i love this scene more than air

Lionel Fusco

I remember right after 4x12 Ctrl-Alt-Del aired, there were some people saying it was odd that Fusco was around and helping Finch in the scene where he uploads the worm, that Finch had said some revelatory things or just talked as if Fusco knew more than he’s supposed to.

Here’s how the dialogue goes:

Fusco: You almost done checking email?
Finch: There are six ISA operatives on site. I should be seeing six identical signals, but I’m not, I’m seeing seven. Six standard signals, one anomaly. The anomalous phone belongs to a Samaritan agent who’s embedded with Control’s operatives. I’m uploading a worm to that phone. The worm will scour the phone for any information relating to Sameen, and then 18 seconds later, move on the to next Samaritan phone, and it won’t give up until we find what we’re looking for.
Fusco: Sorry, were you talking to me?


And here’s a cut cause it got LONG guys.

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so no-one’s probs gonna read this  but i’m going to rant about my observations anyways…

so basically a whole bunch off the ncis fanfics are tony/gibbs slash and i mean i don’t mind it but i don’t actively ship it because I see tony and gibbs as more father and son than love interests, and plus i ship tony with ziva really hard

but anyway i thought tony/gibbs was kinda a total crack ship since there is NO romanticness at all in canon…

… but i’ve been rewatching every single episode ever aired (SUE ME IT’S MY FAVOURITE SHOW) and i’m suddenly noticing all this subtext???? like what???

like in this one scene while looking at photos of an orgy tony was like ‘i bet these people have been in gibbs’s dreams wink wink’ and then gibbs walked up behind him like ‘yeah, well i’ll be in your dreams tonight dinozzo’

and then in a different episode tony was talking about how attracted he was to this girl in a photo, and said “you could get lost in those icy blue eyes” and then, realizing that gibbs has icy blue eyes, he totally stops mid sentence and then looks over at gibbs with flirty eyes, and then gibbs looks back at him with raised eyebrows and they have like a whole 5 seconds of complete eye sex before the episode resumes like nothing happened

i still don’t really ship this, but I FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHY SO MANY PEOPLE DO


sorry just had to get that out

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I agree with you! That's why I hate some MK analysis in which they complain that Korra changed. She did and it was great! I particularly loved the ending since she shows her master bending in both air and energy/spirit two things that were extremely hard for her! The Nuke moment was amazing, more amazing to me than any other scene in Avatar. Also loved how the whole crew matured.

Yay! My first non shipping Makorra/Korrasami drama anon! Yeah, that moment in the finale was easily one of my favorite moments in the entire franchise. Aside from how epic the moment was, just the simple fact that Korra went out of her way to keep from killing Kuvira and saved her life (twice) was pretty awesome. Especially after everything Kuvira did to her.

Damon And Elena: Love Is Fire

February 13, 2015: Favorite DEX Scene - 4x08

“What’s that face?”

“What face?”

“That face.”

“I’m happy.”

I really don’t have a favorite DEX scene. I love them all equally, for different reasons. So this was a tough choice.

But I decided on their first morning after because I’ve watched it a few dozen more times than the others.

And because it’s something entirely unique to them. A scene only they have ever been given on this show.

An explicit one. A sex scene with no reservations, that pushes the boundaries of the very network on which it airs.

A viciously beautiful combination of love and lust woven in between Caroline and Stefan’s continued interruptions about the sire bond.

Which somehow doesn’t detract from how much I adore this particular round of DEX. I actually think Caroline and Stefan’s misconceptions about the situation only add to what’s really happening between Damon and Elena.

While the burn of raw passion and desire is the focus here, set to the spine tingling background song of Eyes On Fire, there’s a clear undercurrent of love present in this exchange.

They’d been fighting the pressure of barely controlled tension for too long. During their first night in 4x07, they had to release that pent up frustration. It was all about letting go and finally breaking down all barriers between them.

This is different. This is not a frenzy. They aren’t letting go this time.

They’re savoring each other. It’s slow. Lazy. They’re reveling in their post-consummation bliss. In the glory of finally being on the same page emotionally. In the happiness they bring each other.

This is an example of how comfortable they are together. Of how natural this is for them, as if it was something they’d been doing for years rather than hours.

Damon and Elena complement each other in every way. And that is never more obvious than in this physical interaction. They are like two flames that have merged into one magnificent blaze.

They are one here. It’s not just sex. It’s love. It’s true intimacy.

It’s their understanding manifesting itself with their bodies, with their touches and kisses and secret smiles.

It’s the way they hold nothing back, the way they don’t try to keep things gentle and sweet and pure.

They give each other everything. They start slow and sensual, building up their ever present tension to a fever pitch, only to come together with the force of an atomic bomb. With Elena clutching Damon’s back so tightly she draws blood. With Damon not even bothering to remove the shirt of his that she’s wearing before he takes her with a single minded purpose.

With a damn mutual orgasm. Because of course they would climax at the same time. Shared soul and all that.

They’re the same person. Two halves of a whole.

Two sparks that came together in their typically passionate fashion to create something they were always meant to be.

An untamable fire. The kind that has fueled their entire relationship from the get.

The kind that ensured their love would burn brighter than the sun, sire bond be damned.

There are few things I love more than:

  • A sunny day chilled by intense winds that nearly take my hat with them
  • A nice, hot meal after I’ve skipped a few
  • When someone smiles back at me just because I’ve smiled at them
  • Listening to my favorite songs and walking with a skip in my step as I imagine myself in my very own music video
  • The first lung full of air after I realize that I’ve been bent over all day and straighten my posture
  • When a scene I’ve been struggling to write for several days seems to write itself at my fingertips
  • Looking in the mirror and posing for myself because damn I look good
  • Having my dorm room to myself and being able to sing outloud and not caring that people in the hallway probably hear me anyways

Okay I lied there are a lot more things I love but these are just a few

30 day tv show challenge

30 day tv show challenge

i am going to try this 

01- A show that should have never been canceled
02 – A show that you wish more people were watching
03 – Your favorite new show (aired this t.v season)
04 – Your favorite show ever
05 – A show you hate
06 – Favorite episode of your favorite t.v show
07 – Least favorite episode of your favorite t.v show
08 – A show everyone should watch
09 – Best scene ever
10 – A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving
11 – A show that disappointed you
12 – An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times
13 – Favorite childhood show
14 – Favorite male character
15 – Favorite female character
16 – Your guilty pleasure show
17 – Favorite mini series
18 – Favorite title sequence
19 – Best t.v show cast
20 – Favorite kiss
21 – Favorite SHIP
22 – Favorite series finale
23 – Most annoying character
24 – Best quote
25 – A show you plan on watching (old or new)
26 – OMG WTF? Season finale
27 – Best pilot episode
28 – First TV show obsession
29 – Current TV show obsession
30 – Saddest character death