i love this scene more than air

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Honestly this is just so so lovely. I'd basically steeled myself towards us not getting anything from them. Not because they don't care or because the bands done but just because obviously everything's been so fucked up for all of the behind the scenes and I wouldn't have blamed them if their hands had been tied again. But instead we get a well organized, coordinated and thoughtful effort from them and their families and it's just like a breath of fresh air.

i know i kind of wasn’t expecting much either but this…. this is more than i could have ever asked for. i love them sooooo much <3

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Here's the odd thing, Eliza has said more than once that she actually said the "I love you" during the filming of the scene, and they had to ADR it because it was quiet. So that means that they specifically had to take it out during the editing for the DVD, cause I'm pretty sure that Eliza wouldn't lie about that. Which makes JFlop a complete and utter fuck bucket, more so than usual.

It aired on TV. Eliza confirmed she Adr’d. The issue is that apparently that was only the TV edit in the US. And for the dvd’s they used the unedited extra crappy version
Gosh I hate that fucker so much.

Save your money and DL the HQ’s torrents of Eliza’s edit ppl

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Hey lovely,is it wrong that I'm a tiny bit disappointed in tonight's ep,I wanted more than the boys only having maybe 3 minutes air time while that poker game dragged on for ages lol. Robron look so good both boys are looking so gorgeous,aw they have that "we're in love" glow lol. Do you know when they'll be on screen again? xx

Hey, no it’s not wrong at all. Personally I didn’t have a problem with tonight. Yeah okay the final scene could have been better and I agree about too much poker crap, what the hell is all that about? Dreadful stuff But the whole point of Aaron finding out was only ever a plot for Chrissie to find out and move along the Andy/Chrissie stuff we were never going to get a in depth convo about how they both feel, it was never going to happen, so I can’t say I agree with all the complaining going on tbh but each to their own you know.

But yes they both looked so good, they are looking extremely good recently, definitely the “we’re loved up” glow. I said yesterday its all that sex ;) As for next on screen, that is monday lovely :) x

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I hope if they bring her back to prison it won't be as a prisoner you know?? I kind of want Gidg to find out what Franky is up to and stop her. I mean GOD none us us want her back in prison. It'll break so many hearts.

I kind of want Bridget to have something to do this season other than help Bea out of the closet, you know?  I had high hopes for her and Franky but they’ve definitely been sidelined: as a couple and as individuals.  I really love Bridget - she has such a calming, confident air about her, so I was hoping we’d get more on her backstory after what Joan said in their interview.  

I know that a show can’t address everyone and everything, but I feel like Bridget has been underused this season so far.  Although, when she *has* had scenes where she gets to be her awesome self, she’s knocked it out of the ballpark.