i love this scene so much tho

Headcanon that Dirk is so impressed by Todd’s scientific knowledge (even though it’s basic physics from high school) and he’s always looking at him with dreamy eyes like he’s the smartest person in the room.
(Todd secretly loves it and starts reading scientific books just to keep impressing Dirk.)

you know, even tho all the raphael/izzy scenes made me really uncomfortable i could somehow deal w it only if ! they would consciously show us how unhealthy is this relationship, or have a good reason to show us like be a part of a bigger picture. but im so utterly disgusted that the producers think that any of those scene were even a tiny bit romantic. no. there is nothing nice about how izzy dragged raphael into this whole mess, how he manipulated him, there is nothing lovely about how much they got deep into this addiction that manipulated both of their minds with feelings that are not real….. i could throw up just thinking about how much they romantize this relationship, isabelle lightwood and raphael santiago deserved better

I need to take a minute to appreciate the fucking acting skills in the eyes and body language of Jen and Colin tonight.

Emma is all excited and a bit nervous to admit she found the ring and he is confused and for a moment she thinks he’s mad …  

And Hook is confused and taken aback but then he looks at her and sees all the love there and a little bit of worry and he MELTS.

Bravo, guys. It was a tough scene and they NAILED it.

Ugh, this is taking me back to Season 3 and the lingering angsty expressions and I am just enjoying this so much … tho I am glad that I will be surrounded by shipmates when I see what I think is coming next …

OMG every other shot of this scene is just Charming and Killian going

wtf? your son is a babby belle.

wtf belle he wants to kill my daughter!

wtf do you mean it’s not his fault? where was he planning to put that fucking sword?

wtf mate we have to do something.

wtf RUMPLE is looking for him?

wtf ofc we’re gonna stop him he wants to hurt my swan!

and then finally, ok alright, we’ll give it a shot because we like you Belle.

I still love this whole team tho. so much.


Malec was on point tonight!

The acting in my opinion was so much better and I just love how their relationship is growing. Also I really loved the talk between Isabelle and Alec

I gotta say that I was bit dissapointed tho. Remember in season 1 when Izzy went to bed with Meliorn. That scene was shot perfectly. And in this episode Jace with that girl? 

Why can’t Malec have that same kind of potrayal? Idk if it’s because they’re both men, but I think that Malec should be on the same level as any boy/girl relationship in the show. I haven’t noticed that Harry/Matt has any problem with acting same-sex couple so that can’t be the reason,

Anyway, I have my hopes us :) They’ve done so much better job in this season so lets see where this ends up

Guys… let me just say this: let’s assume that Callie and Aaron go farther into the relationship and decide to have sex. Do you know how GROUNDBREAKING that scene could possibly be ? That would literally be TV history. Just like in Season 2 when Connor and Jude kissed, and they broke the record for youngest same-sex kiss, if Callie and Aaron had Sex, it would be the first ever scene on TV where a straight person has sex with a trans person tho. I love Freeform so much guys.


favorite character meme: five relationships ♡ [1/5] julie & tyra 

my little girl’s all grown up. 

my kc review:
-it was the best book out of the three that’s for sure
-the scenes were so lit and intense
-i still hate maven so much idk if people still stan him tho
-i fucking HATE samson so much
-mare’s rescue was so fucking intense and the fact that marecal had to fight each other made me so emo
-evangeline is such a mf badass i love her and i hope she teams with mare bc i would love to see a friendship!
-and yall…the marecal scenes were so cute beautifully written except THAT FUCKING EPILOGUE
-i love my mans cal so much but he cant go around preaching equality and a second later accepting the crown!!!
-the epilogue truly killed me and i refuse to let marecal sink
-overall it was a great book but that fucking ending man

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Yay Dee thank you so much for doing these again! Could I request Tae's POV from the first part of Business where he fucked the OC after Jungkook came inside of her?

» Business 2 [i fucked up and wrote the scene from Business 2 instead of 1, sorry :(, i noticed after i wrote it]

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