i love this rpg so much

Prince Todoroki who was told his entire life that using his left hand was the sign of witchcraft and forced by his father to train with his non-dominant hand. Todoroki goes through his entire adventures, suppressing his magic, hating his father but at the same time relying on the lessons of steel and blood beaten into him. Midoriya who watches Todoroki light the cooking fires and turn doorknobs with his left hand, confronts him about his untapped potential.

“What does it matter if you are called a Witch? If you are going to save lives with that power, doesn’t that make you a hero, no matter what?”

Todoroki who breaks his right arm in the middle of a fight against the vampire Stain and is about to watch his friends die, grabs his sword in his left hand and wreathes it in fire. 

Some suggestions for DND Shows!

Since The Adventure Zone is coming to a close, i figured that i should suggest some shows that are also role playing game centered story telling. Some of these shows i absolutely adore, some i have any seen a small amount of and some i only know second hand information on. The brackets after the name of the show is the network/creator of the show. 

Swan Song: (Rollplay) A show that uses the system Stars Without Numbers. It’s a crazy and amazing space adventure. It’s got super diverse characters and npcs and an amazingly fleshed out world, it also has my favorite DM ever. Personally this show is something i adore so so much. It might be my favorite series ever. The show has such a diverse cast of characters and the world is amazing and i adore it so so much. The show is officially finished about around 50, 4 hour episodes. At the start of each episode the hosts start with a small amount of banter that some people may want to skip. This show also has a pre show where the DM plays the NPC turn before the game starts which gives the viewer some behind the scenes look. This supplemental show is not required by any means and it can be found here (CW: none that i can remember, although, the first episode the players are still learning that game so it’s slightly rocky, but it’s most likely that the viewer will be learning the system too. This first episode is still very entertaining though)

Apocalypse World (Series 1 and Series 2 (pilot) + official series 2 episode 1): (Roll20) This show uses the Apocalypse World rule system, a personal favorite system of mine. If you are looking for a great show that has a cast of well developed world, characters and explores deep questions, all while being gloriously told. The characters portrayed in the show are extremely diverse, with multiple Non-binary characters. The players are also extremely diverse, including POC players and non-binary player in Series 1. Series 2 contains a lovely trans player and non-binary player. The majority of the cast is also queer, leading to lots and lots of LGBT characters. This show was one i watched live and i’ve drawn large amounts of fan art for it in my spare time, it’s something i adore so so much. The show also has a post show done by the DM if you would like to see the NPC turn and see more behind the scenes, it can be found here (series 1) and here (series 2). Both series are vaguely interconnected and don’t have to be watched together as the majority of their cross over is in Easter eggs and references. I feel the experience is heighten by watching them in order but it is not necessary. (CW: Series 1 has some descriptions of body horror, disease and some very minor description of dub-con. Series 2 has heavy heavy descriptions of body horror and gore. Series 1 had poor video quality to start with, but it gets much better quickly and isn’t too much of an issue)

High Rollers: (Yogscast) A home brew dungeons and dragons game. The characters are interesting and the story is very very well done and interesting. I personally i quite behind on the show but from what i have seen i absolutely adored it. The show is still ongoing currently.(CW: None that i can remember)

Dice, Camera, Action: (Wizards DND) A Dungeons and Dragons campaign run by the official Wizards Of The Coast. The story and characters are very interesting, and the cast includes youtubers who people may know (Commanderholly, Projared, NateWantsToBattle, Anna Prosser Robinson, etc). I am also behind on this show so i cannot vouch for its continued high quality. The show is still ongoing (CW: None that i can remember

Mirrorshades: (Rollplay) A show using Shadowrun 1st Edition. The show can be best described as if ‘Chaotic Neutral party turns badass cyber criminals into adorable rom-com’. It’s incredibly entertaining and surprisingly heart felt. The show has a diverse cast of NPCs and an extremely interesting world. Like, Swans Song the show has a small amount of banter at the start of each episode that may be skipped. The show has now finished. (CW: Fantastical racism, drug abuse, that’s all i can remember

Burning Wheel: (Roll20) A show using the Burning Wheel system. The show is incredibly interesting and well thought out. The players all have intense passion for the characters and the system. The world that has been detailed and extremely thought out. The players for the show are diverse, including many queer players, a trans player and a non-binary player. I am very behind on the show but with the cast i mind i doubt the quality has decreased in any way. The show is currently on going. (CW: The medieval ages sucked so many of the warnings that come along with that; sexism, fantastical racism, implications of CSA. Those are all i know currently.)

Heroes and Halfwits: (Rooster Teeth) A show using home brew dungeons and dragons 5th edition. I have not seen far into the show but by episode 3 i am finding it extremely amusing. Much of the humor comes in the form of the players arguing with each other and finding ways to screw each other over. The show is on going. (CW: None that i have seen so far i think)

The Sprawl: (Roll20) A show using the ‘the sprawl’ system. The show follows a rotating cast of characters in a dystopian cyberpunk future. The show touches on many issues relating to the themes of cyberpunk. The cast is diverse, including queer players, trans and non-binary players. The characters are all also extremely diverse, including many cannon LGBT characters. The show is currently on going but has not been updated in a short time due to scheduling issues with the cast. (CW: All the stuff that comes with cyberpunk, fantastical racism, mentions of trans character going through brief dysphoria

Those are just a few shows i suggest! I’m sure there’s many more but those are ones i have personally seen and enjoyed a lot! I hope this inspires some people to check these amazing shows out! Have a lovely day!


Inspired by last week’s Finnrey Friday theme “video games” I drew jedistormpilot back at it again with the PS2 controllers -not everyone is good at every kind of game, but there’s always one genre everybody likes :)

Also, J-RPGs are great to be enjoyed together as interactive telenovelas, and as much fun as video games are, nothing beats an evening of parlour games with your friends

Bread Birds

Btw, this is the players first time playing and this is the first thing she does.

Pat: She goes to the market and buys bread.
Me: How much?
Pat: A single slice.
Me: Uhm, okay, you grab a loaf of bread, bring it up to the cashier and ask for a single slice, they look at you weirdly and ask for 1 copper for the bread.
Pat: Oh, and don’t give me the ends. Nobody likes those.
Me: They look at you weirdly again, and say it’ll be 2 copper for that then.

The transaction happens, and then Pat asks to go to a fountain or something like that.

Me: Okay, there’s a town square and a fountain in the center of it.
Pat: I want to feed the birds the bread.
(After some rolling, she manages to get 2 birds as pets.)
Pat: I’m gonna name them Br and Ead.
They don’t do anything. She also doesn’t feed them the crust and ends up giving the crust to a homeless person.

A couple hours later at a different town, she asks to go to the market again.
Pat: How much bread is there?
Me: About 150 loaves.
(She tries to buy all of the bread, but realizes she can’t carry it all, so she buys 20 loaves)
Pat: I wanna go to a fountain. And feed the birds bread.

She was able to get 5 birds and names them B, R, E, A, and D.

She ends the first session with 7 birds, all of them named after bread, and 19 and a half loaves of bread.

Xanthar’s Guide to Everything

First thing you need to know. There is no difference between the versions of the books. It’s purely aesthetic. I can honestly see an appeal to both versions of the cover art, so I’m not going to champion one version above the other. 

Getting down to brass tacks, this book contains the following;

3 new Barbarian sub-classes
3 new Bard sub-classes
2   new Cleric sub-classes
2  new Druid sub-classes
3 new Fighter sub-classes
3 new Monk  sub-classes
2 new Paladin  sub-classes
3 new Ranger  sub-classes
4 new Rogue sub-classes 
3 new Sorcerer  sub-classes
2 new Warlock  sub-classes
1 new Wizard  sub-classes

That alone is a lot of new material…

Originally posted by tf2gasm

This book is heavy on expanding your character. What kind of superstitions does your Barbarian have? What kind of Temple/Monastery did you come from? What Heraldry does your Paladin wear? There are tables for a lot of different little facts that will help to add depth and character to your PC. This is absolutely the stuff that I love. 

Going beyond what they offer for new characters, They have another 70+ pages of Dungeon Master’s Tools, 20 pages of character name ideas (including many real world cultures), a 3 page list of spells (some new, some expanded to new classes).

They are not kidding when they say this is a guide to everything. There is so much here to cover and I’m only just scratching the surface. 

So tell us what you think about it. What has your interest piqued?

They looked like vicious wolves to me

We were fired from our last job and sent somewhere else to go and train to be better, we were walking through a forest and come by a dead body with two dogs nearby

clown bard: (we have two bards, i have to say this is the clown one) I want to roll animal handling and get the puppies.

Thief: (me) I would like to do that too.

I roll much higher so the dogs like me more

DM: The small puppies walk up to you and you see they are wearing collars.

Thief: oh you have an owner.

DM: … *points to dead body they were next to*

Thief: Oh, well they looked like vicious wolves that killed him from here, I didn’t know they were puppies until I got them.

not to be dramatic but i….. i love!! krogans!! so much??? they love cookies , and they have rpg game nights where they can “have fun in a supportive environment”, and they love and they swoon and they recite poetry and give flowers, and make bracelets, and they send their adopted human grandkids pictures of guns when they’re sad, and they can be so selfless (LOOKIN AT U VORN), and i’m just….i love them … i lov

(It’s transparent!)

I have……. been playing Dream Team a lot… (I’m in the final battle djfskn)

Anyways I worked like 3 days on this (i decided I wanted to practice my painting skills half way thru the drawing rip), and i just wanna say that these two? they’re my children. They’re my everything I’d take a bullet for them. Scratch that I’d actually take 20

I also rlly, rlly like the idea of them being close friends after the events of the game……. shhh let me be happy………..

The buying and selling of Garfield our s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶ Friend

Our 100% first campaign for everyone (including DM) where I played a gnome ranger with a catfolk rogue. We were talking talking about another catfolk cultist we have just captured (that I have lovingly named Garfield) after a battle

Rogue: aright… [ranger] how much do I have to pay you so I can keep him-… Garfield

Me: Well I mean were travelling together.

Rogue: …How much?

Me: This is a person! One of us can’t just own, him we own him TOGETHER!

This is all happening as we stand in a shop with garfield (who has yet to tell us their real name) tied up next to us.