i love this red colour on her going around

for my wlw’s

playlist for the gals w gf’s and this is the typa stuff that makes u think of her and the stuff u both bop to

songs that i associate w the colour red and u go off to

that sad playlist when u still love someone but u two arent together for whatever reason but u know that if they asked u out again ud say yes bc u still want to be with them

u listen to these songs as u jump around ur apartment with ur gf

idk what to say this is, its good songs that r basically u have feelings for someone but u two arent together

a single gals playlist for the girls who dont have a gf for whatever reason

nooreva fic rec

same time, completely different place

“There’s probably a parallel universe with another Isak and Even that are lying down, just like this… Only that, there’s a different colour on the curtains or something…” – Not exactly. (In which some things are different, but some others are the same)

tonight is the night that we might fall together

She doesn’t mean to, but Eva falls asleep with her arms wrapped around Noora’s waist. She’s breathing softly and is so close to Noora that it almost seems suffocating, but less like someone’s squeezing Noora’s heart in order to break it and more like someone’s just trying to hug it hard enough to help her remember what it’s like to be loved.

feet on the ground, our head in the stars

And Noora thinks about backing up, or avoid saying it, but then she thinks about Eskild, so happy and proud of himself, and about Eskild side-eyeing her since she moved in, and she just swallows and goes for it. “I’m queer. Can we go out tonight?”
Eskild jumps off the bed and immediately wraps around her like a cat. Noora is panting a bit with the force of her admission, and she bites her lower lip hard, tucks her smile in Eskild’s neck. She lets herself be rocked back and forth.

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Concert || Conor Maynard

“Seven years ago today, I met the most beautiful and carling person I have ever met,” Conor says into the microphone, “and today is the day that I show her how important she is to me, I love you princess happy five years gorgeous !” I blush a deep red colour stains my cheeks. The crowed goes crazy, cheers and whistles as I make my way onto the stage. Conor grins over at me, holding out his hand for my shaking one. He spins me around making me laugh.

“So in case you didn’t know, this is my gorgeous girlfriend Y/N.” Cheers make their way to my ears causing me to laugh. “And we’ve been dating for five years!” Conor shouts.

“And for a special present for you guys, I’m going to sing a song to her,” the cheers get louder at the mention of him singing, “Now as you probably know, Y/N has never appeared in a cover with me,” he begins.

“And I probably never will,” I shout causing the audience to laugh. Conor roles his eyes.

“As I was saying, this is a really personal thing for me to do in front of you all, so before I back out let’s get started,”

The music to a stripped back version Conor’s song ‘Royalty’ starts playing.

I mouth the words 'I love you’ to Conor as he spins me around singing the first line, screams echo through the stadium. Conor and I dance across the stage. As the song finishes Conor pulls me into his chest, leaning down to kiss me. The crowd goes crazy, the had never seen us kiss before.

“So little does everyone here know that, that song was written about Y/N,” This causes the audience to coo, “I know I’m a sweetheart right?” Conor says chuckling, “Y/N is the love of my life and I don’t ever want to see the world with out her by my side, She’s basically my other person, if she feels sad I feel sad, she feels happy I feel happy.” He looks to me, tears are gathered in my eyes at his kind words.

“Y/F/N I love you so much, all of my success and achievements to you. Thank you for everything that you do for me everyday, thank you for moving in with me, for showing me that it’s okay to fall in love. But I have a question to ask you,” he says looking to the crowd and walking around me before finally stopping just the the left of me, “I just want to know If you want to spend the rest of our silly little lives together? Do you want to grow old together? Do you want to be tied to me for the rest of my life? Y/F/N will you marry me?” He asks pulling a ring box out of his pocket. He bends down onto one knee, opening the box and looking up at me a grin on his face.

Tears spring to my eye, I nod my head, “Oh my god! Yes!” I shout, making him jump up into standing position, he pushes the gorgeous ring onto my forth finger, next to the promise pulling me into his chest, kissing me softly.

“I love you,” we whisper to each other at the same time.

Conor picks up the microphone of the floor again and shouts into the microphone, “So I’m getting married guys!” He pulls me into his side kissing the top of my head. The only thought was that, I get to spend the rest of my life loving this little moron.

Drabble: I saw her

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Spilled this out in like 20 min. I just needed a break from all this work. Hope you guys are doing fine. I am dying.

Originally posted by madstan

I saw her laid there all alone, body resting on the soft pillows of the couch, the little purse she loved protected with her long fingers with her red nails freshly painted. She told me once she loved how her nails looked covered with such passionate colour; it reminded her of the little red star I had on my arm, and she found funny the fact that we could actually match somehow. I saw her eyes wandering around the place, worry cleaving through her face, millions of light spots running over her thanks to the disco ball above our heads. 

 I saw her bottom lip trapped under her teeth, as she chewed it like a gum, looking careless, yet so tense. I knew something was going on that precious little mind of hers. 

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[It’s a nice day for a chemical wedding. This fic was requested by @superpinkkcat and it will be my first attempt at delving into puddin’s P.O.V a little bit so let me know what you think. I also took the film and the official movie novelization into account and put my own spin on it because I am not completely satisfied with how it went down in the book. WARNING: CLOSER TO THE END OF THE FIC THERE IS MILD SMUT, ANY WISHES FOR EXTENDED SCENES MUST BE REQUESTED. I do take all requests.]

           I counted the street lights as we passed them in one of Mister J’s limousines, Frost was driving. Occasionally I couldn’t suppress the bubble of hysterical laughter, and I could feel Mister J watching me with a mixture of curiosity and satisfaction. I wanted to be with him always, this mad, twisted, intelligent man. Looking over to him, I put my hand over his where it rested on his thigh and he looked down at me.
           “Where are we goin’ Mister J?” I asked. 
           “To a baptism, doll.”
           I cocked my head to the side in confusion but decided not to ask any more questions. If he explains the joke it’s not funny anymore I recalled him saying once from one of our sessions. I felt his other hand close over mine and a small, almost inaudible gasp escaped me as I met his cool grey/blue eyes. The car had come to a stop and Frost had gotten out to open the door.
           “Do you trust me?” He asked.
           I nodded, letting him lead me from the limo. We were outside an old industrial building but I was hardly paying attention. All I could focus on was his hand clutching mine as he dragged me up a set of not very structurally sound steel stairs and he pulled a pair of bolt cutters out of nowhere. Where could he even have hid those? The chain around the door handles fell with a clatter and he tossed the bolt cutters over his shoulder with little regard for them. And then my hand was back in his and I was watching him, not where he led me. He walked so confidently, he looked so attractive in his sparkly suit, his grip on my hand was strong and he remained silent before letting me go abruptly when we arrived at our destination.
           Looking to him, he just stared back at me and I took that as my cue to take in my surroundings. There was an odd odour in the air but I could not place it. There were unmarked crates around us and a few paces ahead I saw lights, bright lights shining from down below and I moved forward. There was no safety bar of any kind, no barrier to keep someone from just slipping over the edge and dropping down, down, down into the swirling pool of bubbling yellow liquid. Reading the name in stark black letters against the back wall a light bulb went off in my head: Ace Chemicals it said and I felt the back of his hand trail down my arm. 
           “I was born down there, baby-doll.” He murmured.
           I looked down into the rows upon rows of chemical vats. Turning to him, I slowly reached out and placed my hand on his chest. 
           “It created you?” I asked.
           “No, no, no, no, no, Y/N. It completed me, honey. Do you want it to complete you?” He purred.
           I nodded and he grinned before becoming serious. “Question, would you die for me?” He asked.
           It seemed like such an insulting question for him to ask. I loved him; I had thrown my life away just to be a part of his because I didn’t want that life anymore. He brought me to that realization; he helped me to understand the joke of the world, the joke of the Bat. People were savages, you take a person into the wild and there are no morals, there is no law, they are just concepts hanging on by a very thin thread within our society. Let a person show you who they really are underneath it all and there is nothing worth saving in that. The bat was blind, ignorant, but we see. Mister J helped me see.
           “Yes,” I said instantly, but he looked dissatisfied. 
           “That’s too easy,” He looked away, thinking for a second before continuing.
           “Would you,” he paused looking at me in a way I had never seen him look at me before and I waited for him to finish expectantly. He looked almost taken aback, distracted, and his eyes flicked to my lips but in an instant he shook his head to clear it and that beautiful look was gone.
           He began again, “Would you live for me?” He asked in his deep gravelly voice. 
           Would I leave Y/N behind, would I leave who I was behind to be replaced with someone new? Someone potentially better? Dying for someone is easy, one shot, one stab, one small event and it was over but that isn’t what he was asking. He wanted to know if I would accept him as he is, if I would live with him and his unpredictable nature, if I would kill, steal, lie, and create chaos with him. He was asking if I would live a life, a mad, euphoric, and bloody life dedicated to showing the joke of human nature with him and there was no denying what I felt. There was no denying what I wouldn’t do for him. So again, without hesitation I replied, 
           “Careful,” He warned pointing a finger at me, “Do not say this oath, thoughtlessly.” 
           His left hand came over my mouth, his tattoo no doubt making a mock smile on my face but I couldn’t stop looking at him. I wanted to fall already, I wanted to fall. 
           “Desire becomes surrender, and surrender becomes power,” He whispered, his hand moving as his fingertips trailed down my chin, and his index finger touched my lower lip. 
           Warmth spread over me and oh, I wanted him. But he wouldn’t let me, I know he wouldn’t, he wanted my surrender. He wanted me to be reborn, and I wanted it too. 
           “Do you want this?” 
           “I do.” I said with conviction.
           He rolled his neck, pleased with me, but he needed more and I was willing to give it. “Say it, say it,” he growled. 
           “Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty,”
           “Please.” I said in a small voice that was half a beg, and half a husky whimper.
           “Oh, God you’re so… good.” He praised me before taking a few steps back.
His eyes burned me, as I looked back down at the chemical pool. I could have just jumped but I wanted to watch him, I wanted him to watch me. I wanted him to see what I would do for him. He gestured to me in a way that said “Go on Y/N, go on baby, and show me how good of a girl you can be”. Spreading my arms out I sold my soul to him as I fell.

***Mister J

           I smirked, looking down at my birthplace where Y/N had disappeared. Well, that’s that. She’s gone, and now I can reclaim Gotham. Turning to leave and return to Frost I paused, her sweet little face appearing in my head and her sexy little voice whispering “I do” as she had surrendered herself to me. It angered me that I couldn’t keep walking. I wanted to pull her out of the vat just to shake her furiously and demand what spell she had cast.          She had something over me, the moment she said those honeyed little words, and disappeared over the edge, she had something over me and I didn’t like it. In fact I loathed it. Rolling my neck in irritation I growled, whipping off my coat and diving over the edge after her. Hitting the chemical pool I felt juiced, I plunged into it like a bullet and my hands found her toned little body and I rose out of the depths of it with her… and she was beautiful.
Her skin was so pale now, so fine. There was no trace of her once golden glow, no; her skin was a perfect alabaster just like mine. Her hair was a beautiful white and she wasn’t breathing. Why wasn’t she breathing?
           Anger flared within me, “I don’t think so Y/N, you do not get to leave me. You chose this; you do not get to die on me.” I growled and my lips covered hers.
           I don’t know at what point it worked but her chest arched as she gasped, her eyes which had once been the darkest of blues now matched my own steely grey eyes. I felt a twinge of something, maybe irritation, or maybe it was the chemicals when I saw her… the real Y/N at last when she grinned, looking at me like I was her God. Her hand came behind my neck, her lips pressing against mine, and that sweet tongue of hers only confirmed how good it was that she was now mine.


           He laughed, holding me in the vat of chemicals. My skin tingled, my mind was in a state of complete and total ecstasy as I laughed with him, clutching onto him as our clothes disintegrated creating a blue and red explosion of colour around us. He looked down at me then, his makeup running down his face and the almost creamy chemical residue covered us both but I had never loved him more. 
“Let’s go home, baby.”
Home. I grinned as he climbed out of the vat, going down the ladder that ran down its side. I followed, turning to him as I neared the bottom and I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. His fingers bit into my hips and I kissed him as he walked, needing his touch more than air and when we got outside I scarcely heard Frost say “What the hell happened to you two?” 
           Mister J let me down and I turned to Frost, grinning, “Hiya Frosty, Muuuuahhhhh!” I gave his cheek a big kiss before climbing into the car, laughing, as Mister J came crawling in on all fours growling after me. 


           I grunted as my cheek hit the stone wall of the shower, Mister J’s hand wound violently in my hair as he took me without any regard for the term ‘gentle’ but I had no protest, all I could do was moan. No dreams could amount to this, no feeling could ever be as good as how he felt inside me.
           “Say it, say it Y/N” He ground out.
           “I’m yours,” I panted, leaning back so I could cup the back of his neck and I heard his breath coming out in hard, purring growls in my hear. His hand came up to my throat and I gasped, feeling his teeth bite into my shoulder. 
           “Say it, baby, say it!”
           I could barely contain myself, let alone say anything. He stopped abruptly and I tried to move against him but he held me firmly in place.
           “Puddin’” I groaned, needing him to move, needing him to take me.
           “I said,” his hand tightened around my throat and I shivered, on the verge of begging. “Say. It.” 
           “I’m yours, only yours, now and forever.”
           “That’s right baby,” he whispered, and he took me without mercy.

Frigga’s Handmaidens - Eir

Eir, meaning healer, is the healer of the handmaidens. Skilled in surgery, and battlefield wounds, Eir is the patron of surgeons, and other emergency room doctors. Comfrey is one of Eir’s traditional herbs, as it has amazing healing properties. One may pray to Eir if they, or a loved one is going in for surgery, for safety and wellness. Blood red is the symbolic colour of Eir, along with herbs such as Bistort and Yarrow, and red stones.

I will hail Eir, the Divine Physician.
Fortunate are those commended to Her care.
She is wise and mighty,
and the weal of Her hands strengthens the wounded.
Her works are filled with a ruthless compassion,
and to all things She brings the gift of fierce contemplation.

I will praise this Mighty Goddess,
Whose touch upon our beings
is like the fingersof a master gardener
closing around a tiny seed
and plunging it into the rich, waiting earth.

(From “Exploring The Northern Tradition“ by Galina Krasskova)

Baby Making (A Harry Styles One Shot) **REQUESTED**

ilyharryhmu asked:

can you do one where harry first tells you that he wants to start a family? (: (my name is j'den, but idc you can just put y/n !)

So ive decided to just do Y/N J’den just because a lot of people prefer it, if that’s okay with you? I hope you like it, and sorry its late



Harry’s P.O.V

Having the type of profession that contains a lot of flying, touring, and being on the spotlight can affect your personal life. I thought that would have happened to me, but no. I have met this amazing girl that has loved me for me since day one and hasn’t left my side no matter what the tabloids would say, and that girl, damn, she is too good for me, yet she is still with me. I don’t know how I found her, but im glad to say that she is my wife.

Me and the lads were flying home from the first leg of the On The Road Again tour, and to be honest im so excited to be coming home. Y/N couldn’t come with us due to her job at home, so of course I wouldn’t expect her to come with us, but I wanted her here with me making new memories. Having such a long flight home, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I haven’t seen her in two months, I have missed her more than I could imagine, and knowing that im one step closer to her makes my palms sweat. Finally the plane finally landed safely at Heathrow Airport, so I grabbed my bag and went straight out into the RV to drive me home. But I wish it was that simple. Paps really are annoying, ive been on a plane for over 11 hours and im not the most attractive when I get off jet-lagged and tired, but I don’t care im just glad im home.

My driver Shaun drove me to our house that we shared, also helping me with the paps that are standing outside it, damn sometimes I feel sorry for those annoying assholes. I was making my way into the driveway, thanking Shaun for the help, and I walked to the front door, but it was locked. So I put my keys into the lock, automatically swinging the door open. “Y/N baby, im home” I threw my luggage beside the plant near the door and closed it, locking it securely. You never know who is roaming around here, im always scared for her but she insists that she doesn’t wanna stay anywhere else apart from here. I walked into the kitchen getting a bottle of water, and I made my way around into the living area, and she was nowhere to be found. I suddenly heard footsteps coming from the staircase, so I walked around the corner to find her running down the stairs in style. My god she is beautiful. “Harry” She jumped right into my arms blissfully and securely. I wrapped my arms around her waist as her legs found their way around me. Her hands locked into my hair as she crest my curls tightly, giving me goose bumps throughout. She was the only one that could make me feel like this. “Harry I missed you so much” She mumbled into my neck as she kissed it. Her legs let go of my waist as she slid down to stand parallel to me. “I missed you too baby, so much” I slowly kissed her longing lips softly, as my hands felt around her small waist, honestly making me hard. Not having Y/N here not only took a tole on me emotionally, but physically too. We haven’t had sex since the day before I left for Australia, and that was a night to remember defiantly. My hand could never compare to the pleasure that she gives me, never in a million years. “How are you feeling?” She asked me once she slipped her lips off of mine. “Better now that im home, but im kinda sad that a part of the tour is already over” She held my hands as I spoke, and her eyes looking deeply into mine. I wish we could have children with her eyes, that would be mesmerising. Ive been thinking about having kids with Y/N since I met her, I just knew she was the one. Now that we are married, I wanna take it to the next level, but ive been scared to talk to her about it, but right now, timing could not be better.

“I know but you have so much more to come, you should be excited” She smiled up at me as she took my bags from the floor. “I know I know, hey let me take them” “Harry its okay, you’ve had a long flight. The last thing you wanna do is unpack” She started walking up the stairs with my bag to the bedroom, also me following her. “I love you” I stated as she dropped the bag on the bed and turned around to face me. Her cheeks started going a soft red colour and I know that she loves it. “I love you” She repeated, giving me a more intimate kiss, but still quick enough to pull away. “Y/N, I wanna talk to you about something” Her head struck up to meet mine, her expression confusing. “Sure honey what’s up” She then turned to my bag and took out one of my sheer shirts, and began folding it. I walked closer to her and removed the shirt from her hands, and made her look at me. “I love you so much and im so happy that you’re my wife” “Aw Harry I s-” “Sorry, love I’m not finished” Her eyes looked right into mine, really feeling confused” “Look Y/N, I feel like it’s the time in our relationship to think about, you know, having a family. Is that something that you’ve thought about?” Her face was emotionless. She is hard to read when she is thinking and that terrifies me. Her mouth turned upwards to a tiny smile, looking back at me. “Harry of course its something that I think about, its never off of my mind actually, more recently.” “So do you wanna start trying?” “But Harry your tour is going great right now and I don’t wanna be pregnant and you being gone most of the time” “Baby you will always be with me, ill make sure of that. I don’t want you to do this alone, believe me. I love you so much and I think the time is right. I don’t care about the tour, it can wait. All I want right now is you. You are my family” Her lips pushed against mine with force, with so much passion, god I love her so much. My hands went straight to her hips as she kissed me, instantly making me hard once again. I slowly pushed her to the bed as she started to unbutton my shirt, not that they’re was much to unbutton anyway, but she did. Memories came flushing back to the time where I fucked her in her office, and she rode me in my dressing room, ignighting my imagination as to what I wanna do to her right now. Her hands ran up my bare chest slowly as we slowly kissed, my tongue domineering hers in the passionate kiss. Her small hands rode up to my shoulders, and she slowly pushed the shirt down my shoulders to the floor, where it looked best in her eyes. Her lips detached from mine as she looked into my orbs. “Im ready Harry, I wanna start trying for a baby” I cant believe it, were gonna be parents. “I love you so fucking much” My lips went straight to hers again, only quicker. My hands moved to her jeans, unbuttoned them, and moved to remove her shirt, exposing her bra to me. My favourite bra. She released her lips from mine once again, only to remove her jeans from her legs quicker. So I took that to my advantage and removed my jeans and shoes in record time.

She slowly lay on our bed with her black lace bra and thong on, and her hands slowly going into her hair massaging it. “Your so fucking sexy baby” Im going to cum in my boxers just by looking at her, so fuckable. “Come here, fuck me Daddy” she commanded, biting her lip doing so. Fuck she knows how I love her calling me Daddy, so fucking hot. I lay on top of her warm body kissing the valley of her breasts straight away, and her legs wrapped around my lower back, helping me press my rock hard dick onto her slick sex. Her moans filled the room as I rolled my hips along her covered core as I ate around her boobs. Her moans would make me cum in a second. “Baby your so hard for me, have you not been taking care of yourself?” I looked straight up to her flushed face, taking in her appearance. “My hand doesn’t work as good as your pussy baby, so tight” I went back up to her lips, kissing hard as my hips rocked into her covered sex equally as hard. I let go of her lips as I felt her cold hands run down my thighs, taking off my boxers. Now knowing that we no longer need use of a condom, and just feeling skin on skin, made my dick twitch, I cant wait much longer. As my boxers slid to the floor I hook my fingers around her thong, slowly moving it down her legs to the floor. Doing so, seeing he we stain in her knickers was defiantly making my dick even harder if that was even possible. I push my cock right to her entrance, just one small movement I will be inside of her, finally. “Harry please, no teasing, please” “That’s it baby tell me what you want” I grabbed my dick from the base, pumping it slowly as I rocked my head over her bundle of nerves. “Tell me, what do you want” Her eyes watching what I was doing to her, releasing a low moan within her. “Your cock Harry, your big juicy cock inside me, please Daddy” My hands help my head go inside of her, slowly going deeper, as deep as I possibly could go. I cant get over how fucking warm and soft she is without a barrier of a condom, she’s so tight. I groan loud as she tightens her walls around me, helping my pre-cum squeeze out. Her screams motivate me to do deeper and harder, smashing her walls to perfection. I lift myself with my arms to help me stretch as high as I could, just so I could watch myself slide in and out of her slick pussy, so perfect.

I continue to move harder until I start to feel the burning at the pit of my stomach, damn ima cum quicker than I wanted to. “Baby I’m guna cum so hard right now, you ready? You ready to take my cum like a good girl, take me” I mumbled into her ear, making her squirm from under me. “C’mon Daddy, cum inside me baby, fill me up big boy” Her legs grew tighter to my lower back, making me go deeper inside of her. After my three or four loads of cum shot out of my cock, I started to feel Y/N clench around me. My thrusts increased until I felt my cock hit her spongy centre I was looking for but I got lost in my own pleasure. Once I hit her g-spot she screamed into my ear, making me want to make her cum by that spot. By hitting that a few more times her pussy sucked my cock dry through her orgasm. I made sure that she was done by thrusting inside her a few more times, also making me cum again, squirting my load once more inside of her. I slowly pulled out of her, and our mixed juices started oozing out of her hole. Damn that’s so hot. I went down to lick her clean, and then came up and lay next to her in pure ecstasy. “I hope we made a baby tonight” She breathed next to me as her head nested into the crook of my neck. “Wanna try and increase our chances?” I mumbled into her ear, I could go all night with her. I’ve got two months worth of cum waiting for her. “ I could go all night” She answered, coming over and straddling my hips.  

My Dear Princess

1. ‘I’m Afraid of Losing You’

“Inigo, you need to let go.”

“A few more minutes, love.”

“Inigo.” Lucina groaned as she tried to tilt her head back. Both hands held his arms that were wrapped around her stomach. Fingers gently squeezed on the skin, silently asking him that he should release her anytime soon.

She received another grumble as a response, and her back only pressed closer to his chest as Lucina sat between his legs.

“Dear, morning is at its peak.” She tried to glance over her shoulder. A giggle was stifled by pursed lips to feel his face childishly nuzzling the top of her head. “Furthermore, I have a sparring session with Father in about an hour, and I really appreciate it if I don’t miss- Inigo what are you- A-ah Ini-!” 

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Hey, there! Red here! Welcome to our little “Meet The Mods” section/post/thingy? Sure, let’s go with that. As you can see, Kumi just got her tablet and has been playing around with it, so we thought we could take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you, guys!

Here you can appreciate my plain-coloured hair - I used to dye it this purple-ish, dark red colour, which I miss so damn much! Also, please ignore my grumpy face. I’m actually friendly, I swear ^-^’

What else? I love anime! I’m a huge nerd as well as a translator and have been learning Japanese for the past seven years. I ramble. A lot. And I write, too. My multi-fandom blog is @madamredwrites​ and you can find all of my stories over on my AO3.

We have a lot of fun things planned and in the works so we hope you stick around to see it all! <3

Luke Cheats On You:

Stopping the car outside of your house, you frowned when you saw a car was already in your space on the drive. You parked it on the road and wondered why your best friend’s car was already here, you were almost sure you hadn’t forgotten to meet her today. You’d just come back from spending the night at your parents’ house so you wouldn’t have arranged to see her this early in the morning.

“I wonder what Auntie Fliss is doing here, Em. Maybe she missed you that much she had to wait here for us.”

“Auntie Fliss!” your four-year-old daughter chanted as you unbuckled her from the car seat. “Auntie Fliss is here!”

“Yeah,” you said absentmindedly.

Your best friend, Felicity, had been having problems with her long term boyfriend, Dean. He wanted more commitment from her, you kept telling her that. It was times like this you were grateful you were married to Luke, the boy you had been in love with since you were eighteen. The dating game didn’t sound like much fun these days.

“Auntie Fliss likes playing dollies with me,” Ember said as she ran up to the front door. “She likes to dress them up.”

You tried to ignore the bad feeling in the pit of your stomach, you felt like something wasn’t right. Fliss never missed a day of work unless she was really sick; you guessed it had to be about her boyfriend. You knelt next to your daughter and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“Hey, I’m going to see if Auntie Fliss is okay,” you explained quietly. “She might be sad and she might not want to play dollies until she’s feeling better so why don’t you see if Mrs Ryan wants to, hm?”

She nodded and smiled, she liked Mrs Ryan.

You took Ember’s hand and walked her across to your neighbour who always loved to watch Ember for a few hours a week to give you and Luke some time alone. Mrs Ryan was more than happy to watch her for an hour or so while you tried to find out what was wrong with Fliss. You took a deep breath as you opened your front door and called Felicity’s name. You walked around the ground floor looking for her, only to find her wine glass, which you’d given her last Christmas, in the sink. You decided she must have stopped her last night which was nothing unusual; Luke had a night out with the guys anyway so she’d have the house to herself.

After checking the guest room, you didn’t find Fliss stretched out in the double bed like you normally would. You frowned again. Fliss wasn’t the type to walk home especially since she lived a few miles away, you decided she must have had too much wine last night and caught a taxi this morning. You rang her house phone to check she’d made it home.

“Hello?” Dean said gruffly.

“Is Fliss home?” you asked. “I’m worried about her.”

He sighed. “I guess you haven’t been home then. We had an argument, broke up and then said she was coming to your place. I told her it wasn’t a great idea.”

“What do you mean by that, Dean?”

“She said she’s in love with another man,” he revealed. “She said she’s in love with Luke.”

Your mouth fell open. “What?”

“Look, I’m sorry but that’s what she told me. I have to get to work. If you find her, tell her she has until tomorrow to move her stuff out of my house or it’ll be in a charity shop.”

The line suddenly went dead. You tried to process what Dean had just said. No, your best friend wouldn’t do that to you. Fliss and Luke were just friends. They took Ember to the park together when you were working from home. Fliss couldn’t be in love with your husband.

The door opened and Fliss was stood there with a towel wrapped around her. She looked stunned to see you, the colour drained from her cheeks.

“I’ve just spoken to Dean,” you said calmly. “Is it true?”

Fliss stared at you and red rose back into her cheeks. You felt like she’d punched you in the stomach.

“Let me explain,” she started but she was interrupted.

“Fliss!” Luke’s voice shouted. “I think she’s home! What the fuck are we going to tell her? We’ve fucked up big time, Fliss.”

You stood with your arms folded over your stomach, you tried to hold yourself together but cracks were slowly appearing. Silently, you waited for Luke to appear. His hair was messy and he was stood in a pair of boxers.

“Try the truth, Luke,” you said in a shaky voice. “Don’t worry; your daughter isn’t here to hear it.”

Luke’s eyes widened and he began to stumble over his words. “Babe! You’re – erm, did you have a good night?”

“Cut the bullshit, Luke. Tell me what you were going to cover up.”

Fliss dropped her gaze to the floor. “I came over last night, I had a few glasses of wine and I waited for Luke to get home. I kissed him then we went upstairs and – oh my God, I’m so sorry.”

You covered your mouth with your hand and fought back a sob. You felt sick. The images in your mind went wild to fill in the gaps of what she didn’t say.

“I trusted you,” you choked out. “I trusted both of you. I’m going to be sick.”

You pushed them both out of the way as you ran downstairs and into the garden. You sat on the bench your parents’ had bought you for your first wedding anniversary. What were you going to do? You rubbed your temples, this was a mess. A mess you never thought you’d have to deal with.

“Babe, I’m sorry. It was a stupid thing to do,” Luke apologised.

“No,” you countered. “A stupid thing would be something like putting a dishwasher tablet in the washing machine. This isn’t a stupid thing. This is a whole new low for you.”

He knelt in front of you. “It didn’t mean anything, you have to believe me.”

You glared at him for a moment before you leaned forward. “I believed you when you promised to love me forever on our wedding day but look where that got me.”

“I still love you,” he objected.

“Well, last night that love didn’t stop you from screwing my best friend. Last night, I didn’t cross your mind and that isn’t what love is, Luke.” You stood up and closed your eyes before you spoke again. “I’m going to get Ember and we’re going back to my mum’s.”

“Please, let’s just talk about this,” he begged.

You shook your head. “Right now, I hate you. I hate Fliss. I don’t want to be near either of you. Give me a few days to get my head around this.”

Luke walked towards you. “If you won’t talk to me, at least let me see Em.”

“Come pick her up tomorrow morning,” you said in a cold voice. “I’m not going to stop you seeing her, Luke. You might be a shit husband but you’re a good father.”

You headed towards the front door and Fliss was waiting by the stairs.

“BabeI’m sorry.”

“You came here and took your chance,” you said bitterly. “I hope it was worth it.”

You scooped up your keys and walked out of the door to collect your daughter. You weren’t sure how things were going to work out but you’d be okay, you’d have to be okay for Ember’s sake.

Part 2 is here!

How he reacts when you dye your hair


While shopping at your local supermarket for a special dinner you were going to make for yourself and Calum you found yourself in the beauty aisle where rows upon rows of hair dye were stacked. You’d never done anything with your hair, usually leaving it your natural chestnut brown as you were scared that any other colour wouldn’t suit your complexion. Before you knew it you’d popped a dye in your hair that claimed to be able to tint your hair purple. You’d seen it on other girls as the sun hit their hair and liked it. Plus it wasn’t so drastic that you couldn’t change it back again.

Later, you received a text from Calum.

“Hey baby, I’ll be late home, sorry! Don’t be mad :( xx”.

You sighed, sending back a quick response and halting your dinner preparations. Before you knew it and before you could talk yourself out of it you were in the bathroom, dye in hand. 

You’d washed the dye out and dried your hair when you heard Calum call out., “(Y/N)! I’m home!” followed by the familiar pattern of his footsteps as he came towards your bedroom, past the bathroom.

“What is that smell (Y/N), I really hope that’s not my dinner.” The bitter smell had lingered.

“Do you like it? I dyed my hair.” you asked, flipping your hair, proud that you’d not managed to mess it up.

“Did you?” Calum raised his eyebrows.

“For God’s sake Calum, hit the light, maybe you’ll see then.” He flicked the light switch obediently and you could tell he still couldn’t tell the difference.

You huffed in irritation before stalking past Calum and back towards the kitchen. “(Y/N),” he called after you, “I’m joking, it looks amazing. Purple. I like it, just promise me you won’t turn into Michael.” He chuckled catching you around the waist, making you face him and hugging you to his body. You let it go even though you were pretty sure he’d just seen the packet that you left on the bathroom sink, letting yourself relax in his arms.

Ashton: (sorry I got carried away with the feels)

You balanced your 10 month old baby boy, Harry on your hip whilst your 3 year old baby girl, Sophia sat patiently waiting for you to give her breakfast. You’d never been good with multi-tasking - that was until you had children. It was a Saturday and your husband, Ashton was still not awake. You kissed Sophia on the head, placing a bowl in front of her before you and Harry went to wake up daddy. (LOL.) 

“Ash, baby. Come on you need to wake up I have an appointment and you need to watch the kids.” You walked to the other side of the room, throwing open the curtains as Ashton groaned from underneath the sea of bedding. Ashton leant up, rubbing his eyes before he held his arms out for Harry.

“Hello Harry. You’re getting so big!” You smiled down at your boys. They were adorable.

“Ok Ash, Sophia is in the kitchen please go and make sure she hasn’t thrown her food all over the walls or fed it to the dog. I’ll see you in a couple of hours, if there are any problems, call me straight away and I’ll come home.” You snatched your handbag from the chair in the corner and grabbed your car keys from the bedside table.

“We won’t have any problems will we Harry? I’m the best daddy.” You raised your eyebrows, reminded of the time when he had let Sophia go crazy with the permanent markers.

A few hours later you were apprehensive about your new hair. You’d decided to go a completely different colour from your usual but red hair ran in your family, and you weren’t sure but you thought you suited it.

“Hey I’m home.” You called as Sophia ran to you, you picked her up, kissing her on the nose before settling her down again she had ran off back to her toys that were scattered all around the room, the place was a mess. Ashton rounded the corner with Harry asleep on his shoulder.

“Woah, (Y/N). I love the new hair! Fiery. Suits you perfectly.” Ashton winked teasingly.

“Shut up Ash.” you laughed. “Where’s my baby boy?” you reached out delicately to Harry who was beginning to wake up. As soon as Harry saw you he started crying.

“Oh, Harry is not a fan.” Ashton laughed back before leaning around Harry and kissing you.


You’d gotten your hair dyed a few hours ago, going for something a bit different, you’d asked for ombrèd hair. The ends gradually getting lighter. You didn’t care that lots of people had this hair style a couple of years ago and the phase was wearing out because you liked it and that was all that mattered.

Later, you were cuddling with your fiancé, Luke. Your head lay in his lap and he was playing with your hair. He’d told you how much he loved your hair, how much he’d love anything and everything that you ever did before pulling you to him and kissing you. You were both still in the fairytale afterglow of your engagement.

“Your hair is always so soft when you get it done. I love it.” Luke spoke softly, not wanting to disturb the peaceful atmosphere as your hair ran through his fingers.

“Well, thank you Mr Hemmings. Your hair is quite fine yourself.” You chuckled, quickly snatching his hand from your hair and placing a kiss on the palm of his hand.

“Are you going to have your hair like this for the wedding, Almost-Mrs-Hemmings?” Luke asked as he tangled his fingers with yours.

“Hmm, maybe. What do you think?”

“I really like it. And I really like you. I’m so glad I chose you to be my wife.”


When you first met Michael you’d both been drawn to each other’s hair, obviously. At the time his hair was a bright, almost glow-in-the-dark green and yours faded from light blue to dark blue at the ends. You both loved to have your hair different coloured. You liked to stand out. At least you could spot him on the Mastercard advert.

This time you had decided to go for a dark pink all over. It made your pale skin stand out and you loved it. You’d had it styled into soft waves and it looked good, if you said so yourself.

Michael was on tour at the moment but you couldn’t wait to show him. You clicked the facetime button and waited for his response. He answered but the screen was black for a few moments.

“Michael, I dyed my hair it’s so nice! I hope you like it. Can you see it?” You aimed the camera to the side of your head, showing of your brightly coloured hair. Finally the screen flashed into life and you could see Michael now.

“No. Oh my God (Y/N) you did not.”

“Michael! Oh my God this is so cute, we match!”

Yes, the image of Michael on your phone screen had dark pink hair too.

“No, oh my God (Y/N) this is not cute, I am getting Lou to change it asap.”

“Michael!” you whined, “It’s your fault for not telling me when you dye your hair! Imagine when you come home and we can take pictures together! The fans will love it!”

“(Y/N) do I really have to keep it?” he whined back.

“Yes! Plus you look hot.” You winked at him through the camera.

“Urghh, (Y/N) don’t. I miss you so much and you looked so hot just then." 

You chuckled to yourself before hanging up. You’d send him some pictures of yourself later, and not of your hair.



It’s Time Once Again To Talk About...

Killian, Emma, and Leia.

Leia is five months old. She’s just started sleeping mostly through the night, waking only with soft coos once or twice when she needs to be fed by her mother. Emma’s a somewhat…heavy sleeper, so it’s usually Killian who hears their daughter through the monitor in the wee hours of the night. He always kisses his slumbering wife’s forehead, rousing her awake, but usually by the time he returns with Leia, Emma’s sleeping again. He cradles his sweet baby against his bare chest and climbs into bed next to Emma, sitting up against the headboard. Despite the fact that being awoken in the middle of the night isn’t the most pleasant occurrence, Killian cherishes each one of these moments. Leia is always awake and content, hunger temporarily forgotten, pretty green eyes staring up at her daddy happily. He’d marvel at her beauty, at how tiny her toes are, or otherwise he’d whisper to her, telling her a story or perhaps just about how much he loves her. Eventually Leia reminds him why she woke up in the first place, and usually Emma wakes up at this point.

“Mmm, come here, princess Leia,” she’d coo, reaching her arms toward Killian, “did you get bored of daddy’s stories?” Once Emma had Leia, Killian would insist on holding Emma in his arms, never wanting to miss an opportunity to appreciate the beautiful sight that was his wife, feeding their daughter. And then, after Leia finished, Emma would promptly hand her back to Daddy, roll over, and go back to sleep. “Ohh, Leia, you’ve a sleepy Mummy,” he’d joke, and Emma would mutter a “shut up,” as he left their room and headed down the hall. Then he’d indulge in a few more quiet moments, rocking Leia back to sleep before putting her safely in her crib. That was the normal routine nowadays.

But tonight was entirely different.

Instead of being awoken by her daughter’s noises next to her, Emma woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of her husband’s voice. “No, no, no,” he chanted, his tone sounding worried. “She would never leave.” Emma rubbed her eyes, and concluded that Killian must be dreaming, as he appeared to be talking in his sleep. “Hook, wake up,” she whispered, reaching over to shake him lightly. He was still mumbling, and as Emma’s eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room she could see that his eyebrows were all scrunched up. “It isn’t real, darling. It’s just — oh, no! No, Leia!” his volume increased sharply, much to Emma’s alarm, and she forced herself to wake up more fully. She sat up, stroking his face with one hand and shaking his shoulder with the other. “Killian, wake up! It’s just a dream, sweetheart. Hey, hey, hey!” One second, it seemed like her attempts weren’t going to accomplish anything, but suddenly, he sat up, shaking his head fervently and breathing deeply.

“You okay?” Emma asked, rubbing his shoulder. He turned his head to face her, and he had the weirdest look on his face.

Leia’s having a nightmare,” he said worriedly, flinging the covers back and swinging his legs off the bed, ready to stand.

Emma’s face contorted at his words. She was…so confused. It was much too late at night for this. “Ummm Killian, excuse me…what?

But he wasn’t listening to her at all, in fact he was already up, halfway to their door. Emma groaned and stood up herself, following him. Emma caught up to him when they were halfway down the hall, tugging on his arm, whispering in a perplexed tone. “What the hell do you mean, she’s having a nightmare? It’s more like you were having a nightmare, Leia is sound asleep in her—”

But suddenly, Emma was interrupted by a piercing cry, coming from the room at the end of the hallway, ten times louder than any noise Leia ever made when she woke up to nurse. Emma’s mouth popped open in utter shock and Killian charged down the hallway into Leia’s room.

“It’s alright, sweetheart, Daddy’s got you, come here,” Killian cooed, lifting the screaming baby from her crib. Big, fat tears were rolling down her face. “It was just a nightmare, little love. Your mummy would never leave you, no, no. I know it was scary, princess, I know. I’m sorry. Daddy’s here, and Mummy’s here, and neither of us will ever leave you. Here, see? Mummy’s here.

Emma was standing in the doorway watching this strange series of events and listening to Killian’s comforting (albeit confusing) words, so she was surprised when he suddenly turned around and handed her the baby. Emma took her reflexively, immediately swaying back and forth, her mommy-mode kicking in despite the weirdness of the situation. “It’s okay, baby,” she cooed, holding Leia close, “I right here, honey bear. I love you, princess Leia. It’s okay, aw, honey. Mommy doesn’t like those big, sad tears. I sorry, Leia.”

Leia was quickly calming down, snuggled against Emma. Emma was still rocking and swaying instinctively, and she used one hand to wipe at the wetness all over Leia’s face. “Was you very sad? I sorry, littlest love. Mommy sorry. I love you so much, yes I do.” Eventually, Leia was silent, except for a few huffy breaths here and there. Killian had come closer, his hand rubbing Leia’s back in little circles. Once she was asleep, Emma nuzzled her nose in her daughter’s soft brown hair and kissed her head gently before putting her back into the crib. She took a deep breath and turned to her husband, whose sanity she was very much questioning.

“Killian. What the hell was that?” She demanded.

Killian was shaking his head, staring at the sleeping baby in the crib. “Love, honestly…I don’t know. She was having a terrible nightmare and it was about you, it was about you leaving her on a picnic blanket in the park, and….and I could see it.

Emma blinked at him incredulously. “Are you legitimately drunk right now?” she pretty much snapped him, the fact that it was the middle of the night and her husband was making zero sense making her cranky. “What are you talking about, you could see it? Killian, that doesn’t make any sense. That’s absolutely impossible.”

“I know it sounds crazy, but it was so real, love. I could see it perfectly. It’s like I was in her head.”

Emma crinkled her eyebrows, exhaling. “You were talking in your sleep, Killian. It was your nightmare, not hers.”

“Emma, I know it doesn’t make sense, but I swear, it’s true. I was having my own dream, and suddenly it switched and I could see your face…but then you started talking, and I could tell you weren’t talking to me…you were talking to Leia. I was looking through her eyes. And then you just left, and the sky turned all dark, and I could feel how scared and upset she was. It was terrible. I’m just glad you woke me so that we could get to her and make her feel better.”

Emma was still staring at him, but she was convinced he was just worn out from the many nights of waking up with Leia, and that it was just a coincidence that she’d started crying when they were arguing in the hall. She tried to soften her expression, giving him a smile before lacing her fingers with his. She pulled him toward the edge of Leia’s crib so they were both gazing down at their sweet little daughter, sleeping soundly, little bunny-pyjama-covered-belly rising and falling with every breath she took. “Well she’s okay now, Daddy,” Emma whispered, reaching her free hand down to thumb the sole of Leia’s foot. “She’s a very pretty princess.”

“Aye, that she is,” he whispered back to her, squeezing her fingers, “Takes after her Mum.”

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Harvard (part 7)

This is technically two parts in one, so it’s long. Hope you enjoy.

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6

“Hey,” he says, swinging the lab door open. I’m sat on top of one of the work surfaces playing with my phone as I wait, but as soon as I lay eyes on him I feel my lower abdominals clench and a slight tightening in my throat. Giddy is one way to describe it I suppose.

“Hi,” I reply.

“You ok?” he asks, walking over and leaning on his elbows onto the worktop next to me. I look from my taller height and we both watch his fingers twiddling below.

“Yeah,” I quietly answer. “You?”

“Hmmmmm,” he hums before taking a long breath in and holding it.

“What happened to you? Where have you been?” I try. He doesn’t seem to be in a chatty mood but I am curious about the past few days.

“Ugh, you know… Lara happened,” he sighs, turning around and jumping up to sit beside me.

“No, I don’t know.” I laugh at the situation I’ve put myself in. I’m falling in love with a guy who has a girlfriend, a girlfriend I’m purposefully keeping at an arm’s length just in case… In case what, Amelia? you ask. That, I’m not sure. A silence settles and I break it by saying, “You don’t have to tell me though, don’t worry.”

I see him physically relax, his jaw unclenching and his smile forming.

“How do you do that?”

“Do what?” I frown, having no clue as to what he’s on about.

“You…” He lifts his hands up to gesture in mid-air but I’m still lost. My frown turns to an amused brow tilt. “You just… Don’t worry. I shouldn’t say.”

“Well you can’t leave it like that!”

“What were we talking about? Oh yeah, so where are we going with the Borders lot?!” He skillfully distracts me.

“Oh!” I squeal, jumping down and turning round to grin at him. “We are going… drum roll please…” He rolls his fists against the granite next to him. “We’re going to Greece!”

“Greece?!” His voice cracks from the shock. “Holy crap!”

“I know!” I giggle. “This is why I wanted to know where you were. Can you believe it? We leave in a month, just after Easter!”

“This is amazing!” His eyes are as excited and brimming with glee as I imagine mine are.

“Yep,” I agree.

“Last year was incredible but I got a feeling this year will be better…”


“Yeah,” he confirms, tilting that damn head of his. I blush as his blue eyes catch mine and demand my attention. As usual I struggle to look away so for once, I don’t fight temptation and instead just stifle a smile by biting my bottom lip. As predicted, his eyes go straight to it.

“You know there’s a whole training week next week?” I say.

This weekend is when the entire university clear out, everyone goes home for the holidays, and only a few remain. The Doctors Without Borders members are some of those few, staying an extra week to finalise arrangements, sort out visas, practice any procedures they may have to face, organise any jabs and vaccinations for the local area etc.

“I know… Callie and Meredith are sticking around just for the drinking part of it!” Owen says.

“Hey, maybe I should get Arizona to stay. We’ll test out your theory of them being gay,” I tease, beginning to stroll around the room and fiddle with instruments.

“Joke all you like but there’s something going on between them,” he replies.

“I actually think you might be right. Arizona goes on about Callie as much as I go on about-” I stop myself, knowing I was about to say you.

“As much as you go on about…?” He lingers on the question.

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Holding the Fort- A Ladybug fanfic

Words: 1400

Author: Me

Fandom: RWBY

Genre: Shipping,

(Belated) Christmas present for Booksandweapons

A week of rain has cut off Beacon Academy from the rest of Vale, but when a break in the weather passes over the school, Weiss and Yang rush down to the town, leaving Blake and Ruby alone.

That’s when Ruby unveils her greatest creation yet, and leaves Blake speechless, but it’s not over yet.

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