i love this quote so goddamn much!

For anyone out there who loved the obese bastard as much as I did, I just want to say a few words. Fat Joey was not the most badass son of a bitch, but he was loyal. He had a great sense of humor. In fact, we were just joking about oral sex with Lucille the other day. Things will not be the same now that he’s dead. Without Fat Joey, Skinny Joey is just Joey. So it’s a goddamn tragedy. So, let’s have a moment of silence.
—  Negan [07x09]

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whenever I see the 2016 rogue photos on my dash I'm always so shocked that it's more... homoerotic -I guess?- than I remember it. it portrays so much longing. like, I still can't believe those pics weren't accompanying a coming out article. even jared's quote that they put next to one of the pics!! "we thought we had the world by the balls and we quickly figured out that we did not" or something. holy shit, you know?

I KNOW!! The first time I saw those photos, I thought they were fake. Because there’s no fucking way two “straight, just best friends, that’s all haha” men would….look like that together.

They’re ridiculous and amazing and I LOVE THOSE PICTURES SO GODDAMN MUCH. Maybe the photographer was secretly also a tinhat? That’d be fucking hilarious.

Thanks for the message, bby! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks those photos look, as you said perfectly, completely homoerotic.

Fucking kill me.

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I ship promptis, but I also like the idea of Prompto x Cindy. So like a month ago I rebloged a cute prompto x Cindy fanart and someone reblog it from me and left a rude comment on it. I would like to reblog more fanart, but I don't want to unintentionally lead these people to harass the artist :/

I like Promptis just as much as the good majority of the fandom, too~ They’re a great combination, and not to mention the best friends to lovers trope with them is just to die for. But since you mentioned Prompto x Cindy, dear anon…! *drums fingers on table* Let me tell you about Prompto x Cindy (with no hate attached!).

These two are beyond cute. Wanna know why? Because literally the moment Prompto laid eyes on the belle of Hammerhead, he was so smitten with attraction! Probably the whole ‘Holy tits, she’s hot!’ But it honestly just got progressively cuter and cuter with each passing quote in regards to Cindy. ‘Isn’t she the best?’ ‘I can’t wait to see her when this is all over!’ Love struck things you literally would her a boy-crazed middle schooler say in almost exact quotes. It’s super cute, despite it being one-sided supposedly, considering how really into her work Cindy is.

But let me tell you, dear anon. Have you ever considered the ‘I didn’t think much of you at first, but now I really enjoy your company and always miss you’ trope? I mean! You literally go on a side quest so that Prompto can go to the top of the hill across Hammerhead, confess his love, and hopefully steal a picture of her as she’s working. From across an entire goddamn hill. This boy is so smitten by her that he nearly had to resort to stalking. Noctis facepalmed, probably Ignis and Gladio would facepalm, and Prompto would be the smitten little dork that he always would be.

But what do you know? She appears, and after learning a bit about Prompto taking photography and going on avid photo hikes, she tells him to drop by sometime and show her his photos. Prompto’s so socially awkward and nervous that he can’t even process words properly, and he’s just a precious babe…! And Cindy probably does have a bit of an interest in Prompto. Yeah, she’s always bugging Noctis for things, but do you know what makes me like the idea of Prompto and Cindy? You know, besides Prompto literally being so smitten by the fact that she’s the ‘Grease-Monkey Goddess?’

It’s the fact that ten years later when the darkness fell, Prompto and Cindy still see each other. Gladio’s said to run off while also having a fiance waiting for him, Ignis tends to do solo missions while recovering his eyesight, and Prompto is said to remain at Hammerhead usually helping Cindy. She’s married to her work still, but imagine the cute little friendship or romance between them! Long hours working to make sure that the daemons stay at back, both sharing ideas on how to make Hammerhead a better Hunter HQ, and probably Prompto taking picture of someone who was just as bright as the sun he could remember.

Imagine the idea of Cindy and Prompto forcing themselves to take a break, so they sit together and look at all of the photographs they’ve taken or managed to snap, before and after night came. Drinking coffee and giving themselves a reason to keep working hard and stay motivated.

Imagine the idea of Cindy and Prompto stuck on an idea. So they start throwing about ideas to see what works.
Prompto: What if we go ahead and do this…?
Cindy: …If we do that, then maybe it might work if we do this!
Prompto: And if we do that along with this-
Both: We can make it work!

This is followed by a quick hug or kiss before they scurry off to their workstations properly.

JUST IMAGINE THEM BEING CUTE DORKS AND FRIENDS, ROMANTIC OR NOT. These two would be the cuteness, regardless of what relationship they have. Prompto and Cindy…~ It’s a ship that I definitely get behind and support. :D

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how do you feel about dirkjake?

man i never thought i’d get into the dirkscourse in december of 2016 but here i am

i think their relationship throughout act 6 was unhealthy and fraught with problems, but i don’t think it was abusive. i think the interpretation of dirk as jake’s abuser is somewhat valid and has a small amount of evidence behind it, but most of the textual evidence contradicts that, and it’s not the interpretation i subscribe to.

much of my opinion on this was formed by reading this four-part essay, which is long but well-written, and definitely worth reading: part one, part two, part three, part four.

you can read the parts in whatever order you want, if you’re not up to tackling it all at once. the essay is backed up by a huge amount of evidence and i really appreciate how sympathetic and understanding the writer is when discussing the opposing point of view.

i think one of the reasons dirkjake was so discourse-y was because while act 6 was happening, it was really hard to take in the full picture. i read a lot of act 6 as an archival reader, and even then it was hard to figure out who was responsible for what. one of the core problems in dirk and jake’s relationship was the muddle between dirk and his proxies — the fandom would read a recent update, go “oh my god!!! i can’t believe dirk would do something so awful!” only to realize later that “dirk” was really AR. that initial impression would linger, and many people would argue, “well, the AR is just his personality in a different form, right? and even if they’re separate beings, isn’t the AR still dirk’s fault?”

both of those beliefs are fundamentally unfounded, and i would explain why, but i’m worried i’ll fuck it up… so instead PLEASE go read those essays, they’re so good.

another core reason dirkjake became so fraught with discourse was because of the habit of taking homestuck characters at face value. to quote that essay i love so goddamn much:

“Dirk is assigned a lot more competency than he really deserves. But in reality, most of Dirk’s narrative is focused on all the ways Dirk finds himself losing control… As far as manipulative masterminds go, Dirk is a failure. He fails at executing his plans continually, spectacularly, and with catastrophic consequences. He’s not good at multitasking and he’s not particularly great at orchestrating the kids’ entry to the session (the AR does most of that). And yet, for many Homestuck fans, he takes the lion’s share of the credit (and the blame) for the ridiculous time-loop he participates in during [S] Unite and [S] Synchronize.”

tl;dr — people interpret dirk a puppetmaster because he presents himself that way — he tells everyone he knows what he’s doing because he wishes he were.

i’m hard-pressed to think of a single character in the comic whose outward facade matches their true self. no one, not even john, is completely honest about themselves.

one thing that essay doesn’t tackle is: many people view dirk as an abuser because at one point, he thinks he is one.

dirk obviously has depression. at one point he attempts to destroy the AR, and by proxy himself, in a crippling bout of suicidal ideation. that sequence of events is where a lot of fans get to say “but even he admits he was abusive to jake!”

but i’m not sure why everyone just takes that statement at face value.

when i see a character saying “i hate myself, i ruin the lives of everyone i care about” while the story shows that they were not at fault (PLEASE read those essays), i don’t think “wow, they’re such an awful person,” i think “wow, they have depression.”

finally, i’d like to note one more thing.

i believe that fiction should be evaluated separately from the creator’s intent, so i don’t think hussie’s intention should determine whether or not you interpret dirkjake as abusive (as opposed to unhealthy for other reasons). but i seriously doubt hussie intended to portray dirk as an abuser.

homestuck is a comic where female characters are just as nuanced as male characters, where the longest-lasting and healthiest romantic relationship is between two girls, where the villains embody heteromasculine ideals and the heroes have beautifully written, thoughtful coming-out narratives. why on earth would andrew hussie upturn that by writing in dirk strider as the gay predator archetype? how the hell does homestuck, of all pieces of media, accommodate a storyline about a gay teen as a cruel, manipulative predator who abuses other teenagers into fulfilling his sexual desires? it makes no sense.

i want to be clear, since this is easy to take the wrong way in wonderful discourse-filled tumblr land — i’m not saying that believing that dirkjake was abusive makes you homophobic, or that it makes you the kind of person who buys into those narratives. it’s not your fault for reading the text differently. you might think that canon includes all that nasty stuff even if you would’ve done differently if you were in hussie’s shoes.

and if dirk and jake’s dynamic reminds you of abuse you’ve experienced yourself, then i’m not asking you to somehow undo your triggers or your perception of their relationship for the sake of understanding my argument. they’re just fictional characters, after all.

and if you want to argue with me about my opinion, or present evidence to the contrary, please do! i love talking about this stuff, and if i’ve forgotten something crucial or am just plain wrong, i’ll try to acknowledge it.

at the moment though, i personally, fervently believe that dirk and jake’s arc is not about abuse. it’s about another core theme of homestuck: the dangers of forcing too many expectations onto yourself, the dangers of trying to become an idealized version of yourself instead of accepting your own imperfections. you see it in terezi, in vriska, in rose, in karkat, in dave, in virtually every single character, including jake english and dirk strider.

beyond all the problems of dirk’s splinter selves, what tore dirk and jake’s relationship apart was emotional distrust and an inability to communicate. dirk couldn’t show jake emotion or vulnerability once they were together in person because he was terrified that by letting go of his image as ultra-competent and infallible, he would be failing jake — and jake couldn’t communicate his anxiety about their relationship because he was terrified of being any less than the superhuman movie hero he wanted to be.

i’ll end by reiterating that you really really really should read those essays, and also this reconciliation fic by the same author; they’re both fantastic and nuanced and wonderfully written.

aaaaaaand that’s it, that’s my dirkscourse, folks!

“The wild look was fading from the crab’s eyes, the vivid colors retreating back to his mismatched irises.  He stepped calmly away from the wreckage of the bird creature with a mild expression and idly licked it’s bright red blood from his claw.  Maui felt a shiver of unease creep up his spine.

Tamatoa turned to see Maui looking at him.  He gave the demigod an odd grin, made even stranger by his brilliantly lit facial markings in the dark and the faint line of blue blood slipping down his neck.  "I got him.“

Maui looked for words, but faltered.  It was a familiar phrase.  Why was this all so unsettling all of the sudden?”

Didn’t turn out quite as I envisioned it, but oh well. XD


“The smaller one spoke up next in agreement, her voice more youthful and even a touch bubbly, "always mucking about where they don’t belong!”  She leaned down to get a better look at Tamatoa.  "I’ve never seen a crab monster before.  Have you, Herenui?“

"Not for more than a thousand years, Hereiti.  I thought they were all long gone,” the larger spider replied, thoughtful and reserved compared to her vivacious companion.

Tamatoa’s antennae perked at her words.  He’d never encountered one of his own kind before, nor even heard his kind spoken of.  He burned to ask the large spider–Herenui–to tell him more, but knew he had to stick to the plan.  He didn’t necessarily see any need to find more of his kind, particularly considering the predilection towards cannibalism amongst crabs.  But he still wanted to know.  This definitely wasn’t the time, though.

The smaller one–Hereiti, apparently–let out an eerie giggle and prodded him gently with one long, slender leg.  "He’s a handsome little thing,“ she said.

He blinked in surprise, then couldn’t help the pleased grin that grew on his face at the praise.  He swept his antennae back and stood a little straighter.  He opened his mouth to say something, but Herenui beat him to it.

"Indeed.  He reminds me of my last mate.  Do you remember?”

Hereiti gave that odd little laugh again.  "Oh yes, he was delicious.“

Tamatoa’s grin drained away quickly, leaving behind a very forced smile.

Herenui looked down at him with a smirk, clearly enjoying his sudden discomfort.  "Don’t worry, young one.  You’re not my type,” she said with a short, rattling laugh.”

I know they’re supposed to be mostly black, but I went a little nuts with the neon. *sobs* Herenui’s totally kinkshaming lmao






(Also, Hereiti is definitely @thedandyman-tis , lol)

In other news, my last final exam is coming up on Tuesday so I probs will disappear even more for the next few days. X’D Don’t know if I’ll be replying to RPs tonight, but I will try!

When you love someone, they become a part of who you are. They’re in everything you do. They’re in the air you breathe and the water you drink and the blood in your veins. Their touch stays on your skin and their voice stays in your ears and their thoughts stay in your mind. You know their dreams because their nightmares pierce your heart and their good dreams are your dreams too. And you don’t think they’re perfect, but you know their flaws, the deep-down truth of them, and the shadows of all their secrets, and they don’t frighten you away; in fact you love them more for it, because you don’t want perfect. You want them.
—  Julian Blackthorn, breaking my damn heart in Lady Midnight (pages 100-101)

Tell me why your words have such an effect on me. Tell me why I’m stuck thinking about you and what you’re thinking. Tell me why you have had such a strong impact on who I am and who I want to be. Tell me why I love you so goddamn much.

Someone tell me why you don’t love me. Someone tell me why I’m not good enough and why I’ll never be good enough for you. Someone tell me why, no matter how much I try, you’ll never feel the same about me as I feel about you.

Please, someone, just tell me, so I can stop trying to tell myself.


Hamilton Cast as Modern Instagram Users

@telepathicnarwhal and I spent the evening talking about important things.

Hamilton: Inspirational quotes, and 3am pictures of his fountain pen,his “only friend” Uses so many goddamn hashtags the caption is unreadable. Humblebragging his looks by posting a late night hawt selfie with a caption “2:36am. Mind running wild because of this paper. Get ready guys”

Does WCW way too much. Hillary Clinton is one. 

Pretends to hate Mulligan’s memes but secretly loves them. 

Makes a secret Instagram account and recreates all of Jefferson’s posts.

Jefferson: Gardening, flowery aesthetics of Monticello DIY ideas, suit porn and Hamilton hate. He’s a grade A hipster, posting a picture of his wine glass next to a pretentious book. Captions in French a lot.  Mocks Hamilton for his hashtags.

Gets offended if you actually call him a hipster. 

Also #TBT’s to his time in France. Like every day. Including lots of pictures with Lafayette, thinks they’re better friends than they actually are.

Finally, food. Fancy food. No, food he thinks is fancy, like olive oil and tomato on a roasted baguette. 

Hamilton’s other Instagram account drives him crazy and he’s trying to get it banned but can’t prove it’s Hamilton.

Eliza: The Kids and skillful embroidery. Likes some of Jefferson’s less hateful posts. That ruffles Hamilton’s feathers because “how are the people supposed to respect him if his own wife thinks he’s an “irritating toddler”

Lots of nature photos in between radical feminist posts.

Angelica: *”accidentally” posts a naked selfie and deletes within minutes, oops. all the attention is on her, what a shame*

Also feminist quotes.

Straight away knows who owns that Insta called ‘Pretentious Fuckstick’ that re-does Jefferson’s pictures. 

Peggy: Made an account, doesn’t use it though.

Lafayette:  His extensive collection of all things American, including an entire wardrobe consisting on American flag clothes. #TBT’s his way out with throwbacks to his time in America. 

Mulligan: Selfies at the gym and his protein drinks, photos with his friends, does MCM in a sweet, friendly way, like posting a photo pointing at Lafayette with the caption “This guy. #MCM. Friends with lots of celebrities because he’s just so chill. 

Also posts memes.

Laurens: Extreme leftist, mostly posts photos from rallies and protests. Also parties, usually with Mulligan and Hamilton. Angelica also shows up a lot. 

Does MCM like there’s no tomorrow, in a…very friendly way.

Realizes Hamilton actually loves Mulligan’s memes and posts as well for his pleasure. 

Burr: Mostly perfectly shot selfies, never a candid one where he can’t make a set out of the entire photo

Everybody tries to photobomb him as a running gag 

Madison: Jefferson. Like, a shot of Jefferson during a cabinet meeting “kicking ass, lol”

Washington: Made an instagram because the “kids” pressured him into it. Mostly posts pictures of his many dogs and selfies he takes accidentally upon opening the app and posting. Likes every single photo of everyone else. 

Philip: Took after daddy, posts lots of selfies, humblebragging to shit about how hot he is. Also selfies with his guitar. 

I think when you’re 16 you don’t expect it to hurt as much as it does but what the fuck would you know about love till it slams into your chest and knocks the wind out of your lungs
so you fall in love
and he leaves
and you stop washing your hair
and your skin is bruised with the creases in your sheets
and your mother wants to yell at you but your blank stare just makes her eyes tear up and you’re not supposed to see your mother cry
and you’ll probably try destroying yourself because that’s what you do when you’re 16
so you’ll pull apart razors and hide them someplace your parents can find them but they never do
and you’ll start smoking even though it makes you cough so hard you throw up and you can’t stand the burning in your throat
and you’ll run away without ever leaving your bedroom
and maybe you’ll kiss too many boys who mean nothing but mean all too much and they will all look a little like him or nothing at all
and you let him fuck you up
and you leave him drunk voicemails and you haven’t cried in 23 days even though you’re always crying
and you promise you will never love anything again because it hurts more than they warned
no one told you that this was love
maybe it’s more
maybe it’s something from another world
maybe it’s just your bones breaking again
either way it fucking burns
and now you’re older
and you know to expect to come out the other side missing a few pieces of yourself
but sometimes you get caught up and you forgot that it’s supposed to hurt
because it’s not supposed to fucking hurt
and you blink and you’re bleeding again
and it’s like you’re 16 all over again
trying to rip yourself to shreds while you try to pick up all the pieces of yourself
everyone thinks you’re mysterious because your mouth is sewn shut with the sudden death of past loves but you’re just so fucking quiet because they’ve taken so much out of you, you can hardly open your eyes, forget about your mouth,
and I guess the worst part about love dying out is that you don’t die with it,
you just attend the funeral and visit the grave every time you’re drunk. you’re always so goddamn drunk.
—  how it happens (@extrasad)

find more prince!seventeen (here) 

  • if there’s a good word to pick that fits him 100% it would be…charismatic 
  • he loves interacting with the civilians of his country but sometimes things get out of hand like his own bodyguards have to keep him at bay not the people because he once offered to do a hug event at the center of the capital and everyone in the palace was like ….princes don’t do that like idols do that not princes…and jun was like in a way i am an idol - an idol of the beauty of our country 
  • he’s also reckless like he frequently gets media coverage for just leaving the palace and going out shopping by himself or dyeing his hair blonde which allegedly gave the queen quite a shock (as in there was a rumor she fell off the the throne and prince jun helped her up but also laughed and are u getting the picture he’s wild)
  • has apparently accumulated over 50 proposals from other countries princesses but hasn’t accepted or refused one (when asked about this jun said quote on quote “how could i say no to a princess? but then again how could i sacrificed myself to marriage?”)
  • his schooling is all done by private tutors who just don’t know how to control him like he’s incredibly smart and talented but he loves joking around way too much and he flirts with just about everyone so trying to teach him anything solid is a pain in the butt with him leaning over the table and winking all the goddamn time
  • the king and queen don’t trust him with making any legal decisions at all so for the most part he doesn’t get the point of getting lessons because like who cares he’s not gonna be writing laws or anything anytime soon he’d rather just go out and get wasted at the local clubs around town
  • and he’ll never admit it but he’s grown spiteful of the way his parents and the other royal officials treat him so just to piss them off more he acts like such a loose canon and the only one that has ever seen him breakdown is servant minghao who’s been his only friend since infancy and minghao just doesn’t know what to do to save the prince
  • but before i get all sappy about prince!jun (which i will don’t you worry about it) he’s also very picky about things like clothing and the way the palace looks like even the queen didn’t make as many demands as he did about how his room should look and whenever there are balls to be thrown he’s the first to be called upon because like no one can argue he has impeccable taste even foreign designers sometimes contact him about ideas
  • and like for the most part he goes around wearing expensive suits that give off a princly vibe, but ties and dresshirts on not his thing so it’s sort of a mix of casual and royal; 
  • most of his lessons are in things like politics, fine arts, and music but one day minghao suggest that the queen find someone to teach the prince self defense and she agrees that it might be a good way to install manners in him so she hires you
  • and you’re not even from the country that prince jun’s family governs over but you take the job after being begged by them and after looking up his name and seeing the numerous articles of him being well a little on the wild side you think well at least he won’t be boring
  • and so you two meet for the first time in the open ballroom of the palace and fidgety servant minghao is kind of like “please be gentle with our prince he’s a little…..rough around the edges” and you’re like “kid i teach sword fighting for a living” and minghao’s kind of like yeah but im pretty sure you’ve never meet someone with a personality like the prince 
  • and you gotta admit when you first walk in the prince is just sipping some wine and reading a magazine and he only looks up at you when you clear your throat and then
  • well then the grease begins to come out
  • prince jun just gets up and he does a little bow and he’s tall and very blonde and you’re kind of like ……this kid is next in line to rule a country??……but he’s also very alluring like he looks like a beautiful painting and jun kind of just lifts the corners of his mouth into a smirk like “so, you’re my lovely teacher? i emphasize the word ‘lovely’” 
  • and the two minutes of enchantedness you had with his looks FLIES out the window because lovely? LOVELY? reALLY? is that something you call your sword fighting teacher on upon the first day of meeting them?
  • and jun expects your knees to turn to jelly and your face to burn up like everyone else’s does but instead you pass of the comment with like “uhuh” and then you set your bag down on the floor and hand him a wooden practice sword and you’re like “let’s get to work.”
  • and to be honest minghao from across the room can see the shock on jun’s face and he’s just like oh ….oh no……
  • and jun does not give up he pulls out the top notch one liners and does the thing where he licks his lips and tries to flex while holding the sword but you’re just looking at him completely unaffected and you’re like “the first rule has to do with defense, use your weapon to block-”
  • and jun is like “weapon? this is wooden? how will i hurt anyone with this?” and you’re like ???? why would i trust you with a real sword during the first lesson and jun’s kind of like because im a /prince/ a /man/ and you just laugh and oh my god minghao in the back is like rip jun because jun is probably the most prideful person in the world and you just laughed at him here we frickin go
  • and so for a couple of weeks you just let him use the wooden sword and you have to say he has natural skill and strength but he gets too distracted in hearing himself talk that you defeat him everytime and even though for a short while jun keeps his cool and keeps trying to win you over with flattery there’s a point where he’s just like WHY CANT I BEAT YOU and you’re like “because youre overthinking”
  • and you go over and you put your hand over his and you’re like “look, you have to always keep your eyes on me otherwise the moment you look away i can strike and-” 
  • you stop for a second one because you just noticed how close you are to the prince and how he’s just looking at you intently, listening to what you have to say next and two your hands still on his and it has been for a while and you pull away and jun’s eyebrows furrow but then the same smirk comes back from day one and you’re like ANYWAY try to block all my attacks now
  • and you go in and for the first time he focuses 100% and you don’t manage to hit him and jun’s face just brightens and he’s like !!!!! i did it!!!!! and you’re like y-yeah!!! and he like throws his arms around you and for a second you almost hug him back but you’re like no no can’t give in so you shrug him off and you’re like that’s no appropriate im your teacher and he sorta chuckles like yeah yeah you’re right
  • but like your heart is beating and tbh jun’s is too and if you two could read each others minds in that moment it’d just be mutual flailing of feelings
  • and so finally you hand jun an actual real sword after more time of training and a shield and you’re like ok you’re gonna learn a combo attack today and jun for some reason is so much more alert now then he was before like he actually listens to you and picks up what you’re conveying and after the lesson servant minghao pulls you aside and is like the queen would like to speak with you
  • and you’re like frick did i do something wrong but she’s just thanking you she’s like ever since you came here jun hasn’t been in one scandal and he hasn’t gone against her wishes and you’re kind of like oh how nice,,,,but then you also start thinking about why jun is the way he is 
  • so you corner minghao and you’re like spill and he’s like im the princes’ best friend i could never and you’re like minghao i dont want this info to hurt him i want to know more about him and tbh minghao knows that prince jun gushes over you when you’re not around so he’s like maybe it’d be beneficial if he just told you and he’s kind of like 
  • prince jun doesn’t get trusted by anyone in the royal family anymore because of how many times he’s gotten himself in trouble and so like when he excels at something and gets praise from you it means like so much more than you think and like he just wants to make someone proud of him and you’re like …….i never knew….and minghao’s like yeah so that’s why you should date the prince and you’re like what and he’s like i said that’s why you should give the prince longer lessons so he can get better and you’re like that’s not what you said but minghao’s like I GTG
  • and so you’re like sparring with jun during one of your lessons and you’re thinking about what you’ve learned about him and you feel yourself teeter back because jun’s pinned you to the wall with the edge of his shield and you’re like oh yeah you won good job but jun doesn’t let you move and he’s leaning really close and he’s like
  • what’s on your mind you’d never lose this fast and you’re like on my mind??? nothing???? nope nothing nada zero hahaah and he’s like don’t lie you get flustered when you lie and your face is all red and he reaches out to touch it and you’re kind of like ….jun, you know you’re really talented right and he’s like well i am handsome and you’re like no that’s not what i mean like you’re a worthy prince you know that right
  • and he like drops the sword and he’s like w…what is this about did minghao say something he’s such a big blabber mouth and you’re like no im saying this out of personal opinion and you kind of get a little blushy because like you’ve never been direct with him even as his teacher and you’re just like “you’re gonna be a worthy ruler some day. someone that can protect the people” and you can see like a flash of light in his eyes and he just can’t even hide the genuine smile and he’s like “im glad you think that. no one has ever told me that.”
  • and it’s so cheesy and cute and minghao’s in the corner looking into the camera like he’s on the office like “they’re gonna kiss right now probably like they should right”
  • but like you don’t because you’re both actually awkward except jun would totally do it he’s just caught up in your words
  • and you keep teaching him but after a while he’s gotten good almost close to your level and you’re thinking of going back home and jun doesn’t want to stop you but he’s also like 
  • “you can stay here…….i think you’re right about me being a great ruler but ……….with your help i think i can be an amazing one.”  and you’re like hahaha it’s ok you should marry one of those princesses and he’s like oh no i can’t i finally declined all the marriage proposals and you’re kind of confused like ?????? what???? don’t you have to get married isn’t that like a royal thing 
  • and here is is THE GREASE
  • he pulls you close to him by the waist and he’s like yeah it’s a thing but ever since i saw you i knew none of them were even close to the person i wanted to be with
  • and you swallow like um…….and whose that………
  • and minghao whose once again in the corner is like now kiss. do it. please. god. 
  • and jun does it and well congrats ur prince jun’s no and forever if he ever does something tho hit him on the head with the wooden sword jokes jokes 
Tauriel’s relationship with Legolas is significant. They’ve known each other since they were children, and Legolas’ dad, Thranduil, has a soft spot for Tauriel and sees something very special in her. So if you grow up side by side, and your dad has a very special spot in his heart for this young woman who’s a fantastic warrior, I think it’s hard not to notice her.
—  Evangeline Lilly, quoted in Entertainment Weekly
I miss you. Jesus Christ, I miss you. So goddamn much. But I’m homesick for someone who doesn’t realise I’m gone. God, I wish you did. But you haven’t, and you won’t. And even the high amount of blasphemy in this can’t hide the fact that I’m missing someone who isn’t missing me.
—  Why does my absence mean nothing to you?

Think like Harvey Specter

“It’s not bragging if it’s true.”


Harvey: What are your choices when someone puts a gun to your head?

Mike: What are you talking about? You do what they say or they shoot you.

Harvey: Wrong. You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any one of a hundred and forty six other things.


“Ever loved someone so much, you would do anything for them? Yeah, well, make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want.”


“I don’t have dreams, I have goals.“


"When you’re backed against the wall break the goddamn thing down.”


“All I’m saying is try and create a situation where failure isn’t even possibility.”


“I win, that’s what I do.”


“That’s the difference between you and me; you wanna lose small, I wanna win big.”


“The only time ‘success’ comes before 'work’ is in the dictionary.”


“I want the bear hug kind of hug where he has both arms wrapped around your shoulders and you have two arms wrapped around his waist. I want sick-of-breathing, weightless kisses that make you wonder if you’re awake or asleep, and hasty, misplaced mouths that aim for lips and miss. I want messy hair all over the place, and whispering that says, “this is good, this is real, and this is it.”

I want the grounded kind of love that sends a text captioned “this made me think of you,” when you’re having a bad day. I want to be asked to dance in the middle of the street when there isn’t a soul in sight, and to lie on a riverbank and dream. I want a quiet, comfortable silence that settles around you like a warm foam bath, and late night conversations that make you think about the bigger things.

And I want life, so much that I might drown in it, and fire and falling asleep to soft, gentle laughter. I want more. For once I want to feel full full full, instead of so goddamn empty all the time.”

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #174