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I love you. Both of you.


Sorry that it was a bit short. It took a while and I hope y'all like it! My hand is in pain, and I’m sorry that some of it looks better than others but I tried. Anyway I will indeed be back with more when I get the chance cause no one likes a cliff hanger. P.s. My name is Ashlyn I’m 13, and I love Bendy&Boris’s Quest for þr Ink machine and it behind the scenes! :D Bye!!



Magnus and Alec are laying in bed, hands loosely intertwined, not speaking. Alec looks pensive.
“A penny for your thoughts?” Magnus whispers.
“I just…can you promise me something?” Alec replies, gaze flickerig from Magnus’ to their linked hands.
“Can you promise me that you won’t forget me? You know when I…when I go…don’t forget about me.”
Magnus frowns, his expression softly saddens a little bit. He scoots even closer to Alec, not letting go of his hand.
“Alexander. How can you forget about the love of your life?”

I’m full of feels and I miss them, bye

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Tim fic prompts: just let him be happy please. tim deserves all the happiness. If you want something specific, maybe him being the annoying little sibling that he is (he's the second youngest batkid and is a snarky little shit he's probably incredibly irritating no matter how 'mature' he's supposed to be okay) or getting into silly teenage shenanigans. Or bruce being like. a good dad and not ignoring him that would be nice. hugs. THIS WAS VERY LONG AND IM SORRY AND I LOVE YOUR FICS! Bye! :D

Okay I know this was supposed to just be a happy, silly, fluffy Tim fic. And I promise that’s all it was supposed to be especially the silly bit. But then the idea of Bruce thinking back on his happiest memories of/with Tim after he “died” hit me out of freakin’ nowhere and the end scene happened… I’m sorry, I don’t know why I can’t just write happy things :(

There is giggling coming from the kitchen. Bruce pauses to listen some more. Another peal of giggles. He frowns. Odd. Alfred doesn’t giggle. Damian certainly doesn’t giggle so publicly. And Dick isn’t due home for at least two more days. Proceeding with caution, he slides forward on polka-dot-sock clad feet and peaks around the doorframe.

Bruce blinks.

Blinks again.

Turns away to stare at the painting of a young girl with a dog watching him from the opposite wall. "Am I hallucinating?“ he wonders.

“You are if you’re talking to paintings,” Alfred intones from beside him and Bruce refuses to admit that he jumps. Just a little bit. Mostly on the inside. The butler raises an eyebrow, very pointedly not smiling at him as he offers, “Would you like some afternoon tea, sir?”

Bruce follows him into the kitchen, staring openly at where his daughter and second youngest son are still sitting on floor amid a settling cloud of flour. “Hey B!” Tim grins, tears of mirth cutting a path through the white powder dusting his cheeks. He shakes his head and more flour falls out of his hair. Cass is leaning against his side, still giggling uncontrollably as she slaps a hand against her brother’s chest, leaving a perfect flour handprint that only makes her laugh harder.

“What-” Bruce starts, then realises he has no idea how to start asking questions about such a ridiculous situation.

“Master Tim and Miss Cassandra were trying to bake cookies, sir,” Alfred explains with a completely straight face. His pants are dusted from ankle to knee in the same mess that’s coating his floor. White footprints show his path from the bench to the door and back again.

“B!” Tim exclaims a second time. He tries to stand but the slippery floor and Cass’s grip on his ankle make him topple forward, arms pinwheeling. The movement sends him stumbling into Bruce, who automatically wraps his arms around him in an awkward hug so that he doesn’t end up on the floor again.

“Yes, Tim?” he replies, unable to hide the smile playing around the corners of his mouth.

“I had an idea,” his second youngest tells him, rubbing his cheek against Bruce’s shoulder a little and grinning up at him, eyes bright and cheeks flushed red from laughing. Looking every inch his sixteen years of age.

“Oh?” Bruce prompts when Tim doesn’t continue.

His son nods, the action getting flour from his hair on Bruce’s neck and chin. “It was a very good idea.”

Bruce opens his mouth to ask what exactly this very good idea was when he hears a muffled giggle from behind him, the only warning he gets before Cass launches herself at his back. He stumbles a little under the added weight but manages to stay upright, Tim clinging to his front, Cass hanging off his back. Suddenly, he has a suspicion about what Tim’s idea was.

“Tim.” The teen blinks innocently up at him. “This was your idea, wasn’t it?”

Tim’s grin widens. “White’s a good colour on you, B,” he says seriously. “Really shows off the grey in your hair.”

Cass hums in amused agreement, ruffling Bruce’s hair to spread the fine powder through it. Bruce rolls his eyes but he can’t find it in himself to be exasperated or annoyed, not when his usually serious children are so gleeful.

 And a bonus scene for anyone who wants their heart shattered like mine was writing it

“Master Bruce?!”

Bruce doesn’t even realise he’s crying until Alfred’s alarmed voice has his head snapping up to stare at the butler through tear-blurred vision. He wipes at his eyes hastily, doing little to stop the tears streaking down his cheeks, only succeeding in smudging more flour across his face.

“I was just grabbing the cereal,” he begins, hating the way his voice cracks. “I knocked over the flour, I meant to clean it up, I just-” His breath catches and he has to stop and compose himself. 

Alfred is watching him with sad eyes, the pain etched into his wrinkled face making it clear that the scene had reminded him of the same thing it reminded Bruce of. He steps forward, skirts around the powder and its shattered ceramic container to wet a cloth. “Why don’t you clean yourself up?” he suggests, handing Bruce the cloth and gently pushing him toward a seat at the kitchen table. “I’ll deal with this mess.”

Bruce wipes the flour off his face and arm, dabbing at where it’s caught on his clothing, silent while Alfred gets a dustpan and brush and sweeps up the spilled flour. He’d done it last time as well, he remembers, sending them off to shower and change while he cleaned up. He doesn’t remember whether Cass and Tim ended up making the cookies or whether Alfred did it after they were banished from his kitchen, but he remembers eating them after they came back from patrol. Sitting at the Cave’s computer with Tim leaning over his shoulder, excitedly explaining how he’d put together the evidence to solve their latest case. 

He’d taken it for granted at the time, having Tim there, hadn’t even thanked him for his help, and now he’ll never get the chance.

Okay just want to say how much I loved that last scene with Yousef and Sana because their thing™ was to look at each other for a little bit until one person looks away…but that last scene Sana was looking at Yousef…she was looking into his eyes and she didnt look away. She smiled even more and Yousef realized she was really looking at him, finally his soulmate was opening and lovingly looking right at him and it was beautiful. 

a review: Book of the Atlantic

~read after the jump at your own risk~
Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic
劇場版「黒執事 Book of the Atlantic」

Alright, this post contains very specific spoilers for the new film! 

I’ve watched it twice during the premier weekend. I’m writing this as a personal keepsake for myself, but am allowing others to read, share, and discuss. For the love of all things kuro, read at your own risk!! 

I recommend you bookmark all reviews, and wait to read them until after you watch the movie yourself. 

I promise you it will be worth the wait when you can just enjoy the experience yourself first!!

If you want a tl;dr basic little review, see the first point. If you want to spoil yourself rotten with each and every specific detail that stood out to me in whatever way, skip down to the second point. Your own risk!! 

basic review

The movie was beautifully animated despite having spare brief moments of questionable budget. It moved in a steady pace without feeling too slow or fast, and felt like a creepy thriller. It is packed with violence, gore, and a threat of danger. All of the major scenes and moments that make the Campania arc complete were included in the film, and I loved it enough to watch it multiple times in one weekend. I would watch it a third time in theatres and will definitely preorder the bluray and soundtrack!

a very detailed spoiler review

warning: there are spoilers after this jump & it is a long read. bring tea.

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hey so i’m way too lazy to make a separate twitter for spoilers so i’m dumping my kh 0.2 liveblog here, under a cut! it is RIFE with SPOILERS so this is your fair warning about that. also, since cuts don’t work on mobile, PLEASE SCROLL LIKE THE WIND if you are on your phone and averse to these things

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A few more of my fave Sonny Carisi moments for @do-me-carisi and whatever treat she has in store for us!!  I hope it’s not to late to submit more. 

A while back, an anon asked me my top 5 fave Sonny moments and I never got around to answering. I’m SORRY!! Life has been hella hectic. So please accept this as your answer too, though I don’t know if I can pick only 5 and not sure I can get an absolute fave moment because Sonny has so many facets to his personality that I love. <3

I know a lot of people are probably going WTF? this is a fave? lol. It is and allow me to elaborate. While a lot of fans were distracted by the stache and the lame new guy schtick, I was totally fascinated with this awkward, brash character and it was in this scene that I realized that underneath all the silliness they brought him in with, Sonny was a “think outside the box” seeker of justice kind of character and was going to be hella entertaining!   I’m STILL lol'ing at Liv saying “we don’t do that here”  OMG HAHAHA. OH GIRL YOU KILL ME!! Have you met YOU??  Sonny had already sized the situation up and he was dead right. That girl smelled the sympathy bullshit a mile away, she needed a man to shoot the shit with her because that’s all she was familiar with. Sonny’s initial instinct was the catalyst to solving the crime and right here in episode one, Sonny was right!

More faves under the cut to save your timelines ;)

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Behind The Scenes Pt. 19

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend (fiancé) and also a cast member of the show. Discover their journey to parent hood and marriage as they go.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 1.8k+

Warnings: None.


A/N: One part before it’s hiatus for this series…  Please, check this announcement. Hope y’all like this, feedback is appreciated it.



“I’m not leaving you alone, Y/N!” Jensen shouted.

You burst into laughter when Jensen messed up his line by saying your name. He hid himself from the camera by resting his head on your shoulder. His lips touching your neck as he laughed. Your dark curls covering his face.

“Don’t you dare to leave me alone, Jay!” You shouted with an over dramatic tone.

Everyone around you were laughing their ass off. It wasn’t any day when Jensen messed up genuinely. Usually it was just to make you laugh in the middle of a scene. Today was an exception, Jensen was messing up his lines. He step back after kissing your neck softly and getting back into his mark.

“And… Action!” Bob shouted.

You breathed in, waiting for Jensen to storm into the room with his Dean’s frustrated scowl. Jensen slammed the door open, making your character step up from the bed quickly. Jensen give you his best Dean’s hurt eyes. You sighed, acting sad because Katherine already know Dean’s knows.

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Christmas Movie Edition: Love Actually

This is it, people. It’s the day after Christmas, I’ve consumed more white wine in the past two days than the entire cast of Real Housewives of Orange County did all of last season and now I’ve been smacked by a soul-sucking stomach virus as retribution. So there’s only one thing left to do—take on the Mount Everest of Christmas movies. Oh yes, I’m talking about LOVE. FUCKING. ACTUALLY. Gird your loins.

00:00:37 Crikey, I always forget about the 9/11 airport angle they tried to shoehorn into this shit. Nobody looks that happy at the airport, NOBODY. I step foot into LaGuardia and instantly morph into a gremlin after midnight.

00:02:44 “Oh! Fuck wank bugger shitting arse head and hole!” Billy Mack is what my insides look and sound like.  

00:06:21 Drinking game: Take a shot every time you see a hideous turtleneck, sweater vest or any other form of aggressively patterned topwear.

00:07:14 DRINK, BITCHES. Also, Chiwetel Egiofor, you are a Commander of the Order of the British Empire—just say no to magenta on your goddamn wedding day.

However, fabulous lady behind you in the feathery magenta hat? YOU. BETTA. WERK.

00:08:30 “Anything to put off actually running a country.” Too real, Hugh Grant, too real.

00:10:04 Chiwetel Magentiofor is marrying Keira Knightley, who’s dressed like a glamorous chicken, so obviously these two are made for each other.

00:10:27 FOR GOD SAKES, LAURA LINNEY. You are a four-time Emmy-winning, three-time Tony-nominated, THREE-TIME OSCAR-NOMINATED WHIRLWIND OF TALENT. Who let you wear this crochet foreskin on your head to a wedding? WHO?

00:11:22 “Oh, pardon me, sorry about that, just have to shove my trombone under the church pew.” I hate everyone at this wedding.

00:12:23 Keira Knightley is mainlining champagne at her own wedding reception which, if I had a full cockatoo nesting in my updo, I would be, too.

00:13:46 “Colin, you’re a lonely, ugly asshole. And you must accept it.” Tony knows what’s up.

00:16:25 I know this is supposed to be a funeral and all but is there no indoor heat in the U.K.? Why is everyone and their mother dressed like they’re trudging through the tundra?  

00:16:41 Cue Natasha Richardson-related tears here.

00:18:17 Cue Alan Rickman-related tears here. Genuinely terrified of the day when everyone I know and love from Love Actually will have passed. Except for that fuckturd Colin. He can leave this earth at any time.

00:18:42 Double sweater-vest horror for the price of one. Drink and then drink again.  

00:19:28 Side drinking game: take a shot for every HR violation in this movie. GOODBYE LIVER, GOODBYE WORLD. 

00:22:24 Ok, so sometimes I’m Billy Mack but all the time, I’m his fat manager.

00:24:01 We’re just going to have to set up an IV of Hennessy for the entirety of the Prime Minister Hugh Grant/Not-Really-Fat-At-All Natalie subplot. Also anything involving that turtleneck trollop, Mia.

00:28:04 “No one’s ever going to shag you if you cry all the time.” Literally years of one-on-one sessions and NOT ONE therapist has ever summed up my life problems as succinctly as Emma Thompson just did.  

00:30:30 Laura Linney, I’m docking an Emmy for every godforsaken butterfly clip pinned to your already hideous sweater. I AM NOT FUCKING AROUND.  

00:33:20 We’re discussing Non-Fat Natalie’s non-fat thighs whilst in the Prime Minister’s office. You know what to do.

00:35:16 Me

00:36:40 Kentucky Fried Keira might be wearing one of those wildlife-killing plastic soda rings around her neck. Sartorially offensive and environmentally irresponsible. 

00:36:55 Professor Snape just smacked Sad Laura Linney in the workplace but she is wearing a sweater that looks like it’s knitted from the stomach spew of a drunkard, so she 100% deserves it.

00:37:33 The Turtleneck Trollop is trying to seduce Professor Snape in this getup. Girl, it literally looks like you wrapped your English muffin in origami. DO LESS.

00:39:19 Oh for fuck’s sake, I totally forgot about that “Mr. Darcy boinks the Portuguese help” subplot. Can anyone be employed in this fudging movie without penetrating their coworkers? Anyone?! NOT EVEN THE FUCKING PRESIDENT CAN KEEP IT IN HIS PANTS.

00:44:42 The Prime Minister just basically launched WWIII because he wants Non-Fat Natalie’s non-fat thighs all to himself. Sadly, this doesn’t seem all that far-fetched considering our current batshit political climate.

00:46:47 I’m not saying I’ve recreated this exact dance in my underpants whilst alone in my apartment but I am saying it’s happened a couple thousand times.  

00:49:03 I’m going to need an entire dissertation paper on why the Portuguese help had to disrobe down to her underpants but Colin Firth got to keep on THREE LAYERS OF SHIRTS when they go into the lake for his dump typewritten pages. I want that shit APA style and with full citations and multiple sections dedicated to the Mr. Darcy wet-shirt scene from Pride and Prejudice, you hear me? Also, you should be chugging alcohol straight from a garbage can based on the HR violations in this scene alone.  

00:53:11 “I know you’ve never particularly warmed to me.” Well, Kentucky Fried Keira, that might be because you insist upon dressing like the homeless pigeon lady from Home Alone 2.

00:58:02 THIS BITCH. We all know that this bitch just wants to have her own private audience with the Prime Minister’s prime minister and that’s why she’s size-shaming Non-Fat Natalie’s non-fat thighs. If we’re gonna get real, girl, Chris Kirkpatrick had your hairstyle for most of the ’90s and it ain’t doing you no favors, either.

01:03:21 Now, we can all agree that Thomas Brodie-Sangster was one of the cutest children to ever walk the planet, but we’ve got to talk about the hair height on this poor child. Exactly how many foreheads does he actually have under there?

01:04:12 FOUR FLOWER BROOCHES? That’s it, Laura Lonely, I’m taking away your Golden Globes, too.

01:05:37 The Turtleneck Trollop is wearing devil horns to the office Christmas party. At least you can’t accuse her of subtlety.

01:10:10 Laura Lonely is trying to get all up on her co-worker Karl because he looks like he stars in the porn parody of Aladdin but she keeps getting clam-jammed by her unwell brother and it’s just like CAN SOMEONE CUT LAURA LINNEY A GODDAMN BREAK IN THIS MOVIE? She had to go topless for this bullshit and is constantly covered in hideous brooches and FOR WHAT? Not even a little jammin’ of the clammin’ from real-life Aladdin? FOR SHAME.

01:18:05 The Turtleneck Trollop coerced Professor Snape into buying her jewelry without even serving up her English muffin to him yet. She’s a grade-A slutbag but you gotta admit, she’s masterful. Also, if I were on the brink of breaking up a marriage and ruining a family, it would have to be for something that doesn’t look a gold nugget that’s been pooped out and put on a string.

01:20:04 Listen to me: I adore Alan Rickman and mourn his passing on a near-daily basis but the way he says “yogurt” has haunted me for fifteen fucking years and now even more so because I’ve discovered AN ENTIRE SONG OF IT.

01:25:25 Know how you know Colin’s is the worst subplot of Love Actually? It’s soundtracked to not only “Smooth” but also “Wherever You Will Go.” It goes without saying but we’ll be skipping his scenes from here on out.

01:29:39 Try to argue that Emma Thompson didn’t deserve an Oscar nomination for these three minutes of exceptional acting alone. YOU CAN’T.

01:32:34 This woman only had one scene and she and her overacting eyebrow were going to make it COUNT.

01:34:43 I yell out “I HATE UNCLE JAMIE” at least twice a week, for no reason at all. I wish I was kidding.

01:36:36 The last we see of Laura Lonely, she’s hugging her brother which, okay, cute, but we both know you’d rather be hugging that beautifully tanned Aladdin dick. WE BOTH KNOW IT.

01:37:59 Okay, so we’re at the scene. And I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Firstly, how did Rick Grimes know that Kentucky Fried Keira was going to answer the door and not Chiwetel Magentiofor? What was the back-up plan, with you standing there with a boom box and notecards declaring your undying love for his wife? What if KFK didn’t play along with the carol singers bit? MANY QUESTIONS, NO ANSWERS. But, real talk, if a dude looking like Andrew Lincoln showed up to my door with all of this fuckery, I would relocate myself into that perfect little chin dimple of his and never come back out, bye.

01:41:10 I am 100% behind this old-man ship between Billy Mack and his fat manager. Which I think also means that I ship myself, er, with myself. Sounds about right.

01:42:12 That earth-shaking screech you just heard was my soul leaving its earthly form due to the fact that a movie about Christmas SPELLED FUCKING CHRISTMAS WRONG.

01:43:41 Why didn’t the Prime Minister just take the goddamn envelope with Non-Fat Natalie’s return address on it for when he searched for her apartment? I’m legitimately getting a migraine from trying to make this movie make any sense.

01:52:09 Yes, the performing kids are adorable but the sparkly scarf-wearing, obviously-gay back-up singing teacher is the real winner of the Christmas talent show. 

02:01:25 What is this half-yarmulke that Mini Mariah is wearing to the airport? Also, Five-Head Tommy wouldn’t be able to catch Mini Mariah in time because Heathrow is the seventh circle of hell and also when the guards do catch him, he 100% would be interrogated in the tiny terrorism room because of 9/11 but no, racial profiling and ARGAPSGAIHATGAEIS.

02:04:46 Mr. Darcy is proposing to his Portuguese help even though he doesn’t know her and only spent a few weeks talking at her but she has a cute little lower back tattoo and that’s all he needs to know! Also, I love Colin Firth as an actor but his on-screen kisses look like those adult virgin couples smooching for the first time at their wedding. What is your hand doing? 

02:09:31 And now we’re back at the airport and all of the subplots have woven together unrealistically and everyone’s hugging and not miserable and I STILL HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. Like how are Kentucky Fried Keira and Rick Grimes going to hang out with Chiwetel Magentiofor like nothing happened? Does he ever find out? Does the weight of their collective lie ruin their beautiful biracial marriage? Also, does Emma Thompson go crazy from resentment over Professor Snape cheating on her and kill him in a rage soundtracked to Joni Mitchell? And how does Non-Fat Natalie handle the public pressure of dating the Prime Minister? And does she use her vag power to have him fire Chris Kirkpatrick who shamed her non-fat thighs? AND WHERE THE FUCK DID LAURA LINNEY GO? Someone send me Pepto-Bismol and a new brain, please and thank you. 

ok someone messaged me about william calling mulder “fox” so I thought i’d share my headcanon:

when william is a toddler and finally able to pick up on things/say words, maggie comes over to visit and of course she calls mulder “fox”. which technically william has heard before but he never really grasped until this moment. so he asks why grandma is calling daddy “fox” and maggie explains that that’s his first name. and william freaks out he is howling with laughter he can’t believe that’s a real name and he runs through the house yelling “FOX! FOX! FOX!!!” and mulder is just like “maggie what have you done??”

and when william is a bit older and learning how to spell he walks around the house chanting “F-O-X, Fox!” and scully buys him a tiny stuffed fox that he can’t sleep without and mulder really learns to love his first name again.

One of my favorite things is giffing the most “blink and you’ll miss it” moments. For instance this bit from Bye Bye Butterfree:

I love the way she looks at him just enough to notice that he’s crying before going on to say something to cheer him up a little. Or this scene from The Ninja Poké-Showdown (which I’ll post tomorrow)–this part is hard to miss–

–but this, coming right after, and the way her hands follow him for a bit still to hold him if necessary:

Idk, I just love the thoughtfulness that went into animating this sort of stuff.


naley appreciation week: day 2 - favorite quote(s)

Nathan: Haley, you got a tattoo for God’s sake. It just freaks me out a little bit, because obviously this whole thing with us means a lot to you. I just don’t want to do anything to pressure you or drive you away. Even though sometimes I can’t help it. Just like I can’t help that I fell in love with you. Cause I did. I love you, Haley. And it scares me a little bit, but there it is.

Haley: Wow. There it is. I love you, too.

alyxblythe  asked:

Yesss, you should post the rumors or incidents. I'd be interested to read them.

Alright alyxblythe these are some of the main ones I have heard. Tbh I they aren’t too outlandish but I don’t believe Topher Grace is a rude person (I will explain my opinions at the end), but let me know what you think of these, I’d love to hear your thoughts guys!

1) On E! True Hollywood Story’s behind the scenes special about That ‘70s Show, they filmed a bit about the series finale episode. Right so obviously Topher and Ashton both returned to make guest appearances. However, right after filming it, Topher immediately got into his car and drove away without saying good-bye to every person part of the show while Ashton was emotional and sad that the show was over and remained behind with the rest of the cast/crew.

2) Remember Ashton’s show Punk’d? Well on his show, he had punk’d every single main member of That ‘70s Show (Wilmer numerous times and Mila twice), and they all signed releases allowing Ashton to air them on TV, except topher. Topher has stated that the reason Ashton never punk’d him is because he would never sign the release if he was ever to be punk’d. In response to this, people have said ‘but why not? Ashton’s worked with him for years on That ‘70s Show and being punk’d is funny but not embarassing, and many, many celebrities have been punk’d.’

3) People say he was ungrateful and unloyal to the show that launched his career. He could have worked on his other projects while filming That ‘70s Show, or had made Eric become at least a recurring role at least. But he chose to leave the show when it was doing so well, at a time that was only convenient to him.

4) On the special features of the season 5 DVD, when Danny was talking about all the cast members he didn’t mention Topher, meaning he and Topher are not friends.

So about that E! True Hollywood Story thing: They were only trying to stir up some drama. Seriously, E! is a celebrity news company. It’s kind of their job to blow things out of proportion. Anyway, Topher actually filmed his scenes for the final episode of That ‘70s Show *before* the episode was shot in front of the live audience due to his commitments with Spiderman 3. Ashton was there on the day that they filmed in front of a live audience; Topher wasn’t. The people in the audience who were lucky enough to attend that taping can confirm this if you’re for some reason suspicious.

It’s not that uncommon for people to choose to leave shows. Don’t forget that Ashton left too. They had both been on the show for a long time, and perhaps they were afraid of being typecast in the future. Also, you don’t know that Topher could have done the other things and filmed That ‘70s Show at the same time; some movies have clauses in their contracts that require the actors to be there whether they’re in the scenes or not. TV shows have the same, and obviously a person can’t be in two places at once.

Not wanting to be punk’d doesn’t make him mean. Maybe he didn’t think Punk’d was funny and didn’t want to be embarrassed like that on camera? Or he’s more of a private person? He has stated he didn’t want to sign a release, and Ashton was simply respecting his authority.

I could go on. But I’ll leave you to your own devices. Oh btw here’s this-

(fun fact that guy on the left is Danny’s brother Christopher (aka Todd the cheese guy from s4e19)


Brallie In Every Episode

Season 1A
Season 1B
Season 2A
Season 2B

Season 3A

3x01: Callie spots Brandon in the crowd at the Someone’s Little Sister concert / the way he looks at her when she walks up / warms my bitter Brallie heart / “shouldn’t you be at Idyllwild?” / “yeah, I didn’t go today. couldn’t miss the party right?” / Callie looks at him like he’s insane / because he is / they keep looking at and away from each other / but then the worst thing in the world happens / Callie sees AJ / and interrupts Brandon as he’s about to tell her everything about Idyllwild / he’s had such a rough day / and Callie leaves him mid-sentence / that’s literally never happened before / they always put each other first / on the bright side she puts both of her hands on his arm / that’s cute. 

3x02: Another episode with no Brallie to report back on / at this point it’s just depressing.

3x03: Brandon comes into his room / and Callie & AJ are literally having a conversation in there / lol / “what’s going on?” / irritated face / B’s hella suspicious of AJ already / the Brallie stairwell talk / why do i have names for every Brallie scene / i’m so annoying / “you really trust him?” / “well, did you trust me when I first got here?” / “I don’t know but you were a lot prettier” / brANDON FOSTER / that’s not allowed / (but i love it) / “so what you’re saying is I’m not pretty anymore?” / Callie flirts right back / gotta love it / B’s face after she says that is A+ / he’s like ‘girl u know u still got it’. 

3x04: Callie walks in on a very tense AJ and Brandon / “you wanna tell her or should I?” / sometimes I like to pretend this is Brallie as parents / reprimanding their child / “Brandon, let him talk” / “I told you we couldn’t trust him” / “Brandon, hold on. AJ, will you just…” *gestures for him to leave the room* / such a mom / Callie asks Brandon to chill / bad move / never ask anyone to chill / “I didn’t trust anyone until you showed me that I could” / ugh throwback to fetus Brallie / miss those lil angels / “can you please just let this go? if not for AJ, for me.” / and because Brandon hearts Callie / he lets it go / for now / for the rest of the episode AJ is really gross and all over Callie / but at least Brandon gets to see her in the dress at dinner / and of course she’s the only one to pick up that something’s wrong / telepathy!Brallie back at it again.

3x05: a hidden treasure in the midst of Brallie devastation / the episode opens with brallie / a good sign / Callie shakes Brandon awake / he’s so disgruntled / it’s comical / “what are you doing in my room?” / “SH! I need you to come with me” / Brandon closes his eyes again / so Callie hits him aGAIN / married couple / but he gets out of bed for her / la la love it / Brallie on a road trip / Brandon is all concerned about how far they’re going / Callie is completely calm / story of their lives?? / “something illegal?” / Callie’s like: ‘i mean i can’t really deny that completely so’ / “Callie, what is this?” “you’ll see” / so cute / the way Brandon looks at her after he finds out she wants to go hang gliding / he’s like ‘i’m in love with a crazy person’ / cue Callie begging him / “Callie, I thought this was serious, I thought you were in trouble” “so be happy that I’m not!” / “I figured if you knew what we were gonna do then you would probably try to talk me out of it” “oh, I’m definitely talking you out of it” / then she GRABS HIS WRIST / wow / physical contact / gotta love it / “if you could have one super power what would it be?” / “well, I wanna fly” / that line gets me every time ugh / she smiles SO big / “for the first time in my life, I’m free” / sorry for flooding this post with Callie but I’m sO HAPPY FOR HER / “I need this. And you do too!” / “I’m almost 17 and I don’t have any good stories. That’s why I brought you here. I just wanted to do something completely crazy with my best friend” / did you hear that?! / BEST FRIEND / “well, it would make a good story” / she finally got to him / and then my FAVE part / she laughs so adorably / and JUMPS on him while bouncing up and down / ugh / adorable / they learn how to hang glide / and Callie is still so gungho / while Brandon is like ‘what am i doing here’ / “basically if we die it’s our own damn fault” “great!” “except if I die, it’s your damn fault” / i LOVE THEM / B finally tells her about Idyllwild / “right, so she’s an idiot” / she’s always such a proud wife, defending her bb / “now I don’t have to deal with anymore crazy, dramatic women in my life.. Kat, Talya, and…” *looks at Callie* / yIKES HAHAHA / back in San Diego the moms think Callie is pregnant with BRANDON’S BABY / i’m laughing so hard tears are coming out of my eyes / they stiLL ADOPTED HER / i’m so bitter / but this is comical honestly / Brallie both pretends to be fine and then both admit they’re scared hahahah / otp / “together. together/” / oTP / Callie keeps yelling Brandon’s name while they’re in the air / “we’re flying!” / Brandon’s little smile at how happy Callie is / Callie has a bit of a rough landing / and B is by her side in SECONDS / fucks me up / “Callie! Hey! Are you okay?” / Brallie hug!!! / and then B grabs her arms / “you feel like a superhero?” / i love this life / “thank you” / Callie has her hands on his shoulders / and his are at her waist / I was lowkey feeling a kiss here / but it’s fine / “that’s gonna make a really good story” / they’re both cracking up / but then the police catch them / and everything goes to shit / Brandon gives away his keyboard / :( / “you ever get the feeling like the whole world is just conspiring against you?” “yeah, I’m pretty familiar with that concept” / LOL / then they find out they need passports / and even more shit hits the fan / uGH rip their perfect day / both of them yelling at the person knocking on their window is my favorite thing / married / their bickering is next level now / damn / they’re in too deep / Cal brings up the ‘dramatic girls’ line / ouch / B do you need some ice for that burn? / “things were a lot easier before you showed up” / bRANDON WTF / too far / Callie agrees / she literally guffaws / and gets out of the car / “screw you, Brandon” / that’s not for another 4 episodes Callie hold your horses / Brandon chases after her / they legit abandoned their car / i’m ??? / goodbye / “maybe you can just call your new boyfriend to come pick you up, huh?” / Brandon throws some “foster brother” shade / boy don’t judge Callie’s dating habits / “there’s nothing going on between me and AJ” “I’m not blind, Callie” “Actually, I think you are Brandon” / me: “aggressively tries to pretend like this fighting doesn’t hurt” / it’s okay / all married couples argue / they have a little heart to heart after / yAY / “you didn’t mess up my life Callie, I did” / “except today you jumped, brandon. you jumped” / another fave line / another fave episode.

3x06: me trying to get some Brallie out of this episode: callie showers right after brandon / let it be known / that’s some good material for a lot of fanfics / B says “careful what you wish for” to Callie about offering to run errands for the moms hahaha / they show Brandon for a second or two shouting “surprise!” / that’s something, right? / in other news Brandon and Sophia bond and it’s hilarious / also all of the appreciation to Callie’s face when AJ and Brandon fight / she’s like ‘oooOOOoh shit’ / anyways I’m forever salty they didn’t show us what Brandon got for her birthday / such a wasted opportunity.

3x07: Callie talks to Rita about AJ and legitimately says: “this is not Brandon all over again” / bitch u right / bc you’re not in love with him / bYE / omg she even says it “it’s not like I’m in love with him” / i luv my otp / Brallie bathroom scene!!! / but all they talk about is AJ / what a ripoff / and a little bit about Idyllwild / but nothing good / “when I first got here Brandon and I kind of fell for each other” / “that’s why that guy hates my guts” / HAHAHAH / u right AJ u right / “we fell in love but I needed a family, so we ended it. I ended it” / kk Callie I think it was pretty mutual but whatever you say / the look on AJ’s face while hearing this / he’s like ‘what the fuck did I get myself into?’ / “there’s one big difference between me and Brandon; I’m never gonna be your brother” / oKAY AJ don’t rub it in / the social worker shows up in the morning because she has some concerns about Brandon / “I’m wondering why you felt the need to take out a restraining order against your son” / aren’t we all???

3x08: Brandon shows up in the bathroom / but instead of Callie standing there like usual / it’s AJ / B’s like ‘i didn’t sign up for this, where’s Callie?’ / “I don’t need him giving me third degree about Callie, I feel bad enough as it is” / “you are over her, right?” “yes” “you’re sure?” “yes!” / even Mariana can tell he’s lying / “look, I already had my chance to get back with her, I said no” / tbt to 2x12 heartbreak / “well you two better get your stories straight” / she right / “so what if this social worker finds you’ve been seeing Brandon the whole time you were at GU?” / Kiara asking the important questions / “Brandon better not tell her about the last time” / “I kissed Brandon at the GU fundraiser” / “I thought I was giving up Brandon for nothing” / can you hear me crying? / “but he’s told me that he’s over it, so…” / “are you over him?” / “yeah, totally” / fun fact: whenever someone replies ‘totally’ it’s a LIE / “I just wanted to hear from your point of view what transpired between you two” / “my feelings just sort of developed gradually, I guess. And I thought that she and Jude were only going to be with us temporarily” / “I tried my best not to act on anything” / Brandon u a liar / everyone is lying their butts off in this episode wtf / “we never uh-” “but you kissed” / she smiles while saying that / this social worker is a Brallie shipper / B says they kissed once / but actually it was four times / but who’s counting? / (i am) / “and this was before or after you kissed Brandon?” / “after, definitely” / “before” / “and who initiated the kiss?” / “I did” / “It was me, definitely” / lol / lyin lil shits / “so your feelings for Brandon weren’t genuine?” “no, they were” / “would you say you were in love?” / “I guess, yes” / “and now?” / “I love her” / “I love him” / “as a sister” / “as a brother” / suuuuuure / whatever you have to tell yourselves / their answers are ALL OVER THE PLACE / this should have me stressin / but instead I was laughing maliciously / bc this can’t look good to the social worker / the moms swoop in for an update / “what’d she ask?” “she asked me if I was still in love with Callie” “okay, and what did you say?” / Stef really has to ASK / she HAS TO ASK / sorry but / ??? she is so unconfident in his response that she has to ask / lol u sure u wanna adopt Callie Stef? u sure? / “is Callie hooking up with AJ now?” / his face is SO hurt / I just want to give him a hug / when Callie finds out B knows about her and AJ her face is PRICELESS / she knows she’s in for it / and she keeps looking at him when they drop Jude off at home / :) / “we weren’t there for you about Callie, I see now that your heart was broken” / Stef finally / holy lord / it took you nearly 2 and a half seasons / Brandon’s in a car! / about to text Callie!! / outside of GU!!! / it just keeps getting better / “I’m here.  Out front.  I need to talk to you.” / me: *internal screaming because this could turn into a recreation of 1x12 so fast* / Callie sees his car / but her phone is blank / Brandon didn’t pull through / and then he leaves / Callie is puzzled / and so am I.

3x09: ok so update / this show is full of Brallie shippers / Carmen totally wants to tell the social worker about them / just because she ships them / “what do you think will happen if I tell her you and Brandon snuck around, seeing each other the whole time you were here? what about you shoving your tongue down his throat at the fundraiser?” / she ships it / “it’s about falling in love with someone you can never be with” / what the FUCK / I didn’t ask for this / Brandon wants us all dead / “what’s he doing?” “kicking some ass” / if there’s one thing Callie is consistent with / it’s defending her husband / and being a proud wife / “I lost the joy of making music. I’d like to reclaim that now and do what I love most…” (Callie) “…perform” / sorry that joke just had to be made / Callie is smiling and tearing up the ENTIRE time B is playing / I think she knows it’s about her / she feels it / also she’s a proud wife, so regardless / and then the KING OF ALL BRALLIE EYE SEX happens / so good it DESERVES IT’S OWN CAKE / Callie is crying and clapping and smiling / and Brandon is grinning right back / I fucking love them / “you were brilliant” / the cutest ~married couple~ Brallie hug ever / they have a lil chat / but you can’t here what they’re saying / that’s okay because they’re both smiling like adorable lil puppies / Callie sends Rita the recording that spills the Brallie secret / yikes / the way she looks between the family and Brandon / symbolism at it’s finest / Callie covering her mouth after Brandon wins / cutie patootie / Brandon and Callie talk in a windowsill / “your composition was beautiful” “I couldn’t have written it a year ago” / eye sex #2 in the same episode / #blessed / “so we haven’t talked about AJ” “it’s none of my business who you date” / wow / glo up / and yet / Callie feels the need to clarify / “I’m not dating him” / nice / “hey, can I ask you something? did you come to Girls United the other night?” “no” / lies again / Brallie sitting on a couch together! / it looks like Brallie on a bench if you squint a little / and they’re in front of a fire / so romantic / “I don’t care about me, what’s gonna happen to you?” / “it just wasn’t meant to be. none of it I guess, was meant to be” / confession time / “I was outside of Girls United” / eye sex #3!!! / wow / and it only gets better from here / Callie looks at his lips / her trademark move / but B has to be an upstanding gentleman and say “I think we should just say goodnight” / Callie peaces outta there / probably to avoid jumping onto him / Brandon watches her leave / and clearly regrets not kissing her / Callie goes to her room / and Brandon finally makes his way up the stairs / and hesitates so much at the doorknob / but it’s a fake out / not Callie’s room / just his / uGH / now they’re lying in their separate rooms / and they literally cannot stop thinking about each other / and at long last / Brandon shows up at Callie’s door / sits down on the bed / grabs her hand / and KISSES HER / if we can find a way to start the chase again / we might rediscover love when we circle round the bend / fun fact: i thought it was ‘circle round the bed’ for SO long / Brallie sex on the brain / Callie takes off B’s shirt / omg / it’s happening / it’s HAPPENING / Brandon takes off Callie’s shirt / i’m having heart palpitations / so that’s casual / so many neck kisses / and beauty / they fall back onto the bed / in other news my heart has now fallen out of my chest / but my eyes have seen a true masterpiece / there is no poverty / cancer is cured / the world is at peace / fades to black.

3x10: the episode opens up with Brandon running his hand along Callie’s arm / yep you read that right / he RAN HIS FINGERS UP HER ARM / fml / Callie smiles / and Brandon leans in and KISSES HER AWAKE / “I should probably go back to my room” “nooooo” / the way Callie like whines / omg / she doesn’t want him to leave / they kiss AGAIN / double whammy / two within the first minute / hey now / hey now / this is what dreams are made of / “I wish we could stay here forever. and ever and ever.” / :) :) :) :) :) / and then she puts her finger on his lips / omfg / I can’t even describe the perfection / coupley af / they’re lying SO close together / sharing a pillow / their heads are practically touching / their legs are intertwined / “you ok?” “I got you, don’t I?” / HELL yes YOU DO / a beautiful scene / all of the awards / they hold hands at the door / they don’t even look at each other / they just grab each other’s hands / i’m FINE / they walk into the kitchen together / like they’re accepting their imminent death / but ACTUAL plot twist of the century / Callie’s adoption is being recommended / wtf the one time things go right / where is that social worker / I’ve got some choice words for her / thought she was a shipper / but she’s a traitor / the way Callie keeps looking at Brandon while everyone is hugging her / Brandon is pacing back and forth in his room / poor worried lil puppy / Callie comes in / they’re both in meltdown mode / but Brandon, ever the optimist “calm down for a sec, everything’s going to be alright” / Callie is not having it / “what?! how is it gonna be alright? okay, we had SEX” / “I thought the adoption was completely off the table, I would’ve never-” “I know, me neither” / ok easy on the instant regrets my children / don’t go breakin my heart / “so you jump into bed with him the first chance you got?!” / daphne omg / “we were in a cabin the woods, okay it just happened” / ok callie that sounds fake / but ok / “what about Brandon? do you love him? / daphne the shipper strikes again / “I don’t know, I can’t love him now” / Daphne tells Callie to figure out what she wants and then make it happen / so naturally / Callie goes to B’s room in the middle of the night / and the song playing says ‘I’m leaving it for him…” / nice / Callie wakes him up by stroking his face / such a difference from 3x05 / another glo up / and then she strokes his arm / this scene tried to murder me so hard / “what’re you doing?” “I just wanted to see you” / “I should’ve said this at the cabin… I love you” “I love you too” / Callie’s sweet lil smile / she legit lies on top of him / and he puts his arm around her / and rubs her back a little / this is what heaven feels like / “what if I call Robert? Maybe-” / *a door slams* / both of my poor innocent puppies jump in shock / and look towards the hallway / they’re so scared / they don’t deserve this / “you should probably go back to your room” / she leaves and takes all of my hope with her / “family is everything. and love is everything” / cue Brandon looking at Callie / and as soon as he looks away / Callie looks at him / my precious lovesick beans / Mariana sings “look in my heart and let loooooove keep us together” / Callie is staring at Brandon / and then we have some more Brallie eye sex / i love it / and now for the most depressing Brallie talk of all time / they’re in the kitchen / the saddest people ever to exist / watching the party outside while both CRYING / “we could’ve ruined everything” “but we didn’t” / “we didn’t do anything wrong” “you don’t think so?” / nO CALLIE I DON’T THINK SO / “we can’t ever tell anyone” “I know” / again with the ‘I know’ / it’s Brallie’s signature saying at this point / (and yet Callie already told Daphne yikes girl) / “it’s going to be okay, Callie” / B’s cute lil halfhearted smile / “this is your family, that’s all that matters” / the family goes to court to get Callie adopted / and I’m still holding onto all the hope I have left / that SOMETHING will stop this tragedy from happening / “there’s nothing romantic going on with you and Brandon any longer?” “no your honor that’s over” / u lying hoe / Brandon drops his head / in depression / meanwhile I start bawling my eyes out / it’s fine / i’m fine / everyone is fine / Brallie hugs after / and the song playing says ‘it’s never gone’ / so that’s a nice hidden treasure for us / cue the whole family being happy while i cry on my bedroom floor / true story.

  • mom: so how was your da-
  • me: thor's characterization in aou was so on point tho. he was just the perfect amount of cocky at times, and also had some of the funniest moments. then we have the fighting scenes, he dominated them tbh, i loved every bit. and let's not forget the visibly growing friendship he has with steve, something i never knew i needed till i saw it. the moves they did with the hammer and steve's shield?? i mean did they practice this while in the avengers tower on their down time?? thor giving steve an asgardian drink?? bros 4 lyfe. let's definitely not forget thor in midgardian clothes, hot af if ya ask me. don't even get me started on his messy ponytail. hoodied thor was the cutest thing i've seen and also-
  • Oikawa: Mattsun, I'm sorry for what happened last night.
  • Hanamaki: What happened?
  • Matsukawa: Nothing.
  • Oikawa: Well, I was a bit drunk and I thought Mattsun's futon was Iwa-chan's so I hugged him and kissed him on the neck.
  • Hanamaki: So those were the sounds I heard!
  • Matsukawa: In my defense, Oikawa's a decent kisser and anyone waking up that way would let out a pleasure moan.
  • Hanamaki: Same thing happened to me in middle school.
  • Matsukawa: Really? What guy drunkenly kissed you while you were sleeping?
  • [They look at each other in horrified realization]
  • Matsukawa: Uh, you're okay with us not hanging out for a couple of weeks?
  • Hanamaki: Totally.
  • Matsukawa: Okay, see you.
  • Hanamaki: Bye, I'll miss you.
No one said this was The Easylist

Clearly being a Blacklist fan requires time, effort and a vast suspension of reality plus a good nights sleep and a rewatch helps to remind you of the good that sometimes gets overshadowed by the bad. There was a lot of good here. No really there was and up to that one particular scene I was having a grand time. So here are some rambling thoughts…**spoilers**

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