i love this rockstar


Local Man Ruins Everything™ 

I think I owe one more starter, and that’ll also be the last one. But heLLO *SHOVES @vilgerdarsson AND @quattucrdecim AT YOU* They both have all what Ivar has, just not the fact that he’s Ivar because they are not. But the verses are alike so give them some love. Y'all are really far up Ivar’s butt (just like me) but it’s getting crowded here… Of course I’m still around for crack and writing prompts, but I said I would not accept new threads like two weeks ago and I ended up taking 5 more anyway oopsie (really, just, I can’t say no but please)

“Give youselves a round of applause, you’re awesome! It’s okay! Yeah that’s not arrogant, you gotta appreciate yourselves man, I love you guys! Rockstars aren’t supposed to smile idgf, I’m just happy! You guys make me happy! So thank you very much! I appreciate you!”

video by alphaetheperson