i love this scene he's so dumb

Two Berrys meet and Berry one Skype
  • Two Berrys meet and Berry one Skype
  • Psycho2FCKNcool
  • Double Berry all the way!!!

So Berry was like I’mma time travel and do stuff with my self and have a frkn awesome day. And GO!

Hello my name is Berry.
Hello MY name is Berry!
I like in Sugar Cube Corner.
/I/ live in Sugar Cube Corner!
I’m wearing clean underwear.
You ARE not!
AH you got me!

So who does your hair?
I usually go to Paul down at Haridise City.
Oh he’s a dream.

FCKN perfeck dam nailed it. Next scene.

Bubble Berry on skype;

Hey, can I ask you a question?
Yeah what?
Where are we gonna catch enough squirrels to make a kite?
Are you really that stupid?
HEY! I dare you to say that again! Only this time say, ‘Berry I LOVE YOU!’
Shut up.

This was so fckn dumb and I loved it.

The only way I can enjoy the Harry Potter movies is if I pretend that the real Dumbledore was kidnapped between COS and POA to be replaced by an imposter. I have several scenarios that I rotate through on why Dumbledore is kidnapped and who replaces him. Sometimes it’s a robot (I call him Dumbledrone) or a person with lots of plastic surgery (Doubledore). Harry doesn’t notice because he’s the least observant person in the world but the whole time McGonagall is leading an elite task force to stop the imposter and rescue the real Dumbledore. They succeed shortly after the Battle of Hogwarts.

mrsjadecurtiss said: “Yeah its really annoying how he tries to push hannigram even though its obvious that theyll never be canon (in a relationship sense)… its also kinda dumb for bedelia since she could do far cooler things than being the resident hannibal expert :U“

Ohh I think anything is possible… I’d still put all my money on Will and Hanni walking hand in hand into the sunset as the last scene..

Yeah but since it will actually never be cannon it just looks so …idk even know how to explain… when Will asked if Hannibal is in love with him I felt so embarrassed and almost sorry for Hugh Dancy that he has to say this line XD All this conversations with Bedelia felt so wrong and I was like….nooo don’t! Don’t talk about Hannibal eating you and don’t talk about Will and Hanni as lovers, just DON’T. Like Bedelia is obsessed with Hanni and Will being in love..

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hii this is a dumb question probably! but i always see people talking about ronan sleeping on adam's floor and i dont remember that being in any of the books? is that just a really popular headcanon or? also i love you x

aw anon you’re the absolute cutest! i love you too!

and it’s not a dumb question at all, i went on a hunt for the same information a few months back cause i was also curious about it! ok so the deal with this is, as is the case with a lot of maggie’s writing where things are implied but never explicitly said, there’s this one scene in chapter 12 of bllb where gansey visits adam at his st agnes apartment and there’s a couple of things that we can pull out that are relevant:

  • “Adam heard a knock at his church apartment door. When he answered it […] he was surprised that the person was Gansey and not Ronan.”
  •  “[…] Unlike Ronan, Gansey appeared out of place inside the apartment.”

it’s all indirectly hinted at but the gist we get is that ronan regularly spends time in adam’s apartment, and more importantly seems ~at home there. 

this text post also talks about how there’s a part in tdt where ronan mentions adam’s apartment as one of three places he could expect to wake up in, which is even more telling, but i can’t locate that specific quote at the moment which is a little annoying! i’ll come back and edit this reply if i find it :)))

[edit] OKAY WAIT I FOUND IT! it’s a quote from tdt, chapter 19. this text post helped me to find this, though the op incorrectly attributes the quote to trb!

  • “Am I really here? Ronan wondered. Surely he would wake up soon and find himself again exiled in Monmouth Manufacturing or in the backseat his car or lying beside Adam’s bed in St. Agnes.”

hope this helped bb!

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Hate | Okay | Like | Love

Otp: hmmm this is a tough one. i do think hector/lyn is compelling but canonically this means lyn’s dead before the events of fe6 and that bums me out. hector and farina is pretty hilarious.

Brotp: hector and matthew. ok, hector/eliwood is like The Brotp but i just frickin love that dumb scene where matthew hides in a vase he’s so damn cheeky. (look, see, i can talk abt my bi thief squad being totally platonic friends with other dudes)

Notp: i actually started out disliking hector/lyn because he’s initially kind of patronizing to her and their ending cg looks a little like he’s strangling her (i think that’s unintentional). but their later dialogue won me over so i don’t really have any hector notps.

Cinnamon roll or problematic child: impish cinnamon roll

ask meme

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Emily is an abusive asshole girlfriend. She couldn't just climb through a window but is totally ok with Matt jumping to the cable car. She only cares about herself and that's why people hate her.

She is, yes, and there’s no excusing that; although I don’t think it would apply to that scene in particular (she SUGGESTS that Matt could try jumping, but she understands it’s a risk and does not say anything when he refuses to do so).
You know, I think many people misread my post (which probably means I didn’t express myself as I wanted to), because I DO blame Emily for her behaviour towards her boyfriend, hell, we were all yelling at her at the beginning of the game, but I still love how her character is a bit more developed than the others, and it’s easier to hate and dismiss her as a “dumb bitch” exactly because of this. You don’t really get any strong feelings from the other characters (maybe Jessica, yes, but only for brief moments).
I don’t wish to impose my opinion, far be it from me. Mine was merely a suggestion to hold out until the end of the game before forming definitive opinions about any of the characters, because some of them change. A lot.
Have fun with the game (:

no other show could have ever pulled off the absurdity of the dialogue in twin peaks. like, imagine anybody other than coop telling dumb jokes about penguins to waitresses he’s just met and having anybody other than harry say, “how long have you been in love with her?” literally the only context in which that scene makes any sense is inside of the world of twin peaks. i love it. this show is so perfect.

So this is late but the other day we watched Jumanji and it gave us so many Silverwood feels like.

The scene in the beginning with Alan talking to his father is literally Anthem and Charlie it so is.

(also the Line “Don’t pay attention to him, he’s a libra” made us die because Charlie is a libra)

Also the kids who play Jumanji: Charlie, Gavin, Keir and Kaite. Dumas isn’t interested and Ro wants to play but she’s too young to actually get it. Cyan is baby sitting. (I love how Charlie is the oldest but Cyan is always the one in charge)

Charlie gets sucked into the game and Gavin is like. Well. I think we’re done here until Cyan gets mad and tells everyone to keep playing because she is not explaining to Ithea how her favorite child went missing.

Also in general no one wants to play board games with Charlie because he’s the asshole that flips the board when things don’t go his way.

I mean Jumanji doesn’t have those issues because the pieces stick to the board but. In general.

Niccolo having had a Tiger Dad and Tiger Aunt and Tiger Uncle has led Niccolo to believe love/caring is extreme micromanaging.

….I’m not sure how many of Niccolo’s lovers have hated him for being a control freak (though he usually does it in a low-key behind-the-scenes way because he’s egotistical and condescending so it’s like “meh, you’re too dumb to realize it’s for your own good so I’m not telling you”).

Well, at least one of the girls he dates threatens to ruin his life, so she knows Niccolo is a control freak.

While Az on the other hand is like I WILL JUMP OFF A CLIFF IF YOU TELL ME TO. 

Like Az believes in Niccolo even when every instinct tells hims Niccolo is being a piece of shit. 

……Though I suppose jumping off a cliff isn’t inherently unromantic……

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Ah! Thank you so much for the rec. It's funny my friend and I were all 'IZUKIII! We love you so much, we're so happy you get an eleventh-hour level-up-in-badassery sequence too!' and then 'hey, that 'wild' toothy guy totes gets a crush on him. we should ship that!' So I'm really glad Hayama/Izuki fic exists <33 And I agree Akashi and Mayazumi deserve further thought. Especially since Mayazumi initially said 'hell no, because I love myself' to Akashi's proposal (amazing!) wonder what happened...

I WAS SO HAPPY ABOUT HIS ELEVENTH HOUR SCENE. I love Izuki SO much, he’s so important. Yesss join the Izuki/Hayama party, he deserves someone who laughs at his dumb puns and makes him work really hard and Hayama was obviously like “this guyyy” on the court

I love that Mayazumi is so unimpressed with Akashi, and so like. Resentful of being used, but he does it anyway. A consenting but still unwilling soldier in Akashi’s army. It’s great because despite their parallel powers and relatively expressionless faces and general unimpressed attitudes he and Kuroko are still such different characters, like total opposites in a lot of ways. This show is so good aaah all the characters are so GOOD

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Viggo’s younger brother was, in the simplest sense, the problem child of the Wolfes. He was good-natured, kind, but in his typical fashion, he would always be the one Ira would have to show his militaristic colors to the most. When visiting a Catholic church, Elijah took a wafer, spitting it back out on a priest because he couldn’t handle its awful taste. When Elijah received his tattoo as a Dominant, he cursed and squirmed uncontrollably. However, the most notable memory of the boy is when he was thirteen.

Ira inspected the boys’ shared room one day, finding the corner of Gentleman’s magazine tucked underneath Elijah’s mattress. Women that were scantily clad filled every page, and it was held in front of the boy for an explanation of how he got it. Viggo, being in the same room, came to his brother’s defense by lying, saying that it was his instead.

It only took a single look from the Maj. Gen. for both of the youths to know that it wasn’t going to be bought, causing Viggo to edify his response quickly.

“…I didn’t know there would be… women…since it says… differently on the-”

“Viggo, you’ll be next after your brother if you continue.”

With an understanding nod, so ended the failed rescue mission.

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Oh my gosh Ashley, Brandon and Chelsea just warm my heart so much, I'm so happy she didn't marry that guy. That was my fave scene, I loved everything about it and I love that she ran to grace for help. This chapter left me with so many warm and fuzzy feelings!☺️☺️☺️ brilliant job, as usual! You are such a wonderful writer!

Brandon and Chelsea warm my heart too!!!! I’m so 😍thinking about them just lounging on the couch and Brandon’s making dumb jokes and Chelsea doesn’t want to laugh but she does and he’s the only person she’s ever let her guard down around and they’re just so cute!!!