i love this scene omg he's so uncomfortable

Mod Thoughts on Akechi, etc.

You might have noticed that the main cast is a little more forgiving towards Goro in my headcanons than they are in canon. Separates me from the pack, but it saddens me to see Goro forever isolated-when that was his problem to begin with. Not being wanted. Being treated like the plague. Not only that, but something felt really off about all of them being so ‘ugh’ towards Goro in canon. If they had been like 'omg he totes knows about the phantom thieves DON’T TALK TO HIM’ the entire time, it wouldn’t have felt so uncomfortable, but I dunno. It just felt like they all found him disgusting. The nicest thing anyone ever said to him was Ann’s 'do you need water?’ during the takoyaki scene. Please correct me if I’m wrong, because I would LOVE more proof of them being nice to Goro in canon.

Plus, it’s funny how Goro’s taking the full brunt of everyone’s hatred while Shido’s just…um…there? He kinda sorta did stuff that was bad and the end? Is it because Goro’s 'fujoshi trash’ and Shido isn’t?

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I have a very soft spot for Goro Akechi and other sympathetic, complex 'villains’.

On I go with the power of my imagination. :) Thank you for being a part of this crazy ride.

-Mod Courtney


some kind of filler episode where team Voltron has to go on earth for some reason and they eventually have to find a place to pass the night and Lance just take them at his house. Everyone’s able to meet his big family and help cooking his mother (like, Hunk), meet some brothers and sisters and impress them with all the technology knowledge (some play station broken and Pidge is just LET ME FIX IT and make some badass upgrade and all the little brothers just love her so much and they all go play videogames) - Shiro is so happy to see all of his team happy and feeling like he can rest for a moment not thinking about his stressful past and just enjoy the moment. Lance is all excited like GUYS MEET MY FAMILY AREN’T THEY AWESOME I LOVE THEM SO MUCH MUM HUG ME

and then - there’s Keith. In the background looking all the scene and feeling uncomfortable. But then someone notices him - like Shiro or Lance , and just throws him into the party (?) something like “come with us at the beach outside!” stuff and he starts to feel like he’s enjoying it so much and maybe he realizes that the team is a family to him and he will be silently grateful, just smiling 

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Hey! I asked about Diane Wynne Jones a while back, have you read Deep Secrets? I've never come across a fellow Jones enthusiast before :)


ok ok so let me tell you, sweet world, about maree mallory, protagonist of deep secret. if you haven’t met her, i recommend fixing that

maree is a depressed, broke, cranky twenty-something vet student who’s living with her truly awful aunt, her truly boring uncle, and her delightful menace of a young cousin, nick. (NICK MY DARLING). among other troubles: her ex-boyfriend moved another girl into their shared lease over maree’s head; her dad is dying of cancer; and her aunt’s a fiend.

‘inky,’ you say, 'this does not sound like fun.’ WELL YOU ARE INCORRECT. maree mallory is a delight. maree is a hero and a saint and a witch and also a twenty-something person with a lot of shit on her plate. and maree deals with all of this with wit, grumpy cynicism, a who-gives-a-shit attitude, and a deeply warm affection for things like weird alien ducklings and her cousin nick.

her life is hard, mundane, and keeps throwing things at her and she is just stubbornly, levelly carrying through. she’s not an object lesson or on a pedestal or the moral of the fable; she’s a young woman, and that’s all. she’s tired, this is her life, and she’s got to live it.

about half the story is written from her sarcastic, tired, determined point of view, and it’s gold.

pause: i need to tell you about nick mallory though. nick, maree’s cousin, is one of the other things that makes this book for me, for a few reasons–

a. he’s awful and selfish and fourteen and i adore him.

b. his behaviors are particularly amusing in the light that there are two main POV protagonists, one of whom is good at reading nick and one of whom isn’t:

you’ll get rupert (POV protagonist #2) watching a scene going 'oh poor nick, maree has bullied him into this embarrassing behavior, look how uncomfortable he is.’ –then you’ll read the same scene with maree’s pov, in which she and nick are like 'LET’S DO THIS THING’ and then when they’re caught she goes 'omg here goes nick imbuing his every pore with oh woe is me, i’m so put upon and uncomfortable. NICK YOU SMALL ADORABLE ASS i love you anyway, you jerkface’

c. nick and maree’s relationship though. they are in many ways the only two who get each other in this novel, even though they don’t quite either. there’s a palpable fondness to them. he thinks she’s brilliant; that maree being in his life is inherently something that makes it (and him) better–broader and brighter and deeper. she makes things feel worthwhile and possible when people are trying to tell him to grow up. she lets him be.

and the way maree deals with him, this brilliant, ambitious, sneaky kid. again–there’s just this palpable fondness. she takes care of him without letting him step on her. she treats him like an adult and a sentient being, but doesn’t forget he’s a kid.

d. nick mallory comes from a household that is more unhealthy and more complicated than it seems, and watching the book spin that out is… illuminating.

it’s very clear the ways in which the aunt (nick’s mom) is awful to maree–she’s verbally insulting, mean, and clearly jealous of maree’s friendship with nick. but nick just seems like a spoiled brat– and he is a spoiled brat– but nick’s also clearly negatively effected by his mother in ways that go beyond 'spoiled.’ he’s not dudley dursley. nick is his mother’s favorite person in the world, and he is harmed by that and by her. it’s just quieter than it is with maree.

nick is spoiled and selfish and manipulative, and some of that is his personality, and some of that is because he can get away with it, but these are also his coping mechanisms. and reading that–that complexity, that he is all these things at once: he is selfish and loving and forgetful and ambitious and obedient and subversive. and he is fourteen and he thinks his big cousin maree is a source of magic in the world. and he grows up as we go, but never really stops being that selfish kid, exactly, because he is one. and i just love this book.

err, so, yes i have in fact read deep secret. maree is a cantakerous delight, nick is a brat, rupert venables is a prat, and i love everything.

for those of you who haven’t yet had the exquisite pleasure of reading it, deep secret follows diana wynne jones’s general premise of:

1. here is a world! it may or may not be earth. but there are lots of worlds! all a little sideways from each other, and some are more magic than others, and some of them may look like earth, and quite likely (but not always) the part we will hang out in will specifically look like wales.

2. here is some kind of vague bureaucracy who Handles Things! (in this story, they’re called the magids, and one of our main protagonists is a junior magid named rupert venables and he is a prat.)

3. almost every character is kinda a jerk. the author knows it and the story knows it, but the characters may or may not ever figure it out.

deep secret is told primarily from the point of view of the two main characters: maree mallory and rupert venables. they have very different ideas of what’s going on.

rupert, who we’ve mentioned is a prat, is also a young magid with a lot of stressful things on his plate. when you first meet rupert, you kinda assume he’s an adult, that he’s experienced and steady (and full of himself–this last assumption remains true).

but one of the things that makes rupert interesting as we muddle on through is realizing how young this kid is– he’s the most junior magid on earth and he’s only been doing this a few years. he’s in his early twenties, barely out of bratty youthhood, and he’s having all of this pressure dumped on him– because the powers that be want him to fail.

he’s asked to do the impossible, and someone Higher Up really messed up here– because this kid takes himself much too seriously to even flirt with surrender. he’s got this bit in his mouth now and he is not letting go. you can just imagine whoever set this in motion sitting up in their (not quite) omniscient pedestal going oh crap oh crap what did i do

rupert’s going to do the things he’s been asked to do, or burn himself down trying. don’t underestimate young men with senses of duty that are as arrogant as they are noble.

rupert is fun and interesting (and perhaps more sympathetic on the reread), but the light, the joy, the delight and center of this book are definitely milady maree mallory (and her cousin nick).

there are various exciting adventures in deep secret including: a science fiction and fantasy con! nursery rhymes turned deep secrets of the universe! an angry bush goddess! assassinations of crummy old emperors! driving a rickety old car across the space between universes! maree using her vet training to befriend a farmer-slash-holder-of-various-secrets-of-the-universe and then to stitch up a centaur! (did you know centaurs can’t lie? well, not directly, so listen carefully to what they say)

the book is a romp, full of magic and whizbang excitement. but it’s also populated with characters that feel solid and real. everyone’s a little blind, a little tied up in their own worlds and guesswork–and while they learn some things, while they grow and step forward into the light, they don’t change all the way. they don’t get fixed. rupert is always going to be an arrogant prat; maree’s always going to be fierce and sometimes nasty, with a big heart and a throbbing voice; nick will be a self-centered little jerk all his life, in one way or the other. they get better, they grow up–but that is still them. all their selfishnesses and rough edges are part of who they are.

and deep secret dances around that, throwing confetti: here, these are my jerks, and by the end of this you will love them. they are selfish and young; silly and ignorant and sometimes very very brave. they will never grow up and out of this, and they are worth loving anyway. they are worth loving perhaps because of exactly how flawed they are.

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I'm not trying to hate but you seem to turn a blind eye to the fact that Malia makes Stiles happy.

Contrary to popular belief, the only thing that comes before my otp being canon is the characters’ happiness. If Stiles was in a happy and healthy relationship, I wouldn’t jump at anyone’s throat. I don’t know how familiar you are with my blog, but I can assure you that I’ve never said anything bad about Braedan, Lydia, Cora, Jennifer, Heather (God I rooted for them so badly) or any other females that were (potential) love interests. As I said on many occasions before, the problem here is not the fact that Stiles has a girlfriend and omg how dare she interfere with the gay, but the relationship itself.

Stalia is highly problematic. From the disastrous 3x20 to this day. I won’t start talking about every single interaction, but I will point out that that Stiles seeming so pleased in the ‘omg she copied my color system das so cute’ scene (I’ll assume you were referring mainly to that), does not outweigh or cancel out the scenes where Stiles is plain uncomfortable or when he downright shrinks around her. His acceptance of her emotional immaturity comes at the expense of his own comfort zone. So to answer your question with a question: should we turn a blind eye to this, then?

From my point of view, Stiles is very conflicted right now, whether he realizes it or not. On one hand, yes, he likes the idea of having a girlfriend and he likes that he is able to help someone (on this note, the fact that he doesn’t like being the little spoon might come from his own inner longing to be that secure presence for one person at least, whereas with her, he’s once again in the position where he is the one ‘protected’). But on the other hand, sex doesn’t seem so exciting right now, does it? This relationship was born from guilt and continues to develop on guilt. I think Stiles knows this, so he finds reasons to convince himself to like it and pushes himself to be into it, to be a supportive boyfriend, because that’s what a supportive boyfriend does. Right?

Stiles isn’t himself around her and that’s an understatement. He shrinks himself, which he never does, he backs off, which he never does, he doesn’t question, which he always does, he has to walk on eggshells, which he shouldn’t be forced to do. Molding yourself to fit the other’s needs is the type of relationship that should be avoided and that no one should feel obliged to suffer through and I pray to god that in the end this will be the message that tw wants to get across. 

And I’ll bring sterek into this because I love me some comparisons. Stiles and Derek are the exact opposites of that. Stiles would never ever shrink before Derek. They bicker because that’s who they are. Derek lets Stiles lash out because he understands him and vice versa. They never feel compelled to act differently in the presence of the other. And that’s because they see themselves as equals.