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First (kinda) Spoilery Thoughts - Outlander 1.14 - The Search

- No Jamie at all in this episode. I was afraid of that. And it’s the same as the book, but you know I was hopeful we’d get something. Like maybe at least Claire thinking or dreaming about him (still haven’t seen the clips from a sex scene in the credits - and now we won’t outside a deleted scene on the DVD. Eps 15 & 16 weren’t shot yet when the show started airing), but nope.

- I liked the episode a lot. It was amusing and hit some book feels. Loved Claire, Jenny and Murtaugh. And my hate for Dougal was cemented even further. All was as it should be. But…

- As has become the norm they did drag a few parts out more than necessary and cut a few other things and now I’m fashing about them cramming the last 110 pages of the book (which at around 627 pages, well, you do the math) covers A LOT of story. A LOT of story that is delicate and emotional and well, when I think about some of the drag assing that has happened in this ep but even worse in earlier episodes… That’s a problem.

- Now I usually always rewatch the episodes again straight away before I go to bed but well, I miss Sam Heughan. I know that is kinda the point, but why not take the cinematic opportunity to show a bit of his story during this ep that we only got second hand in the book? And man, having to wait another week and then just have him in Wentworth… IT’S JUST NOT FAIR!!! *pouts*

- But honestly, missing Jamie aside, I think everyone will at least like this episode if not love it. It was funny. The performances were brilliant. And my ONLY character complaint was I wish the end of the meeting with Dougal had been more like the book. Claire should be as repulsed by Dougal as the audience is, and she appears to be, but then she agrees… Blah!

The Flash - 1.22 “Rogue Air” Review

The Good:

The metahuman transport escape served as a greatest hits of the first season. True, I didn’t remember most of the rogues in that vehicle other than Weather Wizard, Peek-a-boo and Smokey Gasbag (sorry, Cisco) but it was still a nice action scene.

This was mostly a Cold episode and I already talked about my love of the character against all reasonable logic. The scene in the bar serves as a nice example. Cold could barely go more than a sentence before dropping some temperature based pun and “Cold as Ice” was playing on the radio. It was ridiculous, Cold is ridiculous but I love him in all his hammy glory.

Speaking of other charismatic villains, I really didn’t anticipate Thawne being taken down in this episode. It’s undoubtedly a lot less permanent than the cliffhanger led us to believe but it didn’t appear to part of his plan. Every villain in existence lately seems to have “be captured by the enemy” on their to-do list but Thawne seemed legitimately shocked. Plus, it was just plain cool to see the mini-team up in action. I didn’t get a meta-joke about Firestorm and Arrow’s physical similarities but there’s time in the future.

The Bad:

I know they tried to cover it with Barry saying he was attempting to be like Oliver, but trusting Snart was moronic. I know that the episode treated it as moronic by having Snart betray them. It just should’ve never happened. Even if his intentions and word was true, Snart could’ve done very little to help contain the metahumans. It would definitely be something but the benefits didn’t even come near the risk. The whole plan just made look Barry foolish from the get-go and it’s not good thing for the audience to think the hero is making mistakes for the very start.

I had to laugh at Cisco saying he has no idea what Thawne’s battery does but knowing exactly how many hours were left till it activated.

The Unknown:

So we’re going back in time. This is almost certainly going to end terribly. I’ve watched too many time travel movies to know that this was not end well. The most likely scenario that Barry saving his mom will destroy something in the timeline. I can’t judge the changes before they happen but if they reset the Barry and Iris relationship again or mess the Barry and Joe father/son dynamic, I.will.riot.

The particle accelerator has still to be activated and we haven’t seen Thawne’s grand master plan begin. So if he has been truly taken out in this episode it can’t help but feel anticlimactic. Barry time traveling will probably be on small piece of a larger finale puzzle. If I’m wrong and it’s the majority of the episode I could be very disappointed.

Bottom Line:

This was a good penultimate episode. The metahumans esacping was an fight scene topped only by the awesomeness of the Reverse Flash showdown. Most importantly, “Rouge Air” ended on a surprising note that makes the finale anything but predictable.

I liked Hogu’s Love starring Uee and Choi Woo Sik more than I thought I would. I didn’t watch this drama until after it was finished airing and I finished it in less than a week. I wasn’t thinking about watching this at all because the synopsis didn’t sound that interesting, but then I watched a music video for one of the soundtracks for this show that contained scenes from it and for some reason it really grabbed my attention.I think Choi Woo Sik did a really fantastic job embodying the character of Kang Hogu. I had no idea he could act like that since I’ve only seen him in supporting roles. Uee, who played Do Dohee was good too, as well as the other casts, Im Seulong and Lee Sookyung. It was funny and emotional and with one misunderstanding leading to another, I couldn’t really predict what would happen next, which was why I liked it so much. It was refreshing to watch a drama like this, that flowed differently than others. I give it a 9/10.

credit to asianwiki for the picture.