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That girl - Sebastian Stan (Part 2)

Pairing- Sebastian Stan X Reader

Genre- I have no idea, let’s be real.

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“Hey Mama, yeah India is awesome.” Sebastian said into his phone as he got into the University ride along with Rahul. That was when he spotted that girl again.


Sebastian faltered as he stopped, only to be pushed forward by a scowling Rahul. “Dude, either move or sit down. You’re blocking the way.” Sebastian apologized hurriedly and hung up, turning to Rahul. “Hey, what do you say about sitting in the back seat?” Rahul looked back and sighed.

“You won’t change, right? You just have to get her. I’m fine here, you go to the back.” Sebastian smiled sheepishly Ashe rushed to the back seat and said, “Hey, do you mind if I sit here?” The girl looked up from her book and stared at him, her eyes looking larger because of the glasses. “You wanna sit beside me?” Sebastian had trouble processing her words for the first few minutes, and then nodded furiously when she frowned, shutting her book. She shrugged and scooted closer to the window, and he sat down beside her, warmth bubbling inside his chest.

(Y/N) stared ahead as the bus moved, and plugged her earphones in, biting her lip. Deciding to start the conversation, Sebastian stuck his hand out. “My name’s Sebastian. You are?” “(Y/N).” “Pleasure to meet you.” “Likewise.” For while, everything was silent, till (Y/N) broke it, surprising Sebastian. “How do you like Hyderabad?” He looked st her as she stared up at him, and he smiled to himself. Even sitting beside each other, she was shorter than him. How adorable. “It’s quite lovely, to be honest.” “Oh? Who was your tour guide?” “Rahul.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes as she looked at the tall boy sitting on the front.

“Him? I bet he only showed you Salarjung Museum, right?” Sebastian nodded, and she smirked. “How about a deal- I show you around Hyderabad and you teach me your family recipes of your country’s cuisine?” Sebastian stared at her. “Why not the standard recipe?” (Y/N) smiled softly as she handed one of the earphones to him. “The standard is the standard. The family recipes are always the best with the most love. So, do we have a deal, Sebastian?” He beamed and nodded, plugging the earphone into his ear as a Romanian song played. Sebastian gaped as (Y/N) chuckled. “Yes, I do understand Romanian, but I can’t speak it. I love Akcent, though. Do you like those guys?”

And that was how a deal progressed into friendship.

“Hey, Seba! I need the mustard!” (Y/N)’s voice echoed through their shared room as Sebastian squirted it into his hot dog. She stormed into the room as Sebastian munched on thoughtlessly on the hot dog, stopping only to beam once at his roommate. She rolled her eyes as she flopped in beside him, switching the TV on as some songs played on. She hummed along and took a bite of Sebastian’s hot dog, jumping back into the kitchen to cook some of the recipes she wrote down in her diary.

“Hey love, you never told me why you like cooking. Why is it?” Silence greeted him and he turned back, only to see (Y/N) staring at her diary fondly. “My dad introduced me to my kitchen for the first time when I was four. I’ve been cooking since. His last words were to follow my heart, and my heart belonged in the kitchen, where I cooked first with him.”

Sebastian sighed and walked over, engulfing her in a hug which she gladly returned. “So, a movie night tomorrow?” “How about now, Seba?”

That night was long.

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Go Supercorp

I just wanted to say that I’m really proud of the way that Supercorp fandom has handled the recent negativity regarding a rude tweet to Rahul. 

While it seems the person tweeting wasn’t actually a member of the Supercorp fandom and seemed to be perhaps mocking what they thought we’d do as a ‘joke’:

The fandom has overwhelming called out this kind of behavior both to the person responsible (they deleted the tweet) and the fandom at large. There are many posts decrying this behavior (some with hundreds or even 1000+ notes) in the Supercorp tag and I’ve seen most of the fandom reblogging at least one of them saying it’s not okay. I’ve seen the fandom taking the preemptive step of having a positive tweeting campaign on Monday at Rahul. I feel like the fandom has really circled the wagons to call out bad behavior in a tiny minority of members and that’s awesome. I always notice with this fandom that I see vastly more people calling out bad behavior then I ever see participating in it or encouraging such things. I love you guys!

The relations i had

Wherever I went, whoever I found,
They went on to be with me Forever,

some I left, some I kept
but these relations,
they were always keep on growing like interceptions,

sometimes they happened to me, sometimes I happened to them,
Wanted or unwanted,
good too, bad too,
and sometimes, I needed them to go through

When I was less body,more soul
I met my mother and father,
who brought me to these streets in which,
I am wandering and for this, 
I am grateful 

I met people who smiled at me,
to make me smile,
when others filled me with toxicity

I met friends who became lovers,
then became friends and then shadows

I met the mountains, a river,
some pebbles and a shore

and after everything, I met some ash and smoke,
in which every bit of me disappeared
This was when I found the God living inside me,

I found myself, I met myself,
I began a relation with me,
and that was the most fruitful relation I ever had.

-Rahul Agrawal

rahulkohli13 I’ve been making the effort to pronounce my name the Indian way, no more silent H crap I used to pull when I was prat. I’m ashamed to admit that since I was at school, I’ve distanced myself from my culture and heritage in order to fit in and be accepted. For me, being Indian was something to be embarrassed about and the more western I appeared, the more I thought I was fitting in. This is an act I’ve done for almost 20 years and even now I catch myself doing it but I’m slowly undoing this conditioning. I am an Indian man, with an Indian face, an Indian family and one of the most Indian first names you could have. I’m proud to be a British Indian and I’m tired of “hiding” it and I intend to spend the next few years learning more about my culture/people.

Yeah as a member of the Supergirl, The Flash and Agents of SHIELD fandoms, I always see such utter hatred over Mehcad Brooks/James Olsen, Candice Patton/Iris West and Chloe Bennet/Daisy Johnson and have learned to stay away from the comment sections on articles. Youtube videos, etc. pertaining to either show or either character. I also have one finger over the block button when I’m on Twitter or Tumblr because some of the hate posts I see about these characters are just horrible and most of the time just downright racist.

Speaking of Tumblr, while I have seen some absolutely wonderful members of the S/upercorp fandom on here who love and appreciate James Olsen and Karolsen, I have also seen some members of the S/upercorp fandom on Tumblr trying to claim that S/upercorp is more “progressive” than Karolsen because Karolsen is het and S/upercorp is an LGBT relationship and these people need to stop thinking that all het is the same because interracial het relationships while being het are still extremely progressive and possibly even more progressive than S/upercorp which is just a bunch of people shipping two moderately attractive white women together.

Like maybe if L/ena was played by a WoC and not played by K/atie M/cGrath, I could see their argument but L/ena is a white woman and Kara is a white woman and their relationship is not as progressive as pairing Kara with James, a black man, who is also a racebent character.

I totally get that people are annoyed because they headcanon L/ena as a lesbian and she’s getting a male love interest but honestly, there’s no reason for them to act so horrible about Rahul for daring to play a part where his character is the love interest of another character just because her fandom aggressively headcanons her as a lesbian when there has been no indication that she’s LGBT or heterosexual on the show until now. Like it’s literally just their OPINION that she’s a lesbian so they have no right to bash actors, writers, showrunners, other fans, etc. IMO S/upercorp fans are some of the most entitled fans I have come across in the Supergirl fandom and it’s super annoying.

POC ALTERNATIVES FOR THE WHITE “CLASSIC” DISNEY PRINCES MASTERLIST: i’m so happy you all liked my initial disney poc alternates post, and i got a few requests for ones on the dudes & on the newer princesses also. so i’m starting with this, and then i’ll be making one for all newer characters :) most of the “classic” disney charries are white, so here are some recast alternatives for your musing pleasure. (pls note john smith isn’t included because it’s kind of important he’s a white colonizer ?? so that didn’t seem necessary). listed chronologically~

EDITED: I had initially mis-listed Darren Criss’s ethnicity!

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You know what I love the most about Ravi? Liv literally forced him to move in with a guy he didin’t even know and he went with it. And few episodes later he is the character who cares the most about Major. He wants to tell him about zombies because he cares so much.
Ravi is the most selfless character in the show. He deserves to be loved. He is just perfect and I wish I knew a guy like that.

Man crushes of 2015

This post is obviously extremely important. So just deal with it. 

Domhnall Gleeson 

I saw him in many movies before his true charm rooted into my movie loving heart.  Memorable Roles in: About Time, Harry Potter, True Grit, Never Let Me Go, Anna Karenina, Ex Machina, The Revenant. Who doesn’t like a beautiful ginger 

Lee Pace

To be frank with you all, I’ve loved Lee for probably about 10 years now. What was puppy love is full grown! The Fall is one of my favorite movies of all time, and Ned the Pie Maker in Pushing Daisies will challenge your romantic sensibilities. He’s gorgeous, versatile and talented. May I never ever live in a world where I can’t moon over what it would be like to love this man and have him maybe wave at me. 

Idris Elba

STOP. I KNOW. HE’S PERFECT. It goes without saying that he’s also a brilliant actor. Noteworthy things to oogle him in: The Office, Luther, The Wire, and Beasts of No Nation. Le sigh. Did you see him in the Mumford & Son music video? Mhmmm. 

Clive Standen

Vikings. Watch the fight scenes. Or any scene with his shirt off. Just. unf. Im sorry I’m getting distracted. Gah. He cleans up rather well, fyi. He’s nice to watch. My stomach sort of trips over itself when I do. 

Chris Pratt

Andy from Parks & Recs is an undeniable mess. But he’s filled with love, optimism, and humor. Chris Pratt really came to his rightful place on my list when he played Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy. May he continue to make himself the most approachable hot dude. Funny guys who are teddy bears ftw. 

Rahul Kohli

I stumbled upon iZombie and took a chance on it only to really find myself checking out this morgue director sidekick who is surprisingly okay with zombies and has a beautiful accent, oh and great hair. 

Scott Eastwood

Purely for the sake of my libido, and my romanticized ideal of a handsome-as-fuck man’s man, the ones that clean up beautifully and sail boats, model, ride horses, etc. Watch Longest Ride, Ryan Gosling had his moooony romantic start in The Notebook. Thanks Nicholas Sparks for taking hot dudes to a new level.  (soooo into it) Check him with Tswift in the music video Wildest Dreams, with some serious old hollywood charm. 

John Boyega

His enthusiasm, authenticity and inexperience in every interview is just fantastic. I think he made Force Awakens really fantastic with Daisy & Isaac. And his smile is everything. Yes, I am shipping Fin & Po. Deal with it. 

Matthias Schoenaerts 

Oh, this one. Mhmmm. Belgian hunk. Watch Far From The Madding Crowd. Bask in his devotion, and his simple expressions of respect and trust. Then, just appreciate his muscles, and his face. Then hunt him down in other movies. 

Richard Armitage 

Watch him in North & South. Then, delve into his more extravagant roles like a dwarf king in The Hobbit. He’s brooding and beautiful. Let’s not over think this. 

Anson Mount

Mmmmmm, not a lot of guys can look hot in an era when baths were scarce, murder was common, and a general lack of self care ran ramped. 


Armie Hammer

A tall glass of water. 6′5″. Like a giant puppy, a beautiful puppy. The Man From UNCLE. He has a Russian accent and he gets his ass handed to him from a girl. And while he’s been in some flops (*cough* Lone Ranger *cough*) , he’s mighty nice to look at. 

Donald Glover

Talented is a word that really doesn’t encompass what Donald Glover has brought to the table. He’s an actor, writer and musician. He’s also beautiful. So there’s that. Check him in Girls, Community and in The To Do list.

Nicholas Hoult

Hello angel. First, lets acknowledge he’s the like kid from About A Boy who stole my heart when he sang “Shake ya ass” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lssgt-nJ2sY) then he grew up and was in X-Men, A Single Man, a dead sexy zombie romeo, and finally my sweet war boy Nux in Fury Road. He’s also 6′3″. Hmmmm. I trust he will continue to get better with age. Something to look forward to. 

Jason Sudeikis

Funny men are hot. He’s a comedic actor who’s been a around for a while, but he’s really finding his place of late. He played my favorite love interest on 30 Rock, Floyd. He also killed it in Drinking Buddies a couple years ago, that movie has a fantastic soundtrack btw. Have you seen Sleeping with Other People yet? Go see it. 

You’re welcome. And Yes, I’ll get my Lady Crush list up ASAP. 

DAY 2498

Jalsa, Mumbai             Feb 15/16,  2015             Sun/Mon  2:07 am

Fatima : Fats : the sprightly one from South of Africa .. its her birthday today 16th .. wishing her all love and joy and happiness and all the best that she deserves .. love

Commentating for the India v Pakistan World Cup 2015 at the Star Studios .. an honour one can only imagine and hope for .. the cricketing legends of the likes of Kapil Dev, Rahul Dravid, Shoaib Akhtar by your side .. their keen interest in making sure I get it all proper and right .. seasoned Arun Lal and other commentators lending a helping hand .. and then sitting back after a while to see India victorious in a most decisive win … what a Sunday ..

Simply loved the way we all stood up in the studio when the national anthems of both the country’s played in Adelaide .. anthems emotionally drive you into that .. and what a precision activated operation .. ear phones buzzing in the ear with directions form the monitor room .. co ordinating the play and the teams in Australia .. going in for strategic breaks .. learning the finer points of the game .. just an amazing experience ..

And after the victory, wondering whether I should continue to commentate .. just so India can continue to win .. !! Hehheheheahahaha .. Star are you listening .. !!!

Such a great joy when you drape the National Flag over your shoulders, wrapped around in patriotic fervour, delighted that one can share that moment with the Sunday well wishers, it is the ultimate emotion …

Something stirs you on when its a matter of country and our team .. that effect and feel of being a part of your great country is beyond comprehension.. it works for all nations, and each nation feels a sense of pride and value every time the anthem is played .. sometimes that moment before a game, any game, is the most poignant and inspiring moment .. the game comes after … way after ..

One of the drawbacks of getting involved in Tv serial watchings, is that the content draws you into its realm and makes you one of them .. I feel that way each time I watch an interesting show .. 

Most of the day today was spent with ‘The Newsroom’, and what a magnificent performance oriented serial it is, with some marvellous performances .. and the twists and turns that keep one glued to the set in front … in fact for a few days we become those characters, behaving and conducting our surroundings in a manner which resembles the text and story of the Tv show before you ..

I have been feeling for most of the time today as if I was the director and conductor of that imaginary news room channel, conducting its affairs and workings .. something that does narrate itself to what most would not consider at all …

Shweta and Nikhil wedding anniversary today 16th .. and our blessings with them and Agastya and Navya Naveli .. who have settled up now into fine 'grown ups’, all set to look after not just their homes and the family’s work, but also as responsible citizens …

And as for the other 'little one’ .. have given her a lesson in walkie-talkie usage today and the fascination of being able to converse with her Dadaji even when she cannot see him, creates screams of joy and laughter … the most sweetest visuals in little ones …

“He that sings, meets the Lord twice” … just happened to glance across it through the show and was fascinated by it .. tone, song, rhythm, notes … can only be second to none, yes …  the individuals involved touch the chords of the Heavens on that right note .. almost in prayer when we sing or play music in instrument ..

Some really fascinating stuff coming out on the social media with regard to my efforts at commentary … hahaha … 

when I do commentary India wins, as it did in Lagaan ..”

unstoppable, frank and honest at most times, it is getting even more interesting by the day ..

I must rest … all night work tomorrow .. love you ..

Amitabh Bachchan

And a drawing for Fatima by Ankur … loves and joys always ..