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So we see Harry for the first time in two weeks (!!!) and he steps out wearing blue and a shirt with a battle / fight scene on it. Thank you Harry, we hear you, we are right there with you two 💙💙💪🏻💪🏻


The glasses. The boyfriend shirt. The blue Hawaiian (ahem) with a battle scene. He’s a bit more subtle than his partner in crime, but he’s still talking. And I’m still listening.

I love him so much! 🌈🌈


Skweeeee…so I commissioned mauvaise-reputation to do a picture of Taffy and Maxson and sort of ended up with two.  Aren’t these amazing!  

*whisper shouts to Anna…’I love you so much!’*  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The first picture is a scene from the roleplay myself and @failout4 where doing (that I will get back to at some point hun).  Maxson bumped his head on his power armor and Taffy is fixing him up.

The second is a bit of sexual tension between the two…scorchio!

I’m so happy with how these turned out! Thank you so much Anna!

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So the gang finds out that Thunderins have an immense amount of excessive energy they need to burn off, especially if they’re maturing young adults. If lance doesn’t use that energy he’ll get very agitated and eventually he’ll get really, really uncomfortable, like his skin is too tight for his body. This leads to him getting into terrible moods.

Luckily though they find the best way to exhaust him is by putting him through extra training sessions with Keith. Keith is the only one able to keep up with Lance’s frantic energy, so the two are usually sparing in their off time.

However Lance starts to get frustrated that he keeps losing to Keith and that eventually leads to him expressing his frustration with deep, cougar growls, and snarls, which happen to give Keith raging boners.

And one day Lance is just so pent up with energy and Keith is like sporting the most painful hard on and without thinking Lance just starts making out with Keith and they have ridiculous violent sex AND HOLY SHIT THINGS GET AWKWARD AFTER THAT AND THEY’RE LIKE, DID WE JUST HAVE SEX??!?! HOLY SHIT WE DID, OMG, IT HOT?! WTF?!

I’m waiting for the Booktubers and CC stans to try and stan Shadowhunters when Season 2 premieres. I’m sure they’re going to be like, “omg! I love the show.” “I loved this show form the beginning!” “I love Clary’s hair so much!” “Oh my god Malec is so amazing. They had a wonderful build up, and wasn’t instalove!”

Ya’ll damn well know that I’m going to be shading left and right. These are the same people that literally laughed at the show, even past it’s rocky couple of first episodes, started the Clary & Alec shipping, slut shamed Izzy, called Malec instalove, said that Izzy being super smart and the best forensic scientist in New York was weird, laughed at Alec’s reaction to being outed during the memory demon scene, called Magnus a predator and creepy, and called Malec on the show a disgrace to the book counterpart.

I just can’t wait to see them start trying to get int the good graces of the actors/actresses that they literally made fun of in a parody. I hope they don’t get any fucking fan visit. Give that opportunity to the real fans that supported the show, and weren’t fucking rude, homophobic, sexist, and racist.

When I watch or read servamp literally all I can think of is a scene where Kuro appears to be struggling during a fight and Mahiru jumps between him and The Enemy and like has his arms out and is trying to be super menacing and all “don’t touch my weird lazy vampire cat or you will regret!!” and the enemy is all like “lmao what are you even gonna do sweep me 2 death?? Hahah” and then there’s kuro coming up behind them just fucking bleeding killing intent and you can like read it in his red eyes “don’t fucking touch him if you lay a single finger on a single hair on his common sense-lacking head I will destroy you so thoroughly your ancestors will scream do you get me dO YOU UNDERSTAND?” and The Enemy backs away slowly and runs off quaking in his boots and Mahiru turns around with this big grin so proud of himself and “simply put I can be threatening if i try” and kuro’s like “ugh you are so high maintenance. Pet me now”

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the taekook-shipper hate on twitter makes me sad:( the hate on jimin is definitely uncalled for bc he's the most beautiful fluffiest sunshine and i love him so much pROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS but the tweet that triggered this drama legit popped out when taekook shippers were celebrating the cuddling scene, and the screenshots of the jimin hate were taken from like may and june (ofc this is nasty bc this means it's been going on for a while) but why just brought it up now?:(

Here is the thing… Did you saw any of those jimin stans or those Jikook shippers going to the accounts they have issues with and express themselves? No.. they randomly talk to the air!Why?Because they don’t care to know what or why they said things like that or to make them face the consequences of saying such things as a not private account in a thirsty for drama fandom.They care for the others to see their twits of someone hating on another and join the drama. And ofc, sheeps are always ready to join with no questions asked and give another “good” example.

Here is the other thing.. there is this account that randomly started the trolling and not only they give her attention to get her entertainted, they use it and claim her “taekook shipper” and an “army” …did they bothered to scroll down a bit?No.. why?Because they don’t care to find out with what they are dealing with. The point is to start the drama since today didn’t have a good thing to focus on perhaps.

Here is the last thing… while they are judging randomly all the taekook fandom from all around the world, might as well point out that what they did today was thoughtless as a fellow army to another army. They tried to fill the tag with war stuff not caring of the actual 90% of the Taekook shippers that also are their fellow armys.

And to those people that felt like getting all their feelings out today of all days in the Taekook tag:

If anyone has issues with someone, go to that someone and talk. If you don’t have the guts to do it, the LEAST you can do is saying “some” Taekook shippers take jokes too far and also add that “some” of you are no better to judge and make no mistake… all ships have all sort of people. You don’t even see the 10% of it so how on earth you randomly insult strangers is beyond me. I’m so done with all those indirects towards Taekook & Taekook shippers all the time. Should i start also taking screenshots and have them ready when i have the chance to start a drama against other shippers as if i don’t have anything better to focus on? Enough!

Now, i ..a Taekook shipper who didn’t do all those things the others enjoy insulting all the Taekook shippers for, will continue my day of focusing on what good is left in this world! May you all find peace

Girl Meets Bear

Now that I’ve actually seen the episode, I can understand why they cut the scene where Riley tells Lucas he’s her new bear. When Riley talked about the bear it represents safety, a home, protection, and love. I think they’re saving it so that rucas will get their first I love you moment. You could still tell how much of a couple they are in the simple moments. I think my favorite part of the entire episode is when they come back from getting tacos for everyone, and Riley says she doesn’t need the bear anymore. She and Lucas give each other one of their signature looks that are only reserved for each other. In that one simple moment they said everything that the scene would have said. Would I love a hug? Of course, but right now rucas is able to communicate all those feelings without words and that is beautiful to me. Scene or not, Lucas and Riley are finding a home in each other.

tbh my favourite scene in any zelda game is in twilight princess during hyrule castle, when the resistance shows up and aids link.
it was such a nice scene because it made me feel less alone in the situation, i had kinda hoped they would somehow aid him during one of the battles with ganon though

bring back the resistance, nintendo, pls


but i loved it so much??? like,,, it was exactly how i want horror anime to be. like, take another for an example. that scared the shit outta me?? and so did this episode. i think the most scary part of it all though was when mukuro was singing give me wings, which sounds like a happy, calm song, while the student council were murdering eachother. positive songs during negative scenes r my faves,,, also when the guy with the chainsaw and gun died from falling on the saw i was terrified!!! my mouth was open from shock until the end of the episode,,, sCREAMS thank u danganronpa makers i love u v v much for making the episodes predictable yet unpredictable at the same time

At this point I am so convinced that literati will not be romantic in the revival, and to an extent I am okay with that. As long as they still get along and have a bond I will be fine. I’m not saying I won’t be disappointed because I love this ship so much, but if they still share scenes I will at least be happy about that.

Josh Dun x Reader : Perfect Husband

This is Perfect Husband, the third and last installment to the ‘Marry Me Josh Trilogy.’ Sorry guys, I can only do so much with this story plot. I love you all though! :)

A/N: wow the two first parts to this got a lot of love! thank you so much! i hope you guys like this one too. thanks so much for all the love and support, you guys are the best. all the new requests make me smile and i secretly can’t wait to get into some more intense or smutty scenes. i think it will be a lot of fun and add some more variety to my archive, however, this also means that most new fics won’t be gender neutral. this one is, but just a sad warning that a couple future ones probably won’t be. i will add a note at the top to tell you if they are or not. still accepting requests, if you have a certain sexual preference you want it in, don’t be afraid to tell me! you guys are the sweetest and the best and i love you all. thanks so much!!! hope you like this one…

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Please write the third installment of The Big Question! You’re am awesome writer and glad to have found your account

part one “A Big Question:” http://thepatricktreestump.tumblr.com/post/148869391097/josh-dun-x-reader-a-big-question

part two “The Problematic Proposal:” http://thepatricktreestump.tumblr.com/post/149191522577/josh-dun-x-reader-the-problematic-proposal

“Josh, I don’t think this is what normal people do for a date,” you rolled your eyes as he handed you a Chipotle burrito.

“I don’t think we’re normal people,” he winked. He opened up his burrito and then took a bite, wrapping an arm around you and sighing. You were both on the roof of an abandoned building, looking down at the city lights, eating Chipotle and sharing jokes. It had been two months since the proposal, and you were constantly admiring the beautiful engagement ring he had bought you, which hadn’t left your finger the day he put it on, and were dreaming of your wedding day. That evening Josh had attempted to teach you how to skateboard through the streets of the city, but you hadn’t been as successful at it as he was, and you decided to scrap that and go for a walk instead. He showed you an old hotel, which you snuck in a window and climbed up the stairs, eventually making it to the roof. It was gorgeous, all the bright lights shining down below, the people walking on the sides of the street, the cool breeze on your face. You glanced over at Josh, happily eating his burrito, and soaked in the feeling of just being in his presence. You loved him more than anything, and the thought that you two would spend the rest of your lives together thrilled you beyond belief. It was a dream come true.

“Thank you,” you whispered, leaning against him with a goofy grin spread across your face.

“What did I do?” he wondered.

“Everything,” you smiled.

“Is that good or bad?” he laughed.

“It’s amazing,” you admitted, giving him a quick kiss.

“Mmm, tastes like guacamole,” he licked his lips playfully.

“Whatever,” you giggled.

“So skateboarding is a no I guess?” he inquired.

“Yeah, I’m not that great at it,” you agreed.

“It’s fine,” he reassured. “I can’t do the things you do either. We’re talented in our own special ways.”

“Not as talented as you,” you added. “You’re the drummer for the best band in the entire world.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that,” he shook his head.

“You are,” you insisted. “You guys played Madison Square Garden and sold out. You’ve traveled the world. You’re amazing. You save people’s lives for a living. You make the best kind of music.”

“You’re too kind,” he blushed. “I just create things that I’m passionate about.”

“Well passionate or not, everything you create is amazing,” you persisted, leaning your head on his shoulder. “And I wish you could see that.”

There was a long pause and then he murmured, “Me too.”

That was the thing about Josh. Yes, he told you almost everything and he never kept anything from you, but his emotions and internal battles were always indecipherable. He was so good at delaying his worries and postponing his fears, casting them off to whatever empty space his brain contained, and brushing them away when they slowly drifted back. Josh didn’t always like to address his problems face to face, much less tell people about them. He was always trying to stay strong, trying to be brave, trying to look confident. He didn’t realize that accepting your flaws was okay, so he’d just dismiss them. Whenever you did see that side of Josh, the dark and dismal parts of his mind where he doubted himself and was unsure of his decisions, you didn’t know how to handle it. Flattery could only take you so far. You knew he didn’t always believe it when you told him how important he was, how amazing his music is, how great Tyler and him really are. He listens and he agrees, but he doesn’t really think he’s all that great. He’s too humble sometimes. You pretend not to hear what he had mumbled at the end of your sentence and go back to eating your burrito, both of you looking down at the cityscape below.

Sometimes in moments like this, you would imagine the married life with Josh. You assumed things would be basically the same, except only more special, if that was even possible. You thought about constantly going on tour with him, which you sort of already did, but other things too. Maybe raising a family one day, settling down for a year or two, being able to stay together and know that you’d have him to lean on when you needed it, but also you were there for him when he had to get help. You often daydreamed of growing old with Josh, the sort of things you’d find in fluffy romantic movies. You also thought about the idea of not only being married to Josh, but also sort of married to Twenty One Pilots, the band. Tyler was already your best friend, you two were tight, but everyone else. The crew, the concept, the fans, it was all for life. Josh and Tyler dedicated everything they had to this band, and you being married to Josh meant you as well. You loved Tyler like a brother, the crew as your family, and the fans as your children. You were all a tight knit clique, and you loved each other so much. To know that you’d carry that your entire life, just the thought of it made you smile.

“What are you thinking about?” Josh smirked, waking you up from your daydream. You hadn’t noticed him staring at you, and you instinctively took a bite of your burrito, hoping to avoid his question. You’d sound a little creepy saying that you were planning out your future together, so you thought up something else.

“Tour,” you responded, trying to suppress a laugh.

“Nah, I think you were thinking of me,” he prodded.

“Maybe I was,” you shrugged. “Maybe I wasn’t.”

“Stop trying to be confusing,” he chuckled. “You know I can see right through you.”

“Can you now?” you raised your eyebrows.

“Yup,” he took a bite of his burrito and grinned.

“Well what if I can see through you?” you challenged.

“I don’t think so,” he rolled his eyes. “You’re just being silly.”

“Okay maybe I can’t,” you confessed. “But I do know you’re nervous about something.”

“Am I not allowed to be?” he inquired.

“Well I just don’t want you to be stressed over nothing,” you replied.

“I’m not stressed,” he shook his head. “I’m just afraid.”

“Afraid of what?” you asked.

“Ruining everything,” he sighed.

“Why would you ruin everything?” you wondered. You watched as he took the last bite of his burrito and chewed thoughtfully, looking down at his shoes and staying quiet. “You’re amazing Josh. I love you.”

“Yeah, but that’s the thing,” he explained. “You keep saying how amazing and wonderful I am, but I’m not.”

“What are you talking about?” you questioned. “You’re being silly.”

“I’m just scared that one day I’ll let you down,” he whispered. “I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“You won’t,” you reassured. He crumbled up his foil into a ball and set it on the side next to him.

“But what if I do?” he insisted. “What if you realize that one day I’m not as amazing as you thought I was? What if you get angry at me because I spend more time on tour than I do with you? What if work gets in the way of things? What if you don’t like being constantly photographed or interviewed? What if you hate me?”

“I would never think those things,” you shook your head. You took the last bite of your burrito and stared into his eyes. “I would never hate you Josh.” You folded your foil neatly and set it beside you, then took his hands in yours. “Please don’t fill your head with those thoughts. I’ll never stop loving you, okay?” You smiled at him. “I said yes for a reason, because I love you, and I do want to marry you.”

“I want to marry you too,” he answered.

“Then don’t be afraid anymore,” you begged. “Please trust me when I say that you’re everything I could ever wish for. You’re the one I’ve been dreaming of for forever. You’re the perfect husband Josh, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m counting down the days until our wedding because I can’t comprehend just how amazing it will be to spend my entire life with you. You give me purpose, Josh. You give me a reason to wake up in the morning and a reason to live my life. You put a smile on my face that nobody else could ever replace. You are so special, and I just wish you could see that.”

“I love you, y/n,” he sighed, hugging you tight and letting out a deep breath. “Thank you.”

“You’re the best fiancé ever,” you reassured. “And one day, you’ll be the best husband ever.”

“I sure hope so,” he laughed.

“I know so,” you smiled.

what scenes are people talking about when they say noah expressed romantic feelings for audrey??????????????? i never saw that it never happened?????????? he loves her so much because she’s his best friend for life those scenes don’t exist i can’t recall ever watching them???????

:////////// who made up this vicious rumour ://////

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top five lukelai moments? please? :)

oh gawd i can only pick five?! this list might not be ENTIRELY accurate because it’s REALLY hard for me to pick top 5 on this:

  • santa burger
  • “let’s hate everyone who says hey how’s it goin”
  • bench at the firelight festival
  • lorelai wasn’t in this scene but i love it bc luke loves lorelai so much - the scene where paul anka accidentally ate chocolate(? i think?) and luke like, took off his watch bc he knows paul anka is afraid of them and took him to a doctor and was like ‘there’s a lot of reasons i could lose lorelai but killing her dog is not one of them” like omg my heart
  • honorable mention: when luke wants to buy like 100 copies of the magazine lorelai did an interview for about the inn like omg he loves her so much he’s so proud of her

ask me my top 5 gilmore girls anything!


fun fact i guess i answered this question about a year ago and these were my choices i literally can’t limit it guys except santa burger ALWAYS stays in the top five anways:

  • santa burger
  • him being at the hospital with her both times for richard’s heart attacks
  • “bring back my shovel” “I LOANED IT TO YOU 5 YEARS AGO!!!”
  • when they’re gonna paint the diner and he shows her the tool order his dad wrote on the counter
  • when she gets him a new baseball cap
  • when he takes paul anka to the vet for her and just dkjnvlascs

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I had a very important epiphany last night: Ron Swanson is autistic. Idk how I didn't think about it sooner, but it makes so much sense! Special interest in wood crafting, difficulty expressing emotions, dislikes social situations, maybe his dislike of vegetables is sensory related?(that scene where he tries to eat a banana is so me, bananas are a huge texture issue of mine) I could go on and on, I'm just so happy about realizing this!

This is so perfect, and I had actually had this though too, recently! Ron definitely has a lot of sensory issues and problems with people that could absolutely read as autism.

Ron is perfect, and I love him so much. Thank you for sharing this with me.