep breath I watch as the blood dribbles down my fingers and onto the ground, it was calming, almost therapeutic. I felt better getting out my pent up rage but now with the fire gone I felt incredibly defeated. I wanted nothing but to take a long hot relaxing bath however that wasn’t possible, being paranoid that someone would walk in when I’m mid bathing so I quickly cleaned by myself up which helped clear my mind dramatically. Now in a better state of mind I was ready to join the Hwarang back outside. I sat on the stairs in a more secluded area of the palace, watching Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon from afar. I surprised myself at my new reaction to their interaction. As I watched him from here I could see how happy he genuinely was around her, I could never have that effect on him. I could feel my cheeks flush when I heard his laugh at something she said, finally understanding my feelings I nod and get up to tend to the horses. Might as well be productive and get my mind off things, even if it meant doing chores. I finally understood now, I really liked him. Even if he is grumpy, rude, and stuck up he managed to burrow himself deep into my heart for some damned reason. But after seeing him so happy with the company of Soo Yeon I couldn’t possibly be mad anymore. When you like someone you just want to see them smile and if Soo Yeon is the one to put that smile on his face then I won’t intrude. No matter how much the sinking feeling I felt in my heart was uncomfortable and hard to bear I would do it, that’s what you do when you like someone right? You put them first regardless of your own selfish feelings. Even though I knew what the right thing to do was I couldn’t help the hot tears that spilled over. “Ah dumb girl,” I chided myself with a smile. I rub my eyes with the sleeve of my hanbok trying very hard to stifle my sobbing but it was difficult, it hurt so bad. I walked to the corner of the horse stable where a large stack of hay was sat. I’ll just cry pathetically here where no one can hear or see me. Curling up into a ball I cry into the prickly straw, thinking about all the possible reasons why my favourite grumpy flowering knight didn’t reciprocate my feelings towards him. “Maybe because I’m ugly, or stupid. He always calls me stupid. I’m of no class, basically a lowly peasant who worked day and night jobs to get by. I chose a life as a Hwarang so I would have a place to call home. I have no manners, no family, and too stubborn for my own good picking fights that I know I would lose. Wow I really am a poor excuse of a human,” rolling over onto my back I look up to the wooden ceiling, “UGHHHH!” I sit up tapping my index finger on my chin, “If only brother Gun Chul was here he could give me advice. Or beat up stupid Ban Ryu. But he had to go die and leave me here all by myself!” I scream ripping at the stack of hay aggressively. I couldn’t help but smile remembering his passing, even though it was the worst day of my life his last words to me were something, “I hate it here so I’m glad I’m finally leaving, just a bit sad that I’ll have to leave your side though. We haven’t been separated since you were born but know that I will always be watching you, so don’t do anything stupid or you’ll give me a headache even when I’m in heaven…or burning in the depths of hell hahaha.” I laugh shaking my head remembering his stupid parting words. Maybe it was time I paid him a visit, I could probably sneak out tonight seeing that everyone would be exhausted from training today. Even though rules were implemented today I could careless, as long as I didn’t get caught I wouldn’t get in any trouble.

It was nightfall everyone was sound asleep in the shared bedroom. I look around counting each member in their rightful beds before quickly stripping out of my clothes and putting on a simple dark long sleeve robe. I quickly grabbed the flats I hid under my mattress and slipped them onto my feet. Making my way towards the door I peep my head into the halls, making sure it was empty before readying myself to bound down towards the palace exit with as much stealth as I could possibly muster up. Taking in a large breath I lunged forward, with great difficultly as something or someone yanked me back by the belt around my waist. I stifle I scream by holding a hand to my mouth before slowly looking up. “Where do you think you’re going?” Ban Ryu whispers lowly near my ears, “You’re going to get us all in trouble.” I clench my jaw, great this is what I really needed now, “I’m not going to get caught, I’ll be fast.” It was dark in the room so I couldn’t really make out much but I saw the shine in his dark eyes from the moonlight that managed to seep through the paper walls. “I asked, where are you going?” I push him off of me before turning to face him properly, “It’s nothing for you to worry about.” “I didn’t ask for you to assure me. I’m asking where you are going,” he flatly states with crossed arms. “Why do you even care so much?” I ask visibly getting irritated for my now soiled plan. Ban Ryu sighs, “I don’t care.” I sarcastically let out a laugh, “You have a funny way of showing that you don’t care. Just…leave me alone alright?” “You know I can’t do that.” “Ban Ryu can you just-” I didn’t realize I started raising my voice until he places a calloused hand over my mouth, “Come,” he orders pulling me into the halls and into the bathhouse.

I shake my head pacing in a small circle, “I don’t understand you!” He grabs my wrist successfully stopping me in my tracks, “W-What?” I ask quietly looking into his gentle gaze extinguishing the fire in my body. “What’s wrong?” he asks still holding my wrist tightly in his large hand as his thumb rubbed soothing circles into the back of my hand. “What do you mean what’s wrong?” I ask squinting up at him. “You aren’t acting like yourself,” he simply states. Watching him carefully I could see the concern he had in his eyes even though it was obvious that he tried really hard to conceal it. “Maybe you just don’t know me,” I say quietly looking down at his warm hand that held me in place. He didn’t say anything to my surprise, I felt bad for saying what I did considering how much it affected him for some reason. “I’m sorry,” I apologize reaching up with my free hand to place on top of his, “I didn’t mean for it to come out so rude. I guess I’m in a bad mood.” He nods pulling both of his hands back to his sides. I fiddle with the knot on my robe before looking up at the tall man before me, “I just…wanted to go see my brother that’s all.” He nods, “Let’s go then.” I raise an eyebrow at him, “What?” He rolls his eyes, “Can’t you listen for once instead of making me repeat myself every time.” I giggle at his irritation, “I can’t help it if you surprise me each time you open your mouth. Are you going to yell at me? Call me mean names? Or be uncharacteristically sweet?” Ban Ryu closes his eyes with a sigh as if he’s regretting the offer he made seconds ago, “Come on let’s go before we both get caught.” We walk back into the halls and before he could slip back into our room to get quickly changed I grabbed onto his sleeve, “Um can you get me the hairpin I hid under my pillow?” He raised a questioning brow looking down at me, “I-I need it,” I explained which he nodded without further questioning.


I held onto the sleeve of his hanbok as I pulled him along the quiet streets of Silla. I wanted to hold his hand but I didn’t have the nerve to and if I did it would make holding my feelings for him even harder. Just thinking about holding his warm hand made blood rush to my cheeks, “Almost there,” I smile back at him. He followed me into the outskirts of the capital but he didn’t question it even though with his wandering eyes I could tell that he was curious of where I was taking him. I drag him into the cemetery and raised by arms up gesturing to the dark open field, “Tadah!” He raised a brow and continued to follow me as I walked towards the spot that was marked with a few small stones, “Here’s the real Gun Chul.” I present pointing at the stones. Ban Ryu watches me carefully with a questioning look, “I didn’t expect this,” he bluntly states and I smile. “He got sick a few months ago,” I explained with a nod taking a seat in the grass. Ban Ryu lowers himself and sits closely beside me, “I’m sorry for your loss.” I laugh ducking my head to look up at his face, “That’s strange, I didn’t expect to hear you apologize ever.” He softly smiles taking out my hairpin from his bosom and twirling it between his index finger and thumb. “He gave me that,” I explained reaching out and touching the intricate carves on the wood, “We were really poor but…before he passed he got me this to remember him.” Ban Ryu nods keeping silent as if gesturing me to continue about my life’s story, “Um…he didn’t really need to though. I would never forget about him.” I look up at Ban Ryu as his fingers glided over mine, “How could you be so positive about all this? You’re still smiling.” I hum pulling my hand back, somewhat reluctantly, “He hated it here, and I guess he was happy to leave so if he’s happy then I’m happy.” Ban Ryu raises his hand and I was prepared for a smack on the forehead for having such dumb logic but instead he placed his hand on the back of my head and combed his fingers through my hair. I stayed silent as he pulled my long hair into a bun, gently threading the wooden hairpin into it. “Your logic is dumb,” he says flatly causing me to laugh. “What was your reason for joining the Hwarang?” he asks softly as his fingers trailed down my neck before he places his hand back into his lap. “Haha…this is even more dumb,” I confess scratching my cheek embarrassed, “Well…the thing is…we were broke. We worked day and night to make enough to get by. He overworked and his body finally decided to give up. And by myself I couldn’t make enough to keep our home and get medical treatment done for him. So we became homeless but Ah Ro’s family was very nice and allowed us stay with them. However when my brother didn’t get better and passed I didn’t want to burden them any longer… So I looked for a new home and the Hwarang gave me that.” I didn’t even realize that tears were running down my face by the time I finished telling him my story, “Sorry I didn’t mean to cry,” I sniffle as he wiped at my cheeks with his sleeve. “What’s your name?” He inquires next causing me to smile, “I like how you ask for my deep back story before asking for my name.” Ban Ryu softly laughs, “I didn’t know if your name was worth remembering until now.” I puff out my cheeks in mock offense shoving him with my shoulder, “My name is (Y/n).” He nods with a gentle smile, “Thanks for telling me that (Y/n).” I scrunch up my nose at his reply, “Oh geez, you’re scaring me with your kindness please stop!” He scoffs making a 360 back to himself. There was a comfortable silence that enveloped us, “Ban Ryu?” Hearing his name he looks at me giving his full undivided attention before I continued, “I feel the same about my brother to you.” The man raises his eyebrow not following my words, so I continued, “If you’re happy then so am I.” The confusion stayed on his features, “What do you mean?” I smile with a soft laugh, “I like you, a lot. But you are happiest beside Soo Yeon so I will be happy for you both.”    

Ban Ryu’s point of view

I didn’t comprehend what she was getting at. I liked (Y/n) more than any girl I’ve ever met, I even showed her how comfortable I was around her by being myself. I should tell her that I didn’t like Soo Yeon as anything more than a friend with mutual interests like giving Soo Ho a hard time, but I couldn’t bring myself to confess my feelings to her. She looks up at me with tear brimmed eyes but her smile never quivered on her perfect face, “I just…ask one thing of you Ban Ryu…we need to stop having these interactions. When you are like this…being so nice to me I can’t handle it knowing that our feelings aren’t mutual. It’s selfish of me to ask you that but it hurts too much knowing that you aren’t someone that I can call mine.” My chest tightens as I watch her smile waver with tears streaming down her face uncontrollably, it was worse than that time she got drunk. “You talk too much.” (Y/n) laughs with tears still streaming down her cheeks, “It’s okay though. I enjoy listening to you talking about nonsense.” She looks up with pouty lips and I couldn’t help but reach out and pinch her cheeks. “You are dumb aren’t you?” Before she could protest like she usually did I slide my hand from her cheek to the back of her head before gently pulling her forwards. “Just kiss me (Y/n).” My eyes flutter closed as her soft warm lips met mine, we barely made contact before she pulls back and buries her extremely hot flushed face into my neck. I chuckle at her shyness after her whole confident love confession. She snuggles closely to me as I wrap my arms tightly around her body, pulling her into my lap. (Y/n) timidly lets go of the front of my hanbok and slides her arms around my neck, holding me tightly. “I messed up can I try again?” “Do whatever you want,” I mumble feeling the heat radiating across my cheeks. “Okay I will!” She exclaims excitedly squishing my cheeks with both hands. (Y/n) stops amidst leaning in to flash me the brightest grin I’ve ever seen, “You’re cute,” she giggles before continuing to press her lips firmly against mine. Unlike our first kiss it was much more confident, filled with passion as her soft lips moulded with mine. She smiles into the kiss before pulling away, I hear a soft “wow” leave her plump lips as she throws her arms around me giving me the tightest hug she could muster up. “I’m happiest with you,” I quietly confess but nonetheless she heard as she tightened her hold around me.

We walk hand in hand back to the Hwarang house. The night had gotten more chilly but it was bearable since any slight contact I had with the (c/h) made my heart beat as if I ran for miles. I couldn’t help the small smile that tugged on my lips when I catch her in my peripheral vision with the beaming smile on her face that appeared when she sneaked glances at me. She yawns while rubbing at her swollen eyes from all her previous crying. I couldn’t believe this idiot thought that I liked someone else other than her, and wasted her tears on me too. Even though I hate unnecessary crying I admit she was adorable that she cared about me enough to shed her tears for me. Although I hope in the future she would only cry out of happiness. “You must be tired from all that crying you big baby,” I tease treading my fingers through her soft silky locks. She looks up with lidded eyes with a genuine pout, “I’m too sleepy to come up with something witty to say.” I chuckle at her forwardness and squatted, gesturing for her to get on my back. Her usual self would be too stubborn to take my offer in carrying her but she was too tired to care as she obediently jumped onto my back. (Y/n) wrapped her arms around my neck as she buried her face into my shoulder and quickly drifted to sleep.

I was surprised that we made it back into our rooms without being caught. Then again, we would know in the morning for sure if extra chores were given to us for sneaking out. I gently lower her into her bed and she loudly groans, a brief moment of panic floods through me hoping none of our roommates would stir at the sound.

Normal point of view

I groan as I lost all warmth from my soft cushion when it became cold and stiff. My eyes flutter open, it took a while for them to adjust in the dark but I made out the figure before me to be Ban Ryu thanks to the small sliver of moonlight that seeped through the walls. “Stay…” I mumble as my hands reached out to grab his. He sighs but he slips into my bed nonetheless, holding me close into his chest. “I’ll stay until you fall sleep,” he says as his lips brush against my forehead. “Then I won’t ever fall asleep,” I simply state cuddling into his body, feeling his warmth spread through me once again my eyes started to feel heavy. I feel the rumble in his chest as he chuckles quietly, “Don’t be silly.” Ban Ryu combs his long fingers though my hair and removes the wooden hairpin from my bun creating loose ringlets to fall around my face. He slides the hairpin back underneath my pillow before resuming to brush the hair away from my face, soothing me into a peaceful sleep. “Good night…my princess.”

“I’m a peasant,” I correct half unconscious. “And you are annoying, shut up and sleep (Y/n).”

Hell Connection, Ch. 22

Pairing: Jason/Tim
Summary: The Finale.
…I can’t.
Thank you so very much for sticking with me, and for new readers, welcome to the roller coaster that is this supernatural au. I lost myself for a while there; this story felt so big that it kind of overwhelmed me, and it’s taken me too long to give it a proper ending. I appreciate all of the love it has gotten though, and I am so grateful to have such amazing readers and friends.
-This was originally going to carry into a sequel series, and because it no longer will, I had to go back and make some edits to previous chapters. These edits have only been made on my AO3 posting though, so please head that way if you’d like to start from chapter one.
-The epilogue will be posted tomorrow. :)


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i am?? sort of?? probably more than sort of?? addicted?? with how these two?? are addicted?? to each other???

One of the things I love about Legends is how endearingly lazy it is.

I mean, take last episode.  We see Rip drop Commander Steel off in 1965.  This is, presumably, before the series begins.  The JSA know of his wife and child, but not their deaths, and they know of the Time Masters, but not that they went kaboom.

But Rip is still wearing his season two costume, complete with Swedish porn star undercut.  It’s stylish, but they couldn’t even TRY to dress him like season one Rip?

And then there’s the JSA themselves.  They disappeared in 1956, right?  So why are they all the same age as they were when the team met them in 1942?  There’s a 14 year age difference.

To put it in perspective, Stargirl should probably be as old as, if not older than, Rip.  But nope.  Steel and Mid-Nite are still in their late thirties.  Stargirl’s still about twenty.  Why?  Who cares?

I should be annoyed by this, but instead, I just think it’s really funny.

(Also, how the hell did the team get Rip Hunter’s coat back?  Where was that coat anyway?  Does Rip just have the stupidest superpower imaginable: “coat summoning?”)

Shattered - A Moriel Fic

*possible trigger warning for PTSD/panic attacks in this one as well as mentions of violence.*

Title: Shattered 

Summary@allpaintedincolors​ prompted me for “Az flipping out after Cassian’s wing injuries in ACOMAF and having generally awful flashbacks and Mor comforting him/reminding him that it’s over.” 

Azriel/Mor, post ACOMAF the two of them are assisting in helping clear Velaris after the attack as well as strengthening its defences when a freak thunderstorm triggers flashbacks of Hybern in Azriel. Split POV. 

Link: A03

Lightning flashes overhead, a shocking burst of white light that obliterates his senses for a half a heartbeat. Someone screams piercing and shrill a sound that trembles through his bones. Azriel stops dead. Frozen. Trapped. As though invisible, impenetrable barriers have sprung up all around him, preventing him from moving.

The narrow lane around him seems to contract, squeezing in tightly like the walls of that black prison they’d stuffed him in to as a child, getting smaller and smaller until it might crush him. His body stops. He can’t lift his arms, can’t move his legs, can’t spread his wings the way he wants to and fly, fly away from this, somewhere safe, somewhere open, somewhere quiet.

His lungs seem filled with ash, every breath is rasping and ragged, there isn’t space in his chest to get the breath that he needs. His chest is shrinking too, iron bands around it crushing like vices until he can’t breathe.

And his heart. His heart pounds like the hammering of rain against a window, continual, uneven, relentless. Again and again and again like the clash of steel on steel that always used to fill the Illyrian war camps during drills, ceaseless. On and on and on and on until it drowns out the world, eclipses it all in thundering terror and there’s no room left in him for anything else.

His whole body begins to shake violently. He is a feather caught in the hungry maw of a hurricane. He can’t fly, he can’t fight it, he can only bend to its will as it drags him along with it. Bile rises in the pit of his stomach, stinging the back of his throat and sickening him. And his power flares, his siphons burning blue as that energy within him begins to rip free of his control.

Closing his eyes Azriel fights it, tamping it down, restraining himself. He forces himself to breathe deeply, inhaling the scents around him. Velaris. Velaris. Velaris. He chants over and over again. He’s home. In a street surrounded by people. Not Hybern. Not Hybern. Velaris. Home. Not Hybern. Over and over and over he repeats the words, leashing himself mercilessly, making a prisoner of himself, chaining down his emotions.

Then lightning flashes in the sky again and all the hell that he’s been trapping within himself finally tears his scarred, burned skin and breaks loose.

Lightning flares once more and he might have winnowed with it. The quiet, cobbled street bathed in gentle sunlight still visible beneath the darkening clouds overhead vanishes, ripped away and the throne room replaces it. He’s not in Velaris any more. He’s in Hybern. And there’s blood oozing from the wound in his chest where the arrow protrudes. Poison pulses through his body with every beat of his heart. His vision is blurred, his breathing ragged and pain bursts through him with every faint movement.

“I would suggest bracing yourselves,” that voice ripples through him like roiling black thunder. Then a burst of light as the king’s power flares. And Cassian. His brother standing before him, throwing out his wings wide as though they were a shield and not the greatest gift the world ever gave him.

Blood sprays in the air like mist, crimson rain falling from the shredded dark clouds that were once Cassian’s beautiful wings. And his brother is screaming. Screaming in agony as he crumples to the ground before him And Azriel groans, lurching forwards, pain half blinding him as he tries to get to him, to help him.

Power rips through him, roaring beneath his skin, as though his blood has caught fire. But it can’t get out. It has nowhere to go. The magic of this cursed court leashes him, prevents him from accessing it. And so it burns him. It burns and it burns him as he longs to let it out, to save Cassian, to stop him making that awful, unnecessary sacrifice for him.

The feeling of pain consumes him. The scent of blood fills him with every ragged breath. His heart pounds and pounds and pounds. And he can’t breathe. He can’t think. He can’t breathe. He has to get out. He has to, he has to, he has to.


Mor looks up from where she was standing using her power to help repair a shopkeeper’s front window at the flash of lightning that had suddenly flared in the sky above them. When she sees Azriel her heart stops. The shadowsinger has frozen in the centre of the narrow street, his outline gone rigid, his powerful muscles trembling. And his siphons…His siphons are glowing blue as he draws upon his power.

Without a thought she dives away from the couple she had been assisting, shouting for the people around her to get back even as she hurtles for him. The lightning flash, that playful shriek of a child splashing in the river below but to him, to him it was a scream of agony, of horror. It had taken her a moment to resist the drag back to Hybern at the reminder of that flare of power the lightning flash had jolted in her too but Azriel…Azriel.

The heavens open above them, showering them in an unearthly deluge but Mor barely notices the cool rain as it lashes against her skin, her eyes are focused entirely on him. As she bounds towards him she hopes fleetingly that the cold kiss of the sky on his skin might be enough to drag him back to the present but as she gets closer she sees his eyes.

His hazel eyes, usually so calm and relaxed, a constant anchor for her despite whatever else might be going on, those eyes always remain so steady and composed. But now they look wild. They’re hollow and unfocused, staring at something in horror that she can’t see and it’s terrifying him, terrifying him. In all the centuries that she’s known him she’s never seen him look that scared by anything. Angry, yes, furious on occasion, determined, defiant, shaken perhaps but never afraid, never like this.

The moment she’s close enough to touch him she seizes his wrist tightly in her grip and then winnows, pulling her shattered friend away from that quiet, residential street of Velaris as his siphons continue to burn. She knows the kind of power that lives beneath his skin, she knows exactly what he’s capable of unleashing, what he would have unleashed in Hybern if he’d been able to. She has to get him away, get him somewhere far away from those people, somewhere quiet, somewhere safe.

They land in the mountains surrounding Velaris and barely an instant after they arrive Azriel erupts.

His wings flare violently, the hooked claw of one catching her just beneath her eye a moment before she throws up her shields to block against the blast of power she’d been anticipating since she saw him standing frozen there. The mountains around her tremble with the explosion that rips through the air around them and despite her shield, Mor finds herself knocked back away from him.

When she rises again and finds him he’s hunched over himself. Alone in a sea of darkness. The rain continues to pound down over them from the heavy black skies spread out above them and they cloak him where he’s sprawled on the flattened grasses around him. His wings trail behind him, like the sails of a ship whose mast has shattered and left them crumpled and useless. His arms are wrapped tightly around his stomach, his forehead is pressed onto the ground before him and he’s shaking so violently she fears he’ll hurt himself. The siphons that had burned so blindingly bright with all of that power are flat and dull now. As empty as he is.

Pushing herself up she pads cautiously towards him, her heart ripping itself into shreds at the sight of him like this. He’s always so stoic, so in control, so cold and isolated from their court, distancing himself to make it easier to do the things he has to that it’s easy to forget about the battered soul that lives beneath his skin.

She sees it now. Raw and vulnerable, as exposed as he is, lying on the frigid ground at her feet and she despises it. This isn’t the male she knows and loves, not her friend, her battle partner. Seeing him this broken cracks something deep within her she never even knew existed. All she wants as she crouches down on the sodden grass at his side is to help him, to heal him, to make him stop feeling so much guilt and grief and pain.

As she draws close enough to kneel beside him, heedless of the mud forming around them due to the rain she takes note of his ragged, uneven breaths. It takes her a moment to register the fact that he’s crying. The shadows that always coil around him have deepened and darkened, becoming as thick and black as the smoke that pours from a roaring fire, all but concealing him from her. His face is now buried in his scarred hands, those startling hazel eyes hidden from her but the way his chest heaves, the way his body trembles, the way his breathing hitches says enough.

Her throat tightens with a thick coil of emotion and her own eyes sting with tears at the sight of him, at the thought of what he must have endured there to shatter him so completely. Taking a deep breath she swallows it and forces herself to be like him, steady and calm and composed, realising that he needs her to anchor him this time.

“Azriel,” she murmurs quietly, not daring to touch him until he’s noted her presence, the contact feeling somehow too intimate, too much like an invasion while he’s so vulnerable. “Azriel, look at me. Please look at me.”

Slowly he raises his head and his bloodshot eyes find her. At once the little colour that had remained in his sun kissed skin drains, leaving him looking half a corpse before her. He reaches out to her and his hand settles on her cheek, his thumb brushing over the small cut his wing had made in her cheek, which has already stopped bleeding and begun to heal.

“Did I hurt you?” he rasps, his voice hoarse and jagged, not at all the smooth ripple of midnight velvet that she’s used to.

“No,” she says at once, taking his hand in hers and moving in closer, pressing his palm to her chest so he can feel the steady pounding of her heart beneath her ribs and can anchor himself to it. It’s something he does for her whenever her nightmares overwhelm her, lets her feel the pulse of his heart in his chest and it helps, it grounds her, reminds her what’s real and helps her drag herself out of whatever horror she had been lost in. She hopes it helps him too.

“No, Az,” she says again, more loudly and firmly this time, over the tattoo the rain is beating into the ground and their bodies, “I’m all right. You’re all right.”

He looks dully down at their joined hands where they’re pressed against her and he sees the dull, empty siphon on the back of his own and tightens. Dragging his eyes away from her he scans the clearing, the obvious destruction and devastation that shadows the clearing around him. His breathing turns ragged and his eyes go wide, horror blooming in them as he stares down at his battered, burned hands as though he can see blood on them.

“Azriel,” she says sharply, taking his hands in hers and squeezing, holding them to her and stopping him as he starts to shake his head, “You didn’t hurt anyone,” she growls at him, “Look at me,” she says again, punching out each word. She cups his face in her hand and says again, “Look at me,” softer this time. He obeys, “You didn’t hurt anyone,” she says flatly, looking straight into his eyes, willing him to believe her.  

She wonders, for a moment, if those words sound odd in his ears, if they ring hollow. He, more than anyone, has hurt people. Tortured and blackmailed and manipulated and killed them for the sake of his family, of his court, of the people he’s sworn to protect.

She knows why he does it. Why he does it alone. And why he refuses to talk to her about it when she tries to open him up, tries to urge him to share the burden with her even a little. It is his weight to carry. Blood that is to stain his hands and blacken his soul and his alone. And he will drown himself in that blood, in that pain to spare them from having to see it or know it as he does.

But the look in his eyes then, that haunted, defeated, lost look is one she hopes never to see there again. The people he hurts he does because he must, he does to protect, to make things better. But the thought of what might have happened today.

“You didn’t hurt anyone, Az,” she whispers, feeling the tears she had been trying so hard to suppress slide down her cheeks for him.

“I would have,” he whispers, his whole body shaking again, his wings drooping even further behind him, “If you hadn’t pulled me away I, I-“ he breaks off, his head hanging, covering his eyes with one of his scarred hands. “I thought I was in Hybern,” he chokes out to her, every word more cracked and broken than the last, “I was watching him hurt Cassian. His wings- His- I-” He swallows hard as a fresh wave of tears fall to the ground around them, mingling with the rain that still falls around them, “I just wanted to help. I just wanted to make it stop. I just wanted it to stop. I just wanted it to stop…”

He breaks down at that and Mor surges forwards without thinking. She can’t stand his pain, can’t stand the agony that’s so obvious and so present in him. Wrapping her arms gently around his broad chest she pulls him close to her, cradling him in her arms as she tries to make it stop for him now. “It’s over,” she whispers, closing her eyes and rubbing his back, “It’s over now. You’re safe. We’re all safe. It’s over.” She promises him. He buries his face in against her neck, breathing in her scent, grounding himself in that, in the feel of her soft, solid, warm body against his, “I’ve got you. I’m here,” she soothes softly, saying words he’s said to her in the darkness of her nightly torments back to him and hoping that they’ll help, “It’s over. It’s over. I promise. It’s over.” she says again, holding him to her.  

The rain gradually stops, leaving the world smelling fresh and new around her and as the sky clears of the heavy, oppressive black thunderheads that had gathered above them, Mor holds Azriel in her arms. She stays with him in those mountains for hours, letting him break, letting him be vulnerable and shattered and all the things he never allows himself to be.

Her body grows numb with the cold and she finds herself remembering horrible things from that throne room. Cassian’s scream. The spray of blood from his shredded wings. The ash bolt that had pierced Azriel’s chest. The choking, crushing, awful feeling of being useless. Of being able to do nothing while those she loved suffered. Of realising that they might die. Both of them. That she might watch them both die, these two males who had come to mean more to her than either of them would ever know.

But she weathers that storm. She closes her eyes and takes it all for him, the way he’s done a thousand times for her; the way he would for her again in a heartbeat, without a thought. So she weathers it for him, lets his raging emotions batter her body and absorbs them all for him, to help him if she can.

“It will get better,” she promises him softly , once he’s quieted and stilled in her arms, fingers absently stroking his hair, “This war will end. And we will survive it. A new world will be born from the ashes of the old and there will be peace, and quiet and we will get to live in it. I promise. I promise. It will be all right.”

“I love you, Morrigan,” he whispers onto her neck in answer and she squeezes him tightly in her arms.

Leaning in she kisses his forehead, her arms still wrapped around him in a tight embrace and murmurs back, “I love you too, Az.”

Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: It’s here! Part Twenty six! I’m not tagging anyone tonight, as I’m falling asleep posting it. But, I will sometime tomorrow- my day off (for the most part). If you’d like to read, and haven’t yet, my master list is available further down- or you can search ‘masterlist’ in my blog. It should pull it right up. You should also be able to find it if you search for the title. The previous part DOES have every part linked, so if you’re returning and missed any, feel free to find it that way. Or, you can wait. Up to you! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy!

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Warnings: Heated make out scene. Minor editing. And, that’s all I believe. This chapter is mostly plot!

Word Count: Roughly 2500

Sam watched as you tore your shirt open, not caring that the buttons popped off in the process. Slamming the door behind you as you discarded the cloth in record time. Your shorts were kicked off before you ever reached the bed he was sitting on. The dark green lingerie barely covered you as you moved to straddle him, pushing his book away without a second glance. He didn’t get a chance to admire the view before you bent down to press your lips greedily into his.

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Something new for you Nygmobblepot shippers! And something happy in these dark times T_T I can´t wait for the new Gotham episode! But you know what? I am a europeen girl and there is no Fox live stream for meee :( Naaaa have to wait til tomorrow -.-´ But wish you guys fun :D 

Hope you like my fanart , I know the umbrella looks totally crappy but oh well xD


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-14: a gif set

(Like Us Series: Damaged Like Us)

Fame has immortalized them. Family has bonded them. Love will destroy them.

÷ series?

Hiya! I was thinking of doing a series in honor of Ed’s new album, as I’m in love with it, and there are some golden opportunities for some (hopefully) good imagines. I will be doing each song, in the order they’re in on the album, four for each boy (mixed together of course, not four for ash then for for luke and so on, that’ll just be boring). I was thinking I’ll start posting tomorrow and then one a day or something like that. 

Thoughts on this would be great! x 

i love how the sge fandom is so nice and friendly with each other and we understand that since our fandom is from a middle-grade book we do our best to keep things pg-rated like we even try to censor ourselves by not swearing on our posts

i also love how even if we pretend that this series is pretty inoccent we’re all fully aware of the numerous innuendos and “bad words” soman used in the books plus the fact that we kinkshame the characters like there’s no tomorrow

So I can’t fall asleep so here are some thoughts

I had my first ever ballet class tonight and it went so so so so well I can’t even begin to fathom how happy that makes me, starting dance at 18 and being encouraged by a teacher

Tomorrow I have about a 30% of doing my warmup in our movement class in studio, and I’m nervous but also resigned to the studio being like “oh haha but this joke is going on too long”

I had a really good (I think) idea for a YouTube series regarding Shakespeare. More to come maybe

I have an audition next week for a show I loved from the second I saw it and being in it would mean I’d live in manhattan all summer which would be insane

For said show I had to write a one minute piece which I did and I’m so proud of it, it’s silly and cute and I love it

This specifically reflects a new thing that I’m doing which is refusing to allow my fear of not being good stop me from just….making shit

I’ve never written a song, written any substantial part of a novel, or taken a real dance class until the past week because I was afraid of not being good right away. Anyway

I have work tomorrow right after studio and once I realized I wasn’t gonna be able to sleep I got kinda worried about work tomorrow but it shouldn’t be tooooooo bad I’m closing again though which sucks.

I should probably drink a Red Bull between studio and work.

Actually I should probably drink a Red Bull before studio and then before work drink another or drink a coffee which I never do.

I think those are all my OH WAIT WAIT I saw a blog that’s all mlm stuff, cute text posts and pictures of boys kissing and now I’m really wistfully gay for a relationship in which I love a boy and he loves me and we take cute pictures of us kissing in a cute gay way.

So that’s where I am, tired, sore from dance, creative, and gay.

Will I ever stop crying? This finale was epic, and sad, and happy at the same time. And The Vampire Diaries has been part of my life for 8 years, I started watching it in december 2009, and I never stopped, even when Nina left and the whole series started losing the plot, and I complained so much, I couldn’t wait for it to end because it felt like the whole show became pointless. But this last 40 minutes made me understand why I fell in love with it 8 years ago. Maybe I’ll stop crying sooner or later. But it feels like part of my teenage years closed the door on me tonight lol. I’ll probably watch the episode again tomorrow, with a clear mind. I’m so sad and relieved right now, it’s been a while since I saw a good series finale. And this was it. 

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And maybe I’m exaggerating, but it just ended I don’t have the time nor the will to criticize it, it doesn’t matter anymore.


So I may or may not be falling back in love with the Percy Jackson series. It’s been like a year and a half, but I really love the characters a lot. So I decided to draw Piper since she’s a total bombshell, I drew Jason with her and I’m most likely gonna line/color him tomorrow since it’s almost 4am. Anwyay hope y’all like it.