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Wanna hear what Lili thinks about her scenes with Juggie in her room? Here’s a snippet of Lili Reinhart’s commentary about the adorable Betty & Jughead exchange! I made the video to visualize their commentary… ~ From the fun filled entertaining 2hour long official podcast with Lili, Madelaine & Bob Barth with RiverdalePCast yesterday ~ Full transcript & video below cut.

Bob: Back at the Cooper’s place and Betty is getting ready for the funeral…and who’s gotten a little suit on?
Bob: And he looks good!
Lili: She sees him with the suit on but still got the beanie though.
Mads: What’s his hair like under there though?
Lili: We’ll find out….
Bob: It’s gotta be dreadlocks…when’s the last time he shampooed? *laughs*
Lili: Ohh….the questions will be answered.
Yeah, she… I think obviously you can see there’s growing chemistry between the two…and it’s quite apparent especially in that scene. You know she gives a little…smile..like “Oh, you clean up nice. Ya know…kinda one of those things…Urm.. yeah.
Bob: And there’s something thats…..well Cole has always been a good looking kid. I didn’t know the Disney show. But I knew him as Ross’s son on Friends!
Lili: Yeah! Ben!
Bob: So I was like "OH THAT’S COLE!” And he’s got a GREAT smile and you never see Jughead do it!
Jug is just sort of  …and we can’t understand why…but he’s sort of a dour…he’s got a lot on his shoulders. So when he DOES crack a smile, your heart melts.
Lili/Mad: Yeah….
Bob: And it works for EVERYONE.
Lili: I think Betty…makes Jug happy…brings out the happiness in him.
Bob: That’s great.

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Hi!! I've heard a lot of us (bughead fans) thinking that they should kiss in the rain next episode. Do you think you can write how do you think that scene will play out? I love your blog by the way, is so freaking amazing. Every single thing you've written is perfect.

Oh my god thank you so much, you’re gonna make me cry❤️ onto the story!

“Shit shit shit shit”

He couldn’t even see her anymore, the rain was pounding heavy on his shoulders and his hair was falling into his eyes.

Where was she?

“Betty!” He shouted over a clap of thunder.

Everything had gone to shit before he even had the chance to gather his wits. One minute they were exploring an abandoned car in the woods, next thing he knew the car was on fire and the blaring of sirens was ringing through the woods.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, he had lost the sneaky blonde.

“Betty! Damnit come on! Where are you?!”
The rain was sharp and it stung his skin, but there was no way he was leaving these woods, without Betty.

Let the cops find him.

There was a murderer on the loose in riverdale, and his beautiful partner was alone in the middle of a rainstorm, he had to find her.

What if this was a set up? Somebody could have been watching them the whole time, knowing they would find that car. Knowing Betty would be there.

He felt his heart drop into his stomach.

What if they had found her.

Picking up speed, he started running against the rain.

He vaguely recognized that his hat was gone. It didn’t matter.


He heard the shout coming from behind him

Whipping around, he squinted his eyes finally finding her, running toward him something clutched in her hands.

“I was looking for you, when sheriff Keller came I didn’t know what to do I panicked… I”

Jughead had her up in his arms in seconds flat swinging her around and squeezing her.

Then his lips found hers.

Kissing her with everything he had, he tried to put everything he felt for her in to that kiss. Every ounce of fear he had at losing her was in that kiss.

Pulling away Betty couldn’t keep the stupid grin off of her face as she held the item in her hands out to him showing him, the familiar beanie she had picked up off the ground.


He laughed pulling her back into him


I’m still pretty blown away by the parallels and callbacks in that proposal scene.

Same stunned, in-awe Connor look, in the same positioning, on the same bed as the “For once, I was good”/”Lie on your back, I wanna look in your eyes” scene.

Making babies mention: “You love me and wanna have my babies.” - “We can make a million babies.”

Love them so much they’ll do anything the other wants: “I love you, Ollie. So whatever you want, I’ll do it.” - “You’re the most important thing in my life, so whatever you want, I’m here.”

First night hook up references: rimjob and Oliver rambling away while Connor takes his clothes off and kisses him.

I’m actually quite impressed with the effort!


Timeless Scenes for every episode (1x13)

First off I just want to say that I know that it makes me cruel but I’m glad Wyatt didn’t get Jessica back, it would have just made so much unnecessary drama and that’s not what this show is about.

I loved all of Rufus’s references and fangirling in this episode, and I love that we got to see more of Anthony’s character development (I still have a hard time believing that Flynn killed him). I love that Lucy trusts Wyatt so much that she’d go with him seconds after saying that his idea was ‘insane’ and then again I love her even more for wishing him luck on getting his wife back (as painful as that was). Wyatt also had a lot of really good lines through all of this craziness and when he wasn’t being stupid I was laughing along side him (the picking out of their outfits was defintely a favorite). And Agent Christopher- this episode REALLy proved how much she loves her team and would do anything for them, even support Lucy’s crazy ideas; and on top of that she never doubted Lucy after finding out who her father was, which to me means a lot.

Gif credits available when you click on the images.

Bonus (credit @lyattgifs)

This moment between Lucy and Jiya AFTER Lucy had already realized she loved Wyatt, was killer. She knows he trusts her but Jiya’s words had a sting because she knew he chose Jess; but the best part is that it doesn’t make her angry, if anything it softens her heart more to Wyatt’s pain. And of course she feels bad the boys didn’t tell Jiya. There’s so many things going on in this scene even though there are very little words said.

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Oh I wanted to say I really loved the last chapter of Winter Song. Its such a lovely story. <3 I was wondering if you were going to put in any of Yuuri's skate in future chapters? I know this story is supposed to fill in the blanks so to speak but I am really curious as to what Victor was thinking in those moments.

Thank you! I haven’t decided yet how much of the Free Skate performance I’m going to cover in WS, but my current plan is “not much” - simply because you can actually hear both Yuuri and Victor’s thoughts during that scene. (In the anime, I mean.) I feel like everything they’re thinking is made clear, and I’ve already hinted at a lot of it in prior chapters. But if you have questions about anything, let me know. I could do a meta.

For WS, it really depends on how the pacing feels when I get the chapter written out. How something feels in an outline is very different from how it feels when you write the actual scene.

As an example, every single word you read in the last chapter was not in my original outline, but when I tried to skip straight to the Free Skate, it just didn’t feel right. (That’s part of why I was so frustrated. I couldn’t make it work.) That “day off” in between needed to be there.

We’ll see what happens. At a minimum, I would cover how they felt after the performance but not necessarily show the performance itself.

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I don’t think people would’ve been quite this salty if CN didn’t hype us up.

But same though?? I cracked up SO MUCH during this ep. From the point Steven read “THEY HATE MEN?!”, I was losing it in every scene.

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Can you please do imagine where your with tom holland and he falls in love with you while you guys are going a movie together. You can change it or add to it!

Tom Holland:

Gifs not mine

A/N: I hope you enjoy it! 

You were in hair and makeup getting ready for the next scene when Tom walked into the trailer holding flowers in his hand “For the lovely (Y/N).” He said his accent peaking over his American boy tone “Why thank you Thomas.” You say taking the flowers trying to move over your body and face so much “What’s the reason behind the flowers?” You ask looking at Thomas through the mirror, he has in his held up taking photos of you so you begin to make funny faces for him as you see the flaws go off a couple of times. When always did this and they he would post it on his Instagram story and the fans would go absolutely crazy over the photos shipping you both which made you both burst out laughing. “We shoot the love scene today so I’m trying to get further into character … if you truly must know.” He said pouring slightly, you turned to face him “Well if this is how you get into a loving character then we must act in more romance movies, these are beautiful Thomas.” You say getting up from your seat and placing them in an empty vase filling it with water “We’re setting up for you both, so head over to wardrobe ASAP because we are also done filming guy!” Gray said looking so happy that his creation was coming alive.

 When you were first offered the role you were hesitant and your manager told you it would be an absolute waste of your time and talent, but after you had a one on one conversation with Gray and learned his reasoning behind the movie you couldn’t resist the role his passion for his movie matched your passion for acting. Once you began filming you didn’t understand the buzz that was coming around about your male lead until you saw him, your jaw nearly dropped to the ground you couldn’t help but smile at his cute quirky nature. When you finally meet formally you had both hit it off agreeing to make this the best movie for Grays sake and his wife. You and Tom looked at each other rushing to wardrobe wanting nothing more then to wrap up the movie, not because you were tired of it, no because you couldn’t wait till you say the final product of everyone’s hard work. 

“You look stunning (Y/N)” you heard Tom say before behind you causing you to turn to him showing off the front of the dress “Do you truly think so?” You ask turning around once again twirling in the emerald dress “God are you lost sweetie ? Heaven is upstairs not down here.” Gray said turning you around watching the green shimmer down your dress “(Y/N), Tom I haven’t been able to take to you both much but I want to thank you deeply, I truly appreciate what you’re doing for me and my wife and no matter what I know it is going to be amazing.” He said kissing your forehead and pulling Tom into a tight hug before walking away. “Well, are you ready for our final scenes?” You said walking in the direction of the door but you felt Toms hand grab you “(Y/N) there’s something I need to tell you…” Tom said causing you to turn your face to look at him and just as he was going to open his mouth “We’re ready & waiting for you guys!” Gray yelled from the set you pulled Tom gently by your side “Tell me later okay Thomas.” You said walking to the set and Tom still holding your hand following you. 

The romance scene was over as was the accident scene now all that was left was the death scene, you laid on the hospital bed with “iv” connected to your arm and Tom curled over your “life less” body crying and saying his lines but something causes you to stiffen “I love you (Y/N).” Tom says in a soft tone so that no one could hear him and his mouth wouldn’t be seen moving on camera. 

After all the scenes had passed you marched to Toms trailer banging on the door to be greeted by a half naked Tom but nonetheless you dove in “(Y/N) about-” he didn’t get to finish his sentence because your lips latched onto his lips laying a feverish kiss that you needed to get out of your system “Damn it Thomas and all this time I thought you saw me like a stupid friend. God, I love you too dork.“ You said breaking away from your kiss trying to catch a breath but Tom had other ideas, he lifted you up from your legs tossing you over his shoulder and taking you back to his trailer, kicking the door before your real life love scene took place.

There are two things I loved in this chapter. The first one is kunikida/Atsushi scene and the second one is akutagawa/kyouka’s fight. Of course the whole chapter was good, but I want to concentrate on these two points.

I already said when the raws first came out that I am extremely proud of kunikida. He went through so much, yet here he is. He decided to follow atsushi and do what he thought was right.

Here I can see why fyodor is so ‘obsessed’ in destroying kunikida. Kunikida is the leader while fukuzawa is keep safe in Lucy’s room. If kunikida were to break the ADA would be greatly affected. Both yosano and kunikida are aware more people are going to die. To quote yosano : “mourning friends is a luxury to save for later” but by the end of the chapter she also says to kenji and tanizaki to retreat since : “you’ll be blown into too many pieces for me to heal”.

What I want to say is that, while everyone is aware death is inevitable, they still don’t want to see people they are close with die. I mean kunikida was really close to katai. We also know that katai used to be a member of the detective agency, therefore we can assume yosano was also close to him. Though we cannot know for sure just how close they were. At least, her reaction showed she did care.This is all the more reason to not loose anyone else in the agency. Thus, yosano’s warning to those two.

Kunikida, being one of the ADA’s oldest member, has had more time to interact with everyone (which is why he is bound to be more affected if someone in the agency dies) contrary to atsushi for example, who only interacted with katai once, so he isn’t as strongly affected by his “death” as kunikida. His presence is fundamental in the agency. His strong will and his strong beliefs are what allows the ADA to keep fighting. Of course, now he has atsushi to help him. Since both of them are trying to respect the president wishes and find another solution to this problem (by confronting fyodor directly). If any of them were to fall, the ADA would lose all hope and follow a dark path. They would seek revenge. It would be the contrary of what kyouka did. To leave the darkness and follow the light. This dangerous path can only lead to disaster. Confronting the mafia is already reckless. It’s because they want to live and because they have people they want to protect, they are being more or less ‘careful’. If they lost those whom they wish to protect, I honestly doubt they would be able to make the right decisions and to think clearly. This is what fyodor wants. For both, the ADA and the mafia, to confront and destroy each other.

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I feel like there is some kind of symbolism or foreshadowing in the Daryl/Shiva scene but I can't figure out what. It felt important. You always have really great thoughts so I'm asking your opinion :)

Aww thanks, love. That’s sweet of you.

I think Daryl and Shiva’s interactions symbolized Daryl’s two halves finally being harmonious. Daryl is both an animal and a man. We saw the animal-warrior in Still, and then we saw the tamed man after spending time with Beth. He was pretty much in harmony with his two extremes in Alone, but his time away from Beth has led up to him resolving those sides himself. He will be emotionally stronger. It places him and Beth on what will be an even more equal level, and he will then be equipped to help her heal from all of her ordeals.

And this is probably extending into crack theory territory, but if Shiva outlives Ezekiel, I don’t see C@rol taking the tiger. Shiva took to Daryl immediately, and I’m certain that Beth saved Shiva’s life at one point. They might adopt Shiva somehow, replacing the one-eyed dog they would have adopted at the funeral.

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Why do you love the last japril scene so much? Thanks

Okay, what I see is two fundamentally different people. And what I see in this scene is that April is put in front of a choice to rise above and get over herself or potentially lose her job. She went for the first one and while not supporting Eliza 100% she then realised how much  residents benefit from the new leadership. Only she didn’t tell all of this to Jackson, but she really didn’t have to because Jackson didn’t ask. Jackson, I think, was too excited to be fighting besides April for once not against her, and I think he saw her taking the job as a betrayal. And as much as he needs to get over himself and quickly (although writers won’t give it to us, so don’t hold your breath and try not to blame him excessively), he keeps pushing and being mean, which is not cool but hey that’s what happens in relationships and friendships. Sometimes when you fight with your friend you don’t want to admit you’re wrong and see what they see, so you keep pushing, and tell each other off and refuse to see each others sides. Eventually, someone has to let go and between them it’s Jackson of course, without a doubt. So, I love that scene because I see two friends, who just don’t understand each other’s pov. However, it will be fine because it’s not a dying child and divorce papers they’re holding in their hands.

Digimon Tri: SOUSHITSU

[Warning: Spoiler slip]
- Sora Sora Sora Sora I know why I love her so much!!!
- Taiorato is definitely my all time most favorite O3P. The three of them are so important to each other
- And here come Meiko and Meicoomon who brings all trouble to the squad
- Why does evreyone evolve in this episode? Even Takeru
- My O3P in the jungle … god i love this scene so much. 
- Basically, Hinekawa wants the reboot so that she can reunite with her partner?
- That moment when Sora called “Ichijouji-kun” 
- Argumon and Gomamon is the best duo in Tri. (so far)
_ Every time Sora cries it break my heart. 
- When is the next chapter again? I don’t think I can wait that long.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I loved the first 30 minute ep. It was so heartbreaking, yet so beautifully done and wow. I’m still in awe. 

Robron’s goodbye scenes killed me. First the stealing underwear and shower gel and then the actual goodbye. The forehead touch, mutual “I love you”, the kisses (yes, the neck kiss, too), Robert looking like he could lose it right then, “Mr. Sugden” and “Mr. Dingle” was all too much and so beautiful. Danny and Ryan were - and are - just beyond amazing with angsty stuff.

And then we even got a Rob & Paddy scene, which was unexpected but oh, so so good and needed. They finally put aside their differences, ‘cause right now their past isn’t important. It’s all about Aaron and the fact that they both love him so much. Things won’t be easy for any of them, but I’m sure Paddy knows somewhere deep down that it’s good that Aaron has Robert now. As he said “Last time was different, this time he’s got you”, it really is true. This time is different. This time Aaron has something to look forward to, someone who will be waiting for him.

Finally we were also blessed with the long-awaited Robert & Liv hug. When Liv said she wanted to stay with Robert, I melted. And then Robert’s “No one else is going anywhere”… Oh, my heart. Honestly, I’m at a loss of words, ‘cause everything was so emotional, but I loved the whole scene.

This sl will be so hard to watch, but we know it won’t last forever. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually everything will be alright. The boys will reunite and then they can finally start their family life with Liv in the Mill.