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I like it a lot. More than I expected, to be honest. I was pretty wary of the Hotaru hype but I really like his first story with the Tsuki MC.

I think a huge part of the story’s appeal to me is, since Hotaru doesn’t speak (much) it’s all down to the MC to tell everything and in that sense, she has more room to actually be the main character of the story. Also, she is more cautious here.

That, and Tsuki MC comes with her own agenda and baggage, she’s also a shinobi, so they’re pretty much in the same social class, unlike the Hana MC with her samurai lords.

Also, I personally LOVE IT that it is implied that Hotaru is younger than MC. Before knowing his name, MC refers to him as the “boy” (otoko no ko). The romance bits involve tending each other’s wounds and some literal lick-it-better scene (LOL, hahahaha). 

Spoiler after the break.

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i love the headcanon that sometimes instead of victor flirting and yuuri not catching on its the other way around and theres this scene i watched in b99 and it reminded me of that, imagine victor and yuuri buying a new mattress and yuuri being like "once we get the new mattress were gonna have to break it in ;))" and victor goes "MATTRESS TRAMPOLINE"

YESSSSS hahahaha!!

I feel like when Victor flirts, it’s very outright and Yuuri gets better at detecting it over time. But Yuuri, who loves him just as much but professes his love in more subtle ways, occasionally makes dirty/flirty jokes and it ALWAYS catches Victor off-guard because Yuuri is so casual about it.


“Come here often?” Victor says, wrapping his arms around Yuuri’s waist and settling his chin on his shoulder. They’re alone in the rink that morning.

Yuuri laughs. “No, but in the locker room a couple of times.”

Victor hums, ducking his face into Yuuri’s neck and holding him tighter.

Then, suddenly, his hands fall from Yuuri’s hips.

“Wait, Yuuri, did you just–”

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Omg. If you need requests I am happy to ask. I always figured you were super busy. I absolutely love your language and the way you describe a scene. I can't put down anything of yours I've read. Ok. Praise done. Two ideas. Roll with what inspires you. Gajevy: breakfast in bed for pregnant Levy who has morning sickness/weird cravings and keeps sending the food Gajeel makes her back. OR Levy & Gajeel have to take care of Lily who has accidentally gotten drunk.

Your praise destroyed me. I needed a minute before writing. Hahahaha. Thank you so, so much!! I decided on the first one because it just seemed so cute???

;The Woes Of Pregnancy

Levy eased herself up off the cushion. No matter how she tried to settle, the nausea just wouldn’t let her relax. It was as though the very lining of her stomach had come unravelled and now sat in her throat, waiting to explode all over the clean bed sheets. She shivered at the thought.

‘All right,’ Gajeel’s voice was partially muted in the hallway. He appeared in the doorway a moment later, a tray laden with food balanced in one hand. ‘I brought every kind of sweet I could think of. I even asked Erza for help. If you don’t like these, it ain’t my fault. It’s hers.’

Levy let out a quiet laugh. Gajeel was doing his best to take care of her – actually, he was doing more than his best. He was exhausting her with his efforts. He treated her like glass with cracks along its base, just threatening to give way. Levy didn’t want to burden him. She wanted this – her pregnancy, the birth of their first child – to be a blessing. Not a curse. 

Gajeel set the tray down on the bed and sat beside it. ‘Does the smell do anything?’ he asked. ‘You feel sick? Woozy? Anything?’ 

Levy took a cautious breath. ‘No…not yet.’

Levy’s morning sickness had started late into her pregnancy. Late enough that her stomach was already swollen to an amount that said pregnant and not really loves her sweets. Though, both of those things were true. 

Placing a hand on her stomach, she opened her mouth and waited for the first bite of what would probably tip her over the edge. Gajeel slipped a finger-shaped cookie into her mouth. Coated in sugar, it spread a sweet taste through Levy’s body. Taking a bite out of it, she swallowed a small piece and waited for the inevitable to come. It didn’t.

Gajeel stared at her stomach, as though it might show signs of the outcome. Levy found herself laughing. His gaze snapped up to her own.

‘What’re you so happy about?’ he asked.

‘I just am,’ she said, tears trickling onto her cheeks. ‘I’m so happy, Gajeel.’

Gajeel reached over the tray to trail a hand across her cheek. ‘You’ve become a real crybaby, Levy,’ he said.

Levy pouted. ‘I can’t help it.’

‘Yeah, yeah. So how was it? Think you can eat another?’

‘Yeah!’ No. As soon as the word left her mouth a tide of nausea undulated through her body, crawling steadily, slowly, out of the pit of her stomach. She gripped the duvet in one fist, Gajeel’s arm with the other, and let out a heavy breath.

‘Don’t you dare!’ he warned. ‘If I have to change again today I’m revoking the rule on wearing clothes in the house.’

Levy couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled to the surface. ‘Stop making me laugh,’ she scolded. ‘I feel sick as it is.’

When the nausea seemed to pass, Levy drew in a long breath and held it, too afraid to let it out. 

‘You have to eat something,’ Gajeel muttered. ‘I’ll get Lily to bring something over. What do you want?’

Levy shook her head. ‘No more running around,’ she said.


‘Lay here with me,’ she said. ‘Please. Just for a little while.’

Gajeel let out a long sigh. ‘You gotta eat afterwards, got it?’

Levy nodded. ‘Promise!’

Gajeel moved the tray onto the bedside table and quickly crawled into bed beside her. Levy nuzzled against his side, feeling comforted by his presence.

‘It’s really weird that your cravings are all over the place,’ he said. ‘I mean, you crave something and enjoy it, and then the same thing makes you sick. It’s like your stomach’s playing tug of war with what you eat.’

Levy’s lips twitched up into a smile. ‘Yeah…it’s certainly strange.’ She glanced up at her husband and slid her arm across his chest. ‘Well, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, when Wendy comes for a visit.’

As it turned out, Levy’s stomach was playing a game of tug of war with her cravings. Or, rather, the troublesome twins inside her womb were. 


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Before the Sun Is in the Sky - Part 3

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader


Summary: Sometimes, it’s best to end it while the love is still there.

Warnings: Cursing. That’s it. (I’m surprised I haven’t written any *bow chicka wow wow* scenes yet. Whaaaaaaa?)


A/N: I’m still so astounded the fact that you guys actually enjoy my writing????? Like it’s so rusty?????? BUT YEAH, ANYWAY. I dunno, it can’t be all rainbows and unicorns, friends, so I was like, LOL, LET’S DO THIS. So yeah, I present to you the final chapter of this series thingy. I dunno what to call it. But again, thank you so much!!!!! I am extremely humbled by your response!!! I have one request that I’m working on right now, but if you guys have anything else you’d like me to slaughter, I’d be honored to be your shitty author. I legitimately love you all.

P.S.: Shameless promo here. GO FOLLOW BECCA BECAUSE SHE IS FANTASTIC AND PERFECT AND SO INCREDIBLE. Tbh, she inspired me to write because of her own brilliance so GO, FRIENDS. GO READ HER STUFF. Okay read the thing now byyyyyyye.


It’s been two weeks.

Fourteen days, seventeen hours, twenty-nine minutes, and eighteen, nineteen, twenty…

After being exclusive with Lin for a solid eight months, (and seeing him consecutively for thirteen days since that first date despite some days that only allowed you half an hour together), it’s been two entire weeks since you’ve physically seen him. Your fingertips haven’t grazed the stubble on his cheeks, his arms wrapped themselves around your waist, your lips haven’t tasted the sweetness of his own. Your ears haven’t been graced by his melodious voice, your eyes have not been transfixed by his mesmerizing dark brown orbs, your skin has not felt his radiating warmth. It’s been fourteen days.

This wasn’t fair.

Not to you, not to him.

You couldn’t help it. Your life was far too hectic, far too full of chaos for you to balance your career and a relationship. To make matters worse, he was in the throes of his musical with deadlines left and right. Lin was at the mercy of creativity for the sake of production, and he often disappeared for days at a time to clear his head or find inspiration. When creativity struck, he was a goner.

And sure, you spoke as much as your lives would let you. Over text, numerous phone calls, playing phone tag, leaving sweet voicemails, you were both still on each other’s minds. But it wasn’t like your lifestyle allowed much time to spend together, no matter how desperately both of you wanted to.

You had already met his parents (upon his insistence and disregard for your apprehension), slept with him (which carelessly happened on the third date because the way he kissed you when he dropped you off at home after breakfast had needy, lust-filled undertones that you just couldn’t deny), and woke up next to him a few nights in a row (because the feeling of the contours of his body matching perfectly with yours was a sensation you just couldn’t do without), you two were going so strong.

You knew his birthday, his favorite color, the way he took his coffee, the poem that made him think the hardest, the song that never failed to send a chill down his spine. He knew which cushion on your sofa that you found the most comfortable, the cupboard where you kept your sugar, the plans you had for your future together (even going as far as the color of the back splash of your kitchen, the type of dog you’d get, and even names for your kids – you two just didn’t know how to take your time), the things that kept you up at night. If asked, you both could write novels about each other.

But perhaps those novels would only intersect for a chapter, only to diverge upon completion.

And maybe it was time the chapter ended.

You picked up your phone to shoot him a quick text and saw that he had already beaten you to the punch.

From Lin:

(5:10 am) - Good morning, beautiful :) Rise and shine!
(5:10 am) - Wakey, wakey, rise and shaky!
(5:11 am) - Despierta, mi cariña 😚

If only he’d known that you couldn’t even manage to snag a wink of sleep the entire night.

You tossed your phone behind you and rolled over on your side to get a glimpse of the clock that sat on your bedside table.

5:13 in the morning.

Your schedule at Columbia had you coming in at 6:30, giving you a little less than an hour to get ready. With a groan, you willed yourself out of bed, taking a minute to sit up on the edge to mentally prepare for the day.

A ping came from behind, alerting you of another text.

From Lin:

(5:16 am) - I’m thirty seconds away with your favorite: ME.
(5:16 am) - And bagels and coffee, but clearly I take precedence ;)

Your heart leapt up into your throat, and you felt asphyxiated, wrought with anxiety and guilt for having led him on for this long.

It wasn’t like you didn’t want to see him because you did. Fucking Christ, you wanted nothing more than to see him, to wrap your arms around him, to kiss him, to hold him. If he asked you to stay home, you’d find someone to cover for you (even though you had an opportunity to scrub in for a spinal correction for herniated disk, otherwise known as your Holy Grail) just so you could spend the entire day in nothing but your underwear and Lin’s t-shirt while both of you lazed around your apartment.

Even though you anticipated it, you jumped at the sound of the buzzer, signaling you to make your way over to your front door to let him in. Without even checking who it was outside, you simply pushed the button to let him in, lingering by the coat closet after unlocking the door.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” he greeted as he sauntered into your abode, the scent of coffee quickly filling the immediate space.

Lin didn’t waste any time, gently placing the items on the side table opposite the coat closet. He took you into his arms and placed a quick kiss on your temple before finding your lips, kissing you passionately as if to make up for the moments he couldn’t be with you.

“Hi,” you managed to squeak in reply. That was all you were able to say.

He walked over to your kitchen and brought the brown paper bag and tray of coffee to the counter, quickly offering you a cup. “Just the way you like it.”

All you could do was smile softly as you took the cup out of his hands, making yourself comfortable on a kitchen stool. Taking a small sip, you remained quiet as you watched him pull the food out of the bag, beckoning you to dig in.

“Mike’s was packed this morning,” he started as he took a bite, still talking with his mouth full. “I mean, it always is, but it was like everyone within a three-mile radius suddenly needed dozens of bagels. It was insane.”

You just looked at him from across the counter, not really knowing how to segue into the conversation that needed to happen.

It was too difficult though.

There he was as eccentric as always, charming and mesmerizing, so full of light and conversation. You’ve always enjoyed his mere existence, the way he looked at you, the way he spoke to you, the way he held you – everything about him was so incredibly fantastic. It was all just… wrong timing.

“Lin, we need to talk.”

Damn it, how cliché was that? You sounded like every Goddamn romantic movie Hollywood ever produced. And you couldn’t even help it. You didn’t want to sound so generic, so insensitive, so callous, but you just didn’t know how else to do it.

He put his food down on the napkin in front of him, his eyes finding yours, trying to read your expression. “Oh, um. Okay.”

You swallowed hard, already feeling the tremors in your fingertips travelling throughout your entire body. Fuck, you weren’t prepared for this.

“I can’t see you anymore.”

Shit, you just ripped the band aid right off. No bracing yourself for impact, no warning.

In that moment, you couldn’t bear to look at him. You could practically feel his eyes burning a hole in you, wordlessly pleading.

“Why?” He breathed quietly. “What’s wrong? I thought we were doing fine.”

“I just…”

Words were suddenly foreign to you, and you found yourself struggling to construct sentences.

“Y/N, what happened? Did I do something wrong? Baby, look, if I did something wrong, I’m so sorry. If I hurt you, I’m sorry. But please, tell me what’s wrong.” Lin moved over to your side of the counter, placing both hands on yours in some attempt to get you to face him. “Why can’t you see me anymore?”

Why couldn’t you see him anymore?

You were too busy. He was too busy. Your schedule was complicated. He disappeared randomly. You barely had enough time for yourself, let alone another person. He needed time alone to write. It wasn’t fair to him and it wasn’t fair to you.

The answer was simple, so why couldn’t you just say it?

“Lin, I…” You began, but you couldn’t even finish. Eyes fixated on the wood counter, you felt tears already forming, blurring your vision. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what, Y/N?” He asked almost frantically. “Why are you apologizing?”

You could practically feel your own heart madly beating on your tongue, somehow making it even harder to speak.

Suddenly, you felt him wrap you up in his arms, pulling you closer, tucking your head under his chin. Of course, this only made the dam break, sending your tears streaming down your cheeks.

“Baby, please look at me,” Lin whispered as he pulled away, taking a hand to lift your chin. He placed a kiss on your forehead before holding you again. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

You couldn’t handle it anymore. He was too good to you. The way he was comforting you right after you’d just broken the news that you decided you couldn’t see him anymore was enough to break you into pieces.

After gathering yourself and mustering the courage to elaborate, you let out a trembling sigh and ran a hand through your messy hair, turning it face him.

“I can’t be this,” you spoke, gesturing around. “For you. I know you will always be here for me whenever I need you, but I’m just not… I can barely find time for myself, and when I do have a free moment, sometimes you’re somewhere else. And I get it, trust me, I respect that, but it’s just not fair for both of us to have wait around for the other to be free–”

“Y/N, I’m making the conscious decision to do this. This isn’t your doing, it’s mine. I’m the one that’s choosing to be here. I’m here right now! I’m making the time see you–”

“Lin, that’s just the point! You’re the one doing all of this and I can barely meet you halfway.”

“And I’m fine with that,” he replied softly, his voice quivering. “I’m fine with all of it.”

“But I’m not, Lin,” you spoke as tears rolled down your face. “I’m consciously wasting your time–”

“You’re not!” He exclaimed with a shake of his head. “You are not a waste of my time.”

“This is for the best,” you mumbled, feeling a wave of guilt wash over you, practically drowning you in its relentless tide. “I can’t let you do this. ”

There was a measure of silence between the two of you as he took a step back, taking a deep breath.

“So that’s it?” He asked, his tone admitting defeat.

You couldn’t say anything in reply. Instead, you just sat there with your head down, unable to meet his somber gaze.

Without another word, he stepped towards you and kissed the crown of your head.

“I love you,” he murmured against your hair.

And with that, he saw his way out of your apartment, letting the door click shut behind him.


The rest of your morning was a blur.

You cried in the shower, sobbed in the elevator, wept on your walk to work. Sniffling in the resident locker room, you opened up your locker and stuffed your bag in it, causing a sticky note to fall to the floor. Not wanting to leave a mess, you bent down to pick it up.

It was a note scrawled in messy handwriting.

‘Sixteen hours until I get to see you again. It won’t be long now :)’

It was a note he’d written when he brought you dinner at work. Lin dropped it off one night and pasted the sticky note on the Chinese food container, leaving it for you to find when you got a chance to eat.

For fuck’s sake, you couldn’t catch a break.

Wiping a stray tear away, you stuck the note back up on the door of your locker, your fingers lingering on the ink for a few moments before you shut it.

Okay, breathe, you thought. It was your decision. Deal with it. Stop crying. No more crying.

If only that inner pep talk actually worked.

It was a sixteen hour shift, but there was no prize at the end of it anymore.


Despite the usual excitement at work, you still found your tasks monotonous, going through the motions without your typical glee, counting down the hours until you could just go home, curl up, and cry.

Ten hours into the day, you managed to steal a few moments to yourself to grab a quick bite to eat downstairs in the cafeteria. Hunger just wasn’t on your mind though, so after grabbing an order of fries, you opted to sit in the quiet chapel to gather yourself in peace.

Phone in hand, you mindlessly unlocked it, checking to see if you had any texts, missed calls, or voicemails.

There was a notification for a new text message and your heart stopped as you held your breath. Part of you wanted it to be from Lin, but the rest of you knew that you wouldn’t be able to take it.

It was from your little sister asking if you could help her on her science project this weekend.

You let out a sigh, partly in relief but mostly in disappointment, because you wanted to know if you were still on Lin’s mind. But you didn’t have the right to think that way anymore. You’d made your bed, so now you had to lie in it.

Your fries had already gone cold and you no longer found them appetizing (if you even had an appetite), so you picked up your things and left the chapel, deciding it was best to get back to work instead.

The rest of your shift was spent with you doing post-op follow ups on the pediatric floor, sulking between patients and sniffling in empty rooms. Your eyes were obviously puffy and your nose was embarrassingly red, something you know Lin would’ve teased endearingly. The thought of that only twisted the dagger that was already buried deep in your chest.

Midnight struck and it was almost time for you to head home to your warm bed, with blankets to wrap around you, pillows to support you, and blackout blinds to shield you away from the monstrosity you’d created earlier.

After checking your roster for any additional stat checks you needed to complete for the night, you approached a fellow resident and handed her the tablet.

“You’re up,” you told her with half a smile. “Goodnight.”

You went straight home after changing out of your scrubs, trying to distract yourself from the inevitable breakdown that was already on the brink. Typically, you’d whip out your phone and dial the number you knew by heart. Lin never made you wait more than two rings to pick up the phone as long as he was awake. He’d ask you about your day, and even though he had no idea what your medical jargon meant, he was still all ears for you.

But you couldn’t do that anymore. It was time to face reality now.

Stepping foot into your apartment building, you walked over to the elevator, took it up to the ninth floor, moping down the hallway before getting to your place. With a swing of the door, you were greeted by the shadow of two coffee cups and half-eaten bagels still sitting on your counter under the moonlight. You shut the door and just stood there, tears spilling over, guilt and heartache suffocating you, his words from this morning still resonating in your head, his kiss still very much present on your lips, his scent still lingering in the air.

You couldn’t even look at it.

With your eyes shut, you sulked to your room and closed the door, collapsing right onto your unmade bed, not even bothering to change.


You had gone six days without hearing from him. Not that you expected to, especially since you felt you had no right to hurt because this was your choice.

Work had you just as busy as always. Running from floor to floor, dashing from OR to OR, you were fully submerged in your daily duties (and rightfully so, because lives were at stake). It gave you the opportunity to focus on something else, to distract you from the fact that your heart was trying to claw its way out of you because you had betrayed it.

Things were slowly normalizing themselves and you felt like you were going to be okay.

At three in the morning on day seven (you still couldn’t help but count the days), you stirred awake, subconsciously reaching for your phone on your bedside table.

No new notifications.

Part of you wanted Lin to fight back, to convince you that you’d made the wrong choice, to show you that he was relentless and persistent. But you knew that wasn’t the case. The man would jump off a roof if you told him to and he’d do it in a heartbeat without a second thought.

You told him to go.

He obeyed.

Sleep was nowhere near the top of your priorities at this point, so you went through your phone, swiping through pictures, reading through text messages, listening to voicemails.

‘Hey baby,’ it started. ‘I just so happened to order way too much Pad Thai and I don’t want it to go to waste, and I know a certain doctor that also just so happens to really enjoy Thai food. I also just so happened to walk past David’s Cookies on Bayard and it reminded me of your sweet tooth, so I got you something sweet.’

There was a brief pause.

’I also got you some cookies.’

You heard him chuckle at his own joke and you started laughing despite the tears forming in your eyes yet again.

‘So I’ll see you in a little bit because A) I can’t finish all this food by myself, and B) I can’t last another moment without seeing your face. Hasta luego, cariña.’

That was the day he stopped by the hospital just to drop off your lunch. He was protective of you, and he knew that if you didn’t take the time to eat, you would’ve starved.

Sitting up against your headboard, you placed your phone somewhere to your side and you cried, your sobs resonating throughout the four walls of your room, shoulders heaving, knees trembling. You cried for the mistake you’d made, cried for the pain you’ve caused, cried for the man who had made everything in your life so much brighter.

He was the missing piece. He was the love of your life. He was always the endgame.

Without a second thought, you quickly dialed his number and prayed to every religion’s God (or Gods because you were in the midst of an act of desperation) that he would pick up.

‘Hey, you’ve reached Lin! Leave it at the beep!’

Your heart dropped. Sure, you didn’t really expect him to answer the call, but you also hadn’t prepared yourself for this outcome. This was pure improvisation at this point, and you figured you should leave a message because you had nothing more to lose.

“Lin, it’s me. I’m sorry, I made a huge mistake. I wasn’t thinking when I thought it’d be better this way, but I just can’t do it. I’m so sorry, Lin, I’m so sorry.”

As pathetic as it was, you were blubbering already, hiccuping after every other word, sniffling between sentences.

“And I know you don’t even wanna hear from me anymore, but I just need you. I was so stupid to think breaking up was a good thing. Lin, I’m sorry.”

You hung up and sat there all distraught, unable to catch your breath as you tried to choke down your sobs.

That was it. It was really over. You had pushed away the one man that truly wanted to stay, screwing up everything in the process.

As your sobs finally ceased, sleep finally found you, giving your body a moment to relax from all the strenuous crying.

An hour and a half later at 4:34 in the morning, you heard your buzzer go off, causing you to gasp yourself back to consciousness.

Your heartbeat raced as you tiptoed to your front door, pressing the button for the intercom.

“Who is it?” You called out groggily, rubbing your swollen eyes.

“It’s me,” he replied.

You didn’t even need to confirm his identity. You knew that voice.

Without hesitation, you buzzed him in and felt the waterworks flowing again, relief washing over you despite the guilt that still burrowed in the pit of your stomach. You unlocked the door and opened it, stepping out into the hallway to greet him when he came upstairs.

“Y/N,” he spoke softly when he spotted you from the elevator, picking up his steps to get to you sooner.

When you were finally within his arm’s reach, he took no time in taking you and holding you tightly. You finally let yourself breakdown in his arms, crying softly against his chest as you held onto him.

“I’m sorry,” you sobbed. “I’m so sorry.”

“Shh, I’m here, I’m here.” Lin smoothed the hair on the back of your head. “I’m not going anywhere, baby, I promise.”

His voice cracked and you heard the heartbreak you’d caused.

After managing to pull away from him, you took a deep breath to recollect yourself, wiping your eyes with the back of your hand.

“I love you,” he whispered, beating you to it. “A thousand times over, I love you.” His eyes welled up as he looked down at you, his arms still not letting you go.

You couldn’t even give yourself a chance to reply. Reaching up and placing your hands on his wet cheeks, you pulled him down for a kiss, your eyes fluttering shut, forgetting the rest of the world around you.

He returned the kiss with an arm around your waist and his other hand in your hair, pulling you impossibly closer to make any remaining space between you disappear. His teeth grazed your bottom lip, giving it a slight nip.

“I am so in love with you,” he murmured against your lips when he broke away, his nose nuzzling yours.

“I love you,” you whispered in reply, pressing a kiss on jaw. “I love you so much, you don’t even know. I’m so sorry.”

You rested your head against his chest with your arms around his waist, not wanting to feel what it was like to not have him in your arms again. The six full days you had to endure without him were already hell on earth.

“It’s okay, Y/N, I’m here now.”

Lin took your hand in his and his fingers found themselves at home between the spaces of your own. He led you back into your apartment, not taking his eyes off you, a soft grin on his face.

Once the door was closed, he brought you over to your sofa, sitting you down on your favorite spot before taking a seat right next to you.

“I know I will fall off the face of the earth, sometimes for days at a time,” Lin started. “And I know the hospital will make you disappear on a near daily basis, but the bottom line is that, no matter what, you are the one thing that will always remain constant for me. You will always be the first thought on my mind and the last dream of the night. I will always come back to you. In all possible circumstances, I will always choose you, Y/N. It will always be you.”

A single tear rolled down your cheek as you smiled at him, leaning forward to kiss him once again. The weight on your shoulders finally lifted itself off and dissipated into nothing.

You settled into his side and he draped his arm across your shoulders.

“I’m sorry,” you said softly. It seemed like that was one of the only things you could say.

“Apologize one more time and I’m walking out the door,” Lin joked, chuckling slightly.

The sound of his laugh gave you the sense of comfort you’d lost that dreaded morning, and your lips managed to break into the most genuine smile you’ve had in a week.

“I missed you,” you said as you looked up at him.

Lin simply pressed his lips to your temple. “Not as much as I did.”

You were thankful you had a full twenty-four hours off from work, giving you the entire day to spend with the love of your life.

Both of you spent the next two hours talking about everything and nothing. He caught you up on the progress of his musical, you educated him on medical terminology, you both laughed at the absurdities of your respective careers. He played with your hands, drawing shapes on your ticklish palm with his index finger, watching your fingers curl sequentially upon every swoop and curve he drew. You nestled into the crook of his neck, the soothing sound of his voice lulling you to sleep.

After falling asleep nestled comfortably in his arms, you were woken up sometime late in the morning by Lin leaving a trail of kisses, starting from your forehead to your jawline.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” he greeted you quietly.

“Hey,” you replied with a groggy smile, still between sleep and consciousness.

“I’m thinking bagels,” Lin suggested. “Are you thinking bagels, Y/N?”

Your sleepy smile grew into a foolish grin, and you pressed your lips to his, giving him a quick peck. “You read my mind.”

And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere is CENTER/NEZUMI for one of the most cute scene together (or just THE most cute) !! Come on guys, get it all out !!!!!! Cry as much as you want to, this is for you lovers of this unbelievable couple. Ok, I think I’m gonna cry too, this scene is so touching really… shit… where’s… where’s my tissue… Nezumi…. I love you !! Center…. I love you !! (Ok I stop kidding cause everyone is crying right now !) Ok love moment here. Enjoy !

And after, all of this was a straight scene ??!! HAHAHAHA !! (oops sorry ) ok I should try to do this with one of my friends then ! She’ll hit me and I’ll end up to hospital ! Thank you MG 2 trying to experience your way of friendship in what’s supposed to be real life.

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Hi dHi dear Laura!! Please, I need your help!! I have a youtube channel and someone wrote me this comment ''クラナドってあのシーンキスしたっけ?''. The only thing I understand is ''clannad'' hahahaha. I'd like to answer this comment but, how can I do it if I don't understand it??! I'll understand if you don't want to help me… *sobs* Thank u so much!! I love your blog. PS: I really want to read your thoughs about AkaYona ch. 139!! :-)


So the comment translates as (I think) “In Clannad, did they kiss in that scene?”. I say -I think- because I don’t know the content of your video and I’m not sure what scene they’re talking about, seeing as I’m pretty sure there was no kiss in Clannad? Unless they’re talking about the alternative route anime special episodes…

About AkaYona 139: Sorry for the delay, Anon! My thoughts and the chapter will go up in a few hours. I had work today and couldn’t get to it any sooner! I’ve finished the translation but my phone is giving me hell when I open tumblr (as always) so you’ll have to wait until I get back home. I’ll be home soon! ^^

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The ICONIC dance scene in Beyond the Sunrise was a masterpiece. AND I GOT TO WATCH YOU WRITE IT!!!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! You also got to watch how many times i changed words and corrected that I’m so glad you didn’t just snap at me, I know I snapped at myself many times, hahahaha 

ps: i get to watch you write so many amazing things in BTS i just…. I feel honored to witness the magic. 

(spoil me a bit and tell me your favorite line from any of my fics!)

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i hope you don't mind me asking but do you have any recs for like genuinely good vampire series? or anything vampire related

uhhh this is a difficult question to answer because I don’t know your vampire #biases like vampire stories go from horror n gore to like soapy ya and I, being a connoisseur and a scholar, will consume pretty much the entire spectrum of vampire related media lmao. But I will do my best.

(oh, and also - i’ve taken under assumption when you say vampires you mean series where they’re like actual characters and not just zombie fill in villains ie. the 30 days of night series and i am legend. but you should watch both of those things anyway cause they’re pretty good.)


  • let the right one in - the original, not the remake though the remake is passable in a david fincher’s girl with the dragon tattoo kind of way. The original is weird and spine chilling and atmospheric and haunting and you should absolutely check it out.
  • a girl walks home alone at night - The summary for this movie is: ‘ Residents of a worn-down Iranian city encounter a skateboarding vampire who preys on men who disrespect women.’. WATCH IT
  • from dusk to dawn - the series, the movie is alright (just youtube selma hayek’s dance scene honestly) but the series is sooooo good, it’s actually one of my favourite currently airing series in general. 
  • being human - the uk series, though the american one is also very watchable. really really good and explores a lot of the morality and consequences of being a supernatural creature/vampire especially. also aidan turner is so much hotter when he’s playing quasi evil dudes


  • look everyone hates this movie but i loved byzantium. gemma arterton as a misandrist vicious vampire mother furiously trying to protect herself and her fragile waif daughter saoirse ronan and garotting people in the process? Blood fountains? that dude who’s playing darcy in pride and prejudice and zombies as an enforcer of the vampire dude mafia come to kill gemma arterton but is actually totally in love with her and can’t look at her without melting into a puddle of goo? SIGN ME UP! THAT’S SOME GOOD SHIT
  • look you’re probably not going to believe me but the originals is actually REALLY, REALLY GOOD. like, if you absolutely hate soapy/cw esque shows it’s clearly not going to be for you, but i live for the trash and this is my favourite trash. you don’t have to watch the vampire diaries to understand it (though watching a few eps with the originals probs wouldn’t hurt) and like, it is such a bounty of the creme de la creme of vampire fiction tropes. weird victorian esque no touchey sexual tension, sophisticated lookin suit wearin definitely sociopathic tribal minded loyal to the end murderers, it’s set in new orleans, everyone’s good looking, honestly give it a go you will not be disappointed 
  • hellsing. hellsing is this anime/manga series i used to LIVE FOR when i was like, 13 lmao. it’s pretty bloody/lots of gore and there’s like undead nazis? and stuff but the core story is about alucard (it’s dracula……….. BACKWARDS) this super powerful vampire who is enslaved to the hellsing (as in abraham van) corporation which is led by this super cold super efficent lady called integra and alucard is absolutely batshit crazy in love with her and she basically treats him like this savage animal that’s under her control lmao it’s so great also there’s warrior catholic priests
  • true blood, the first two seasons of this show were LEGIT. this was my shit in high school. don’t even say ‘godric/eric roof scene’ to me unless you want me to start crying blood and pleading in swedish. however, it goes to complete shit after season two and you’re going to be invested and feel like you have to keep watching for your faves. don’t do it. don’t doooo itttt
  • buffy and angel, though i was always more of a buffy girl. honestly on rewatch i don’t love this series as much, but it was absolutely formative for me as a yung supernatural lovin’ kid. THE SEASON TWO ENDING REMAINS THE MOST FUCKED UP GREAT SHIT
  • vampire academy. lmao i read this series when i was in high school in the midst of the post twilight vampire boom phase and that probably definitely influenced my opinion here, but it’s probably my favourite ya vampire series.
  • underworld. i’m pretty sure this is where the fucking werewolves vs vampires thing came about? which like, thanks for NOTHING kate beckinsale, but other than that these movies are good trashy 00′s goth n leather suits fun. 
  • the vampire chronicles series by anne rice, it’s actually this whole book saga that incorporates like three different series and witches and there’s like 25 books or whatever but i used to love them a lot as teen. the movies are good too - interview with the vampire obviously a classic, and queen of the damned is a 00′s hot mess but worth it for AALIYAH AS AKASHA AFOREMENTIONED QUEEN OF THE DAMNED
  • hotel transylvania? HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA
  • moonlight. this was a funny little show that only lasted a season (rip) with the dude from hawaii 5-0 as a moody vampire and sophia myles as the object of his maudlin affections with bonus logan from veronica mars as an i don’t give a fuck rich dick vampire and shannon sossaman as the protagonist’s evil femme fatale ex/vampire sire. it was legit. 
  • the carmilla youtube series
  • when i was reallly young i watched this anime called karin? and it was about this girl born into a vampire family but she was like, the world’s shittiest vampire and instead of craving blood she like produced too much blood and would get these massive nosebleeds and she was in love with this completely normal useless dude and kept on trying to hide the fact her family were these creepy ass vampires from him lmao. it was dope 
  • the blade series


  • vampire diaries. don’t do it. also they only wrote in diaries for like half a season #falseadvertising
  • anita blake vampire hunter. nooooooooooooo
  • this fucking weird ya series called like evernight? the only good thing about it was that the vampire reveal was a fakeout and you thought the dude was the vampire but it was actually the girl. more flipped trope vampire girl/human love interest stories @ world
  • house of night. house of nooooooo
  • honestly like 80% of the entire post twilight vampire boom. it takes some serious diggin to find gold in that hot mess


  • the 1992 dracula movie, solid aesthetics but like is it brilliant? not very. 6/10
  • the dracula tv series with jonathan rhys meyers, it only lasted a season and he was creepy weird but the reincarnated lovers trope is always great and lucy was absolutely butt crazy in love with mina, and it ruled. 6/10
  • the dracula untold movie. charles dance was a vampire living in a cave and apparently he was also meant to be caligula???????? ??????????? 5/10 for luke evans and his cute wife and also again, reincarnated lovers trope
  • van helsing, i love this stupid movie but it is a stuuuupid movie. 5/10 for the ball scene and kate beckinsale’s dope 00′s corset/curls combo
  • the league of extraordinary gentleman - HAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH. SOOOOOO MUCH PLEASE WATCH IT, IT’S SO BADGOOD. 8/10 BECAUSE MY BAROMETER IS TOTALLY SKEWED also the graphic novels it’s based on are actually brilliant and deserving of a true 8/10
  • the outkast song ‘dracula’s wedding’, 9/10
  • the count from sesame st, 10/10 please watch this
  • aforementioned hellsing, 7/10
  • dracula 2000, this movie sucked and it was PERSONALLY offensive to me because dracula was JUDAS ISCARIOT. 3/10
  • all the b movie old school draculas, collective 7/10
  • bram stoker’s actual book dracula, the reason this entire post exists, 7/10 i took off three points for bram playing like he didn’t totally rip the shit out of like fifteen different vampire myths from eastern europe

all of my favorite scenes from this NG shuu /rolls

OH DAMN SCAREDY CAT HANAMIYA AND PIYOMIYA(???) SO CUTEEE I CAN’T EVEN– AND IMAYOSHI PLS WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR FACE I CAN’T HELP BUT LAUGH but his voice is terrifying for real www and I was laughing so hard when I saw Aomine’s face

dammit i love this NG so much haHAHAHA and imahana so canon here– oh please what kind of happiness is this /brb bury myself

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Abridged - ACT 2

Part two of a comedic TL;DR synopsis for those of you who’ve read the book, can’t afford it, or would like to spare a few hours of your life.
(Just to be clear before we begin, I didn’t hate the book…. I was just underwhelmed.)

Here’s part one

CONTINUE… IF YOU DAAAARE!!! (Please dare I worked very hard on this)

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addicted ships appreciation: the hot-tempered triad

I can’t fucking disagree. Though I know what this means. When Rose, Lo, and I band together, our emotions are at the most volatile level. It never indicates the right mode of action. Just the most fucking passionate one.

I have hit 7000 followers, not sure what makes my blog so wonderful that 7000 people want to follow it but hey ho;) thank you very much for following me, I love posting on here, definitely one way to pretend Gossip Girl is still an ongoing show! Hahahaha. Thought I’d celebrate with probably my favourite photo from one of my favourite scenes from the whole series!! 

Okay so, because CA CW was causing me so much stress and anxiety, I realized a good coping mechanisim to get through the movie would be to watch the movie at home (a shitty camrip version) and write down my thoughts as I was having them. I kept pausing the movie to take breathers so I took the time to write down a commentary of my thought process while I was watching. Therefore, I made some unorganized, raw, and unfiltered commentary of the movie. AND YOU CAN READ MY SHITTY COMMENTARY IF YOU LIKE!!! Anyways. MASSIVE CA: CW SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT. SERIOUSLY. THIS IS LITERALLY A REACTION TO THE WHOLE MOVIE. 

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The Dust Storm.

Everything is under a cut as I promised so you all can keep scrolling safely! I think that you can’t consider any of what I mention in this post a spoiler but there are a few comments on the movie based on my personal opinion and, also a few things about my trip to the Twin Cities and my life in MN.

Tagging these lovelies as I think they might like to read this: @kat2609, @killihan-jones, @optomisticgirl, @laschatzi and @mindyourhelm. Feel free to ignore me if you don’t want to read it, I just tagged you based on the activity of my latest post about the movie. Sorry if I forgot to include any of you! ;)

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It's lowkey frustrating that we haven't seen Rick and Michonne hug yet? I don't see them as this overly-PDA couple. But a hug would have been perfect after Rick sharing his feelings about Judith. Also do you think we will hear an "I love you" sometime soon...?

It’s extremely frustrating for me! Lol However, I think it added to the tension that was going on between Richonne to have them not hug (though I would sell one of my internal organs to see a Richonne hug at this point).

AL and DG express so much of their characters through their physical movements and the literal distance between them did its job. Though I can’t believe I’m saying it, a hug would somehow be ineffectual to the plot and mood given the way that the episode played out, and what is to come.

Don’t get me wrong, the love is definitely still there; if not for the love and respect between Rick and Michonne, things would be very different. What I am saying is they are not on the same page. That was evident with their scene in the bed (which ripped my heart out and stomped it into the cold, hard dirt). Both are carrying the weight of grief and how they respond to it. Michonne has always been a ‘doer’; she needs to take action. Rick, while being the same as Michonne, has shown another level to who he is as a person. The restraint that he can have and what he is capable of to protect those whom he loves.

A hug would have communicated that they were on the same page, and while she will try for him, she is dealing with what is in her own nature, and that is to fight.

I think Corey Reed did a fantastic job with writing their scenes and Andy and Danai were perfect as usual. Did we want a Richonne hug? Yes! Could we handle it? Maybe. Was it needed to tell the story of their love for one another in dark times? No. Their story line was solid with what we saw.

Michonne staying to help Rick make their bed on the floor was important. She could have easily walked away, but her saying she would try while helping Rick said so much. It was her saying I’m still with you. I loved the entire scene between them.

As for the proclamation of love. It’s coming! I do believe we will hear Rick say it first. Gosh, was I the only one who had heart palpitations when Rick said the word ‘love’ when he was talking to Michonne? I couldn’t handle it if he said it to her hahahaha but I am here for it.

By saying that he was not going to lose Michonne, he communicated to her that he loved her. We know he does, there is no doubt, but he’s going to have to say it out loud at some point. And he will. Just give them some more time and let the story unwind.

This is the first episode of S7 where we have had some substantial Richonne moments, and trust me, there are more to come. They will be on the same page again and we’re going to get that hug we’ve been craving since she rode in on Flame with the comic books and razor back in S4!

Sorry for going on and on about them, but they are literally The Best TV Couple of all time. Hands down. Ugh. I love them so much.

Thank you!