i love this scene so much


N O C T I S   L U C I S   C A E L U M   &   L U N A F R E Y A  N O X   F L E U R E T

Quote by: William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Look at the glorious piece of art @kirkwallgirl​ made for my commission! I love it so much! It’s even better than what I imagined.Just look at all the details and the patterning on the dress!

This is for the story I’m working on (hush,, I’m really working on it, I have a slowly growing scene list and everything) and these are two of the characters in it. King Tasanhin and his wife, whom he loves more than his own heart, Queen Jadja.

While they originally married out of practicality and convenience, an always existing like and respect turned into love and trust. Their relationship is one of the few things they can be certain of in a court filled with political games, social climbers and intrigue.

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i second everything that has already been said about your writing, but you are also the master of the small moments between characters? your action scenes or the sweeping adventure elements are so lovely as well, but you write these interactions with such extraordinary beauty in the way that one character looks at another, or the sound of their laugh? its so vivid and it lets the reader breathe with the characters

this one made me so emo you guys thanks & ok, i feel like this past year ive been really fixated on exploring emotional intimacy & how that feels & how people perceive it outside of the realm of writing sex scenes (or even writing sex but writing it differently), especially like. the different ways people say (or don’t say - particularly don’t say, which is what I love so much about juno) how the feel. im obsessive i love picking it apart & mostly im just glad someone wants to read it HA xxxx